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Slate® by Chase Introductory Offer: 0% APR for 15 Months and no Balance Transfer Fee

xkairos_hxc 70 266 April 29, 2012 at 04:18 PM in Finance (2) More Chase Deals
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Chase offers after approval the Chase Slate Card: 0% APR for 15 Months & No Balance Transfer Fee. Thanks xkairos_hxc
  • No Balance Transfer Fee - introductory offer!
  • 0% Introductory APR for 15 months on purchases
  • 0% Introductory APR for 15 months on balance transfers
  • Zero liability and Fraud Protection on unauthorized purchases
  • Add an additional card user to your Slate account at no extra cost
  • No Annual Fee

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Edited July 19, 2013 at 01:17 PM by thelnel52
Here is a link for the Chase Slate card it's 0% APR for 15 months with no balance transfer fee which is a rarity now a days.
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Last Edited by thelnel52 July 17, 2013 at 09:15 AM
SD user success:

820 credit rating, instantly for $25,000, have 4 other chase cards with zero balances though.
810 credit rating, got 10 days, called first #, got verification analyst, $10k approved, 11.99%, 2 other Chase accts
800 credit rating, instant-approval for $10,000, have and Sony accounts

791 per CK. Got $3000. then called CS, and got 10k from my freedom. now total 13k on this card
791 per CK, Not instant approval, applied 5/6, approved on 5/14, $9500 limit, 4th Chase CC.
790 credit rating got $10k....
787 credit per CK, got $10k with no BT fee and 0% for 15 months
785 per Equifax. Instant approval for $10k. 2 other Chase CCs (Freedom and Amazon)
782 Credit Rating got $7,900.... Got the deal and 11.99% after. Called for increase line, they wanted to do another credit pull so i just transferred from other CC (Freedom and Amazon).
774 CK, Got $6,000. Planning on calling them and moving my $5,000 Freedom to this one.
772 per CK. Instant 9K, freedom card with 6500 CL, total credit utilization ~35%
771 per CK, instant approval of $9K. 3 other Chase CCs with total limit of $30K.
771 per CK, instant $6,000, no other Chase account
770 per CK $5500 Instant Approval
767 credit score. Got $6,000, no other Chase accounts. 7/24/2012
765 per experian Instant approval for $6k then called and told them i wanted to transfer $8k so they upped me to $15k. 11.99 after 15months
765 per CK Got instant 10000 ,11.99% standard, 0% for purchase/BT till Oct 2013
765 per CK. Got $7,500
762 per CK. Instant $10k. Free BT
761 FICO. Got $6000. 12.99% on purchases (called and got my limit raised to $8,000)
760 per CK. got 5,000 but 11.99% would not give me 0..i have a SW card "they suck"
757 per CK. 5k instant approved. Have another Chase card + chase loan.
756 per CK. Initial application was pending. Called to verify some info and got $9k. No other Chase accounts.
754 per CK. Got $11,500 - had another chase account
753 FICO® score via WalMart Financial Services... instant approval for $6,000. Have two other Chase cards, $4,700 and $1,500 limit respectively.
751 per CK. Instant approval for 9k.
751 per CK. Instant 5k. ~35% credit utilization

