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$199 TVPad-- Watch Hong Kong/Mainland Channels LIVE with NO monthly fees

papabear220 77 54 January 23, 2012 at 12:06 AM in Home Theater (8)
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Last Edited by annie930ny February 15, 2016 at 08:09 AM
Major Update: It's been a while but there are some major upgrades with the TVpad, as well as changes to the benefits of the coupon code 15819288. Specifically, the TVpad 2 is now out with firmware update 3.70. The major upgrades are:

1. Join hands with WASU to provide massive genuine videos.
2. Equipped with a new smart CPU as well as high 3D graphics performance.
3. Can be used as game console to play motion sensing games.
4. Build-in VOIP, make free calls worldwide.
5. Build-in WiFi, easy to connect to home network wirelessly.
6. Better hardware so with shorter boot time and response much faster and play video more smooth than M121S.

(sourced from

The price of a TVpad2 is $259.

In the past, the coupon code 15819288 gives $30 off. Now for the better or the worse, it will instead give a gift pack worth $88 dollars with dozens of new apps for the TVpad2. Here is an access to the coupon details []

Personally I prefer the $30 off, but seeing how Roku's top version (XD or XS?) is a $30 jump due to the motion sensor, I thought it was fair.

That said, make sure to read the buyer's notice before making the purchase, to be aware of compatibilities and scams:

PM me if you have any questions and I will answer based on what I know (I own 4 TVpads). All sources acquired from TVPadzone.

Click here [] for details of the upgrades of M121S over M121. But in short:
-An all new App Garden providing large number of Apps for users to easily download and install
-Supports 3rd party apps of different cultures, including chinese, korean, and japanese
-Addition of User's Center
-CPU upgraded from TCC8901 to TCC8902
-RAM upgraded from 256M to 512M
-ROM increased to 2GB

Edit: A website [] with all information that you need to know about the TVpad in English. Visit it for summarized FAQs and other various topics including how to use the TVpad on your smartphone.

Edit: code 15819288 will now work until 06/30/2014

For Chinese users, TVPad is a new device that allow you to watch Hong Kong/Mainland channels live without any monthly subscription. I bought it myself approximately 4 months ago and am extremely satisfied with it.

In a new 2012 promotion, the originally price has been cut from $299 to $229. You can use the promotional code 15819288 at checkout of the official site to take off an extra $30.

This is their official website (it's in Chinese):

Just thought I should share a very useful product that isn't very well known yet. Smilie

EDIT 02/06/12

Wow, I am absolutely fascinated and pleasantly surprised at the large amount of interest my fellow SDers have on the topic. I made this post during Chinese New Year and it has escaped my mind since then, and coming back to it, there was a lot of excellent reads.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the thread and it was definitely an eye-opener. In terms of the TVPad, there are definitely pros and cons depending on the type of user you are. Here are my two cents:

If you watch your TV shows and movies frequently on your computer, then the TVPad is not for you. There are more options out there (as greatly mentioned in the wikiboard) which are obviously more cost effective and might have more flexibility in terms of functions.

TVPad's main advantages I think is its convenience. I know many of my friends (myself included) prefer to watch things on the actual television unit after spending the whole day on my computer at work already. TVPad provides that genuine feeling I used to get when I used to live in HK. Compared to an old Chinese cable package I used to get, TVPad was a huge upgrade. I think it makes a good present for parents who are less tech-savvy or more old-school.

In terms of its reliability, there are plenty of reviews out there that I think people interested might find useful. If you can read Chinese, TVPad's forum is actually remarkably active with a lot of tech support. ( I know there are concerns in regards to how long TVB/ATV channels will last; I personally think it is worth the investment because of its nonobligatory nature with no monthly subscriptions. I have been using it for about 4 months and don't have too many complaints as of now.

That said, I have tried some methods mentioned and they are very excellent alternatives as well. Of all options on the list, I was especially impressed by Sopcast.

Thank you for all the wonderful responses. Hope this thread help everyone one way or another, whether it's the product or the streaming methods provided here. Feel free to PM me if you have questions about my experience with the TVPad.
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Community Wiki

Last Edited by winwin2 May 6, 2014 at 09:53 PM

TVpad Olympics "Buy and Receive" Promotion:
English Translations:

百合电视 is no longer working and has been down for almost a month.
There seems to be quite a bit of confusion to what 百合電視 is-- it is one of the Apps that give access to HK channels such as TVB and ATV. 粵海TV is another option and is working just fine and I can still watch these HK channels fine. Just thought this needed some clarifications.

