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Get an extra 4.5 GB of Dropbox online storage free

acr 5,704 14,350 February 2, 2012 at 09:39 AM in Cloud Storage (5) More Deals

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Last Edited by acr February 2, 2012 at 10:01 AM
Here is an article with more info as well as a dropbox forum post with more info-

Quote :
Hello Forum users!

Another day another build. We're trying to snipe all the most common bugs. Keep plugging in those cameras!
During this beta period, we are also offering additional free space to test automatic uploading of photos and videos. For every 500MB of photos and videos automatically uploaded, you'll receive another 500MB space bonus, up to 4.5GB total.
If you purchase something through a post on our site, Slickdeals may get a small share of the sale.

Community Wiki

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Quote from corpusguy View Post :
For those who are still having problems with windows 7 autoplay and dont want to mess with the registry edit stuff, you can do the following steps...

1. Open autoplay by clicking theStart button, and then clickingControl Panel. In the search box, typeautoplay, and then clickAutoPlay.
2. To turn autoplay on, select theUse AutoPlay for all media and devices check box.
3. Go to Pictures and Video Files and select Import Pictures and Videos Using Dropbox.
4. ClickSave.
In my case, the above did not work. I got the autoplay window and selected Import Pictures and Videos Using Dropbox but nothing happened. I then right-mouse clicked on the dropbox icon in the notification area (lower right corner of Windows) and selected Preferences. In the general area, there's a section labeled Camera Upload. Click on the button for Install Camera Upload. Once I did that, I was able to reinsert my memory stick and after the Windows autoplay window pop up, I selected Import Pictures...Using Dropbox and now it works. It started uploading my images.

Quote from usertwo000 View Post :
Here are all the other ways I found to maximize free Dropbox storage space. I've tested all these personally. Let me know if there are others. I'm open to PMs, thanks.

1) Get referred by a current user (Remember, referrals are not permitted on SD) - 2.25GB otherwise 2GB if you are not referred
2) Complete at least 5 of 7 easy getting started tutorial steps - 250MB
3) Complete these simple tasks
- Connect your Twitter account with Dropbox - 128MB
- Connect your Facebook account with Dropbox - 128MB
- Follow @Dropbox on Twitter - 128MB
- Send a one line comment about why you love Dropbox - 128MB
- Tweet about Dropbox for more free space! - 128MB
4) Refer new users who register AND install the Dropbox desktop client - 250MB per referral up to 8GB
5) Link your account to a .edu email address - doubles storage referral bonus (retroactively as well) to 500MB per referral up to 16GB
Thanks usertwo000 for your info. Rep him here-
If anyone else has ways to get more bonus storage please post.

MAC (SL/Lion users) :
This worked for me after I inserted a SDHC card formatted via my Nikon camera. So here's what you need to do :
- Format your memory card in your camera.
- Take it out and plug it to your Mac (via a reader or via the SDHC-Slot - if available). Make sure dropbox is not running prior to inserting the card.
- Take a big sized movie file and rename the extension to .jpg on your mac
- Move it over to the folder in your card.
- Eject the card
- Launch dropbox
- Plug the memory card back.
- Dropbox should now recognize the card and pop up a message whether you want to import the pics from your camera.Select Yes
- It'll then copy the file you created above and move it to dropbox folder on your mac
- The moment it gets copied over to the DropBox folder on your mac wait a minute or two and delete the big sized file (from your mac)
- Voila.. you'll see that your dropbox limit has gone up

Little confusing instruction and I hope you guys can follow it.

work great... from XReflection's post
Quote :
Before doing this make sure you install the beta version of dropbox (from the forum link)
1) Find a removable storage device (usb drive is what I used)
2). Transfer 4.5GB (or more) worth of photos to a folder named DCIM in the root of the drive (not sure if this is necessary, I did it as a precaution).
3). Unplug the drive and plug it back in
4). In the autoplay window that pops up select "Import pictures and videos using dropbox"
5). A bubble notification on the notification bar should say "Finding photos to upload, click here for info." Click it.
6). Let the photos import to your dropbox folder (wait till the bar fills up).
7). Your dropbox folder should open after it finishes. Go ahead and delete all the photos. You don't need to actually let it upload.
8). Another notification should say that your space has been increased.

If you delete all the files from the Camera Upload folder, you instantaneously get the credit for the "uploaded files" even if you didn't upload it!

Make sure you guys upload another 500mb worth of file to your folder after you delete everything and get your initial 4.5gb because doing this extra step will give you another 500mb for a total of 5gb -canknee

You do not have to have the pictures with .jpg extension to upload,just change the extension of the any movie file to .jpg and you will be able to upload that file to dropbox camera folder

MAKE SURE YOU USE THE LATEST BUILD, OR YOU MAY NOT SEE THE INCREASE IN YOUR DROPBOX SPACE! It is 1.3.13. I didn't see the space increase with 1.3.12, had to reinstall 1.3.13, then saw it instantly. (2/4/12)

Mac OS X:
Linux x86_64:
Linux x86:

I uploaded movie files as regular mpgs (put them in a DCIM folder first) and did not have to rename them. The uploader grabbed them and off they went. Spotmom

Put important update info and issues here, please. TY. (Original thread)

List of all the other ways I found to maximize free Dropbox storage space.

