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Canon camera trade-up

sopapia 147 82 March 10, 2006 at 10:40 AM

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Last Edited by sopapia March 10, 2006 at 10:45 AM
i don't know where to put this thread nor if anyone ever posted this...

I found out that Canon has a trade-up deal for old cameras when I called them inquiring about my broken camera (it'll cost $100+ just for them to look at it and needs to be sent to IL).

So the deal is this... you can trade-in/up your old canon camera for a refurbished camera (last year's model with 6mo warranty) for a predetermined price based on your old camera model (they called it a matrix). for example, I traded my S40 for the S70 for $249 plus $10 s/h (2nd day) or $20 (overnight). They'll mail you your new camera with accessories (but no memory card) and you put your old camera in the packaging (you get to keep all the accessories) in the prepaid package. I also inquired about old S100, which you can trade up to SD400 for $150 (i think). It's not much but if you have an old broken camera that you no longer want and don't mind not getting the newest/hottest gadget or a second camera, this is a great deal.

All you have to do is call Canon @1-800-828-4040 and ask for tech support.

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Last Edited by sunlightpal November 11, 2013 at 01:49 PM
The program is called Canon Loyalty program as of 6/2009 This is current as of 4/24/12

Camera Bodies and Lenses are still 20% off EXCEPT the 5D Mk ii body, which is 10% off.

You do have to call Canon to take advantage of the Loyalty program and you have to have a broken Canon camera or at least say that you have a broken Canon camera.
Number is 1-800-OK Canon (652-2666) or 1-800-385-2155

Warranty is 90 days from delivery.

Post your trade ups here:

(When buying a dSLR, ask about other models, please. We know that the dSLR is an option as made clear by all the "I got the same deal as the person before me" updates. What are the other models available? Some of us have better dSLR's and are interested in P&S models.)


Price as of 11/11/2013
EOS 60D Body : 460
EOS 60D with 18-135:613
EOS 60D with 18-200 : 665

EOS 6D: 1367

Quote from Wiki View Post :
Prices below do not include sales tax:
EOS 5D MKII body 20% off - $1583 (As of July 7)
EOS 7D body 20% off - $1087
EOS 60D body 20% off - $640
EOS 60D body + 18-135 lens 20% off - $831

Some lenses are available at 20% off, but only together with a camera purchase. The lenses offered include but may not be limited to:

70-300 (not sure which one but one of the lower models) - $?
50mm f/1.4 20% off - $255
24-105L f/4 20% off - $735
70-200mm - $1599 (as of July 7)

Elph 100 HS - $97.00
Elph 300 HS - $110
Elph 310 HS - $163
G12 - $360
SD1300 - $94.50
SD4500 - $147
SX30 IS - $226
SX20 IS $210
SX230 (w/GPS) - $167
There are just too many others to list.

Canon Loyalty Program will accept ANY CANON CAMERA for ANY REFURBISHED CAMERA (except 1D Mark IV) - Confirmed 6/7/2012

5D Mark II was out of the program for a while but is back as of 04/2012 (following the announcement of its successor model, 5D Mark III)

The number to call is 1-866-443-8002 Canon Loyalty program, or 1-800-828-4040 Tech support. [Canon Tech Support is open 10am-10pm EST according to the recording I just heard Nov '10. It's a weekday, so I'm not sure about Sat/Sun.]

Basically it's 31% off retail price

There is a comprehensive and fairly up to date FAQ here []

[Note: Tech Support has to validate your qualification prior to Loyalty being able to order]
^^^ All CSR did was ask if camera I was trading in was working or broken (I said broken even though it is perfectly fine. It will be broken by the time I send it back, lol), asked for model of camera and the serial number.

Trades are only available with items that are in-stock on the refurbished website located at: (then click on the refurbished products link). NOTE: CLP had 7D bodies in stock and available that are *not* listed on the refurb website. It's best to call to find out exactly what is available.

Note (10/2009): You can also Email Tech Support about the Customer Loyalty Program. Go to Canon website and choose cameras Tech Support is open 7 days a week and they'll ask you about what is wrong with your camera. Then they will give you the options for upgrade.

Direct link to the Refurb dSLR's offered by Canon: [5D Mark II, 7D, 50D, 40D, 30D even. XSi, XS and the good ol' XT]
Link for refurb dSLRs []
Don't know how quickly stock levels are updated, but now we can see what they offere and presumably, have in stock, as well.

Pricing for the cameras/camcorders are around 15% off the listed price.

Refurb point n shoots:
Link for refurb Powershots []
Bummer, hey only list the SD1000 online, as of Jan 25, 2010. While they definitely offer more choices on the phone. Hopefully, they'll update the webpage, soon.

PLUS TAX AND SHIPPING (2nd day shipping appears to free as of 3/16/11) Note: the cameras offered in the trade up are considered " refurbished " but Canon makes them just like new. Some are actually new overstocked, returned products. They are inspected and warrantied.

