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$29.95 1200 anytime minutes / 3000 texts / 100mb Data on Verizon Wireless Network! (Page Plus) NO CONTRACT!

DeathCab 2,960 1,762 October 7, 2009 at 03:34 PM in Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV) (7) More Slickdeals Deals

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Last Edited by DeathCab May 20, 2014 at 05:24 PM
Based on other suggestions, I decided to make this its own thread. If the moderators wish to merge it that is fine but this way I believe it will get more peoples attention since it is a brand new deal...

Plan includes 1200 minutes / 3000 texts or MMS / 100mb data usage

1) Offered by Page Plus Cellular; a Verizon Wireless MVNO (Reseller).
2) No activation fee. No fees. No taxes.
3) Same coverage area as Verizon Wireless Prepaid.
4) You may use: a) ANY Verizon Postpaid handset with a clean ESN. (Except banned list below!) b) Other CDMA handsets may possibly be used with/without flashing.
5) $29.95/Month fee can be lowered even further by purchasing refill cards at various discounters.

Page Plus:

More Info:

Coverage Map:

As of 5/19/2014, Verizon iPhone 4 and 4S models can now be officially activated on PP. iPhone 5/5s models are still not officially allowed and will not activate without flashing. YMMV.

Calling Mart discount codes are likely to be 5% for now on at the HIGHEST. I still recommend and use for discounted pins at a 6% discount (or higher)

Other Plans available:

"The 12" - $12/month. Includes: 250 Minutes / 250 SMS or MMS / 10MB Data
Unlimited TnT - $39.95/month. Includes: Unlimited Minutes / Unlimited SMS or MMS (not including data) / 20MB Data
"The 55" - $55/month. Includes: Unlimited Minutes / Unlimited SMS or MMS (not including data) / 500MB Data

Original thread for unlimited plan:

July 12, 2010, 3:05 pm: System Notice: This thread has been automatically renewed after reaching a post limit. Most of its content has been moved to this thread for reference purposes.
If you purchase something through a post on our site, Slickdeals may get a small share of the sale.

Community Wiki

Last Edited by joeblow789 May 23, 2014 at 11:49 AM
Will the (fill in blank) phone work on Page Plus? This is the most frequently asked question by lazy & incompetent folks who can't be bothered to read or search. Here's the answer:
  1. The ONLY iPhones officially allowed are the CDMA 4 & 4S. If you manage to get any other iPhone activated, you may also get booted off the network at any time without recourse.
  2. ALL 4G / LTE phones are officially prohibited (If you don't know what 4G or LTE is, or if your phone has it, GOOGLE IT!) It MAY be possible to get 3G data working [] on some 4G phones, but that's ENTIRELY up to YOU.
  3. ALL other postpaid Verizon phones with a clean ESN / MEID will work.
  4. More info is in the Compatible Phones section below.

Why choose PagePlus Prepaid?:
This plan is good for you if you talk and text a lot.
This plan is good for you if you want Verizon at a non-Verizon price.
This plan is good for you if you don't like contracts.
This plan is good for you if you don't like to pay additional fees/taxes every month.
This plan is NOT good for you if you use a lot of data.

PLAN UPDATES- Plans have been improving frequently, check this link [] for the latest details

-The CDMA iPhone 4 & 4S are now officially supported, but only those two models.

-Talk n Text $29.95 plan has been increased from 250mb of data to 500mb of data for new renewals as of August 2013.

-Unlimited Talk n Text $39.95 plan will be increased from 200mb of data to 500mb of data, as of mid-August 2013. No exact date has been given yet.

-$69.95 Unlimited Talk n Text with 5GB data is now available

-Effective November 7th, 2012 Page Plus will be increasing the included amount of data as follows (effective for renewals after that date):

$29.95 Talk n Text 1200 increasing to 250MB of Data

$39.95 Unlimited Talk n Text increasing to 200MB of Data

In addition, the overage/non-renewal rates on these & The 55 Plan will be lowered to $.05/minute for voice, SMS and MMS will be $.05 each, and data will be $.05/MB. For example, you will now be able to add 200 MB of additional data to these plans for just $10, and any extra cash will roll over if not used in one cycle. Of course, monthly plan data does not roll over, but the extra cash added for overages will roll over, so long as it does not exceed cash limits and get used for renewals.

