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Kindle Fire $123 at target B&M *not advertised*

Bang4mybucks 93 546 November 25, 2011 at 08:46 AM in Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV) (5)

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Last Edited by Bang4mybucks November 28, 2011 at 08:45 PM
Might just be this store so YMMV.

My sister just pick up two, one for me and one for her. Go get it now while you can.

Here is PROOF!!!

By the way I'm a dude and my wife thinks the negative comments are hilarious bouncebouncebounce. Don't worry I said the same thing to my sister and demand proof myself because this deal makes no sense whatsoever. Now lets see some green Smilie

Got it from Target in Trumbull CT.


The target store I originally got this deal just decided to substitute the Kindle Fire for the Kindle Keyboard 3G by 38% off the retail price because they did not received enough Kindle Keyboard 3G to meet their minimum units that they advertised ($139 mark down to $85 equal 38% off). The sale was for a limited time and while supplies last. They sold out Friday evening and it is back to regular price now. I hope this cleared up all these crazy theories I'm reading in this thread.

Picked up another one later today for my friend and use the target card for 5% off Smilie

Took a better picture of the sale sign too for you guys to pricematch...good luck everyone.

I need your help! If any of you guys run across any news outlet discussing this deal, please PM or reply to my message with a link. My wife would like to make a scrapbook about this whole fiasco shake head .
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Last Edited by cooleai December 4, 2011 at 06:57 PM
Quick background for those NEW to the thread.
ONE Target store (in CT) posted a sign with Kindle Fire for 123.38 on BF.
This was apparently due to not having stock of the Kindle 3G keyboard that was advertised.

The OP purchased one and brought the pix of the sign (with stack of Fires) and receipt here.
Others (including ThinBoy) then tired PM at WalMart and other retailers.

Here are the results - MOST have experienced FAIL but there are some sure winners in here too!
Most Targets not matching at all - several stores of any kind (Target, WM, OD, OM, etc) are out of stock also.

Go for it and GOOD LUCK!
12/03/2011 Price match at Walmart (Tampa/Brandon, FL 11110 Causeway Blvd.)
12/02/2011 price match at walmart (Manchester,IA)
12/01/2011 Price Match (2) at WalMart (Tampa, Fl Dale Mabry and Waters)
12/01/2011 Price match at Walmart (Canton, MI) (used prev day canton receipt) x2.
11/30/2011 Price match at Walmart (Canton, MI)
11/29/2011 Price match at Walmart (Palmdale, CA)
11/29/2011 Price match at Walmart El Paso, TX west side location. Receipt below. Limit 1
11/29/2011 Price match from Staples (Folsom, CA) on page 236 (#3526)
11/29/2011 Price match at Walmart (Gladstone, MO) Post #3656
11/29/2011 Price match at Walmart (Bellevue, NE)
11/28/2011 Price Match at Walmart (Clermont, Florida)
11/28/2011 Got one at Staples in Delray Beach, FL
11/28/2011 1 User posted Walmart receipt on page 198. 2 users posted their receipts from walmart and staples on page 211, Another Walmart Receipt on page 215
(posts 3165 and 3167 if you use a different post/page count - i.e. it is page 80 on my thread since my posts/page is set at 40)
anybody serious about this site should have their posts/page set at the max - makes reading the site soooo much easier!
Another user just had success from Walmart in Tampa, FL and posted receipt (post #3253).

11/27/2011 - Someone got it on the 27!! The Kindle Fire Continues!!
Receipts that is dated for 11/27/2011

POST RECEIPTS FOR THE 26th SO OTHERS CAN USE!!! (City/Store/Receipt/Date)


1900 posts and very little reps for the OP and Thinboy.. Reps show appreciation. Not that hard to say thanks.

Quote from Thinboy :
Anyone comfortable with modifying their Fire's software should go here-

They're working on developing custom firmwares for the Fire that will turn it into more of a full-function tablet... they already seem to have Google Android Market working.