750 per CK 10% utilitied, 100% ON TIME. Denied ( I got southwest/united cards with chase within last 6 months).
750 per CK, called recon line after 10 day wait notice, got $15,000.
747 per CK (closer to 710 b/c of a recent balance transfer that isn't showing up), got instantly approved for $1500, called recon and stated people were getting 10k limits with similar and that I had a Freedom (4k limit) that I paid off every month ... we haggled back and forth but came to consensus of $7k and I keep limit of 4k on Freedom ... not bad!
747 per sears credit score. Got instant approval for $7500. Have one freedom card and one southwest card.
746 per CK. Got instant $4k approval with highest APR level. Listed $50k as GIA.
745 per CK. Got 10K approval. Own two other Chase CC with total limit of 22K. Now with this card, total 32K.
745 per CK. Instant approval for 6k. have 2% credit utilization. 100% on-time payment history. have 2 other chase credit cards, 1 of which is a freedom though i will not transfer my balance to this. freedom has good points.
744 credit, approved for $7,500 ... had another Chase Freedom that i have never used.
743 FICO score. Instant approval with 10K. Own three other chase CC with total limit of 25K. already had three hard pulls in this year for refi and new credit cards.
~743 per CK, got $9K instant approval-have 3 other Chase accounts (utilizing maybe 10%)
~741, PENDING.
~740 credit rating. Got $6,000 - No other Chase accounts
740 credit rating, pending 10 day approval (probably due to multiple accounts & 0 balance)
739 per CK, $5000 instant approval, have a freedon/southwest card
739 FICO. Instant 6k - have 3 other Chase cards (freedom/amazon/southwest) - had Chase Circuit City that was closed (but apparently converted to a Slate and then closed)
738 per CK. Instant 3K called for CLI got 9K, freedom card with 4500 CL,
730 per CK; approved for $7500 - I have a Chase Freedom since 2003 with existing limit of $16k; zero balance on that.
730 credit, approved for $7,500 ... had another Chase CC.
730 per CK, pending, got approved for $2,500, called CS to get increase but want to inquiry again
727 per CK, instant approval for $6,000 + added 3k more when requested during card activation- have Chase Freedom card with 3k
724 per CK; applied 06/14/2012, instant approval of $4500; called up the credit rep for an increase in credit line and got approval for $10k. Already own 1 account of $10k limit with Chase.
722 per CK. Got $3000- instant approved. Chase freedom account from last Nov.
721 credit, decision pending, called App recon day after, then approved for $4,000 with ~90% credit utilization. No previous Chase accts. Will be calling again to get a CLI.
720 per CK, $7500 approved instantly. Increase to $10000 denied. ~60% credit utilization. First chase account.
720 credit score, no info on credit line but approved for card, Balance transfer ($1450) pending
716 credit score. Instantly approved for $2,000. Called in to confirm that I had both the 0% APR for 15 months and no BTF for the first 60 days.
712 per CK. Got approved instantly for $4,000. Called in and they wouldn't give me a CLI unless i did another hard pull, even though i have a SW with a $5,000 limit. So i transferred $2500 credit limit from it. Credit utilization of 30%.
711 per CK. Got $2500. 53% credit utilization.
710 per CK. 7-10 day wait. Called Recon 30 mins later. Rep said delay was because of Chase Southwest card opened in January. She then approved for $3,000 limit. I have low utilization so I will call back in a week for a CLI.
710. Instantly approved with $4600 credit limit
709 per CK: Instant approval, did not tell me anything about limit
708 per CK; Instant Approval for $11,500; No other Chase accounts; intro rate for all is 0%
706 per CK pending review. Called and got 6K limit
704 per CK, pending review, called and got 5k limit
704 per CK, got approved for $7500, 42% utilization, also have Chase Freedom $5000 limit
704 per CK. $5000 approved after recon. BT $1800.
704 per CK. $6000 approved after recon. BT $1600.

699. Limit: $200. Had to wait 7-10 days. Called and they only bumped it to $400.
697 per CK, Filled out application, was told 7 - 10 day approval, called in 72 hours later and approved for a $2000 credit line. I currently have a 3,500 credit limit with a chase SW airlines card @ 2200 being used.
695 per CK, got the 7-10 day wait (mail) message. Called recon within the hour and was told denied. They gave a reason why, I explained, they approved me for 5k.
694 per CK, got the 7-10 day wait message. Call recon and I was given a 10K limit.
693 FICO. Instant approval for 9k. have Freedom for limit of 15K so total 24K now for BT.
688 per CK, no credit other than student loans, 7-10 day wait, called recon and denied.
686 per CK, 27% credit utilization, 99.27% on time; approved for $10k limit at 0% for 15 months, 11.99% thereafter. Have had other store-related Chase cards, but nothing in active use.
684 per CK, 65% utilization, 100% on-time payment history, Instant approval for 3k
684 per CK, and still got $9k at 11.9%.
683 per CK, got the 7-10 day. Called next day. Was denied because of too much revolving credit( 53%) and said I just closed a Chase card( not true). not sure what to do next.
678 per CK, 61% credit utilization, 100% on-time payment history for past 4 years, no other Chase accounts - $9,000 credit line @ 15.99% after 15 mos.
667 per CK 90% utilization. 99% on time payment. Denied called recon approved for $12,000
663 per CK, 87% utilization, 100% on time payment. Denied, called recon and approved for $5,000