-Effective June 6th, 2012 Page Plus will be DOUBLING THE DATA on the $55 Plan from 1GB to 2GB

-Effective March 14th, 2012, Page Plus has extended the 1GB Data "promotion" on The 55 plan to be permanent.

Also, around the end of March 2012, the Unlimited TnT $39.95 plan will be increased from 20MB of data to 100MB of data.

-Effective January 26th, 2012, Data Overage Rate for the $29.95/mo, $39.95/mo and $55.00/mo plans will all have the same per megabyte overage rate.
Roaming Rate on the UTnT $39.95 and UTnT $55.00 Plans Reduced from 59 Cents to 20 Cents per Minute.

-Effective Dec 20th, 2011, a new $12.00 per month plan will be available with 250 minutes, 250 messages and 10MB of data.

-Effective Dec 7th, 2011, the price on the Unlimited Talk n Text $44.95 plan is changing to $39.95/month. ONLY the price of this plan is changing, all other characteristics and provisions of this plan are staying the same.

-Effective Aug 17th, 2011, the Talk n Text 1200 plan will now include 100 MB of data and 3,000 text/MMS messages (effective on your next renewal).

REMINDER for those on AutoPay: Talk n Text 1200 plan customers should not keep a cash balance of more than $29.94 in their cash account at any given time, and Unlimited Talk n Text customers should not maintain a cash balance higher than $44.94. Doing so will prompt Page Plus to debit your cash balance for plan renewals instead of leaving those funds alone for overage needs. Funds under these amounts in your cash account will remain there until you use them.

Company: Page Plus Cellular: 1-800-550-2436
Network: Verizon Wireless Prepaid Network (is slightly smaller than postpaid network)
Coverage Map:
Activation: PagePlus online, phone. PagePlus Authorized Dealers: Check HOFO PP sub-forums for information (HOFO links near bottom of wiki).
Activation Fee: $10 for new line. $0 to port in number from another carrier.
Monthly Fee:
Option 1 - Setup autopay on PP portal $29.99 for TalknText1200 or $44.95 for Unlimited. Set it to autopay on date after the monthly plan expires. (MC and VISA only)
Option 2 - Monthly fee can be lowered by purchasing refill cards and entering PIN in PP portal manually every month: Ebay (cashback, ebay bucks), Callingmart, [] the "cat" themed dealer, etc. Google best page plus dealer for more ideas.

Compatible Phones: GSM PHONES WILL NOT WORK (Such as AT&T, T-MOBILE, ETC.) Also, as of Aug 2011 no 4G / LTE phone will work. If you don't know if your phone has that, GOOGLE IT!
Search here for ideas on features & phones which should be compatible, but read this entire wiki before selecting a phone as some handsets may be banned:

***The ONLY iPhones officially allowed are the CDMA 4 & 4S***

Only CDMA phones will work. Short answer, Verizon phones with a clean ESN & no 4G / LTE. CDMA phones from other carriers may possibly be used with/without flashing. If you intend to use a non-Verizon CDMA phone, then you must enjoy a challenge and may need technical expertise & industry knowledge beyond that of most Slickdealers. Also, see InPulse info below.

UPDATE: Verizon's PREPAID Phones (A.K.A. INPULSE, FREE-UP, EASYPAY...etc. all monikers referring to Verizon's prepay service):
As of 1/25/2010, a new rule has been put into effect, regarding the activation of NEW Verizon Prepaid InPulse phones that you activate on PagePlus.
  1. Dealers cannot activate any NEW InPulse devices directly out-of-the-box.
  2. Dealers are being STRICT about this rule as they are getting reprimanded.
  3. Verizon is putting a HARD HOLD on ALL NEW InPulse phones. This means any number you port to a new Verizon Prepaid InPulse phones must have InPulse service.
  4. Long story short: Dealers cannot activate BRAND NEW InPulse devices on PagePlus. THERE IS A POSSIBILITY YOU MAY LOSE YOUR NUMBER IF YOU ATTEMPT TO DO SO.
    If you have an old InPulse phone you want to use on PagePlus, the phone's first activation date with InPulse/Verizon must have been 6 months ago or earlier.
NOTE: This does NOT effect ANY VERIZON POSTPAID phones. You may continue to activate most postpaid Verizon phones bought from retail or elsewhere freely without these restrictions.
For more information check out this link:

Warning for data charges on Prepaid Plan: A smart phone can use a lot of data in the background without you knowing. Be careful when using a smart phone and prepaid plan since your account balance can go to zero very quickly when the phone uses data without telling you. The phone may allow you to turn off data, or you can use a firewall, or you can contact Page Plus and ask them to turn off all data for that account. I have been told you cannot turn off data on a monthly plan. See also the Android section below.