Updated & easier instructions to determine shutter count for 7D and T2i:

Walkthrough to determine shutter count for 7D and T2i:

*Much Easier Shutter count- USE Internet Explorer []

June 19th, 2012: Traded S450 Powershot broken ($13.00 shipped from ebay) for a T2i Body Only. Total price before sales tax was: $383.99. Shutter count = 21 total.

May 1, 2012: Traded an S410 (10.45 from ebay) for a 5D Mark II body only. Total price with WA sales tax was: $1,541.06.

April 11, 2012: Traded Powershot A530 (broken) for a 60D body only. Total price was $689.xx with CA sales tax. Shutter count = 2689 total (1802 actuations, 887 live-view actuations). Data taken from Magic Lantern firmware)

December 1, 2011: Traded a PowerShot SX200 IS (broken beyond repair) for 60D + 18-135mm kit, total was 910.xx with WA sales tax. Shutter count = 574 (according to magic lantern)

November 28, 2011 Traded a Canon EOS 5000 (film camera manufactured in Europe in the 90's) for 60D (body only), total was $695.67 after tax, free 2 day FedEx shipping. Shutter count on the camera = 730.

October 24, 2011 Traded a broken G9 (was using for parts for another G9) for 7D, $1087.20+ tax = $1174.18, free next day air.

October 15th, 2011: Traded in broken (he asked) Powershot S410 (10.50 ebay) for T2i Kit for 512 + tax FS ($544 total)

October 5th, 2011: Traded in broken Powershot A70 ($10 from ebay) for 60D+18-135 for $831+tax ($872 total)

September 30, 2011: Traded in a broken Powershot a1100 ($13.50 from ebay) for 60D Kit for $831 + Tax ($899 total)

September 19, 2011: Traded in a broken Powershot A75 ($9 shipped from ebay) for a 60D Body for $640+tax with free 2 day shipping

August 30, 2011: Traded in Snappy LX Film Camera which purchased from a thrift store for $2 for T2i kit with 13 shots on it for $512 + CA Tax with 2 day shipping.

August 27, 2011: Traded in Powershot S410 (purchased broken off e-bay for $13) for Rebel T2i kit, $511 + Tax, free 2 day shipping

August 24, 2011: Traded in Film Sure Shot 85 zoom for EOS 7D. 1087 plus tax. Free 2 day shipping

August 21, 2011: Traded in Powershopt S410 (wife got it years ago) with dead lens for EOS 60D EF-S 18-135IS Kit, 831 + tax, free FedEx 2 day shipping

August 10, 2011: Traded in Powershot A620 with dead lens for Rebel T2i, $511.99 + tax, free FedEx 2 day shipping

August 8, 2011 Traded a non-working SNAPPY V ,1989 film camera.($3.99 + tax from thrift store) for 7D, $1087.20+ tax = $1174.18, free next day air.

August 7, 2011: Traded a non-working Elan II for a Rebel T2i w/EF-S 18-55 IS + SLR Gadget bag /strap /charger /sync cable /memory card folio /manuals /lens covers for $512 + tax. Free Fedex 2 day

August 2, 2011: Traded a working Powershot A70 for a Rebel T2i w/ EF-S 18-55mm IS for $512 +tax. Free Fedex 2-day shipping included

July 31, 2011: Traded a non-working Canon something or other for a Rebel T2i with w/ EF-s 18-55mm IS for $512 + tax. Free Fedex 2day- shutter count 403.

July 16, 2011: Traded a non-working Powershot S500 for a Rebel T2i w/ EF-S 18-55mm IS for $512 +tax. Free Fedex 2-day shipping included.

July 15, 2011: Traded a non-working Powershot S400 ($13 from eBay) for Rebel T2i w/ EF-S 18-55IS for 512 + tax. Free 2-day shipping.

Jun 21, 2011: Traded an old non working Canon A60 model for Rebel XS DSLR + free 2GB SD card + free Canon SLR bag for $320 + tax. Free Shipping as well.

Jun 21, 2011: Traded in S410 ($14 from eBay) for 7D body. $1171.46 after tax and free 2 day Fedex shipping. Like new condition with less than 100 actuations.

Jun 20, 2011: Ordered a refurbished T2i kit. Was asked for the model of my old camera but not serial. Told them it was an S100. Called back on Jun 21,2011 and told them it was actually an SD500 (I got the SD500 from a local recycling center for free.) No problems. Total cost for T2i was $559 shipped to San Diego.

Jun 19, 2011 - Traded in Powershot SD600 for 7D and was asked for serial number. Total price of $1164.66 after tax ($1087.20 before tax). Free 2nd day air.

Jun 17, 2011 - traded in S400 from ebay for T2i kit, total price $471.99 with no tax to Oregon. No gadget bag or memory card to be included. Was not asked for serial number

Jun 17, 2011 - Traded in A75 and was asked for serial number. MY total was $409.59+TAX shipped to CA for T2i Kit. I dunno how I got this price but I got lucky!

Jun 17, 2011 - Traded in Elph2 Film camera and was asked serial number. Total was $472 + tax (free 2 day shipping) for T2i Kit. Does not come with memory card or Gadget bag according to CSR.

