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Asus K53TA-BBR6 Laptop: AMD Quad-Core A6-3400M 1.4GHz APU, 4GB DDR3, 500GB HDD, 15.6" 1366x68 LED, 1GB Radeon HD 6550, WiFi N, 6-cell Battery, Win 7 Prem EXPIRED

Posted 08-07-2011 by delz4stelz at 05:30 AM
Best Buy has Asus K53TA-BBR6 Laptop for $449.99 with free store pickup. Thanks sukr4deelz

  • AMD Quad-Core A6-3400M 1.4GHz APU
  • 4GB DDR3
  • 500GB HDD
  • 15.6" 1366x768 LED-backlit Hgh-Definition Widescreen Dsplay
  • 1GB AMD Radeon 6650 Graphics
  • Multiformat DVD±RW/CD-RW Drive
  • WiFi N
  • 6-cell Battery
  • Windows 7 Premium

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Best Buy

Free In-Store Pickup / Shipping Available

ASUS K53TA-BBR6 Laptop / AMD A-Series Quad-Core A6-3400M 1.4GHz APU / 15.6" LED / 4GB DDR3 / 500GB HDD / 1GB AMD Radeon HD 6650 Graphics - Brown Suit - $449.99

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Community Wiki

Last Edited by atoneapone October 6, 2016 at 07:30 AM
I. Graphic Drivers:

A. Latest ASUS Chipset Drivers Out: Version 12.29.2011 (Asus chipset version V8.903.0.0000 correlates with AMD Mobility Radeon 11.11 drivers. 12/2011 was the last time it was updated by Asus.)

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Drivers and Tools K53TA []

B. "Best" AMD Mobility Radeon Drivers Out? Version AMD 13.4whql, 14.4whqlSGFix, 13.12whql, 14.12WHQL omega, or use Latest DLL files for new games (oc of dGPU with MSI AB is possible after editing registry!)

C. Last AMD Mobility Radeon Drivers that may have worked: Version AMD Catalyst 15.7.1 (8/15), 15.5 Beta(6-1-15) , 15.3Beta,14.12 WHQL OMEGA SG FIX(12-2014)
NOTE: AMD Driver Support has officially been dropped for our HD 6000 after 15.7.1. (HD 6000, HD 7600 & below, HD 8400 & below have been moved to Legacy support []).
But final supported drivers were made: 15.11.1B & then 16.2.1 Beta for Win7,8.1,and10. (Crimson Edition) >>> (but recently were found to not work on our laptop.)

AMD Drivers are broken for our Mobile Switchable Graphics HD 6600M GFX from 13.6B to latest 15.xx: Configure Switchable Graphics Menu is not working on the latest "official" AMD graphic drivers for Win7x64 & Win8.1. So games may not utilize 6650m ...AMD never corrected this. So for our laptops, we should use SG fix patcher or Modded Drivers (eg. by modders MahmoudElfar,Vfriend, LeeKM or other modders) for 13.8b2 thru 15.x to have functioning switchable graphics. Make sure they have positive feedback on forums. Also Note AMD 14.4whql drivers were the last to support FIXED MODE manual switching of gfx & you can now use DLL files from newer recent Gfx drivers or older drivers and place them in each game exe folder to enjoy benefits of any driver.
(note: ymmv for Win7 and Win8.1 laptops. A PROPER CLEAN INSTALL is required ; overlap install of drivers doesn't work when installing new modded graphic drivers so do a clean install. All new betas will only overlap install over 13.4whql. If you lose USB 3.0 on 13x drivers then use 13.12whql leekm or later driver & custom install only the usb 3.0 portion and it should fix the usb 3.0 port. Or install latest AMD chipset drivers. (Note: Latest AMD gfx support was dropped on Win 8.0, so latest drivers post 13.x can't be installed on Win8.0.)

Download links below:
Note: NEW DLL Files Archive from all GFX drivers to enjoy the best possible gfx drivers from the past & present simultaneously without doing a full install of each gfx driver. (eg. 12.8,13.1,13.4,13.12,14.4,15.5,15.7.1, etc)>>
This is valuable for us since HD 6000 gfx has been moved to Legacy support, & AMD drivers after 15.7.1 are no longer supported for installing. But inserting latest DLL files from later drivers may still provide a little performance improvement on latest games.(unsure if it will be buggy, but always worth a try.)

Note: Some DX9 games may have texture problems with latest drivers (This can be fixed by using different DLLs from another driver eg.14.4whql). AMD dropped support after 14.4whql for changing between single dgpu and dual graphics "manually"[FIXED MODE]. (So muxed "fixed" graphics capability from our former Bios212 mod no longer works in newer drivers. I currently use 14.4whql to retain this capability, and use newer DLL files for newer games as needed; Also 14.4whql may be the best optimized drivers on HD 6000 series. So I recommend installing 14.4whql if you need Fixed Mode Gfx option, & use any DLL files for fixing "no texture" problems in some games.
Newer drivers are more targeted for premium HD 8500+, R line, & newer series, so the latest drivers may not be quite as stable and smooth on older Gfx...while some may find results too close to tell differences, so YMMV.)

Note: Funky Mike's SG FIX Patcher an alternative method installing SG fix driver, to get SG MENU working on all future drivers>>Original DL LINK []
OR >>
(note: run SG fix patcher in safe mode after installing official drivers)

AMD Catalyst Current Official Drivers (15.8 to 16.2.1)>> may not work for our laptop.

AMD Catalyst 15.5Beta (14.502.1014.1001 May27)/15.4b/15.3b(14.502.1014 Apr 9) [] SG fixed Modded Catalyst Driver by mahmoudelfar (links are found on blogspot); this was final modded driver made. Alternatively, get 15.5 or 15.7.1 Official AMD Drivers + use (SG fix Patcher in safe mode)

AMD Catalyst 14.12 WHQL (14.501.1003.0 November 20) []>>Guru3d+ use SG fix Patcher above.

AMD Catalyst 14.4 WHQL PX SG Fix ( April 17) []--A great modded driver created by mahmoud elfar with the help from Vfriend instructions. FINAL FIXED MODE Drivers (manual selectable gfx) .( Read about them below under Bios mod 212)

AMD Catalyst 13.12 Mobility WHQL SG. Fix by LeeKM( December 18) []--Choose LeeKM's AMD fix driver.
Alternate links if Leekm doesn't work (>>

AMD Catalyst 13.4 ( March 28) Official WHQL [] & Alternate Links>> LINK1 [] ;LINK2 []---I recommend to install these before installing LeeKM's mods, since they were the final official AMD drivers to work on our laptop & it will allow LCD brightness control to work on later LeeKM mods--see note 5 in clean install instructions below.

NOTE: After installing any modded drivers, Some apps will become locked using slower integrated power saving gfx eg. all movie players -vlc, mpc, skype, and FF&IE browsers; also LCD brightness control may be lost. It is recommended to install official AMD 13.4whql prior to Modded drivers to manage locked apps to faster graphics selection. If you don't install 13.4 prior to your preferred driver, Another workaround to locked apps is to rename program executable and reassign it to high performance on "configure sg menu".

PROPER CLEAN INSTALL required on all later drivers after 13.8b2 (eg. Mahmoud Elfar's Modded SG FIX drivers):
Here are my precise steps of a CLEAN INSTALL:
Backup system first by making a system restore point: --Do this in case you want to rollback to your past CCC after trying out new CCC.; Also recommended to disable Antivirus & Firewall.
(so go to Control Panel>system&security>system>system protection tab>CREATE restore point.)