If you need help getting this to work try following this guide:

They do not use RAW files from a DSLR (Canon .cr2). Must be jpg.

Mac Users
Be sure to check out drop box encore. []

This mimics another dropbox so that you can run 2 separate folders with 2 different accounts on the same machine.

Explanation from the website: "Dropbox Encore enables a second instance of Dropbox to run in a single Mac OS X user account. Each instance of Dropbox must have (1) a unique Dropbox account and (2) a separate local Dropbox folder."

For people that don't have enough pictures
Thanks to grahamsz provided this link here
Fake Images Pack
It's a 17k zip file containing JPG files that worth 4.5G and it's recognized by Dropbox client.
All you have to do it's just that file
2.extract it to a SD card ( Extract it twice. First time to a tar file, then from the tar files to pictures. Download 7zip if you don't have any zip software)
3.start the auto play export to Dropbox (take out and re-plug the SD card, run from windows right click menu w/e you need to get it export)
3.5 If you do this with a USB drive and try to import and Dropbox says "No new photos found", create a folder in the root of your USB drive named DCIM and place the images there.
4.Let it run till all file are sync to your local Dropbox folder.
5.At this point you should have all your 4.5g space enabled, verify that, and delete all the files in local Dropbox folder.
Done.... in 10min

If you can't get autoplay to work for an SD card on Windows 7, try the following

create two registry files below, merge them into windows, reboot and you should be able to right click and select autoplay on your SD card.

Quote from kevman View Post :
I had the same problem on Windows 7, if you have windows 7 try this

create two registry files below, merge them into windows, reboot and you should be able to right click and select autoplay on your SD card.

reg file 1:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


reg file 2:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Step by step instructions for setting up virtualbox and do the referrals yourself. Credit to MythOfEchelon

Thanks to everyone and specifically, MythOfEchelon but I wanted to suggest a few shortcuts to help reduce the number of steps. Thanks, jaslam

Step-by-Step instructions (there are only so many steps because I detailed every single step you'll need to know. No assumption of technical knowledge was used):
NOTE: Might not work anymore, DropBox might be detecting single IP addresses. You might get ineligible referral when you do it (2/15/2012). You might have to refresh your IP address for this to work.

1.) Download and install VirtualBox -
2.) Download Ubuntu 11.10, 32-bit -
3.) Run VirtualBox
4.) Select New and click Next.
5.) Give your VM (Virtual Machine) a name and set Operating System as "Linux". Version should automatically be set as "Ubuntu"
6.) Keep pressing Next and then press Create
7.) Select your newly created VM and click Settings.
8.) Select Storage and then on the CD symbol underneath "IDE Controller"
9.) To the right of the "IDE Controller" tree, click on the CD symbol underneath "Attributes" and then click "Choose a virtual CD/DVD disk file..."
10.) Locate your downloaded Ubuntu 11.10 .iso, select it and click Open
11.) Ensure that "Live CD/DVD" is checked
11A.) At this time, you could decide how many times you were going to refer yourself (e.g. 32 times for 16GB max bonus) and you could right click on your VM and click "Clone" as many (e.g. 32) times. This way you could skip step 4 to step 11 above
12.) Select your VM and click Start
13.) Close any pop-ups and click "Try Ubuntu" when it eventually displays (machine may restart a few times)
14.) Log into Dropbox on your Master System (not Ubuntu) and navigate to "". Make a note of your Dropbox referral link (for example, ""). Also navigate to "" and make a note of the generated email address
14A.) You can even skip having to go through the referral link because DropBox remembers which user had invited the random generated email (e.g.)
15.) Back inside the VM, click on the Firefox icon on the left-hand side of the screen
16.) Within Firefox, navigate to your Dropbox referral link from Step 14.
17.) Make up a first and last name, then enter the email address from Step 14 and enter a password of your choice.
18.) Click Create Account
18A.) The steps above to create an account can be done in your regular machine (not VM) using Chrome Incognito or FireFox InPrivate browsing mode for faster processing. The VM can be slower. Then all you need to do on your VM is the go to to download the software.
19.) Click on the 32-bit "Ubuntu (.deb)" installer
20.) Leave "Open with Ubuntu Software Center" checked and click OK
21.) Ubuntu Software Center should then open. Click Install and then Add to Launcher at the bottom right of the screen
22.) Click on the Dropbox icon on the left-hand side of the screen
23.) Click OK on the pop-up. Dropbox should now start downloading and unpacking
24.) Select "I already have a Dropbox account" and click Next
25.) Enter your email address from Step 14 and the password you chose. Click Next
26.) Free space should then be issued
27.) Click Machine on VirtualBox, click Close, select "Power off machine" and click OK
28.) Right-click on your VM, click Remove and Delete All Files
29.) Repeat Step 4 - 28 for as many referrals as you want (ensure you generate a new email address each time).
It gets easier each time, don't worry.
29A.) Or just repeat the reduced steps, as applicable.

Again, excuse my messing with your instructions - those were lovely and wonderful. Just thought shortcuts would help - jaslam.

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