To avoid repetition in the thread, here's a guide on how to PM at WalMart. Main tip - asking endless questions won't do a thing. Trying will.
1. Print out a picture of the stack of Kindle Fires at Target with the sign showing $123.38 price.
2. Print out a copy of the Target receipt and a copy of a WalMart receipt. (I used one from a different state - if there's one from your state, use it.)
3. Ask for 1 (or 2, 3, 4...) Kindle Fire, and when they take it to the counter, say, "I'd like to price-match this to Target. You do that, right?"
4. FIRST - show them the picture of the stack of Kindle Fires. That worked for me. I printed the picture out, which made it a bit more legit than showing it on a phone.
5. Then show them a copy of a WalMart receipt of someone else who price matched it.
6. Hopefully you'll get the price-match and walk away a happy camper.
7. If you want to try a PM at another WalMart, use the receipt you just got for the next PM.

Try PMing to Walmart. I did!

11/28 Failed PM at Staples (NY, NY): DO NOT USE RECEIPT FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONA STORE TO PRICE MATCH!!! Tried to PM at Staples in NY, NY. Store manager was all ready to PM for me, then he called the Phoenix store to verify that transaction actually happened. He returned with an email from "Kelly" at the Phoenix store. I'm assuming that many other stores have called the Phoenix store, since she explained that after all the inquiries she "Googled 'kindle fire $123' which led to a forum called where people explained how to scam stores with a photoshopped Target ad." Most of the details of the email were wrong, but the bottom line is that Staples will not PM if they get wind of this email.

11/27 SUCCESS at Walmart in Lincoln, NE. No questions asked just showed picture of target sign

11/27 SUCCESS AT Walmart in BOSSIER CITY, LA. I just showed the photos of the original Target receipt posted above and a copy of the Target display, showing $124. Then I returned the BF Kindle to get my $79 back... - Airman

11/26 SUCCESS AT Staples and Best Buy
I pmed at Walmart in Carlisle, PA, then went next door to Staples...they looked at receipt, called Walmart to verify stock and no problem. I repeated this procedure at Best Buy Mechanicsburg PA, they called Staples to verify. No problems there. Unsuccessful later on at another Best Buy in Harrisburg, PA. I'm about two hours from getting home but as soon as I do I'll post my receipts from all 3 stores.

Successfully bought one at the Murphy Canyon Road Wal-Mart in San Diego at 0020 PST. Posted a copy of my receipt just in case it helps on page 49

Thanks OP! Just ran to walmart and they easily price matched the Kindle Fire to $123! The electronics worker couldn't price match it, so she called over a manager who happily did it. I bought 3 of them.

11/26 at 3:23AM CST, Oshkosh, WI Wal-Mart PMed. Copy of the receipt on page 49 also with the date and the time - JanelStarr
11/26 at 12:11pm Tampa, FL, Walmart on Gunn Rd. Manager said no, they were somewhat rude. Others had been there before as well.
11/26 at 11:30AM West Hills, CA - It wasn't easy but it worked for me. They called the Target in the same shopping center who quoted it at $199. I had the picture printout of the price as well as several printouts of receipts on here. Those dates were for 11/25 though. The customer service manager denied me but I asked for the store manager. I showed her everything I had then came back on here with my phone and showed her the receipt from the store in San Diego with TODAY's date on it. That won her over. It took me over 30 minutes and a lot of convincing and charm but I got it to work. Thanks OP!
11/26 at 11:26 Wal Mart EAST Moreno Valley,CA Was easy they had already called Target so no problem..... picture on page 51 (stinkysmom)
11/26 at 4:30 pm Office Depot, 211 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa Florida. They accepted the picture of the receipt from their own store from today that I took them. They only would give me one, and I don't know if they will pricematch someone else. Receipt Uploaded
11/26 at 4:40 pm Walmart on 1505 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, Florida They accepted the actual receipt from Office Depot that I took them, so I got the 2nd Kindle Fire from them. Receipt Uploaded
11/26 at 7:00 pm sucess in Cincinnati 1143 Smiley Ave Cincinnati, OH 45240. PM MommieMara if you need a scan of the receipt. Low cut shirt cute girl w/boobs helps lol
11/26 at 17:26:43 sucess @ 1250 Sw Erie St, Oak Harbor, WA if you need a scan pm me and I can get it Bought the last one
11/26 at 18:20:28 success @ WM 12220 FM 423 Frisco, TX 75034 receipt posted in wiki and here
11/26 at 19:00 success @ WM Coit and Spring Creek Plano, TX

11/27 at 2330 success @ WM #2427 Forest Ln, Dallas, TX

Here is a receipt for Central CA:

I was also able to PM at Walmart
First time I've ever got a b&m deal. Went to Walmart in chandler, az on almaschool and Warner. Pulled out the pic of the price, showed the target receipt and the Walmart pm receipt in the wiki and got 2 kindle fires for 123.38!!

