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Box Home Loans Discounts, Deals and Coupon Codes

Mortgages: Refinance or Purchase at 3.125% with $0 closing costs or even a credit towards closing with Box Home Loans

bryantq 2,276 1,357 June 7, 2012 at 09:15 PM in Home & Home Improvement (7) More Box Home Loans Deals

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Last Edited by bryantq November 28, 2012 at 03:14 PM
Box Home Loans [] is offering an extra credit of 1/8th of a point on top of their already low rates and fees to Slickdeals users.

This allows some well qualified individuals to refinance or purchase a home at 3.125%* for no cost or even get a credit (they pay you!) towards closing.

Here at Slickdeals, we've actually had several employees use Box Home Loans, and after realizing it was such a good deal, we reached out to them to see if they could offer something even sweeter to our users. We've done a lot of comparison shopping for our own personal homes and Box Home Loans have always been the lowest (so far!) in fees, closing costs and rates! From our personal experience, its fast and no-nonsense.

Box Home Loans services the following states:
  • Arizona
  • California,
  • Colorado,
  • Idaho,
  • Nevada,
  • New Mexico,
  • Oregon,
  • Texas,
  • Utah
  • Washington
To give you guys an idea of the rate comparisons we did some research today*:

LenderRateAPRClosing Costs
Box Home Loans (Slickdeals) []3.75%3.75%Free + $250 Credit
Box Home Loans (Direct)3.75%3.75%Free
First Internet Bank3.75%3.83%$1621
Box Home Loans (Slickdeals) []3.625%3.685%$1845
Box Home Loans (Direct)3.625%3.685%$2095
First Internet Bank3.625%3.704%$2649

LenderRateAPRClosing Costs
Box Home Loans (Slickdeals) []3.75%3.75%Free + $80 Credit
Box Home Loans (Direct)3.75%3.75%Free
First Internet Bank3.75%3.83%$1757
Box Home Loans (Slickdeals) []3.625%3.685%$1845
Box Home Loans (Direct)3.6253.685%$2095
First Internet Bank3.625%3.702%$2785

  • 30 Year Fixed Conventional Loan
  • $250,000 Home Value
  • $200,000 Loan Value
  • Clark County, Nevada
  • 740+ Credit Score
*Rates and data as of 06/07/2012 10:22am. We can't guarantee the availability of these rates, just showing you as a representative sample when we did the research!
If you purchase something through a post on our site, Slickdeals may get a small share of the sale.

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Last Edited by mrkk July 19, 2013 at 03:44 PM
If you walk away AFTER locking the rate it would cost you about 1000$ (some fee and appraisal costs)

Now offered in AZ!!

Just a FYI I had a bad experience using box. I was getting a ~400k loan on my house worth over 1 million and they refused to close the loan because 1 of 3 bathrooms was not complete, even though the "as-is" appraisal on my house was still ~1 million. After wasting my time I used CashCall got the same same rate and they funded the loan with no problems whatsoever...

IF INTERESTED IN, sign up with perkspot and get code for .25 rebate which is $250.00 for each 100K in loan value.

The code given here is the same as I got as govt employee.

Three criteria to fit in the box:*
  • Minimum 700 Credit Score.
  • Owner-Occupied Properties
  • Minimum 3.5% down (or equity)
*Other exclusions may apply. Consult your loan officer.

Box Home Loans only charges $149* in total lender and broker fees for conventional loans, and $199 for FHA Loans. No origination fees. No underwriting fees. No wire fees. No junk. And no, we do not raise your interest rate to make up for the low costs.

Compare the Right Fees

Read carefully. This is where most shoppers get taken. There are three types of fees in a mortgage quote--lender fees, third-party fees, and prepaid/escrow items--and only some of these should affect your comparison. We will summarize each and tell you how you should compare them.

Lender Fees
Lender fees consist of two things: points/origination fees and "junk" fees. You must take both into consideration. I repeat: you must add them together. Some lenders brag about charging "no points" only to charge you an "admin" fee of $1,995. Or others might advertise, "no junk fees" only to charge you twice the points of another lender. You also must know the following about the two different kinds of lender fees:

Points and/or Origination Fees
There are subtle differences to points and origination fees, but for the sake of comparison, they should be viewed as the same thing. The most important thing to know about points and origination fees is that their amounts go up or down as the interest rate goes up and down. Generally speaking, the lower your rate, the more you pay in points or origination fees. The higher the rate, the less you pay in points.