Jun 17, 2011 - Trading in S230 from Craigslist. Called and asked for T2i Kit (shows in stock online) - told it wasn't in stock. Called 2nd time and the CSR checked with Sales - it was in stock. $511.99 plus tax. Said to come with memory card and gadget bag.

Jun, 13 2011 - Traded an A590IS that I bought off craigslist broken for $5. Wasn't even asked the serial number. $665 plus Tax for 50D kit. Planning selling the lens with my old XTI back on craigslist.

Jun 13, 2011 - Traded Elan II bought on ebay for $15 bucks, broken door. Paid $665+ Tax for 50D Kit. Was asked for serial number. **NOTE** Tech support was closed so I called Canon Loyalty Directly. Let the CSR know I had a "broken" camera and was offered (XS,XSI,T1i). I went on the website and they had the 50D + 28-135lens in stock. I asked if their website was updated in "real time" and was told that a shipment just came in. Thanks all for all the posts, INVALUABLE.

Jun 3, 2011 - Traded Elan -II (my own purchase of year 2000), non functional. Paid $665+Tax for 50D Kit. No serial number was asked. Free 2 day shipping, and free shipping of the broken camera. Will arrive next week. Thanks...

Jun 1, 2011 - Traded T50 bought on ebay for $10, broken. Paid $512 for the T2i Kit with IS lens. As posted above/below, no S/No was asked, just that it was a Canon camera I was sending in. Will arrive tuesday.

May 31, 2011 - Traded broken Elan IIe bought on Ebay for $9.90 for 50D kit. Paid $665+$59 (8.875% NY tax). No serial number was asked. Free 2 day shipping. Came with around 30 actuations!!! Great deal!!!

May 31, 2011 - Traded Sureshot Telemax found at my local Goodwill for $4. Paid $512+tax for the T2i kit. No model or serial asked when I called. Free 2 day shipping, and free shipping of the broken camera. Came with only 62 actuations!! Thanks

May 27,2011- Traded Powershot sd 630 (fleabay cost 18 bucks). Paid 512+ tax I didnt have the serial number on me when I called in, the rep said no problem and completed the order. Got 2 day shipping and finally in my hands Friday eve.. YEAY thanks SD and SD'ers..

May 27, 2011 - Traded A2 film camera (mid-90s vintage) gathering dust for a 50D with 28-135 IS USM lens. $665.09 plus NJ tax. Rep did ask for the A2 serial number. If you need a lens this is a great deal, as you are getting a $379 lens (lowest price on Amazon in the past year) for $103 over the cost of the body alone. The 18-55 IS lens included with the T2i isn't a bad deal either - $64 over the cost of the body gets you a lens worth $150 or more new on Amazon.

May 27, 2011 - Traded S30 and A520 for 2 x 50D kits with 28-135 lens. $831.36 - $166.27 + $39.91(6% Taxes) + Free Shipping = $705 total for each. Plus 4(!) Free 1GB CF memory cards. Had both cameras' serial #s, but was not asked for. I asked about CL program for lenses and flashes - no such a program. You can buy refurbished lenses from their list, but with no an additional 20% CLP discount.

May 26, 2011 - Traded Canon Elph110 (very old digital almost 10yr old S110) for T2i kit, I had serial# but was so old Canon could not find it on system. Total with tax $542.45 (free 2 day Fed-ex shipping). This is my second loyalty purchase. I asked for lenses but they do not have lenses available on loyalty program (I asked for camera body plus a lense from the refurbished list. It is not available).

May 25, 2011 - Traded Canon A80 for T2i kit, did not provide serial #. Total with tax $542.45 (free 2 day Fed-ex shipping, free return of broken camera) bugsnest

May 23, 2011 - Traded Canon IXUS (older film ELPH) for T2i kit, provided serial # when asked. Total was $554.xx after Texas tax (free 2nd day shipping, free return shipping for broken camera).

May 19, 2011 - Original called to trade in a Super Shot 115U Point and Shoot camera for a T2i kit and was told I could only purchase point and shoot with that trade in. Called again but traded a Rebel G film camera instead of the 115U for the T2i kit. I was told from the rep that there were only 7 T2i kits available (6 now) and I made the purchase. Came out to $561.xx after CA tax. No serial number required.

May 18, 2011 - Traded Canon A550 purchased from ebay for Canon T2i Kit for $512 + tax (free 2nd day shipping). The broken camera hasn't been shipped to me yet, but Canon didn't require the serial number anyway. If you call the loyalty program, you can tell them email tech support referred them to the loyalty program and they shouldn't ask any questions about the camera you're trading in.

May 18, 2011 - Called and asked about point and shoot cameras and was offered SD1200 for $86.94, A1100 for $72.45, SX120 for $119.13, and stated the SD 960 is OOS but owuld have been $135.24. The S95 is still not a part of their loyalty program. CSR stated that it didint matter which camera I traded in for this pricing and she did not even ask if my camera was still functional.