1. Uninstall "AMD catalyst install manager" in control panel uninstall a program or other uninstaller. reboot. (on reboot press F8 to get into safemode)
2. Use Driver Display Uninstaller (DDU) in safemode.
DDU can be dowloaded here>>>Display Driver Uninstaller Download []
4.reboot. (it's not necessary to install any old "Asus" chipset drivers)
5.Install official AMD 13.4whql.reboot. Then in Switchable Gfx Menu, make sure video players (MPC & SKYPE etc),& browsers (FF, IE etc) 
are set to high performance so they won't be locked on powersave in later beta drivers.reboot (but press F8 on restart); Doing this step also allows LCD brightness control to work while using battery in later graphic drivers. 
6.Disable driver signature enforcement (After you had pressed F8 in previous step)
7.FINALLY Install latest working APU SG FIX Beta drivers made by mahmoud elfar "on top" of 13.4 drivers.reboot.
Then it's Ready to use!  (See notes on step 5 about benefits of installing 13.4 before latest drivers.)
8. For Overclocking GPU, you must do registry fix to Disable ULSP.

* Everyone has their own method of clean install but these steps have worked fine for me....this is about a 1/2 hr process.
note AMD 16.2.1 beta,15.11.1,15.9,15.8 - these were the final Legacy drivers which were supposed to install on our HD 6000 gfx cards; However user haymanali2006 mentioned the Legacy 16.2.1 driver didn't install properly on his Win10 [] laptop, so YMMV; Unsure about 15.8 thru 15.11.1, but Just roll back to older 15.x or 14.x series drivers if they are problematic. Support page for the latest supported drivers may be wrong, so note 15.5 or 15.7.1 were probably the final drivers for our laptop: >>
(Also keep in mind that the SGfix has to be done on non-modded drivers to make sure Switchable GFX works but I have NOT tested it on later 15.x drivers, so ymmv.)

note AMD Catalyst 15.4/15.3Beta-Unsure if any differences are noticed on older games; has updated profiles for later games>>

note AMD Catalyst 14.12 WHQL omega - Games seem to perform nearly the same as past drivers; Dual gfx may sometimes have better performance; recent PC games may benefit eg. Watch Dogs, Far Cry4, Aliens Isolation, Batman Arkham Origins, etc.....; Fixed mode is still missing. BF3 crashes more frequently. Ocing Gfx seems to be less stable on some games eg.BatmanAO.
(14.12omega were excellent drivers but lacked Fixed Mode capability, so I went back & installed 14.4whql and use DLL files from other drivers new and old for games that may benefit .)

note AMD Catalyst 14.11.1 & 14.11.2Beta SGfix--maybe very similar to past drivers but more game optimizations eg. FarCry4; I found it a little better overall, but may not really be much difference. Enable dual gfx menu is working like before; Fixed mode is still missing.
note AMD Catalyst 14.9.2Beta SGfix -same as 14.9 but with more game optimizations.
note: AMD Catalyst 14.9 SGfix(by mahmoud)--Enable dual gfx is working again, but single gpu is preferred like always. Better performance than 14.8. Fixed mode is missing; New game optimizations are included eg. Alien Isolation, etc

note: AMD Catalyst 14.4 WHQL SG Fix(by mahmoud)--Tested Desktop version to work great with switchable gfx menu on Win 7 x64. Mobility version was later made available--unsure if it was same,worse, or better. One User of Win 8.1 had problems with CCC functioning; Performs very good and smooth. No bugs, but on custom install I refused installing AMD Evolve gaming app and had warnings. Regardless, it installed fine. Most noteworthy, Fixed (Manual SG) mode last worked on this driver only. My Highest Recommended driver of all past & present.

note: AMD Catalyst 13.12 Mobility WHQL SG. Fix(by LeeKM) --It should perform similar to 13.11b9.4 but Untested by me (I'm still on 13.11b9.4); It may be the last good graphic driver for our laptop as of 2/2014 since newer 14.1Bv1.6 made game performance worse. (Some people with different laptop / gpu configurations found this driver worse than past 13.11 beta drivers.)

note: AMD Catalyst 13.11 Mobility BetaV9.4 SG. Fix(by LeeKM)--it works like previous drivers & tested to work on Win7x64 and Win8x64...performance is very good; Overall games play perfectly for me! (nice improvement over older b6 drivers; & probably similar to b9.2);
My USB 3.0 stopped working, so I used 13.9whql by LeeKM & custom installed only the usb 3.0 portion and it fixed the usb 3.0 port.; The only bug: LCD brightness control was lost and installing 13.4whql did not fix this.

note: AMD 13.11 Beta9.2 Mobility_PowerXpress_Fix(by LeeKM)--(tested & works well on Win7x64 & Win8x64; I never before had to disable "driver signature enforcement" but I decided take note of that from this release. (Press F8 at bootup to select this option); Tested to install properly like previous Fix Drivers. (I heard B7 had problems and skipped B8--so just use these). These drivers coincided with the release of CODghost, and includes more improvements to BF4. ....update later on game performance.

note: AMD 13.9 whql Mobility_PowerXpress_Fix(by LeeKM): APU version was later made, and should have working switchable graphics menu;Stay away from AMD official drivers! I used these during custom install to get back USB 3.0 function on all following Leekm drivers.

AMD 13.4 official WHQL : The last "OFFICIAL AMD driver" with switchable graphics that "installed & functioned 100% properly" on Win 7 without using modded drivers.
--It's been very stable & game performance is on par prior with older drivers eg. 13.3b3.. (13.4 Cap1 profiles are also available, uncertain of improvements.) Overall, Game performance has improved on most of the latest games without breaking the performance of older games.>see my post and others [].

note: SEE ARCHIVE Download Links & Notes BELOW in Section IX for OLDER Drivers: 14.8 and earlier. Or just use the latest drivers and ignore Archive section.

note:When installing new drivers turn off all antivirus and security software (mbam etc) and choose an express install. It is now required to use DDU, drive sweeper or
ATIman uninstaller To insure a proper clean installation.

New Driver updates change the performance of games. Sometimes older games may perform better on older drivers instead of latest drivers, so use specific driver DLL files for those games.
Other site>>

Direct from AMD site (but don't use latest drivers from them for 13.6b2 and above or you will lose switchable gfx menu) []
LATEST PC GAMES /Release Dates [] (usually leads us to update our drivers)

E. Graphic Card Hierarchy /mobile CPU Rankings or Rating Charts:
Graphic Card Hierarchy []
Comparison of Laptop Graphic Cards-Notebookcheck []
Radeon 6650m (6600/6700 series ddr3) documentation []
Graphic Card Passmark List []
CPU (MOBILE) Benchmarks List [] (A6 3400m ranked only #255 now, but anything in top 300 should function very well)

II. Other Discussions/Owner Lounges of K53TA BBR6:

k53ta-best-deal-ever-could []
k53ta-owners-lounge []
Japanese version wiki []

Single Review, online available, Short, Date: 08/04/2011
Video Review-by htwingnut []

Newer Bios 214 & another Bios MOD 214 has been made allowing SSD hard drives to be unlocked at faster speeds eg. SATA3 6gbit >>
(See Download Links in BIOS section Below)

note: Bios MOD 212 below is now UNNECESSARY for openGL fixed mode games/apps ever since AMD radeon drivers 12.7beta (and maybe earlier 12.6, etc). So if you have Bios Mod212 you don't have to use Fixed Switchable graphics.; Note: Bios 212 Fixed mode last worked on 14.4 drivers and stopped working on all later drivers.