Goodyear, AZAnother Arizona success! Showed lady in electronics the picture from target and the picture of the receipt from arizona and after a manager was called, they did it, only one though. This was at the goodyear, az store.

Add me to the list of successful WalMart PMs
Orlando, FL Took the picture of the stack of Kindle Fires at Target with price listed and the nice scanned image of the WalMart PM receipt, they didn't even really look at the WalMart receipt.

Waynesboro, VA Walmart price matched no questions asked! only had to show picture of sign showing price....plenty in stock behind the counter as of 11:30 pm

Louisa, KY Walmart price matched no questions asked! Showed picture of sign showing price. Five more in stock in the locked electronics case as of 11:45 pm

Wilson, NC Walmart price matched, had to get a manager, but let me buy as many as I wanted. I left five for you guys. Go get 'em! 11/26 9:23am

Mooresville, NC Walmart price matched, had to get a manager. They weren't convinced with the target ad, but sold to me with a receipt from another walmart dated 11/26 -- Purchased on 11/26 @ 8:56am

Aurora, CO Price matched off of Target receipt, electronics clerk got a manager and PM'd with no questions - 11/25 @ 8:30pm

Portland, OR Eastport & Clackamas Wal-Marts are OUT OF STOCK. PM was successful though.

Everett, WA & Lynnwood, WA Walmart both OOS - 12/1 @ 1 p.m.



Stack of Kindle Fires with the price listed mics_VigLink&LNM=Primary

Central NJ - Pricematched!

Success at Branchburg, NJ Walmart 11/27 (receipt posted around page 177)

South Sioux City, NE - OUT OF STOCK NOW TRY SIOUX CITY - [] Pricematched no problem.

