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RETIRED Viggle App - Get paid while you watch tv (iOS and Android))

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New Users: Please scroll down to the second wiki or click the link below for the FAQ and begin reading there!

"Official" Slickdeals Viggle Live Chatroom! [] Come join us for live VL Answers/My Guy tips!

Jump to: The FAQ Wiki | Primetime Schedule | TV Genius Trivia (#s, A-N) | TV Genius Trivia (O-Z) | Political Trivia | Football Trivia | Holiday Movie Trivia

Long Show Check-ins (1 pt/minute) []

Any Questions not found in the FAQ? Post or PM: Most of us will be happy to help! Smilie


Viggle Holiday Quest Show #1
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
12/4 8:00 p.m. EST on CBS

11/29 Holiday Deal: Kindle Fire HD for 275,000 points OOS now 375,000
11/26 Holiday Deal: JCP $10 gift card for 10,000 points OOS
11/23 Holiday Deal: Gap $10 gift card for 15,000 points OOS
11/20 1-800-FLOWERS 5,000 pts and Lowes, Barnes and Noble OOS!
11/07 Bestbuy and CVS are back
10/22 Gap and Sephora are back!

READ FIRST (more frequently asked questions on the second wiki):
Q: What is lag?
A: If your points are not crediting during primetime, it's probably lag. Lag happens often, especially during prime time. Lag appiles to everything you do during primetime (ads, check-ins, etc.) Sometimes, your 1 pt/minute comes in before the bonus points during a check-in. Your points will be delayed, but will be coming!
Q: How do I add shows to the wiki?
A: See this post!
Q: How do I record a soundclip?
Mobile Coming Soon!


NOTES: You MUST remain checked into these shows for at least 10 minutes to receive the bonus points!
All replay times listed based on Comcast East Coast listings!

Remember to add bonus shows to this Soundcloud group:
All DIRECTV exclusive bonus shows go to this group:

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO VOLUNTEER to make a Soundclip and/or track VL answers, please edit the daily schedule below and put your SD username in place of "♬" if you want to do a soundclip or "✎" if you want to track VL answers:
Here is a handy template for the VL Q&A if you would like to use it.
Here is a handy template for the Daily Schedule if you would like to use it.

Viggle Holiday Quest
Watch 5 holiday movies* with Viggle for 1000 points
Check in when you see the Holiday Quest badge

*Vigglers must check into the airing specified by the Quest badge to be eligible for the 1,000 points.
Holiday Quest runs from 12/4 - 12/25. 1,000 point bonus will be awarded by 1/1/13.

Holiday Quest Movies   
Movie Date @ Time Soundcloud Volunteer
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer [] ALT [] 12/4 @ 8pm on CBS ViggleQueen
It's a Wonderful Life TBA
White Christmas TBA
Miracle on 34th Street TBA
A Charlie Brown Christmas TBA
A Christmas Story TBA

Tuesday, 12/4/12
Wiki Editor SoundCloud Volunteer VL Q&A Volunteer
SportsCenter - ESPN [] - 10am +200 DirecTv Bonus Only
- - - -
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer [] - CBS - 8pm-9pm +50 Viggle Live! Answers ViggleQueen kema
Shark Tank (Shark Tank) [] - ABC - 8pm-9pm +50 Viggle Live! Answers Liefie
The Voice (Live Results Show) [] - NBC - 8pm-9pm +50 Viggle Live!Answers lisablue kbmum
- - - -
9pm: CarlitosKid
Go On (The World Ain't Over 'Til it's Over) [] ALT [] - NBC - 9pm-9:30pm +50 Viggle Live! Answers ViggleFit/Alt Babyspice CarlitosKid
New Girl (Bathtub) [] - FOX - 9pm-9:30pm +50 Viggle Live! Answers Liefie
Rizzoli & Isles (Love the Way You Lie) [] - TNT - 9pm-10pm +50 Viggle Live!Answers ViggleQueen PattyM
- - - -
The New Normal (Baby Proofing) [] - NBC - 9:30pm-10pm +50 Viggle Live!Answers ViggleFit CarlitosKid
- - - -
Parenthood (Trouble in Candyland) [] - NBC - 10pm-11pm +50 Viggle Live! Answers damdx PARGrammy
Private Practice (Life Support) - ABC - 10pm-11pm +50 Viggle Live! Answers Liefie  
The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show [] - CBS - 10pm-11pm +100 Viggle Live! Answers ViggleQueen ViggleFit
- - - -
Total Bonus Points (Not including the 1pt/min): 550    
Total Bonus Points for DirecTv Users (Not including the 1pt/min): 750    
Schedule for Next Day CarlitosKid   

Monday, 12/3/12  
Wiki Editor SoundCloud Volunteer VL Q&A Volunteer
SportsCenter [] - ESPN - 10am-11am +200 DirecTV Bonus Only nascar2010  
- - - -
Monday Night Countdown [] - ESPN - 6:30pm-8:30pm +200 DirecTV Bonus Only ViggleQueen  
- - - -
8pm: CarlitosKid
Bones (The Ghost in the Machine) [] ALT [] - FOX - 8pm-9pm +50 Viggle Live! Answers Liefie, Janet5631 CarlitosKid
How I Met Your Mother (Lobster Crawl) [] - CBS - 8pm-8:30pm +50 Viggle Live! Answers ViggleQueen PARGrammy
The Voice (Live Top 6 Performances) [] - NBC - 8pm-10pm +50 Viggle Live!Answers ViggleQueen babyspice
- - - -
8:30pm: CarlitosKid
New York Giants at Washington Redskins []ALT [] - ESPN - 8:30pm-11:30pm +50 MyGuy! CarlitosKid, ViggleQueen  
- - - -
2 Broke Girls (And the New Boss) [] - CBS - 9pm-9:30pm +100 +25 Viggle Live! Answers kiwimum CarlitosKid
Gossip Girl (It's Really Complicated) [] - CW - 9pm-10pm +50 Viggle Live! Answers babyspice
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Girls Gone Ojai'ld) [] - Bravo - 9pm-10pm +50 Viggle Live! Answers ViggleQueen
- - - -
Mike & Molly (Mike Takes a Test) [] - CBS - 9:30pm-10pm +50 Viggle Live! Answers ViggleQueen CarlitosKid
- - - -
10pm: Liefie
Castle (Secret Santa) [] - ABC - 10pm-11pm +50 Viggle Live! Answers Liefie damdx
Hawaii Five-0 (Ha'awe Make Loa) [] - CBS - 10pm-11pm +50 Viggle Live! Answers Liefie
- - - -
Total Bonus Points (Not including the 1pt/min): 550   
Total Bonus Points for DirecTv Users (Not including the 1pt/min): 950   
Schedule for Next Day diana9464   

Community Wiki

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PLEASE check here to see if your question has already been answered BEFORE posting it to the thread!

Table of Contents

New Users
Getting Started
Direct TV
General Info
Checking in to TV Shows
Instant Wins & Sweepstakes
The Reset
Error 2045/Banning
3-Point Game (Basketball)
My Guy
Home Run Derby
The Offer Wall
Viggle Live
Multiple Accounts
The Wiki/The Thread/Reps

This section of the wiki is for new users only!

Q: What is Viggle?

A: Viggle is an app available for iOS and Android which offers you gift cards, coupons, and electronics for simply watching TV and clicking ads in-app! Basically, Viggle can "check-in" to shows by using the microphone on your device to hear what show you're watching. Each check-in gets you a certain amount of points that you can redeem for gift certificates to Best Buy, Starbucks, Sephora, Burger King, iTunes, etc.!

Q: How do I download it?

A: Search for "Viggle" in the iTunes app store or download it for Android here... or scan this QR with your Android bar code scanner. QR Link []

Q: But not all rewards programs are created equal... How long does it take to get a gift card?

A: Ehhh... Viggle definitely isn't the best reward program out there but it isn't the worse either. It takes two weeks of LEISURE viggling to get a $5 gift card. The max you can earn per account per day is $3.00 in points. Viggle gives exclusive bonus points to DirecTV users so if you have DirecTV you may want to check Viggle out!

Q: I saw those HUGE tables above. What are those about?

A: You're looking at our primetime schedules. Viggle gives bonus points to the shows listed above each day. If you miss a show, you can check in up until 8am EST the morning after. So basically, click one of the links to start a video, open up the app and click "Check-in"... Viggle listens and you get gift cards!

Q: That seems like a lot of work. Any other ways to get points?

A: First of all, it is not a lot of work, but there are several other ways! in addition to check-ins you can also get points by clicking on in-game ads. You simply click an ad in-app and get credited for it! It's totally worth it... checking-in to a bonus show gives you 2 cents LMAO

Q: How do you do check-ins? Where are the ads? What other rewards are there? How many points can I get? AAAH! So many questions! Where can I find the answers?

A: Scroll down just a little bit... we have users who adds all of those wonderful questions to the FAQ! Download the app and read the FAQ over and begin using the app! If you don't get it, you can always post on this thread or PM me, Peatree2 or any other user! We're happy to answer all of your questions!

Q: Is Viggle worth my time?

A: That you decide. With minimal effort, you can earn ~$1.00 a day by check-ins, ads, trivia, My Guy (see below). On better days you can earn more. Viggle is worth a try! Download it and see if it's an app for you.

-Return to Table of Contents-


So now you've downloaded the app with the info above. Now what?

This 5-minute tutorial will help you get the most out of Viggle!

1. You should see the Viggle start page when you open the app... Register! Make sure you use a valid email! After you register, you have to CONFIRM your email to get rewards!
2. After you're done with that, check the upper right corner of your app. You should have gotten a +200 bonus.
3. Don't click the upper right corner yet... look down. You should see three more buttons at the bottom, What's On, Check-In and Rewards.
4. We'll check out the Rewards Catalog first. Scroll and look at all the wonderful rewards! You can also click "Featured rewards" at the top for a drop down list of other reward categories!
5. Now to What's On! This is the place where all the bonus shows are updated. You should see a bonus with each show... from +50 to +150. Scroll and see all the shows! Don't click yet... we'll go through clicking later on!
6. Now return to the first tile on What's On. Scroll three times... you'll come to the first ad tile. Scroll three more to the second ad tile. Scroll three more to the third ad tile. Sometimes good ads show up in the ad tiles... more about ads later on!
7. Done with What's On for now! Go to Check-Ins. You should see a huge V... the Viggle logo. This is the place where you check into TV shows! Let's try it out...
8. Turn on your TV to one of your favorite channels. Now click the Check-In button and let Viggle listen to your TV! If your check in is successful, congrats! Now press "back" on the upper left corner of the show tile. Check-ins are one of the three main ways to get points.
9. Ads are another major way to earn points! Ads don't appear 24/7, however they do appear at various times throughout the day. Read on for more details Smilie
10. Another major way to earn points is Viggle Live. Viggle Live is basically live trivia for a show. When a show starts with Viggle Live, you can play along and answer trivia questions with the show to win lots of points... usually 400 for a 1-hour show! But I'm not going to go in detail. You now know the basics... scroll down to read more! Again, if you still need help, PM me, Peatree2 or any other user! Big Grin

-Return to Table of Contents-


Viggle offers exclusive features if you link your DirectTV account with your Viggle account! These are the DirectTV member exclusives:

-new shows added with +200 bonus for directv customers
-sign up for dtv and get +200,000 pts (new customers only and have to stay signed up for at least 90 days but don't you usually get suckered in to a 2yr with them?
-+100 on 12 football games for DTV

To link your account, go to your profile in the upper right corner and click on the gear settings button. Then change your TV provider to DirecTV. Note: you actually need a DirecTV account to gain the exclusive new bonuses and enter your email/pass. It's not that easy... Stick Out Tongue

NOTE THAT TO LINK, you need...iOS 5.0 or greater or Android 2.2 or greater.

There is a maximum of 4 Viggle accounts per DIRECTV account!!!

EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Enter promo code "DirecTV" when you make a new viggle account to get a +4000 bonus IF you have a DirecTV login


Q: Is Viggle available for Android?

A: Yes, it is currently available at the Google Play Store. [] Latest version is 1.0.8 as of 9-7-12.

If for some reason you cannot download from the Play Store due to "incompatible app" or your device does not come with Play Store access (for example, Kindle Fire), you can download the APK file directly HERE []. You do so at your own risk. If Viggle has flagged your device as incompatible, it is highly likely there's an issue with that device (crashing on start, missing check-in functions, etc.).

Instructions to installing the APK file can be found at the following website HERE [] (Note: This works for any Android device, not just the device listed on the website. The instructions are specific to the Kindle Fire but can be easily be figured out for other devices. Google is your friend here.)

Q: Does Viggle have any social network sites?
A: Yes. They have a Twitter [], Facebook [], YouTube [] and Blog [].

Q: How can I contact Viggle Support?
A: Your best option is to contact them via e-mail at or send a Tweet to their Support Twitter []. You can also call 1-800-2VIGGLE!

Q: Where can I send my ideas or suggestions?
A: Send them via e-mail to!

Q: Can more than one person share a device?
A: Yes - you can have two accounts on the same device, but if Viggle senses any "unusual" activity, you will be flagged for review.

Q: What's the url for creating an account online?
A: []

Q: What are the ad tiles?
A: The ad tiles are in the featured show carousel. Click What's On, then swipe three times to go to the first ad tile, three more times to go to the second ad tile, three more to the third ad tile. Ad tiles are where ads show up, especially at the reset.

Q: How can I search for shows?
A: Click the small square at the upper left corner of the app... then click Search for Shows.

Q: Why should I search for shows?
A: Several reasons, including knowing when your favorite programs air. But mostly to get more ads... sometimes ads show up on special shows during the reset (ex. American Idol), and you have to search for them.

Q: There's a "Thanks for using Viggle" bonus in my account. What is it for?
A: It's probably for a show that you checked into that didn't credit... (ex. Mysteries at the Museum didn't credit in Late May and everyone who checked-in got a +100 "Thanks for using Viggle" bonus)

Q: How do I like a show?
A: Go to any show's tile, then click the star button in the upper right corner. Then, go to your profile (upper right corner) and then the drop down list. Go to "Likes" to see your liked shows! Note: you can only have 25 liked shows.

-Return to Table of Contents-


Q: When can I check-in to a show?

A: You can check into a show at any time during the program, EXCEPT within the last 5 minutes of its airing. You do not have to check in when the show first starts.

Q: How/when do I receive points for checking in to a show?

A: Once you are checked into a show, you will receive points for the time you watched the show (1 point/minute). Viggle assumes you watch until the end. Your points credit WHEN the show ends OR when you check into another show.

Q: How long will I receive points for watching?

A: You will continue earning points until: a) the show ends or b) you check in to another show.

Q: After I check in to a show, do I have to leave the app open?

A: No.

Q: After I check in to a show, do I have to watch the whole show to receive credit?

A: No, you actually only need to watch enough to get checked in (unless it is a show with bonus points). You will get credit from the time you check-in until the show goes off or you check-in to a different show, even if you do not continue watching the show.

Q: What are "Featured Shows"?

A: The shows on the "Featured Shows carousel" are shows worth bonus points. In order to earn these, you MUST remain checked in to that show for at least 10 minutes. You may only earn these bonus points for one check in, regardless of whether you watch the show live or recorded. If you check out of the show after 10+ minutes, you won't get a pop-up notification telling you that you've earned the points, but your point balance will increase with bonus (you may need to refresh your point total).

Q: What is manual check-in?

A: Manual check-in is another form of checking in instead of letting Viggle listen to your phone. Simply attempt to check-in, but you don't have to do anything... just let the app listen to silence. After the app notifies you that your check-in fails, do it again... but this time, you can manually enter the show you want to check-in to. This is useful when Viggle doesn't recognize your show, some other event (like pro basketball or golf) goes into Overtime and takes up a part of the show, or you don't have the channel the show is on. Note: this can only be used when your show is CURRENTLY on air. So if you want to check into a show that aired the day before, you can't use manual check-in, unless there's a re-air. You can only manual check-in to shows less than 60 minutes. So if you try to manual check-in to a 90 minute newscast, can't do. However, the one exception to this rule is sporting events... no time limit for those.

Q: What about DVRed shows
A: Viggle can recognize recorded content, but may not always be able to do so. Shows that are not live CANNOT be manually checked into. DVRed shows also qualify for "Featured Show" bonus points (but remember, you are only eligible for "Featured Show" bonuses once, regardless of how many times you check in). You must check in by 8am EST the next morning to get the bonus points.

Q: What about shows on channels I don't subscribe to?

A: You can still check into these shows manually.

Q: Viggle doesn't seem to be listening to my TV!

A: In order for Viggle to listen to your TV (and check you in to the show), you need a microphone. If using an early generation iPod, you HAVE to have an EXTERNAL MICROPHONE in order for Viggle to HEAR your TV! Newer generation iPods have built in mics.

Q: I don't have a built- in microphone! Where can I purchase an external mic.?
A: You can find inexpensive microphones that plug into the headphone jack on or eBay. Here's an example of one: Menotek Mini iPod Microphone [].

Q: Are there any limits on the amount of shows I can check into?
UPDATE 9-12-12 Viggle is now enforcing the 12 hours of watched shows per day. After you have reached the max of 720 minutes/points in a 24 hour period you will stop earning minutes for shows and bonuses for checking into shows, but can still earn ad and Viggle Live points.
Update: As of 6-16-12, there is no 12-hour limit. However, even though this rule is not enforced, if you check-in to more than 12 hours of shows per day, you may get a ban from Viggle.
A: You may only check into and earn points for a MAXIMUM of 12 hours of television programming per day. The "day" resets at 12 AM Eastern each night. After this reset, you may begin watching and earning again. Note: If you check into a 1-hour show halfway in, it'll only count for 30 minutes, not 1 hour. You really only need 10 minutes for a check-in bonus.

Q: When will I get the points for a show that runs across the daily reset (e.g. 11pm to 1am EST)?
A: You'd be getting all the points as well as any bonus points for that show on the second next day. You only get points after the show ends or you check into something else, and there is no partial credit for the hour of TV watched on the previous day. If you're looking for the points to credit on the first day, make sure you check into another show at least one minute before the reset (e.g. 11:59 pm).

Q: Can I still check into shows one day after they air and get the 1 pt/minute?
A: Yes and No. You must check into the show by 8am EST to be able to get bonus points as well as the 1pt/minute. After that,they are gone! But you can't use manual check-in... you're going to have to make Viggle think you're actually watching the show... for that use the links in the first wiki.

Q: Will I still get bonus points for featured shows if I use the process above?
A: Maybe... or maybe not. Bonus points are only available until 8am EST after shows first air like the 1 pt/minute.

Q: I didn't get my bonus points for a show I checked into right when it aired. Why?
A: The most likely reason is that Viggle thinks you're checked into last week's episode... make sure the episode name matches the one above in the primetime schedule wiki! If it doesn't, re-check in. Sometimes shows have a problem and it's a technical error on Viggle's side... If that happens, a few bonus points will be added to your account in a few days.[/COLOR]

Q: Why is a certain show giving bonus points, although it's not in the featured show carousel?
A: Sometimes old shows (shows from Feb, March, April) when Viggle first started re-air and sometimes they tend to give bonus points again. Hunt around and check in to any show... you might get a surprise when you check your point history.

Q: I don't want to keep on checking into shows. Are there any shows with long running times to check in to?
A: Yes - see the top post about long running shows.
-Return to Table of Contents-


Q: How can I earn Viggle points?
A: You can earn points in the following ways:
  • Checking-in to TV shows (1 point per minute)
  • Watching ads or trailers (5-125 points)
  • Answering trivia questions with Viggle Live, TV Genius, and other seasonal activities (point amounts vary by event)

Q: My points appear to be lagging or not crediting.
A: Lag occurs regularly, especially during peak hours (primetime, after reset). Your points will add later on. Occasionally ads might not credit at all, however, but this is not as common as lag. If it's not a server lag, you can click on your points total to go to the profile page which usually updates the total. Or you can logoff and logon again which may also update the total.

Q: What should I do if I know an ad isn't crediting properly?
A: You should report the issue by tweeting to @vigglesupport or sending an e-mail to so that it can be corrected.

Q: Are there any limitations on the amount of points I can earn?
A: You can earn a MAXIMUM of 6,000 points per day. The "day" resets at 12 AM Eastern each night. After this reset, you may begin earning again.
Exception: if you've earned 5999 points and you check-in to a show worth 300 points, you can earn 6299 points. But if you've earned 5999 and watch a 5 pt ad, your max for the day is 6004 points... time your last check-in to be a big one!

Q: MAX OUT? How do you do that?
A: It's very hard to max out unless you are lucky enough to get a huge batch of repeating ads! Normally, you can make about 1500 per day from check-ins, 500 from ads, and if there's VL, ~1,500 from Viggle Live sessions.

Q: Am I notified when I reach the daily point limit?
A: No! Once you reach the daily point limit, your points will stop increasing. You should record how many points you start with each day so you'll know when you've maxed out.

Q: How can I turn off point popup notifications?

A: See how to do so HERE!

Q: Can my points expire?
A: Yes! Your points will expire if your account is INACTIVE for one year, NOT one year after you earn them.

-Return to Table of Contents-


Q: What are ads?

A: If you really have that question, seriously? Smilie But Viggle's ads aren't those pop-up ads you find in free apps, but they are ads that you can watch for Viggle points. And Viggle points equals money. Ads are THE major way of getting points, besides check-ins.

Q: How do I watch these ads?

A: Ads are on certain Featured shows and other shows that you can search for. Ads are also on the tiles (see below if you don't know what a tile is).

Q: When do ads appear?

A: Random times throughout the day, but usually during the reset (see "the reset" section below)

Q: How many points are ads worth?

A: Between 5 points and 125 points. Remember that a 125 point ad is equal to about 6 cents in gift cards! Worth it to spend 45 seconds on!

Q: How long are the ads?

A: Usually 15 or 30 seconds, but some trailers are 2-3 minutes. Note that even though an ad is longer, it may not be worth as many points as a shorter ad... Some 5 point ads are 3 minutes long while 75 point ads are 15 seconds long.

Q: How many times can you watch an ad?

A: As many times as it shows up. If it shows up twice, watch it twice. If it only shows up once, you can obviously only watch it once.

Q: What is "mashing" ads?

A: Mashing ads is defined as clicking on every ad you see in the app... it's an easy way to get points.

Q: Do the prizes I win from instant wins and sweepstakes count towards the yearly $550 limit?[/B]
A: No, they do not! But what are the chances you'll win?

-Return to Table of Contents-


Q: What rewards can I redeem for?

A: Rewards can frequently go in and out of stock, so see the rewards catalog in the app for the most up to date list of prizes.

Q: Oh no! My favorite reward went out of stock.
A: Too bad. Just kidding... if you check Viggle's Facebook or twitter page, Viggle will usually post when/if the reward is coming back. Most likely, it'll return but there are no guarantees. Rewards will often go out of stock, be removed from the catalog, and return later on.

]Q: What is everyone saving up for?
A: I would say the majority of Viggle users here are saving up for either Best Buy or Amazon, although they have a slightly higher redeem rate than other GC's.

Q: How long does it take you to get to a BB or Amazon card?
A: If you max out every day, a little more than a week, It should take a minimum of 9 days, however it may take 8 if you happen to go over your point limit by a bit.With Viggle's new point limits and lack of ads/bonus shows, it seems more likely that a month is a more realistic number.

Q: Is there a limit on the amount of rewards I can redeem?

A: Yes, you may only redeem a maximum of $550 in rewards per calendar year, UNLESS if you redeem a reward with a value over $550... if you do, Viggle will send you a tax form.

Q: What if I want an award that requires to be shipped?

A: Viggle will ship it to your address... make sure your address is correct! It takes 4-6 weeks for your award to arrive, so don't go crazy when it doesn't arrive in two days like Amazon Prime. Smilie

Q: Has anyone ever successfully redeemed one of the big-level prizes like the Kindle or Apple TV?

A: Several people have redeemed it. However, I wouldn't recommend it AT ALL. Prices are usually cheaper on BB/Amazon (Apple TV, iPod Touch) And the Kindle will be reduced once the Kindle 2 comes out...

Q: Why didn't I receive my reward via e-mail?
A: You have to confirm your e-mail address with Viggle before your rewards will be e-mailed to you. You may do so through your profile within the app. If your reward does not come after a week and you've confirmed your email, double check that it's correct.

Q: I redeemed something and my points have been reduced but I haven't gotten my reward. What happened?
A: This happens, rarely, but it happens. In this case, wait a few hours before taking action... sometimes rewards are delayed. If nothing happens, email Viggle with info about your reward... they'll credit you for the points you lost.

Q: How can I view my rewards history?

A: See how HERE!

Q: How can I check the balance on my Best Buy gift card?

A: You can check the balance here []. You will need the gift card number & PIN!

Q: Can I stack gift cards or exchange them for physical gift cards or different gift cards?

A: See more information on your available options HERE or below:

CVS - unlimited stacking in store (not sure if there is a register limitation)?
It is possible to use up to 8 CVS Gift cards or money cards in one transaction. However, CVS is not able to merge multiple e*cards into one card.
Please call 1-800-746-7287 with any further questions or comments.
Barnes and Noble - can stack multiples (some report up to and perhaps more than $200 if phone order), can stack multiples in-store
Lowes - can not combine, can stack in-store and online to over $100 on single order
Papa Johns - can stack if choose cash option for payment, otherwise only 1GC per order
Chili's - can stack
1-800-Flowers - 1 GC per order
iTunes - Can stack onto account for iTunes and Mac App Store
JC Penny - 2 per order online, maximum 20 per order in store
GAP, Banana Republic, Old Navy - 5 GCs per online order, unlimited in store
Best Buy - stack using Pitch-In card (search the thread for "Best Buy (or BB) pitch in card."); can also purchase prepaid Visa cards and Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Shutterfly and online gaming gift cards
BK - can add on a physical card
Starbucks - can combine to one large card

Q: Do you have to fill out a tax form if the reward you're going to redeem for is more than $550?

A: Yes! So if you don't want to deal with the tax form, here's a hint... don't redeem for anything more than $550. (MacBook Air, Royal Caribbean Cruise) Like you're going to get there anyways...

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Q: What is the reset?
A: The reset is one of the complicated things about Viggle... it's a period of time where Viggle's servers reset and the best ads come in. You can often find the best ads during this time. Pay attention to the thread during this time... users will often post where the best ads are located!

Q: Nice! When is the reset?
A: The reset time changes everyday so no one really knows "when" it is! Several times the reset has been are 5:00 PM ET, 7:00 PM ET, 7:15 PM ET, 7:45 PM ET, 8:00 PM ET, 12:00 PM ET, 4:00 AM ET, and more.
Q: How many points can you earn during each reset?
A: Again, it depends, but each reset will probably get you around 500 points. Sometimes you'll only get 100, sometimes you'll max out with a reset alone.

Q: How long does the reset last?
A: The reset usually lasts 15 minutes beginning the time listed above, but sometimes more or less.

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Q: I received an "Error 2045" when trying to redeem. What does that mean?

A: This means that your account has been flagged for suspicious activity. If you're 2045'ed, you can't redeem for rewards. To get your account reinstated, either email OR tweet @ViggleSupport on Twitter. You can also try to call Viggle at phone number 1800-2-viggle (1-800-284-4453).

Q: If I received an Error 2045, what will happen to my points?

A: Your points are lost forever, UNLESS you are reinstated (most accounts are reinstated). If you do get reinstated, all of your points remain in your account.

Q: How can I get banned?

A: Suspicious activity. For example, earning too many points at once, "cheating", etc. Remember, most Viggle stuff on this thread is AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!

UPDATE 7-12-12 One more precaution. If you get the any of the quizzes(see below), do NOT click any of the answers multiple times. Be careful and only touch the screen once per question. You WILL be banned if your finger moves accidentally and hits any of the answers a second time! Why? Because every time you hit a correct answer, you get the amount of points. If you hit it twice, you get double the amount of points... just don't do it!

Q: What does Error 2045 look like?

A: You asked for it, not me. laugh out loud

Q: What are the symptoms of getting banned?

A: No symptoms. Your points will credit fine, but when you redeem, it gets laid on you.

Q: How can I find out if I'm banned?

A: Redeem something in the rewards catalog. If you're just checking if you're banned, try to redeem something small. If you get Error 2045, you're banned. If you don't, you aren't. Easy as that.

Q: Viggle won't reinstate my account. Frown What do I do now?

A: Email them again if you lost a lot of points. Then again. Several users have reported getting their account reinstated on their 3rd try... if they really won't, get a new email and make a new account.

Q: Viggle isn't replying to my email/tweet!!!

A: Be patient! If a reply doesn't come in a day or two, try again. There's a chance it got lost. If there's still no reply, try redeeming again. Sometimes Viggle will reinstate your account and not even tell you... shhhh!

Q: I got banned but I have unused rewards in my account. Will Viggle take my rewards away?

A: No, your rewards are safe if you redeemed before you got 2045.

Q: What is Viggle's phone number?
A: 1-800-2-viggle (1-800-284-4453).

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My Guy

Q: What is My Guy and how does it work?
A: My Guy is a football orientated game that's sort of like Viggle Live! You pick a player and if the player does good things (scores a touchdown, tackles a player, etc.) you gain points! However, if the player fails (fumbles the ball, incomplete pass) you lose points! You can switch players throughout the game.

Q: Where do I find the game?
A: My Guy is available for some college games and most NFL games! To find which games have My Guy, read the thread!

Q: How do I play?
A: Easy! Simply pick a player from either team! You can swi

Q: HELP! I don't know anything about football!
A: Frown If you go to our chatroom (link at the very top of the page) we can help you with plays! Or you can try the set it and forget it method. Pick a good player (quarterback, etc.) and leave it their the whole game and go off and enjoy your day! Hopefully you'll come back and get a bonus!

Q: How does it work?
A: When your selected player does something good your score goes up. When your chosen player does three positive things in a row, you're on a streak! The Streak Bonus will double all scores for as long as it lasts! It ends when you player makes a mistake.The Streak Bonus carries over from one player to another and keeps going as your chosen player doesn't break the streak.

Q: Can you exit out of the game and do check-ins?
A: Yes, points will still keep on going in the background as long as you pick a player. You can even exit out of the app... points will still keep on going.

Check the "How to Play" instructions in game for more information!


Q: What is the offer wall?
A: Ever download an app that wants you to do an "offer" (sign up for a visa credit card) to earn free cash? Whether you like it or not, Viggle has implemented it in their app.

Q: Where can I find the offer wall?
A: Try looking through Featured shows. The Offer Wall shows up just like ads and the 3-point game.

Q: How many points do you get from an offer?
A: According to Viggle, up to 30,000. But most offers are around the 3,000 category.

Q: Do you have to pay to complete the offers?
A: Some yes, some no.

Q: Do these offers really pay out?
A: The Visa offer (2,500 points) has been confirmed to pay out instantly, but no other offers have been confirmed. Try it out!

Q: I did an offer but I didn't get my points. What should I do?
A: Post on this thread to inform everyone then email Viggle about it. Don't tell me you don't know how to email Viggle.

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Q: What's is Viggle Live?
A: Viggle Live is Viggle's version of playing along during a show. When a show airs with Viggle Live, open up that show from the featured carousel and click "Play along with Viggle Live." You'll be given trivia questions to answer (usually +10 for correct, +1 for incorrect), polls to answer, and predictions to make (who will win the super bowl). Sometimes Viggle Live also includes questions from commercials, so you have to pay attention!

Q: What time zone do you have to be in?
A: Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern (continental US) When you first start up Viggle Live, you'll get to select your time zone.

Q: How long does Viggle Live last?
A: Throughout the entire length of the show you're watching. However, sometimes Viggle Live will start a little after the show starts (15 minute delay). Don't worry if it does!

Q: What shows have Viggle Live?
A: It depends. Usually sporting events and awards ceremonies (Super Bowl, Grammys, etc.) But also lots of regular shows, including Whale Wars and American Idol.

Q: How much is a question worth?
A: Usually +10 for a correct answer, +1 for incorrect. For some major events, like the MTV Movie Awards, correct answer point values are doubled or even sometimes tripled.

Q: How many points can you get from Viggle Live?
A: It depends on how generous Viggle is and the amount of points a question is worth. Usually, for an 1 Hour Show, If you get all the questions correct and with no polls up to +500; For some TV events points range from about +500 to +3000.

Q: What if I don't know an answer?

Q: What? Viggle Live chat?
A: Oh yes. This thread does a chat every time there's Viggle Live to post answers. We post all answers there! Listen in and chat with us to gain points! The chat is fun, come along!

Q: How do I find out what shows have Viggle Live?
A: Either go above to the primetime schedules above to check what shows have Viggle Live or scroll through the Featured carousel... if you see anything with "Play along with Viggle Live", go ahead!

Q: How many times can I play Viggle Live each day?
A: You can play Viggle Live for each show that has it available. Sometimes shows will overlap, which makes it hard. You can play it four times, in each time zone, but you risk the chance of getting banned... however you will probably not. Many of us have been playing Viggle Live 4X with no problems.

Q: What if I missed the show time but still want to play Viggle Live?
A: If you missed it when it was live for a show in your time zone, you can play along in another time zone. Same goes if you want to play it early... play along in a different time zone. You may not play Viggle Live when a show reruns.

Q: What was the first Viggle Live?
A: If you're curious for history, the first Viggle Live was the Super Bowl. This Viggle Live (actually called the "Viggle Bowl") was super... the max was around 25,000-50,000 points and Amazon and BB GC's were offered for 4,000 points as a promotion. Don't you wish you were around during this time?

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Q: What are quizzes?
A: Viggle has several +5 and +15 quizzes or polls. They appear like ads in different shows and have the Viggle logo on them. Click one to answer 1-5 questions... and you'll get easy bonus points! Quizzes are sort of like Viggle Live... simple questions!

*There are no active quizzes yet*

Q: What is TV Genius?
A: Scroll down or click here for the the third wiki!

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Q: Power users?
A: Yeah, couldn't think of a better name. Basically households who have multiple accounts.

Q: Why SHOULDN'T I have multiple accounts?
A: Multiple accounts is NOT for everyone. According to the Viggle TOS, you can only have one account per person and you MAY get banned in the process. Multiple accounts is a good if your household only has one phone and you have multiple people who want to Viggle.

Q: How can you have multiple accounts?
A: Get another email address in addition to your first email and join here... []
So now you have two Viggle accounts, for each member in your household.

Q: Is there a way to combine points from two accounts?
A: You really thought it would be that easy? Nope, you can't.

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Bluestacks is a program that will allow you to run Android apps on your PC or Mac. Obviously, this could help with Viggle.

Go to to learn more.

Note that Bluestacks does not support Viggle check-ins. However, you can run ads and do trivia on it. This could be useful if you are a POWER USER ^.

Note: Follow these instructions to update to latest version of Viggle on Bluestacks:


The following questions are not about Viggle, but about our awesome wiki/thread!

Q: What if I want to see past primetime schedules?
A: Easy, click "revisions" at the upper left corner of the wiki, under "link to this wiki" and "edit contents."

Q: What if I don't see revisions?
A: If you're a new user, you might not see revisions... But just contribute a little and you'll be able to see the link soon enough.

Q: What if I don't think a wiki question is correct or I have something to add?
A: Add/change it! The majority of the FAQ was written by one person and mistakes do happen... there are several controversial topics about Viggle right now. If you don't want to change the wiki, post on the thread and someone will change it for you.

Q: What if I have a question that isn't in the wiki?
A: If you know the answer, add it! If you don't, you can post it in the thread or PM me, Peatree2, or any other user! We'll be happy to answer all of your questions! If you want to learn more about a certain subject, ask for it or PM me, and soon you'll see a new section in the wiki. Smilie

Q: What is "rep" and how do I rep someone?
A: REP = Reputation. You give reputation points on Slickdeals to someone who helps out. Go to any post and look to the left. Do you see that little green square below the user's name? All you have to is click on that square and type a comment. "Thanks for the ____" Then click Add to Reputation.

Q: Now I'm confused. When I try to rep someone, that user's rep total doesn't grow. Why?
A: Well, you need to have 50 posts before you can rep someone. So if you just started here, you can still rep, but you need 50 posts for your rep to count for anything.

Q: Why do some users give out 1 rep while others give out 4?
A: You'd think the user would be able to pick, but no. Your reps start at 1 point (once you have 50 posts), you get an additional point once you get to 500 reps, you get an additional point once you get 1000 reps, you get an additional point once you make 10,000 posts, and you get an additional point for every year you're an SD member. The most rep points you can have is 4. But it's the thought that counts, right?

Q: When I try to rep someone, it says I need to spread the love. Why?
A: That person is just too helpful! That means you've already repped that person. Don't worry, you can rep that person soon again, but you have to rep some other helpful people while you're at it! But don't rep too many people! There's a 24-hour limit on how many people you can rep... but you don't need to know that much, right?

Q: What does rep do for me?
A: It looks good on your profile! When you get more rep, your square changes color! Also, you get a new secret message... to see your message, hover your mouse over your or someone else's rep square! Also, for every 200 rep points you have, you get an extra entry in the daily SD giveaway.

Q: What is a PM?
A: Private message. You can send any user a private message. All you have to do is click any user's name (above where you rep) and click the second option: "Send a private message to ____" Then type your message and send it off into space. If you get a reply to that message, you'll see a blue notification at the lower right corner of your screen, or you can always check your inbox.

Q: What is the Archive?
A: Click here to find an archive of sections of this FAQ that are either expired or temporarily inactive.