May 16, 2011 - Traded Canon Sure Shot Owl (film camera) purchased from ebay for $7 (shipped) for Canon T2i Kit for $512 + tax = $554 shipped (free 2nd day shipping)

May 14, 2011 -- Traded an EOS RebelX for a T2i kit for $512 shipped. (I bought the EOS with a broken focal plane for $5 off of Craigslist!) Note: this was done on Saturday 5:35pm PDT by calling the Canon Loyality number above.

May 13, 2011 - Traded broken A75 for T2i kit for $512+tax with free shipping.

May 13, 2011 - Traded A75 for T2i Kit for $512+tax w/ free 2 day shipping.

May 12, 2011 - Traded SD400 for T2i Kit for $512+tax w/ free 2 day shipping.

May 12, 2011 - Traded (Super old) T50 for T2i Kit for $512+tax w/free 2 day shipping

April 29, 2011 - Traded SD100 for T1i Body for $416+tax w/ free 2 day shipping

April 26, 2011 - Traded A590 for T2i Kit for $512+tax w/free 2 day worked effortlessly

April 26, 2011 - Traded A1100IS for T2i Kit for $512+tax w/ free 2 day shipping.

April 25, 2011 - Traded S30 for T2i Kit for $512+tax w/ free 2 day shipping.

April 13, 2011 - Traded working (soon to be broken) LT260 for T2i Body for $481.03 (inc. NY tax of $33.04) shipped w/ free 2 day shipping

April 13, 2011 - Traded EOS Elan II for T2i body for ~487.00 (CA tax Frown ) w/ free 2 day shipping

April 9, 2011 - Traded broken SD550 for T2i kit for 551.67 w/ free 2 day shipping

April 9, 2011 - Traded Canon Rebel Xs 35mm for 50D kit for $723.28(CA) w/ free 2 day shipping.

March 29, 2011 - Traded broken A80 for T2i kit for $559.39 w/ free 2 day shipping.

March 28, 2011 - Traded working SD870IS for T2i body for $447.99 + tax = $479.35 w/ free 2 day shipping.

March 25, 2011 - Traded broken A80 for T2i kit for $556.79 shipped w/ free 2 day shipping.

March 24, 2011 - Traded old Rebel XS (35mm Film) SLR body for T2i Body for $447.99 w/ free 2 day shipping.

March 24, 2011 - Traded broken sd1100 for Rebel XS kit shipped to Virginia 335.99 w/ free 2 day shipping.

Mar 24, 2011 - Traded In Broken AV-1 for T2i kit for $561.91 shipped to California w/ free 2 day shipping!

Mar 22, 2011 - Traded broken A95 for T2i kit for $546.55 shipped w/ free 2 day shipping!

Mar 21, 2011 - Traded broken SD 750 for T2i kit for $556.79 shipped + 2 day free shipping!

Mar 20, 2011 - Traded broken SD 870 IS for T2i body for $447.99 shipped + 2 day free shipping!

March 16,2011- Traded Broken LT260 for T2i kit for $550.39 shipped w/ free 2 day shipping!

Mar 16, 2011 - Traded SD300 for T2i kit for $511.99+tax...$554.23 shipped w/ free 2 day shipping!

Mar 11, 2011 - Traded Elan IIe body for 7D body for $1087 + tax... $1152.43 with free shipping!

Mar 8, 2011 - Traded 1999 Canon Elph LT260 for T2i kit for $511+tax...$556.79 shipped w/free 2 days shipping!

Mar 8, 2011 - Traded semi-dead (lcd screen is busted) S500 for T2i kit for $511.99+tax. Total shipped was $537.59!

Mar 3 2011 - Traded dead S400 for T2i body for $447+Tax with Free 2 Day shipping; 7d for $1087.xx + Tax, free shipping too. 5D Mark II is back in stock but unavailable for the program. Rep says it hasn't been offered for trade-in since before September and doesn't expect it to be offered again.

Feb 26, 2011 - Called about T2i kit, was offered T2i kit with 18-55IS lens for 511.99+tax. Total shipped was 551.67-will be here Wed. Undecided as to which "broken" camera to send them, likely A530

Feb 11, 2011 - Traded S400 for T2i (as the T3i has been announced), read as T2i FINALLY AVAILABLE - 610.xx with Free 2 Day shipping.

Feb 11, 2011 - Traded in a SX110IS for a T1i. Cost: $374.xx After tax and shipping I paid $407.xx

Jan 31, 2011 - Powershot A85 with a bad sensor. Was offered an EOS 7D for $1087.20. I also inquired about a T2i, but it was not available yet in this program.

