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Who's responsible for "brakes" on a car lease?

gabe23111 10,525 28,952 April 3, 2012 at 09:37 AM
I have a Nissan lease which is due to expire soon.

Am I responsible to have the brakes fixed before returning the car? Are they going to charge me for brakes if they deem it needs replacing?

Is this something which is standard? Does it depend on which company I leased the car from?

I can not find the original contract to see if the terms are in there.

This was all I could find regarding wear & tear on the Nissan web site:

Quote :
3. What happens when my lease ends?
What happens at lease-end will really depend on whether you choose to purchase your vehicle, return your leased vehicle and then lease or purchase another, or simply return it and walk away. As the end of your lease approaches, we will be in touch with several communication pieces discussing all options available to you, and give further detail as to the exact chain of events. Should you decide at lease end to simply return your vehicle, it will be inspected by a third party to determine if any excessive wear and usage exists, and you will then formally terminate your lease obligation and fulfill any lease end fees and taxes. Again, you will receive specific information regarding the return of your vehicle as you near your lease end date. For further information about your vehicle, please call the Lease Customer Network at 800.778.4211 (8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., CST).
Thank you to anyone that can help Smilie

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When you say "fixed" what do you mean? Are the pads just worn? If so I'd say this is a maintenance/wear item and probably would not be expected for you to replace them unless it is metal on metal and damage occurred because you did not replace the pads when needed.
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Normal wear and tear items tires are usually your responsibility. However, depending on the miles on the car one could possibly argue premature wear and let it be a bumper to bumper warranty replacement.
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I believe the key word is "excessive" in that statement. If you bring back the car with warped rotors or they find that the brakes are completely worn beyond what should be expected given the milage, you will likely owe for a new set of brakes in the same way that you would owe for bald tires.
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They will do an inspection and give you a list of things to fix or a price to have them fix it themselves. If your breaks arent squealing you should be ok. Same with tires and other things, if they arent bald you should be ok. If you have some paint scratches I would try and cover them up with one of those paint pens, then have it cleaned and waxed (before you go to the inspection). They will try to screw you on that type of stuff and all repairs you do you will have to give receipts for, so "paint pen" may not be good enough for them
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that pretty much sums it up if you had 30,000 miles on the car and the brakes were supposed to last 60 then in theory the brakes should be at 50%. I did find a clause one time that said tires had to be legal (IE 3/32 of an inch) A large part depends on what you are going to do after you turn the car in, if you are not buying a car at ll it will get checked over. If you are buying a different car you might want to look at what the trade in value is vs the buyout if you want to buy the car at the end of the lease. If you are going to lease again from Nissan then they will probably just look for body damage interior tears and call it good.
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Tires and brake pads have wear indicators built in. You or a friend should inspect these yourself before turning the car in, and maybe photograph them for your protection. If the groove is still the brake pads and the tire tread is even and not worn to the wear indicators, you owe nothing.
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Every lease we have turned in, it was basically just a visual inspection. Nothing mechanical was looked at. Seemed all they cared about was no large scratches/gouges in paint, terribly curbed wheels, and the wear of the tires.
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