Q: What does YMMV, RP, AI, etc. mean?
A: You gotta love abbreviations. Here are some of the most common ones used on this thread:

AGT: America's Got Talent (TV show where ads are common)
AI: American Idol (TV show where ads are common)
BB: This is the confusing one... Either the 3-point game (Basketball), Best Buy gift cards, Big Brother (TV show), or Breaking Bad (TV show)! You pick which one is in context.
HRD: Home Run Derby (game)
PLL: Pretty Little Liars (TV show where ads are common)
RP: Royal Pains (TV show where ads are common)
SYTYCD: So You Think You Can Dance (TV Show)
VL: Viggle Live (See section above)
YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary (some people may get a certain ad while others won't)

GAWI: JetBlue Get Away With It (now expired, wiki section above)
JB: JetBlue (Either the trivia or the Get Away with It game)


Q: How do I shutdown/restart Viggle?
IOS: Press the Home button twice and a menu at the bottom should appear, find the Viggle icon and hold it down. A red - symbol should appear. Tap that and Viggle will shut down until you restart it.
Android: Install a 'task killer' app

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Once Upon a Time
According to their fairy tale counterparts, Mary Margaret is apparently Emma's ___. Mother
All of the fairy tale stories are found in __. Henry's storybook
At the end of the last season, Mr. Gold poured ___ into the Wishing Well. True love potion
August is changing back into wood because ___. He hasn't been a good boy
Before actor Jared Gilmore was Henry, he appeared on the critical darling __. Mad Men
Before he fell in love with Mary Margaret, David was married to a woman named ___. Kathryn
Before Jennifer Morrison become Emma, she played a doctor on ___. House
Before Sebastian Stan became the Mad Hatter, he was Carter Baizen on ___. Gossip Girl
Belle's father sent her across town lines via___. The mines
Charming took Ruby to the __ after the jail cells were compromised. Library
Creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz were writers on ___. LOST
David and the dwarves were mining for ___. Fairy dust
David confronted Regina about the charred _____. Hat
Dr. Hopper works as a ___ in Storybrooke. Therapist
Dr. Hopper's adorable dog is named ___. Pongo
Dr. Whale fairy tale counterpart is ____. Dr. Frankenstein
Dr. Whale is played by David Anders, who had the role of Julian Surk on _____. Alias
Earlier in the season, Emma and Snow met _____. Cora
Earlier in the season, the ship headed off to ___. Neverland
Emilie de Ravin plays Belle on "Once Upon a Time". Who did she play on "Lost"? Claire
Emma might resent being abandoned by her parents, but she kept her baby ___. Blanket
Emma worked as a __ before moving to Storybrooke. Bail bond agent
Frederick was turned into ___. Gold
Ginnifer Goodwin (Mary Margaret/Snow) starred as Kate Hudson's best friend in the movie ___. Something Borrowed
Ginnifer Goodwin starred alongside Julia Roberts in _____. Mona Lisa Smile
Grumpy discovered magic __. Diamonds
Grumpy's original name was __. Dreamy
Henry's nightmare left him with a __. Burn
Hook said that Cora was in search of a ____. Compass
In a flashback, Red insisted Snow leave her alone during a full moon because her clock (cloak) was __. Ripped
In one episode of "Once Upon a Time," Henry was trapped in a ___. Mine
In the fairy tale world, Storybrooke's psychologist Archie Hopper is ____. Jiminy Cricket
It looked like Ruby killed Billy but it was really __. King George
Josh Dallas plays modern-day David Nolan. Who is his fairy tale counterpart? Prince Charming
King George cursed Snow with ___. Infertility
Last season, Henry collapsed after eating a poisoned ___. Apple turnover
Last season, we learned that August was ___. Pinocchio
Moe French's flower delivery business is named ___. Game of Thorns
Most of the characters have ___ counterparts. Fairy tale
Mr. Gold said that ___ is now a crutch he can't live without. Magic
Mulan is played by Jamie Chung, who had a role in the 2011 film ___. Hangover Part 2
On Once Upon a Time, Grumpy's original name was ___. Dreamy
On Once Upon a Time, Regina is Storybrooke's ___. Mayor
Once Upon a Time creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis also produced ___. Lost
Once Upon a Time star Jared Gilmore is also known for his role on ___. Mad Men
Once Upon a Time star Jennifer Morrison played a doctor on __. House
Once Upon a Time won ___ at the 2011 TV Guide Awards . Favorite New Series
Prince Charming was originally betrothed to Princess Abigail, daughter of ____. King Midas
Princess Aurora is also known as ___. Sleeping Beauty
Prior to playing Emma Swan, Jennifer Morrison spent several seasons on ___. House
Red Riding Hood can morph into a _____. Wolf
Red's ___ stops her from transforming into a wolf during a full moon. Cloak
Red's __ stops her from transforming into a wolf during the full moon. Cloak
Red's granny transformed her __ into a cage for Red's alter ego. Freezer
Regina has a beloved ___ tree in her back yard. Apple
Regina is Storybrooke's ___. Mayor
Regina once married Snow's father, King __. Leopold
Regina put her spell book in a _____. Safe
Regina searched Mr. Gold's shop for a _____. Book
Revenge featured a special collaboration between Neiman Marcus & ___. Target
Robert Carlyle (Rumplestiltskin) earned several award nods for his lead performance in the 1997 film _____. The Full Monty
Rumplestiltskin can be killed by ___. The Dark Dagger
Rumplestiltskin told Regina that if she lived in the past, she'd never find her____. Future
Rumplestiltskin trained Regina in ripping out hearts by practicing on ____. A Unicorn
Rumplestiltskin used to be known for being a great ___. Coward
Rumplestiltskin's son, Baelfire, was supposed to fight in the ___ Wars. Ogre
Sebastian Stan plays Jefferson on "Once Upon a Time." He has also appeared in ___. Captain America: The First Avenger
Storybrooke's clock is stuck at 8:15 which is a reference to Fl #815 from ___. Lost
The Doctor told Regina that he could save her fiance if she brought him a ____. Heart
The dwarves tested Storybrooke's border by pushing over _____. Sneezy
The magical wardrobe carved by Geppetto can hold ___ people. 2
Werewolves prefer to be called __. Children of the Moon
What drink was so delightful to Belle at the diner? Iced tea
What happened to Sheriff Graham in the first season of "Once?"
What is Rumplestiltskin's modern-day counterpart's names? Mr. Gold
What was Emma's job before she moved to Storybrooke? Bail bond agent
What was the name of the flower shop owned by Belle's father? Game of thorns
When Dr. Whale approached David in Stroybrooke, David _____. Punched Him
Where do the modern-day stories on "Once Upon a Time" take place? Storybrooke
Who brought magic back to Storybrooke? Henry
Who convinced David to make a speech to the townspeople? Ruby
Who freed Belle at the end of the last season? Jefferson
Who gave Prince Charming his nickname? Snow White
Who is Cora? Regina's mother
Who is Emma's mother? Snow/ Mary Margaret
Who is Henry's biological mother? Emma
Who is the Evil Queen in modern-day Storybrooke? Regina[/QUOTE
Who officiated the wedding ceremony for Charming and Snow? Lancelot
Who plays Jefferson? Sebastian Stan
Who took Emma and Snow prisoner? Mulan
Who was David looking for earlier in the season? Jefferson
Who was the only Storybrooke resident who aged before Emma arrived? Henry
Why did Hook want to go to Storybrooke last week? To get Rumplestiltskin

Actors Minka Kelly and Michael B. Jordan appeared on "Parenthood" as Gaby and Alex, respectively. They were both on the show ___. Friday Night Lights
Actress Erika Christensen plays Julia on "Parenthood." She appeared in the Oscar-winning film ___. Traffic
Amber plays the ___. Guitar
Drew and Amy met at a ___. Yard Sale
Haddie is away at school. Where is she studying? Cornell
Haddie now attends ___. Cornell
Hank, the Braverman family photographer, is played by ___. Ray Romano
Julia and Joel adopted ___ at the end of Season 3. Victor
Julia is a ___. Lawyer
Julia, the Braverman golden child, works as a ___. Lawyer
Mae Whitman is a gem as Amber on "Parenthood." She also rocked the TV show ___. Arrested Development
Mark proposed to Sarah at a ___. Wedding
Max named his new puppy. Otis
Minka Kelly appeared on "Parenthood" as Max's aide, Gaby. She recently starred in the revamp of the iconic TV show ___. Charlie's Angels
Parenthood is based on a ___. Movie
Parenthood was based on a ___. Movie
Parenthood was developed by Jason Katims, who produced the beloved show ___. Friday Night Lights
The show's US theme is "Forever Young" by Bob Dylan. What's the international theme song? When We Were Young
What is the name of Adam and Crosby's recording studio? The Luncheonette
What sport does Haddie play? Soccer
When Max was in the hospital, he wanted ___ more than a relationship with Amber. Pancakes
Where do the Bravermans live? Berkeley, CA
Where did Kristina and Adam first meet? College
Where is Haddie going to college? Cornell
Which TV classic did NOT feature a "Parenthood" star? Full House
Who is Adam and Kristina's youngest child? Nora
Who is the matriarch of the Braverman family? Camille
Who is the oldest of the four Braverman children? Adam

Parks & Recreation
Chris hopes to be the first person to ___. Live to be 150 years old
In first season Ann Perkins dated ___. Andy Dwyer
In season 4 Leslie ran for ___. City Council
Is set in ___. Pawnee, Indiana
Leslie fixed budget crisis with ___. Harvest Festival
Leslie gets amped with ___. Sarah McLachlan
Leslie met Ann at a ___. Public forum
Leslie's job title is ___. Deputy Director
Leslie's first act as city councilwoman was to ____. Tax sugary drinks
On "Parks & Rec," Tom said ___ on a radio show. He got to second base with Ann
Pawnee employer is ___. Sweetums
Pawnee's miniature horse is named ___. Lil Sebastian
Pawnee's rival town is ___. Eagleton
Ron Swanson's assistant ___. April Ludgate
Ron Swanson's ex-wives are named ___. Tammy
Tom quit his job at Parks Dept to work at ___. Entertainment 720
Way before Adam Scott was Ben on "Parks and Rec", he appeared in the 90s hit ____. Boy Meets World
Who is headed to therapy? Chris
Who is running the Parks and Rec dept now that Leslie's moved on? Ron

Before Kelly Rowan played Natalie, Pierces imaginary confidant, she appeared on the hit show ___. The O.C.
Daniel has schizophrenia. Earlier in the season, they investigated a case in which a ___ had the same condition. Judge
Daniel met Max at a ___. Mental hospital
Kate works as an agent for the ___. FBI
Max currently works with Daniel as a ___. Teaching Assistant
Perception star Eric McCormack was in ___. Will and Grace
Perception was co-created by Ken Biller and Mike Sussman. They worked together on ___. Star Trek: Voyager
Rachael Leigh Cook plays Kate on "Perception". She also appeared in the classic 90s film ___. She's All That
Who's Daniels best friend? Natalie

Person of Interest
Carter is a NYPD ___. Detective
Earlier in the season, Reese got some help from an attack dog named ___. Bear
Earlier in the season, the Machine gave out Leon Tao's social security number by referencing ___. Books
One of the executive producers of "Person of Interest" is J.J. Abrams, who co-created ___. Lost
Reese is a former ___. Green Beret
The Machine provides the ___ of people who will be involved in a crime. Social security number
The Machine was originally programmed to predict ___. Terrorist attacks
The organization of corrupt NYPD cops is knows as ___. HR
To spy on the NYPD, Reese recruited Detective ___. Lionel Fusco
What is Root's Name? Sam
Who kidnapped one of the government officials overseeing the Machine in the season premiere? Root
Who was taken hostage during the season premiere? Tao and Fusco

Pretty Little Liars
Ali gave Paige the nickname "Pigskin" because ___. She has bumpy skin
Allison's alias is ___. Vivian Darkbloom
Aria gave Ezra flowers for his birthday. What kind were they? Lilacs
Aria had an affair with an ___. English teacher
Aria's mom teaches at ___. Rosewood High
Aria's dad is named ___. Byron
Byron was a ___. Teacher
Byron worked at ___ College. Hollis
Ella's new boyfriend Zach works at a ___. Coffee Shop
Girls see a therapist named ___. Anne Sullivan
Hanna is dating ___. Caleb
Hanna's outcast pal is ___. Lucas
In season one Spencer's sister married ___. Ian
Larisa Oleynik, who plays Maggie, also starred in the classic TV show ___. The Secret World of Alex Mack
Mona's favorite type of solitaire is ___. Klondike
Rosewood's Cupcake Shop is named ___. Lucky Leon's Cupcakes
The fictional town of Rosewood is located in ___. Pennsylvania
What club does Ian, Garrett & Jason belong to? N.A.T.
What does Spencer's mom do for a living? She's a lawyer
What is Alison's favorite book? Lolita
What is Wren's new nickname? Downton Grabby
Which "Liar" used to have a thing for shoplifting? Hanna
Which "Liars" aren't just BFF's, but roomies too? Hanna and Emily
Which liar came out to her parents during the first season? Emily
Which liar hooked up with Toby? Spencer
Which one says "Shhh" in the opening credits? Aria
Which pop group sings the "Pretty Little Liars" theme song? The Pierces
Who does Spencer think might be A? Paige
Who is Alison's older brother? Jason
Who is not one of the main liars? Melissa
Who is on Rosewood High's swim team? Emily
Who is Toby's stepsister? Jenna

Private Practice
Addison chose to be with ___. Jake
Addison is Charlotte's ___. Doctor
Addison said she changed when she was first called ___. Dr. Addison Montgomery
Addison was romancing with ___ before she got with Jake? Sam
Addison's favorite health drink is ___. Green Juice
Benjamin Bratt plays Jake on Private Practice. He also is on the primetime hit series? Modern Family
Charlotte is pregnant with ___. Triplets
Cooper Freedman is married to ___. Charlotte
Cooper has a son named___. Mason
Cooper's specialty is ___. Pediatrics
Is a spin-off of ___. Grey's Anatomy
On "Private Practice," Addison and Naomi met at ___. Medical school
On "Private Practice," Addison lives next door to ___. Sam
Pete & Violet's son is ___. Lucas
Pete had a heart attack while ___. Running
Pete requested everyone ___ at his life celebration. Sing
Pete's ashes were scattered across ___. The Ocean
Private Practice takes place in ___. Los Angeles
Rival is ___. Pacific Wellness
Sam attended ___ University as an undergrad. Georgetown
Seaside Wellness is a hotbed of romantic intrigue. Sam used to be married to ___. Naomi
Shonda Rhimes is the producer of Private Practice. She's also the producer of ___. Scandal
Tim Daly is famous for ___. Wings
Violet asked Cooper to be Luck's ___. Guardian
Violet gave Sam's a gift of Pete's ___. Jacket
Violet's specialty at the clinic is___. Psychiatrist
What nearby hospital does a lot of the staff work for? St. Ambrose
What shocking secret did Sam's mother reveal? Raymond is Sam's father
Which doctor was dubbed "Dr. Feelgood" by his patients? Sam
Who hosted Pete's life celebration? Addison

Project Runway
1st season was won by ___. Jay McCarroll
All Stars was hosted by ___. Angela Lindvall
All Stars Winner was ___. Mondo
Challenge forces the designers to use ___ materials. Unconventional
Finalists present their collections in ___. New York City
Heidi Klum's catchphrase is "Auf Widersehen." What does it mean? Goodbye
Heidi Klum's clothing line for babies is called ___. Truly Scrumptious
Host is ___. Heidi Klum
In 2010, Michael Kors received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the ___. The Council of Fashion Designers of America
In Season 3, the designers were flown mid-season to ___. Paris
In the past 9 seasons, how many winners were women? 5
In the wise words of Michael Kors, "Fashion is not for ___." Sissies
Judge Nina Garcia was born in ___. Colombia
Moved to in Season 6? L.A.
Santino Rice did mean impression of ___. Tim Gunn
Season 3 designer Robert Best works for ___. Mattel
Season 5 designer Stella Zotis' favorite fabric was ___. Leather
Season 7 designer Mila Hermanovski has NOT costumed the show ___. Dance Moms
The "Project Runway" spinoff, "Models of the Runway," ran for ___ seasons. 2
Tim Gunn's catchphrase is ___. Make it work
Two former contestants with spinoff show. Austin and Santino
What was Season 4 winner Christian Siriano's favorite word? Fierce
Which "Project Runway" stud was one of 2006's "Sexiest Men Alive?" Tim Gunn
Which famous Muppet was a guest judge on "Project Runway All Stars?" Miss Piggy
Who created the dress Carrie Underwood wore on the cover of her album, "Blown Away?" Irina Shabayeva
Who is the consulting Hair Expert for L'oreal Paris on the show? Johnny Lavoy
Who is the youngest winner of "Project Runway" to date? Christian Siriano
Who was the only designer to lose all their fabric money in Mood? Anya Ayoung-Chee

Push Girls
Angela wishes she could feel ___. Cody's face
Auti stars in the movie ___. Musical Chairs
What company gave Angela the chance to model again? Nordstrom
What does Angela dislike about New York? Taxis
When Angela models, she needs her ___ to be perfect. Clothes
Where does Angela go to model? New York

Raising Hope
Amy Sedaris plays ___ on "Raising Hope." Delilah
Hope's Birth Mother's name is ___. Lucy Carlyle
Jimmy impersonates ___. Gollum
Martha Plimpton, who plays Virginia Chance on "Raising Hope," recently appeared in ___. How to Make It In America
On "Raising Hope," Burt runs a lawn care and ___ business. Pool Cleaning
On "Raising Hope," Jimmy was a ___ prodigy before an untimely accident. Musical
On "Raising Hope," Jimmy's daughter Hope was originally named ___. Princess Beyonce
On "Raising Hope," Jimmy's parents told him he was allergic to ___. Fruit
On "Raising Hope," Sabrina Collins currently dates ___. Jimmy Chance
On "Raising Hope," Sabrina Collins draws on ___. Cantaloupes
On "Raising Hope," Sabrina's cousin ___ serves as Hope's babysitter. Shelly
On "Raising Hope," Sabrina's old boyfriend Wyatt studied in ___. New York
Serves as Hope's babysitter ___. Shelly
Virginia Chance recently appeared in ___. How To Make It In America
Virginia was raised by her grandmother ___. Maw Maw

Real Time With Bill Maher
Bill Maher had a show called ___. Politically Incorrect
Bill Maher has been married ___ times. 0
Bill Maher was ranked ___ on Comedy Central's 100 Greatest Stand-Ups List. 38th
Bill performed his first stand-up routine at a ___. Chinese restaurant
Where did host Bill Maher grow up? River Vale, NJ
Which university did Bill Maher attend? Cornell
Who caused a controversy on Bill Maher's show? Zach Galifianakis
Who has received the most Emmy nominations without a win, ever? Bill Maher

According to Emily, the most powerful form of forgiveness is ___. Absolution
Aiden invited __ to the Grayson's wedding. Emily
Aiden left his training in Japan early so he could find his ___. Sister
Amanda own [sic] 49% of a company called ___. NolCorp
Amanda recently found out that ___ might be alive. Her mom
Amanda returned to her hometown ___ years after her father's arrest. 16
Amanda wants to destroy the ___. Graysons
Ashley originally worked as Victoria's ___. Party planner
At the beginning of "Revenge," Conrad is having an affair with ___. Lydia
At the beginning of the series, Daniel returned home after a semester at ___. Harvard Business School
At the end of last season, Emily cut off her engagement to __. Daniel
At the end of last season, Emily cut off her engagement to ___. Daniel
Before Charlotte dated Declan, she went out with a bad seed called ___. Adam Conner
Carolyn Miller is Nolan's ___. Aunt
Charlotte previously dated ___. Declan
Charlotte skipped her parents' re-wedding to __. Help Declan at the bar
Charlotte was "recovering" at ___. Cliffside Home
Conrad Grayson framed Amanda's father by helping to bring down Flight ___. 197
Conrad hid evidence linking him to David Clarke behind a __ Painting
Daniel attended college at ___. Harvard
Daniel was engaged to ___. Emily
Declan and Jack are ___. Brothers
Emily bought her old childhood home from ___. Lydia Davis
Emily Thorne is out to avenge the ___. Murder of her father
How did Nolan make his dough? He's a software guru
Jack owns the ___. Stowaway Tavern
Jack's bar is called ___. The Stowaway
Jack's beloved yellow Labrador retriever was named ___. Sammy
Jack's taken care of Amanda's childhood puppy for years. What is the name of the dog? Sammy
Last season, Charlotte got back at Declan by ___. Having his tuition pulled
Last season, Emily used a hidden camera placed inside a ___ figurine. Whale
Last season, Takeda invested $50 million in __? Grayson Global
Last season, Victoria threw a ___-themed engagement party for Daniel and Emily. Fire and Ice
Mason found __ on the floor in Murphy's trailer. Conrad's cufflink
Nolan is a ___ guru. Software
Nolan works as a ___. CEO of a software company
Nolan's accounting analyst, Padma, is played by Dilshad Vadsaria. She played Rebecca Logan on the show ___. Greek
Nolan's huge bodyguard is named ___. Big Ed
On "Revenge," Emily has a ___ tattooed on her wrist. Double infinity sign
Revenge actress Emily VanCamp previously starred in the WB series ___. Everwood
Revenge is based on ___. The Count of Monte Cristo
The figure-8 symbol carved into her porch matches a tattoo on Emily's arm. What does the symbol mean? Double infinity
The original Emily Thorne has also used the name ___. Kara Wilkins
Victoria had an affair with ___. David
Victoria offered Declan ___ in exchange for staying away from Charlotte. $25,000
What did Charlotte give Victoria to wear on her wedding day? Necklace
What did Declan name his boat? Amanda
What did Jack name his boat? The Amanda
What happened to Lydia Davis? Emily took her out
What is carved on the railing of Emily's home in the Hamptons? A double infinity symbol
What is the name of Jack and Declan's bar? The Stowaway
What title does Padma have in Nolan's company? CFO
What was in the gift that Charlotte opened? A Lela Rose dress
What's the name of Nolan's tech company? Nolcorp
When Emily returned to the US, she found Nolan ___. In the boxing ring
Where did Conrad and Victoria get remarried? South Lawn Yacht Club
Where did Daniel attend college? Harvard
Where did Jack propose to Amanda? On his boat
Where does "Revenge" take place? The Hamptons
Which character ODed last season? Charlotte
Who gave Emily a gift from her father last season? Nolan
Who held Emily at gunpoint during Daniel's birthday party last season? Tyler
Who is Amanda's alter ego? Emily
Who is Amanda's half-sister? Charlotte
Who is Charlotte Grayson's biological father? David Clarke
Who is playing Emily's mother this season? Jennifer Jason Leigh
Who is playing Emily's mother this season? Jennifer Jason Leigh
Who is the Graysons' head of security? Frank Stevens
Who plays Emily's confidante and scheming pal, Nolan Rose? Gabriel Mann
Who was Amanda's mentor? Satoshi
Who was Emily's warden when she did her time in JD? Sharon Stiles
Who was Jack and Declan's father? Carl
Who was shot on the beach last season? Tyler

After the Blackout, Charlie's neighborhood became part of the ___. Monroe Republic
After the Blackout, Maggie journeyed across the US to try and reunite with her ___. Sons
Before David Lyons became Monroe on Revolution, he appeared on ___. ER
Before the blackout, Aaron Pittman worked at ___. Google
Before the Blackout, Ben worked as a ___. Professor
Before the lights went out, Aaron worked at ___. Google
Before the lights went out, Miles served in the ___. US Marine Corps
Before Tom Neville became a baddie for the Monroe Republic, he was a ___. Insurance adjuster
Ben used to work at the ___. University of Chicago
Ben, Maggie, Charlie and Danny settled in ___ after the world lost power. Wisconsin
Charlie and Co. found Miles in an old ___. Hotel
Charlie is a wiz with the ___. Crossbow
Charlie is short for ___. Charlotte
Charlie met Nate when she was getting ___. Water
Charlie stores her pre-blackout treasures in a ___. Lunchbox
Charlie's brother Danny suffers from ___. Asthma
Charlie's dad his some powerful info on a USB drive. Who has it now? Aaron
Charlie's mom ___ after the lights went out. Died
Charlie's dad thought his wide is ___. Dead
Charlie's mom is played by actor Elizabeth Mitchell. She was Juliet on ___. Lost
Danny suffers from ___. Asthma
David Lyons is currently uberbaddie Monroe on "Revolution," but he previously appeared on ___. ER
Maggie is the town ___. Doctor
Maggie saved her iPhone because it has ___. Pictures of her children
Miles told Charlie they needed Nora because she's an expert in ___. Explosives
Monroe has a tattoo of a ___. Giant M
Nora was arrested by the militia for stealing ___. Gold
Rachel is played by actor Elizabeth Mitchell, who famously portrayed Juliet on ___. LOST
Revolution is brought to you by producer Eric Kripke, who created the cult-hit ___. Supernatural
Revolution star Billy Burke is in the ___ franchise. Twilight
Revolution star Giancario Esposito was just nominated for an Emmy for his work on ___. Breaking Bad
Revolution takes place ___ years after the blackout. 15
The "Revolution" pilot episode was directed by "Ironman" director ___. Jon Favreau
The Baltimore Act prevents all citizens from carrying ___. Guns
The militia came for Charlie's ___. Father
What is a "hanging offense" in this new world? Owning a gun
What's Charlie's full first name? Charlotte
When Charlie found Miles he was working in a ___. Bar
Who is Charlie's uncle? Miles
Who served in the Marines before the blackout? Sebastian Monroe
Who was Danny's guard at the militia camp? Private Richards
Who was Miles with when the power went off? Monroe

Rob & Maggie got married in ___. Las Vegas
Who claims to be Rob's best friend? Hector

Rookie Blue
Andy is dating ___. Swarek
Andy was engaged to ___. Luke
Andy's father was a ___. Homicide detective
Before Nick became a copy, he was a ___. Soldier
Chris used to date ___. Gail
Det. Barber is dating __. Traci
Dov is dating ___. Sue
Enuka Okuma was ___. 24
Gail was engaged to ___. Nick
Melanie Nicholls-King was also on __. The Wire
On "Rookie Blue," the motto is to serve, protect and not ___. Screw up
Rookie Blue actor Gregory Smith was on ___. Everwood
Rookie Blue star Miss Peregrym used to be a ___. Model
Rookie Blue star Miss Peregrym used to be on ___. Reaper
The show is filmed in ___. Toronto
Traci has an adorable son. What's his name? Leo
Traci studied to become a ___. Detective

Rules of Engagement
Jeff is married to ___. Audrey

Saturday Night Live ("SNL")
Aidy Bryant comes to SNL from the legendary improve crew Second City. Which SNL heavy trained with Second City? Tina Fey
As of this year, Seth Meyers has been on SNL for ___ seasons.12
Before becoming a cast member on SNL, Jason Sudeikis worked as a ___ on the show. Writer
Before Seth Meyers took over "Weekend Update" duties, Amy Poehler hosted the segment with ___. Tina Fey
Bill Hader has played ___ in several SNL Halloween episodes. Vincent Price
Bill Hader is an avid comic book fan – he published a ___ story. Spider-Man
Bill Hader played an incompetent cop in the 2007 comedy ___. Superbad
Bill Hader published a ___. Spider Man story
Bill Hader's club character is ___. Stefan
Cast member Nasim Pedrad was born in ___. Iran
Fred Armesen stars in ___. Portlandia on IFC
Fred Armisen has his own IFC series with Carrie Brownstein titled ___. Portlandia
Fred Armisen played what in a punk band ___.Drums
Fred Armisen used to regularly impersonate President Obama. Who handles the impression now? Jay Pharoah
In 2004, Seth Meyers auditioned to co-anchor Weekend Update with Tina Fey but lost to ___. Amy Poehler
Jason Sudeikis impersonates Joe Biden and ___. Mitt Romney
Jason Sudeikis starred with Jason Bateman and Charlie Day in the hit comedy ___. Horrible Bosses
Joseph Gordon Levitt played a cancer patient in ___. 50/50
Joseph Gordon-Levitt attended ___ University. Columbia
Joseph Gordon-Levitt hosts an online production company called ___. hitRECord
Kenan Thompson hosts ___. What's Up With That?
Kenan Thompson made his TV debut on the classic kid show ___. All That
Kenan Thompson is ranked #___ on VH1's list of 100 Greatest Teen Stars. 88
Kenan Thompson starred in a Nickelodean comedy series titled ___. Kenan & Kel
Kim Kardarshian is impersonated by ___. Nasin Pedrad
Last season, Andy Samberg left after celebrating his 101st ___. Digital Short
On "3rd Rock from the SUn," Joseph Gordon-Levitt played a ___. Alien
On "SNL," Seth Myers hosts "Weekend Update" with ___. Nobody
Recent host Christina Applegate rose to fame as a teenager on the sitcom ___. Married With Children
Recent host Joseph Gordon-Levitt is starring in the action thriller "Looper" with ___. Bruce Willis
Seth Meyers recently chatted with ___ on "Weekend Update." Big Bird
SNL funnyman Bill Hader won an Emmy in 2008 for his work on ___. South Park
SNL is in its ___ season? 28th
SNL newcomer Aidy Bryant performed with ___. iO chicago
SNL newcomer Cecily Strong performed aboard ___. A cruise ship
SNL newcomer Tim Robinson is from Motor City, aka ___. Detroit
SNL regular Bill Hader starred in the pilot episode of a new fall series. What series was it? The Mindy Project
SNL regular Kenan Thompson played ___ in a 2004 movie? Fat Albert
SNL regular Masim Pedra had a 9-episode part on ___. ER
SNL's Kenan Thompson starred in the Nickelodeon movie ___. Good Burger
Taran Killam featured with Zach Braff in __. Scrubs
Taran Killam plays a French youth in ___. Les Jeunes de Paris
Taran Killam was featured on the Zach Braff comedy series ___. Scrubs
The first time Joseph Gordon-Levitt hosted SNL, he kicked off with a ___ number. Song and Dance
The newest member of the "SNL" cast is ___. Kate McKinnon
The SNL cast currently stars ___ veterans of Nickelodeon shows. 2 (Taran Killam & Kenan Thompson)
Three new performers were added to the cast this season. They're all improvisers from ___. Chicago
Vanessa Bayer impersonates ___ Kardashian. Kourtney
Vanessa Bayer plays Miley Cyrus. What is her catchphrase? That's pretty cool
What band was the musical guest when Joseph Gordon-Levitt hosted earlier this season? Mumford & Sons
What was Mumford & Sons debut album called? Sign No More
When did Christina Applegate last host "Saturday Night Live?" 1993
When did Fred Armisen join SNL? 2002
When Kenan Thompson was a kid, he starred in "All That" with troubled starlet ___. Amanda Bynes
Where (Viggle typo, should be "When") did Lorne Michaels create SNL? (then titled "NBC's Saturday Night") in ___. 1975
Which "Bridesmaids" star left SNL after last season? Kristen Wiig
Which cast member has worked on SNL the longest? Seth Meyers
Which cast member is currently responsible for the show's Barack Obama impression? Jay Pharoah
Which cast member left at the end of last season? Abby Elliott
Which celebrity is NOT one of Jay Pharoah's signature impressions? Julia Roberts
Which of the following films did Kenan Thompson NOT appear in? Anchorman
Which Olympic athlete made an appearance during a recent sketch about the vice presidential debate? Usain Bolt
Which SNL cast member is the resident of Snooki impersonator? Bobby Moynihan
Which SNL player recently took over the show's President Obama impression? Jay Pharoah
Which SNL regular appeared in "Horrible Bosses?" Jason Sudeikis
Who created SNL? Lorne Michaels
Who did Mumford and sons Performed with at 2011 Grammy Awards? Bob Dylan
Who discovered Bill Hader? Megan Mullally
Who is the current "Weekend Update" anchor? Seth Meyers
Who was the first host of this season? Seth McFarlane

Savage U
Dan often teases Lauren about her ___. Driving
Most of the questions on Savage U are ___. Anonymous

Say Yes to the Dress
Designer Pnina Tornai's signature style is ___. Corsets
Has spinoff in ___. Atlanta
How much is the cheapest dress sold at Kleinfeld Bridal? $1300
Keasha left Kleinfeld to star in "Keasha's Perfect Dress" in ___. Toronto
On "Say Yes to the Dress," Mara worked at super fab store ___ before purchasing Kleinfeld. Saks Fifth Avenue
Plus-sized spinoff is called ___. Big Bliss
Recommends saving what percentage of your wedding budget for your dress? 10-15 percent
Team recommends brides pick their dress before their wedding ___. 1 year
The gang says the best things come in ___. Small entourages
The shop is owned by ___. Lori
TLC starlet who hasn't appeared ___. Carmindy
Which cast member is NOT a co-owner of Kleinfeld Bridal? Randy
Which staffer is said to know best? Randy

Abby is ___ for the firm. Investigator
Abby recently broke into David's ____. Apartment
According to Olivia, America gets their news from ___. Kimberly Mitchell
Before Olivia started her own firm, she worked as the___. White House Communications Director
Congressman Shaw was from the "the great state of ___." Rhode Island
Cyrus is Chief of ____ for the President. Staff
Cyrus said to never let go a ___ go to waste. Crisis
Darby Stanchfield plays Abby on "Scandal." She also has a recurring role as divorcee Helen Bishop on ___. Mad Men
David thought ____ was guilty of murder. Quinn
Earlier in the season, Fitz and Mellie found out that their baby would be ___. Boy
Earlier this season, Congressman Shaw tried to recover from his scandal by going on a TV show hosted by ___. Jimmy Kimmel
Earlier this season, Fitz and Mellie decided to pain the baby's nursery ___. Red
Earlier this season, Lorraine Toussaint played Past Drake's wife, Nancy. She previously played Captain Kate Perry on ___. Saving Grace
Fitz had an affair with ___ because he said he was lonely and bored in his marriage. Amanda Tanner
Harrison refers to Olivia's team as ___ in suits. Gladiators
Henry Ian Cusick plays Stephen Finch on "Scandal," but he's known as ___ to "lost" fans. Desmond Hume
Huck is the firm's ____ Tech guy
Huck celebrated six months of ____ recently. Sobriety
In the first episode, Mellie referred to the "first baby" as ___. America's baby
Jeff Perry currently Cyrus on "Scandal" but way back in the day, he appeared on ___. My So-Called Life
Kerry Washington starred opposite Julia Stiles in ___. Save the Last Dance
Mellie was ___ in her class at Harvard Law. First
Olivia claims she doesn't 'insinuate', she ___. Deduces
Pope & Associates is a professional ___ firm. Crisis management
Quinn Perkins was an alias for ___. Lindsay Dwyer
Scandal was created by Shonda Rhimes, who is also the mind behind ___. Grey's Anatomy
What is Beltway Unbuckled? ____ A blog
What is the name of Olivia's firm? Olivia Pope and Associates
When Olivia first found Huck, he was ___. Homeless
Who did Quinn fly across the country to see earlier this season? Her father
Who discovered that Amanda Tanner was dead? Huck
Who is the ex-CIA tech guy on Olivia's team? Huck Finn
Who was Olivia's mentor? Cyrus

Emmy Rossum had a recurring role on ___. As the World Turns
Frank Gallagher is the father of ___ children. 6
Ian aspires to attend ___. West Point
Remake of a ___ series. British
Sheila suffers from ___. Agoraphobia
Show is set in ___. Chicago

Shark Tank
Barbara Corcoran is best known for her successful ___ business. Real Estate
Barbara Corcoran wrote a book "If you don't have big breasts put ribbons on your ____. Pigtails
Daymond John is from ___. New York
Daymond John launched his clothing brand in ___. Flea markets
Daymond John made his fortune in ___. Fashion
Daymond's brand FUBU stand for? For us by us
Former "Shark Tank" panelist Jeff Foxworthy is the host of ___. Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader
In 1995, O'Leary's SoftKey business changed its name to ___. The Learning Company
In 2005, "Shark" Barbara Corcoran was criticized for denying the ___. The real estate bubble
In 2012 Shark Tank was nominated for a ____ award. Primetime Emmy
In the first episode of "Shark Tank," the panel approved a proposal for a ___ factory. Pie
Kevin O'Leary's first company produced ___. Software
Kevin O'Leary has a passion for collecting ____. Guitars
Last season, the panelists offered an investment to students pitching different flavors of ___. Peanut Butter
Mark Cuban bought the Dallas Mavericks in ____. 2000
Mark Cuban is a ___. Billionaire
Mark Cuban owns a line of ___. Movie theaters
Mark Cuban owns the NBA's ___. Dallas Mavericks
Mark Cuban paid for his junior year of college with a ____. Chain letter
Mark Cuban purchased his stake in the Dallas Mavericks from Texan ___. Ross Perot, Jr.
Panelist Robert Herjavec is from ___. Canada
Quest panel member Lori Greiner is often referred to as the "Queen of ___." QVC (Viggle typo preserved)
Robert & Kevin both appeared on Canadian version of ST called ____. Drangon's Den
Robert Herjavec was born in ____. Croatia
Shark Tank has won a total of ___ Primetime Emmy Awards. 0
Shark Tank panelist Kevin O'Leary made his fortune in ___. Educational Software
The Canadian version of "Shark Tank" is known as ___. Dragon's Den
The first "Shark Tank" deal to involve all 5 Sharks took place during Season ___. 4
When did "Shark Tank" premiere? 2009
When he was a child Robert's mom lost their family savings to a ____ salesman. Vacuum
When Mark Cuban arrived in Season 3, he replaced ___. Kevin Harrington
Where did Kevin O'Leary start his SoftKey business? His basement
Which celebrity helped put Daymond's brand FUBU on the map? LL Cool J
Which comedian made an appearance on as a panel member? Jeff Foxworthy (Viggle typo preserved)
Which famous rapper dropped by the Season 3 finale? Pitbull
Which product drew investments from all 5 Sharks on the Season 4 premiere? BuggyBeds
Which shark founded HDNet? Mark C.
Which shark had 20 different jobs by age 23? Barbara
Which shark said "Don't cry about money – it never cries for you." ___. Kevin
Who has NOT directed an episode of Shark Tank? Mark Cuban
Who is the executive producer of "Shark Tank?" Mark Barnett
Who was NOT an original panelist on "Shark Tank?" Lori Greiner

Answers under "The Simpsons" below

Single Ladies
Agent Winston is played by retired athlete ___. Rick Fox
Darryl served April with divorce papers on ___. Her birthday
Denise Vasi plays Raquel Lancaster & also on the soap ___. All My Children
Keisha dated ___. Malcolm
Keisha is also a ___. Semi-pro Poker player
LisaRaye McCoy plays ___ on "Single Ladies." Keisha
Malcolm Franks is played by ___. David Bryan Woodside
Malcolm runs a successful ___. Jewelry Business
Queen Latifah plays ___. Sharon Love
Stacey Dash played Kanye's girlfriend in ___. All Falls Down
The ladies have a loyal friend in ___. Omar
There was drama when Christina found Val's ___. Live Journal
Tyler Hilton plays Reed. Tyler portrayed a young ___ in Walk the Line. Elvis Presley
Val relocated to ___. Milan