Jan 31, 2011 - Called about SD870IS with a bad LCD was offered SD1200 - 86.40 or the SD960 - 134.40

DEC 28, 2010 - Called about SD850IS with "lens error" Offered the following SD1200IS $86.94 <> SD960IS $135.24 <> SX120IS $119.13 XS T1i BODY ONLY $450.99 WITH 18-55 $479.91<> XS 7d BODY ONLY $1087.20

December 5, 2010 - SD110 with dead CCD sensor: SD1200 @ $86.40, SD960 @ $134.40, G11 @ $258.91, SX120 $119.59 (Includes 2nd shipping both ways) - DTN107

November 15, 2010 - Was offered for my old Powershot G3: G11 @ $259.99, SD1200 @ $86.40, or SD960 @ $134.40 -- prices include 2nd day shipping. - wxforecaster

November 8, 2010 - 5D Mark II is no longer available for trade through the Loyalty Program!!!

October 20, 2010 - Elph LT 260 (film) for 5D Mark II for $1599 plus local sales tax, free 2 day FedEx shipping.

October 11, 2010 - SD800 for Rebel XS for $319 + free shipping

October 11, 2010 - SD800 for G11 at $249 (no G12 available), 7D for $1119.99, 5D MkII for $1599. Add local state taxes + free shipping.

October 1st, 2010 - Rebel XSN (film SLR) in exchange for XS body at $320, XSi body at $335, XSi kit at $400, T1i body at $455, T1i kit $519. free 2nd day shipping. They said they have a lot of T1i black kits in stock. (bogatas)
- SD1100IS in pieces in exchange for SD1200IS for $87, SD960IS for $135 (bogatas)

September 24, 2010 - EOS 7D (Body) for $1119.99 (tech specified any Canon camera valid for this trade-in)

Sept 17, 2010 - SD600 is eligible for the SD1200 for $86.90, or the SD960IS for $134.40, I opted to buy the SD940IS from Newegg.

September 14, 2010- Traded SD940IS for G11- $259 (free 2day ship) offered XSI for $399, SD960IS for $134, SX120IS for $119

September 4, 2010 - traded in Powershot A530 for SX10IS - 199$. At my time G11s were available as well. Leave your number with the CSR. They are kind enough to call you back once the item of your interest is available.

September 1, 2010 - traded in G2 for Xs $359 total - No more G11, was told to check back on 9/3 if wanting a G11.

August 30, 2010 - traded an S230 for the G11 (back in stock as of tonight) ($259)

August 27, 2010 - SD550 for Canon SX1 IS ($369), Rebel XS w/lens ($319), SD1200 ($86.49).

July 26, 2010 - traded-in EOS 30D, offered 40D body only ($560), 40D w/28-135 ($719), 50D body only ($719), + higher end models that I didn't get the prices for. Also offered free 2nd day shipping.

July 23, 2010 - SD750, offered sd960is $134.40 (+10 ship), sd1200is - $86.40, sx120is - $119.59

July 21, 2010, I was told the following upgrade options for my A530: (all were refurbished) A1100IS $72+tax, SD960IS $134+tax, SX120IS $119+tax. All three options included free 2-day shipping and free return shipping for the dead camera.

July 2, 2010 - SD800IS for sx120is ($129), SD960IS ($169) or G11 ($249)

June 28, 2010 - S400, offered same as below, ordered G11 (on back order)

June 22: S70 --> same options as below

June 16, 2010 S500 was offered SX10IS $199, G11 $249, EOS Digital Rebel XS Kit (Black w/18-55 IS Lens) $359

As of June 7, 2010 SD400,550,600,750 was offered SX120IS $129, SD960 $169, G11 $249 (I'm guessing the SD series offers this one.)

May 20, 2010: Broken S100 (Old Elph). Was offered SX10 IS - $199.00, G11 - $249.00, EOS Digital Rebel XS Kit (Black w/18-55 IS Lens) - $359.00. I was hoping for SD1200 type camera, not these big ones... Frown

May, 2010: My office found 2 old broken Canon D60 SLRs (pre-10D) in a storage closet. Upgraded to twin 50Ds, body only, for $670 each, plus $10 shipping and tax. Could have done 50D with 28-135mm IS lens for $799 each, or one of the Rebels with kit lens (don't remember specifics, because it wasn't worth it for me, but the below posts that claim XS with 18-55 for $359 sound about right.)

042010 Poweshot A530 originally bought refurbished offered SD1200 $109 or the SX110 $129 They were OOS but were offering the SD1000 for $89.

April 27, 2010: T50 (film camera, ancient). Rebel XS w/ 18-55mm IS, $359. No others offered. I asked about a 50D and she said minimum would be a 300D to qualify for it. I don't need an XS (I have an XSi) but I asked because I saw a T50 on ebay for $10 (damaged).

Mar 26, 2010: Semi-working SD200 (gummy display/video/camera switch). Offered SX110 IS $129, SD 960 IS $169, G11 $249. Took the G11, around $290 total (includes CA sales tax + $10 shipping). They need signature on delivery (fedex 2 biz days).

Mar 17, 2010: Broken 300D (Original Digital Rebel). Offered Rebel XS w/ 18-55mm IS, $359. 50D (body only) $669. 50D w/ 28-135mm IS, $799.

Mar 10,2010: Broken SD950 IS. Offered: SX110 IS $129, SD960 IS $169, G11 $249

Mar 3, 2010 Broken A640 (lens won't extend) was offered A1000 $79, SD1200 $99, or SX110 $129.