BANDING HAS BEEN FIXED! (see below for BIOS 206 and later)

BIOS MOD 212! FIXED MODE Switchable Graphics WORKS! - Select discrete GPU Graphic Processor Manually: OpenGL Games can now be Played using dGPU (6650M) with modded Bios and latest AMD Radeon catalyst drivers (see below for BIOS 212 modded) here>>
(See Download Links in BIOS section Below)

note: [BUG REPORT] this Bios works better with 12.1 and later. On older 11.12 I experience BSOD. But on 12.1 drivers, PC hangs on shutdown during the session you made a switch between modes. On 12.3 drivers there is no hanging on shutdown during the session you made a switch.

Official ASUS Link:
Can be overclocked to give performance similar to SandyBridge Core i5, beating SandyBridge Core-i3 (see below for overclocking instructions).
Latest & Past DEALS & Similar Alternatives: ** Another Good Source>>gaminglaptopjunkys ; TOP Deals Ever 2011-2016(most of the deals)

eBay - Refurb/used Asus K53TA BBR6 [] $150ish to $275ish (only search for 6720g2 or 6650m specs)

AMAZON $500+ - ASUS K53TA-A1 []--usually priced too high
$450 New ASUS K53TA-A1 A6-3400M 1.4GHz, 6G, 500G, Radeon HD 6720G2 Graphics, 15.6" BRAND NEW []--most recent seller--(out of stock)
Newegg Refurb $420 []Deal discussion []---(out of stock)
Tigerdirect $400-500 -(ususally OOS) Refurb Asus K53TA BBR6 []--(out of stock)

Dell Latitude 3540 i5-4200U 4GB 500GB Windows 8 Pro; 2GB Radeon 8850M; 15.6" LED 1920x1080p or 1366x768 Refurbished: [] $500-$550

Acer V7-582PG 15.6" 1920x1080p IPS, Intel i5 4200U + GT 750M Win 8.1 500GB HDD, 8GB ram, USB 3.0 [REFURB] []$630 + FS--Ebay Acer (limited stock)
GT 750 is comparable to Radeon 8850m.; alternative link>>

Acer 15.6" Intel Core i5 4200U (1.60GHz) 6GB Memory 500GB HDD AMD Radeon R7 M265 2 GB 15.6" Windows 8.1 []$550-600 FS--price changes sometimes; m265 is at level of gt640m or 8750m; no dvd drive

Samsung 15.6 Intel Core i7-3630QM 2.4GHz; Iveybridge i7 "Radeon 7730m (at the level of GT 640m) 1366x768 $599.

Lenovo 17.3" Intel i5 3210M(2.5GHZ) + 2GB GT 635M$550 + FS--recent in stock 12/2012 dealEEK!; 15.6" version [] $580 +FS

Acer 15.6" Intel i5 3210M(2.6GHZ) + 2GB GT 730M Win 8 500GB HDD, 4GB ram, USB 3.0 []$600 + FS--oos? $550 w/gt 630m []--oos

eBay HP Pavillion A8 3500M radeon 6750M dual graphics Refurb/used on ebay []$300ish-$550

Acer 15.6" AMD A10 4600M + Radeon 7670m 750GB HDD, 6GB ram [] [or other laptops used refurbs on ebay with 7670m graphics] $300-500 range

Lenovo Outlet Deal (Recent 2-2013)$488>>
Lenovo 15.6" Intel i5 3210M + GT 630M$479.99 AR ('OLD' Labor Day weekend sale only)

Lenovo G780 Intel 3rd gen i5 3210 + GT 630m []$630 17.3" 1600x900 2xUSB 3.0

Acer AMD A8 4500m + Radeon 7670m 15.6" 500GBHDD [] $499-$530 Dec2012-Jan2013 (currently oos)

BHphoto $579 Acer i5 17.3" 6850M []--price went upFrown
Newegg ~$450-550 - Lenovo A6 3420M 6650M []--(discontinued/out of stock)
Tigerdirect [$379 After Coupon in 6/2012; currently $399.97 AR + 5%cashback] - Acer A6 3420M 15.6" HDMI Radeon 7670M 320GB HD [] or SD thread--B&M & OOS online; SD thread2
Tigerdirect $549.97 ($500 for a week) - Acer i5-2450M 17.3" HDMI Radeon 7670M

Has one USB 3.0 port (blue connector) and two USB 2.0 ports. Also HDMI and built-in mic/webcam.
The touchpad is multi-touch (i.e., you can use two-finger scrolling, gestures, pinching to resize pictures, etc.)

For Pictures:
Wallpaper Backgrounds:
It uses a 1 4GB Samsung DDR3 RAM PC3-10600. Just have to get another ram and put it in. 2 slots, 1 empty slot. -runtohell121

204 Pin 4gb ram Gskill, Samsung, Crucial, Kingston, etc can be purchased from Newegg or Ebay.>>
Laptop Speaker Software
Sonic Focus install program can be found in folder
C:\eSupport\eDriver\Software\Audio\Realtek\[Compal]_ALC269_SM_Sabine\Win7_32_Win7_64_6.0.1.6373\ASF3G UI\ASF3SF.exe
Sonic Focus can be used to adjust/finetune speakers and is installed by default

Best Buy Customer Reviews archives []
Just picked up and it's a 6720G2, a x-fire combination of 6650 and integrated GPU...
Quote from phinominal View Post :
Pulled from :
"The AMD Radeon HD 6720G2 is the combination of a integrated AMD Radeon HD 6520G APU processor graphics card and a dedicated entry level AMD Radeon HD 6650M graphics card in CrossFire combination. It is called AMD Dual Graphics or asymmetric CrossFire and uses AFR (Alternate Frame Rendering) to render different frames on the two graphic cores."
Quote from GoldenTiger :
Benchmarks for the 6720G2, unfortunately it only functions under DX10/11 and typically results in little boost even then, while dragging down (beyond single-GPU levels) performance for DX9 titles (it can be disabled to use the discrete GPU only which is faster): (yeah I know it's tom's but it has the numbers).
[Rankings based on 8/2011] -->(2nd parenthesis 1/2013) -->(3rd parenthesis 3/2015)
The Dual Graphics GPU Mode of 6720G2 is ranked at #97 (#147) (#242)
The dedicated GPU 6650M is ranked at #103 (#151) (#250)
The integrated GPU 6520G is ranked at #178 (#265) (#389)
This is compared to the Sandybridge series Intel HD3000 ranked at #206 (#295) (#425), and Intel HD2000 ranked at #248 (#342) (#473); The Latest Intel HD4000 ranks 222.
(The smaller the ranking number, the better)

Notebookcheck's ranking of GPU's:

*****Sample game performance of 50+ games (running on this laptop & others with similar specs eg.7670m &sometimes with slightly better CPU.)
YES, it will play this game, and that game. It will play every game.