Sister Wives
Kody and wives made the show to ___. Combat social prejudices
Kody is only legally married to ___. Meri
Meri is referred to as ___. Bait
What did Christine suffer from when Robyn joined the family? Jealousy
What is the name of Christine's daughter? Truley
What is the number of children? 17
Where is "Sister Wives" filmed? Utah
Who is the most recent addition? Solomon
Who is the oldest Brown child? Logan
Who is the third wife? Christine
Who moves out? Janelle
Who was fired from their job? Meri
Who was not raised in a polygamist family? Janelle

Bombshell previews were held in ___. Boston
Debra Messing rose to fame thanks to ___. Will & Grace
Ellis was poisoned with ___. Peanuts
Julia Houston got "friendly" with ___. Michael Swift
Karen not happy that Dev proposed during ___. Tech
Katherine McPhee competed in ___ of American Idol. Season 5
Katherine McPhee's American Idol fans called her ___. McPheevers
On "Smash," Frank and Julia are pursuing ___. Adoption
On "Smash", the gang is creating a new musical about ___. Marilyn Monroe
Rebecca Duvall was poisoned by ___. Ellis
Uma started her career as ___. Model

Sons of Anarchy
Chibs' nickname was inspired by his ___. Scars
Earlier in the season, Pope demanded half of the profits from SAMCRO's dealings with the ___. Galindo Cartel
Emma Jean is portrayed by Ashley Tisdale. You might recognize her from ___. High School Musical
Jax carries a ___. in his waistband. Knife
Jax Teller became the president of SAMCRO at the end of Season ___. Four
Juice is originally from ___. New York
Sons of Anarchy star Ryan Hurst appeared with Denzel Washington in ___. Remember the Titans
The One-Niners also appeared in the TV show ___. The Shield
The Season 5 premiere revealed that SAMCRO is at war with the ___. One-Niners
Tig is terrified of ___. Dolls
Tig's daughters were named Dawn and ___. Fawn
Who convinced Opie to rejoin SAMCRO at the start of Season 5? Clay

So You Think You Can Dance
Former "So You Think You Can Dance" contestant Lacey Schwimmer danced with ___ on "Dancing with the Stars." Lance Bass
Lady Gaga threw a ___. Shoe
Lil'C coined the term ___. Buck
On "So You Think You Can Dance," five out of the eight winners have been ___ dancers. Contemporary
On "So You Think You Can Dance," Pasha Kovalev auditioned with fellow contestant ___. Anya Garnis
On "So You Think You Can Dance," the ___ is the most dreaded dance. Viennese Waltz
So You Think You Can Dance dancers that make it through the first round gets tickets to ___. Las Vegas
The only hip hop dancer to win is ___. Joshua Allen
The winner earns the title of ___. America's Favorite Dancer
Twitch Boss was in ___. Hairspray
Which choreographer is known for her dark & funky dances? Sonya Tayeh
Which contestant is now an ABDC judge? Dominic Sandoval
Which former "So You Think You Can Dance" contestant later became a choreographer for the show? Travis Wall
Who hosted of the first season of "So You Think You Can Dance?" Lauren Sanchez (Viggle typo)

South Park
Each episode of South Park opens with a ___. Disclaimer
Kids have been in the ___ grade since the fourth season. Fourth
Most of the male characters on South Park are voiced by ___. Trey Parker and Matt Stone
South Park creator Trey Park has to continually deny that he appeared in the movie ___. Newsies
South Park holds the Guinness World Record for ___. Most swearing in an animated series
When did South Park debut? 1997
Who is the kids elementary school teacher? Mr. Garrison

Storage Wars
A group of items is called a ___. Lot
Barry once used two ___. Psychics
Barry paid Jarrod to crack a ___. Safe
Barry's nickname is ___. The Collector
Buying pallets and crates is a ___. Vault auction
Darrell sells his purchases at ___. Swap Meets
Dave is known to say ___. Yuuup!
Dave's thrift store is called ___. Rags to Riches
Held a 3-day auction in ___. Las Vegas
Jarrod & Brandi own a store called ___. Now and Then
Most episodes are filmed in ___. California
Nabila bought items formerly owned by ___. Paris Hilton
The auctioneers are ___. Dan & Laura
The hunters get only a few minutes to ___. Evaluate a lot

Storage Wars: Texas
Bubba is Ricky's ___. Nephew
During Season 2, the Smiths made $50,000 in 1 episode thanks to a pair of ___. Rings
Mary Padian is known as ___. The Junkster
Season 2 of "Storage Wars: Texas" featured a few appearances by former NFL player ___. Roy Williams
Show auctioneer Walt Cade is nicknamed ___. The Colonel
Storage lockers can be auctioned if their rent is not paid for ___ months. 3
Storage Wars: Texas shares a theme song with ___. Storage Wars
Storage Wars: Texas star Moe Prigoff also owns an antiques store called ___. River Regency Modern
Who turned the biggest profit in Season 2? Ricky and Bubba Smith
Who turned the biggest total profit in Season 1 of "Storage Wars: Texas?" Ricky and Bubba Smith

Alan Tudyk also played Wash on ___. Firefly
Allie Grant plays Lisa. She used to be on ___. Weeds
Dallas's dog is named ___. Yakult
George and Tessa move to ___. The suburbs
Jeremy Sisto is known for his role in the film ___. Clueless
Malik and Lisa are ___. Dating
On "Suburgatory," Dallas opens a ___. Crystal store
Teresa and Dalia are ___. Frenemies
Teresa escape the suburbs with ___. Grandmother
Tessa's favorite band is ___. Average Shelf Life
Three cast members are alum of ___. SNL

At the beginning of the series, Sam was studying at ___. Stanford
At the end of Season 7, Dean and ___ were dragged down to Purgatory. Castiel
Bobby Singer is named after one of the show's ___. Producers
Boys drive an ___. Impala
Cas said he would bleed for the ___. Winchesters
Castiel is the angel of ___. Thursday
Castiel once declared himself ___. God
Dean escaped purgatory with help from a ___. Vampire
Dean is angry that Castiel opened Purgatory and became ___. God
Dean is played by Jensen Ackles. Jensen originally auditioned for the role of ___. Sam
Dean recently escaped from ___. Purgatory
Earlier in the series, Dean brought Sam back to life after striking a deal with a ___. Crossroad Demon
In order to kill a Leviathan, you need the ___ of a righteous mortal. Bone
In Supernatural Sam was possessed by ___. Lucifer
Is about two brothers named ___. Sam & Dean
Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays Sam and Dean's father. He also starred on ___. Grey's Anatomy
Jensen Ackles was also on ___. Smallville
Jenson Ackles, plays Dean. Before he moved to LA to pursue acting, he planned to study ___ at Texas Tech University. Sports Medicine
Leviathans came from ___. Purgatory
Supernatural was launched by producer Eric Kripke. What's his newest show? Revolution
Supernatural was voted ___ in a "TV Guide" poll. Fan Favorite
What is Meg's nickname for Castiel? Clarence
When Dean refers to his "baby", he's talking about his ___. Car
Where is "Supernatural" filmed? Vancouver
Who can read the Word of God tablets? Kevin
Who rescued Dean from Hell in Season 4? Castiel
Winchester family motto is "saving people, hunting ___. Things

Survivor - General
Former "Survivor" contestant Brian Heidik had a role on the daytime soap ___. Days of Our Lives
Host is ___. Jeff Probst
How many times has Fan v. Favorite player Jonathan appeared on the show? 3 times
How much individual challenges did Colby Donaldson win in season 2? 9
On "Survivor," fire means ___. Life
On "Survivor: Cook Islands," the tribes were divided by ___. Race
On "Survivor: Palau," the Koror tribe won all of the ___ challenges. Immunity
On "Survivor: Thailand," the 2 teams were picked by the ___ members. Oldest
Survivor host Jeff Probst also hosts a ___. Talk show
Survivor: Africa was the first season to feature a ___. Tribal swap
Survivor: Cook Islands was the first season to have ___ in the final. 3 people
Survivor: Fiji featured a player with an odd nickname. What was it? Papa Smurf
Where did "Survivor" originate? Sweden
Where did the 1st season of "Survivor" film? Borneo
Which contestant competed on American Ninja Warrior? Ozzy Lusth
Which location has never hosted a season of "Survivor?" Bermuda
Which played (player (viggle typo)) has accumulated the most days in the game over multiple seasons? Rob Mariano
Who was the 1st "Survivor" winner ever? Richard Hatch
Who was the first ever two-time winner on "Survivor?" Sandra Diaz-Twine
Who won "Survivor: Redemption Island?" Rob Mariano

Survivor: Philippines
Carter is a ___ coach. Track
Current contestant Lisa Whelchel wrote a book called ___. Creative Correction
Current contestant Russell Swan also competed in ___. Survivor: Samoa
Dana is a ___. Cosmetologist
Dawson knows Jeff is a ___. Baseball player
Jeff Kent played for the ___. San Francisco Giants
Jonathan played Danny Imperali on the 90's sitcom ___. The Nanny
Lisa starred in the sitcom ___. The Facts of Life
On this season of "Survivor," there are ___ returning players from previous seasons. 3
Returning player Michael Skupin left his original season because ___. He passed out into a fire
Survivor: Philippines contestant Abi-Maria Gomes is from ___. Brazil
Survivor: Philippines contestant Angie Layton was ___ in 2010. Miss Teen Utah
Survivor: Philippines contestant Jonathan Penner had to leave "Survivor: Micronesia" because of a ___. Knee infection
Survivor: Philippines contestant Michael Skupin has ___ children. 7
Survivor: Philippines contestant Zane Knight works in ___. Tire repair
Survivor: Philippines is the ___ season of "Survivor." 25th
Survivor: Philippines is the 1st season since __ to begin with all 3 tribes. Survivor: All Stars
Tandang's Lisa has had trouble ___. Fitting in
This season is the first time that the show has ___. Filmed in the Philippines
This season the 3 tribes will be lead by contestants who have already ___. Been evacuated
What is NOT the name of a tribe on "Survivor: Philippines?" Manono
What is RC's first name? Roberta
Which contender is a bartender? Malcolm
Which current contestant is a sex therapist? Denise Stapley
Which one of this year's contestants is a cancer survivor? Artis Silvester
Who is the oldest player this season? Artis
Who is the youngest player this season? Angie
Who was the first player to be pulled out of "Survivor" because of an injury? Michael

Swamp People
How many days does Austyn spend in the swamp? 365
Secret weapon is ___. Grandfather

Swamp Wars
A boy was bit by a ___. Cottonmouth
A man was trapped in his house by ___. Bees
A woman was bit by a snake in her ___. Bathroom
Charles is nicknamed ___. Big Country
Filmed in ___. Florida
The only woman on the squad is ___. Lisa
The team extracted venom from ___. King Cobra
The team helped to rid a trailer park of ___. Lizards
Venom One has ___ unit members. 5

Switched at Birth
At the beginning of "Switched at Birth," Bay Kennish started a relationship with ___. Ty
Bay initially wondered if she was her parents, biological child because she had a ___. Different Blood Type
Daphne Vasquez once dated Bey's ex-boyfriend? Liam
Daphne Vasquez spends a lot of her time playing ___. Basketball
During the show's first ever episode, Bay Kennish was arrested for trying to ___. Buy Beer
John Kennish used to play professional ___. Baseball
Switched at birth actress Vanessa Marano was on the hit soap ___. The young and the Restless
Toby is portrayed by actor Lucas Grabeel. Lucas famously rocked in the TV musical ___. High School Musical
Toby Kennish's band is named ___. Guitar Face
What kind of wheels does Emmitt drive? Motorcycle
Where does the "Switched at Birth" gang live? Kansas
Who is Daphne's BFF and classmate? Emmett

A client proposed to his girlfriend … ___. Clam (didn't get whole question, but answer is right)
Agnes Wilcznski is ATM's ___. Estimator
ATM's logo is a ___. Shark
Brett Raymer, ATM's COO, is from ___. Brooklyn
How are Wayde and Brett related? They're brother-in-laws
How big is the largest aquarium available? 50000
Irwin Heather's father, is known as the ___. General
Robert, the marine technician and nicknamed Robbie ___. Redneck:
Tanked focuses on ___ tank manufacturing. Acrylic
The "Tanked" team builds and installs ___ tanks. Fish
The team created a ___ tank for the LaJolla Group. Skateboard ramp
The team installed a ___ aquarium at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. Bubblegum machine
Wade got his own ___ tank for his birthday. Octopus
Wayde King, the CEO of ATM, as born in ___. New York
Where is the "Tanked" Crew based? Las Vegas

Teen Wolf
Scott's rival is ___. Jackson
Who was begging Derek for a bite? Jackson

The Bachelor & The Bachelorette
1st Canadian Bachelorette was ___. Jillian Harris
Emily Maynard appeared on season ___ of "The Bachelor." Fifteen
Emily Maynard was engaged to Bachelor ___. Brad Womack
Emily Maynard was engaged to deceased NASCAR star ___. Ricky Hendrick
First aired on ___. January 8th 2003
First bachelorette was ___. Trista Rehn
How many contestants have been on the Bachelor? Four
How many contestants were also on Bachelor? All of them
Season 3 took place in ___. New York
Season 4 winner Jesse Csincsak, is married to Bachelor contestant ___. Ann Lueders
Season 8 takes place in ___. Charlotte, NC
Which Bachelor & Bachelorette couple tied the knot in May? Peyton Wright & Chris Lambton
Which Bachelor & Bachelorette couple tied the knot in May? Peyton Wright & Chris Lambton
Which Bachelorette is still married to her pick? Trista Rehn
Which season 6 contestant had a girlfriend while on the show ___. Justin "Rated R" Rego
Who was the runner-up on "The Bachelor's" first season? Trista Rehn
Who won season 2? Ian McKee
Who won season 5? Ed Swiderski

The Big Bang Theory
Amy and Sheldon have a ___ agreement. Relationship
Amy Farrah Fowler is a ___. Neurobiologist
Everyone in Leonard's family is a scientist except his ___. Brother
Leonard started college when he was ___ years old. 11
Mayim Bialik is currently killing it as Amy Farrah Fowler, but she became famous on ___. Blossom
Mayim Bialik, who plays Amy Farrah Fowler, became famous on ___. Blossom
Sheldon's nemesis from "Star Trek" is ___. Wil Wheaton
Sheldon's twin sister is named ___. Missy
The guys are employed by ___. Cal Tech U.
We still don't know ___ last name. Penny's
What is Howards' wife's name? Bernadette
Where is Penny from? Omaha
Which character does NOT have a Ph.D.? Howard
Who is Leonard's roommate? Sheldon
Who is Penny's on/off love interest? Leonard
Who is the only one of the boys without a Ph.D.? Howard
Who is unable to talk to girls unless he's drinking booze? Raj

The Catalina
Eyal had the hotel build a float for ___. Gay Pride
Eyal served in the ___ military. Israeli
Front desk girls wear ___. Blue
Hotel has ___ buildings. Three
Hotel has ___ pools. 2
Kris has NOT smooched ___. Karina
Morgan manages a restaurant named ___. Kung Fu
Nathan "takes it to the next level" by spraying ___. Champagne
Nathan wanted ___ to join the beach volleyball tournament. Morgan
Upset had a bikini fashion show in the ___. Restaurant
What are the signature colors? Red and Silver
What is Morgan's nickname? The Russian Babykiller
When bartenders do shots together they call it a ___. Staff meeting

The Cleveland Show
Cleveland was once addicted to ___. Frappuccinos
On "The Cleveland Show," Cleveland & friends frequent ___. The Broken Stool
On "The Cleveland Show," Cleveland and Donna met in ___. High school
On "The Cleveland Show," Cleveland works full time at ___. Waterman Cable
On "The Cleveland Show," Cleveland's shortest drinking buddy is ___. Holt Ann Richter
On "The Cleveland Show," Donna Tubbs is voiced by ___. Sanaa Lathan
On "The Cleveland Show," Reagan Gomez-Preston is the voice of Roberta Tubbs. She began her career on ___. The Parenthood
Richard Appel previously worked on ___. The Bernie Mac Show
Roberta's boyfriend Gabriel Friedman goes by his rap name ___. Federline Jones
The Cleveland Show is a spin-off of ___. Family Guy
What is the character voiced by Seth McFarlane? Tim the Bear
Which Grammy Award-winning rapper appeared on "The Cleveland Show? Kanye West
Who is Cleveland's father? LeVar "FrightTrain" Brown

The Client List
Clients want to be ___. Heard
Evan is Riley's ___. Brother-in-law
Georgia owns a ___. Spa
Jennifer Love Hewitt was on ___. Party of Five
Lacey is Riley's ___. BFF
On "The Client List," Riley's kids are named ___. Travis & Katie
Riley commutes to ___. Sugar Land
Riley used to hide her money in the ___. Freezer
Riley's mom is played by ___. Cybill Shepherd
The Client List is based in ___. Texas

The Closer
Brenda is known for saying ___. Thank you
Brenda is married to ___. Fritz
Brenda' parents are Clay and ___. Willie Rae
Brenda was Dept. Chief of ___. Priority HomicideDivision
Closer is a spin-off of ___. Major Crimes Division
GW Bailey was in ___. M*A*S*H
Team's civilian is ___. Buzz
The Closer is set in ___. L.A.
Where is Brenda from? Atlanta

The Colbert Report
A prominent portrait of ___ hangs over the fireplace in "The Colbert Report" studio. Stephen Colbert
In 2008, Stephen Colbert ran for ___ of the United States. President
In 2009, NASA named a ___ after Stephen Colbert, the host of the show. Treadmill
In 2011, Stephen Colbert ran for President of ___. South Carolina
Stephen Colbert has Arctophobia, or a fear of ___. Bears
Stephen Colbert's desk is built in the shape of a ___. Letter C
The Colbert Report host Stephen Colbert coined the phrase ___. Truthiness
The studio where "The Colbert Report" films is nicknamed ___. The Eagle's Nest

The Daily Show
Before Jon Stewart took over, "The Daily Show" was originally hosted by ___. Craig Kilborn
Daily Show correspondent Stephen Colbert began hosting a spin-off show in 2005 called ___. The Colbert Report
Every episode of "The Daily Show" closed with a ___. Moment of Zen
The Daily Show just won an Emmy for? Best Variety Series
The Daily Show has aired on Comedy Central since ___. 1996
The Daily Show labels their election segments as ___. InDecision
The show has won 16 Emmys during its ___. 16 year run
What is the name of The Daily Show theme song? Dog on Fire
Where does "The Daily Show" filmed? Manhattan
Which two stars from "The Office" began on "The Daily Show?" Steve Carell and Ed Helms

The Glades
Before The Glades, Kiele Sanchez was on ___. LOST
Callie joined FDLE as a ___. Forensic Nurse
Carlos is a ___. Forensic Pathologist
Daniel started as an ___. Intern
Jim has always had a crush on ___. Callie
Jim is a ___. Detective
Jim worked in ___. Chicago
Kiele Sanchez was on ___. Lost
On "The Glades," Callie is a ___. Nurse
On "The Glades," Jim left Chicago after being shot in the ___. Butt
On "The Glades," Jim's known for his ___ work style. Unorthodox
On Season 2, Callie was ___. Taken hostage
Sam Harper is Jim's ___. Ex-girlfriend
Set in ___. Florida
Who is Callie's son? Jeff
Who is Jim's boss? Colleen

The Good Wife
Alicia and Peter's daughter is named ___. Grace
Alicia and Peter's son is named ___. Zachary
Alicia and Will both attended ___. Georgetown.
Alicia left the courtroom for ___. 13 years
Alicia returned to her ___ career after Peter went to jail. Legal
At the beginning of the series, Alicia was the titular "good wife" to her husband, a disgraced ___. State Attorney
Before Chris Noth joined "The Good Wife," he was on the iconic show ___. Sex and the City
Before he joined "The Good Wife" Chris Noth starred on ___. Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Before Scott Porter played Blake Calamar on "The Good Wife," he was on ___. Friday Night Lights
Blake knows Kalinda's ___. Real name
Chris Noth is well known for his role as Mr. Big on "Sex and the City." What was Mr. Big's first name? John
Christine Baranski plays Diane on "The Good Wife." The first TV show she appeared on was ___. Cybill
Diane had a romance with an expert on ___. Ballistics
During the season premiere, Kristin Chenoweth played a ___. Reporter
Eli Gold is once again Peter's ___. Campaign manager
How many Emmys has Juliana Margulies won for her role on "The Good Wife"? 1
In 2011, Julianna Margulies won an Emmy for her performance as Alicia. She won her first Emmy for her work on ___. ER
Investigator Blake Calamar tried to frame ___. Kalinda Sharma
Journalist Mandy Post is played by Miriam Shor. She played Cricket Caruth-Reilly on the TV show ___. GCB
Julianna Margulies and guest star Maura Tierney previously worked together on ___. ER
Kalinda is never without her signature ___. Orange notebook
Kalinda Sharma used to work for ___. Peter Florrick
Kalinda's ex-husband is now a ___ at Lockhart & Gardner. Client
Kalinda's signature boots are ___. Knee high
Last season, Alicia has an affair with ___. Will
Lockhart & Gardner has to raise ___ in order to be out of debt. $60 million
On "The Good Wife," Alicia's mentor is ___. Diane Lockhart
Owen once encouraged Aliccia to do something that terrified her. What was it? Steal Wifi
Peter Florrick wants to be the ___. Governor of Illinois
Peter forced Glenn Childs to withdraw his candidacy by threatening to expose his illegal transitions with ___. Nannies
Peter sent a ___ to Alicia's desk Glove
Peter's tape was leaked to the media by ___. Glenn Childs
The Good Wife is set in ___. Chicago
The good wife takes place in ___. Chicago
Viola Walsh is back on "The Good Wife" this season. Viola is played by ___. Rita Wilson
What is Kalinda's signature accessory? Knee-high boots
What is the name of the law firm where Alicia works? Lockhart/Gardner
What was Kalinda's original first name? Leela
Who did Alicia hire when she was investigated by the Treasury Department? Elsbeth Tascioni
Who does Alan Cummings play? Eli Gold
Who is Peter's campaign manager? Eli Gold
Who is the firm's private investigator? Kalinda
Who purchased the house that Alicia wanted to buy? Her mother-in-law
Who replaced Pete Florrick as Cook County's State attorney after a scandal cost him his job? Glenn Childs
Who was Peter's costar in his naughty tape? Amber

The Killing
Beau Soleil is a(n) ___. Escort Service
Before Brent Sexton played "Stan", he was on what cult show? Deadwood
Before Michelle Forbes played Mitch, she was on ___. True Blood
Before playing Sarah Linden, Mireille Enos was on ___. Big Love
Darren Richmond is running for ___. Mayor
Jamie and Gwen are working on ___. Darren's campaign
Linden's son's name is ___. Jack
Stan used to be involved in the ___. Polish Mob
The actor who plays Holder is ___. Swedish
The Killing follows the investigation of the murder of ___. Rosie Larsen
The Killing is based on a ___ TV show. Danish
The Killing is set in ___. Seattle
What is the name of the casino? Wapi Eagle Casino

The Lying Game
Alec and Rebecca are ___. Engaged
Emma was living in ___. Las Vegas
Ethan's brother is a ___. Police Officer
On "The Lying Game," Sutton had a secret relationship with ___. Ethan
Sutton's archrival is ___. Nisha
Sutton's dad is a ___. Plastic surgeon
Sutton's younger sister is ___. Laurel
Ted Mercer's longtime best friend is ___. Alec Rybak
Which cast member was a regular on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"? Charisma Carpenter

The Mentalist
According to Patrick, Red John's followers carry a red ___ in their pockets. Bead
After leaving the CBI last season, Patrick went to ___. Las Vegas
Agent Cho's nickname is ___. Ernie
At the end of last season, Jane pretended to kill ___. Lisbon
At the end of last season, Patrick burned all of his files about ___. Red John
Before Robin Tunney became boss lady Teresa Lisbon, she appeared in the 90s classic ___. The Craft
Before Simon Baker became Patrick Jane, he starred with Anne Hathaway in ___. The Devil Wears Prada
Before Van Pelt was engaged to Agent O'Laughlin, she dated ___. Rigsby
CBI's headquarters are located in ___. Sacramento
Earlier in the season, Jane lost Lorelei, an agent for ___. Red John
Earlier in the season, Patrick hooked up with the Red John disciple ___. Lorelei
Guest star Emmanuelle Chriqui is best known for role on HBO's hit series ___. Entourage
Last season, Patrick was fired after he insulted ___. Wainwright
Last season, Rigsby had a ___. Son
Patrick drives a ___ car. Grey
Patrick first met Lorelei when she is working as a ___. Waitress
Patrick Jane is a consultant for the ___. CBI
Patrick once confronted Red John-surrogate Timothy Carter at a ___. Shopping Mall
Patrick posed as a ___ before he assisted Lisbon. Psychic
Patrick's dad was a ___. Conman
Red John came after Patrick after he dissed him in a ___. TV interview
Red John killed Patrick's ___. Daughter
Red John leaves a ___ at the scene of his crimes. Smiley face
Red John often references the poet ___. William Blake
Rigsby had a ___. Son
Rigsby specializes in ___. Arson
Simon Baker has directed ___ aired episodes of "The Mentalist". 2
The Mentalist star Simon Baker is from ___. Australia
The Mentalist was created by Bruno Heller, who also produced the HBO series ___. Rome
Van Pelt was engaged to ___. Agent O'Laughlin
What color is a recurring theme? Red
What is Agent Cho's nickname? Ernie
What is Rigsby's specialty? Arson
What is the name of the actor who plays Kimball Cho? Tim Kang
What was of Jane's daughter's name? Charlotte
When Patrick's daughter was young, every night he told her, "You are safe, you are loved, and you are ___. Wise
Which "Entourage" star showed up on "The Mentalist" as Lorelei? Emmanuelle Chirqui
Who killed Luther Wainwright last season? Red John
Who saved Patrick from Red John copycats? Red John
Who was killed, for real, at the end of the last season? Luther Wainwright

The Middle
Brick hangs with ___. The Odd Squad
Brick repeats words to himself by ___. Whispering them
Brick sometimes repeats ___. Words he just said
Brick suffers from gephyrophobia the fear of ___. Bridges
Chris Kattan plays Bob on "The Middle." As an SNL cast member, Chris created the character ___. Mango
Doris Roberts plays a ___ named Ms. Rinsky. Teacher
Earlier in the season Sue tried out to be her school's___. Mascot
Frankie works as a ___. Saleswoman
Mike finds ___ in the quarry. Dinosaur Bones
Mike is the manager of a ___. Quarry
On "The Middle," the oldest Heck child is ___. Axl
Other than Patricia Heaton, what other "Everybody Loves Raymond" alum makes an appearance? Doris Roberts
Patricia Heaton plays Frankie on "The Middle." She used to be on the ___. Everybody Loves Raymond
Sue earns cash for her school by selling ___. Sausage and Cheese
Sue's guidance counselor is played by ___. Whoopi Goldberg
What is Brick's new tick? Saying whoop
What is Mike Heck's favorite film? Reservoir Dogs
What is Sue Heck's middle name? Sue
What sports team does Sun join ___. Cross Country
What state does it take place in ___. Indiana
Where do the Heck's live? Indiana
Which "SNL" alum plays Mike Heck's brother? Norm MacDonald
Which television talk-show queen was supposed to play the role of Frankie? Ricki Lake

The New Normal
Before Andrew Rannells joined "The New Normal" as Bryan, he was in the Broadway hit ___. The Book of Mormon
Jane Forrest is goldie's ___. Grandmother
The New Normal was co-created by Ryan Murphy. Ryan is also the mad genius behind ___. American Horror Story
Who is Bryan's assistant? Rocky

The Office
Angela is known for being ___. Uptight
Before she joined "The Office" as Nellie, Catherine Tate appeared on the cult hit ___. Doctor Who
Deangelo was demoted from Branch Manager after an unfortunate ___ accident. Basketball hoop
Deangelo was played by comedian ___. Will Ferrell
During the season premiere of "The Office," Kevin tried to save a ___. Turtle
Earlier in the season, Angela wanted ___ to adopt one of her cats. Oscar
Jim partnered with a friend to take on a new job in Philadelphia in ___. Sports Marketing
Jim pranks ___. Dwight
Kelly has not dated ___. Jim
Kelly Kapoor quit her job at Dunder Mifflin to follow her fiancé to his new gig at ___ University. Miami
Last season, Andy was promoted to ___. Regional Manager
Michael Scott left to live with ___. Holly
Mindy Kaling used to be a total triple threat on "The Office" – she produced, wrote and played Kelly Kapoor. These days, Mindy is bringing the funny to ___. The Mindy Project
New Dunder Mifflin employee Clark took on the alias of ___. Dwight Jr.
On "The Office," before Pam, Jim dated ___. Karen
Original paper company was ___. Dunder Mifflin
Pam and Jim were expecting their ___ child during Season 8. 2nd
Pam married ___. Jim
Several of the characters travelled to ___ during Season 8. Florida
The current CEO of Dunder Mufflin is ___. David Wallace
The Office is based on a ___ show of the same name. British
The Office is filmed like a ___. Mocumentary
Which "The Office" cast member worked as correspondents on "The Daily Show?" Steve Carell and Ed Helms
Who is the current Assistant Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin? Darryl
Who was hired as the new receptionist after Pam was promoted to sales? Erin

The Pitch
How many days do the teams have to prepare? 7
How many teams compete? 2
The teams created an ad for snack food ___. Popchips
What sandwich company did they campaign for? Subway
Which team won the Marriott account? Bandujo

Place generic "Housewives of ______" questions here…
Bethenny Frankel originally appeared on The Real Housewives of ___. New York
Which "Housewife" is starting a funeral business? Phaedra from Real Housewives of Atlanta
Which "Housewife" owns the Palms Casino in Las Vegas? Adrienne from RH of BH
Which "Housewife" released the song "On Display"? Melissa from RH of NJ
Which housewife is also a Grammy Award winner? Kandi, RH of Atlanta
Which housewife is an aspiring anchor? Alexis, RH of OC
Which housewife is not married to a plastic surgeon? Teresa
Which housewife is the owner of Giggy pouch? Lisa, RH of BH
Which housewife was a child star? Kyle, RH of BH

The Real Housewives of Atlanta
Cynthia Bailey started her own ___. Modeling school
DeShawn married ___. Eric Snow
Kandi Buress has a web show called ___. Kandi Koated Nights
Kandi Buress won a ___. Grammy
Kim Zolciack's spinoff is ___. Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding
Kim's husband Kroy plays for ___. Atlanta Falcons
Kim's single is ___. Tardy For The Party
NeNe is not talking to ___. Sheree Whitfield
NeNe left Celeb Apprentice because of drama with ___. Star Jones
NeNe scored a recurring role on ___. Glee
Phaedrea Parks is starting her own ___. Funeral business
Sheree Whitfield's fashion line is called ___. She by Sheree
Which housewife never leaves without her wig? Kim
Who crashed the party in Africa? Marlo Hampton

The Real Housewives of Miami
Elsa relaxes by having her housekeeper ___. Sing to her
Joanna Krupa was born in ___. Poland
Karent describes herself as the "Dentist to the ___." Stars
Karent's boyfriend Rodolfo is a ___. Soap star
Lisa's husband is also known as the ___. Boob god
Mama Elsa once lost her ___ in her closet. Dog
Marysol Patton has a ___ iPhone case. Bedazzled
Marysol's mother Elsa is a ___. Psychic
Model Joanna Krupa lives with her sister Marta, who is a ___. Model
What biz is Marysol Patton in? Public relations
Where is Lea Black from? Texas

The Real Housewives of New Jersey
Melissa released the song ___. "On Display"

The Real Housewives of New York City
Alex McCord has ___. kids 2
Aviva crossed the line with Ramona and Sonja when she called them? White trash
Aviva has a prosthetic ___. Leg
Aviva is NOT afraid of ___. Raw chicken
Aviva said that she behaved the way she did at St. Barths because she ___. Didn't feel welcome
Bethenny and Kelly had a major blowout in ___. St. John
Bethenny had a major spat with ___. Jill
Bethenny invented the ___. Skinnygirl cocktail
Carole accused LuAnn of stealing her style when she wore a ___. Cape
Carole Radziwill is a ___. Princess
Carole wrote a novel about being a ___. Widow
George called Ramona a ___ when she kicked him out of her charity event? Trailer turd
Heather and Sonja butted heads over a ___. Toaster oven box design
Heather said she didn't invite Ramona to London because it was a ___. Business trip
Heather shapewear is called ___. Yummy
Heather wanted ___ to walk in her charity fashion show? Aviva
How many of the housewives have dated Aviva's ex Harry Dubin? 3
Jill had a falling out with ___. Bethenny Frankel
LuAnn de Lesseps wrote ___. Class with the Countess
Luann's new boyfriend is named ___. Jacques
LuAnn's 1st single was called ___. Money Can't Buy You Class
LuAnn's 2nd single was called ___. Chic, C'est La Vie
Ramona initially rubbed Heather the wrong way when she told her that she ___. Talk too much
Ramona's husband is named ___. Mario
Ramona's daughter is named ___. Avery
Ramona's must have drink is ___. Pinot Grigio
Real Housewives of New York City star Ramona Singer works in the ___ industry. Fashion
Sonja's BFF is ___. Ramona
The ladies sang ___ at LuAnn's Christmas Party? Jingle Bells
What nickname did Carole give to LuAnn while in London? Pumpkin Head
Which housewife did the ladies accuse of cheating during their vacation in St. Barths? Luann
Which housewife has been on since it premiered? LuAnn
Which housewife renewed her vows? Ramona
Which housewife stuck her face in a bidet on vacation? Sonja
Which housewife's constant one-upping drove Carole crazy this season? Luann
Who did Sonja hire to help her with her "Sonja in the City" brand? Heather
Who has her own Bravo show? Bethenny Frankel
Who only lasted one season? Cindy Barshop

The Real Housewives of Orange County
A newly divorced Tamra found love again with ___. Eddie
Alex is married to ___. Jim
Briana went to ___. Vegas
Gretchen Rossi performed with ___. The Catcat Dolls
Gretchen's boyfriend is ___. Slade
Heather Dubrow was an ___. Actress
Heather's husband is a ___. Plastic surgeon
How many kids does Heather has? 4
Slade dated ___. Jo DeLaRosa
Tamra gave a ___ to Gretchen as a peace offering. Bracelet
Terry removed Tamara's ___. Tattoo
Viki owns her own ___. Insurance agency
What does Vicki say when she's excited? Wahoo
What is Alexis Bellino's nickname? Jesus Barbie
What is Gretchen's make-up line? Gretchen Christine
Which former housewife used to date Jim? Tammy Knickerbocker
Which housewife developed a handbag and cosmetics line? Gretchen
Which housewife has a clothing line? Alexis
Which housewife is a news correspondent? Alexis
Which housewife is the only original cast member? Vicki
Who is the newest housewife? Heather Dubrow
Who is Vickie's new boyfriend? Brooks

The Real World
Cast members from past seasons of "The Real World" can compete for cash on ___. The Challenge
This season of "The Real World" is the show's ___ season. 27th

The Secret Life of the American Teenager
Ashley usually dresses in ___. Black
Attends ___. Grant High
Ben plays the ___ in the school band. Cymbals
Beverly Mitchell is currently playing Kathleen O'Malley on "Secret Life." Her first big role was on the show ___. 7th Heaven
Clementine works at the college's ___. College shop
Grace aspires to be a ___. Doctor
Jack is on the ___ team. Football
Molly Ringwald also starred in ___. Sixteen Candles
Ricky is Ethan's ___. Foster brother
Ricky lives above a ___. Butcher shop
Ricky proposed at ___. Graduation
The Secret Life of the American Teenager films in ___. Valley Glen, CA
What musical instrument does Amy play? French horn
Which cast member sings the show's theme song? Molly Ringwald

The Simpsons
A cult-like religious group once descended upon Springfield. What were they called? Movementarians
As a teen Marge painted pictures of her favorite musician ____. Ringo Star
Before "The Simpsons" became a standalone series, the characters debuted on ___. The Tracey Ullman Show
Fat Tony is voiced by actor Joe Mantegna. Joe is also on the primetime series ___. Criminal Minds
Ned Flaunder's late wife was named ___. Maude
The Simpsons holds the record for the ___. World's longest running sitcom
The Simpsons is the origin of the popular internet phrase ___. Meh
The Simpsons is the longest-running ___ series in America. Comedy
The Simpsons spoofed "Behind The Music" in an infamous episode called ___. Behind The Laughter
What is the beer brand of choice on The Simpsons? Duff beer
Which "Simpsons" expression was added the the Oxford English Dictionary? D'oh
Who voiced Maggie's first word? Elizabeth Taylor
Who was the founder of Springfield? Jebediah S.
Who wrote the 1991 song, "Do the Bartman?" Michael Jackson

The Soup
Dominic DeLeo, a writer and producer on "The Soup," also plays the recurring character ___. Mankini
Joel McHale had a cameo as a bank manager in ___. Spider-Man 2
Joel McHale says his nemesis is ___. Ryan Seacrest
Joel McHale was born in ___. Rome
Lou is the unofficial mascot of "The Soup." He's a ___. Chihuahua
The "Chat Stew" segment features clips from ___. Reality shows (viggle is wrong, the actual answer is Talk shows)
The Soup always concludes with the ___. Clip of the Week
The Soup crowns the best tv moment of the week the ___. Clip of the week
The Soup features a sassy Chihuahua named ___. Lou
The Soup is served up by ___. E!
When he's not hosting "The Soup," Joel McHale plays an almost lawyer on ___. Community
Who is the current host? Joel McHale
Who is the mistreated intern? Matt
Who was the first host of Talk Soup? Greg Kinnear