Lender "Junk" Fees
Underwriting Fees, Admin Fees, Tax Service Fees, Flood Certification Fees, Pay-For-My-Trip-To-Hawaii Fees, yada yada yada. The list goes on and on. It is somewhat amusing to see what kind of fees lenders make up. Basically, these are any fees not charged by the third parties below. And if a broker tries to pass off his partnering lender's underwriting fee as a third-party expense, don't believe it. Essentially, all fees not charged by the appraiser, credit agency, title company, or attorney, are all considered lender fees.

Third-Party Fees

Third-party fees don't matter as much to your comparison because those fees are essentially the same no matter where you get your loan. In fact, it is illegal for a mortgage company to pad these third-party fees. These costs include the appraisal, credit report, title company fees, and government fees (recording, transfer taxes, tax stamps, etc). Third-party fees do vary somewhat from provider to provider. Not all title companies charge the exact same fees, for example. But the differences are minimal and typically not subject to change. Therefore, don't waste too much time haggling over these. Haggle over the stuff that matters—lender fees!

Prepaid/Escrow Items

Prepaid/escrows items should have ZERO bearing on your comparison between two lenders. They represent the amount collected either to pre-pay (or escrow) your taxes, insurance, and interest. The amount a lender can collect for these items is highly regulated by the federal government, and does not fluctuate significantly from lender to lender. Yes, it is critical to understand the amount required for these items, but worry about this after you have chosen your lender.

To compare one lender with another, simply add up the points, origination fees, and lender "junk" fees for each lender.

What separates Box Home Loans from the rest is our lack of fees. It is stunning, actually. The only fees you will see from us are the points or lender credit associated with your rate and a processing fee of $149 for conventional loans and $199 for FHA loans.

Finally, whether you choose Box Home Loans for your next mortgage, these three comparison rules—Same Day, Same Rate, Right Fees—will prove invaluable as you shop for your next mortgage. Never again will you have to ask yourself, "Did I just pay too much?"

For everything else, make sure you're comparing the same rates, same values, and on the same day! It matters!


Make sure to check these rates OFTEN. Rates are RISING FAST this week, specifically yesterday.

Read: Mortgage Rates Reach Two-Month Highs. Best-Execution Shifts Higher [] (8/15/2012)
View: Today's Mortgage Rates []



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Quote from goastros View Post :
The company is in TX, so you could call and ask if they can do loans in TN?
i will pm their website, number, names.
I'm looking into refinancing an investment property in Texas. Can you send me the info as well? Company name, person of contact, and.. well, the contact (lol)? Thanks much!

Quote from Johnny99x View Post :
Just to add my experiences to this long, long thread:

I reluctantly chose to go with Provident, as their deal (including the "perks" website") beat BHL by a few hundred dollars. Provident has a lot of negative online reviews, so I was very reluctant. But other posters here have mentioned that if your numbers look good and there are no "surprises" for the lender, Provident would work fine. We have great credit and a decent LTV, so I took a shot.

The whole process took 23 days (I'm still in shock). No glitches, no last-minute phone calls and no dragging of feet. The only hassle was a mistake made by the notary who came to our house, which cost us an extra couple days as we submitted corrected documents.

We did a 30-year, 3.25% with no closing costs. I was concerned that Provident only gave us a 30-day lock, as I've never had a re-fi close in 30 days. But they managed to pull it off with a week to spare. Considering how worried I was at the beginning, it's amazing how flawless the whole experience turned out to be.

Also, with Provident, we were not penalized for declining an escrow account. At BHL, it would've cost us a few hundred extra in closing costs to decline the escrow account, but Provident was fine with it.

I would agree with most people who've already posted: the people I interacted with at Provident seemed young and somewhat over-worked. However, my e-mails and phone calls were returned in a timely fashion.
I've looked around a few places and it's been pretty tough for investment properties. My primary choice (more or less only cheap/low % available) is Provident. I'm hoping if it comes down to using them, I would get 2.875% for 15 year loan with no closing after the 0.25% discount.

Question for you though: Did you have to include an Escrow account for your property taxes and insurances? I have not gone anywhere with them yet, so I'm concerned opting-out would increase my fees. What about no pre-payment penalties? When did you find that info out in the loan process, and did you get a fee hike if you didn't want pre-payment penalties? Thanks!
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I did not escrow with Provident and no fees were assessed. And no pre-payment penalty or fee hike there. Just ask those questions during the initial phone call.
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Quote from codeyf View Post :
Just did my lock @ 3.375%, 30yr, zero due at closing. Will post as progress is made.
Is "zero due" or "no close" the same meaning: no loaner fee, no appraisal, no title insurance fee?