3/1/2010 Old S410 - XS10IS $119, G10 $249, XS Kit $359

Jan 28, 2010 For an absolutely destroyed (in multiple pieces) SD800, they offered PowerShot SX110 IS (silver or Black) for $129, Canon PowerShot SD970 IS for $189, or Canon PowerShot G10 for $249

Jan 20, 2010 For a broken SD850, they offered PowerShot SX110 IS (silver or Black) for $129, Canon PowerShot SD970 IS for $189, or Canon PowerShot G10 for $249

Jan. 19, 2010: Broken PowerShot A70. Offered A1000IS for $79; SD1100IS for $99; SX110IS for $129. Plus sales tax. Plus $10 FedEx shipping, signature required. 10 days to send back old camera.

From Amitcdn on Jan. 12, 2010: (1) Elura 70 (Camcorder) for: DC320 - $159; HR10 - $359 --- (2) SD750 (Digicam) for: SX110 - $139; SD970 - $199; G10 - $259 --- (3) Powershot S45 (Digicam) for: SX10 - $209; G10 - $259; Rebel XS - $369

Jan 7, 2010: Broken Powershot S70 - Offered PowerShot SX10 IS - $199, G10 - $249 or Digital Rebel XS (black w/18-55 IS lens) for $359, all were in stock at the time.

Jan 5. 2009: Broken SD870IS. Offered SX100 IS (SILVER) $129, SD970IS - $189, G10 - $249

Dec 9, 2009: Dead S1IS. Offered PowerShot SD880 IS - $149, Canon PowerShot SX10 IS - $199, or Canon Digital Rebel XS (black w/18-55 IS lens) for $359

Dec 15, 2009: SD600 (broken). Offered SX110 IS (silver or black) - $129; SX10 IS for $199,
Traded 300D/Digital Rebel for a 50D kit w/28-135mm IS lens for $799 [used to be $759. Guess they see the demand for this kit.]

Oct 29, 2009: Dead S50 to: SD890 $159, SX10 $209, XS Kit $359. Got the XS for just under $400 after tax/shipping.

Oct 8, 2009 : S30(broken) trade option: sd890 ($149), or sx10is ($199) or XS kit ($349). Took the SX10 IS deal since I only point and shoot.

9/30/09 A300: A470- $49, A570- $79, SD1100- $99
SD450: SX110- $129, SD890- $149, SX10- $199
SLR: Rebel XS kit $349
A70: A590- $79, SD1100- $99, SX110- $129

Sept 18, 2009. G3 & G7 [Likely all G Series] : offered reburb'd SD890IS - $149, SX10is - $199, XS -$359

Sept 9, 2009. Broken SD550: offered refurb'd sx110 ($129), sd890 ($149), or sx10is ($199).

Sept 8, 2009. Broken A85: offered refurb'd A590 for $89, SD1100 for $109, SX110 for $139.

Sept 3, 2009 For Broken SD750, offered refurb'd sx110 ($129), sd890 ($159), or sx10is ($199) (rec'd new camera, great deal!)

Sept 1, 2009: Film SLR offered upgrade to Rebel XS body only for $360

August 28, 2009: My Powershot G2 was offered SD 890 ($159), SX10 ($209), or Rebel XS w/lens ($369)

August 26, 2009: I have S70 was offered SD890 for $149, sx10is $199, Rebel XS w/ kit(18-55) $359

From PagalBengal on August 26, 2009: For my Rebel 2000 Body (film SLR), was offered Rebel XS w/ kit lens ($359)

August 21, 2009: I have a SD900 was offered SX110 $129, SD890 $149, or SX10IS $199 plus $10 for shipping and taxes.

August 20, 2009: Own PowerShot S1 IS, was offered SD 890 ($149), SX10 ($199), or Rebel XS ($359)

August 18, 2009: Own Rebel XT, was offered Canon 50D with 28-135 IS Lens for $759

From PRVeg on Aug 13 2009: For Vistura from 1999 (Similar to Optura below) was offered recond. HV30 ($399). HV40 is not available in program.

From gsr95r on August 10, 2009: For my Canon A470, was offered A590 ($79.99), SD1100 ($99.00)

From Hmbre97 on August 7, 2009: For my Powershot A400, was offered A470 ($49), A590 ($79), SD1100 ($99)

From mravk on July 29. 2009: For my Optura 300 (Camcorder), was offered ZR-950 ($150), DC220 ($150), HR10 ($349) and HV30 ($399). Also they offer free estimate for the repair (I pay shipping).

From stomper88 on July24, 2009: For my A570IS, offered A580 ($75, $90 shipped), SD1000 ($100, $118 shipped), SX110IS ($125, $145 shipped)

From cyndec on July 22, 2009: For my S400 - i was offered SD890 ($150), SX10is ($200), or Rebel XTi w/ lens ($350)

From luvmygh on July 10, 2009: For my PowerShot A540, was offered A580 ($75), SD1000 ($100) and SX110 ($125).