The Vampire Diaries
A white oak stake is the only weapon that can kill a(n)___. Original
Alaric is a ___. History teacher
Before he starred on "The Vampire Diaries" Ian Somerhalder played Boone on ___. Lost
Before she came to "The Vampire Diaries" Nina Dobrev was on the teen TV show ___. Degrassi: The Next Generation
Bonnie is Elena's ___. Best friend
Caroline is a ___. Vampire
Caroline was turned after she was in a tragic ___. Car accident
Damon and Elena finally kissed at a ___. Motel
Damon calls Jeremy ___. Whoopi
Elena is in a love triangle with Damon and ___. Stefan
Esther is the ___. "Original Witch"
How did Elena finally get to drink human blood? Stefan killed the Council Guard
How many awards did "Vampire Dairies" win at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards? 6
In 2012, Ian Somerhalder won ___ at the Teen Choice Awards. Choice male hottie
In last season's finale, Elena became a ___. Vampire
In last season's finale, Elena decided that she loved ___. Stefan
Jeremy is a ___. Medium
Katherine Pierce is Elena's ___. Doppleganger
Klaus is ___. Hybrid/Original
Matt Donovan has romanced Elena and ___. Caroline
Nina Dobrev grew up in Canada but was actually born in ___. Bulgaria
Nina Dobrev, who plays Elena, recently appeared in the movie___. The Perks of Being a Wallflower
The Original Witch is ___. Esther
The Originals are ___. First existing vampires
The Vampire Diaries is based on the book series by ___. LJ Smith
Tyler plays on the Mystic Falls High School ___ team. Football
Where does The Vampire Diaries film? Georgia
Which "A Different World" cast member plays Bonnie's grandmother? Jasmine Guy
White oak can kill an ___. Original
Who died in last season's finale? Alaric
Who is the author of The Vampire Diaries? L.J. Smith
Who is the Original Witch? Esther
Whose blood did Meredith use to heal Elena's head injury and ultimately turn her into a vampire? Damon

The Voice
25-year-old competitor Diego Val is originally from ___. Peru
Adam compared Trevin's performance of "The Greatest Love of All" to __. Heaven
Adam Levine appeared in the SNL Digital Short ___. Iran So Far
Adam Levine will be guest staring on ___ this season. American Horror Story
Adam performed with __. 50 Cent
After two coaches attempted to steal Collin, he picked ___ to be his new coach. Blake
Amanda and Trevin stepped out of a ___ and onto the red carpet. Kia Sorento
Amanda Brown is currently a cornerstone of Team Adam, but she used to be on Team __. Cee Lo
Amanda turned Adele's "Someone Like You" into a __ song. Rock
Before Christina appeared on the Mickey Mouse Club, she rocked ___. Star Search
Before he came to "The Voice", Blake appeared on the singing competition ___. Nashville Star
Before his mainstream success with Maroon 5, coach Adam Levine was a waiter at ___. Johnny Rockets
Before Maroon 5 made it big, Adam worked as a waiter at ___ for two weeks. Johnny Rockets
Blake brought in a __ to help him out as a guest coach. Music producer
Blake confessed his love for ___ in an effort to woo her onto his team. Joselyn
Blake is married to a major country star. Who is it? Miranda Lambert
Blake said the performers get better after just 15 minutes with ___. Michael Buble
Blake Sheldon's album "Pure BS" featured a cover of a song by ___. Michael Buble
Blake Shelton dueted with Trace Adkins on the song ___. Hillbilly Bone
Blake Shelton is married to ___. Miranda Lambert
Blake Shelton recently recorded a duet with fellow coach ___. Christina Aguilera
Blake Shelton's debut album is titled ___. Blake Shelton
Bryan Keith's father is a ___. Singer
Budding star Avery Wilson amazed judges with his performance of ___. Without You
Carson Daly famously hosted the show ___. TRL
Casey Muessigmann used to ___. Wrestle
Cassadee played a __ during her cover of a Michelle Branch song. Guitar
Cassadee Pope performed a song written by Miranda Lambert and __. Blake Shelton
Cassadee Pope received a video message from ___ before taking the stage. Pete Wentz
Cee Lo Green brought out the big guns -- he had __ help him as a guest coach. Jennifer Hudson
Cee Lo Green once remixed the jingle for ___. Meow Mix
Cee Lo Green was once a member of ___. Gnarls Barkley
Cee Lo had a small role on NBC's ___. Parenthood
Cee Lo has a son named ___. Kingston
Cee Lo hosted a show called ___. Cee Lo Green Talking to Strangers
Cee Lo's new album is titled "Cee Lo Green…___." Is Everybody's Brother
Christina Aguilera appeared on "The Mickey Mouse Club" with Britney Spears and? Ryan Gosling
Christina Aguilera appeared on the classic TV show ___. Mickey Mouse Club
Christina Aguilera recorded the theme song for the Disney movie ___. Mulan
Christina Aguilera teamed up with __ to perform her hit song "Just a Fool." Blake Shelton
Christina Aguilera's most recent album is called __. Lotus
Christina rocked the 2010 film ___. Burlesque
Christina said the "Conga" battle left her ___. Speechless
Christina was voted one of 100 Greatest Singers of All Time by ___ magazine. Rolling Stone
Christina's new record is called ___. Lotus
Coach Blake Shelton is married to country music star ___. Miranda Lambert
Cody sang a song originally performed by __. Queen
Contestant Casey Muessigmann used to ___. Wrestle
Contestant Michelle Brooks-Thompson's husband briefly played for the ___. St. Louis Rams
Contestant Terisa Griffin auditioned with the Adele song ___. Someone Like You
Contestants must be ___ years old to audition for "The Voice." 15
Current contestant Cassadee Pope impressed all four judges with her rendition of ___. Torn
Current contestant Jordan Pruitt has already released ___ albums. 2
Dez covered a song by __. Justin Bieber
Dez used to play __ at Yale University. Football
Diego Val is originally from ___. Peru
During his guest performance on The Voice, Jason Aldean performed __. The Only Way I Know
Earlier in this show, Carson Daly surprised two lucky winners with ___. Kia Dream Seats
Heartthrob contestant Dez Duron is a former member of the ___ football team. Yale
How many contestants were sent home during last week's eliminations? 2
How tall is Blake Shelton? 6' 5"
How tall is Cee Lo Green? 5'7"
How tall is coach Blake Shelton? 6'5"
In the Team Cee Lo battle between Nicholas and Todd, they both rocked ___. Beards
Last season, Team Christina placed ___. 4th
Loren Allred from Team Adam lives in a ___. Artist compound
Melanie Martinez won the crowd over by performing the hit rock song __. Seven Nation Army
Nelly's Echo from Team Christina was born in ___. Nigeria
New Orleans native Alexis Marceaux impressed Cee Lo with her performance of ___. Go Your Own Way
Nicholas recently revealed that he and his wife are expecting __. Baby #3
Season 2 runner up Juliet Simms was on Team ___. Cee Lo
Team Adam's Bryan Keith's father is a ___. Singer
Team Blake and Team Christina joined forces to perform __. Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Team Blake's mother-daughter duo is called ___. 2 Steel Girls
Team Blake's Terry McDermott came to the US with his ___. Band
Team Blake's Terry McDermott came to the US with his band. What are they called? Driveblind
Team Christina came in ___ place last season. 4th
Team Christina got ___ place last season. 4th
Terisa Griffin auditioned with the Adele song ___. Someone Like You
Terry covered a song originally performed by __. Blake Shelton
Terry McDermott from Team Blake is from ___. Scotland
Terry McDermott performed a song by rock legend __. Bryan Adams
The first winner of "The Voice" won ___. 100000
The initial audition round for Season 3 took place over ___ episodes. 8
The most recent Kia Motors commercial that aired featured the 2013 ___. Sorento
The Season 3 blind auditions brought us the first singer to audition entirely in ___. Spanish
The Voice advisor Billie Joe Armstrong had a rough weekend. He had a meltdown at a ___. Music festival
The Voice advisor Mary J. Blige has won ___ Grammys. 9
The Voice advisor Michael Buble is Italian and ___. Canadian
The Voice advisor Rob Thomas is front man for ___. Matchbox Twenty
The Voice contestant Moses Stone coached by ___. Christina
The Voice host Carson Daly became a household name thanks to ___. Total Request Live
The Voice host Carson Daly got his start in __. Radio programs
The Voice isn't Adam Levine's first foray into TV - he was once a writer's assistant on ___. Judging Amy
The Voice originated in ___. Holland
This season, De'Borah is on Team ___. Christina
This season, each coach is allowed ___ steals. 2
This year, Cee Lo won a Grammy for ___. Fool For You
To date, Cee Lo has released ___ studio albums. 3
Trevin Hunte is a member of __'s team. Cee Lo Green
Week 3 contestant Suzanna Choffel works as a ___ teacher. Music
What color has Cee Lo been wearing all season? White
What color was the 2013 Kia Sorento featured in the recent commercial? Black
What is Adam's latest tattoo? A black beaded necklace
What is Cee Lo's real first name? Thomas
What is Cee Lo's real name? Thomas DeCarlo Callaway
What is Christina's first single off of her upcoming "Lotus " album? Your Body
What is Christina's username on Twitter? TheRealXtina
What is the name of Adam Levine's band? Maroon 5
What musical icon visited Nicholas? Bill Withers[/B]
What song was the first battle of this season? Carry on Wayward Son
What was the last song that Bryan Keith performed before his elimination? New York State of Mind
What was the last song that The Voice contestant Sylvia Yacoub performed before her elimination? Girl on Fire
What was the name of Christina's debut album? Christina Aguilera
What words light up behind the coaches' chairs when they hit their red buttons? I want you
When "Last Call with Carson Daly" launched, the show filmed on the same set as ___. SNL
When did Christina Aguilera receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? 2010
Where did Blake marry fellow country star Miranda Lambert? Texas
Where did guitar whiz Collin McLoughlin go to school? New York University
Where is "The Voice" filmed? Los Angeles
Where is Adriana Louise from? Brooklyn
Where is Terry originally from? Scotland
Which Al Green song did Mycle Wastman perform during his audition? Let's Stay Together
Which artist has NOT been a mentor on "The Voice"? Lil Wayne
Which Christina record featured the gorgeous ballad "Beautiful?" Stripped
Which coach has NOT had one of their team members win "The Voice"? Christina
Which contestant auditioned for the coaches 2 years in a row before getting picked? Daniel Rosa
Which contestant has one of the best screams that Adam has ever heard? Benji
Which contestant is from Scotland? Terry McDermott
Which contestant said that Blake selected her battle round pairing to get rid of her? Terisa
Which contestant took the last spot on Team Cee Lo? Cody Belew
Which former contestant was a member of "The Mickey Mouse Club" with Christina? Tony Lucca
Which judge claimed Season 1 winner Javier Colon? Adam
Which judge coached Season 1 winner Javier Colon to victory? Adam
Which judge has no team members remaining? Christina Aguilera
Which judge joined a contestant on stage during Part 6 of the auditions? Cee Lo Green
Which judge picked Jordan Pruitt? Christina Aguilera
Which Kanye West record featured a cameo by Adam Levine? Late Registration
Which member of Team Adam played the Warped Tour in 2010? Joe Kirkland
Which member of Team Cee Lo has been dealing with a bum ticker this year? MacKenzie Bourg
Which member of Team Cee Lo is a professional dancer? Domo
Which member of Team Christina is a former gymnast? Lisa Scinta
Which member of Team Christina is expecting a baby this year? Aqulle
Which member of Team Christina was home-schooled? Devyn Delorea
Which one of last night's contestants toured with Lady Gaga? Chevonne
Which performer set the crowd on fire by performing Usher's "Scream?" Trevin Hunte
Which popular band served as The Voice's most recent guest performer? Rascal Flatts
Which Voice contestant performed Grace Potter's "Stars?" Amanda Brown
Who acts as the show's social media correspondent? Christina Milian
Who coached Jermaine Paul to victory in Season 2? Blake
Who did Cee Lo call the "voice of a generation?" Nicholas David
Who did Christina Aguilera play in the camp classic film "Burlesque?" Ali Rose
Who finished in second place on Season 2 of "The Voice?" Juliet Simms
Who is Christina's team mentor this season? Billie Joe Armstrong
Who is the oldest remaining contestant? Terry McDermott
Who is the youngest remaining contestant? Melanie Martinez
Who performed a song by Beyonce ? Cody Belew
Who showed off his piano skills during a live performance? Nicholas David
Who visited Terry backstage earlier in the season? His family
Who was the runner up in Season 2? Juliet Simms
Who will Cee Lo Pick? Diego
Who won Season 1? Javier Colon
Who won Season 2? Jermaine Paul 30 questions for 300 points
Blake has just released a holiday album titled ___. Cheers it's Christmas
Cassadee Pope once toured with her band ___. Hey Monday
Cody from Team CeeLo performed a song by ___. Queen
Earlier this season, Christina performed "Just a Fool" with special guest ___. Blake
Earlier this season, Nicholas performed "Lean on Me" with ___. A gospel choir
Adam compared Trevin's performance of "The Greatest Love of All" to ___. Heaven
Adam performed w/ ___. 50 cent
Amanda & Trevin sang a ___ song. Lady Gaga
Carson said Terry's performance was the #1 ___ song on iTunes. Rock
Cassadee played a ___ during her cover of a Michelle Branch son. Guitar
Dez worked his demographic and sang a song by teen dream ___. Justin B.
Melanie told Adam she was going through a ___. Breakup
Terry performed a song by ___. Blake
What did Blake think of Terry's cover of his song "Over?" ___. He loved it
Which Adele song did Amanda sing? Someone Like You
Which contestant has baby #3 on the way? Nicholas
Which Marvin Gaye song did Nicholas sing? What's Going On

The Walking Dead
Andrea stole a ___ necklace for Amy. Mermaid
Lori is played by ___. Sarah Wayne Callies
Maggie fell for ___. Glenn
Rick and gang escape from ___. CDC
T-Dog is short for ___. Theodore Douglas
The Walking Dead has a live aftershow called ___. The Talking Dead
Walkers must be taken down ___. Quietly
Where are most of the cast from? Atlanta
Who does Laurie Holden plays on The Walking Dead? Andrea

Tia & Tamera
On "Tia & Tamera," Tamera's bridesmaids wore ___ dresses. Pink
On "Tia & Tamera," Tia booked a movie in ___. Utah
On "Tia & Tamera," Tia named her baby ___. Cree
Tamera had her bachelorette party in ___. Santa Barbara
Tamera was asked to co-host ___. Access Hollywood
Tamera's best friend is ___. Andrea
Tamera's husband is ___. Adam
Tamera's wedding was in ___. Napa Valley
Tamera's wedding was planned by ___. Mindy
Tia is rocking with role on ___. The Game
Tia's book is called ___. Oh, Baby!
Where is Adam & Tamera's 2nd home? Napa Valley
Which twin was pregnant at the beginning? Tia

Toddlers & Tiaras
Contestant Alana goes by the stage name ___. Honey Boo Boo Child
During a "Me & My Pet" pageant on "Toddlers & Tiaras," Karley performed with a ___. Snake
Honey Boo Boo Child has over ___ "Likes" on her Facebook page. 1,500
Maddy wore a padded bra and fake butt to perform ___. Dolly Parton
Moms use "go-go juice" to boost energy before a pageant. It contains ___. Red Bull and Mountain Dew
Pageant kids wear special dentures called ___. Flippers
Star Eden has a spinoff called ___. Eden's World
Star Eden Wood has over ___ Twitter followers. 10,000
Viewers freaked after a contestant dressed up as ___. Pretty Woman
What makes Honey Boo Boo Child "holla"? A dollar

Top Chef Masters
Curtis Stone has also appeared on the reality show ___. Celebrity Apprentice
Food trend watch! According to USA Today, the new Thai is ___ for 2012. Korean
In 2012, Mario Batali vowed to cut off his ponytail if he raised ___ for his charity. $500,000
In addition to "Top Chef Masters," Curtis Stone hosts the show ___. Around the World in 80 Plates
In Season 2, Marcus Samuelsson won by ___ . ½ star
Jay Rayner served as a regular critic on "Top Chef Masters" until the end of Season ___. 2
On Season 4 of Top Chef Masters, the chefs cooked for ___. Brian Boitano
Top Chef Masters contestant Hugh Acheson is famous for his ___. Unibrow
Which celebrity chef caused an uproar when they announced they had diabetes? Paula Deen
Which chef does not come from NY? Patricia
Which chef was the first contestant to ever withdraw from the show? Missy
Which reality TV star appeared as a guest judge during the 4th season of "Top Chef Masters?" Holly Madison
Which "Top Chef: Masters" contestant does NOT come from NYC? Patricia Yeo
Who hosted the first two seasons of Top Chef Masters? Kelly Choi
Who won Season 1 of "Top Chef Masters?" Rich Bayless
Who won season 2 of "Top Chef Masters?" Marcus Samuelson
Who won Season 3 of "Top Chef Masters"? Floyd

Arthur Teller's best friend is named ___. Avram
Before he took a job as a baggage handler, Martin Bohm was a ___. Journalist
Before starring in "Touch", Keifer Sutherland appeared on the megahit ___. 24
Clea Hopkins is a ___. Social worker
Danny Glover plays Arthur Teller on Touch. What is Arthur's profession? Professor
Earlier in the show's run, Martin found a ___ with the number 1,188 on it. Key
Gugu Mbatha-Raw plays Clea on Touch. She's also appeared in the cult fave ___. Doctor Who
In the Touch premier, Jake tried to communicate with his dad by showing him the number___. 318
Lucy Robbins' daughter is named ___. Amelia
Martin Bohm works as a ___. Baggage handler
Randall Meade is a former ___. Firefighter
What company is after Jake's ability with numbers? AsterCorp
What does Jake use to see the future? Numbers
Which Touch character won the NY Lottery? Randall Meade
Who is Arthur Teller's daughter? Maggie

True Blood
Bill discovered that the Bellefleurs are his ___. Descendants
Jessica's maker is ___. Bill
Lafayette works as a cook at ___. Merlotte's
On Season 4, vampires battled ___. Witches
Sam Merlotte usually shifts into a ___. Dog
Sookie's special gift is ___. Mind Reading
Star Anna Paquin is married to ___. Stephen Moyer
The serial killer targeting vampire lovers was ___. Rene Lenier
True Blood is based on the book series ___. The Southern Vampire Mysteries
True Blood is set in ___. Louisiana
Vampires are attracted to Sookie because she is a ___. fairy

Two and a Half Men
Jon Cryer starred as "Duckie" in the beloved '80s movie ___. Pretty in Pink
Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre also created "Dharma and Greg" and ___. The Big Bang Theory
Walden made his fortune on the ___. Internet
Where do Alan and Walden live? Malibu
Who plays the vengeful spirit that tortures Charlie in the afterlife? Kathy Bates

Two Broke Girls
2 Broke Girls star Kat Dennings appeared in ___. Thor
2 Broke Girls takes place in the Brooklyn nabe of ___. Williamsburg
Actor Ryan Hansen plays the dashing Candy Andy - you might remember seeing him in the cult fave _____. Veronica Mars
By the start of tonight's episode, the girls had raised over ______ for their cupcake shop. $1,300
Caroline Channing has a degree from ____. Wharton[/QUOTE]
Caroline's father is named ___. Martin
Caroline's father lost his money after being involved in ___. A Ponzi scheme
Earl is the ___ at the diner. Cashier
Earlier in the season, Max and Caroline auditioned for _____. Cupcake Wars
How much dough do the girls need to open their cupcake shop? 25000
In last week's episode, Caroline went on a date with _____. Andy
In last week's episode, Max was worried about _____ having a home for the winter. Chestnut
Last week, Caroline tried to prove that she's just a normal girl by _____. Dancing
Max and Caroline hope to open up a ___ business. Cupcake
Max and Caroline work at the ___ Diner. Williamsburg
Max babysits for ___. Peach
Max worked as a ___ for Peach Landis. Nanny
The girls' neighbor Sophie runs a cleaning business called ___. Sophie's Choice
Two Broke Girls takes place in ___. New York City
What was Caroline's horse named? Chestnut
When Earl was younger, he was a ___. Jazz musician
Which home diva guest starred last season? Martha Stewart
Who owns the Williamsburg Diner? Han

Ugly Americans
Acts like a human, character Doug is ___. Koala
Leonard Powers fights with his older brother, a famous ___. Magician
Who is the creator? Devin Clark

Undercover Boss
CEO of GSI Commerce discovered his ___ skills weren't up to par. Packing and shipping
Which boss was fired? Lawrence O'Donnell
Which boss went undercover to get ideas to turn his company in a national brand? Dan DiZio
Who went undercover to clean & repair uniforms? CEO of UniFirst

Up All Night
Ava and Regan idolize ___. Stevie Nicks
Ava released a music video called ___. Basically
Ava's talk show rival is ___. Shayna
Chris and Reagan's daughter is named ___. Amy
Chris puts his career as a ___ on hold. Lawyer
Christina Applegate currently stars in ___. Up All Night
Christina Applegate had a starting role in the early 90s classic ___. Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead
Christina Applegate starred alongside Will Ferrell in the 2004 comedy hit ___. Anchorman
Christina Applegate with "SNL" star ___ in the 2011 comedy film "Hall Pass." Jason Sudeikis
Megan Mullally plays Shayna. What was her breakout role Karen Walker
Missy is Ava's ___. Assistant
On "Up All Night," Ava's boyfriend is ___. Kevin
On "Up All Night," Ava's talk show is called ___. Ava
On "Up All Night," Christina Applegate's character produces a show called ___. Ava
On "Up All Night," Reagan is ___ with her boss Ava. BFFs
Reagan proposed to Chris while which song played ___. Total Eclipse
Reagan returned to her job as ___. Producer
Regan works for Ava, a ___. Talk show host
Revolves around parents Chris & ___. Reagan
What is the name of Christina Applegate's character on "Up All Night?" Reagan Brinkley
What was the name of Christina Applegate's famous "Married …with Children" character? Kelly Bundy
Which former "SNL"star appears alongside Christina Applegate on NBC's "Up All Night" series? Maya Rudolph
Who plays Kevin on "Up All Night"? Jason Lee

Anna Chlmusky plays Amy on Veep. What hit movie did she star in as a child? My Girl
Before she became the Veep, Selina Meyer was a Senator from ___. Maryland
Julia Louis-Dreyfus made her television debut on ___. Saturday Night Live
Selina's tweet monkey sent out a troublesome message in support of ___ utensils. Cornstarch
Tony Hale, who plays Gary, is best known for his role in the sitcom ___. Arrested Development
Veep creator Armando lannucci also created the show ___. The Thick of It
What is the Presidential line of succession? President, Vice President, President Pre-Tempore of the Senate

Before he agreed to become Sheriff, Ralph was a ___. Rancher
Before Michael Chiklis joined "Vegas", he played The Thing in ___. Fantastic Four
Dixon is Ralph's ___. Son
Mobsters from ___ are hoping to strike it rich in Vegas. Chicago
Ralph enlists the help of his brother ___. Jack
Ralph Lamb has just become Las Vegas' ___. Sheriff
Vegas takes play in the ___. 1960s
Vincent Savino is the new general manager of ___. The Savoy
What was scaring Ralph's cattle? Airplanes
Who was hiding from the Mob during the season premiere? Mayor

Nancy and her family began selling "wacky tobacky" when her husband ___. Died
Nancy met Warren when she was in ___. High school
Shane's job might be problematic for his mom. Who does he work for? The NYPD (3)
The boys flew to ___. Copenhagen
Until they staged a revolt, Doug only fed his "shelter" guests with ___. Licorice
What does Nancy name her "strain?" MILF
While her family hid out in Denmark, Nancy served her prison sentence in ___. Connecticut

What Not to Wear
Blossom star ___.Mayim Bialik
Carmindy has signature ___. Shimmer
Contributors work with ___. $5,000
How long do makeovers last? 5 days
Stacey London does NOT endorse a ___. Skin care line
Stacy London's original cohost was ___. Wayne Scot Lukas
The makeovers go down in ___. New York City

White Collar
Andrew McCarthy plays ___. Adler
Before joining the FBI, Peter Burke almost played professional ___. Baseball
Burke almost played ___. Baseball
Marsha Thomason plays Diana on "White Collar," but you probably saw her first on the show ___. Lost
Matt Bomer also appeared on ___. Chuck
Neal is also known for his ___. Style
Neal was caught by ___. Peter
Neal works with the ___. FBI
Neal's benefactor is ___. June
Neal's sidekick is ___. Mozzie
Neil was a famous ___. Forger
On "White Collar," Neal stole memorabilia from the ___. Yankees
On "White Collar," Agent Kramer is trying to get ___. Neal
Peter and Elizabeth's dog is named ___. Satchmo
Sharif Atkins appeared on ___. ER
Tiffani Theissen plays Peter's ___. Wife
Tim Dekay was on the cult show ___. Carnivale
Which "White Collar" actor has directed episodes of the show? Tm DeKay
White Collar actress Marsha Thomason used to be on ___. LOST
Who is in charge of the NY White Collar Crime Division? Reese Hughes

Alex broke up with Chloe via ___. Text message
Alex pitches an idea for a website ___.
Mark thinks he should break up with a girl he's unsure about after ___. 48 hours
Mark tried to start the catch phrase ___.Wheels Up
On "Whitney," Whitney and Alex adopted a dog named ___. Clarence
On "Whitney," Whitney works as a ___. Photographer
On "Whitney", Whitney ordered ___ while she was sleep shopping. Baby shoes
Star Whitney Cummings got her start on ___. Punk'd
Whitney broke her finger by ___. Jumping off the bed
Whitney Cummings also created ___. 2 Broke Girls
Whitney dressed up as a ___ to spice up her relationship Nurse
Whitney dropped her ___ at a friend's wedding Cell phone
Whitney is set in ___. Chicago

Adam, Anders & Blake met at ___. College
Guy's boss is named ___. Katie
How many seasons? 3
Kari's nickname is the ___. Human Robot
Montez's last name is ___. Walker
On "Workaholics," Adam, Anders and Blake work at ___. TelAmeriCorp

WWE Smackdown
Who is the current general manager of WWE SmackDown? Booker T
WWE SmackDown first aired on Syfy in ___. 2010
WWE SmackDown was launched in ___. 1999

X Factor
Adele attended the BRIT School for Performing Arts & Technology with ___. Leona Lewis
Arin Ray auditioned for the 2nd year in a row last night. last year, he was put in the group ___. InTENsity
Arin Ray made it to the Top __ during the previous season of X Factor. 12
Beatrice Miller is also a ____. Actor
Beatrice Miller's first professional performance was at the __. U.S. Open
Britney and her manager Larry sent and assistant on a quest for a ___. Straw hat
Britney request an ice-cold ___. Pepsi
Britney Spears is a proud mom to 2 adorable boys named ___. Sean & Jayden
Britney used to date The Cute One from __. N'SYNC
Britney's first concert tour ever was opening for ___. N'SYNC
Britney's reality show was called ___. Britney & Kevin: Chaotic
Carly Rose performed in the Broadway production of ___. Les Miserables
Contestant and father-of-five Daryl Black auditioned with a song by ___. Gym Class Heroes
Contestant David Corey wanted to find his ___. Biological mother
David wants to reconnect with his ___. Birth mother
Demi has a campaign to raise awareness about eating disorders and self-harm. What is her organization called? Love is Louder than the Pressure to Be Perfect
Demi Lovato has a wrist tattoo that says __. Stay strong
Demi was once roomies with Disney starlet __. Vanessa Hudgens
Demi's BFF is Disney starlet ___. Selena Gomez
Demi's younger half-sister Madison de la Garza had a recurring role on ___. Desperate Housewives
Dinah lives with her ___. Extended family
During last night's show, Changli Ye auditioned with ___. My Heart Will Go On
During their original audtion, the guys of emblem had some unwanted advice from a guy who had been in a European __. Boy band
Earlier in the season, contestant Jillian Jensen bonded with Demi over the horror of ___. Bullying
Earlier this season Diamond W. sang a song from ___. The Bodyguard
Earlier this season Khloe K. had a wardrobe malfunction w/ her ___ while hosting. Shirt
Earlier this season, Emblem3 sang a mashup of "My Girl" and __. California Gurls
Earlier this season, we met contestant Don Philip. He once recorded a duet with __. Britney Spears
Fifth Harmony was assembled at the end of ___. Auditions
Fifth Harmony's previous name was ___. 1432
Gene and Sophie appear in a reality TV show called ___. Gene Simmons Family Jewels
How many kids does Daryl have? 5
How much is the winner's recording contract worth? 5 million
How old is Diamond White? 13
In 2009 The Hollywood Reporter called Simon the most powerful person in ___. Reality TV
In her Toxic video Britney S. played a sexy ____. Flight attendant
Earlier in the season, Jennel and __ battled it out in a sing-off to stay on the show. Paige
L.A. Reid currently works with the label ___. Epic Records
L.A. Reid ushered in the comeback of ___. Mariah Carey
LA Reid was once shouted out in a song by ____. Pink
Last season, Arin was put in a group called ___. Intensity
Last year, Poor Rachel Crow was sent packing when the judges were in a deadlock. Who put the nail in the coffin? Nicole Scherzinger
Last year, Simon initially let one "X Factor" contestant go before begging her to return. Who was it? Melanie Amaro
Last year, Simon initially let one X Factor contestant go before begging her to return. Who was it? Melanie Amaro
Paige has an adorable daughter named __. Jade
Simon produced a show in UK looking for stars for West End revival of which musical? Grease
Simon said he'd put the tiara on whoever had been the biggest princess that day. Who did he pick? Britney
Simon takes credit for __ #1 records. 200
Sophie Tweed-Simmons auditioned with Adele's song ___. Make You Feel My Love
Tara sang a song by David Guetta. His "Turn Up the Beat" album produced ___ Top 20 Albums Four
Tate stevens has been performing since he was ___ years old. 4
Tate Stevens is a stage name - his given name is __. Stephen
Tate Stevens used to perform w/ his band ____. Dixie Cadillacs
The boys of Emblem3 claim that ____ is their guilty pleasure. SpongeBob
The boys of Emblem3 live in ___. CA.
The X Factor judges drink ___. Pepsi
Though singing has always been her dream Paige went to school to become a ___. Nurse
Two teen girls followed contestant Austin Corini to request his ___. Autograph
We met a group called Jaime. They were ___. Engaged
We met contestant Dinah. She lives with her ___. Extended family
We met contestant Tara Simon. Tara is a ___. Vocal couch
What is Bruno Mars' real first name? Peter
What was Britney's first fragrance called? Curious
What was Britney's reality show called? Britney & Kevin: Chaotic
What's the name of Britney's first fragrance? Curious
What's the title of Simon Cowell's autobiography? I Don't Mean to be Rude, But...
When did Britney and Philip record a duet? 1999
Where is Arin Ray from? Ohio
Where is Diamond White from? Detroit
Which "Jersey Shore" star went on tour with Britney? Pauly D
Which "X Factor" alum appeared on "Person of Interest?" Astro
Which artist appeared alongside "X Factor" winner Melanie Amaro in her Pepsi commercial? Elton John
Which artist did L.A. Reid NOT sign? Britney Spears
Which boyband did Simon Cowell sign in 2011? One Direction
Which group went home last week? Lyric 145
Which Jersey Short star went on tour with Britney Spears? Pauly D
Which judge had a minor freakout over some thunder? Britney
Which judge is a metalhead? Demi Lovato
Which little diva performed Celine Dion's My heart will go on earlier in season? Carly Rose
Which One Direction gent is Demi Lovato's crush? Niall Horan
Which recently eliminated singer trashed Demi for picking the wrong song? Jennel Garcia
Which Season 1 group was assembled before auditioning for X Factor? Stereo Hogzz
Which show shot Demi Lovato to tween stardom? Sonny With a Chance
Which singer was NOT a celebrity duet performer on the Season One finale? Kelly Clarkson
Which song was Demi's first #1 hit? Give Your Heart a Break
Which superstar stopped by the show last week? Taylor Swift
Which team did Simon Cowell mentor on Season 1? Girls
Which team did Simon mentor on season 1? Girls
Which X Factor alum appeared on "Person of Interest?" Astro
While at Def Jam, L.A. Reid signed and dropped ___ within three months. Lady Gaga
Who is mentoring Vino Alan this season? LA Reid
Who mentored the groups in Season One? Paula Abdul
Who shared Britney Spears' infamous kiss with Madonna? Christina Aguilera
Who was Simon Cowell's assistant during the Judges' Houses round? Marc Anthony
Who was the host of The X Factor Season 1? Steve Jones
Who was the runner-up on last year's "X Factor?" Josh Kracjik


Political Trivia

According to Mitt, he likes to relax with a classic PB&J and a cold glass of ___. Chocolate milk
After last week's debate, Tagg Romney said he wanted to ___ Obama. Punch
Ann and Mitt Romney met when they were in ___. Elementary School
Ann Romney has been diagnosed with ___. Multiple Sclerosis
Ann Romney plays a fierce game of ___. Tennis
As a kid, Barack Obama went by ___. Barry
As a Senator, Joe Biden was a longtime member of the Committee on ___. Foreign Relations
Barack Obama's mother, Ann Dunham, got her PhD in ____. Anthropology
Before becoming President, Barack Obama delivered the keynote address at the ___ Democratic Convention. 2004
Before becoming President, Barack Obama elected to ___. The Senate
Before Bill Clinton was the President, he served as a ___. Governor
Before Chris Christie was elected Governor of New Jersey, he served as ___ for the state. District Attorney
Before Joe Biden was the Vice President, he served as a Senator from ___. Delaware
Before Paul Ryan was elected the Congress, he worked as a political aide and a ___. Speechwriter
Between the ages of six and ten, Barack Obama lived in ___. Indonesia
Bill Clinton was the ___ President of the United States. 42nd
Candy Crowley hosts the CNN show ___. State of the Union
Candy Crowley is the first woman to moderate a Presidential debate since ___. 1992
Chris Christie has battled the cast of the hit reality show ___. Jersey Shore
Chris Christie is proud to be a ___ fan. Mets
Condoleezza Rice has played the ___ since she was a young (what?). Piano (Viggle typo)
Condoleezza Rice served as ___ in the Bush administration. Secretary of State
Condoleezza Rice was a ___ until she became a Republican in 1982. Democrat
Condoleezza Rice was one of the first women ever allowed in to the ___. Augusta National Golf Club
During Barack Obama's time as a Senator, he famously opposed ___. The Iraq War
Earlier this year, Joe Biden caused a controversy after declaring his support for ___. Marriage equality
Elizabeth Warren has written 2 books and several articles with her ___. Daughter
Elizabeth Warren is from the great state of ___. Oklahoma
Elizabeth Warren is running for Senate in Massachusetts against the incumbent ___. Scott Brown
Elizabeth Warren's first best-selling book was called ___. The Two-Income Trap
Every year, President Obama partners with ESPN to present his predication for the NCAA ___ Tournament. Basketball
Governor Susana Martinez is married to a ___. Policeman
Governor Susana Martinez is the first ___ governor in the US. Female and hispanic
Governor Susana Martinez spent 12 years serving as a ___. District attorney
How many US Presidents have appeared on "The Daily Show" so far? Four
How many US Presidents have appeared on "The Daily Show" so far? Four
How old is Paul Ryan? 42
How old was Joe Biden when he became a Senator? 30 years old
In 1984, Mitt Romney cofounded an investment firm called ___. Bain Capital
In 1986, Mitt Romney moved to ___ for a two-year stint as a missionary. France
In 1996, Barack Obama was elected to the ___. Illinois State Senate
In 2005, Paul Ryan gave a speech professing his love for ___. Ayn Rand
In 2009, the "Boston Globe" named Elizabeth Warren the ___. Bostonian of the Year
In high school, Paul Ryan was voted Prom King and ___. Biggest Brown Noser
In his first political campaign, Mitt Romney was defeated by incumbent Massachusetts Senator ___. Ted Kennedy
Inauguration Day takes place on January ___. 20th
Joe Biden ran for President in 2008 and in ___. 1988
Julian Castro is the DNC's first ___ keynote speaker. Latino
Julian Castro is the Major [Mayor] of ___. San Antonio
Julian Castro was the youngest ___ in San Antonio history. City councilman
Julian Castro's twin brother Joaquin is a ___. Politician
Last week, the White House released President Obama's ___. Beer recipe
Last week's RNC was held in ___. Tampa
Michelle and Barack met at ___. Work
Michelle Obama has been criticized for showing her ___. Arms
Michelle Obama is a ___. Lawyer
Michelle Obama's brother Craig is a ___. Basketball Coach
Michelle Obama's fitness incentive is called ___. Let's Move
Mitt and Ann Romney have ___ children. 5
Mitt Romney comes from a family of powerful ladies. His ___ran for Senate. Mother
Mitt Romney earned his undergraduate degree from ___. Brigham Young University
Mitt Romney graduated from Harvard Graduate School with a joint degree in Business Administration and ___. Law
Mitt Romney once fought with a member of ___ on a flight. LMFAO
Mitt Romney once rescued a family who had been stranded when their ___. Boat sank
Mitt Romney served as the governor of ___. Massachusetts
Mitt Romney was born in ___. Michigan
Mitt Romney was once arrested for disorderly conduct during a ___. Boating trip
Mitt Romney was the head of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the ___ Winter Olympics. 2002
Mitt Romney's ___ ran for Senate. Mother
Mitt Romney's cousin was once ___ in Mexico. Kidnapped
Mitt Romney's father George ran for the Republican presidential nomination in ___. 1968
Mitt Romney's father was born in ___. Mexico
Mitt Romney's oldest son is named ___. Taggart
Mitt Romney's wife Ann is known for owning ___. Horses
Obama promised Michelle that before he ran for President, he would quit ___. Smoking
Obama received his undergraduate degree from ___. Columbia University
Obama won a Grammy for a ___. Audiobook
On Barack and Michelle's first date, they saw the movie ___. Do the Right Thing
Paul Ryan enjoys "catfish noodling," which is a way to ___. Catch catfish
Paul Ryan first won election to the House of Representatives in ___. 1998
Paul Ryan is currently the ___ of the House Budget Committee. Chairman
Paul Ryan is currently the chairman of the ___. House Budget Committee
Paul Ryan was born and raised in ___. Wisconsin
Paul Ryan's favorite band is ___. Rage Against the Machine
Paul Ryan's favorite football team is ___. The Green Bay Packers
Paul Ryan's fitness routine includes ___ training. P90X
Politics run in Julian Castro's family. His brother is a politician and his mom is a ___. Activist
Pres. Bill Clinton met Hillary at ___. Yale Law School
Pres. Garfield could write Latin with one hand and ___ with the other. Greek
President Andrew Jackson served with ___ bullets in his body. 2
President Clinton was the first Democratic President since ___ to be elected to a 2nd term. Franklin D. Roosevelt
President Obama's first book was published in ___. 1995
President Thomas Jefferson invented the ___. Swivel chair
Reince Priebus is the current ___ of the Republican National Convention. Chairman
The first Democratic National Convention was held in ___. Maryland
The first First Lady to speak at the Republican National Convention was ___. Pat Nixon
The first Republican Convention was held in ___. Pennsylvania
The first Republican President was ___. Abraham Lincoln
The last Presidential debate that Bob Schieffer moderated was a battle between Barack Obama and ___. John McCain
The modern Democratic Party was created by followers of ___. Andrew Jackson
The Onion famously spoofed Joe Biden by reporting that he washed a ___ in the White House driveway. Trans Am
The President's theme song is "Hail to the Chief." What's the VP song? Hail Columbia
This year's Republican National Convention will host over ___ delegates. 2000
Today, the DNC announced that President Obama's speech has been ___. Moved
Tonight's debate host Martha Raddatz wrote a best-selling book about her time spent covering ___. Iraq
Tonight's debate is the ___ presidential candidate debate that Jim Lehrer has moderated. 12th
Vice President Biden was first elected to the Senate in ___. 1972
What is Bob Schieffer's secret talent? Songwriting
What is Joe Biden's nickname? Amtrak Joe
What is Mitt Romney's favorite movie? O Brother, Where Art Thou?
What is Mitt Romney's first name? Willard
What was Mitt Romney's salary during his term as Governor of Massachusetts? Nothing
What was President Reagan's Secret Service Nickname? Rawhide
What's Joe Biden's favorite cocktail? Old-Fashioned
When asked if she preferred her husband in boxers or briefs, Michelle Obama picked ___. Neither
When Chris Christie was sworn in as the governor of New Jersey? 2010
When did Barack Obama graduate from Harvard Law School? 1991
When did Paul Ryan give the Republican response to the State of the Union address? 2011
When Elizabeth Warren was in high school, she was called named Oklahoma's ___. Top high-school debater
When is Election Day? November 6th
When Obama lived in Indonesia, he kept a ___ as a pet. Ape
When Obama lived in Indonesia, his schoolmates called him ___. Curly Eyelashes
When Paul Ryan was a college student, he worked as a(n) ___. Oscar Meyer driver
When was Mitt Romney sworn in as the 70th governor of Massachusetts? 2003
Which Amendment sets a 2-term limit on the US Presidency? 22nd
Which candidate is the 9th cousin of Brad Pitt? Obama
Which President brewed beer in the White House? Barack Obama
Which President claimed to have seen a UFO? Jimmy Carter
Which President had a dog named Checkers? President Nixon
Which President installed an Oval Office buzzer system to keep his girlfriends away from his wife? Lyndon Johnson
Which President lost the White House china in a poker game? Warren Harding
Which President puked on the Japanese Prime Minister? George H.W. Bush
Which President was a licensed bartender? Abraham Lincoln
Which trade agreement did President Clinton sign into law? NAFTA
Which Vice President hosted a TV show? Alben Barkley
Which Vice President was tipsy at his inauguration? Andrew Johnson
While Barack Obama was studying at Harvard, he was the president of ___. Harvard Law Review
While Obama was at Harvard, he tried to appear in a ___. Beefcake calendar
While serving as the Vice President, Joe Biden was instrumental in ending a ___ crisis between Republicans and Democrats. Budget
Who delivered the keynote speech at this year's Democratic National Convention? Julian Castro
Who delivered the keynote speech at this year's Republican National Convention? Chris Christie
Who gave the keynote speech last night at the DNC? Julian Castro
Who is allowed to vote in the Senate in the event of a tie? Vice President
Who is Obama's favorite character from "The Wire?" Omar
Who plays Obama on SNL? Jay Pharoah
Who plays Romney on SNL? Taran Killam
Who said, "Corporations are people, my friend"? Romney
Who said, "I've now been in 57 states - I think one left to go"? Obama
Who said, "You didn't build that"? Obama
Who was the first President to be born in a hospital? Jimmy Carter
Who was the keynote speaker at last week's RNC? Chris Christie
Who was the shortest President? James Madison