Crysis 3 [] vid2 []Bioshock Infinite [] Borderlands 2 [] The Elderly Scrolls SKYRIM [] Mass Effect 3 [] BatmanArkOrigins [] Resident Evil 5 [] Crysis 2 []
Tomb Raider [] vid2 [] AssassinsCreed IV [] BattleField 4 [] NFS Rivals [] CallofDuty Ghosts [] GRID 2 [] PES 2013soccer [] Starcraft II [] SPLIT SECOND []
Diablo 3 (open beta) [] Need For Speed Run [] NFSRun vid2 [] COD 4 [] Minecraft [] Saints row the third(6650m+amdPhenomQC) []
Watch Dogs(i5+6650m) [] MotoGP14 [] Assassins Creed Brotherhood [] SplinterCell Conviction(oc'ed) [] FarCry3(oc'ed) [] SleepingDogs []
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 [] Assassins Creed Revelations [] Left 4 Dead 2 [] World of Warcraft [] StarWarsForceUnleashed2 [] Dirt 3 []
Battlefield 3 [] Battlefield Bad Company 2 [] Diablo 3 Beta [] Deus Ex Human Revolution [] Grand Theft Auto 4 [] GTA 4 vid 2 []; Integrated 6520g Alone is capable too. []
GTA 5 on similar specs laptop []; Battlefield 4 on similar specs laptop [];Warframe []; Thief [];
Star Wars Battlefront 2015 on similar specs laptop [] ; COD Advanced Warfare []
Middle Earth Shadows of Mordar on similar 7670m [] Mordar vid2 on 7670m []; Fallout 4 on similar7670m []; Fallout 4 Vid2 [];
Transformers Devastation on similar specs laptop []; Dragon Age Inquisition on similar7670m [] ; Dirt Rally 7670m [];
Batman ArkhamKnight7670m-not optimized well for PC []; GTA V on 5650m []; RE6 on 5650m []
General 6650m gameplay-eg.COD blackops1&2 []
General 6650m another list of gameplay []

Entering BIOS - Hit F2
6517 3DMarks: -runtohell121


Location of official Bios download>>
6/2012*BIOS MOD 214! has been made allowing SSD hard drives to be unlocked at faster speeds eg. SATA3 6gbit >>
SSD Before and After example comparisons>> (improves by atleast twice the speed)

5/2012*BIOS 214 No difference in gaming performance from prior Bios. Latest Bios tends to be on newly purchased laptops.

3/2012 *BIOS MOD 212! - unlocked manual selection of fixed dGPU >>>
-- FIRST TIME ALLOWING OPENGL APPS & GAMES TO RUN Off the discrete GPU (6650M) similar to INTEL+ ATI switchable gfx gui or INTEL + Nvidia Laptops.
or Direct Download Link []

1/2012 *BIOS 212 has just come out but not much has been noticed different; however changes in new catalyst drivers may become evident in the future with the help of this BIOS version (eg. disappearance of Varibright option in CCC Power/PowerPlay options.) (unknown at this time).

9/2011*BIOS 207 soon followed and is also available, but no changes were noticed except a possible faster idle fan speed or greater fan speed as the CPU is overclocked. So Bios 206 or 207 is fine for banding fix.

8/2011 *BIOS 206 Banding fix is out !!

Download new bios, unzip file, use flashing tool from Start menu

Start > all programs > asus utility > winflash
and load the new k43ta.206 and reboot.

make sure you got the battery plugged in just in case.

V. Overclocking CPU:
Undervolt while overclocking using K10Stats
K10 STAT undervolt/overclocking Example Settings
Guide1: K10 STAT []
Guide2: setting K10 STAT for startup []
Optimization Guide by HTWINGNUT applies to HPdv6 and much of the same relevant information for K53TA dual graphics []

Alternative overclocking cpu programs:Pschk v341 [] extra info on pschk []
Fusion Tweaker []

VI. Overclocking GPU:
GPU Overclocking Instructions (thanks atoneapone):
0) Install Sapphire Trixx and MSI Afterburner.
1) Uncheck "Disable ULSP" in Sapphire Trixx settings.
2) Then edit the registry, [with HTWINGNUT manual registry fix download-for Disabling ULSP]
>>ulps_enable_disable for []
3) Restart COMPUTER
4) Check "Disable ULSP" in Sapphire Trixx settings.
5)Then get MSI Afterburner...but before you launch it edit the MSIafterburner.cfg file in notepad, find the "Unofficial Overclocking EULA" line and copy/paste exactly this:

I confirm that I am aware of unofficial overclocking limitations and fully understand that MSI will not provide me any support on it

6)In the MSI config under "Unofficial Overclocking Mode", there is also a field next to it for a 0 or 1. --to enable overclock, change the value to 1.
7)You only need MSI AFTERBURNER to overclock. Trixx is not necessary to overclock. Under MSI Afterburner program, OC it to 650 and 1000 and save it to a profile and apply. Try overclocking any other speeds (eg. anything lower than this is safest; higher speeds are done at your own risk.) It has also been mentioned by others that Trixx is unnecessary to be installed to setup MSI afterburner overclock in the above steps. But the above method worked for me & since it's such a small program it doesn't hurt.

**Note1: For 12.11 and later 13.xx drivers you need newer oc ati dll files placed in Windows system folders>>ATI dll Latest 13.xx OC driver files [] or ATI dll Latest 13.xx OC files []
**Note2: For 12.1 thru 12.7 drivers you need oc ati dll files placed in Windows system folders and/or MSI folder.>>ATI dll files [] or ATI dll files []
Quote :
instructions for dll files
I. atipdl64.dll - to - \Windows\system32\
atipdlxx.dll - to - \Windows\SysWOW64\
You can also copy both files into MSI Afterburner main folder. It may work too.
MSI Afterburner DOWNLOAD Link [] {also allows monitoring of usage & temps of GPU 1(6650m) and GPU 2&3(6520g)
Saphire TriXX DOWNLOAD Link []
AMD System Monitor Link []
CPUID Monitor Cpu Temps Link []
HWinfo Monitors Cpu&GPU stats Link []--monitors everything
CPU Z Link []--identifies Cpu & memory specs
HP dv6z overclock optimization guide [] --some of the information here can also be applied to K53TA dual graphics laptop!
--If you still cannot overclock after above instuctions due to not being able to disable ULPS, then manually change registry values--->thanks to HTWINGNUT for registry value changes.
--Htwingnut explains by disabling ULPS, more power will be consumed reducing battery life:


VII. Posts regarding issues / subjects (thanks Bothanspy):

#347 asus drivers
ELAN touchpad driver
502 - ram option
833 - banding bios fix
927 bloatware recommendations
937 bios - banding
1007 graphics drivers or this Wiki First Topic!
1011 "" ""
1039 ram
1074 ram cover removal
1094 - ram recommendations
1102 - ram limitations
1187 catalyst driver
1241 - Fresh Win7 install notes
Power Brick 90W 19V 4.74Amp AC ADAPTOR [] <<< Email asus tech support if you don't like the graininess in darker color shades. They might fix it.


VIII. Disassembly guides/Cooling Mods for Asus Laptop (For those who are daring to make cooling modifications or LCD screen replacements;
do at your own risk since it may void your warranty!):

ASUS K53TA DISASSEMBLY - Cleaning & Thermal repasting CPU &GPU []
Cooling Mod pictures in video []
Extra Cooling mod ideas p1 [] p2 []-thanks Link626

Actual K53TA disassemble guide with pictures!! []
How to disassemble Asus K series notebook >> Inside my laptop []
AC/DC Power Jack Repair video []

HINGE Weakness/ Problems related to Opening and Closing Screen- How to Fix: Bottom Part replacement may be necessary and possibly extra hinge parts:
Bottom Case (K53TA) Part number: 13GN7110P020-1
K53BY-1A LCD HINGE L Part number: 13GN5710M010-1
K53BY-1A LCD HINGE R Part number: 13GN5710M020-1


(note: for 14.11, 14.8, 14.7,&14.6 you lose "enable dual graphics" menu option in CCC; driver is always defaulted to single graphics (crossfire disabled), so you cannot choose dual graphics(6720G2) option which sometimes gives better gaming results on optimized games (DeusEx&Crysis3).