From msafiri on July 08, 2009 : For my S2 IS - i got SD890 ($150), SX10 ($200) or XTi + kit lens ($350). The cameras offered are refurbs with a 90 day warranty with tax + S/H extra. S/H = $10.

From jclyon41 on June 30, 2009: Called with an S2 IS and was offered SD890 for 150, SX110 for 200 (wrong model or price??), or XTi with kit lense for 350

From patrickpkt on June 29, 2009: Called with an SD110 and was offered an SX110 IS for $125, a SD890 for $150 (I think), and an SX10 IS for $200

As of June 2009, most of the info is out of date again. They now offer SX10 IS (instead of S5 offer), Rebel XTi Kit (w/lens), etc. 2nd day shipping is $10.

From morkus64 on April 27th 2009 - Called in with an SD750, was offered an SD890 for 150, SX110 for 175 or G9 for 275.

From hari-bhari on Feb 19, 2009 [thanks!] Canon's matrix was updated on Jan 27th

ANY S-series or G-series camera is eligible for the Rebel XT for $299, but NO SD series are eligible.
**Canon G5 - Eligible for the following ONLY - SD890IS - $149, SX10 - $199, XS -$359 (called and confirmed on 8/20/2009), XT not an option

For the SD series, you can get a SD870 for $140, a S5IS for $175, or a G9 for $270.

Original Model New Model Price
A710 IS for A590 IS ($79), SD1100 IS ($99), SX110 IS ($129)

SD750 for SD870IS 140 | S5IS $170 | G9 $275 [by EdZ 3-3-09]

SD400 for SX110IS $125 | SD890 $150 | SX10IS $200 [everybest 2009-07-01]

SD800 for SD870 IS $140 | S5 IS $175 | G9 $275 [supercheapbuyer] [2/10/09]

SD600 for SD770 IS $140 | S5 IS $360 | G9 $275 [P10bostonian] [2.2.09]

A610 for A560 $89; SD1000 $100; SX100IS $125 [thanks bentleyrb]

From franzcatch on 5/19/2011 -> A610 for SD1200 $86

S1 IS for G9 $350; 850 IS $150; Rebel XT w/kit lens $299 [thanks ipood]

SD400/S500 or SD700IS for SD850 $150; G9 $359; Rebel XT $299 [thanks BigCheeZ]

S410 for SD1000 $100 [thanks veejl]

SD450 for SD890IS $150 [johnhenry]

S400 for sd870is $140, s5is $175, g9 $275

A75 for: A580 for $75, sd 1000 for $100, sx100is for $125 [sydneyroo]

SD600 for SD890IS for $150.00; or G9 $360.00; or Rebel XT $300.00 [Sayianz]

A550 for A580 $75 or SD100 $100 or SX110 IS for $125 (+ shipping $10 to Seattle) [novende, June 22,2008]

S30, S60, or G5 for Rebel XTi + lens $350, SX10 for $200, or SD890IS for $150 [deltaex1, July 6, 2009]

SD850 for sx110is $125, sd890is $150, sx10is $200 [July 7, 2009]

SD700IS for SX110is $129, SD890is $149, SX10is $199 + Ship + Tax [August 17,2009] SquireX

A60 OR A620: A590 IS $79, SD1100 IS $99, SX110 IS $129

S200 IS for sd890 is $149, sx10 is $199, rebel xs $359 + $10 ship [demon4 august,26 2009, holding out for a G9,10]

A540 for a590is - $79, D1100is - $99, SX110is - $129 + tax & $10 S/H (10/13/2009)

S400 for Powershot SD890 IS: $149, Powershot SX10 IS: $199, Digital Rebel XS Kit w/ lens (18-55) $359.00 [11-10-09, ricketstar]

Canon Service Advisory/recall for defective CCD sensors
[made by SONY, BTW.]
NOTE: this is nothing to do with the trade-in program, but may be what ails your camera. Canon may just do a free replacement of the CCD sensor in your camera vs. categorizing your camera as 'broken' and accepting it for a trade-up.

Canon model have defective part that will eventually cause black screen.
"when you turn my camera on, all you can see is a black screen. like the lens is still covered. on "view mode" (when you can see previous pictures) it works fine. you can also enter the camera setting and menus."
This is a well known problem that mentioned in multiple threads. There is also a temp solution posted to get the camera to work for a short time but eventually it will fail again (like few days later).
Not actually the CCD disconnect problem but also a well known Canon defect.

They should add other Canon model like S2 to the list for free repair and free replacement. Based on those 2 threads, Canon charge people lot of money to fix them even though it is a well known "black screen" issue. Only really lucky few get it fix for free without jump thru hoops. Some got it fix for free after filed with BBB.

Link to BBB

I just got my S2 IS fixed for free which had this black screen issue. I just emailed them about the issue and they sent a free shipping label and said they would look at it. A few days later they told me that they would fix it for free.
So try emailing them if you have this issue.