Holiday Movie Trivia Answers

A __ is attached to the side of Frosty's hat in "Frosty the Snowman." Flower
According to legend, Home Alone features a cameo from deceased star __. Elvis Presley
Amanda, one of the heroines of "The Holiday," was a workaholic in LA. What did she do for a living? Produced movie trailers
At the National Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation , the President _____ a turkey. Pardons
Aunt Clara gave Ralphie a pair of _____ in "A Christmas Story." Pink bunny pajamas
"Bad Santa" director Terry Zwigoff was nominated for an Oscar for his previous film _____. Ghost World
Billy Bob Thornton was nominated for a _____ for his role in "Bad Santa." Golden Globe
Both VH1 and E! ranked "Home Alone" star Macaulay Culkin the #2 Child Star ever
During the early years of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, the balloons were___ after they were used. Released
Early in Home Alone, Kevin wishes his family would __. Disappear
Fill in the classic Home Alone quote: Buzz, your girlfriend, __! Woof
Fill in the epic Home Alone quote: Keep the change, __! Ya filthy animal
From 2002 to 2010, Home Alone star Macauley Culkin famously dated actress __. Mila Kunis
Frosty carries a __ in Frosty the Snowman. Broom
Frosty the Snowman artist Paul Coker was also an illustrator for __ magazine. Mad
Frosty the Snowman spawned __ sequels. 4
Frosty the Snowman was narrated by Jimmy Durante
Frosty the Snowman was produced by Rankin/Bass, the team behind __. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Frosty the Snowman writer Romeo Muller also wrote comedy material for Jack Benny
Home Alone is the _____ever. Highest Grossing Comedy
Home Alone received one Academy Award. What was it for? Best Original Score
Home Alone star Joe Pesci is best known for his role as the maniacal Tommy DeVito in __. Goodfellas
Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin first hosted SNL when he was __ years old. 11
Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin married actor Rachel Miner when he was __ years old. 17
How many Home Alone movies have been made? 5
How many people watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade last year? 22.4 million
How much did the average Black Friday shopper spend last year? $398.62
In 2008, Coke created an ad featuring the balloon versions of Stewie from "Family Guy" and ___ chasing a Coke through the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Underdog
In 2011, a Black Friday shopper used ____ on her fellow deal-seekers. Pepper spray
In 2011, approximately __ pounds of cranberries were consumed on Thanksgiving. 225 million
In "A Christmas Story," the Parker family's car was a _____. Oldsmobile
In Bad Santa, the Kid wanted a _____ for Christmas. Pink elephant
In Frosty the Snowman, a ticket to the North Pole costs $3,000.04 (including tax)
In Frosty the Snowman, Frosty has a ___ for a nose. Button
In Frosty the Snowman, Frosty is made out of Christmas snow.
In Frosty the Snowman, the actor who voiced Frosty was best known as __. A comedian
In Home Alone, Kevin gets left behind when his family leaves on a trip to Paris.
In Home Alone, Kevin is obsessed with a gangster movie called __, Angels with Filthy Souls
In Home Alone, Kevin McCallister accidentally trashes Buzz's __. Bedroom
In Home Alone, Kevin McCallister has __ brothers and sisters. 4
In Home Alone, Kevin's oldest (and meanest) brother is named __. Buzz
In Home Alone, Macauley Culkin's younger brother ____ appears as one of Kevin McCallister's cousins. Kieran
In Home Alone, the McAllisters live in Chicago
In Home Alone, the McCallisters almost miss their flight because they __. Oversleep
In Home Alone, what do the two robbers call themselves? The Wet Bandits
In Home Alone, which of the following characters is NOT a member of the gang that tries to break into Kevin's house? Larry Balzak
In Home Alone, which part of Kevin's house comes to life and starts groaning his name? The furnace
In recent years, activists have protested Black Friday with the countermovement Buy Nothing Day.
In the 19th century, Black Friday referred to a Financial crisis
In The Holiday, Iris and Amanda exchange ____ over the holidays. Homes
In The Holiday, Jude Law's sister is named Iris. In real life, Jude Law has a __ named Iris. Daughter
Karen is always wearing __ in Frosty the Snowman. Earmuffs
Linus recites a chapter from the Gospel of _____ in "A Charlie Brown Christmas." Luke
Nancy Meyers is the writer and director of The Holiday and many other rom-coms, including the 2009 movie __. It's Complicated
On Thanksgiving day, the ____ traditionally host NFL games. Cowboys and Lions
Other than Snoopy, all the voices in "A Charlie Brown Christmas" were performed by _____. Children
Pop artist Lady Gaga had a Thanksgiving special in 2011.
President ___ established Thanksgiving as a national holiday. Franklin D Roosevelt
President ____ proclaimed that Thanksgiving would be observed on the same day in all US states. Abraham Lincoln
Since 2005, Black Friday has been the ____ most popular shopping day of the year. 1st
The __ took place the same year Frosty the Snowman was first shown. First moon landing
The director of "A Charlie Brown Christmas" was also the voice of _____. Snoopy
The first Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade was held in __. 1924
The first television broadcast of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade was in 1948.
The first Thanksgiving feast was purported to be held in 1621.
The Holiday stars Cameron Diaz and __ as 2 heartbroken ladies searching for love a the most magical time of the year. Kate Winslet
The Home Alone house was put on the market in 2011. What was the asking price? $2.4 million
The last attraction in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is always Santa.
The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade was suspended during _____ to save helium and rubber. WWII
The McCallister family flies out of __ on their way to Paris. O'Hare International
The National Turkey Federation says that ______ turkeys were consumed in the U.S. in 2011. 219 million
The only actor to appear in "A Christmas Story" and its first sequel was _____. Tedde Moore
The original version of Frosty the Snowman was sung by Gene Autry
The state of Wisconsin produces the most cranberries
The Traffic cop accidentally swallowed his ___ in "Frosty the Snowman". whistle
The voice of __ was replaced in recent airing of Frosty the Snowman. Karen
What actor was the voice of Professor Hinkle in Frosty the Snowman? Billy De Wolfe
What are the first words Frosty says in "Frosty the Snowman?" Happy birthday!
What beverage company was the original sponsor of "A Charlie Brown Christmas?" Coca-Cola
What breed won Best of Show in the 2011 National Dog Show on Thanksgiving? Wire Fox Terrier
What brought Frosty to life in "Frosty the Snowman"? A magic hat
What city was the first to use the term "Black Friday" to describe after Thanksgiving shopping? Philadelphia
What is beloved actor John Candy's role in Home Alone? A band member
What is the name of Kevin's spooky neighbor in Home Alone Old Man Marley
What kind of dog harasses the Old Man in "A Christmas Story?" Bloodhounds
What kind of flowers were in the greenhouse in "Frosty the Snowman?" Poinsettias
What part of the turkey is considered to have good luck when snapped? Wishbone
What was the name of the rabbit in Frosty the Snowman? Hocus Pocus
Where was Home Alone filmed? Chicago
Which actor wanted to be the bad Santa in "Bad Santa"? [b]Jack Nicholson]/b]
Which Home Alone villain ends up with some seriously messed up feet? Marv Merchants
Which of these balloons appeared in the 1927 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade? Felix the Cat.
Who built the fire for Karen in Frosty the Snowman? Forest Creatures
Who is the diminutive leader of the Wet Bandits in Home Alone? Harry Lime
Who was the magician in Frosty the Snowman? Professor Hinkle


Sports Trivia Answers

Questions first appeared 31 Oct 2012

Running back Marcus Lattimore was having a great 2011 before tearing his ACL. Who was he playing for? South Carolina
The FSB record for most total yards in a single half belongs to Andre Ware
Former Wisconsin QB Russell Wilson completed a FBS record 379 passes without a Interception
Women's Division I golf champ Vicki Goetze attended the University of Georgia
West Virginia, Cincinnati and were named co-champions of the Big East football conference in 2011.Louisville
Fans of Kentucky basketball can often spot actress and school alum among the sea of blue. Ashley Judd
How many of the 27 colleges that compete in Division I fencing have women's-only teams? 5
How many Division I softball teams advance after the double elimination round? 16
Who was the oldest person ever to win the Heisman Trophy at age 28? Chris Weinke
In 1993, Chis Webber cost Michigan the national basketball champion shit when he accidentally Called Timeout
Texas A&M was a member of the Big 12 until? 2012
In 2002, Bethune-Cookman player Rashean Mathis intercepted a record passes. 14
In an NCAA bowling match, the pattern distance must not be shorter than feet. 34
Collegiate rules state that baseball bats must be made of Wood
Which BYU player took the basketball world by storm with his 3-pointers in the 2010-11 season? Jimmer Fredette
The first intercollegiate lacrosse game in the United States was played in 1877
The NCAA women's tournament is known as March Madness and The Big Dance
Who the Southern Conference basketball tournament in 2011-12 Davidson
The NCAA career record for the most 3-point shots made belongs to JJ Redick
The head coach of the South Carolina Gamecocks football team is Steve Spurrier.
Which recent Oklahoma graduate holds the all-time FSB record for Career Receptions? Ryan Broyles
The current head coach of the Kentucky basketball team is Rick Pitino
Duke's mascot is the Blue Devil
In 2011-12 the Mountain West conference basketball tournament champion was New Mexico
Who won the Big Ten conference basketball tournament in 2011-12 Michigan State
The FBS record for most career sacks belongs to Terrell Suggs
Who became the first FCS school to defeat an FBS nationally ranked team in 2007? Appalachian State
How many players make up a Division I field Hockey team? 16
Which university holds the record for most NCAA men's cross-country titles? Michigan State University
Women's Division I softball has held Championships. 27
The 2013 NCAA skiing championship will be held in Vermont
Which current NFL QB set the FCS record for highest career efficiency rating while at San Diego University? Josh Johnson


Football Trivia FAQ and Answers

Q: What is Football Trivia?
Football Trivia is a special quiz available for play during the football season. It seems to appear periodically throughout the day, sometimes available as early as 10am ET. Look for the football trivia banner on shows on the carousal or other select shows. Questions will also be answered LIVE in the chat room. The questions are worth 10 points for correct answers and 1 point for incorrect answers. People have reported that each question can only be answered once and 0 points will be given for questions answered more than once (even if you answered it incorrectly the first time).

Warning: once you are in football trivia, DO NOT BACK OUT! Many have reported to have lost the banner and not able to get back in once they backed out!

Answers are below...Feel free to add answers here or post them on the thread...someone will add them for you. Smilie

Remember, the goal is help find the answer as quickly as possible.
Be accurate with wording… if the question says father, don't use 'dad'. Capitalize the first letter of the answer… and don't forget to Boldface the answer!

PLEASE add your new entries in ALPHABETICAL ORDER!!

Arizona Cardinals running back Chris Wells is also known as ___. Beanie
As a franchise, the San Francisco 49ers have won a total of ___ Super Bowls. 5
As of 2012, the San Diego Chargers have won ___ Super Bowls. 0
Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White was a ___ round draft selection. First
Before becoming an announcer, Chris Collinsworth was a wide receiver for the ___. Cincinnati Bengals
Before becoming head coach of the Bengals, Marvin Lewis was the defensive coordinator of the ___. Baltimore Ravens
Before becoming head coach of the Cardinals, Ken Whisenhunt served as ____ coordinator for the Steelers. Offensive
Before enrolling at Oklahoma State, Cleveland Browns QB Brandon Weeden played minor league baseball for the ___. New York Yankees
Before Matt Cassel signed with the Chiefs, he was the starting quarterback for ___. New England Patriots
Before moving to Indianapolis, the Colts played in ___ for 30 years. Baltimore
Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick played college football at ___. Harvard
Carolina Panthers starting quarterback Cam Newton won college football's Heisman Trophy in ___. 2010
Cincinnati Bengals star receiver A.J. Green was drafted in the ___ round of the 2011 NFL Draft. First
Current New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow began his career as a member of the ___. Denver Broncos
Dallas Cowboys star receiver Miles Austin joined the team as a ___. Undrafted Free Agent
Drew Brees is the fastest QB to reach the 40,000 career passing yards mark. What is his team? New Orleans Saints
During the 2011 offseason, the 49ers bolstered their running game by signing former Giants RB ___. Brandon Jacobs
During the 2012 off season, the Chicago Bears acquired ___ from the Miami Dolphins. Brandon Marshall
During the 2012 off season, the New York Jets traded for Broncos QB. Tim Tebow
Former Green Bay Packer Brett Favre holds the NFL record for most consecutive games. How many did he start? 297
Former Indianapolis Colt receiver Marvin Harrison wore number ___ during his prolific playing career. 88
Former Jets star receiver Keyshawn Johnson played college football at ___. USC
From 1982 to 1994, the Oakland Raiders played in ___. Los Angeles
Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was the ___ pick in the 2005 NFL draft. 24th
Hall of Fame running back Barry Sanders spent his entire football career as a member of the ___. Detroit Lions
How many championships have the Cincinnati Bengals won as a franchise? 0
How many Super Bowls did John Elway win with the Denver Broncos? Two
How many Super Bowls have the New York Giants won since drafting quarterback Eli Manning? 2
In 2003, Randy Moss set the single-season record for the ___ by recording 1,632 receiving yards. Minnesota Vikings
In 2011, Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones led all rookies with ___ TD receptions. 8
In 2011, Denver Broncos rookie linebacker ___ recorded an impressive 11.5 sacks. Von Miller
In 2011, Detroit Lions quarterback ___ became the 4th QB in NFL history to pass for over 5,000 yards in a season. Matt Stafford
In 2011, Detroit Lions star defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh received a two-game suspension for ___ another player. Stomping
In 2011, the New York Giants won their ___ super bowl in franchise history. 4
In Super Bowl XLIV, a 74-yard interception return by ___ helped the Saints defeat the Colts. Tracy Porter
In the 2001 AFC playoffs, the New England Patriots defeated the ___ in the infamous Tuck Rule Game. Oakland Raiders
Indianapolis Colts star Dwight Freeney has played for the Colts since ___. 2002
Kansas City Chiefs legend Priest Holmes originally signed with the ___ as an undrafted free agent. Baltimore Ravens
Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert is entering his ___ season as the team's starter. Second
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady got his chance after an injury to ___. Drew Bledsoe
New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton will miss the entire 2012 season because of the ___. Bounty Gate scandal
New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees holds the NFL record for most consecutive games ___. With a TD pass
New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz likes to ___ after every touchdown he scores. Salsa Dance
New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow led the Denver Broncos to a 2011 playoff victory over the ___. Pittsburgh Steelers
New York Saints head coach Sean Payton will miss the entire 2012 season because of the ___. BountyGate scandal
Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick started his career with the ___. Atlanta Falcons
Philadelphia Eagles running back Lesean McCoy played college football at ___ Pittsburgh
Popular football analyst Ron Jaworski was the quarterback of the ___. Philadelphia Eagles
San Diego Chargers head coach Norv Turner has led the team since ___. 2007
San Diego Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers played college football for ___. NC State
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith was the first overall pick in the ___ NFL draft. 2005
Star 49ers tight end Vernon Davis attended the University of ___. Maryland
Star Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson is nicknamed ___. Megatron
The Atlanta Falcons are famous for their _____ touchdown celebration.lDirty Bird
The Buffalo Bills' franchise record for career sacks belongs to ___. Bruce Smith
The Carolina Panthers appeared in their only Super Bowl during the tenure of head coach ___. John Fox
The Carolina Panthers entered the NFL as an expansion team in ___. 1995
The Chicago Bears won their only Super Bowl in ___. 1985
The Cleveland Browns selected former ___ running back Trent Richardson in the 1st round of the 2012 Draft. Alabama
The Green Bay Packers play at the famous ___. Lambeau Field
The Indianapolis Colts last appeared in the Super Bowl in ___. 2006
The Jacksonville Jaguars all-time interceptions record belongs to ___. Rashean Mathis
The Jacksonville Jaguars have made a total of ___ playoff appearances. 6
The Miami Dolphins selected quarterback ___ in the first round of the 2012 draft. Ryan Tannehill
The Minnesota Vikings were led to the 2009 NFC Championship by quarterback ___. Brett Favre
The New England Patriots have appeared in ___ Super Bowls during Bill Belichick's tenure as head coach. 5
The NFL record for most franchise Super Bowl appearances belongs to the Pittsburgh Steelers and the ___. Dallas Cowboys
The NFL's original Cleveland Browns franchise moved to a new city and became the ___. Baltimore Ravens
The Oakland Raiders acquired quarterback Carson Palmer in a 2011 trade with the ___. Cincinnati Bengals
The Oakland Raiders acquired star defensive lineman Richard Seymour in a trade with the ___. New England Patriots
The Philadelphia Eagles franchise record for career sacks belongs to ___. Reggie White
The starting running back for the Denver Broncos is named______ Willis McGahee
The starting running back for the New York Jets is ____ Shonn Greene
What do Green Bay Packer players do when they score a touchdown? Lambeau Leap
What is longtime Raiders owner Al Davis' famous catchphrase? Just win, baby
When the Cleveland Browns returned to the NFL in 1999, their first overall draft pick was ___. Tim Couch
Where did Arizona Cardinals star wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald play college football? Pittsburgh
Where did Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler play college football?lVanderbilt
Where did Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew play college football? UCLA
Where did Kansas City Chiefs star safety Eric Berry play college football? Tennessee
Where did New Orleans Saints wide receiver Marques Colston play college football? Hofstra
Which 49er legend won a record 4 Super Bowl as the team's quarterback? Joe Montana
Which former Chicago Bears running back was nicknamed "Sweetness?" Walter Payton
Which former Dallas Cowboys running back holds the NFL record for career rushing yards? Emmitt Smith
Which future Hall of Famer is entering his first season as a member of the Denver Broncos? Peyton Manning
Which Giants defensive end attended the University of Notre Dame? Justin Tuck
Which Kansas City Chiefs running back missed almost the entire 2011 season after tearing his ACL in the season opener?lJamaal Charles
Which linebacker did the Carolina Panthers select in the first round of the 2012 NFL draft? Luke Kuechly
Which Miami Dolphins running back was awarded the Heisman Trophy in 2005? Reggie Bush
Which Minnesota Vikings star threw 39 TD passes to record the franchise's single-season record in 2004?lDaunte Culpepper
Which quarterback led Dallas Cowboys to 3 Super Bowl victories in the 1990s? Troy Aikman
Which quarterback led the Miami Dolphins from 1983 to 1999? Dan Marino
Which star Philadelphia Eagles defensive end was third in the NFL with 18 sacks in 2011? Jason Babin
Which team created the popular rap video for the "Super Bowl Shuffle" in 1985? Chicago Bears
Which team did QB rich Gannon lead to an appearance in Super Bowl XXXVII? Oakland Raiders
Which team is the only franchise in NFL history to record an undefeated season? Miami Dolphins
Which team was the subject of HBO's 2012 "Hard Knocks" edition? Miami Dolphins
Which team won 4 consecutive AFC Championships from 1990 to 1993? Buffalo Bills
Who coached the Arizona Cardinals to Super Bowl XLIII in 2009? Ken Whisenhunt
Who defeated the Baltimore Colts in one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history in 1968? New York Jets
Who did the Arizona Cardinals play in their only Super Bowl appearance? Pittsburgh Steelers
Who hold the San Diego Chargers' career passing touchdowns record? Dan Fouts ("hold" is viggle error not mine)
Who holds the Minnesota Vikings' single-season record for rushing TDs in a season? Adrian Peterson
Who is the all-time leader in receptions and receiving yards for the Kansas City Chiefs? Tony Gonzalez
Who is the all-time leading rusher for the San Diego Chargers? LaDainian Tomlinson
Who is the Carolina Panthers' all-time leader in career receiving yards? Steve Smith
Who is the current head coach of the Cleveland Browns? Pat Shurmur
Who is the current head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars? Mike Mularkey
Who is the current starting quarterback of the Cincinnati Bengals? Andy Dalton
Who is the founder and current owner of the Buffalo Bills? Ralph Wilson
Who is the longtime owner of the Dallas Cowboys? Jerry Jones
Who is the only buffalo bills player to have his number retired, as of 2012. Jim Kelly
Who is the starting running back for the Atlanta Falcons?lMichael Turner
Who is the starting tight end for the Detroit Lions? Brandon Pettigrew
Who made the incredible reception known as the "Helmet Catch" during the Super Bowl XLII? David Tyree
Who was the Atlanta Falcons' quarterback during the team's 1998 Super Bowl run? Chris Chandler
Who was the Indianapolis Colts' first overall pick in the 1998 draft? Peyton Manning
Who was the MVP of Super Bowl XXXIX, when the Patriots defeated the Eagles 24-21? Deion Branch

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Q: What is TV Genius?
TV Genius is a quiz that appears everywhere, just like ads. It's similar to Viggle Live (same format), but you can play almost anytime, the questions aren't about the show you're watching (any show), and the questions are worth 10 points for correct answers and 5 points for incorrect answers. As of October 16, 2012, TV Genius has not re-appeared permanently (there have been a few one-off temporary releases) but we continue to hold out hope!! Smilie

Answers are below...Feel free to add answers or post them on the thread...someone will add them for you. Smilie

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Uncategorized Questions
Joel McHale from Community and The Soup stars in the movie ___. Ted
Seth MacFarlane created The Cleveland Show, Family Guy and ___. American Dad
What show featured an "Alice in Wonderland" themed house? Big Brother
Which recurring character was presumed dead after a meth lab explosion? Starburns

16 & Pregnant
Briana named her baby girl ___. Nova Star
Executive producer is ___. Morgan J. Freeman
MTV's "16 & Pregnant" birthed the spin-off ___. Teen Mom
Star Farrah Abraham named her daughter ___. Sophia

30 for 30
Before inventing basketball, Dr. Naismith was a star college ___ player. Football
Before Josh Swade went on his original basketball rules to Kansas, he was working in ___. New York
Ben Johnson ran the 100m race for ___. Canada
Dr. Naismith's original list of basketball rules was auctioned in ___. New York
How many American sprinters competed in the men's 100m race during the Seoul Olympic Games? 3
How many basketball rules did Naismith originally come up with? 13
How many Canadian sprinters completed in the men's 100m race at the Seoul Games? 2
How many sprinters competed in the men's 100m race at the Seoul Olympics? 8
How many times did Carl Lewis win Gold in 100m event? 2
How many total medals did Ben Johnson win at the 1994 Olympic Games. 2
How many total Olympic gold medals did Carl Lewis earn in his career? 9
In addition to inventing basketball, Dr. James Naismith is thought to have created the first ___ helmet. Football
Josh Swade wanted to bring the rules of basketball to ___. Lawrence
Of the 8 participants in the men's 100m race, how many were linked to doping allegations during their careers? 6
Robson Caetano da Silvia represented ___ in the men's 100mm race. Brazil
The game of basketball was first played at a local ___. YMCA
The great game of basketball was invented in ___. 1891
The initial bid for Naismith's original 13 rules was ___. 1.3 million
The Seoul Summer Olympics took place in ___. 1988
The University of Kansas' basketball team is known as the ___. Jayhawks
What was illegal under the original rules of basketball? Dunking
What was the name of the company that administered the Naismith auction? Sotheby's
When did basketball first become an Olympic sport? 1936
When did Jesse Owens win gold in the men's 100m race? 1936
Where did Dr. Naismith attend college? McGill University
Where does the University of Kansas basketball team play its home games? Allen Fieldhouse
Where was Dr. James Naismith originally from? Canada
Where was the game of basketball invented? Springfield, MA
Which major college basketball program hired Dr. Naismith as its first head coach? Kansas
Which nation won the most total medals at the Seoul Summer Olympics? Soviet Union
Which of the following countries did NOT boycott the Seoul Olympic Games? Argentina
Which of the following Hall of Fame basketball coaches did not play for Dr. Naismith? Mike Krzyzewski
Which of the Seoul Olympic sprinters had won the most previous total medals at the previous Summer Olympics? Carl Lewis
Who held the world record for fastest 100m race time by the start of the 1998 Olympics. Ben Johnson
Who invented basketball? James Naismith
Who is the current record holder for the fastest 100m race time? Usain Bolt
Who is the most recent winner of Olympic gold in the men's 100m race? Usain
Who is the winningest head coach in the history of the Kansas Jayhawks basketball program? Phog Allen
Who ran in lane #2 in the men's 100m race at the Seoul Olympic Games? Ray Stewart
Who was Great Britain's only 100m representative at the Seoul Games? Linford Christie
Who was the first-ever winner of the Olympic men's 100m race? Burke
Who was the oldest men's 100m competitor at the Seoul Olympic Games? Desai Williams
Who was the reigning 100m Olympic champion entering the Seoul Summer Olympics? Carl Lewis

30 Rock
30 Rock set a record for the most ___ nominations in one year. Emmy
30 Rock was inspired by Tina Fey's experience on ___. Saturday Night Live
Avery communicated with Scotty by ___. Finger Taps
Chris sells ___. Hot dogs
Danny Baker was hired after auditioning as a ___. Robot
Dennis' nickname for Liz is ___. Dummy
Frank known for ___. Trucker hats
Jack Donaghy believes his greatest triumph is the ___. Trivection oven
Jack sold couches to ___. US Government
Jack's wife, Avery, was held captive in ___. North Korea
Jenna staged a PR relationship with ___. James Franco
Kenneth graduated from ___. Standards and Practices
Kenneth is the best at ___. Poker
Liz and Criss are building a ___. Nursery
Liz Lemon admits to using her oven for ___. Warming her jeans
Liz Lemon is the TGS ___. Producer
Liz's boyfriend, Carol, was played by ___. Matt Damon
Movie "Jackie Jomp-Jomp" is based on ___. Janis Joplin
On "30 Rock," all indoor scenes are shot in ___. Queens
On "30 Rock," Jack had a special job at Princeton. What was it? Reading the dictionary
On "30 Rock," Toofer went to ___. Harvard
Tracy Jordan dropped out of school because ___. He couldn't dissect a frog
Tracy Jordan's sidekicks are Grizz and ___. Dot Com
What is Danny Baker's real first name? Jack
Who played Jenna in the original unaired "30 Rock" pilot? Rachel Dratch
Who plays the newest NBC page Kristen Schaal
Young Tracy Jordan is played by Daniel Glover

666 Park Avenue
666 Park Avenue is based on a book series by ___. Gabriella Pierce
666 Park Avenue star Terry O Quinn famously played ___ on "Lost". John Locke
Actress Rachel Taylor plays Jane Van Veen. Where is she from? Australia
Before coming to "666 Park Avenue" Vanessa Williams was on the hit show ___. Desperate Housewives
Before Dave Annable played Henry Martin, he was on ___. Brothers & Sisters
Before Robert Buckley joined the show as a frustrated playwright Brian Leonard, he was on ___. Lipstick Jungle
Before she was Olivia, Vanessa Williams played another glamorous but terrifying New Yorker in ___. Ugly Betty
Before Terry O'Quinn became Gavin Doran, he was famously ___ on "Lost". John Locke
Before Terry O'Quinn landed at "666 Park Avenue" he appeared on ___. Hawaii Five-O
Brian is a ___. Playwright
Brian Leonard is a playwright who keeps peeping on ___ His neighbor
Henry & Jane moved to 666 Park Avenue from ___. Queens
Nona is so creepy! What is she? Ghost
Olivia has kept Sasha's suicide note a secret from ___. Gavin
What does Brian's wife Louise do for a living? Photography
What is Louise's Job? Photographer
What is the name of the actual NYC building portraying as the Drake? The Ansonia
When did Gavin Doran by the Drake? 1986
Which "666 Park Avenue" actor was a member of Charlie's Angels? Rachel Taylor
Which character was almost crushed by the building's elevator? Louise
Who is the doorman at 666 Park Avenue? Tony DeMeo

Dixon had to choose between his music career and ___. Adrianna.
How many times did Liam asked Annie to marry him? Two
Liam met Vanessa when she ___. Hit him with her car
Vanessa took ___ before she blew out of town. All of Liam's money

All the Right Moves
Adam Shankman said his directorial debut was the hit film ___. The Wedding Planner
Ingrid Michaelson sings the song ___. The Way I Am
Kyle didn't move to LA to just pursue dancing. What's his other passion? Acting
Kyle was dating ___ when Teddy kissed her. Noelle
Nick was hired to host the youtube show ___. Dance On
Nick was the first person ever to appear twice on the cover of ___. Dance Spirit
Nick won Season ___ of "So You Think You Can Dance." Season One
Robert Ulrich is the casting director for the hit show ___. Glee
Shaping Sound has been asked to design their own class by gym franchise ___. Crunch
Shaping Sound's showcase was called ___. Come Together
Teddy is ___ weeks late for his "So You Think You Can Dance" submission. 2 weeks
Teddy is hoping that the documentary will showcase his ___ skills. Choreography
Teddy is working on a movie called ___. Misery Loves Company
Teddy just said that he was cast to perform a number on ___. Dancing With The Stars
Teddy's first professional job was for ___. Janet Jackson
The guys ordered special dance flooring for their show. What is it called? Marley
The song is an instrumental version of ___. "Without You" by Usher and David Guetta
Travis finished in 2nd place on Season ___ of "So You Think You Can Dance." Two
Travis said his mom mentored his childhood friends ___. Jaimie and Taja
Travis' career blew up after he appeared on ___. So You Think You Can Dance
Travis' first gig was a commercial for which bubbly product? Dr Pepper
What does Gil want to do for Shaping Sound? Be a producer to their world tour
What is the theme of this dance? Figures on top of a wedding cake
What theatre did the guys lock in as the venue for their show? the Saban theater
What was the title of Shaping Sound's showcase? Come Together
Where is NUVO located? - Phoenix
Which Broadway show did Travis star in as a child? The Music Man
Which movie did Travis choreograph? Step Up Revolution
Which one of the 3 dancers was an assistant choreographer for Beyonce's I AM tour? Bryan
Which one of the Shaping Sound guys is NOT part owner of the company? Kyle
Which season of "So You Think You Can Dance" did Nick win? Season 1
Who choreographed the numbers for the Dance Awards? Nick
Who is not one of the three owners of Shaping Sound? Kyle
Who is Travis' boyfriend? Dom
Who performs this song, "Infinity?" The XX

The Amazing Race – General
During the first season, she called the CBS president to save the show ___. Sarah Jessica Parker
How much money will the contestants get if they win the Amazing Race? $1 million dollars
In 2009, host Phil Keoghan rode a ___ from LA to NYC to raise money for MS research. Bike
Snagged Emmy for Outstanding Reality Competition-Program ___ years in a row 7
The Amazing Race first aired in ___. 2001
The Amazing Race has been adapted into a ___. Video game
What was the first international spinoff of "The Amazing Race"? The Amazing Race Asia
Which of the following was NOT a special season of "The Amazing Race"? Celebrity Edition
Who won the first season of "The Amazing Race"? Rob Frisbee and Brennan Swain

The Amazing Race – Current Season
Current players Brent Ridge and ___ appeared on a reality show called "The Fabulous Beekman Boys". Josh Kilmer-Purcell
Earlier in the season, winners of the second leg received a ___ as a prize. Express Pass
For the first leg of this season's journey, contestants traveled from the United States to ___. China
On this season's second leg, contestants traveled from China to ___. Indonesia
This season of "The Amazing Race" kicked off in the beautiful city of ___. Pasadena
Which current "Amazing Race" team is composed of twins? Natalie and Nadiya
Which current contestant was once the bassist for the metal band "Megadeath"? James Lomenzo
Which team was the first to be eliminated this season? Rob & Shelia
Which team was the second to be eliminated this season? Amy & Daniel
Who won the last season? Rachel and Dave Brown

America's Next Top Model
American's Next Top Model has a perfume line named ___. Dream Come True
Cycle 18 American Models battled the ___. British
Cycle 19 is college themed. What theme of Cycle 18? British Invasion
First 3 cycles of America's Next Top Model were filmed in ___. New York City
First winner is ___. Adrianne Curry
In Cycle 18, Tyra gave contestants lessons how to do ___. The booty tooch
On "America's Next Top Model," eliminated contestants with the highest average score in ___ can come back on the show. Social media
On "America's Next Top Model," the week's winner will receive $10,000 of ___ if she wins for the week. Scholarship money
The contestants receive runway training from ___. Miss J. Alexander
The girls are NOT scored on ___ each week. Posing
Tyra advises contestants to ___ on the runway. Smize
Tyra Banks appeared in Michael Jackson's music video for ___. Black or White
Tyra Banks was the first African American model to appear on the cover of ___. GQ
Tyra calls Plus size ___. Fiercely Real
Tyra launched a show within her talk show. What was it called? Modelville
Tyra starred in a Disney Channel original film called "Life Size" with ___. Lindsay Lohan
What was Kelly Cutrone's reality show called? Kell on Earth
Which contestant refused to pose in her underwear? Shannon Stewart
Which former model hasn't been a judge on "America's Next Top Model?" Cindy Crawford
Which former supermodel was a judge? Janice Dickenson
Who was the winner of 5'7" & Under Cycle? Nicole Fox
Who was the winner of all-star? Lisa D'amato
Winners receive a contract with ___. CoverGirl

American Chopper
From 2007 to 2010, was narrated by ___. Jim Pratt
Junior formed Paul Jr Designs after fighting with ___. Senior A
Made a $150k bike with ___. Race Car theme
Originally narrated by Dirty Jobs host ___. Mike Rowe
Paul runs his company with his ___. Sons
Paul Teutel's youngest son is ___. Mikey
Paul Teutul Sr. has also appeared as a contestant on ___. Celebrity Apprentice
Paul's son Danny took over his other company called ___. Orange County Ironworks
Stars Senior and Junior made a cameo in the movie ___. Wild Hogs
Vinnie started a company called ___. V Force Customs

(Dictionary) ZLT: Zero Lurker Toleration (noun) 1. The act of banning lurkers and freeloaders in a Rizon chatroom who look suspicious; can be avoided if "thanks" is said after a viggle live session

(Example in sentence). In #SDViggle there are over 200 lurkers who never say a word including thanks, therefore ZLT was established)

American Dad
American Dad Seth MacFarlane wanted to revive the classic cartoon ___. The Flinstones
American Dad! takes place in the fictional Virginia town of ___. Langley Falls
Creator Seth MacFarlane made his film debut with ___. Ted
Francine hates ___. George Clooney
Klaus is the result of what gone wrong? CIA experiment
On "American Dad!" Hayley is voiced by Rachel MacFarlane, Seth's ___. Sister
Roger can't leave the house because he's a ___. Alien
Stan first met Roger at ___. Area 51
Stan keeps the ___ posted on the refrigerator. Terror Threat Level
Stan Smith works as a ___. CIA Agent
The headline on the Langley falls post is different in every episode