AMD Catalyst 14.11.2 BETA (14.301.1013.0 November 17); AMD Catalyst 14.9.2 Beta SG Fix (14.301.1006.0 OCT 10) []>> (download links are found on blogspot)

AMD Catalyst 14.8 WHQL SG Fix (14.201.1008 Aug30) []--performance is better/more stable than all past drivers.
AMD Catalyst 14.7 RC3 SG Fix (14.200.1004.0 Aug11) []
AMD Catalyst 14.6 RC2 SG Fix (14.200.1004.0 July) []
AMD Catalyst 14.6 RC1 SG Fix (14.200.1004.0 June) []
"14.4 dlls" -fix for texture problem in DX9 games in latest drivers>>

AMD Catalyst 14.4 RC1 V10.0 PX Fix ( April 17) []--mod created by Vfriend; has earlier display driver but may be better than past drivers.
Alternate links if above link doesn't work>>Download LINK []

AMD Catalyst 14.9 WHQL SG Fix (14.301.1001.0 Sept15) []--performance is equal or better than 14.8; Enable dual gfx menu is back, but single gpu works better. Also fixed mode capability is still missing.
Backup download links>File is divided into 2 rars

AMD Catalyst 14.4 Mobility SG.PX Fix Drivers ( April) []----Choose AMD download (skip IntelHD); Newer Display driver 14.200 maybe slightly faster than 14.100.

AMD Catalyst 14.1 Mobility BetaV1.6 SG. Fix Drivers (13.350.1005.0 January 31) []----Choose LeeKM's APU SG users

AMD Catalyst 13.11 Mobility BetaV9.4 SG. Fix by LeeKM( November 22) []--Choose LeeKM's AMD fix driver.; Alternate links if Leekm doesn't work>>Download links: (
AMD_Catalyst_13.11_Mobility_BetaV9.4_SG_Fix(APU_MOD).part1.rar []
AMD_Catalyst_13.11_Mobility_BetaV9.4_SG_Fix(APU_MOD).part2.rar []
(My recommended driver for overall game performance, but you may have to fix usb 3.0 using 13.9whql custom install.)

AMD Catalyst™ 13.11 Beta 9.2 Switchable Graphics MOD driver Fix by LeeKM( November 7) []--Choose LeeKM APU fix driver.
AMD Catalyst™ (13.11BetaV8) Switchable Graphics MOD driver Fix by LeeKM( October 29) []--Choose LeeKM APU fix driver.
AMD Catalyst Mobility PowerXpress and Enduro Fix Drivers (13.11b6)Fix by LeeKM( October 24) []--Choose LeeKM APU fix driver.
AMD Catalyst Mobility PowerXpress Drivers(13.11 BETA3)by LeeKM( October 7)- Major bug with using battery.(Causes BSOD when battery is used to operate laptop; it installs fine and works with electrical power brick on Win7x64. (unsure of Win8 --ymmv); Wait for APU FIX version of drivers made by LeeKM; "Fix" versions of drivers are based on official mobility drivers while the present driver is based on Desktop drivers, which is why bugs like this may occur.
AMD Catalyst Mobility PowerXpress and Enduro Fix Drivers (13.11b)Fix by LeeKM( September 26) []--Choose LeeKM APU fix driver; (tested to work on Win7x64 (unsure of Win8--ymmv)
AMD Catalyst AMD Catalyst 13.10 Beta2 PX_Fix by LeeKM( September 20) []--Choose LeeKM APU fix driver; (tested to work on Win7x64 (unsure of Win8--ymmv)
AMD Catalyst AMD Catalyst 13.9 WHQL PX_Fix by LeeKM( August 30) []--Choose LeeKM APU fix driver. Use these to get USB 3.0 function back.
AMD Catalyst AMD Catalyst 13.10 Beta PowerXpress_Fix by LeeKM [] --Choose LeeKM APU fix driver. and has been tested to have working switchable gfx on Win 8x64 systems, (untested on Win7 x64)
AMD Catalyst AMD Catalyst 13.8 BETA 2 PowerXpress_Fix by LeeKM [] --(THIS DRIVER has been tested to work in Win 7/ Win 8 with functional switchable graphics); Choose LeeKM APU fix driver.--Game performance is generally better than 13.4whql.

AMD Catalyst AMD Catalyst 13.8 BETA 2( August 14) [] (Buggy on Win7:switchable graphic settings are lost--leaving 6650m useless.)
AMD Catalyst AMD Catalyst 13.8 BETA ( July 23) [] (Buggy on Win7:switchable graphic settings are lost--leaving 6650m useless.)
AMD Catalyst 13.6 BETA 2( June 4) [] (Buggy on Win7:switchable graphic settings are lost--leaving 6650m useless.)
AMD Catalyst 13.6 BETA ( May 23) [] (Buggy on Win7:switchable graphic settings are lost--leaving 6650m useless.)
AMD Catalyst 13.5 BETA 2 ( April 16) [] (Too Buggy to use-LCD is off on power save)
AMD 13.4 WHQL see above in graphics section(these were the last official AMD drivers to work on our laptop)
AMD Catalyst 13.3 BETA 3 ( March 18) []
AMD Catalyst 13.2 BETA 7 ( February 26) []
AMD Catalyst 13.2 BETA 6 ( February 18) []
AMD Catalyst 13.2 BETA 5 ( February 2) []
AMD Catalyst 13.2 BETA 4 ( January 29) []
AMD Catalyst 13.2 BETA 3 ( January 28) []
AMD Catalyst 13.1 AMD Official WHQL (9.012.0 Dec 19) []
AMD Catalyst 12.11 BETA 11 (9.01.8 Dec 4) [] 12.11 CAP2 details []
AMD Catalyst 12.10 (9.002.0 September 27) AMD Official BETA []
AMD Catalyst 12.9 (9.001 Sept 13) AMD Official BETA []
AMD Catalyst 12.8 (8.982.0 July 27) AMD Official WHQL []
AMD Catalyst 12.7 (8.981.2.0 June 26) AMD Official BETA []
AMD 12.6 WHQL (6-11-2012), AMD 12.4(4-25-2012); and AMD 12.3 (3-28-2012); AMD 12.2 (3-7-2012)
AMD Catalyst 12.6 (8.980.0 June 11) AMD Official WHQL - Forums []
AMD Catalyst 12.4 (8.961.0 April 25) AMD Official WHQL []
AMD Catalyst 12.3 (8.951.0 March 8) AMD Official WHQL - Forums []
AMD Catalyst 12.2 official WHQL []
AMD Support & Drivers []
AMD Catalyst 12.1 (8.930.0 December 5) AMD Official WHQL - Forums [] --AMD mobility 12.1
AMD Catalyst 12.1a (8.930.10 January 2) AMD Official BETA - Forums [] --AMD 12.1a official beta drivers
12.1 CAP PROFILES (scroll to bottom of post) []

note: AMD Catalyst 14.6 thru 14.8 SGfix(by mahmoud)--You lose "enable dual graphics" option in CCC, so use 14.4whql if you prefer to have enabled dual gfx in CCC. But latest drivers are better for newest games eg.Watch Dogs which has better utilization, & maybe others eg. GridAutoSport, Wildstar, Battlefield HardlineBeta, PlantsVsZommbies. Texture problem in some games eg. DX9 and some new games may be an issue. If this occurs then use 14.4 DLLs and place them in game folder (particular games having problems).-see above in Links for 14.4 dlls.