I have $135k wanted for refi with credit score ~770. best rate I can get is 15year, 3%, closing cost $2000~$2500. what is the problem here?
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I used to do home loans professionally through an agency (before things went to serious shyte) and one of the top places we resold through was always provident.

Zero due at closing means they probably wrapped his fees, etc into the loan.
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Quote from harbin View Post :
Is "zero due" or "no close" the same meaning: no loaner fee, no appraisal, no title insurance fee?

I have $135k wanted for refi with credit score ~770. best rate I can get is 15year, 3%, closing cost $2000~$2500. what is the problem here?
Sorry for the mis-phrase, I meant zero fees. I will have some cash needed at close for escrow for prop taxes and homeowners insurance however. The negative points more than covers the $149 lender fee, appraisal, and gov't filing fees.
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I work for a title company and am seeing rates 3.3% and below. This is not a great deal.
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Is owners title insurance necessary for a standard sale that the person just bought home 2 1/2 years ago?
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I just got my loan funded from BHL for a refi, so thought I'd post my experience.

It was a frustrating process, but I'm going from 4.125 to 3.25 30y fixed, so fairly substantial savings and in the end worth it.

I think it would have been a much smoother process if I didn't have a property in a foreign country. I'm originally from Scotland and have a mortgage on an apartment there. The loan officer was very helpful, but the underwriters (who you don't get to speak to) kept asking for more and more documentation on my other property and mortgage. Even after I had closed, but before I was funded, they were still asking for more.

I realize this was a little bit of an unusual case, but I don't understand why the underwriters couldn't figure out all the documentation they required rather than asking for it in bits and pieces leaving a lot until the last minute.

If this was for a purchase rather than a refi I would have been a lot more stressed out and probably just gone with someone else.

I would use BHL again and recommend for a refi, but all the last minute requests would put me off using them for a purchase.

They said I might not know who they sell the loan to until early next year, so will see what happens.
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There was no fee for declining an impound (escrow) account, but it may depend on your state regulations + what your LTV % is.

Also when they quote you no fees or even a credit, it's literally just a quote. I ended up paying $200 out of my pocket (not a big deal) after fees + credit report. Still worth it.
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I locked yesterday at Penfed for 3.25 for a 30 year, 0 points and 0 originiation.

Today, they have 3.125% for a 30 year with .125 points, 0 origination =(
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Quote from tqlla3k View Post :
I locked yesterday at Penfed for 3.25 for a 30 year, 0 points and 0 originiation.

Today, they have 3.125% for a 30 year with .125 points, 0 origination =(
Rate can go either way. A little fluctuation during rate locking period is expected. 10 years from now, looking at today's rate (at any given month in the past 12 months), we all will ask ourselves "When will this good stuff ever happen ever again in our lives?"
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Quote from moogoo541 View Post :
Is owners title insurance necessary for a standard sale that the person just bought home 2 1/2 years ago?
Unless it's your own home being refinanced, it's critical and wise to obtain an "OWNER" title insurance policy when buying a home from someone else, even when the previous owner just bought that home a short period of time ago. Lots of things can happen (like a pending lawsuit against that home owner)
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Hey All,

I currently have a 4.75% on my VA loan with USAA which I currently owe $180K (Prices kept falling so I essentially have 0 equity).

I keep getting spammed with VA IRRRL (interest rate reducing loans) refinance options on average of 3.75%.

My question is: Is the VA IRRRL a better route for me to go down (More incentives - also what are the incentives?) or should I try the more traditional route at a cheaper rate with Provident?
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Last edited by jmurrhee November 14, 2012 at 02:15 PM.
Do you know if they re-finance, if you are on work visa or EAD ? and who pays for the home appraisal ?
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Wanted to chime in and say I bought a home using Box Home Loans; it was a simple process, easy and they were communicative. Because it was a short-sale it got dragged out by the banks and various third parties (not Box Home Loan's fault), but they were always on-top of it and helpful.

I had an issue where I originally applied with a co-borrower, and mid-process decided to try it on my own. They were able to do this, but there was a bug in their system, so eventually even one of the founders personally stepped in to help fix it.

All in all, great rates, good service. Eventually my loan was sold to Penny Mac.
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