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bunnies46 1,866 4,145 April 6, 2011 at 08:07 AM

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This thread is being created for us to come and talk/chat. The Rite Aid Deals thread is for the deal talk. So hopefully this thread will help decrease the off topic chatter in the deals thread and we all have a place to chat with each other. nod

Wanted to add that this chat group will follow the same rules of the Lounge. Rules are located here:

June 20, 2011, 3:13 am: System Notice: This thread has been automatically renewed after reaching a post limit. Most of its content has been moved to this thread for reference purposes.
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RA Monthly +UP Rewards

RA FAQ & General Info

RA Clearance Thread

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Rebate information for pets and ds related deals:

Energizer up to $25 utility rebate with codes from specially marked packages, 3/31/13

Act II HomePop Classic popcorn Guarantee Buy between 2/21/11 and 3/31/12

Boost Great Taste Guarantee Buy 1/1 to 3/31 must be postmarked by 3/31

PAM TMF Rebate Buy 10/1 to 4/27/12

Activia New Normal rebate Buy 12/22/ to 3/15, postmarked by 3/31, received by 4/15
Activia rebate []
Note: The PDF is two pages. First page in English, second in Spanish. Print accordingly!

Kellogg gas card rebate---must be postmarked by 4/30/12

Lysol Dual action wipes tmf through 4/30/12 up to $5

L'Oreal $10 rebate WYB $30 in Youth Code/Revitalift Clinical Repair
Buy 2/29 to 4/1, postmarked by 5/2

Neosporin Essentials TMF Trial Pack Offer
Up to $15 check in the mail rebate
Direct link:

P&G $15 WYB $50Buy 2/15 to 4/28, postmarked by 6/1

Science Diet free bag
Get back purchase price of small bag (up to $13.99)
Buy 1/1 to 4/30, postmarked by 5/31

Free after rebate - Hill's Ideal Balance up to $12.99 :

Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter - any size, no expiration date listed.-- I found this on the Petsmart website so hopefully, they have it in store.
More Precious Cat Litter savings here: ***Thanks icdedppl***

Feline Pine - Good on 9 or 14 lb size only (new size), expires 3/31/2012-- Any grocery/ pet store
For Feline Pine, there is also a $1.50 off coupon so this could be a money maker! This coupon can be found at

Arm & Hammer Ultra Last - 20 lb size only (new size), expires 3/30/2012-- The 20 lb one is available at Walmart.
Also, for A&H, there is a $1.00 off coupon that can be found here:

As mentioned elsewhere, Target has the 28 lb box for $10.89 with a sticker on it for a $8.00 MIR and if you use the $1.00 coupon in the link above, the total price (plus tax) for the box will be $1.89. ***Thanks to mprice12 for pointing out that you can use both the Walmart and Target rebates as they are two different rebates.***

***Here are two more FREE after MIR litters thanks to josh1234***
"Worlds Best Cat Litter"-- Any pet/ grocery store
There is a $3.00 off coupon for WBCL if you go to their Facebook page.... yipppeeee! ***This find is thanks to ohmichea***

Feline Fresh (This one is more like BOGO as you have to buy a bag to get a coupon for a free bag)-- I have searched (in NJ, at least) and I think that this sells only at certain pet stores so you should check yours!

Even if you don't have a cat, please take some time out of your day to purchase these for your local animal shelter. They need all the supplies they can get.

Buy one 59 fl oz Minute Maid Enhanced Juice or Enhanced Lemonade.Love it or it's free
If you don't love it, they will refund your purchase price. Print your full name and complete street address on a 3x5 card. Send with your original cash register receipt, with product name and purchase price circled to:
Minute Maid Enhanced Refund
POB 53552
Knoxville, TX 37950
Offer expires 6/29/2012

100 Calorie White Fudge Pretzels
Keebler Right Bites White Fudge Covered Pretzels []
***Token from specially marked box required
expires 8/31/12 or while supplies last

Jergen's Natural Glow
Jergens Natural Glow Guarantee []
Get coupon for FREE full size Jergen's skin care if you are not satisfied
expires 8/15/12

Barilla Whole Grain Pasta
Get a coupon for FREE 1lb regular pasta if you don't like the whole grain
MIR [] expires 4/30/12