Remember to rep the OP Embarrassment if it helps you...

Share viable ways of streaming Asian media:

0) This box is much better in picture quality, numbers of channels and on-demand contents. (Update: 05/06/2014)
Official site:
To buy from here []

1) PPTV software + PC/Laptop hooked up to TV
2) BETV [] + Laptop hooked
3) Google TV+PPTV HD App
Download PPTV HD App: (Works for Logitech Revue!)
4) Asus OPlay with Universal Firmware
5) Patriot Box Office Forum with help from billcsho!!
6) Browser:, Sohu for Korean Drama, for live CCTV
7) Sopcast: Download from
- To watch TVB/ATV channels only:
a) Download the attachment and extract the hktv.htm to your computer.
b) Open the hktv.htm using Internet Explorer. Click Allow Blocked Content to run the ActiveX control.
- To change the Aspect Ratio:
a) Download and install VLC.
b) Open Sopcast. Click on the option button to set the external player as VLC: Select "Use my own player" and point it to the VLC.exe in C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe or C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe.
c) Go back to the hktv.htm. Click on one of the channels on the right side. When it starts playing click on the external player icon on the Embedded Sopcast player. It should open VLC player and you can change Aspect Ratio to 16:9.
8) For Taiwan TV:
You get about 45 Taiwan channels including 5 of them are in HD picture quality.
for about $13/mo subscription.
Look for new coupon from:
It can play on any web browsers in iOS/Android devices or computer.
Or, if you want to play on TV, buy a Roku box for as low as $50:

TVPad Forums for Tech Support(In Chinese)
I am not sure how many people that can read Chinese, but i figure that i post their help forums here so people can get helps. Yes, i know, the website is in CHINESE, but i think they are working on to add English support soon:

TVPADFans []

TVpad Zone []



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looks like it runs on android. buy it and dump the os, then run it via a vm connected to a tv yummy
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FYI. This box was $169 when it first came out in November 2011.
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Quote from canonikon View Post :
CBOX is China news and stuff...TVPad have TVB and ATV and also China channels right?
Oooh good question! I would like to know this too!
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Quote from canonikon View Post :
CBOX is China news and stuff...TVPad have TVB and ATV and also China channels right?
Yes, however, the original question I had was how the quality of this compares to that of cbox.
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is there a good solution for watching Vietnamese shows? would like to get something similar to this for my mom
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does it last long??
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Quote from yazyazoo View Post :
I built my parents a HTPC and link to some of these channels thru Chrome Browser. Works pretty well. I also got them a Google TV and they can get some of these channels for free.

The only ones that don't work with Google TV are ones that need a special download to play the video.

Is this box updated and able to play any videos that need special downloads?
What channels can you watch with Google TV? I got my parents a Revue but I doubt they'll use it very much but this might help with that.
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Quote from agenesis View Post :
looks like it runs on android. buy it and dump the os, then run it via a vm connected to a tv yummy
what does vm mean?

Quote from trd815 View Post :
FYI. This box was $169 when it first came out in November 2011.
nice to know...why the price hike?
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Last edited by flipper123 January 23, 2012 at 12:40 AM. Reason: Automerged Doublepost
Like most of you, I would like to try this for my parents. Right now I connect my pc to run PPTV but more options are always better. Please share if you have better solutions. I do not read Chinese very well but I can have my dad sit beside me to set it up.
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Isn't this the same as running xbmc with them Chinese plugins??
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Quote from canonikon View Post :
what does vm mean?

nice to know...why the price hike?
virtual machine.
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VM is virtual machine
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Quote from tim2004818 View Post :
does it last long??
this is what i'm concerned about. support for this thing might drop tomorrow or god knows when. and this isn't an american company so i can't complain to anyone.
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So this is for LIVE tv, all the good programs are during the midnight hours or early morning here in the US....Is there a replay function?

I suppose you can record the programs with a DVR but it kind of defeats the purpose of live tv...
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Last edited by onemoresmash January 23, 2012 at 12:50 AM.

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i want free tvb jade tv.. any suggestions? i already have a pc setup with my maintv.
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