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Menards home improvement stores are located throughout the Midwest, with more than 250 stores in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

Menards carries materials and tools for home improvement projects from light bulbs and paint to building a deck or a new home. Menards also carries name brand appliances, pet products, lawn and garden supplies, and groceries.

Menards regularly offers FREE and Discounted Items through the use of mail-in rebates that come in the form of STORE CREDIT. At any one time, Menards may have as many as six+ different sale advertisements, making it difficult to follow all the current good deals.

This thread is intended to keep track of all the current FAR, Rebate, and Sale items being offered at Menards - with (hopefully) regular updates to the wiki.

Feel free to edit wiki!

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Link [] to current advertisements

Reminder - rebates are in the form of store credit!

Latest lists of rebates, sale items are posted inline in this thread.

Questions/Answers about Menard's Sales

  • When can I expect new ads to come out (what is their flyer schedule)
    • While Menards used to be 100% predictable on their schedule they have significantly varied things up in the last year, however a few key pieces remain true:
    • 2-week (15 day) Sun-Sun "General": Most common -- starting on a Sunday and running for 2 weeks and ending the end of day on Sunday 2 weeks later, thus 15 full sale days.
    • 1-week (8 day) Sun-Sun "General": Staggered with this, they typically offer an 8 day, starting on a Sunday and running for 1 week and ending the end of day on Sunday 1 week later, thus 8 full sale days. This sale starts exactly 7 days after the 2 week one starts and ends on the same day the 2 week one ends, thus giving 2 sales overlapping.
    • This 1 week staggered/overlapped sale has occassionally been a 15 day sale depending on when they need to adjust due to holidays and other sale promotions in the future.
    • All of these sales are "general" sales, meaning products from virtually every department are offered on sale. However, they give the sale a name and therefore some departments are skewed to have more items featured. Such flyer names include "Construction", "Stock up", "Menard Days" and they reuse these every year or multiple times a year.
    • 1 1/2-week (11 day) Wed-Sun "Themed": In addition to these "normal" sales, they will often (typically once a month) overlap a 11 day sale starting on a Wedsday and running though the following Sunday. These are always department-specific sales such as "Kitchen/Bath", "Landscaping", "Storage", "Garage", "Flooring".
    • 3 day (Fri/Sat/Sun) "Crazy Day": About once every 2 months they run a 3-day weekend "Crazy Days" sale. These run on a Fri/Sat/Sun and also overlap up to 3 other sales. These sales typically offer some really good after rebate prices on things and the deals are normally larger (e.g. more expensive but with big rebates).
    • 1-week (8 day) Sun-Sun "11% Off Entire Purchase Rebate": Completely randomly handful of times a year they run a 11% off entire purchase sale. Except for 1 occassion, these have always been 8 day sales (Sun-Sun). These do NOT overlap any other sale during the week, BUT do overlap on the start and end date(s) which allow you to actually make money on rebate items as the 11% is a stackable rebate.
  • Why do some posters refer to getting sale items earlier than the official start date?
    • Because Menards is located in the upper midwest, and relies on local newspapers or even "mid week" style home town papers to distribute their ads, they sometimes run into places that don't have a paper delivery on a Sunday, or have chosen to send out their ad (perhaps for cheaper rates) in a Saturday paper.
    • Due to this, many stores will 'set' the ad late Friday night/early Saturday morning and their computer is loaded with the prices+rebates as soon as they open Saturday morning.
    • I have personally confirmed this in all 4 North Dakota Stores (Minot/Bismarck/Grand Forks/Fargo), and many Minnesota stores (Moorhead, Detroit Lakes, Hutchinson, Mankato). In fact, I've seen the ad loaded and set in Mankato on Friday evening's before
    • It often varies if the physical paper ad is set by the front doors or on the C/S counter however. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't but you will usally see the new colored signs (one color for each sale ad to aid them in setting/removal of tags at the end of a sale). Peek around by the department stations and sometimes you can spot the new but not readily available ad sitting around if you don't see it up front.

Questions/Answers about Menard's Rebates

  • Menards rebate credit checks do NOT expire
  • Where do I find the rebate forms?
    • After purchasing your items, the receipt will print separate rebate receipt copies, one specifically for each qualifying item
    • Rebate receipts are numbered, and the corresponding numbered rebate forms are available at the service desk or available online Menards website
    • A summary of all rebate numbers will appear on the bottom of your "master" receipt
    • Rebate receipts MUST be turned over when returning an item with a rebate; otherwise they will deduct the amount of the rebate from your refund with no exceptions (obviously)
  • Can you use Menard's rebates to buy other products that have Menard's rebates?
    • Yes, there is no problem with rinsing and repeating
  • How often are there Free After Rebate (FAR) items?
    • They do FAR all the time, usually anywhere from four to ten items per ad each week
  • Can rebates be combined into one envelope?
    • Most rebates can be combined into one address, provided they are being sent to the same address (Typically Box 155 in Elk Mound, WI)
    • Some rebates are sent to different address - double check
    • Make sure you have adequate postage when combining (8 rebate forms + 8 rebate receipts + standard envelope + stamp total appx .6 ounce)
  • Do I still need to spend $10 or more on other non-FAR items?
    • Mendard did away with this requirement in early 2011
  • Can you track your rebates?