Kids 'N' Pets Cleaner TMF
***must be postmarked by 3/30/12

Glade Expression Fragrance Mist Money Back Guarantee
Up to $3.99 for Refills or $4.99 for starter kit
postmarked by 8/30/12
Form []

Glade® Expressions™ Oil Diffuser Money-Back Guarantee
Up to $8.99 for starter kit, or $5.99 for refills
postmarked by 8/30/12
Form []

Land O Lakes BOGO Mail-In Offer
1. Buy one package of one of the following Land O Lakes® products: Land O Lakes® Butter with Canola Oil, Land O Lakes® Butter with Olive Oil, Land O Lakes® Light Butter with Canola Oil, Land O Lakes® Cinnamon Sugar Butter Spread, or Land O Lakes® Honey Butter Spread
2. Send the original official mail-in request form and the original retail store cash register receipt dated between 3/15/12 and 5/31/12 showing the purchase of a Land O Lakes® product listed above. Must be postmarked on or before 6/30/12. Void in California.
3. Receive a coupon by mail for free Land O Lakes® Cinnamon Sugar Butter Spread (maximum value $2.99).

Rebate Status Check Sites:

This post can be edited by most users to provide up-to-date information about developments of this thread based on user responses, and user findings. Feel free to add, change or remove information shown here as it becomes available. This includes new coupons, rebates, ideas, thread summary, and similar items.

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help stop human trafficking. take photos of your hotel room and upload it to traffickcam app (free app). pictures are then matched to a database used by law enforcement. This can help the police identify where trafficked children are. if you're on a flight, be on the lookout for sus & unusual pairs (adult-teen)
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Quote from JohnnyHot View Post :
That's called a Serra smack down! I've had me some of that before. Stings don't it??!
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Well, this is odd. I seem to be the first one here in the new thread.....

Anyway, I made it to the store that was open til 12. I did a bunch of transactions, then hit McD's and reloaded some (and forgot 1!) and then went back.

Colgate QR is one per item - the one though is random! I bought Optic White and it did not take that QR, just took 1 of the 3. Only one flavor worked for the Colgate deal - Sparkling Mint 5.5 oz (reg 5.59?). The smaller size and other flavor didn't work.

Simple is still DD. I did get my last up on the ones that didn't track properly. Ended up buying so many of them that didn't count between the time when they weren't tracking at all and the glitch when you finish up the offer after multiple transactions in same day.

Loreal is still DD. I got the ones that had the $2 q on the back page (Healthy Look?) and they counted towards the $10 wyb $25 UP deal. I bought all differnt colors iwthout any problems.

Olay QR did not work on the Total Effects towelettes for me. I only successfully used them on the 2 different regenerist cleansers. They were shelf price of 7.99 and 9.99. I wanted to try on the pump bottle of Regenerist somethingorother that was 9.99, but I forgot to reload the q on the card that had 20% and needed another Olay purchase.

The Clairol Nice n Easy clearance (50% off bunch of colors on endcaps at multiple stores) worked fine with the $4 off coupon and the $5/2 MQ to be free (they rang up 4.49) but did not count towards the Olay/Clairol deal. I bought a couple regular priced ones (on sale for 7.99 each) which did count. My friend asked me to pick them up before I visit next so I figured 2/$6.98 wasn't bad since it helped my offer and I had UPs to spend by Sunday. I think I'll get her one more set to finish one of my other cards. (Finished the deal on half my cards.)

Infinity QR is still working fine. Took the $2 off, but the MQ beeps every time! Luckily, it says that it includes Radiant so they've pushed it through every time.

I forgot to look for Sinful nailpolish. I finished Revlon beauty tools deal. The large single nailfile in the clear wrapper (1.99 shelf) doesn't work for coupon. It beeped last time I tried to use it and I thought maybe they'd recoded it to not work with the 1.25 files, but today I had the 2.45 file 2 pack (the large files), 1 nailclipper and 1 of the 1.99 files and it beeped on the 3rd $1 coupon. They put it thought since it said any after I explained that the "limit one per purchase" was one per item, not transaction (he thought that was why it beeped at first). Don't forget, that offer is $6 UP wyb $15. I'm so used to it being on $10, that I almost didn't finish the offer.