650 per CK. 60% credit utilization, 100% on time. Instant approval for $1500.
643 per CK, 39% credit utilized, 100% on time. Instant approval for $9000.
639 per CK. Pending but called recon and got approval for $2500. Also have chase sapphire preferred ($5K).
Called and approved moved 7K from united !!
610 per CK. 82% credit utilization, 100% on time. Pending, but called recon and got approval for $4000. (Lots of inquiries when I bought my car this year. Dealer pinged 6 banks even though I was pre-approved through my credit union.)

596 per CK. Previous delinquencies. Approved for $1000.
556 per CK. 9 inquires, 43% utilization. 7-10 day. Called app recon and denied.
510 per CK. Repos, evictions, in collections. Approved for $1500. God Bless America.

No Credit Score:
Never had a credit card in my life, only student loan and Car loan. Denied. Called and was approved for $1,000.

I called the rep to ask for a credit limit increase but I was denied.
But the rep offered to move my credit from Freedom to Slate and close the Freedom credit card.
(you can keep the credit card if you wish, you can decide how much credit to move over, I moved all of them)
You keep the same rate and the same terms in the Slate CC. So now, instead of 3000 limit I now have 5k (2k from Freedom).
And it qualifies for the 0% bt and 0% for 15 (same terms as the slate)[/COLOR][/COLOR][/B]

I was able to consolidate my balance from both freedom and southwest card...

Credit to Coolton39:

Fine print states that no BT's can be done between any Chase affiliated accounts. The other policy I do not appreciate is that they will limit the BT to ensure you have "enough" credit available. These 2 points is what spoiled the deal for me

We may decline to process any balance transfer request and will not process a balance transfer request from any other account or loan that we or any of our affiliates issued, or balance transfer checks made out to cash or to any cardmember. To ensure you have enough credit available for purchases, we limit the amount of your credit limit that is available for balance transfers.

For those who want the Discover card for 5% cash back on online purchase through December. 0% Intro Purchase APR for 15 months. 0% Intro Balance Transfer APR for 15 months. 3% Balance Transfer fee for each balance transferred. $0 Annual Fee.
These responses are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser. It is not the bank advertiser's responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered. Opinions expressed here are the author's alone, not those of any bank, credit card issuer, airline or hotel chain, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities.


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true slickdealers dont carry a balance..
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Quote from gezzuzz View Post :
true slickdealers dont carry a balance..
Hahaha.... wow.
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Quote from gezzuzz View Post :
true slickdealers dont carry a balance..
You are damn right.LMAO
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Lame title, and nothing special here.
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Omg thank you so much!!! Didn't know they existed still
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true slickdealers dont carry a balance..
Hate to break it to you, but not really.
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Decent considering the lack of a fee but normally the fee's are marginal and if you have a couple cards already normally 1 will offer a no-interest transfer with like 2-3% so it may not be worth opening a new card. To each his own and information is always helpful so rep to you
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Quote from gezzuzz View Post :
true slickdealers dont carry a balance..
rep +4, never carry a balance, it's never worth paying 25% interest. Worst case scenario barrow against a car or a house, at least you're paying 3-4% interest
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Quote from sukh View Post :
rep +4, never carry a balance, it's never worth paying 25% interest. Worst case scenario barrow against a car or a house, at least you're paying 3-4% interest
Did you read the thread? It's 0%
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did anyone apply? Is approval instant?

Thanks ~

ok i applied.
Quote :
Congratulations. Your application has been approved. You will receive your new card in 5-7 business days along with your cardmember agreement and other important information about your new account. When your card arrives, simply call the toll-free number provided to confirm your receipt.

Your new account has been created with an initial credit line of $10000. Should this not meet your needs, please let our service representatives know at the time of your call, and we can discuss credit line options with you.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.
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Last edited by oldbean April 29, 2012 at 06:54 PM. Reason: credit line
keeping an eye on this one....
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