note: AMD Catalyst 14.4 Mobility SG. PX Fix (by LeeKM) --Tested to work with switchable gfx; configure switchable menu works; Untested by me, so not sure if these are better/same as past drivers for game performance. Leekm made these compatible with Win7,Win8,&8.1 laptops! This mod is the only one available with 14.200 display driver.
However, for 14.200 display driver: If you did the Laptop Bios mod 2 years ago which allowed forcing Fixed and Dynamic modes, then you will lose this Switchable Graphic Method menu [], and not be able to force the mode. The menu setting was still available on 14.100 display driver & all past drivers. I never needed to change the modes for the past 2 years, and always kept it on the default Dynamic mode(select graphic processor based on app needs). So not a big loss & If you never did the bios mod then you never had the menu before or after this driver, so no loss for most people.

note: AMD Catalyst 14.4 RC1 V10.0(by Vfriend)--Tested to work great with switchable gfx menu!; compatible with all Win7,8,8.1 ; It has earlier 14.100 display driver but it's a newer release & maybe better than past drivers.
Game performance is tested to be better than 13.12whql; I've tested it to be possibly the best driver (eg.on par with 13.11b9.4 etc), and has proper working USB 3.0 & LCD brightness control function. On a custom install I refused installing AMD Evolve optimizer and had warnings but everything installed ok. Also hydravision is defaulted on so I turned that off in ccc to save on used resources. Very stable so far.

note: AMD 14.2 3-10-2014*****Display driver only without ccc"
AMD Catalyst 14.2 Mobility (Revision 13.351) Switchable Graphics modded Driver >>
The CCC of this driver is not compatible with our laptop, but "display driver"is reported to install ok by itself (via unchecking ccc) & with a previous install of 14.1 beta V1.6 leekm ccc ; I did not list it at top in wiki since it is not a full CCC install.
I also have not tested this new 14.2 display driver with 14.1 v1.6ccc (I stayed with 13.11b9.4).

note: AMD Catalyst 14.1 Mobility BetaV1.6 SG. Fix (by LeeKM) --Tested & Works for Win7x64 laptops but Game performance became worse than past graphic drivers eg. Batman Arkam origins is 5-20 FPS slower than 13.11beta9.4. CCC software info states 13.12 but the AMD Dual graphics Frame Pacing feature (under Gaming/3D Applications) proves the Catalyst is the latest version 14.1. "frame pacing" feature for dual graphics was reported to reduce micro stutter a little, but I didn't see any improvements; this driver had disappointing game performance on Batman while normal tasks felt the same as past driver performance. (so I'm back to 13.11b9.4); article on AMD dual gfx struggles>>

note: AMD 13.11 Beta6 Mobility_PowerXpress_Fix(by LeeKM)--(tested & works well on Win7x64 (unsure of Win8--ymmv); similar bugs as 13.11b1. These are "Fix" drivers which usually install properly. No problems like last beta driver. Games play about the same or slightly better than past beta drivers; these drivers coincided with the release of Batman Arkham Origins.

note: AMD 13.11 BETA3 Mobility_PowerXpress (by LeeKM) Causes BSOD when battery is used to operate laptop; it installs fine and works with electrical power brick on Win7x64. So STAY AWAY from this driver (use previous driver or wait for next update); General all around performance is "maybe" slightly improved & a little smoother than previous beta driver with Similar bugs as previous drivers (eg. switchable gfx is locked for ie and ff browsers and vid players). But 13.11b1 and 13.11b3 are very close....(more feedback welcome)
note: AMD 13.11 Beta Mobility_PowerXpress_Fix(by LeeKM)--Tested and works on Win7x64 like previous drivers! Smilie; (feedback needed for Win8); more optimization for BF4 is done, but I don't notice a large difference in overall game performance from previous drivers, however Batman Arkham asylum has been fixed to now play with anti aliasing "on". Similar bugs as previous drivers (ie some video players and browsers stuck in power save state). >>my notes: Stay away from AMD official drivers!

note: AMD 13.10 Beta2 Mobility_PowerXpress_Fix(by LeeKM)It has been tested to have working switchable graphics on a Win7x64 system! []. One person with Win8 tested & found them not working..more feedback is needed for Win8 users. Same bugs as 13.8b2: movie players and FF & IE browsers are locked to use power save graphics (but Google Chrome works with high performance graphics); Stay away from AMD official drivers!

note: AMD 13.10 Mobility_Beta_PowerXpress_Fix(by LeeKM): FrownAPU version was later made, but testing is needed to see if working switchable graphics menu works like previous LeeKM driver.).a very recent update by LeeKM and now works in Win8x64 systems!! ( The first version didn't have working switchable gfx.Smilie (more feedback is needed for Win7 x64 systems, but I'm guessing it will work........); Stay away from AMD official drivers!


note: AMD 13.8 Mobility_Beta2_PowerXpress_Fix(by LeeKM): Fix brings back switchable graphics menu and high performance can be selected for all games, but movie players and FF & IE browsers are locked to use integrated gfx (but Google Chrome works with high performance graphics!). Laptop LCD brightness control was reported to be stuck in one brightness setting, but I found it to work when changing it in CCC.. Installation may bring up compatibility warning messages about signed AMD driver but it installs fine. Game performance on games like BF3 & Crysis3 is better up to +1 to +5 FPS and games feel a little smoother. This is the first new driver to work on our Win 7x64 laptops since 13.4whql. Idle temps were suspected to get higher around 42C but they later went back to normal 36-39C. (More feedback is needed for any potential bugs or compatibility to other software.); people with other laptop configurations mentioned older games like Rage & RE4 have lower FPS than 13.4whql...but newer games should perform better. Stay away from AMD official drivers!

note: AMD 13.8 "official" beta 2 : switchable graphic settings are lost on Win 7 ...--so use LeeKM's Mobility PX 13.8b2 above. Stay away from these AMD official drivers!
note: AMD 13.6 official beta 2 : switchable graphic settings are lost on Win7....(more feedback is needed...)
generally reported to have slightly more improved game performance FPS on other laptops; LeeKM recently posted a 13.6b2 APU PX fix driver [] which may retain the switchable gfx menu (but untested).
note: AMD 13.6 official beta: Do not use 13.6beta, since switchable graphics are broken for our mobile graphics..."can't set switchable graphic settings for games & they are stuck as *based on power source* resulting in very laggy gameplay. (thanks for testing by SymGunnerz) (More feedback by others is welcome.....)
note: AMD 13.5 official beta 2 : This is the last AMD driver to work with switchable graphics menu. BUG: LCD display gets disabled permanently when in LCD power save mode; so you must reboot to get screen back.(see SymGunnerz post); Other stability issues may exist (guru3D) in 13.5beta2 despite some performance tweaks and gains.


note: AMD 13.3 official beta 3--Many drivers within days of each other-most recent one fixes openGL but the overall driver is aimed at improving FarCry3, Tomb Raider and Sim City 5. But I have no idea if this driver is better or worse than 13.2 betas on all games...I'm guessing that the best driver for general all around game performance has been 13.2 beta 6 based on guru forums, but I could be wrong and YMMV for our specific laptop. ....waiting on more feedback for latest driver.
note: AMD 13.2 official beta 7, 6, 5,3,4-YMMV; Beta6&7 are optimized more for Crysis 3. Beta6 may have better performance than 7 especially with single gpu configuration based on guru forums>>see post here []. Beta 5 is better than prior drivers for new games like Far Cry 3 but older games may vary from driver to driver Betas.>>thanks to SymGunnerz.. 13.2 Betas are slightly better than 13.1. Crysis 3 is supposed to play better with latest Betas. waiting on more feedback ....AMD 13.1 WHQL- some bug fixes like switchable graphics settings not opening in CCC but one report of new bugs like "double icons and no popup when u click ccc icon on system try, app profiles problem, BSODs, catalyst stoped working" [], and HDMI audio bug may arise in betas 5 & 6 if you are connected to an external monitor via HDMI while updating; [] but no one has reported this problem in our Asus laptops. So overall a slight improvement over 12.11beta... waiting on more feedback ....