I don't remember if there is anything else. I bought a few boxes of Mrs. Field's cookies as filler (and to cover "o" from olay the other day). The Snickerdoodles are OK. Haven't opened the chocolate chip ones. There is a $1 coupon on the charity baloon sheet. I luckily noticed it before I bought my 2nd box.

I need to finish Loreal on 4 cards, Colgate on 2 and Olay on 3 or 4 still so I'm hoping at least the one QR per item will be working tomorrow. Tomorrow is my self-proclaimed day off from taxes before I get to work on the ones I filed extensions for. I hope to sleep in and not wake up with a neck ache like the last 3 days.

I think that's it for tonight. Seep well everyone!
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ISO: NBPR rebates good in NJ. Let me know what you have and maybe we can trade!
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We had a weird experience with the Clairol clearance yesterday. Mom's counted, all of them, and none of mine counted. Frown I had 2 or 3 kinds and she had 6, it was odd. My 4 from Sunday, different store, didn't count either.
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Mrs. Field's is on an SCR this month also. I always pick them up with the balloon coupons. Smilie
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BTW, the Biore answer for today is 1973.

It was one of those big brick phones. I remember my first "bag phone" but that was in the early 90s.

Remember the cell phones on '70s TV shows? Charlies Angels, Hart to Hart. I remember them looking a lot like a regular phone. I don't think the prop department knew what a real cell phone looked like at the time. I can only imagine what a call cost on those phones. My first plan was $40 a month and only included 30 "anytime" minutes! It did have free nights and weekends and I remember lugging the thing in the house to use it to make long distance calls on it.....
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Wave Just saying hi before heading to bed. Had to stay up to wake Mom and have her change undies (Tenas) in the middle of the night to help keep the sheets dry. She's in bed for 10 or 11 hours altogether these days, so that's a strain on the Tenas.

The only problem with the plan is that I also have to get her up tomorrow morning, as sis and her DH went to Boston to a Red Sox game and are staying overnight. It's a nice break for her -- the only night in a couple of weeks when she hasn't had to stay over at a client's house. I'll get Mom up and go back to bed.

It's in the 30s here tonight, after two days of 80+ and 74 degrees. Ah, spring. Roll Eyes (Sarcastic)
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You can help for FREE with just a click: The Hunger Site [] (be sure to click on the other tabs, too, and help feed rescued animals, preserve rain forest, extend literacy, fund mammograms and keep kids healthy).

Quote from Edxzxz View Post :
If CVS was really smart, they'd put a basket of rocks with upc codes on them at the registers, priced 10 cents to 89 cents each, because morons like me would buy them as fillers just to get out of the store faster.

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It's mighty quiet in here. I think all the controversy lately is making SD a ghost town. Frown Have a good night George!
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wave Good morning!
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Quote from Mokki View Post :
wave Good morning!
wave Good morning Mokki!

No need for recaps when the posts all fit on one page. Time for a nap.bounce

Have a great day everyone!
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Quote from catmom23 View Post :
Well, this is odd. I seem to be the first one here in the new thread.....
Thanks for the thorough report, repped you where it counts. Smilie

I still have 2 transactions to do on 2 cards for the Olay, one each for L'Oreal, and I think a small purchase to finish one Maybelline. I wonder if I can get DH to reload a QR for me... then I could finish it all up today, that would be nice. It's hard with the kids home this week. And my dumbphone doesn't make it any easier. Frown

No more to add, just that I'm happy to see all the friendly faces around here. Oh -- that's right -- I can't see the unfriendly ones! Big Grin
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post linky

Thanks to all my RA peeps for getting me to 6000! Thanks munchkin, cmm4chris, debko, thorndor, angelinda, PGF, Mokki and Rodent!!! hug
Thanks to all my Shaw's buddies for getting me to 5000. Smilie

It's always your politics, after all, isn't it?
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Wednesday's Deal on MCR's
24 points for a 20 oz Free Dasani coupon
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Kgerv--I sent your envie yesterday. I didn't get your message until late on Monday, so hopefully you will have the coupons tomorrow.
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