OLD info [kept due to lack of newer data & to keep a good idea of what models are available to trade in.]

s2is & s1is, sd300, sd400/sd450,sd100 snd canon sd20 for sd850is $150/G9 $250 / rebel xt with kit lens - $275

S400 for sd-850 ($150) G9 ($250) XT ($275)

S45 for sd-850 ($150) G9 ($250) XT ($275)

S50 for sd-890 ($150) Sx10 IS ($200) Rebel XS Kit ($349) *as of 08/18/09 jcisking1

SD100 for SD850is ($150) G9 ($250) XT ($275)

A75, A95 for a560 ($89), sd1000 ($100), sx100 is ($125)
A75 for A580 $75, SD1000 - $100, sx100is - $125 (4/09)

A410 for A460 ($79), A560 ($89), sd750 ($100)

Camcorder ZR65MC for ZR800($150), DC210(250), HV10(595)

G9 - FOR $359

SD200 for SD870is - $140[/B], s5 $175, g9IS - $275

SD400 for SD890IS $150; Rebel XT or G9 $299 [by MozartA 02-12-2009, I presume.]

Camcorders are included!

The trade in values for my HV30 are below, you will get a NEW camcorder if available, not refurbished (August 5, 2010)

M30: 524.99
M300: 509.99
M31: 599.99
HF R10: 412.49
R11: 934.99
R100: 559.99
HFR 100: 374.99
HV40: $599

September 3rd, 2010 - CANON ES2500 (old hi-8mm camera) for HV40 (refurbished) - $500.02

Some of these deals are better than the internet price, some are worse. - SKSJEDI

Post your dead canon's model and problem here:
SD400 lens wont extend [regroover]
SD600 lens wont retract [regroover]
SD600 lens wont retract - Lens error (Fitmiss)
First 40D Shutter required replacing after approx 10,000 cycles
Second 40D front focused
Talked to tech, common problem in old cameras is to display no battery left even if batteries are just charged or new. Several camera problems were bundled with the "no battery" indicator. Just FYI.

1/25/2010 - SD 500 for G10 $249. Camera body, lens, etc looks brand new, as though never handled before.

Warranty is 90 days from delivery.

This post can be edited by most users to provide up-to-date information about developments of this thread based on user responses, and user findings. Feel free to add, change or remove information shown here as it becomes available. This includes new coupons, rebates, ideas, thread summary, and similar items.

Once a Thread Wiki is added to a thread, "Create Wiki" button will disappear. If you would like to learn more about Thread Wiki feature, click here.


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Wait, I have an old s110. It died over thanksgiving weekend. I opened it up. will they still take it back and trade up with it?
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just called and old Powershot A40 for an Powershot A510 for 99.99.
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Quote from sopapia View Post :
They'll mail you your new camera with accessories (but no memory card) and you put your old camera in the packaging (you get to keep all the accessories) in the prepaid package.
Can't you just keep both =)!
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now it gives me another reason to buy Canons! The thing is, mine never had problems.. i had the S100, S110, S400, SD110, S410, 2-SD500 (one was lost), and a A70 (parent's) and none of them ever gave me problems.. I always ended up selling it on ebay because of a newer model.. the new SD700 looks nice by the way.. nod
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Quote from H_O View Post :
Can't you just keep both =)!
Sure but I bet they charge your credit card for what you owe in the credit they gave you for your old cam. Of course I don't see why you would want to keep a broken camera anyway...
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Just called, and they told me that my camera must be broken to qualify. I have an SD100 and an upgrade to an SD400 is $149.00. Not bad, but my old camera isn't broken!?! Perhaps I can break it. A new SD400 goes for almost $300. HMMM.............
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as cheap as they get!
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excellent! i'm going to call tonight!
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that is pretty sweet
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lol i just called and asked if i can trade in my perfectly functioning sd 1100 but they said its only for mal functioning cameras... and they said s95 is not in the program
oh well
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All those who got thier black friday orders cancelled for the T1, they are sending out emails that they will honor the price now. So basically, you get a new T1 for the Refurb T1 price...Canon Corp sucks! (i like the T1 though)
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Called this morning and was told that the only item in stock (out of my list of sx10IS, sx120IS, G11) was sx120IS. Just an FYI for everyone. I'm holding out for the G11 Smilie
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Wife just dropped my G9. Its DOA. My Richard Franic Grip even popped off.

Nothing is cracked and I don't hear any rattles but it just doesn't turn on.

What are my options? I already have a G11.

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Quote from hoog23 View Post :
Wife just dropped my G9. Its DOA. My Richard Franic Grip even popped off.

Nothing is cracked and I don't hear any rattles but it just doesn't turn on.

What are my options? I already have a G11.

Not to be rude, but did you read the previous couple pages? Those show the most recent quotes people have gotten. It's definitely worth getting an update because the options change, but that's where you come in Smilie

The instructions are in the wiki about how to get a quote. Canon is the only one who knows what they are offering this very moment so your best bet is to call/e-mail them and ask...

...then if you're feeling nice, come back here and post them!

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