note: AMD 12.11 Beta11 -- Generally positive feedback eg. maybe smoother gameplay than 12.9beta>> ;Improves performance & smoothness in Far Cry 3 with proper in game settings (eg. GPUBuffer2,PostFxLow)
And few visual issues & no idle clock problems>>
Some people report broken switchable graphics but many have no problems.>>

note: AMD 12.10 -performance has been reported similar to 12.9Beta>> waiting on more feedback ....
note:AMD Catalyst 12.9 Official Beta - CCC may not show up unless older drivers are properly uninstalled first. Some performance improvements with dual gpu was noticed esp Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 on other laptop setups--But uncertain how much improvement on our K53TA. source of info>>
UI has changed a little according to review; they're now calling switchable graphics "enduro technology">>

note:AMD Catalyst 12.8 WHQL --12.8 installs fine. But may give sleep/hibernation problems & potential graphical corruption may be more frequent with this release. Game performance seems same as 12.7beta.>(thanks to feedback on>
note: AMD Catalyst 12.7 (8.981.2.0 June 26) Official BETA ***** Now fixed mode is unnecessary so running openGL apps with high performance and dgpu is now possible! No need to switch manually anymore. also stuck sticky gpu clocks 100/150mhz are no longer an issue. Thanks LINK626!>>
(note: some game benchmarks have been done with 12.7beta and they are good successor drivers to eg. 12.4, 12.2,12.1. Maybe not the very best at every game but most games generally run close to their best possible benchmark. I personally found best benchmarks of BatmanAC on 11.12, but all following drivers were only 3-4FPS slower, so not a big deal. Newer games probably perform better with later drivers 12.4,12.6, 12.7beta.)

note: AMD 12.6 WHQL installed ok but only after some trial & error of clean installing >>
note: AMD mobility 12.6 BETA---(Noted to mess up one person's system. Drive sweeper and reinstalling 12.4 helped them. Unless anyone else has different results, maybe it's best to stick with 12.4 or older driver.)

note: AMD Mobility 12.4 driver [] may have the best performance in games when set in DYNAMIC mode (in BIOS MOD 212) or not using BIOS MOD 212 at all.
But if using BIOS MOD 212 with Fixed mode (manual selection of dgpu), then Performance in this driver will be broken. The dgpu (6650m) can't detect a game that is running, so it won't ramp up the clock. It's stuck in 100/150mhz. And system may go to a crawl and lag like a slow computer. Thanks to userLink626 for testing this out []!
WORKAROUND 1>>Mixing graphic driver from 12.2 with ccc from 12.4 drivers (thanks Link626!) []
Workaround 2 >>maybe not all issues are squared away but performance may be best on games>>Mixing graphic driver from12.4 with ccc from 12.2 (thanks SymGunnerz)

note:12.4 drivers "another new bug has been found": the vision control center that comes with it causes bsod or garbled screen freeze if you OC the cpu, and then lose electricity, then get electricity back. Also freezes if you OC, and in battery mode, when you change power option to High performance. A possible workaround: run CCC as admin once, and turn on all the power control stuff inside CCC. Seems to solve the freeze/bsod. Big Thanks to Link626 for finding this out recently! 5/22

note: AMD 12.3 is Buggy if OCing CPU. PC Hangs on Shutdown when K10stat or fusion tweaker is used and turbo boost (B0) is on.
This may be a bug in later AMD drivers. This occurs regardless of using new Bios Mod for selecting Fixed dgpu mode or not.
WORKAROUND = Turn Off Turbo Boost (B0) in K10stat when powering off PC or don't use K10stat at all for OCing CPU

Discovered by LINK626, thanks!>>>

note: AMD 12.3 gpu BUG - you may experience a stuck high idle speed of dGPU (6650M GPU clock) and have higher temperatures. (Uncertain of a fix? hopefully later drivers will address this issue.); So just revert back to 12.2 or 12.1 drivers to avoid the clock speed problems.

note: Loss of functionality like Overclocking of GPU with MSI Afterburner or TRIXX occurs in AMD 12.2 & later drivers. But function can be returned in AMD 12.2 and later drivers if you replace the missing atipdlxx.dll file.Smilie here:>> or here:>>

note:Starting from AMD 12.2 &12.3: DO NOT enable AMD Overdrive or use Power4Gear or else cpu speeds will be locked at lower speeds regardless of choosing High Performance and it will result in poor game performance! >>

note:From 12.2 drivers onward, Skyrim was noted to have pixelation artifact problem when AA was set on...wait for fix in later drivers. In 12.4 drivers, Skyrim artifact problems may have been fixed.

note:AMD 12.1 gpu BUG (if using NEW BIOS MOD 212): PC will hang on shutdown once during the session you change to manual selection of dgpu or selecting dynamically (based on application needs). It will not hang on shutdown after successive bootups unless change is made again. If shutdown hangs, hold power button down for 2+ seconds to force illegal shutdown.

note:AMD 11.12 drivers have been noted to be very good, but better performance in newer games may be seen in later drivers. (I liked 12.1 & 11.12 more than 12.2; When using NEW BIOS MOD 212, the 12.xx series was more stable than 11.12 (no BSODs). (12.1 & 12.3 seem the best as of 4-1-2012.)

note: 11.8 Drivers In August 2011, they were among the best performance drivers, but presently in Jan/Feb 2012, the 11.12 Drivers have provided the best performance--see at top!

ATI Catalyst 11.8 FINAL drivers can be found here: Downloading from AMD will not update drivers for some reason!
ATI Catalyst 11.8 PREVIEW drivers found here:

note: ATI Catalyst Application Profiles deliver support for Crossfire in many games and can be found here:"]CAP PROFILES for latest AMD drivers [] (you need to match proper CAP profiles with GPU driver version)

note:After installing new drivers, there may be a Black Screen Hang when restarting. You must manually force shutdown and reboot again. Graphic drivers should still be installed ok.--this was experienced in the past by people but not recently.

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Quote from Zarni View Post :
Thank you!

Downloaded and installed the 214 sata/ fixed gpu version. Went smooth and the laptop is working fine.
Great Job! Really glad my 214 Sata fixed gpu Bios worked well! Flashing Bios can be a little scary, so glad it all worked out! (Lets make note it was a success on our K53TABBR6 laptops)
And this is exactly why I updated this thread so we can all benefit from Info like this years later. Cool I may upgrade to an SSD one day, but not really needing it right now.
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Last edited by atoneapone September 24, 2015 at 08:33 AM.
Anyone try installing Windows 10 on this guy? Does it ruin everything or it's not too bad?

Also, can this smoothly play 1080p60 youtube videos? When I try that they are choppy. 1080p30 ones are OK, if I remember correctly. 720p60 is very smooth. 1080p60 is when it's plugged into a TV. There are all kinds of gaming videos at 1080p60. Here's a recent example to test:

Thank in advance for any feedback fellow K53 owners can share!
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Quote from bootymonger View Post :
Anyone try installing Windows 10 on this guy? Does it ruin everything or it's not too bad?