Android Phones
Here is an excellent guide for using an Android OS phone on Page Plus [] by Slickdealer juzt1. The key is limiting data usage, which Android gobbles up by default. Be aware, however, that as of Aug 2011 no 4G / LTE phone will officially work, though there may be workarounds. If you don't know if your phone is 4G/LTE, GOOGLE IT!

Blackberries are now being allowed to activate once again on PP as of 2/24/11. Changes/updates to this info may be found in the original post above by Deathcab, this wiki, and searching the thread for updates.

Flashing Smartphone Firmware/ROMs If you don't know what this is and/or aren't a geek who enjoys hacking/modifying tech, perhaps you shouldn't be considering something beyond your abilities, hmm? But, if you insist, Google search "<your phone model> ROM", and expect to do A LOT of reading before anyone on a flashing website will acknowledge any questions.

Steps to Activate New Service with PP. Get a new number or Port your number
  1. Have a compatible phone in hand.
  2. Setup online account on
  3. Activate a new line on your compatible phone by PP online or phone (or by dealer for cheaper).
    (You can port your number later)
  4. You get free $2 credit to test coverage on your new number.
  5. Optional: After you are satisfied with coverage, you can call PP to port your number from another carrier first.
  6. Finally, purchase and load a TalknText or Unlimited PIN (if you port afterwards, you will lose the PIN and have to load another one)
Porting to PP: If you are breaking your old contract, make sure you check your cancellation/ETF fee. You need to have your old carrier's account number (different from cell number) and security passcode. Porting can be done by PP online or by phone. After porting request, your old phone may ring for the next few hours.

Change Phones (ESN Swaps): Can be done by calling PP or by dealer. Cannot be done online.

Change plans: You should wait until your current plan expires and call PP to make the change. (it doesn't convert existing PIN value.)

Run out of minutes/data during monthly plan: Logon to PP portal and add extra $10 airtime card. OR you can start a new prepaid 30 cycle by following extra steps (not worth the extra work IMHO):
Note: If you run out of minutes on your plan in the middle of a 30 day cycle (BEFORE your expiration), adding another TnT card will NOT start your plan over! You will be charged $0.12/minute per minute used at this point. To renew your plan BEFORE it expires, you will need to CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE and have them manually take you off of the TnT plan you are on, move you to the regular prepaid plan, THEN have the TnT card added, thus starting a new month with a new 30 day expiration.

You can send text messages by email

Texting bal to 7243 gives a data/text/min consumption summary (& uses one SMS).

ROAMING: When roaming on other networks, there is a charge of $0.20-$0.59/minute depending on your plan. Text messaging is deducted from your message allotment, and incur no roaming fees. The same applies for the UnTnT plan; text messaging is free. You must have an available excessive balance in order to make or receive calls while roaming For more details of how you can roam, and where the money is deducted from you may refer to my post here..
and a general overview of roaming by Vig2000 here..

If you transfer your old number after activating, you will lose all money in your account.

Registering on the Page Plus website: Customer service told me their website doesn't work well with yahoo email accounts. If you try to create a user account and never receive the welcome email, that may be why.

HOFO PP thread:
HOFO PP Sub-forum:
PagePlus FAQ's
Phones Wiki, Phones compatible with PP and how to enable data/wap [].
Why would Verizon do this??? Courtesy: adam1991 howardforums

If your questions are not answered by this wiki, then see this wiki [].

Or SEARCH THIS THREAD before posting!

This post can be edited by most users to provide up-to-date information about developments of this thread based on user responses, and user findings. Feel free to add, change or remove information shown here as it becomes available. This includes new coupons, rebates, ideas, thread summary, and similar items.

Once a Thread Wiki is added to a thread, "Create Wiki" button will disappear. If you would like to learn more about Thread Wiki feature, click here.