American Digger
Giuseppe works mainly as a ___. Mechanic
Host Ric Savage's real name is ___. Frank Huguelet
In the premiere episode, the team searched for artifacts from ___. The Alaskan Gold Rush
Most of the valuable artifacts found are from ___. The Civil War
Premiered in ___ of 2012. February
Rita finds the ___ for the American Savage company. Dig Locations
Stars Ric and Rita met when Rita was working as a ___. Waitress

American Horror Story
American Horror Story was created by the creators of ___. Glee
Britne Oldford plays Alma in "American Horror Story: Asylym". She recently appeared in the critically loated show ___. Skins
Connie Britton, star of last season's "American Horror Story", is currently rocking the new fall series ___. Nashville
How much did the house from last season's "American Horror Story" sell for in real life? $4.5 million
Last season, Dylan McDermott's character worked from home as a ___. Therapist
Ryan Murphy is the mad genius behind "American Horror Story". Which other Ryan Murphy series has debuted this fall? The New Normal
The first season of "American Horror Story" received ___ Emmy nominations in 2012. 17
The setting for "American Horror Story: Asylum" is Briarcliff Manor, which was originally a ___. Tuberculosis ward
What is the name of Jessica Lange's character in "American Horror Story: Asylum?" Sister Jude
Which "All My Children" alum will be appearing on "American Horror Story" this season? Mark Consuelos
Which "American Horror Story" actor appeared on "Heroes?" Zachary Quinto
Which "American Horror Story" actor will NOT be back for a second season? Connie Britton
Which "Big Love" actress will be this season of "American Horror Story Asylum?" Chloe Sevigny
Which "The Voice" judge will be guest-starring on this season? Adam Levine
Who was the Rubber Man last season? Tate

American Ninja Warrior
First held in ___. Los Angeles
First season ___ stages. 3
Host Jonny Moseley is a professional ___. Freestyle Skier
Host Matt Iseman is also a Stand-up comedian
How many competitors advanced to Stage 2 of the first season? 30
NFL wide receiver that competed? Matt Willis
Sideline correspondent is ___. Angela Sun
Spinoff of the Japanese TV special called ___. Sasuke
Where did the finalists move on to? Mt. Midoriyama

Are You There Chelsea
Chelsea was played by ___. Laura Prepon

Army Wives
Army Wives is based on a book written by ___. Tanya Biank
Army Wives is set on the base at ___. Fort Marshall
Fort Marshall's biggest gossip is ___. Marilyn
Holds title of ___. Most successful Lifetime serial
Husbands are members of which Airborne Division/ 23rd
Is filmed in ___. Charlestown, SC (Viggle misspelled; should be Charleston)
Roland is also a ___. Psychiatrist
Roxy married Trevor after courtship of ___. 4 days
The women initially bonded over ___. Pamela's surrogacy
Which Army Wives actor grew up in a military family? Terry Serpico
Which television icon appears as Audrey? Susan Lucci

Arrow fans will recognize actor Katie Cassidy from her role on ___. Supernatural
Arrow star Stephen Amell showed up on New Girl as a love interest for___. CECE
Arrow's superpower is ___. Nothing
Before Stephen Amell became "Arrow" he was on the "Vampire Diaries" as a ___. Werewolf
Does Thea Queen look familiar? She's played by Willa Holland, who appreared on the teen soap ___. OC
Green Arrow first appeared in a DC comic book in ___. 1941
How long was Oliver Queen suck on the island ___. 5 yrs
John Diggle is Oliver's ___. Bodyguard and chauffeur
Oliver Queen went missing after ___. A shipwreck
Oliver Queen's hometown is named ___. Starling City
Oliver's family is ___. Insanely wealthy
The story of "Arrow" is based on a ___. Comic book
Who is Oliver's best friend? Tommy

BD Wong plays a psychiatrist on "Awake" and on ___. Law and Order: SVU
Jason Isaacs is really from ___. England
On "Awake," Michael Britten is a cop for ___. LAPD
On "Awake," Michael wears a red rubber band when ___ is alive. Hannah
What is Jason Isaacs famous role? Malfoy
Wilmer Valderrama portrays a detective on "Awake." On "That 70's show," he played ___. Fez

According to Jenna, she's been ___ in high school. Invisible
Ally's fiancé is related to ___. Sadie
Instead of going to college, Lacey spent her cash on ___. Implants
Jenna ends up with ___. Jake
Jenna was nominated for ___. Sophmore Princess
Matty and Jenna first got "intimate" in a ___. Supply closet
Sadie feels like she has everything except the perfect ___. Body
Who is the High School counselor? Valerie
Who wrote Jenna's "Care-frontation" letter? Lacey

Bad Girls Club
Erica bought Elease a new ___. Mattress
Erica dreamed of being a ___. Rapper
Natalie Nunn had fling with ___. Chris Brown
On "Bad Girls Club," Natalie's catchphrase is ___. I run L.A.
On "Bad Girls Club," the girls live in the mansion for ___ months. Three
Producers step in ___ when they get dangerous. Fights
The "Bad Girls Club" clubhouse features a ___. Pool
The infamous twins are named ___. Dani & Gabi Victor
Who coined the phrase "pop off"? Tanisha
Who has her own show? Tanisha

Barefoot Contessa
Before she became the "Barefoot Contessa," Ina worked as a ___. Nuclear analyst
Ina Garten appeared on the TV show ___. 30 Rock
Ina Garten learned to cook through ___. Cookbooks
Ina's show "Barefoot Contessa" is named after her ___. Specialty food store
The show "Barefoot Contessa" got its name from ___. Garten's cookbook
What is Ina Garten's husbands name? Jeffrey
Where does the "Barefoot Contessa" film? East Hampton, NY
Which culinary style is Ina's speciality? French
Which famous domestic goddess mentored Ina at the start of her professional career? Martha Stewart

Barter Kings
Antonio says ___ are great items. Laptops
Antonio traded for a ___ for his daughter. Horse
Never bring ___ to a trade. Cash
On "Barter Kings," the guys get stuff by ___. Trading
Steve's shop is called ___. Express Trade
The "Barter Kings" are ___. Steve & Antonio

Basketball Wives LA
Brooke Bailey is romantically linked to ___. Rashard Lewis
How many times have Jackie and Doug tied the knot? 16
Jackie Christie has created 6 ___. Books
Laura recently experienced a huge___. Weight loss
The first episode of "Basketball Wives LA" featured a blowout between Laura and ___. Malaysia
This season features a rapper who goes by the Disney-like name ___. Bambi
What is the name of Michele's swimsuit line? Mint Swim
Which retired NBA player hosted the "Basketball Wives LA" reunion? John Salley
Who joined "Basketball Wives LA" in the second season? Brooke Bailey
Who was noticeably absent from the Season 2 premiere of 'Basketball Wives LA?' Imani

Behind The Music
The highest-ever rated episode of "Behind The Music" featured rapper ___. Vanilla Ice
Vanilla Ice was almost thrown out a window by ___. Suge Knight

Being Human
Aidan and Josh work in a ___. Hospital
Aidan was a soldier in the ___ when he became a vampire Revolutionary War
Aidan's a ___. Vampire
Dichen Lachman also starred in ___. Dollhouse
Is an adaptation of a ___. British Show
Mark Pelligrino plays Bishop, he also starred on ___. Lost
On "Being Human," Aidan calls Henry his ___. Son
On "Being Human," the roommates live in ___. Boston
On "Being Human," Tony taught ___ skills to Sally. Ghost
Produced by Jeremy Carver who produced ___. Supernatural
Sally's a ___. Ghost
Sam Huntington plays Josh on "Being Human." He recently portrayed ___ in "Superman Returns." Jimmy Olsen

Bethenny Ever After
Bethenny Frankel appeared in ___. Real Housewives of NY
Bethenny Frankel wrote ___. Skinnydipping
Bethenny is married to ___. Jason Hoppy
Bethenny sold Skinnygirl to ___. Jim Bean
Bethenny was the runner-up on ___. Skating With The Stars
Bethenny's father was a ___. Thoroughbred horse trainer
Bethenny's infamous dog is named ___. Cookie
Julie's official job title is ___. Co-ordinator of Chaos
Who will be replacing Julie when she leaves? Jackie

Big Brother
First filmed in ___. The Netherlands
Houseguest Scott Weintraub was banished because of ___. His violent outburst
How many times has Dan been a have-not throughout his entire BB career? One
Julie Chen is also regular on ___. The Talk
Julie Chen tell housemates to ___. Expect the unexpected
Mike Boogle and Dr. Will formed alliance called ___. Chilitown
Natalie and her ___ appeared on the show. Identical twin sister
Pandora's Box can only be opened by ___. The Head of Household
PBJ sandwiches were replaced with ___. Big Brother Slop
Season 12 Saboteur was ___. Ragan Fox
Show is based on the internet talk show called ___. House Calls
Two contestants learned they were ___. Siblings
Which houseguest won the most competitions? Janelle Pierzina
Who was the first "Big Brother" winner? Eddie McGee
Who was the oldest houseguest ever? Jerry McDonald

Bizarre Foods
On "Bizarre Foods," Andrew tried moose nose in ___. Alaska

Blue Bloods
Angela Ferrara fell down the steps doing what with her boyfriend ___. Fighting
Before Bridget Moynahan joined "Blue Bloods," she was Mrs. Big on ___. Sex and the City
Before Donnie Wahlberg started acting, he rocked our worlds in ___. New Kids on the Block
Before Joe died, he was investigating a shadowy organization called ___. Blue Templar
Before she joined the stellar "Blue Bloods" cast, Jennifer Esposito worked with ___ from "Up All Night." Christina Applegate
Before Tom Selleck played a police commissioner on "Blue Bloods," he was a private investigator on ___. Magnum, P.I.
Blue Bloods actor Donnie Wahlberg also starred in the ___ horror movie franchise. Saw
Blue Bloods star Tom Selleck is most famous for his role on ___. Magnum P.I.
Danny's wife ___ recently got a new job at the hospital. Linda
Erin is senior counsel in the office of the ___. District attorney
Frank had ___ hours to find and detain terrorists on Mother's Day. 6
Frank used to be in the ___. Marines
Henry's beloved wife was named ___. Betty
Jack had a mob boss nemesis named ___. Happy Jack
Jamie and Vinnie's first case together involved a ___. Robbery
Jamie didn't get along with his new ___. Partner
Jamie Reagan attended law school at ___ University. Harvard
Jamie Reagan's one-time fiance is named ___. Sydney
Jamie's undercover name was ___. Jimmy Reardon
The group that killed Joe is called ___. The Blue Templar
Tom Selleck plays Reagan patriarch Frank on Blue Bloods but is also knows for his guest role on what sitcom ___. Friends
What did Erin remove from her door? Her married name
What is the name of the group responsible for Joe Reagan's death? The Blue Templar
What member of the family died by the police? Joe
Which of Franks son's died in the line of duty? Joe
Which Reagan kid is youngest? Jamie
Who is Danny's NYPD partner? Jackie Curatola
Who is Danny's partner? Jackie

Boardwalk Empire
According to Jimmy Darmody, "You can't be half a ___." Gangster
Actor Steve Buscemi is also famous for his role in ___. Reservoir Dogs
Al Capone was born in ___. New York
At the start of Season 2, Nucky was arrested for ___. Election fraud
Boardwalk season 3 began with the celebration of ___. New Year's Eve
Chalky insisted that his daughter Maybelle get married to a ___. Doctor
During Prohibition, a "blind pig" referred to a ___. Speakeasy
First episode was directed by ___. Scorsese
Gangsters Johnny Torrio and Al Capone are from ___. Chicago
Gyp Rosetti, the new gangster in town on "Boardwalk Empire," is from ___. New York City
Jimmy Darmody attended ___. Princeton
Lucky Luciano is affiliated with ___. Arnold Rothstein
Lucy Danziger is the former mistress of Nucky and ___. Agent Van Alden
Lucy Danziger, Nucky's former mistress, was a ___ dancer. Ziegfeld Follies
Margaret gave the land Nucky had intended to keep to ___. Her church
Margaret is excited about a female ___. Aviator
Margaret Schroeder emigrated from ___. Ireland
Margaret Schroeder is originally from ___. County Kerry, Ireland
Nelson Van Alden is a ___. Federal agent (Viggle Version #2)
Nelson Van Alden is a ___. Prohibition offer (Viggle Version #1, typo in answer)
Nucky angered Gyp Rosetti when he said he would only sell liquor to ___. Rothstein
Nucky said that Gyp Rosetti could find an insult in a ___. Bouquet of Roses
Nucky serves as ___ of Atlantic City. Treasurer
Nucky Thompson's younger brother is named ___. Eli
Nucky was mentored by ___. The Commondore
Nucky's bodyguard Owen was a member of the ___. Irish Republican Army
Powerful New York crime boss ___ is one of Nucky's chief rivals. Arnold Rothstein
Richard wears a mask to hide his injuries from ___. World War I
Season 3 of "Boardwalk Empire" began with the New Year – it's now ___. 1923
Singer Eddie Cantor began his career in ___. Vaudeville
The Eighteenth Amendment of the US Constitution prohibited the sale of ___. Intoxicating liquors
The second season of "Boardwalk Empire" takes place in ___. 1921
Van Alden foiled Al Capone's standoff at a ___. Flower Shop
What does Richard Harrow wear on his face? A Tin Mask
What does Van Alden sell door to door? Irons
What is Atlantic City's nickname? The World's Playground
What is the name of the town that houses the last gas station on the way to New York? Tabor Heights
What signature flower does Nucky Wear? Carnation
What was Nucky's goodbye message to Gyp? Bone for tuna
Where did Jimmy visit at the end of Season 2 of "Boardwalk Empire?" Princeton
Which of these terms is slang for bootleg liquor? Hooch
Who caught polio in Season 2? Emily
Who is raising Jimmy's son? Gillian
Who picked Elli up when he was released from jail? Mickey
Who plays Al Capone on "Boardwalk Empire?" Stephen Graham
Who turned against Nucky? Jimmy, Eli and The Commodore
Who was killed at the end of the last season of "Boardwalk Empire?" Jimmy

Agent Olivia works for ___. The FBI
Angela is the team's forensic ___. Artist
Angela's dad is in the band ___. ZZ Top
Angie is half ___. Chinese
Before David Boreanaz was Booth on "Bones," he played a ___. Vampire
Before he was the resident lovable nerd on "Bones," John Francis Daley was a geek on ___. Freaks and Geeks
Before John Francis Daley was Sweets on "Bones" he appeared on the TV show ___. Freaks and Geeks
Before she rocked our world as Brennan, Emily Deschanel was in the horror film ___. Boogeyman
Before they teamed up as Hodgins and Booth, T.J. Thyne and David Boreanaz worked together on ___. Angel
Before this season's premiere, Brennan was hiding for ___. 3 months
Before we knew him as Booth, David Boreanaz had a small role on ___. Married with Children
Bones is also a ___. Author
Bones star Emily Deschanel is an outspoken ___. Vegan
Booth and Brennan have a daughter named ___. Christine
Booth is a practicing ___. Catholic
Booth is in the ___. FBI
Brennan is known for being very ___. Literal
Brennan is safe now because Christopher Pelant was taken back to ___. Egypt
Carla Gallo plays Daisy on "Bones." She played another character named Daisy on ___. Californication
Dearly departed intern Vincent-Nigel Murray was played by actor Ryan Cartwright. These days, he's starring in the Syfy show ___. Alphas
During her time on the run, Brennan was a ___. Frycook
Emily Deschanel is an outspoken ___. Vegan
Hodgins has a doctorate in __. Entomology
Hodgins is married to ___. Angela
Last season brought back all the interns except ___. Vincent Nigel-Murray
Last season, a ___ competition turned fatal. Eating
Last season, Angela and Hodgins flipped when Angela's dad offered to ___. Babysit
Last season, Booth's son ___ came back from England. Parker
Last season, Brennan consulted on the set of "Bones of ___." Contention
Michael K. Williams plays Chalky White on "Boardwalk Empire," but is also famous for HBO's ___. The Wire
On "Bones," Booth calls the team ___. Squints
On "Bones," Booth was a ___. Sniper
On "Bones," Brennan is a ___. Forensic anthropologist
On "Bones," Dr. Sweets is a ___. Psychologist
On "Bones," the least squinty of the group is ___. Angela
On "Bones," the team works at the ___. Jeffersonian Institute
Tamara Taylor, who plays Cam, has a second cousin who was in "Party of Five." Who is it? Neve Campbell
The boss is ___. Dr. Saroyan
The Jefferson institute is in ___. Washington D.C.
What color did Brennan dye her hair when she went into hiding? Blonde
What test was Sweets freaking out about last season? Gun
Where did Bones get her PhD? Northwestern
Where is "Bones" set? Washington D.C.
Which squint has a cinematic past? Cam
Who just turned down a promotion? Booth
Who wrote the theme song "Bones?" The Crystal Method
Who's the boss of the Jeffersonian team? Dr. Saroyan

Braxton Family Values
Evelyn claims to be a better ___ than her daughters. Dancer
Star Towanda attended college at ___. Bowie State University
Tamar adds ___ to end of her sentences .com
Tamar's husband was fired from being ___. Toni's manager
The family visits therapist ___. Dr Sherry
Toni Braxton earned a Grammy for Best New Artist in ___. 1993
Towanda is considered the ___. Responsible One
Towanda, Trina and Eveelyn live in ___. Atlanta
Traci asked her family to invest in her ___. Hair Salon
Trina has two nicknames, Trina and ___. Trinie
Trina just released a single called ___. Party or Go Home
What was Toni's international hit? "Unbreak my Heart"
Who is NOT one of the Braxton sisters? Evelyn
Who is the youngest Braxton sister? Tamar

Breaking Bad
Andrea has a son named ___. Brock
Bryan Cranston was on ___. Malcolm in the Middle
Jesse met Andrea at his ___. Support Group
Jesse was Walter's ___. Student
Jesse's RV was towed by ___. Clovis
On "Breaking Bad," the Whites launder money through their ___. Car wash
Walt took the alias ___ to mask criminal actions. Heisenberg
Walt worked at ___ before leaving for personal reasons. Gray Matter
Walt wouldn't pay Jesse his half of a major deal until ___. He went into rehab
Walter and Jesse tried to work in a ___. Winnebago
Walter and Skyler's son is named ___. Walter Jr.
Walter is married to ___. Skyler
Walter was diagnosed with ___. Lung Cancer
Walter White was a ___ teacher. Chemistry
Walter's attorney is ___. Saul Goodman
Walter's brother in law was ___. DEA
Walt's student partner is ___. Jesse Pinkman
Who replaced Jesse as Walt's assistant? Gale Boetticher

Breaking Pointe
Ballet West gives dancers a contract for ___. 1 year
Bedanna is ___ years old. 19
Christiana Bennett is one of the company's? Principal Dancers
Christina had a meltdown when grilled about her ___. Future
Dancers have been working on a ballet called ___. Paquita
Rex ___ during opening night. Fell
Ronald is torn between Ballet West and ___. Love
Ronnie Underwood is a ___. Soloist
Ronnie was visited by his ___. Sister
Which ballerina was cut from company? Katie
Who breezed through final rehearsals? Beckanne

Carley went on a diet where she only ate ___. Candy
Cops were needed when Ayanna argued with the ___. Groom's sister
Cristal slapped her fiance over ___. Centerpieces
Danni insisted her bridesmaid refer to her as the ___. Most beautiful bride
First male to appear was ___. Jon
Frankie tried to force her bridesmaid to ___. Pierce her ears
Kim smashed her fiance's ___ when he wouldn't help w/ wedding favors. Video Game System
Lacy insisted on an outdoor wedding during a ___ season. Tornado
Ladrienna returned her wedding presents when her ___. Car broke down
Melody forced her sister to attend ___. Boot camp
Suzy tossed her drink on the Best Man because he wouldn't ___. Change his speech
The show was going to be titled ___. Manhattan Brides
Tricia's wedding was themed ___. Bros and Hos

Burn Notice
After being caught blackmailing a Pyron employee, agent Pearce was sent to ___. Mumbai
Burn Notice takes place in ___. Miami
Fiona was once an operative for the ___. IRA
Fiona was visited by the ___. CIA
Jess and Sam discovered that the initials of the man who killed Nate are ___. T.G.
Jesse and Sam bribed Vale's assistant with a ___. Bottle of scotch
Michael and Sam borrowed their billionaire disguises from ___. Elsa
Michael helped smuggle a ___ into Durov's home. Drill
Vincent Durov was a ___ aerospace magnate. Ukranian

Cake Boss
Buddy fired his ___. Sister
Buddy from "Cake Boss" has been working at the bakery since he was ___ years old. 17
Buddy is a regular contestant on ___. Food Network Challenge
Buddy made a lifesize cake replica of ___. His wife
Buddy selected ___ at his bakery's first Employee of the Month. Himself
Buddy traveled to the Epcot Food & Wine Festival to ___. Make his famous cannoli
Buddy's mom banned ___.Risque
Buddy's niece asked him to deliver her birthday cake ___. On roller skates
Joe from Cake Boss has another job, he's a ___. Firefighter
On "Cake Boss," Buddy scored two employees from ___. Next Great Baker
On "Cake Boss", Stephanie's nickname is ___. Sunshine
Ralphie Boy works as a ___. Bakery sculptor
Spinoff competition is called ___. Next great baker
The boss of the cake boss is ___. Mary Valastro
The smooth sheet used to decorate a fancy cake is called ___. Fondant
Which bakery employee is nicknamed "The Mule"? Danny

According to Castle, his first novel was inspired by ___. One Life to Live
At the end of last season, Beckett had to ___. Resign
Beckett is trying to solve the murder of her ___. Mother
Before Kevin Ryan and Jenny O'Malley got married, they went on a __. Juice cleanse
Before Nathan Fallion became Richard Castle, he was on the cult hit ___. Firefly
Captain Gates is often referred to as ___ Gates. Iron
Captain Gates replaced Captain ___. Montgomery
Castle frequently plays poker with real-life ___. Crime Writers
Castle has a life-sized ____ in his bathroom. Boba Fett
Castle Nathan Fillmore plays Richard Castle. He also starred in the movie ___. Saving Private Ryan
Castle won the 2012 People's Choice Award for ___. Fave TV Crime Drama
Castle's ex-wife Gina is also his ___. Publisher
Castles' first book series was about ___. Derrick Storm
Castle's full name is Richard ___ Castle. Edgar
Castle's mother Martha is a ___. Actress
Det. Javier Esposito was suspended from the NYPD for ___. Hiding information
Does Alexis know that Castle and Beckett are dating? Yes
In 2012, Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic won the "TV Guide" award for ___. Fave Couple
Kate Beckett worked through high school to afford a ___. Motorcycle
Kate worked through high school to buy a ___. Motorcycle
Last season, Alex was headed to ___. College
Last season, Beckett spent some quality time in ___. Therapy
Last season, Castle shadowed Detective ___. Ethan Slaughter
Last season, Detective Ryan married ___. Jenny
Last season, Martha and Castle were ___. Hostages
Last season, the team helped an inspector from ___. Scotland Yard
Nathan Fillion has won a ___ for his role on "Castle". People's Choice
Nikki Heat is based on ___. Beckett
Premiered in April of ___. 2009
Richard Castle is a famous ___. Mystery Novelist
Richard Castle's ex-wife Gina is also his ___. Publisher
Richard Castle's real name is Richard ___. Rodgers
Richard Castle's teenage daughter is named ___. Alexis
Richard claims that ___ was the inspiration for his first novel One Life To Live
Richard suffered from Writer's block
Richard worked with NYPD because his book Flowers From Your Grave
The first "Nikki Heat" novel was called ___. Heat wave
The newest captain at the precinct, Victoria Gates, likes to be called __. Sir
What did Alexis ask Castle do before he left her at college? Check for monsters under her bed
What does Captain Gates collect ___. Dolls
What does Castle bring Beckett every morning? Coffee
What does Castle's vest say? Writer
What is Esposito's first name? Javier
What was Alexis's first choice for college? Stanford
When Beckett went to Stanford, she studied ___. Pre-law
Where did Alex intern last season? Medical Examiner's office
Which detective was suspended at the end of the last season? Esposito
Who escaped at the end of last season? Cole Maddox
Who is Alexis ex-boyfriend? Ashley Linden
Who is Castle's publisher? Gina

Chelsea Lately
Chelsea dated rapper ___. 50 Cent
Chelsea Handler is BFFs with "Friends" star ___. Jennifer Aniston
Chelsea Handler was born in ___. New Jersey
Chelsea Handler was the the ___. Video Music Awards
The roundtable includes Chelsea and ___ guests. 3
Time magazine named Chelsea Handler one of the ___. 100 Most Influential People
What's the "Chelsea Lately" spinoff called? After Lately
Who is Chelsea's assistant? Chuy

Chicago Fire
Before Christopher Herrmann played a firefighter, he played a bartender in ___. Sex and the City
Charlie Barnett, the actor who plays new firefighter Peter Mills, was raised on a ___.Sailboat
Chicago Fire is produced by the same creator as ___. Law and Order
Chicago Fire star Jesse Spencer made his American TV debut in ___. House
Chicago Fire star Taylor Kinney is an experienced actor and and an experienced ___. Surfer
Chicago Fire will air in the US, Canada and ___. The UK
Gabriela Dawson is a fearless ___. Paramedic
Lauren German's breakout role was in the movie "A Walk to Remember" alongside ___. Mandy Moore
Lieutenant Matthew Casey is in the process of separating from ___. Hallie
Mayor Rahm Emanuel agreed to be on "Chicago Fire" only if the show's producers would ___. Donate to a charity
The "Chicago Fire" pilot was filmed in ____. Chicago
The firefighters of "Chicago Fire" work for Firehouse ___. 51
Way before he came to "Chicago Fire," Eamonn Walker made his Broadway debut in ___. Julius Caesar
Who guest stars in the pilot episode of "Chicago Fire"? Rahm Emanuel
Who is the chief of the 25th Battalion? Wallace Boden

Children's Hospital
Malin Akerman portrays ___. Dr. Valerie Flame

Chopped has produced 2 spinoffs, including "Chopped All-Stars" and "Chopped ___." Champions
Each episode consists of a competition between ___ chefs. 4
Frequent judge Alex Guarnaschelli is the executive chef at New York's ___ restaurant. Butter
How much does each winner of "Chopped" receive as a prize? 10000
Judge Geoffrey Zakarian has also appeared on the show ___. Iron Chef America
Ted Allen made his realty TV debut on ___. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
The Mystery Box usually contains ___ unknown items. 4
When did "Chopped" premier? 2009

Common Law
Captain sends Travis and Wes to ___. Couples Therapy
Detectives discovered ___ has an online dating profile while investigating an unrelated crime. Alex
Detectives tracked down home invasion crew called the ___. Baby-Faces
On "Common Law," Wes and Travis were working towards their ___ arrest. 400th
On "Common Law," Wes was a ___ before becoming a detective. Lawyer
Travis & Wes were suspended for fighting in front of the ___. D.A.
Travis & Wes worked in the ___ division of LAPD. Robbery-Homicide
Travis and Wes have been partners for __ yrs. 7
Travis has the uncanny ability to ___. Read people
Travis reunited with his ___. Former partner
Wes drove his co-workers crazy because he's a ___. Perfectionist
Which cop was most open to couples counseling? Travis
Which detective is recently divorced? Wes

Abed's a rabid fan of ___. LeVar Burton
Annie on Mad Men portrays ___. Trudy
Greendale mascot is a ___. The Human Being
Jim Rash plays ___. Dean Pelton
Joel McHale from "Community" and "The Soup" stars in the movie ___. Ted
Magnitude's catchphrase is ___. Pop Pop
Students played ___ for priority registration. Paintball
Troy & Abed are obsessed with the TV show ___. Inspector Spacetime
Troy was recruited by ___. Air Conditioning Repair Annex
What did Tom say on a radio show? He got to second base with Ann
Which character is heir to a moist towelette empire? Pierce
Which character was presumed dead after a meth lab explosion? Starburns
Which two characters play in the Dreamatorium? Troy & Abed

Conan is filmed in ___, California. Burbank
Conan is from ___. Massachusetts
Conan once had his beard shaved off by ___. Will Ferrell
Conan once wrote a musical film based on the SNL skit ___. Hans and Franz
Conan premiered in ___. 2010
Conan sidekick Andy Richter has also done voiceover work for the ___ movies. Madagascar
Conan was nicknamed "Coco " by ___. Tom Hanks
Conan worked as a writer on the animated show ___. The Simpsons
Every Monday, "Conan" airs a segment entitled ___, in which viewers attempt to point out the show's mistakes. Fan Corrections
Fans of Conan O'Brien are known collectively as "Team ___." Coco
From 1987 to 1991, Conan O'Brien wrote for ___. Saturday Night Live
House band is ___. Jimmy Vivino & The Basic Cable Band
On "Conan," viewers point out mistakes in a sketch called ___. Fan Corrections
On "Late Night," Conan had a running gag about [how] much he resembled Tarja Halonen, the President of ___. Finland
On Thursday's, Andy Richter shows off the ___ that he says he's working on. Fake News Stories
Recently, Andy Richter hired his own personal ___. Sidekick
The "Conan" set includes a remote controlled ___. Moon
The first episode of "Conan" included appearances by Arlene Wagner, Lea Michele and ___. Seth Rogan
What is Conan's alter ego? Flaming C
When did Andy Richter and Conan start working together? 1993
Where did Conan go to school? Harvard

Cougar Town
Bobby created a game called ___. Penny Can
Bobby lived on a ___. Boat
Call themselves ___. Cul-de-sac Crew
Cougar Town is set in ___. Florida
Crew famously loves to drink ___. Wine
Grayson owns a ___. Pub
Grayson proposed to ___. Jules
Grayson's daughter is named ___. Tampa
Jules and Ellie are ___. Best Friends
Jules sells ___. Real estate
Jules used to be married to ___. Bobby
Most cougar town episodes are named after songs by ___. Tom Petty
Tom is a ___. Neurosurgeon
Travis once lived in ___. Hawaii

Covert Affairs
Annie frequently works with Mossad operative ___. Eyal
Annie is in the ___. CIA
Annie is sent back to ___. Camp Peary
Annie works in the ___ Division. Domestic Protection
Annie's sister Danielle recently moved to ___. California
Auggie was blinded in ___. Iraq
Before Covert Affairs, Christopher Gotham was on ___. Ugly Betty
Covert Affairs actor Oded Fehr is also on ___. Jane by Design
Covert Affairs episodes are named after ___. Songs
Covert Affairs star Piper Perabo sang on the job in ___. Coyote Ugly
Joan is Annie's ___. Supervisor
Oded Fehr plays Eyal Lavine on "Covert Affairs." He's also been on ___. Charmed
On "Covert Affairs," Annie finally comes clean to her ___. Sister
On "Covert Affairs," Annie's cover is that she works at the ___. Smithsonian
Which agent met a grim end in this season's premiere? Jai
Who is Annie's ex-husband? Ben
Who's Arthur's ex-wife? Gina

Criminal Minds
Aaron Hotchner met his girlfriend while training for a ___. Triathlon
Aaron Hotchner's son is named ___. Jack
Agent Jennifer Jareau used to be the ___. Press liaison
Agent Rossi is also a ___. Best-selling author
Alex Blake has lectured with ___. Reid
Alex Blake was introduced in the season premier. What is her specialty? Linguistics
Alex Blake, the newest member of the team, is also a professor at ___. Georgetown
At the end of last season, Prentiss left the BAU to run a ___ team. Interpol
Before he started crime fighting, Agent Morgan played ___. Football
Before joining "Criminal Minds" as Alex Blake, Jeanne Tripplehorn played Bard on HBO's ___. Big Love
Before playing Aaron Hotchner on "Criminal Minds," Thomas Gibson starred in ___. Dharma & Greg
Before Prentiss joined BAU, she was in the ___. CIA
Before Rossi joined the BAU, he was in the ___. Marines
Derek lied to his family about ___. His cousin's death
Dr. Reid recently turned ___. 30
During the season premier, a mysterious figure developed photos of ___. The BAU team
During the season premier, the team traveled to ___. Texas
During the season premier, the UnSub left ___ with his victims. Notes
During the season premier, the UnSub stole a ___ uniform. EMT
Emily Prentiss left the BAU for ___. London
Erin Strauss is the BAU's ___. Section chief
George Foyet was known as the ___ Reaper. Boston
In Season 7, Hotchner was worried that his ___ was a victim of bullying. Son
Jeanne Tripplehorn, who plays Alex Blake, starred in the HBO series ___. Big Love
JJ's son Henry's godparents are ___. Reid & Garcia
Last season Reid celebrated his ___ birthday. 30
Last season, Hotch met his new girlfriend while they were ___. Running
Last season, Hotch was temporarily assigned to a task force in ___. Pakistan
On "Criminal Minds," Penelope Garcia is the BAU's ___. Technical analyst
On "Criminal Minds, " suspects are routinely referred to as ___. Unsubs
Premiered in ___. 2005
Reid's Mom is played by ___. Jane Lynch
Shemar Moore was on ___. Young & The Restless
The last two episodes of Season 7 focused on a gang of ___. Bank robbers
The opening credits of "Criminal Minds" show photos of real ___. Serial killers
The term 'unsub' stands for ___. Unknown Subject
The UnSub from the season premier was known as the ___. Silencer
What was the original title of "Criminal minds?" Quantico
Where did JJ and Will marry? Rossi's backyard
Where did Morgan and Garcia go over the summer? London
Which "Criminal Minds" profiler is most likely to kick down a door? Derek Morgan
Which agent became a fulltime agent last season? JJ
Which BAU agent character will NOT be returning this season? Emily Prentiss
Which BAU agent got married last season? JJ
Which emmy-winning actress played Reid's mother? Jane
Who did Emily Pretiss replace at the BAU? Elle Greenway (not exact wording of question)
Who gave a peace offering to Blake? Garcia

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Before coming to Las Vegas, D.B. Russell worked in ___. Seattle
Before she came to Vegas, Morgan Brody worked as a CSI in ___. Los Angeles
CSI actor Elizabeth Shue starred with Ralph Macchio in the classic film ___. The Karate Kid
CSI was originally produced by ___. Jerry Bruckheimer
D.B. Russell fired Finn in Seattle when she illegally obtained a suspect's ___. Champagne Glass
D.B. Russell was hired to replace ___. Raymond Langston
D.B. Russell's college-aged son is named ___. Charlie
During the premiere episode, Finn was on a date with ___. Crenshaw
Field agent who started out in the lab is ___. Greg
Gil Grissom had a romantic relationship with ___. Sara Sidle
Greg was known for wearing ___. Hawaiian shirts
Head country coroner of LVPD is ___. Dr. Albert Robbins
How many times has Julie Finlay been married? Two
Last season the former Mayor of LV was shot while visiting the ___ museum. Mob
Last season, Catherine Willows left the team to accept a job with the ___. FBI
Nick spent the premiere episode having a ___. Meltdown
On "CSI," Grissom taught by ___ method. Socratic
Ted Danson joined the cast of "CSI" prior to season ___. 12
Ted Danson plays ___. D.B. Russell
The CSI team once investigated the case of a woman (who) was attacked by a ___ at the Golden Nugget Casino. Shark
The famous "CSI" episode in which Nick Stokes was buried in a glass coffin was directed by ___. Quentin Tarantino
The most recent addition to the "CSI" team is ___. Julie Finlay
The original "CSI" series is set in___. Las Vegas
The team's blood pattern expert is ___. Julie Finlay
Theme song performed by ___. The Who
What did McKean want in exchange for the release of Russell's daughter? $2 million
When did "CSI" premiere? 2000
Which character has been on the show since Season 1? Nick Stokes
Which CSI had his identity stolen by the same company that he hired to protect it? Greg Sanders
Which is not a spinoff of the original ___. CSI:Chicago
Who accompanied Conrad to the hospital in when he was shot in the season premiere? Morgan
Who bailed Nick out of jail in the season premiere? Sara
Who broke up Nick & Sara's spat in the season premiere? Greg
Who had a recurring role as a murderer on "CSI"? Justin Bieber
Who is Morgan Brody's father? Conrad Ecklie
Who is the team's blood pattern expert? Julie Finlay
Who quit in the Season 12 finale? Nick
Who stabbed Ray Langston on the Season 10 finale? Nate Haskell
Who was shot at the end of the last season? Conrad Ecklie
Who was taken to the hospital in the season premiere? Conrad Ecklie

After Stella Bonasera left the NYC team, she moved to ___. New Orleans
Aiden was fired for ___. Tampering with evidence
Before Danny picked up crime fighting, he was a ___ player. Baseball
Before Danny picked up crime fighting, he worked in the ___ business. Music
Before Sid became a medical examiner, he worked as a ___. Chef
CSI: NY is mostly filmed in ___. Los Angeles
CSI: NY star Gary Sinise played ___ in the hit film "Forrest Gump." Lt. Dan Taylor
Danny's private nickname for Lindsay is ___. Montana
Detective Jamie Lovato worked in ___ before transferring to the "CSI:NY" team. Narcotics
Don Flack was severely injured in a ___. Bombing
Jo Danville moved from ___. Virginia
Jo Danville once worked as a ___ in a burlesque club. Accountant
Jo Danville used to work for the ___. FBI
Jo Danville's ex-husband works for the ___. FBI
Leonard Brooks used wax paper and ___ to spread fires in his previous arson convictions. Dryer sheets
Lindsay always takes off her ___ before entering a victim's home. Shoes
Lindsay and Danny have a daughter named ___. Lucy
Mac and Peyton broke up when she moved to ___. England
Mac has been struggling with ___ since the shooting. His memory
Mac is portrayed by Gary Sinise, who also hosts a film short played during a ride at ___. Walt Disney World
Mac Taylor is a former ___. Marine
Rob Morrow played fire addict Leonard Brooks in a previous episode. Rob's no stranger to crime shows-he starred in ___. Numb3rs
Sheldon Hawkes was a licensed ___ by the time he was 24. Surgeon
What is Danny's private nickname for Lindsay? Montana
What is Sid Hammerback's role on the team? Medical Examiner
What is Sid's signature accessory? Break-away glasses
What online game is Adam's obsession? SecondLife
Where is Detective Lindsay Monroe originally from? Montana
Which "CSI" spinoff came first? Miami
Which agent was a child prodigy who graduated from college at age 18? Sheldon
Which CSI: NY actor is published author? Sela Ward
Who found himself in trouble after a bar fight last season? Danny
Who has NOT been a guest star on "CSI: NY"? Brittney Spears
Who serves as the team's Chief Medical Examiner? Sid Hammerback
Who was Danny Messer's original partner? Aiden Burn