Also, can this smoothly play 1080p60 youtube videos? When I try that they are choppy. 1080p30 ones are OK, if I remember correctly. 720p60 is very smooth. 1080p60 is when it's plugged into a TV. There are all kinds of gaming videos at 1080p60. Here's a recent example to test:

Thank in advance for any feedback fellow K53 owners can share!
I recently tried win10 with all the new crimson drivers on mine,everything seemed fine except I lost 10+fps in the main game I play. I did the revert back to previous OS option and it was just like it was before the move to win10.
If it wasn't for that game, I would have left it with Win10.

The Youtube thing is trickier, it may depend on the browser and if your using HTML5 or Flash playback.
Overall,I have had more issues with Flash on lower powered machines than HTML5
For more info check out ->
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Last edited by Zarni December 5, 2015 at 07:02 PM.
Quote from Zarni View Post :
I recently tried win10 with all the new crimson drivers on mine,everything seemed fine except I lost 10+fps in the main game I play. I did the revert back to previous OS option and it was just like it was before the move to win10.
If it wasn't for that game, I would have left it with Win10.

The Youtube thing is trickier, it may depend on the browser and if your using HTML5 or Flash playback.
Overall,I have had more issues with Flash on lower powered machines than HTML5
For more info check out ->
Thanks for the feedback. I tried different settings for 1080p60 always using Chrome and HTML5. I'm just trying to see if it's some software setting that I'm not doing correctly (I thought I had Chrome set to use the discrete graphics) or if it's just a hardware limitation that happens to everyone.

I was hoping some other owners could confirm or deny smooth 1080p60 playback. You don't even have to plug in a separate TV. You can just play a youtube video (many newer gaming ones like the one I linked are at 60 FPS, LevelCap, FrankieonPC, JackFrags, matimi0, etc.) and then in settings select 1080p60 even when playing on the laptop's 720p screen. For me, it's very laggy and jerky with smooth playback only lasting a few seconds before another stutter. It's not a bandwidth issue.

Anyway, if you have a minute, please try setting a youtube video to play at 1080p60 and tell me if it's choppy. Thanks!
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Just Letting everyone know our GFX card has been moved to Legacy support. I updated Info on first page. (AMD is dropping support for 2016 drivers.)

Latest Gfx drivers for HD 6000, HD 7600 & below, HD 8400 & below have been moved to Legacy support. So newer drivers can no longer be installed on these older GFX.
The DLL file method at Guru3d [] may become the only way to continue enjoying benefits from later AMD GFX drivers. So it's been a nice long ride regarding installing latest drivers. (But hopefully newer DLL files will continue working 'with a little benefit'.).

A Final AMD GFX Driver was released AMD 16.2.1 (AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition)>> (but didn't work Frown)

Note: Remember SG menu will not work on latest drivers unless Funky Mike's SG fix patcher is used in safe mode after installing AMD drivers.(but untested by me on this latest 16.x drivers. (Note: On 3/2016 AMD surprised us with another updated Crimson Beta 16.2.1--it was first 15.7whql, and then 15.11.1, but now 16.2.1 is the final beta, though 16.x didn't work. )

--Update: None of the 16.x worked right on our laptop, so the last modded driver 15.5 or earlier drivers were really our final choices. I didn't see a reason to have the latest so just stayed on modded 14.4whql. (maybe 15.7.1 could work, but unsure & untested by me. In the end modded 14.4whql [] was my favorite preferred driver for overall smooth laptop function.)
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Last edited by atoneapone October 6, 2016 at 07:04 AM. Reason: 16.2.1 March 2016 updated beta legacy driver
Quote from bootymonger View Post :
For me, it's very laggy and jerky with smooth playback only lasting a few seconds before another stutter. It's not a bandwidth issue.

Anyway, if you have a minute, please try setting a youtube video to play at 1080p60 and tell me if it's choppy. Thanks!
Ok, I checked video clip & it's playing smooth on my Google Chrome browser connected to an external 1080p monitor,in 1080p60FPS (entertaining clip by the way Smilie ). Initially there was some pauses or lags, but smooth after first 5 seconds. However it does cause my mouse pointer to lag every 10 seconds, and PC becomes sluggish due to more resources struggling to play it smooth. But I tried Firefox and things were very laggy like what you were experiencing (I even tried placing latest ATI DLL files in Mozilla folder).

I preconfigured Chrome to be a high performance app on switchable gfx menu by installing AMD 13.4 first and setting the Chrome app, then overlap install of 14.4. (normally on later AMD drivers Chrome is locked to being a powersaving app). I also used K10Stat CPU overclocked to profile1 2.0ghz and profile2 2.3ghz, so the higher one performed slightly better at the expense of stability eg.freezing mouse pointer.
But the fans on my laptop revved up louder and temps go up to 65C. Performance is improved with more CPU overclock of K10stat at the expense of more heat & stability. I rarely play 1080p youtube vids due to the struggling unstable PC and more internet bandwidth being used. So 1080p youtube vids surprisingly tax our laptop as much as demanding PC games.

In comparison, a desktop with Intel core2duo & low to mid graphics card performs about the same but a little more stable.
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Last edited by atoneapone January 14, 2016 at 08:58 PM.
Has anyone had a sound issue where a muted application will take control of all the sound, not allowing sound from other applications to work until it is closed? (win7)
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Quote from LordDrol View Post :
Has anyone had a sound issue where a muted application will take control of all the sound, not allowing sound from other applications to work until it is closed? (win7)
I've rarely needed to run multiple apps and mute some while listening to others. (Each app/AV player would have to have it's own audio level control to do that).

No idea really, but google is your friend and found this answer. not sure if the answer is helpful to you.
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Last edited by atoneapone March 29, 2016 at 07:32 AM.
Welp, after 5 years of exemplary service, I fried the dGPU.
Having the 6600/6700 display drivers active results in a multitude of slowdowns and BSODs.
Is there a way to force it to run on the integrated graphics and ONLY that, without trying to access the dGPU? There were instructions for getting just the dGPU to run, but I want the exact opposite. I can't really access the CCC, so I was hoping I could do it in the BIOS.

I'll recount the symptoms and what I've tried below.
I was in the middle of a game when the computer froze. It was completely unresponsive so I held down the power button to force a shutdown. Upon the restart, I got a BSOD before reaching the logon page. It restarted again and I managed to logon but everything was moving sluggishly. The mouse did not move immediately, and it took minutes for clicks to register and applications to open and close. Half of the time I'd get a BSOD before even reaching the logon screen. I did a number of virus/malware scans, memtest and chkdsks. I was able to boot into safe mode, and there I realized if I uninstall/disable the 6600/6700 drivers in Device Manager -> Display Adapters, the next time I booted it up normally, I didn't have the slowdowns. At first I thought it might be a driver issue so I tried using DDU to uninstall and reinstall different versions of the drivers to no avail. I went so far as to take the laptop apart to inspect for any physical damage. No noticeable damage, so I cleaned out the dust and replaced the thermal paste on the heatsink and put it back together. By the way, do you know where those really short flat screws go? So eventually someone suggested, as I suspected, that the graphics card is dead. I've attached an Hwinfo.

Oh, and with the 6650 driver disabled, I'm only getting 4:3 stretched resolutions. I'm hoping this will be fixed with going to the 6520 GPU only.

EDIT: I'm starting to doubt my earlier assumption its a failed card. Though I'm still sure it's related. I just can't think of anything else I can try regarding the drivers. If only I could do a clean install without losing my data. I don't have an extra HDD to move things to in the meantime.
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Hi I bought this new for my son in 2011 for school now 5 yrs later when watching movies it blue screens and also he says it is very slow . I want to pull off all his music ,pics docs and factory restore it . does any one know which is the best bios and video driver ? also any other updated drivers i.e. chipset
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