I'm standing in a Target in Indiana and they scanned it from a mobile scanner and rung it up on the register, both showed $199.....
Just price checked in Minnesota, still $199
Same at NJ and Baltimore
just got back from target in so.fla... price is $199
Just checked here in AZ and it scanned at 199.99
Evansville IN both scanned 199 (me), as well as Clarksville, TN, Paducah, KY and Owensboro, KY (have friends/family out black friday shopping)
New York 20th ave store scanned at 199
San Diego Ca (Balboa Store) checked and is ringing up 199.99
San Jose, CA Walmart - wouldn't pricematch
Union City, CA Walmart no go, manager wanted Ad, 199.99
199 at Columbus OH - Easton and Polaris
Checked Target in Plantation FL: 199$
chula vista, ca target shows $199 as well
Checked Brandon FL, still $199.
Rochester Hills MI 199
Multiple stores in Richmond, VA 199.99
Moline, IL $199
Clifton Park, NY $199 (as of 3:22 PM 11/25/11)
Fredericksburg, VA Southpoint $199
Northgate (Seattle WA) $199, wouldn't pricematch
Raleigh, NC - briar creek both walmart and target refused to PM
Successfully price matched in Northern VA Walmart
Price match in Las Vegas, NV - N. Decatur Walmart - showed receipt photo and price from Target photo stack. Will post pic shortly.
Price match in Walmart Supercenter 800 E Southern Ave, Tempe, AZ
Price match in Walmart @ Waterworks Mall, Pittsburgh, PA. See my post #891 for details before you go! Receipt uploaded, with pink sticky note.
Price Match in WalMart@ Tampa, Fl Dale Mabry and 275 on 11/25
Price Match in Office Depot Tampa, North B Street off Dale Mabry 11/26
Price Match in Walmart @ Rosemead, CA on 11/26 - receipt attached
Price Matched in Walmart @ Dearborn, MI on 11/26 - receipt attached. (Make sure you bring in the receipt from 11/26!! One of the employee tried to tell me that it's a black Friday deal from Target since the receipt I brought it was from 11/25.)
Price Match in Clearwater, FL (US 19), also read comment above this.
Price Match in Best Buy @ Niles, IL
Price Match - Staples - Chantilly, VA
Price Match-Walmart@1800 University Dr. Vista, CA 11/27
Price Match-Walmart@3405 Marron Dr. Oceanside, CA 11/27
Price Match-Walmart Friendswood TX
Price Match-Walmart Sugar Land TX
Fail - Target @ Stamford, CT 11/27 - They knew about it, but will only PM with original sales ad.
Fail - Walmart @ Crenshaw in Los Angeles, CA 11/27
Fail - Rosemead, CA 11/27
Fail - Duarte, CA 11/27
Fail - Pico Rivera, CA 11/27
Fail - Walmart @ Milpitas, CA
Fail- Walmart@ San Marcos, CA
Fail - Walmart @ Fremont, CA
Fail - Staples @ Fremont, CA (Automall Parkway)
Fail - Walmart @ Mountain View, CA
Fail - Walmart @ Alpharetta, GA
Fail - Walmart @ East Durham, NC - 2 tries no luck
Fail - Walmart @ New Hope Commons Durham, NC
Fail - BestBuy @ New Hope Commons Durham, NC
Fail - Walmart @ CO Springs, CO
Fail - OfficeMax @ New Hope Commons Durham, NC (almost worked here, until the manager realized at the last minute that they don't "price match during friday and saturday sales"
Price Matched in Walmart @ New Hudson, MI on 11/26 - Only showed them a local Walmart receipt from today (Ypsilanti Walmart receipt from post 959 $122.38).
Office Depot Manager just told me a corporate email was sent out (late afternoon of 10/26) warning about "slickdeal" site and told stores not to discount Kindle Fire.
Fail - Walmart, Doral, FL
Fail - Office Depot Doral, FL
Fail - Staples Miami Coral Way, FL
Fail - Walmart Largo, FL - Missouri Ave
Fail - Walmart Pinellas Park FL - US 19
Fail - Staples Miami 67th ave
Fail - Target and Walmart, Metairie, LA
Fail - Best Buy in Leesburg, VA
Fail - Best Buy in Sterling/Dulles, VA
Fail - Walmart, Sterling/Dulles, VA
Fail - Staples - Herndon, VA (Assistant Manager)
Fail - Staples - Reston, VA
Fail - Office Depot - Chantilly, VA (Store Manager)
Fail - Target - Chantilly, VA (OOS)
Fail - Walmart - Manassas, VA (Manassas Mall)
Fail - Staples - Sterling, VA (Southbank St.) (Store Manager)
Fail - Walmart in Anaheim, CA. According to a Walmart employee "this whole thing is fake, including the website [slickdeals] that tells people about the deals"
Fail - Walmart, Burke, VA (due to OOS)
Fail - Walmart, Alexandria Richmond Hwy, VA (will not price match other Walmarts)
Fail - Walmart, Leesburg, VA (due to OOS)
Fail - Staples in Leesburg, VA (dues to OOS)
Fail - Walmart in Columbia, MD (won't price match)
Fail - Walmart in Ellicott City, MD(won't price match)
Fail- Walmart in Fort Gratiot, MI Need local competitor's receipt
Fail- Walmart in Laurel, MD (won't price match anymore)
Fail- Staples in Germantown, MD (won't price match)
Successfully pricematched at Walmart, New Castle, Delaware on Route # 40. Look at post #1702 for receipt
Success! - Walmart in Hillsborough, NC - OOS now
Fail - Walmart in Ft. Wayne, IN - must provide national sales ad from newspaper to match.
Fail - Walmart in Brea CA 11/27 - Argued with manager and didn't work.
Fail - Walmart in Woodbury, MN - only with local ad
Fail - Walmart in Vadnais Heights, MN - out of stock
Success! - Office Depot in Ft. Wayne, IN - very nice managers. Lima Rd. Store OOS, Jefferson Point had 1 or 2.
Fail - Walmart in DeKalb, IL - talked to manager, said I need an actual ad.
Fail - Walmart, Staples, and BestBuy in Greensboro, NC - Managers want an actual ad. Walmart manager said they only pricematch local electronic stores.
Fail - Walmart in Torrance, CA - talked to manager, said I need an actual ad of competitor, not accepting walmart/target receipts
Fail - Walmart in Panorama City, CA - need actual printed ad to price-match
Fail - Walmart @ Porter Ranch, CA - They figured out that the actual Target store that had this was in Pennsylvania, so the answer was definitely a No. Manager was Rey approximately 12pm 11/29.
Success! - Walmart on SR 46 in Terre Haute IN Not a local competitor but still PM
Sucess - Walmart in Crestwood, IL they price matched picture of Target would not price match receipts ( I even went back with my receipt to get more and wouldnt match without the picture of Target price) got 2 first trip and 3 second trip -
Sucess - Walmart Countryside, IL - brought in pic of Target matched this but said only this one time - also said they would not match any other Walmart receipt - must have ad
Fail - Best Buy Crestwood - need actual ad won't price match receipts
Fail - Sioux Falls, SD and Pierre, SD
Fail - Walmart in Federal Way, WA - need actual printed ad to price-match
OOS - Walmart in Renton, WA
Success - Sat Walmart in Oak Harbor, WA
Fail - Sat Walmart in Loveland, CO (South Store) (need ad)
Fail - Sat Target in Loveland, CO (won't match other Target's since each is its own market)
Fail - Staples in Loveland, CO (needed ad)
Fail - Walmart in Longmont, CO (needed ad)
Success - Sat Walmart in Loveland (North Store) had receipt of someone's success at exact same store with photo
Fail - Walmart - Roseville CA 28Nov11 - Blatantly lied to by CS Mgr about ad policy and price match policy, then asked to leave the store.
Fail - Walmart - Antelope CA 28Nov11 - No manager in the store would say yes OR no; told me to wait 2 hours for Electronics Mgr to decide (this was at 545am).
Fail - Walmart - Garden City, NY 27Nov11 - manager was a snob; did not even want to talk
Fail - Staples - NYC 34th Street between Madison & Fifth, 28Nov11 - Need physical ad to price match
Fail- Staples- Campbell, CA- Needed to confirm price and availability with local store
Fail - Staples - Blue Springs, MO - Need physical ad to price match
Fail - Target - Blue Springs, MO
Fail - Walmart - Blue Springs, MO - Need physical ad to price match
Fail - Walmart - Lee's Summit, MO- Just plain wouldn't do it.
Fail - Walmart Marietta, GA (210 Cobb Parkway) need physical ad since the same store receipt was from BF weekend.
Fail - Walmart, St. Louis, MO (Telegraph, Kirkwood) - 11/27