Dance Moms
Abby arranged for the girls to audition for ___. Drop Dead Diva
Abby grooms students to become ___. Professional dancers
Abby opened first dance studio when she was ___. 14
Abby uses a ___ to rank her students. Pyramid
Abby's motto is ___. Everyone's replaceable
After Brooke left dance, she was replaced by ___. Payton
Brooke left dance to try out for ___. Cheerleading
Earlier in the season, Abby decided to go to ___ when a dance competition was canceled. Texas
In Season 2, a scout from the ___ showed up at the girls' competition. Joffrey Ballet School
On "Dance Moms," Abby was betrayed when ___ ditched her for Candy Apples Dance Center. Kendall
On the season finale, the girls danced about the dangers of driving and ___. Texting
Poor Paige broke her ___. Foot
The dance moms complain that who is Abby's favorite? Maddie
Vivi dances because her parents promised her a ___. Puppy
What is the name of Abby Lee Dance Company's rival? Candy Apples
Which "Dance Mom" got engaged? Melissa
Which "Dance Mom" was once expelled from the studio? Holly
Which dancer got a scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet School? Chloe
Which dancer replaced Paige after she broke her foot? Nicaya
Which dancer scored a role in a music video? Chloe
Which mom is a former student of Abby's mother? Kelly
Who is Maddie's little sister? Mackenzie
Who is the youngest dancer? Mackenzie
Who left the Abby Lee Dance Company to try Candy Apples? Kendall
Who replaced Vivi-Anne on the team at the start of the 2nd season? Kendall

Dancing with the Stars
Apolo Anton Ohno has won ___ Olympic medals. 8
Apolo Anton Ohno is an Olympic ___. Speed skater
Apolo Anton Ohno recently appeared on the show ___. Hawaii Five-0
Bristol Palin recently filmed a reality series called ___. Life's a Tripp
Bristol Palin's professional dancer partner is ___. Mark Ballas
Bruno Tonioli toured with Tina Turner and ___. Duran Duran
Cheryl Burke first won her Mirror Ball trophy with partner ___. Drew Lachey
Dancing with the Stars alumni Jerry Rice and ___ hot the parody "DanceCenter." Kenny Mayne
Dancing with the Stars spawned a spin-off called ___. Skating with the Stars
Derek Hough took time off from "Dancing with the Stars" to film the movie ___. Cobu 3D: New York Nights
Drew Lachey was a member of the band ___. 98 Degrees
Emmitt Smith won 3 Super Bowl championships as a member of the ___. Dallas Cowboys
Emmitt Smith won the third season of "Dancing with the Stars" – his partner was ___. Cheryl Burke
Gilles Marini broke out in the movie ___. Sex in the City
Gilles Marini came in ___ place during the Spring 2009 season. 2nd
Gilles Marini once served in the French ___. Army
Helio Castroneves competes in ___ racing. Formula
Helio Castroneves has worked as a correspondent for ___. Entertainment Tonight
Joey Fatone currently handles announcer duties on ___. Family Feud
Joey Fatone was voted off in Week 2! He was a member of the band ___. N'Sync
Julianne House starred in the movie version of the musical ___. Rock of Ages
Kelly Monaco is known for her role on the soap opera ___. General Hospital
Kelly Monaco starred in the ___ season of "Dancing with the Stars." 1st
Kelly Monaco was the first on the show in Season ___. 1
Kirstie Alley starred in the classic sitcom ___. Cheers
Kirstie Alley's latest book comes out next month! What it is called? The Art of Men (I Prefer Mine Al Dente) (grammar error kept)
Kirstie Alley's professional dance partner is ___. Maksim Chmerkovskiy
Mark Ballas won his first Mirror Ball trophy when he was partnered with Kristi Yamaguchi in Season ___ 6.
Melissa Rycroft was a cheerleader for the ___. Dallas Cowboys
Melissa Rycroft was a contestant on ___. The Bachelor
Melissa Ryncroft finished in ___ place during Season 8 of "Dancing with the Stars." 3rd
Pamela Anderson is known for her iconic role on ___. Baywatch
Pamela Anderson originally appeared on the ___ season of "Dancing with the Stars." 10th
Professional dancer Derek Hough has won the Mirror Ball trophy ___ times. 3
Sabrina Bryan starred in the Disney Channel movie ___. The Cheetah Girls
Shawn Johnson has published ___ books. 2
Shawn Johnson is an Olympic ___. Gymnast
Shawn Johnson placed ___ in the Season 8 of "Dancing with the Stars." 1st
The first time she was on the show, Sabrina Bryan was partnered with ___. Mark Ballas
Valentin Chmerkovskiy plays the ___. Violin
We miss Drew Lachey already! In addition to kicking up his heels, he has also been a ___ on the show. Co-host
What song did Drew Lachey and Cheryl Burke dance to win Season 2? Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)
When Bristol Palin first competed, she came in ___. Third
Where was Gilles Marini born? France
Which "Dancing with the Stars" judge was born in London, England? Len Goodman
Which All-Star contestant was eliminated the first week? Pamela Anderson
Which contestant holds the record for the most perfect scores in a single season? Jennifer Grey
Which couple has NOT teamed up before? Apolo Anton Ohno and Karina Smirnoff
Which former boy bander has NOT been a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars?" Justin Timberlake
Which show has Tom Bergeron NOT hosted? Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
Who was Helio Castroneves' dancing partner during his 5th season debut? Julianne Hough

Deadliest Catch
Captain Sig is fluent in ___. Norwegian
Crew of the "Wizard" grew ___. Mohawks
During the October season, the crew is focused on catching ___. Alaskan King Crabs
Follows how many crabbing boats? 5
January season crew is primarily concerned with catching ___. Snow Crabs
Narrator is ___. Mike Rowe
Often features rescue missions by ___. The U.S. Coast Guard
On "Deadliest Catch," Captain Sig Hansen ignores ___. Rookie crewmen
On "Deadliest Catch," a rookie crewmember is called a ___. Greenhorn
Opening music by ___. Bon Jovi
Sig Hansen Captain ___.Northwestern
Snow crabs also known as ___. Opies
So far, series has aired ___ seasons. 8
The bridge of ship is known as the ___. Wheelhouse
Throw what to pull up a pod? Hook
Where is "The Deadliest Catch" taped? Bering Sea
Who is captain of the Wizard? Keith Colburn

After catching Dexter in the act, Deb began looking into the ___ files. Ice Truck Killer
Deb caught Dexter in the act of killing ___. Travis Marshall
Dexter's ex-wife Rita was murdered by the ___ killer. Trinity
Last season, Deb was promoted to ___. Lieutenant
Quinn and Debra broke up after he ___. Proposed
What evidence did Dexter accidentally leave behind at the scene of Travis' murder? Blood slide
What's Dexter's favorite way of disposing of his victims? Dumping them in the ocean
Which famous musician played murdered and minister Brother Sam? Mos Def
Who guest starred on "Dexter" as his partner-in-crime, Lumen? Julia Stiles

Dirty Jobs
After being featured in Dirty Jobs, Bill Bretherton received a spinoff called ___. Billy the Exterminator
During the 150th episode, Mike Rowe worked on a ___ farm in Montana. Yak
For the 100th, host Mike Rowe went to ___. Fort Jackson
Kicked off "Shark Week" with episodes called ___. Jobs That Bite
Mike Rowe works as an ___ on a variety of unsavory tasks. Assistant
Mike tested shark suit by ___. Feeding Freenzy
Mike travels looking for people who aren't afraid ___. To get dirty
The first episode featured fish gutting, Baseball Rubbing Mud and ___. Collecting Bat Guano
The original opening theme song is performed by ___. Faith No More
Who is the field producer and prank war opponent? Dave Barsky
Who narrated Dirty Jobs? Mike Rowe

Don't Trust the B* in Apt 23
Chloe has a ___ based on her. Japanese Comic Book
Chloe's official job is ___. Diplomat escort
Chloe's scheme involves ___. Adopting a child
James is cast on ___. Dancing with the Stars
James' jeans line is ___. Beek Jeans
James Vanderbeek plays ___. Himself
June comes to NY for a job at a ___. Mortgage company
June dumped her fiance because he ___. Cheated
June moves in with ___. Chloe
June works in a ___. Coffee Shop
Robin is obsessed with ___. Chloe
Robin used to live with ___. Chloe
The girl's neighbor Eli is a ___. Health Inspector

Drop Dead Diva
Brooke Elliot can also ___. Sing
Brooke Elliot lends her voice to the show's ___. Soundtrack
Brooke Elliot performed with American Idol alum ___. Adam Lambert
Cameo by tennis star ___. Serena Williams
Creator Josh Berman's resume doesn't include ___. Criminal Minds
Deb hopes to reconnect with her boyfriend ___. Grayson Kent
Deb was a ___. Model
Fred is Jane's ___. Guardian Angel
Guest star Kim divorced ___. Kris Humphries
Jackson Hust speaks fluent ___. Spanish
Java and Owen vacation in ___. Italy
Kim Kardashian has a recurring role as a ___. Love guru
Margaret Cho plays paralegal ___. Teri Lee
Parker dated ___. Kim
Parker's ex is ___. Brandy
Takes place in ___. Atlanta, GA
The new angel in Jane's life is ___. Luke
The tagline for "Drop Dead Diva" is "Life looks different ___. The second time around
Which pop diva appeared on "Drop Dead Diva?" Paula Abdul

Duck Dynasty
Kay is famous for her ___. Home-cooked meals
Korie is the ___. Office Manager
On "Duck Dynasty," the Robertsons' best-selling caller is called the ___. Duck Commander
Phil Robertson played football at ___. Louisiana Tech University
Phil Robertson started the company in ___. 1972
Robertson family appeared in ___. Duck Commander
Robertson's made fortune selling ___. Duck callers
Si Robertson cup color is ___. Blue
Si Robertson is a vet of ___. Vietnam War
Theme song performed by ___. ZZ Top
What does Phil refuses to do during duck hunting season? Shower
What sport did Phil Robertson play at Louisiana Tech University? Football
Willie & Korie met at ___. Summer camp
Willie is the only cast member with a ___. Business degree
Willie's wife and business partner is ___. Korie

Before Holmes worked with the NYPD, he consulted for ___. Scotland Yard
Holmes has a wealthy ___. Father
Holmes is writing a book about ___. Bees
Holmes used to be a consultant to ___. Scotland Yard
How much does the NYPD pay Sherlock for his services? Nothing
In most "Sherlock" adaptions, Watson's first name is John, but in this series, Watson's first name is ___. Joan
In this "Sherlock" adaptation, Watson is Holme's ___. Sober companion
Sherlock believes the brain only has so much space to hold information. He calls the idea his ___ Theory. Attic
Sherlock likes to raise ___. Bees
Sherlock used to play the ___. Violin
Watson and Holmes are supposed to live together for ___. 6 weeks
Watson uses 2 ___ to wake up in the morning. Alarm clocks
Where does "Elementary" take place? New York City
Which of angels did Lucy Liu play in the "Charlie's Angels" movies? Alex Mundy
Who plays Tobias Gregson, the Captain who brought Sherlock into the NYPD? Aidan Quinn
Who wrote the original "Sherlock Holmes" stories? Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Empire Girls
Adrienne and Claudette from "Empire Girls" were raised in New York's ___. Lower East Side
Ashley was Adrienne's ___. Fan club president
Empire Girls star Adrienne was in a girl group called the ___ Girls.Cheetah
Julissa and Adrienne met on the set of a ___. Movie
Julissa's 1st gig was a commercial for ___. Coca-Cola
Julissa's boo Antrel plays for the ___. Giants
Julissa's ex-boyfriend was a ___. Football player
Layla was the host of ___. America's Best Dance Crew
On "Empire Girls," Julissa's ex-fiance was a ___ player. Football

Extreme Couponing
A couponer threw a wedding for ___ guests on a $150 budget. 280
Couponers compete to save the most on ___ worth of merchandise. $500

Family Guy
Brian sees himself as next great ___. Novelist
Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane was recently tapped to host the ___. Oscars
Family Guy parodied the ___ franchise with a series of hour-long episodes. Star Wars
Lois' ex-boyfriend was named ___. Ross Fisherman
Mila Kunis voices Meg Griffin on "Family Guy". Mila became famous for her role on ___. That 70's Show
On "Family Guy," Lois Griffin's fabulously wealthy, Peter-hating father is named ___. Carter Pewterschmidt
On "Family Guy," Peter Griffin engages in random brawls with ___. A giant chicken
On "Family Guy," Peter's neighbor Joe Swanson is a ___. Police officer
On "Family Guy," Stewie's best friend is ___. Brian Griffin
On "Family Guy," the Mayor of Quahog is ___. Adam West
On "Family Guy" series, Peter and his friends hang out at a bar called ___. The Drunken Clam
Quahog's high school is named after actor ___. James Woods
Quahog's local news anchor is ___. Tom Tucker
Stewie speaks with a ___ accent. English
The Griffins live in the fictional town of Quahog, which is supposedly located in ___. Rhode Island
These days, Ross Fisherman is married to ___. Pam
This season is the ___ season of "Family Guy". 12th
What is Quagmire's job? Airplane Pilot
Who is the Mayor of Quahog? Adam West

Fashion Police
Before her comedy career took off, Joan worked as a ___. Tour guide
Earlier this season Joan & Co. went to NY for ___. Fashion Week
George has said that his immigrant parents wanted him to be a lawyer, businessman or a ___. Doctor
Giuliana Rancic and Kelly Osbourne are co-hosts of ___. Miss USA
Giuliana Rancic hosted the 2012 Miss Universe pageant alongside ___. Andy Cohen
Giuliana Rancic has an undergraduate degree in journalism from ___. University of Maryland
Giuliana Rancic's hubby once appeared on ___. The Apprentice
Giuliana's been away from the show because she's ___. On maternity leave
Giulianna isn't the only "Fashion Police" star with a new family member! Kelly has a brand new ___. Niece
How many new segments were added to Fashion Police in 2012? 3
In 2011, The Hollywood Reporter ranked George Kotsiopolous as one of the most ___ in Hollywood. Powerful stylists
Joan's daughter Melissa is busy behind the scenes as the _____ of "Fashion Police". Producer
Joan Rivers double majored in college! She graduated with degrees in English Lit and ___. Anthrolopology
Joan Rivers first show biz job was a play, which also starred ___. Barbara Streisand
Joan Rivers likes to talk smack about Glee star ___. Lea Michele
Joan Rivers recently caused a scene when she protested at a ___. Costco
Joan Rivers recently released a book called ___. I Hate Everyone... Starting with Myself
Joan Rivers was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in what year? 1989
Joan Rivers won ____. Celebrity Apprentice
Kelly finished in ___ place on DWTS season 9. 3rd
Kelly has rocked reality TV with her appearances on "The Osbournes" and ___. Dancing With the Stars
Kelly Osbourne made her acting debut in ___. Life as We Know It
Kelly Osbourne once released a cover of Madonna's ___. Papa Don't Preach
Kimora Lee Simmons booked an exclusive modeling contract w/ Channel when she was ___ years old. 13
On August 29, co-host Guiliana Rancic welcomed a baby boy named ___. Edward Duke
What did George study during college? Accounting
What is the name of the FP segment all about shoes? ShoeGasm
What segment features photos submitted by fans? Fan Find
What was Joan River's first plastic surgery procedure? An eye lift
What was Kelly's debut album called? Shut Up
What was the name of Kelly's 1st fashion line? Stiletto Killers
What was the title of the documentary on Joan Rivers? Piece of Work
Where is George Kotsiopoulos from? Illinois
Where was Joan Rivers born? Brookyn, NY
Which "Fashion Police" host won "Celebrity Apprentice"? Joan Rivers
Which "Fashion Police" segment dissects looks from movie premiers? Hot Ticket
Which host in in charge on Fashion Police? Joan Rivers
Which Kardashian sister has appeared on the show? Khloe
Which new "Fashion Police" segment debuted on a previous show? That's Some Spread
Who is the only male co-host on "Fashion Police?" George Kotsiopolous
Who married Kimora and Russell Simmons? Reverend Run from DMC

Fashion Star
Elle McPherson has a line of ___. Lingerie
Fashion Star is hosted by iconic supermodel ___. Elle Macpherson
First winner was ___. Kara Larricks
Jessica Simpson's Texas Boy is ___. Ross Bennett
Nicole Richie, John Varvatos and Jessica Simpson act as ___. Mentors
Terron Schaefer is a ___. Saks Fifth Ave buyer
The buyer for Saks Fifth Ave is ___. Terron Schaefer
Which contestant is known for her "two-fer" designs? Orly Shani
Which contestant went from schoolteacher to designer? Kara Larricks
Which mentor has a line called "Winter Kate"? Nicole Richie
Who is the buyer for Macy's? Caprice Willard

Walter became a finder after surviving a ___. Roadside bomb

Fish Hooks
Albert Glass's best friend is ___. Jumbo Shrimp
Almost every girl in Freshwater High has a crush on ___. Steve Jackson
Fish Hooks takes place in a pet store called ___. Bud's Pets
Jocktopus plays ___ at Freshwater High. Football
Oscar and Milo are ___. Brothers
The school in "Fish Hooks" is called ___ High. Freshwater
What is the most popular restaurant in "Fish Hooks?" Hokey Poke
Who is the homeroom teacher? Mr. Baldwin

Flipping Out
Carrie is Jeff's ___. Realtor
Jeff fired his intern Trace when he found him ___. Designing his own closet
Jeff had ___. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Jeff talks openly about ___. OCD
Jeff worked with Chaz Dean to remodel his ___. Salon
Jeff's Himalayan cat is named ___. Monkey
Jeff's business partner was ___. Ryan Brown
Jenny's an aspiring ___. Rapper
Zoila is originally from ___. Nicaragua
Zoila's birthday gift from Jeff was ___. Plastic surgery

According to Walter, music helps him shift perspective and brings him ___. Hope
Anna Torv plays Olivia Dunham on "Fringe." Where is she from? Australia
Anna Torv, who plays Olivia, and Joshua Jackson, who plays Peter, were both born in ___. 1978
Bald men are called ___. Observers
Before John Noble played Walter Bioshop, he was Denethor in ___. The Lord of the Rings
Before Lance Reddick appeared on "Fringe" as Phillip Broyles, he was on the J.J. Abrams show ___. Lost
Created by ___. J.J. Abrams
Fringe Division calls "other side" Walter ___. Walternate
Fringe has been nominated for ___ Primetime Emmys. 2
Fringe is set in ___. Boston
How long was Walter in the mental institution before Peter had him released? 17 years
In the alternate universe, Astrid is ___. Autistic
In the beginning of the series, Olivia was dating another FBI agent named ___. John Scott
In the early '90s, Joshua Jackson beat out Jake Gyllenhaal for a role in ___. The Mighty Ducks
In the pilot episode, the ill- fated Flight 627 was traveling from Hamburg, Germany to ___. Boston, MA
J. J. Abrams created "fringe" and several other hits, including "Lost," "Alias" and ___. Felicity
Joshua Jackson was previously on ___. Dawson's Creek
Joshua Jackson's real-life girlfriend appeared on an episode of "Fringe." Who is she? Diane Kruger
Nina Sharp works at a corporation called ___. Massive Dynamic
Olivia hails from the great state of ___. Florida
Olivia is called ___. Olive
On "Fringe," Lincoln Lee was Olivia's ___. Colleague
On "Fringe," Walter's assistant in the lab is ___. Astrid
Other side Olivia is ___. Fauxlivia
Peter is Walter's ___. Son
The alternate universe version of Olivia is called ___. Fauxlivia
The cow in Walter's lab is named ___. Gene
The fringe on "Fringe" refers to ___. Unexplained phenomenon
The Loyalist lied to the security officers about having to fix a blown fuse. He said ___ told him to do so. Number 19
The Walter that exists in the Other Universe is named ___. Walternate
Walter has a difficult time remembering the name of FBI agent ___. Astrid
Walter treated Olivia with ___. Cortexiphan
Walter used to be in a ___. Mental Hospital
What did "Fringe" co-creator J.J. Abrams name his production company? Bad Robot
What is the name of the institution where Walter lived for 17 years? St. Claire's Hospital
What is the name of the main observer? September
What is the name of the series of cases that the "Fringe" team focuses on? The Pattern
What is Walter's IQ? 196
What was the name of Walter's wife and Peter's mother? Elizabeth
When she was a kid, Olivia received a drug designed to enhance mental abilities. What was it? Cortexiphan
Where was Joshua Jackson born? Canada
Who founded Massive Dynamic? William Bell
William Bell is played by "Star Trek" star? Leonard Nimoy

Frozen Planet
Antarctic is also called the ___. South Pole
Documented how Canada' indigenous tribes harvest ___. Mussels
Emperor penguins protect their ___. Eggs
Focuses on wildlife and climate in the Arctic and ___. Antarctica
Is narrated by Alec Baldwin and ___. David Attenborough
Musk oxen ___ each other to establish dominance. Ram
Orcas work to wave wash ___. Seals
Originally aired in ___. UK
Sequel to ___. Planet Earth
Shows leopard seals hunting ___. Penguins
The 1st 6 episodes were narrated by ___. Alec Baldwin
The crew filmed in temperatures as low as ___. -58 degrees
The spring season in Antarctica brings ___. Penguins
Wolverines hunt with ___. Ravens
Wolves hunt ___ to feed their young. Musk oxen

Bender was made in ___. Mexico
D.O.O.P. stands for ___. Democratic Order Of Planets
Fry learned to play a ___ to impress Lela. Holophoner
President of Earth is ___. Nixon

Game of Thrones
According to Melisandre, the night is dark and full of ___. Terrors
According to Osha, a comet means ___. The Return of Dragons
Aerys Targaryen is known as ___. The Mad King
Arya became a cupbearer for ___. Tywin
Before wielding a sword on "Game of Thrones," Sean Bean played a similar role in ___. The Fellowship of the Ring
Brienne is a member of House ___. Tarth
Character that has taken the black jack joined ___. The Night's Watch
Craster is a Wilding who is a ___. Friend to the Night's Watch
Daenerys has ___ dragons. Three
Dany's dragons are named ___. Drogon, Rhaegal, Viserion
During Season 2 of "Game of Thrones," a ___ can be seen in the sky. Red Comet
Gregor Clegane was defeated by Ser Loras Tyrell in the ___. Hand's Tournament
House Greyjoy's sigil is a ___. Kraken
House Lannister is located at ___. Casterly Rock
House Stark's mantra is ___ is Coming. Winter
In the first episode of "Game of Thrones," the Starks discover a group of newborn ___. Direwolves
Jaime Lannaster is ___. Kingslayer
Jon Arryn, Ned Stark,& Tyrion Lannister have each served as the ___. Hand of the King
King Joffrey's personal bodyguards are known collectively as the ___. Kingsguard
King Joffrey's little brother is named ___. Tommen
King of Westeros at the beginning of the series was ___. Robert
Lena Heady portrays Cersei Lannister. Lena previously starred in ___. 300
Littlefinger is ___. Master of the Coin
Man uniting the wildlings is ___. Mance Rayder
Natalia is famous for her role as ___. Nymphadora Tonks
Ned Stark's famous sword is ___. Ice
On "Game of Thrones," Arya repeats ___ before she goes to sleep. The names of her enemies
Peter Dinklage had a brief role in ___. Elf
Stannis often seen with ___. Melisandre
The iron throne of Kings Landing forged using the ___. Swords of fallen enemies
The Northern Lords have dubbed Robb Stark the ___. King of the North
Three horn blasts beyond the wall mean __. White Walkers
Tyrion Lannister is imprisoned in a mountain fortess known as ___. The Eyrie
Tyrion Lannister says that "a Lannister always ___ his debts." pays
Tyrlon's appearance has earned him the nickname ___. The Imp
Varys calls his spies ___. Little Birds
What does Davos Seaworth keep in the pouch around his neck? His finger joints
What does the alchemists guild create? Wildfire
What is the motto of the House Greyjoy? We Do Not Sow
What is the name of Jon Snow's Direwolf? Ghost
What is the sigil of House Lannister? Gold Lion on a Crimson Field
Which of these Houses is allied with Renly Baratheon? House Tyrell
Who said the infamous words, "Power is power?" Cersel Lannister
Ygitte is played by Rose Leslie, who last appeared in ___. Downton Abbey

Gene Simmons Family Jewels
Gene & Shannon got ___. Face Lifts
Gene Simmons from "Gene Simmons Family Jewels" is originally from ___. Israel
Gene Simmons is in the band ___. KISS
Gene speaks ___. Hebrew
Gene went on game show ___. Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?
Nick writes ___. Comic books
On "Gene Simmons Family Jewels," Gene's ___ almost broke up his 28-year relationship. Infidelity
On "Gene Simmons Family Jewels," Gene's a nickname is ___. The Demon
On "Gene Simmons Family Jewels," Shannon is a famous model and ___. Actress
On "Gene Simmons Family Jewels," the Simmons' children are ___. Nick & Sophie
Shannon wants to ___. Adopt a child
Shannon's book is called ___. Kiss and Tell
Simmons dog is called ___. Snippy
Started in ___. 2006
The Simmons' family live in ___. Beverly Hills

Ghost Hunters
Amy said Grant taught her to be a ___. Ghost therapist
TAPS stands for ___. The Atlantic Paranormal Society
What does EVP stand for? Electronic voice phenomenon

Charlie is Marnie's ___. Ex
Executive-produced by ___. Judd Apatow
Hannah is an aspiring ___. Writer
Hannah quit her internship because she wasn't ___. Paid
Hannah wants to be a ____. Writer
Jessa and Shoshanna are ___. Cousins
Marnie works at a ___. Gallery
On "Girls," Hannah lives with ___. Marnie
Shoshanna wears ___ sweat pants. Juicy
The actor who plays Hannah's mom also was a mother in another Judd Apatow project. What was it? Freaks and Geeks
Was created by ___. Lena Dunham
What is Hannah's preferred bathroom carb? Cupcake
What is the lowest form of communication on the "totem of chat"? Facebook
Which "Girls" actor was not in Lena Dunham's film, "Tiny Furniture?" Zosia Mamet
Which "Girls" actress went to High School with Lena Dunham? Jemina Kirke
Which character identifies with "Sex and the City"? Shoshanna

According to "Glee," McKinley High is in ___. Lima, OH
At the end of last season, Finn joined the ___. Army
Before starring in "Glee", Lea Michele wowed audience in Broadway musical ___. Spring Awakening
Blaine transferred to McKinley High from Dalton Academy, where he was a member of the ___. Warblers
Dean Geyer, who plays NYADA student Brody Weston, starred in the Australian soap opera ___. Neighbours
Every "Glee" club member has had a ___ thrown in their face. Slushie
Glee co-creator Ian Brennan originally conceived the show as a ___. Film
Glee creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk are also the minds behind ___. American Horror Story
Glee takes place in ___. Ohio
Joe is played by Samuel Larsen. He won ___. The Glee Project
Lots of Lima drama goes down in the popular Italian restaurant ___. BreadstiX
Marley's mom is a ___. Lunch lady
New Directions has gone to Nationals ___ times. 2
On "Glee," Will received a ___ prize. Teacher of the Year
Puck and Finn became ___ during the body swap. Blaine & Kurt
Puck wanted Finn to join his ___ business. Pool cleaning
Quinn can ___ in Brittany's dreams. Fly & breathe fire
Rachel is majoring in ___ at NYADA. Musical theater
Sarah Jessica Parker has quite the musical pedigree. She launched her career in the Broadway hit ___. Annie
The cheerleaders on "Glee" are known as ___. Cheerios
The first "Glee" star to win an Emmy was ___. Jane Lynch
The new head Cheerio is named ___. Kitty
The winner of the second season of "The Glee Project" was ___. Blake Jenner
Unique just transferred to McKinley - she used to sing for ___. Vocal Adrenaline
Where do Kurt and Rachel live? Bushwick
Which celebrity played a Nationals judge on "Glee"? Lindsay Lohen
Who did Finn's mother marry? Kurt's dad
Who is Jake's older brother? Puck
Who is the principal of McKinley High? Principal Figgins

Go On VL
Who is the leader of Ryan's support group? Lauren
Which Go On star had a role in the recent Total Recall remake? John Chu
Who faced off with Owen's mother in last week's episode? Lauren
Who competed with Ryan for Amy's affections in last week's episode? Steven
What was the name of Ryan's friend from college who showed up in last week's episode? Amy
Which support group member is constantly dealing with an overbearing mother? Owen
Which support group member eats compulsively to cope with their grief? Ryan
Which group member made up an incredibly strange song called Electric Night on last week's episode? Mr K

Gossip Girl
Blair became Princess of ___. Monaco
Blair sabotaged Jenny's interview with ___. Tim Gunn
Blair snagged an internship at ___. W
Blair's ex-husband is a ___. Prince
Blair's mom is a high profile ___. Fashion Designer
Chuck's motto is ___. "I'm Chuck Bass"
Cyndi Lauper cameo at ___. Blake's birthday
Dan's first book was called ___. Inside
Dan's sister is named ___. Jenny
Dorota is ___. Blair's housekeeper
Gossip Girl fashionista Blair Waldorf popularized ___. Headbands
Gossip Girl films in ___. New York City
Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen has a band called ___. The Pretty Reckless
Ivy claimed to be ___, but she was just a con artist. Serena's cousin Charlie
Last season, Aunt Carol was arrested for ___. Fraud
Last season, Blair suffered a dismal rank on the ___ Approval Matrix. New York Magazine
Last season, Dair hosted a disastrous salon. What was the theme? London Calling
Last season, Lily gave Ivy a check for ___. One million dollars
Lola attends school at ___. Julliard
Nate is Editor-in-Chief of ___. The NY Spectator
On "Gossip Girl," Diana Payne claimed to be mother of ___. Chuck
On "Gossip Girl," Chuck was robbed of Blair's ring in ___. Prague
Taylor Momsen has a band called ___. The Pretty Reckless
The gang attends the provocative play ___. Sleep No More
Where did Blair go to college? NYU
Where did Serena attend boarding school? Connecticut
Which real-life socialite played an interior designer on "Gossip Girl?" Lydia Hearst

Grey's Anatomy
After her recovery, Cristina moved to___ for a new job. Minnesota
After the plane crash, Arizona had to have her ___ amputated. Leg
Alex had a new job lined up in the pediatric department at ___. Johns Hopkins
Cristina's chatty new colleague, Dr. Thomas, is played by William Daniels, but viewers might remember him as Mr. Feeny from ___. Boy Meets World
Derek suffered an injury in the plane crash that could threaten his career. What was injured? His Hand
Did Derek complete his first surgery after the accident? No
Earlier in the season we learned the term for saddest phenomenon ever. What is it called when a terminally ill patient suddenly gets better before getting worse? The Surge
In the season premiere, Owen got on a plane and went to see ___. April
New intern Shane is played by Gaius Charles who played Smash Williams on ___. Friday Night Lights
The interns have a new nickname for Bailey. What is it? [/B]Booty Call Bailey[/B]
This season, there are ___ new interns. 4
Tina Majorino is playing an intern this season, but fans of ___ know her as "Mac from ___" Veronica Mars
What do the interns call Meredith behind her back? Medusa
What is the name of Callie, Mark, and Arizona's daughter? Sofia
Who did not pass their board exam? April
William Daniels starred on ___. Boy Meets World

A Hexenbeist is a ___ Wesen. Witch-like
According to Nick's mama, the 7 keys were forged during ___. The Crusades
Adalind once poisoned Hank with magic ___. Cookies
Another name for Bigfoot is ___. Wildermann
At the end of last season, Nick learned that his ___ was still alive. Mother
Aunt Marie gave Nick a ___ before she died. Key
Bauerschwein are ___ like wessen. Pig
Captain Renard is a secret ___. Prince
Does the actor who Sgt. Wu look familiar? He was in the 2012 blockbuster ___. The Dark Knight Rises
Earlier in the season, Juliette lost her memories because of a ___. Potion
Earlier in the season, Nick and his mom fought the ___. Mauvais Dentes
Earlier in the season, Nick's Grimm identity was discovered by ___. Hank
Earlier in the season, Portland was infected with the yellow plague originated from ___. Pigs
Earlier in the series, Adalind was a ___ before Nick turned her into a normal human. Hexenbiest
Earlier in the series, Nick discovered that his mother was hunting down ___. His father's killers
Earlier this season, Nick was reunited with his ___. Mother
Grimm films on location in ___. Portland
Grimm is set and filmed in ___. Oregon
Grimms can match the fighting ability of all Wesen but ___. Siegbarstes
Hank Griffin has a fear of ___. Rats
How many suspects were involved in Nick's parents' death? 4
How many times has Hank Griffin been married? Four
Juliette lost her memories because of a ___. Potion
Juliette woke from her coma after a kiss from ___. Captain Renard
Juliette works as a ___. Veterinarian
Last season, Nick turned ___ into a normal human. Adalind
Mellifer are bee-like Wesen. What Wesen is their sworn enemy? Hexenbiests
Monroe once told Nick that the ___ enjoy pain. Skalengeck
Monroe owns a ___ repair business. Clock
Nick gets his special weapons and tools from ___. Aunt Marie's trailer
Nick revealed his secret Grimm abilities to ___. Hank
The Coins of Zakynthos cause a rush of ___ in anyone who holds them. Power and confidence
The creatures Nick meets are called ___. Wesen
The Spinnetod Wesen females age rapidly and need ___ to stay young. Young men
The term "Wesen" is German for ___. Creature
We love Silas Weir Mitchell as Monroe on "Grimm." We also loved him on the show ___. Prison Break
What are Coyotl? Coyote-like Wesen
What are non-violent, rat-like creatures? Reinigen
What kind of Wesen are Blutbads? Wolf-like
When he's not on Grimm duty, Nick works as a ___. Detective
Which type of Wesen are wolf-like? Blutbad
Which Wesen means "Scrounging Prankster" in English? Klaustreich
Which Wesen was responsible for the execution of renegades during WWII? Hundjager
Who are the troll-like Wessen that demand bridge payments? Hasslich
Who has forgotten Nick? Juliette
Who is Captain Renard's brother? Eric
Who killed Catherine earlier in the season? Kelly

Happy Endings
Alex left Dave at the ___. Altar
Alex moved in with ___. Penny
Alex own a clothing store called ___. Xela
Brad's hygiene-challenged boss is named ___. Mr. Forristal
Dave works as a ___. Food truck owner
Elisha Cuthbert became famous on ___. 24
Everyone is uncomfortable with Jane and Brad's excessive ___. PDA
Max and Dave prank ___. Avi
Max sold beanie babies to buy a ___. Limo
On "Happy Endings," Eliza Coupe plays ___. Jane
Penny's mother is named ___. Dana
Set in ___. Chicago
Who introduced Brad & Jane? Dave

Harry's Law
Creator David E. Kelley also created ___. Ally McBeal
Original office located in a ___. Shoe store

Hart of Dixie
Cress Williams pet alligator is named ___. Burt Reynolds
Shelley is a waitress at the ___. Rammer Jammer Bar
Wade is Zoe's ___. Neighbor
Zoe decided to stay after visit from ___. Mom

Hawaii Five-0
Alex O'Loughin (Steve McGarett) is originally from ___. Australia
Danno's daughter is named ___. Grace
Kono is Chin's ___. Cousin
Last season, Steve arrested Wo Fat with an assist from ___. Interpol
Last season, Steven's sister Mary was working as a ___. Flight attendant
Last season, the Five-0 crew teamed up the crime-fighters of ___. NCIS: Los Angeles
Steve's archenemy is ___. Wo Fat
Steve's mother is a former ___ agent. CIA
The current remake premiered exactly how many years after the original? 42
What is Danno's ringtone for his ex-wife? Evil Woman
What is McGarrett's mother's name? Doris
What is the show's famous catchphrase? Book Em, Dano
Which of these characters was NOT kidnapped during "Hawaii Five-0's" Season 2 finale? Shelburne
Who is Shelburne? Steve's mother
Who was forced to smuggle diamonds to New York last season? Mary McGarrett
Who was framed for Governor Jameson's murder last season? Steve McGarrett

Hell on Wheels
According to Lily's nickname, she is the "___ of the West." The Fair-Haired Maiden
Actor Colm Meaney made a cameo appearance as Aldous Snow's father in ___. Get Him To Greek
Anson Munt broke out in the movie ___. Crossroads
Before working as a railroad foreman Cullen Bohannon was a ___. Confederate soldier
Bohannon first got his revenge on the Union by posing as a ___. Priest
Bohannon is building a bridge that will invade the sacred territory of the ___. Sioux
Bohannon used a ___ to escape when he was imprisoned in a freight car. Spoon
Cullen Bohannan is obsessed with catching the men that killed his ___. Wife
Elam Ferguson is portrayed by popular rapper ___. Common
Eva's tattoo is meant to communicate her ___. Worth
Hell on Wheels follows a traveling camp of working laborers working on the first ___. Transcontinental railroad
How much was the bounty to capture Cullen? $250
Is filmed in ___. Alberta, Canada
Robert and Lily hid from Cheyenne renegades in the words until ___ gave them away. Robert's cough
Sean McGinnes claims to have ___ toes. 8
Set in year ___. 1865
The Death of President ___ looms over the action. Abraham Lincoln
The Swede has a macabre place to hide his rifles. Where does he keep them? A coffin
Where is Durant from? New York
Who does actor Dominique McElligot play on "Hell on Wheels"? Lily Bell
Who plays Cullen Bohannan? Anson Mount
Who was Doc Durance's head of security in Season 1? The Swede