Questions/Answers about Menard's Price Match/Coupon policy
  • Does Menards match prices?
    • Yes, bring in the sales ad and receive an additional 11% discount, however YMMV depending on the terms of the competetor's sale. Typically "% off" sales can be troublesome.
  • Does Menards accept coupons?
    • Yes, although internet printables are not accepted at some locations
    • They do not accept "free" product coupons

Where do I find the Items in the store?
  • Look at the first number of the SKU...Here's where you can find them:
    • 1 - Lumber/Building Materials
    • 2 - Tools/Hardware/Automotive
    • 3 - Electrical/Lighting Supplies
    • 4 - Kitchen/Appliances/Doors
    • 5 - Painting Supplies
    • 6 - Housewares/Plumbing
    • 7 - Flooring
Menard's Coupon Policy


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Quote from Hiraeth View Post :
Very limited availability:
Noise cancelling earbuds
$5.00 (sale price) with $5.00 rebate NL (until 6/25/17)
Limited availability is right! Among all stores there are only 14 available! The closest store that has them (of the three) is 534 miles away but that is as the crow flies.

Thanks for letting us know. I'm not complaining, just observing.
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Mother's Day Sale
Valid 5/7-5/13

Enchanted Garden 3" Battery Operated Mini Metal Lantern
$1.99 with $1.99 rebate L6 (While Supplies last)

Ultra Light Kneepads
$2.99 with $2.99 rebate L4

MaxEnergy 8oz. Storage Jar
$0.99 with $0.99 rebate L12

KP Building Products U-Snap 4"X10' Gutter
$3.79 with $3.79 rebate L10

Rubberset Value Painter 4" Polyester paint or stain brush
561-1481, 1711
$5.29 with $5.29 rebate L6

Digital Thermometer
$4.98 with $4.98 rebate L3

Window Images Light Filtering Roller Shade 4 ML – 37" X 60"
$4.99 with $4.99 rebate L3
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YMMV but today in my store I was told Menards no longer accepts $ off total purchase competitor coupons. This is terribly disappointing news. They did away with the % off competitor coupons previously but now it seems even the $ off are finished. Their coupon policy has not yet been updated to reflect this change so maybe this is just an anomaly, but it doesn't bode well for overall profitability if this policy is here to stay..
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Another new irritating thing -- The rebates seem to stay in "processing" mode for 2 weeks before the check is finally printed and sent. It used to be 1 week. Frown
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Quote from GreatFun View Post :
Another new irritating thing -- The rebates seem to stay in "processing" mode for 2 weeks before the check is finally printed and sent. It used to be 1 week. Frown
I agree. Can't buy any stuff this time because my rebates are still processing. When I'll finally get the check they'll be back to 11%.
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Quote from GreatFun View Post :
Another new irritating thing -- The rebates seem to stay in "processing" mode for 2 weeks before the check is finally printed and sent. It used to be 1 week. Frown
TWO WEEKS! I have one that posted 3 days ago. Thought I would have the check in 7 days. I am not out of rebate $$ but will get the new stuff in the mail asap.
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About 20 rebates hit for items on sale now until Saturday. I don't see a new ad, just a bunch of unad products. The only FAR I find is this one:

Pre-Finished Planking English Chestnut 1/2"D X 5-1/8"W X 10'L
$3.00 with $3.00 rebate no limit (Sale price)

A number of rebate #0372 skus were oos at my Menards so there may be more that are FAR.
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Very limited availability:
Vitza LED 65W BR30 Indoor Flood Bulb
$1.99 (sale price) with $2.00 rebate NL (until 12/31/17)

Coupon matchup in ad to 5/13/17:
Dove 4 pk. Shea Butter
571-2157, $2
Dove, 4 pk. or larger, $1 (5/21/17) RP 5/7/17

Gave reps to mcisler for the English Chestnut planking FAR - that's very limited avail., too - 5 stores

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Quote from GreatFun View Post :
Another new irritating thing -- The rebates seem to stay in "processing" mode for 2 weeks before the check is finally printed and sent. It used to be 1 week. Frown
Update -- It's now 16 days in "processing" and still not sent! Mad
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Are we expecting another 11% tomorrow?
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Quote from donldmn View Post :
Are we expecting another 11% tomorrow?
Yes - one week only.
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Ad 5/21-5/29, sorry no skus yet
Safety Glasses, $7.99 with $7.99 MIR Limit 2
Clothespins, $1.39 with $1.39 MIR Limit 4
Gas Fuel Test Swabs 3pk, $1.99 with $1.99 MIR Limit 4
10′ Aluminum Gutter, $4.98 with $4.98 MIR Limit 10
Rain Poncho, $3.99 with $3.99 MIR Limit 4
(thanks TSA)
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Can we buy today with the 11%?
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Quote from wildcouponlady View Post :
Can we buy today with the 11%?
Assuming you are asking about the deals Hiraeth posted above -- the rebate receipt won't print for those until tomorrow so no "double dip".
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