Check out this news article (SD pics included in it haha

Amazon Kindle Fire gets quiet $123 sale price

Quote from somerandomname View Post :
i am not sure how to use the wiki but i saved some of the receipts of people i might be able to upload them, i have never done so before on this site...


UPDATE: I am uploading the pictures from the wiki which I saved from last night, I only saved a few, hope they help. However, if they are photshopped I advise you u to think twice...

All the best!

Update 2: Uploaded to:


Receipt Post Indexes:

Madmex Part I =
Madmex Part II =

Guide to rooting, and installing Android Market on your Kindle Fire:
Added Loveland Attachments

SUCCESS: Wal Mart Burleson, TX

I went to walmart NJ today and asked to do price match with NJ receipt and manager was really rude and told me that all the receipts are fake and he even took my name.
He refused to do price match.


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proof please?
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Probably a nook color or something lol..
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lol yeah right
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proof pls
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Yeah that seems way too low...
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Highly doubt it. I doubt they would discount it like that considering the markup is so low already. I bought 6 the other day from BB though for gifts. Good product so if you can get one go for it.
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I said the same thing to my sister but it is the FIRE and I'll post the pic and receipt in a sec. You guys better charge the neg when I show receipt. The store had 300 at the start of the sale.
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Last edited by Bang4mybucks November 25, 2011 at 09:00 AM.
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Quote from jnastasia View Post :
My sister just pick up two, one for me and one for her. Go get it now while you can.
WOW.... you are the consummate BF shopper!
uh... you wouldn't have the SKU, on that, would you?
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Wow you guys are mean! I better see some reversal of some thumb downs if this is true!
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Quote from jnastasia View Post :
I said the same thing to my sister but it is the FIRE and I'll post the pic and receipt in a sec.

please do.
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Quote from jnastasia View Post :
I said the same thing to my sister but it is the FIRE and I'll post the pic and receipt in a sec.
I still highly doubt it but I give people the benefit of the doubt and I haven't thumbs down this thread yet. Let's see the receipt please.
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Gonna definitely need some proof. That is a pretty large price drop.
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