Hell's Kitchen
Adapted from a ___ series. British
At a previous job, "Hell's Kitchen" contestant Dana Cohen earned the nickname "Tortuga," which is Spanish for ___. Turtle
At the start of each season, "Hell's Kitchen" contestants are split into a red team and a ___ team.Blue
Gordon Ramsay is also the host and judge of ___. MasterChef
Hell's Kitchen contestant Barbie Marshall's signature dish is ___. Clam chowder
Hell's Kitchen contestant Christina Wilson's first kitchen job was at ___. McDonald's
Hell's Kitchen contestant Clemenza Caserta worked at the Tribeca Grill, which is co-owned by ___. Robert De Niro
Hell's Kitchen contestant Justin Antiorio's ___ is also a chef. Father
Hell's Kitchen contestant Robyn Almodova was first inspired to cook by her ___. Nanny
Hell's Kitchen had ___ contestants in the fourth season. 15
In addition to "Hell's Kitchen," Gordon Ramsey has another show on Fox called ___. MasterChef
In each episode of "Hell's Kitchen," the losing team is punished with ___. Kitchen Prep Duty
On "Hell's Kitchen," the final two contestants stand in front of two ___. Doors
Restaurant Gordon Ramsay received ___ Michelin stars. 3
Sous chef ___ has appeared in all 10 seasons of "Hell's Kitchen." Scott Leibfried
The current maître d' on "Hell's Kitchen" is ___. James Lukanik
The current theme song for "Hell's Kitchen" is called "Fire," performed by ___. The Ohio Players
The theme song "Fire" is performed by ___. The Ohio Players
The winner of "Hell's Kitchen" gets to work as Chef Ramsey's ___. Head chef
The winner of Season 10 of "Hell's Kitchen" will receive a head chef position at a restaurant in ___. Las Vegas
The winner of the 9th season of "Hell's Kitchen" was ___. Paul Niedermann
The winner of the first season of "Hell's Kitchen" was ___. Michael Wray
There is a red team and a ___ team. Blue
Was created by ___. Gordon Ramsay
When there are just a few contestants left on "Hell's Kitchen" the two teams are combined into one ___ team. Black

Do experts think you should toss a hoarder's stuff without asking? No
First appeared on A&E in ___. 2009
Max Patton, has over ___ Twitter followers. 8,000
On a recent episode of "Hoarders," Constance hoarded ___. Chickens and eggs
Provides ___ months of aftercare to the hoarders. 6
Sends psychologist organizer and a ___ into each home. Cleaning Specialist
Usually films in the US, but two episodes filmed in ___. Canada
Was nominated for in 2011 for an ___. Emmy

Hot In Cleveland
Creator Suzanne Martin also produced "Cheers" spinoff ___. Frazier
Regis Philbin and David Spade appeared as ornery ___. Hairdressers
Snarky housekeeper Elka Ostrovsky is portrayed by ___. Betty White
Victoria's co-anchor on "Oh Hi, Ohio" is named ___. Colin Cooper
Where were the girls flying to when they were forced to land in Cleveland? Paris

How I Met Your Mother
Barney always told people his dad was ___. Bob Barker
Barney always wears a ___. Suit
Barney wanted to join the ___. Peace Corps
Barney went on a game show ___ to meet his father. The Price is Right
Barney's "Bro Code" has been turned into an audiobook and ___. Cellphone app
Before playing Lily, Alyson Hannigan starred on ___. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Britney Spears played a ___ on "How I Met Your Mother." Receptionist
How I Met Your Mother Alyson Hannigan played ___ in the "American Pie" movie. Michelle
Last season, we learned that Barney will end up with ___. Robin
Lily despises the word ___. Moist
Lily is a ___. Kindergarten teacher
Lily pursued an art fellowship in ___. San Francisco
Marshall Eriksen is originally from ___. Minnesota
Marshall Eriksen works as a ___. Lawyer
Marshall, Lily and ___ went to college together. Ted
Neil Patrick Harris is famous for his role on ___. Doogie Howser MD
On "How I Met Your Mother," Robin hails from ___. Canada
On "How I Met Your Mother," Lily and Marshall's baby is named ___. Marvin
Robin used to be a Canadian pop star named ___. Robin Sparkles
Ted & Marshall met ___. In College
Ted is an ___. Architect
The gang's favorite bar is ____. MacLaren's Pub
What is Marvin's middle name? Wait For It
What was Quinn's "dancing" name? Karma
What's the show's theme song? Hey Beautiful
When are the show's flash-forwards with the older Ted M. set? 2030
Who has NOT been on an episode of "How I Met Your Mother?" Demi Lovato
Who has NOT dated Robin? Marshall
Who left Ted at the alter? Stella
Who narrates "How I Met Your Mother?" Bob Saget

Ice Road Truckers
Alex's long-time rival is ___. Hugh
Drove to the ___ mines. Diamond
During Season 1, Hugh's truck was nicknamed ___. The Crow's Nest
Earlier in the season, Alex bought a supply of ___ to eat on his way home. Muktuk
Earlier in the season, Rick accidentally sideswiped the car of a ___. Road Official
Earlier in the season, Rick was forced to visit a hospital after catching an illness causes by ___. Deer Mice
First female driver is ___. Lisa Kelly
How old was trucker T.J. Tilcox when "Ice Road Truckers" started? 21
Hugh Rowland's nickname is ___. The Polar Bear
Hugh's truck is named ___. The Crow's Nest
In Season 6 of "Ice Road Truckers," new drive Ronal Mangum was nicknamed ___. Porkchop
In the Season 6 premiere, Alex is asked to bring a shipment of ___ to Inuvik. Food
Jack Jesse specializes in ___. Fuel tankers
Lisa Kelly is a former ___. School Bus driver
Maya has ___ tattooed on her neck. Kenworth
On "Ice Road Truckers," rookie drivers are called ___. Highway maggots
One team tackled the Dalton roads and the other team took ___. Manitoba
Todd was fired because he was ___ on the job. Speeding
Tony was a high school ___. Wrestler
What does trucker Jack Jessee specialize in hauling? Heavy loads
When did "Ice Road Truckers" premiere? 2007
Where is Ray Veilleux from? Montana
Which Aerosmith song was the show's theme song in Seasons 1 through 4? Livin' on the Edge
Which driver has 11 children? Alex
Which legendary trucker was forced to leave the show in Season 2 due to illness? Alex Debogorski
Which trucker was fired after a series of driving mishaps this season? Ronald
Who learned that his truck needs a new fuel injection system in the …? Austin

Ink Master
Hosted by ___. Dave Navarro
How much is the winner awarded? $100,000
Ink Master co-judge Chris Nunez was formerly a cast member on ___. Miami Ink
On "Ink Master," Josh argued with Shane over a lack of ___ in his work. Color
Runner-up for "Ink Master" crown was ___. Tommy Helm
The youngest contestant in the "Ink Master" challenge was ___. Jeremy Miller
Tommy Helm was praised for his 12 hour tattoo of a ___. Grim Reaper
Who served as a guest judge? Ton Jones
Who was the winner of the first season? Shane O'Neal

Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis
Jeff moves in with clients on ___. Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis

Addicts offered a ___ day stay. 90
Featured former NBA forward ___. Antwahn Nance
Intervention was spoofed by ___. Saturday Night Live
Subject thinks s/he is being interviewed for a ___. documentary
Which song is featured in the closing credits? Five Steps
Who has NOT been an interventionist on "Intervention?" Dr. Drew Pinsky

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
The gang hangs out at ___.Paddy's Pub
What was Dee's nickname in high school? The aluminum monster
Who invented kitten mittens? Charlie

Jane by Design
Ben was ___ in high school. Popular
Ben's former classmate is ___. Rita
Billy's getaway driving led to ___. Jail
Jane is an aspiring ___ designer. Fashion
Jane juggles her fashion job and ___ High school
Jane lies about her ___ at Donovan Decker. Age
Jane lost and found the Donovan Decker ___. Look book
Jane's BFF is ___. Billy
Jane's boss is ___. Gray
Jane's brother works at ___. Janes School
Jane's mom is played by ___. Teri Hatcher
Long before this show, Andie MacDowell was a ___. Model
On "Jane by Design," the Donovan Decker mole is ___. Jeremy

Jersey Shore
JWoww has been dating ___. Roger
Pauly D works as a ___. DJ
Sammi played ___ at William Patterson University. Soccer
Season 4, the cast brought their drama to ___. Italy
The second season was filmed in ___. Miami
Which "Jersey Shore" girl is a bestselling author? Snooki
Which star ordered a cake from the crew on "Cake Boss?" Snooki
Who was arrested for disorderly conduct during the third season of "Jersey Shore?" Snooki

Joan & Melissa
Cooper agreed to audition if Joan took him ___. Rock climbing
Joan bought a ___. Mini Cooper
Joan had a ___ complaint filed against her. Sexual harassment
Joan invites herself on a trip to ___. Wyoming
Joan moved from ___. New York
Joan redecorated Melissa's ___. Living Room
Joan's dog is named ___. Lola
Lynne feuds with ___. Tony
Melissa found out about Jason's hanky-panky from ___. Perez Hilton
Melissa's son is named ___. Cooper
Sabrina renewed her vows in ___. Las Vegas
The ladies clash with their neighbor over his ___. Trees
What did the ladies throw for Conrad? Bar Mitzvah
Who is Joan's partner-in-crime? Lynne

Kathy ends the show with a ___. Chat with Maggie
Kathy got her start in ___. Stand-up
Kathy Griffin's "Kathy" catch phrase is the word ___. Allegedly
Kathy tried to set Tiffany up with a ___. Firefighter
Kathy's previous show was ___. My Life On the D-List
The intro to "Kathy" is sung by ___. Kathy Griffin
The panel is made up of ___. Regular people
Tiffany is her ___. Assistant

Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Brody Jenner, the Kardashians' half-brother, was on the reality show ___. The Hills
Keeping Up with the Kardashians has spawned ___ spin-offs. 3
Keeping Up with the Kardashians patriarch Bruce Jenner was an Olympic gold medal winner in the ___. Decathlon
Khloe is married to NBA star ___. Lamar Odom
Kim's marriage lasted ___. 72 days
Kim's publicist & BFF ___. Jonathan Cheban
Kourtney dates ___. Scott Disick
Kourtney teases Kim about her ___. Ugly crying face
Kourtney, Kim & Khloe own a store called ___. Dash
Kourtney's son is named ___. Mason
Rob Kardashian finished in ___ place on "Dancing with the Stars". Second
Rob once dated former Disney Star ___. Adrienne Ballon
Rob recently announced that he wanted to become a ___. Lawyer
Scott recently opened a ___ in NYC. Restaurant
The family compound is in ___. Calabasas
What did Kourtney and Scott name their newborn daughter? Penelope
Which Kardashian sister is the oldest? Kourtney
Who created the gowns on Wedding Specials? Vera Wang
Who is Khloe's best friend and assistant? Malika
Who is the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner sisters? Kylie
Whose marriage lasted 72 days? Kim

Kendra on Top
Hank is pursuing a career in hosting and ___. Acting
Hugh Hefner will only visit when he can travel by ___. Helicopter
Kendra did research for her ___ collection. Love Candy
Kendra is known for her signature ___. Laugh
Kendra is worried about sending her son to ___. Preschool
Kendra obsesses over ___. Maintaining her body
Kendra was born and raised in ___. San Diego
Kendra was on ___. Girls Next Door
Kendra's dogs are named Martini and ___. Rascal
Kendra's son is named ___. Little Hank
Which Playboy vet stops for a visit? Holly Madison

Khloe & Lamar
What is Lamar's nickname? Lammy
On "Khloe and Lamar," Khloe freaks when Lamar calls her ___. Khloe

L.A. Complex
Abby moves to L.A. from ___. Toronto
Cassie called ___ for help when her car overheated. Tariq
Cassie Steele once worked with rapper ___. Drake
Connor is from ___. Australia
Connor stars in a ___. Medical drama
Live in a ___. Motel
Nick got career advice from ___. Paul Tompkins
Nick wins a slot in the ___ Comedy Fest. Montreal
Nick's day job is a ___. Barista
Raquel received pearls reminiscent of ___. Grace Kelly

L.A. Hair
Action goes down at ___. Kimble Hair Studio
Angela was originally from ___. Chicago
Charity is known for ___ all the time. Talking
Kim caught Angela ___ at work. Sleeping
Kim suspended Angela after she stole celebrity client ___. Eve
Kim was hired by former Destiny Child star ___. Kelly Rowland
Kim's mom is ___. Jasmine
The temporary salon manager is ___. China
What is Kim Kimble's product line called? Kimble Hair Care Systems
Which star tattled to Kim about Angela? Terry

La La's Full Court Life
La La Vasquez has a son named ___. Kiyan

Last Resort
After refusing the order to attack, the USS Colorado was ___. Fired on
Back in D.C., the President is being ___. Impeached
Before he was Sam on "Last Resort," Scott Speedman played Ben on ___. Felicity
Captain Chaplin received orders to bomb Pakistan over the ___ channel. Antarctica
Do you recognize the actor who plays Prosser? He had a reoccurring role on the cult hit ___. The X-Files
Grace Shepard is the USS Colorado's ___. Navigator
In the premiere episode, Captain Chaplin launched a missile at ___. Washington DC
Kylie is a lobbyist for her family's ___ company. Weapons manufacturing
Last Resort focuses on the crew of a Navy ___. Submarine
Last Resort was created by Shawn Ryan, who also produced ___. The Shield
Marcus Chaplin is the ___ of the USS Colorado. Captain
Sophie Gerard is a French ___. Scientist
Tani Tumrenjak runs the ___ in town. Bar
The Colorado is carrying a top-secret ___. Prototype
The crew is aboard the USS ___. Colorado
The crew of the USS Colorado has taken over the island of Sainte Marina, owned by ___. France
The USS Colorado defied orders to attack ___. Pakistan
The USS Colorado is a ___-class submarine. Ohio
While on Sainte Marina, the crew commandeered a ___ communications facility. NATO

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (SVU)
BD Wong plays a psychiatrist on Awake and on ___. Law & Order: SVU
Danny Florek portrayed Captain Cragen for the first time in the original ___. Law and Order
Detective Nick Amaro's wife recently left for a job in ___. Washington D.C.
Earlier in the season, Captain Cragen was accused of ___. Murder
Elliot retired after a ___. Shooting
Law & Order: SVU is filmed in ___. New York
Law & Order: SVU just kicked off Season ___. 14
Law & Order: SVU was the ___ "Law & Order" spin-off. 2nd
Mariska Hargitay won a ___ for her work playing Olivia Benson in 2006? Emmy
Mariska Hargity won an Emmy & a ___. Golden Globe
New cast member Paget Brewster is best known for her portrayal of ___ on "Criminal Minds". Emily Prentiss
Nick Amaro is played by Danny Pino, who previously appeared on the crime show ___. Cold Case
Recognize new cast member Adam Baldwin? He also appeared on the spy dramedy ___. Chuck
Stabler & Benson named after their ___. Children
When was the last "Law & Order: SVU" season that Detective Elliot Stabler last appeared on the show? Season 12
Who assigned Captain Harris, Cragen's replacement? Foster
Who became Olivia's new partner after Elliot left? Nick Amaro
Who replaced Captain Cragen after he was arrested? Harris
Who was serving as Cragen's temporary replacement at the start of Season 14? Steven Harris

Long Island Medium
Is about a psychic named ___. Theresa Caputo
Theresa has two children, Victoria and ___. Larry
Theresa is terrified to go to the ___. Dentist

Lost Girl
Before he was Dyson on "Lost Girl," Kristen Holden-Ried played William Compton on ___. The Tudors
Bo is a ___. Succubus
Bo's kisses have the power to ___ the kissee. Kill
Dyson gave up his ___ to save Bo. Love
Dyson is not a ___. Vampire
Hale and Dyson are ___. Detectives
Kenzi speaks ___. Russian
Kenzi's first job as a private investigator involved finding a ___. Student
Lauren works for ___. The Ash
New ash is chosen by a ___. Stag hunt
On "Lost Girl," Bo has NOT been involved romantically with ___. Kenzi
The popular Fae-exclusive bar is known as ___. The Dal
Trick is Bo's ___. Maternal grandfather
Trick runs a ___. Tavern
Trick was once known as the ___. Blood King
What is Kenzi's strength? Street Smarts
Which "Lost Girl" character as known as "The Fairy Queen?" Ciara
Who is Bo's grandfather? Trick

His mother came out as a ___. Lesbian
Is filmed in ___. NYC
Louie sleeps with ___. Joan Rivers
Louie's brother is played by Robert Kelly. Robert also appeared on ___. NYC 22
Louie's teen niece is impressed by ___. Godfrey
Louis C.K. from "Louie" is a ___. Standup comic
On "Louie," Louie's daughters are ___. Lilly & Jane
Star Louis C.K. is also on ___. Parks & Recreation
Watches Jane's class' ___. Ducklings
Who has been a guest star ___. Ricky Gervais

Love & Hip Hop
Erica is a licensed ___. Medical technician
Erica's new love interest is a ___. Realtor
Juelz Santana had a son with ___. Kimbella
K. Michelle has a degree in ___. Psychology
K. Michelle is a ___. Songwriter
Mimi owns her own ___ business. Cleaning
Stevie J and Mimi have an adorable daughter. What is her name? Eva
Who is Momma Dee's son? Scrappy
Yandy gave Chrissy a ___. Guide book

Mad Men
Don Draper's real name is ___. Dick Whitman
Don proposed to Megan while on a trip to ___. California
Don's firm landed the lucrative ___ account. Jaguar
Harry Crane is the head of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce's ___. Television department
Ken Cosgrove has a secret life as a ___. Writer
On "Mad Men," Sterling Cooper is purchased by the ad agency ___. Putnam, Powell and Lowe
Paul Kinsey took a trip to ___ for an anti-segregation rally. Mississippi
Peggy's first job was a ___. Secretary
The real Don Draper was an officer in the ___. Korean War
Who is Don Draper's first art director? Sal Romano
Who is the firm's new art director? Stan Rizzo

Made in Jersey
Before being cast on "Made in Jersey," Pablo Shreiber played Nick Sobotka on ___. The Wire
Before Kyle MacLachlan became Donovan Stark on "Made in Jersey" he had a recurring role on ___. Desperate Housewives
Cindy is Martina's ___. Secretary
Donna Murphy plays Darlene, Martina's ___. Mother
During the premiere, Martina was assigned ___ chair during the murder case. Third
Janet Montgomery, who plays Martina on "Made in Jersey" is ___. British
Made in Jersey was created by Dana Calvo, who produced ___. Covert Affairs
Martina works at the law firm called ___. Stark & Rowan
Martina's family is ___. Italian
On "Made in Jersey", Riv Brody is a police ___. Investigator
Stephanie March plays Natalie on "Made in Jersey" she used to star on the classic show ___. Law & Order: SVU

Major Crimes
According to Provenza, when a wife is murdered, it's always the ___. Husband
Amy Sykes joined the Major Crimes division after helping out on a case involving ___ robberies. Grocery Store
Anthony Denison plays agent Andy Flynn. Before Anthony became an actor, he was a ___. Insurance agent
At the beginning of the season, Rusty moved in with ___. Raydor
At the start of the series, the Major Crimes division was still reeling from the departure of ___. Chief Johnson
Before playing Sykes, Kearran Giovanni was on the soap ___. One Life to Live
Buzz Watson works with the Major Crimes division as a ___. Surveillance Coordinator
Detective Lieutenant Louie Provenza hates it when people touch his ___. Desk
Fritz Howard works for the ___. FBI
Major Crimes is a spin-off of the hit drama ___. The Closer
Major Crimes lead actress Mary McDonnell portrayed ___ in the hit film "Independence Day". Marilyn Whitmore
Major Crimes star Anthony Deniso had a recurring role as Aldo Burrows on Fox's hit action series? Prison break
Major Crimes star Raymond Cruz had a minor role alone side Ethan Hawke in ___. Training day
Many years before playing Sharon Raydor on Major Crimes Mary McDonnell made her TV debut on ___. As the World Turns
Michael Weatherly recently guest starred on "Major Crimes" as a ___. Life coach
Raydor assisted Brenda Johnson in her candidacy for ___. Chief of Police
Raydor first interacted with the team in her role as ___. Force Investigator
Rusty is a witness in the ___ case. Phillip Stroh
Rusty is currently living with ___. Raydor
The "Major Crimes" team met Rusty Beck when he was tangled up with a ___. Serial Killer
What is Russell Taylor's rank? Assistant Chief Operations
Which "Major Crime" star has appeared as Eldridge McElroy on "Two and Half Men" Graham Patrick Martin
Which of the following "Major Crimes" characters did NOT also appear on "The Closer?" Amy Sykes
Who is Rusty's father? Daniel Dunn
Who is the Major Crimes Division's resident electronic's expert? Buzz Watson
Who Rusty's social worker? Cynthia

Mary Mary
Erica and Tina are both married to men with the last name ___. Campbell
Erica attended the Grammys soon ___. After giving birth
Erica is married to the group's ___. Producer
Goo Goo is a sister and ___. Stylist
Have ___ additional siblings. 5
Is a TV show and a ___ music group. Gospel
Is made up of two ___. Sisters
Original lullaby for Zaya written by ___. Jill Scott
Sisters Erica and Tina are ___ years apart. 2
Sisters were born and raised in ___. California
Star Thomasina's nickname is ___. Goo Goo
The girls' mother Thomasina goes by ___. Ms.Honey
The sisters were pressured to replace Goo by ___. Mitch Solarek
Tina's husband drums in ___ band. The Tonight Show
What is the name of the debut album name? Thankful
Where do the ladies go on a sisters weekend? Palm Springs

Ceviche has been on the foodie hot list this year. What is it? Raw fish
France has 24-hour machines that dispense ___. Baguettes
In the Mystery Box challenge, contestants are given specific ___ to work with. Ingredients
MasterChef judge Joe Bastianich owns a ___. Vineyard
On "MasterChef," the competition is open to home and ___ chefs. Amateur
The locavore movement is taking foodies by storm. People who are locavores eat ___. Raw food (Viggle had this as the answer, but the correct answer is Local food)
The winner of the first season of "MasterChef" was ___. Whitney Miller
What kind of yogurt has recently taken the U.S. by storm? Greek
What noodles have been all the rage with foodies this year? Ramen
When "MasterChef" judge Graham Elliot was 27, he became the youngest ___ in America. 4-star chef

Melissa & Joey
Joey Longo was a ___ trader. Commodities
Joey was born in ___. Korea
Joey was on ___. Blossom
Joey's brother, ___, played a teacher. Andrew
Mel hired Joe to be her ___. Manny
Mel is a ___. Councilwoman
Mel pretended to be Joe's ___. GF
Melissa Joan Hart was a witch on ___. Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Mel's home was ___. Renovated
Mel's niece and nephew are ___. Lennox & Ryder
Previously starred in ___. My Fake Fiancee

Mike & Molly
Before she was Molly, Melissa McCarthy played a beloved main character on ___. Gilmore Girls
Billy Gardell plays Mike. In 2006, he released an album of ___. Comedy
Christina used to be married to James Turner, a famous athlete and ___. Lawyer
Melissa McCarthy plays Molly. In real life, she's married to comedian Ben Falcone, who appeared with her in ___. Bridesmaids
Mike & Molly met at ___. Overeaters Anonymous
Mike and Molly takes place in ___. Chicago
Mike is a police officer in ___. Chicago
Molly works as a ___. Teacher
Peggy got a job working in a ___. School cafeteria
Peggy's beloved dog is ___. Jim
Samuel is a waiter at ___ Restaurant. Abe's
Who does Carl live with? Grandmother
Who plays Molly's mother, Joyce? Swoosie Kurtz

Million Dollar Listing
Josh always wears a ___. Suit
Josh ate ___ since he was 6 yrs old. Caviar
Josh Flagg began selling Real Estate at age ___. 18
Josh teamed up with "Real Housewives" husband ___. Mauricio
Josh's trademark line is "I don't sell houses, I sell a ___". Lifestyle
Madison Hildebrand attended ___. Pepperdine
Madison specializes in ___ real estate. Malibu
Madison works for ___. Coldwell Banker
On "Million Dollar Listing," Josh's grandma is famous for bringing ___ to the US. Polyester
Victoria hated Chad's ___. cell phone
Which broker is dating Madison's assistant Heather? Josh Altman
Who is obsessed with their hair? Chad
Who is the newest broker? Josh Altman
Who is the only broker to appear on the first season? Madison Hildebrand
Who threw a drink at Madison? Heather

A cobbler is someone who makes ___. Fake passports
Becca and Paul were both agents for the ___. CIA
Martin is Michael's ___. Godfather
Paul fakes his death to ___. Protect his family

Mob Wives
Carla is recently divorced from ___. Joseph Ferragamo
Drita from "Mob Wives" played a ___ in a music video. Bank robber
Drita has a tattoo of ___. The Eye of Horus
How many seasons has it been on the air? 2
Karen moved back from ___. Arizona
Karen's new spa is called ___. Luminique
On "Mob Wives," Drita D'Avanzo works as a freelance ___. Make-up Artist
On "Mob Wives," Drita was cast in a ___. Music video
On "Mob Wives," Renee's father and husband work for the ___ crime family. Bonanno
Renee's motto is ___. Never associate with rats
Renee's son is currently attending college for ___. Engineering
Spin-off series set in ___. Chicago
What is the name of Ramona Rizzo's only son? Giovanni
Where do the ladies go to unwind? Poconos
Who is Drita's trainer and close friend? Anthony

Mob Wives Chicago
Pia's father is in ___. Witness protection

Modern Family
Cameron frequently refers to his youth spent on a farm in ___. Missouri
Claire, when delivering bad news, ___. Smiles
Fizbo is Cam's ___. Clown persona
How many times has "Modern Family" won the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy series? Three
Howard Stern's daughter in the movie "Private Parts" is ___. Sarah Hyland
Jay, Ed O'Neill played ___. Al Bundy
Lily's first word was ___. Mommy
Luke and Manny's basketball team is ___. The Lil' Dribblers
On "Modern Family," Manny's turtle was named ___. Shell Turtlestein
Phil's nickname for Dylan is ___. D Money
Rico Rodriguez plays Gloria's son ___. Manny
Sofia Vergara plays ___. Gloria Delgado-Prichett
The middle Dunphy child's name is ___. Alex
What is Manny's father's name? Javier
What is the title of Phil's hardbound collection of life lessons? Phil-osophy
When Phil and Clare get frisky and role-play, he goes by the fake name ___. Clive Bixby
Which actress appeared in "Meet The Browns"? Sofia Vergara
Which character grew up with a goat for a nannie? (Viggle misspelled)? Gloria

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding
14 year old Priscilla looked for a ___. Husband
A "rakli" is a ___. Non-gypsy girl
A gypsy couple typically moves into a ___ after marriage. Camper
An Ohio gypsy community had its first ___. Gay wedding
Gypsy couple Heath & Alyssa feuded with ___. Each other's families
Gypsy men are superstitious about ___. Brooms
How many Romani gypies are in America? 1 million
Non-gypsies are called ___. Gorgers
On "My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding," Sondra's gown shop is located in ___. Boston
The girls stay thin by eating ___. Malt Vinegar

Adam and Jamie are judges on the show ___. Unchained Reaction
Adam and Jamie once made cameo appearances on ___. CSI
Adam Savage designed models for the movie ___. Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones
Adam Savage is an accomplished ___. Juggler
Co-host Jamie previously appeared on the TV series ___. BattleBots
Discovery's 3rd oldest series, behind "Shark Week" and ___. How It's Made
Hosts are Jamie Hyneman and ___. Adam Savage
In 2011, the Mythbusters team accidentally sent a ___ through the wall of a stranger's house. Cannonball
Jamie Hyneman has an undergraduate degree in ___. Russian linguistics
Jamie Hyneman used to compete on "Robot Wars". What was his robot named? Blendo
Most tests follow a 2 step process: the hosts replicate the circumstances, then ___ the results. Duplicate
Mostly filmed in ___. San Francisco
Myth that humans use 10% of their brains is ___. Busted
The Build Team uses a workshop called ___. M7
The show once tested the myth that women have a higher pain tolerance than men. What did they find? Confirmed
The show tested the myth of a penny dropped from the Empire State Building and killing someone on the sidewalk. They declared it ___ FALSE
The show's famous crash test dummy is named ___. Buster
They refuse to test ___ myths. They can't be proven by scientific data. Paranormal
What does Jamie's famous workshop sign say? Clean Up or Die
What is "The Simpsons" spoof version of "Mythbusters" called? MythCrackers
What myth finally destroyed Earl, the show's much-abused Cadillac? 60 ft drop
When Adam Savage was a kid, he voiced characters on ___. Sesame Street
When Jamie Hyneman was 14, he left home to ___. Hitchhike the country

Before she moved to "Nashville" Hayden Panettiere played the ___ on "Heroes." Cheerleader
Charles Esten plays Deacon. What did he give co-star Hayden Panettiere for her birthday? Ukulele
Connie Britton has squashed rumors that she based her character Rayna James on ___. Reba McEntire
Connie Britton is perhaps best known for playing Tami Taylor on ___. Friday Night Lights
Connie Britton polished her Southern accent with her ironic role as Tami Taylor on ___. Friday Night Lights
Connie Britton stared on "American Horror Story." Which one of her "Nashville" colleagues costarred with her? Eric Close
Hayden Panettiere play a cheerleader with superpowers on ___. Heroes
How many daughters do Rayna and Teddy have? 2
Juliette's album is called ___. All My Angels
Juliette's mother struggling with ___. Drug Addiction
Nashville creator Callie Khouri won an Oscar for Best Screenplay. What Oscar- worthy movie did she write? Thelma and Louis
Nashville has a cast of TV A-Listers. Powers Boothe, who plays Lamar Wyatt, appeared on ___. Deadwood
Nashville star Hayden Panettiere "appeared" in the Pixar film ___. A Bug's Life
Nashville star Jonathan Jackson grew up on the show ___. General Hospital
Nashville star Powers Boothe played a judge on ___. Hatfield & McCoys
Nashville writer/producer Callie Khouri won an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for ___. Thelma & Louise
Rayna's father, Lamar Wyatt, is a powerful Nashville ___. Politician
Scarlett works as a waitress at the ___. Bluebird Café
What is the name of Rayna and Juliette's record label? Edgehill Republic
When "Nashville" star Connie Britton was 16, she played the titular role in a high school production of ___. Hello, Dolly!
Where does "Nashville" film? Nashville
Which "Nashville" star has actual singing experience? Hayden Panettiere
Which "Nashville" star was on "Big Love?" Charles Esten
Which country star does Hayden Panettiere swear her character wasn't based on ___. Taylor Swift
Which group has NOT written original music for "Nashville"? The Band Perry
Which music legend is writing tunes for "Nashville?" Elvis Costello

Which agent was desperate for opera tickets in last week's episode?Ziva
Chief ME Mallard's nickname is . DUCKY
In last week's episode, the team was helping a soldier with . PTSD
New NCIS team members are called . Probies
Who was staying with Sgt. Wescott in last week's episode? His brother
Gibbs once built a boat called the . Kelly
Why did Ziva want to go to the opera last week? To honor her sister
Which iconic actor frequently guest stars as Tony's dad. Robert Wagner
Last week, the team enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner at . Gibbs' house
Which NCIS agent is also a best-selling author? McGee
Which NCIS agent once came down with the Plague? Tony
What is Abby's drink of choice? Caf-Pow
What was blown up at the beginning of the season? NCIS headquarters
Q scores rate the likability of public figures. Which NCIS actor has the highest q score on tv? Pauley Perrette
Earlier in the series, Gibbs retired. It didn't take, but who ran the team in his absence? Tony

NCIS: Los Angeles (LA)
Before he became Callen on "NCIS: LA," Chris O'Donnell was ___. Robin in "Batman and Robin"
Callen eats ___ to calm himself down. Bananas
Callen's grandfather was a ___ agent. OSS
Deek's canine companion ___. Monty
Deeks has an adorable dog named ___. Monty
Deeks has an adorable mutt named ___. Monty
Dr. Nate Getz serves as ___. Operational psychologist
Last season, Callen and Sam celebrated __ years as partners. 5
Last season, the "NCIS: LA" gang tracked down a doctor trying to spread ___. Smallpox
Last season, the team encountered a spy named ___. Chameleon
Last season, the team investigated a case in ___. Mexico
Last season, we discovered that Lauren is a member of ___. The Comescu family
Marty Deeks came to NCIS after working for the ___. LAPD
NCIS stands for ___. Naval Criminal Investigative Service
NCIS: LA has done special crossover episodes with ___. Hawaii Five-0
NCIS: LA is a spinoff of "NCIS", which is a spinoff of ___. JAG
Sam is a senior ___ agent. Field
Season 4 of "NCIS: LA" began with Callen dealing with the consequences of ___. Shooting Janvier
The team depends on the tech skills of ___. Eric Beale
To calm himself down, Callen eats ___. Bananas
What is Callen's Title? SAC
Where did Sam travel for assignment with the CIA last season? Sudan
Which star does most of their own stunts? LL Cool J
While in production, "NCIS: LA" was known as NCIS: ___. Legend
Who bought Callen a house earlier in the series? Hetty
Who did Kensi pretend was her husband last season? Deeks
Who resigned during the "NCIS: LA" season premiere? Hetty
Who was waiting for Callen when he was released from jail at the beginning of the season? Sam

Necessary Roughness
Actor Gaius Charles played a new recruit Damon. He also was a football player on ____. Friday Night Lights
Before she was Dr. Dani, actor Callie Thorne played crazy on ___. Rescue Me
Callie Thorne was nominated for a ___ for her work as Dr. Dani Santino. Golden Globe
Dani is a ___ Therapist
Dani is dating ___. Matt
Dani treated a golfer with ___. Yips
Dani works for ___. The Hawks
Dani's kids are named Ray Jay and ___. Lindsay
Mehcad Brooks was on ___. True Blood
Necessary Roughness actor Marc Blucas used to slay ___. Vampires
Nico is known as the ___. Fixer
On "Necessary Roughness," actor Gaius Charles plays the new ___. Recruit
On "Necessary Roughness," Dani helped a ___ player. Poker
On "Necessary Roughness," Ray Jay is dating his ___. Tutor
Where does Necessary Roughness take place? Long Island, NY
Which famous funny lady plays Lindsay's shrink, Dr. Crosetti? Amy Sedaris
Who was Dani's first patient ever with the Hawks? T.K.

New Girl
Cece is a ___. Model
Jess dated Russell, a ___. Fancyman
Jess dates her colleague ___. Paul
Jess is a ___. Teacher
Jess met her roommates through ___. Craigslist
Jess met Sam on a dating site - she said her name was ___. Katie
Jess threw Schmidt's party in ___. School bus
Last season, Jess dated a "fancyman" named ___. Russell
Nick and his ex were going to ___. Shack up
Nick is a ___. Bartender
On "New Girl," Jess saw Nick naked and ___. Laughed
On "New Girl," the roommates make Schmidt donate to the ___. Douchebag jar
Schmidt likes ___. Cece
Schmidt threw a rebranding party to celebrate ___. Getting his cast off
Schmidt was hospitalized ___. Delicate manly parts
The "New Girl" roommates play a drinking game called ___. True American
Who guest starred on the "New Girl" season premiere? Parker Posey
Why did Jess lose her job? Budget Cuts
Winston plays ___. Basketball
Zooey Deschanel is also a ___. Singer

Alex Udinov is originally from ___. Russia
Amanda and Ari fixated on prototype ___. Energy source
Before Shane West came to "Nikita," he played Mandy Moore's love interest in ___. A Walk to Remember
Birkhoff constantly references the ___. Star Wars movies
IT nerd Seymour Birkhoff is also knows as ___. Shadow Walker
Lyndsy Fonseca plays Alex and has also appeared in many episodes of "How I Met Your Mother" as ___. Ted's daughter
Melinda Clarke plays ruthless Amanda. She used to play ruthless Julie Cooper on ___. The O.C.
Nicholas Brandt was held at a secret CIA facility in Norway with the code name ___. Lighthouse
Nikita is played by an actor who goes by the name "Maggie Q." What's her real name? Margaret Denise Quigley
Percy is believed to have an eidetic memory, which is more commonly referred to as ___. Photographic Memory
Percy once blackmailed the President by saying there was a nuclear device under ___. Washington, DC
The group of government officials that oversaw Division was called ___. Oversight
The highly trained "Guardians" in Division guard Percy's ___. Black boxes
Turns on division after they killer her ___. Fiancée
What was the name of the operation in which poisonous gas would kill everyone in Division ___. Clean Sweep
Where is Division located? New Jersey
Who helped Nikita off the streets and became her mentor ___. Carla
Who shot Sergei Semak? Ari
Who took Nikita off the streets and became her mentor? Carla

Nurse Jackie
Edie Falco is known for her role on ___. The Sopranos
Jackie is divorcing ___. Kevin
Show is set in ___. New York
Thor has ___. Diabetes
Zoey broke up with __. Lenny

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Older thread has been retired and can be found here for reference:
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First in new thread!

and let's keep the arguing out of here!
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Second (technically 6th)! @Kei_be, can you post a link in the old thread redirecting people here? I was confused for a bit... Wink

A fresh start... and the first time I realized the wiki might be a bit too long, thanks to my mouse wheel... laugh out loud
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Quote from Peatree2 View Post :
Second! @Kei_be, can you post a link in the old thread redirecting people here? I was confused for a bit... Wink
See the OP and the link in my post please.
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Quote from kel_be View Post :
See the OP and the link in my post please.
Thanks, but I meant a link in the old thread so all other members will know to come here... I had to search for this thread.
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Quote from kel_be View Post :
See the OP and the link in my post please.
I think they mean a link in the old thread to this one!

I was also confused for a bit!
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Yay, a new thread! I've noticed so far that all the trivia I've seen today has been new. I'm compiling a list of the answers and I'll add it to the wiki.
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I was in processing of updating the wiki trivia questions when they shut down the old thread. Not sure what I was entering was saved or not. I probably lost some questions and answers.

The list of questions and answers are getting quite long and it can be hard to pick out the answers quickly. I have started to BOLD the answers so it is easier to glance and find.

As with yesterday, I am finding slightly over 50% old questions. With so few ads, it is pretty easy to leave the quiz open and answer when you happen to look down, requires less attention than hunting.
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Had to post in the new thread bounce and to greekygirl ...

Quote from greekygirl View Post :
The list of questions and answers are getting quite long and it can be hard to pick out the answers quickly. I have started to BOLD the answers so it is easier to glance and find.
It's a lot easier to search for a show's trivia using Ctrl+F (for windows os) don't know if you knew that or not just trying to help
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Yay! Finally a new thread!
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