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Original Poster
wow, just realized the thread was auto-renewed... haha never expected this deal to get over 3,700 posts...
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Quote from DeathCab View Post :
wow, just realized the thread was auto-renewed... haha never expected this deal to get over 3,700 posts...
Yeah really laugh out loud. It's going to be more of a PITA now when people ask stupid things though. Frown
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Quote from Bluseat View Post :
Setup 2 phones online.No problems.Lady spoke wonderful English and told me to tell you that she actually speaks perfect English.Was laughing about it and she was well..sounded so cute on the phone.Lots of patience and understanding.Wonderful customer service experience with Page Plus.Auto pay is not a problem,not at all.When your minutes are UP you can not add another card,plan to it but what you can do is buy a card from them for lets say 10$ and this will add another 100 minutes till you reach your replenishment date.If you won't do that then 12 cents will be deducted from you for each minutes.Woo hooo.
I've had the same experience, and I'm also using autopay, but I've read too many accounts to the contrary for me to ignore. I think I'm just lucky that my account hasn't really farked up yet.
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Quote from shhaggy View Post :
I've had the same experience, and I'm also using autopay, but I've read too many accounts to the contrary for me to ignore. I think I'm just lucky that my account hasn't really farked up yet.
Just keep in a good standing.She told me that often people add another card and think all is fine and no extra charges like 12 cents a minute but unfortunately they are wrong.Most common problem.
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What's the cheapest brand new phone I can buy right now to use with PagePlus? I wish I can still activate prepaid U350s from Walmart. =(
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I'm literally counting down the days until I can jump from Verizon to PP. 8/8/10!
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Quote from xie View Post :
I'm literally counting down the days until I can jump from Verizon to PP. 8/8/10!
same here, but from At&t on 9/24/10.
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Don't forget to do the math. I did not wait until my contract was up. I just paid the ETF and after only 3 months of P+ i broke even.
You will typically save so much per month that you can break even pretty quick.

VZW i was averaging $85.00 a month. P+ i do $30.00 (or less) a month. That was a savings of over $50.00 a month. A full ETF of $175.00 can be saved in only3.5 months were the VZW ETF only drops $5.00 to $10.00 a month.
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Any Android phones that is compatible with Page Plus? I'm looking at the Motorola Droid, and AFAIK from reading the FAQ, it should work.
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Good deal with unmatched coverage in prepaid, highly recommended.

Edit: LOL! OK brisara, truce. I still don't get it, but hope you got a chuckle outa that one. Wink

Seriously, though, anyone considering P+ Autopay should also explore Autopay options provided by P+ dealers. Apparently, innocently doing the wrong thing at the wrong time can seriously mess up the P+ Autopay process. That leaves you at the mercy of P+, which has developed a reputation for poor customer service & long hold times. Some P+ dealers have means to mitigate all this, but unfortunately such dealers can't be mentioned directly without violating some slickdeals rules, so be resourceful on your own.
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Last edited by joeblow789 July 18, 2010 at 10:49 AM.
I have a question. I just activated my new Droid phone with KeithWireless and it gave me a number with an area code from a neighboring city. Is there any way to request a new number with my MEID/ESN?
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Will my unlocked nokia 5800 work with this service.
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Quote from curaze View Post :
Will my unlocked nokia 5800 work with this service.
*sigh* Why do people even ask? It's pretty simple.

Your Nokia 5800 is a GSM phone. No, it will not farking work on Page Plus.

Here's a hint: If you can "unlock" the phone, there's a pretty damn good chance it's a GSM phone. GSM phones DO NOT WORK on Page Plus.

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Just for information
Callingmart still offers discounts. I get them in the email even pageplus discounts.

If Pageplus raised the UNTNT plan, one could assume they raised the price of pins that dealers buy. So, Callingmart had to switch to occasional discounts. Callingmart still has to make a profit. They even stopped some of airvoice CDMA discounts. So, that looks more like verizon doing--I am not saying it is. This post is just my opinion.
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Last edited by webworm98 July 21, 2010 at 07:09 AM. Reason: Remove quote of another poster

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Quote from nUknowIt View Post :
For great deals on pin's I recommend
Has anyone else bought PINs from this site? They do use PayPal, which is a plus. But can anyone else vouch for this site?
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