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The Official Guide: Ooma vs. Vonage vs. Obi

getdealsonline 6,536 6,487 January 20, 2012 at 05:31 PM
We have many VOIP players in the market and I am starting this forum to have a collective discussion on the major services .. please feel free to add more services and their reviews if you know some: I am starting with putting out:

Ooma vs. Vonage vs. Obi

Need for:

1. Call Locally within US/Canada
2. Call Internationally, one or two odd countries

what do you guys think? suggestions please
Ooma vs. Vonage vs. Obi - Choice of SD?
Ooma (84)
Vonage (16)
Obi (122)
Calling Cards (6)
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Yes, luckily I discovered that before making the purchase. Now $79.99 reactivation fee []. Sigh, so I might as well purchase a new unit. Costco has them with WiFi for $169.99.
So basically it will cost me $170 for the unit and $40 for the port, so $210 to use my existing number on VOIP. All because Google will not port it from T-Mobile. Sucks, but breakeven is less than a year over landline carrier charges.

Quote from MozartA View Post :
Used Ooma require re-activation fee which is VERY expensive ($70). That's why there is no market for Used Ooma.
And also need to pay Number Porting fee which is ($40).

After that, the monthly fee/taxes is $3 to $5 depend on location.
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Update, some people indicate Ooma fee/taxes is increased to as high as $7 a month or $82+ a year.

20853 <--- $6.9 a month
94115/94118, etc <--- $6.59 a month
95138/95119/95123, etc <--- $5.5 a month

In addition, Ooma can charge your credit card any tax/fee increase they want without giving you any warning or any information before hand. And since they don't send out bill, you will never know how much taxes/fee they charge unless you look at your credit card statement carefully AFTER they already charged you. And there is no guarantee the taxes/fee will stay the same which actually it has increased few times in last couple years already. And their local fee/taxes system hasn't totally setup for all locations yet so many locations fee will almost certainly go up to include the local city fee/taxes.

If you are need to features in Ooma Premier (extra $10 per month), Vonage recently introduce a new plan which works out cheaper (For NEW customers only).
The plan is $9.99 ($9.99 forever and not introduction price) and about $3-$4 a month in taxes/fee and includes many features. You also do not have to pay for the Vonage box and replacements are $15 of ebay.
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I wanted ooma because it is easier to set up . But with ooma increasing fees , I am afraid of getting it. i do not want anyone debiting my bank account and i always use my debit card. Cut up all charge cards , so debit card is all I have. I don't know how to set up the OBI box with Google Talk as I am no tech person at all. Now I am not sure what to do.
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I have an obi for my work phone, and it's pretty good. Now I want something similar to my home phone, but we have two numbers (one line). I'm leaning towards the Ooma for this one.. however.. could someone tell me if there is any difference in call quality between Ooma and Obi?
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local and internationally - using Vonage - but final monthly bill ~$36 - taxes too much....
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I am going to order an Obi and use my GV # for calls at home since for one thing since I am dropping AT&T for wireless and probably going to try the $30 T-Mobil 4G web special plan that has unlimited text and data and 100 voice minutes. Will update here once I get set up and see how well that works out but it seems like a good way to go,
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Some useful information about OBi from Wiki of other Obi threads.
  • Even though Google Voice don't have E911 support, you can signup for E911 yourself
    Link to How to set-up 911 calling on an OBi device
    • Cheapest E911 provider is Anveo (at $0.8/month) (FREE plan and add E911)
    • If you are switching from POTS to Obi or other voip services, in many states the old phone line will remain active for calling 911. You just leave your phone connected and they disabled outgoing calls at the phone company computers.
    • if you do not want to 'dedicate' a SIP slot for E911, you can use - costs $12/year
    • - Smart911 is a free service that allows citizens across the U.S. to create a Safety Profile for their household that includes any information they want 9-1-1 to have in the event of an emergency. Then, when anyone in that household dials 9-1-1 from a phone associated with their Safety Profile, their profile is immediately displayed to the 9-1-1 call taker providing additional information that can be used to facilitate the proper response to the proper location.
      Can check availability under the About page.
  • before you start porting your number to GV, check this first
  • configuring 'single' stage dialing here -
  • Obi device offer a lot of powerful features like Auto Attendant (which you can setup your own Interactive response system), Call bridging, etc. AutoAttendant (AA)/Interactive Voice Response (IVR) make the Obi a bit more dynamic for eg. callback for cheap/free call while away from home, etc. And you can record your own AA message.
    Do google search and look at the Obi Admin Guide for more info.
  • cheapest pay-per-minute is by at 0.5 cent/minute to US numbers
  • MagicJack/Nettalk/Ooma can be connected to the POTS line of this obi110 - look at obitalk forum for more info on this. (in theory these are next best to free GV)
  • For people want alternative to GV, here are some good quality and/or low price Voips. Some of those VoIP Services offer phone number in other countries also. Remember this is a standard SIP device so you are not tie to GV and any specific Voip.
  • Some Voip that provide free incoming call. May want to double check and see if this information is out of date or not.
    • For free incoming call, you can also use IpKall. It works with Callcentric to provide free local number in Washington State and free incoming call.
    • Another service offer free incoming phone number
  • Here are some of the Voip that offer very low price International Calls
    • Onesuite and localphone offer a lot of local access number so can use it without Voip device. Those two also offer international local access number which you can use outside US. Check their website for more info. (Onesuite has been around for 10+ years and consistently great quality)
      - offer low price long distance
      - Internet Fax
      - Global Call Forwarding
      - Voip phone service
    • (cheapest pay-per-minute is by at 0.5 cent/minute to US numbers)
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