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*UPDATE 10/21 - EIGHT LICENSE KEYS* Windows 8 Professional, Windows Server 2012, VS 2012 Ultimate + more FREE with $42/$32 student membership to ACM/IEEE

poohead 507 410 October 1, 2012 at 09:02 AM in Computers (7)

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Last Edited by poohead October 21, 2012 at 11:56 AM
UPDATE 10/21: Special thanks to jamesgx for informing me that 32-bit editions are now available on both IEEE and ACM links. You can now get a total of EIGHT Windows 8 Professional license keys (four from each program using English and French versions of both 32 and 64-bit editions) if you sign up for both programs. ACM members can get the 32-bit French Windows 8 license key using the following link:

Quote from jamesgx View Post :
So, dreamspark just made available the 32-bit versions of Win 8 for ACM and IEE users. You are able to download the 32-bit English version and A 32-bit French version of Win 8 (keep in mind the languages are not tied to the keys). For ACM users the 32 French version link is posted below. Pretty happy I jumped in. laugh out loud
ACMDreamspark []
UPDATE 10/4: Special thanks to bigfoot123, ACM members can get a second Windows 8 license key using the following link:
Quote from bigfoot123 View Post :
I don't have access to ACM dreamspark yet but was looking at the site. Looks like you may be able to edit part of the the link on acm to match the ieee product code for french win 8. Does anyone want to give it a try and see if it works?

...The bold part is the product code from IEEE

Inspired by the original thread back when Windows 7 was released (, I logged in and checked to see what's new and noticed Windows 8 Professional is now available for download!

MSDNAA aka Dreamspark Premium is available free of charge for all members of IEEE and ACM. ANYONE CAN JOIN! I understand that some schools already provide free access to Dreamspark Premium, but those of us who don't can join these organizations instead!

Student membership fees:
IEEE - $16 half-year (people are reporting that you currently must pay the $32 full-year membership right now)

ACM - $42
When registering for ACM, you'll see a warning about Windows 7 which originated due to the last thread. Just ignore it. Windows 8 is new and just recently available through ACM's MSDNAA access.

It takes about 4-5 business days to get full access after paying for membership. I've already downloaded and confirmed working installations of two free full versions of both Windows 8 Professional and Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate using memberships from both organizations. There is also tons of other MS software available such as Windows Server 2012.

Additional membership instructions:
Quote from eryeal View Post :
Additional info and instructions for folks - you don't NEED to be a student, you can actually just put whatever information in you want during signup. Hope this helps!

**NOTE**: ACM signups usually get their MSDNAA login within 2 days. IEEE signups take up to 8 days. See note below.

ACM Typical Sign up Timeline
**NOTE**: ACM is cracking down on Student Status. No problem, If you want to join just fill out the requested information with a legit or seemly legit input
- sign up and ACM will send you log-in information
- You will be asked to enter your Faculty Advisor and Student ID in your Student Profile for verification purposes.
- then you will have to wait till ACM lets you opt-in for MSDNAA membership --- it will take approx. 1 to 2 days --- to check if you can "opt-in", log in to "MyACM" and under the "My Services" tab you will find a light blue box saying "Access ACM's Student Academic Initiative (SAI) Programs: Developer Academic Alliance (formerly MSDN AA), Sun Academic Initiative, and CA Academic Initiative" --- click on "Developer Academic Alliance" link in this box and if ACM has already processed your payment, you will be able to "opt-in" (however, you do not have to wait for the payment processed email ACM will sent you)
- once you "opt-in", MSDNAA will send you their log-in info within 24 hours (check your junk mail folder - my email was buried in junk)
- once you got your MSDNAA login info, you will be able to log-in here and download your software

IEEE Typical Sign up Timeline
Within approximately 8 days of your renewal and payment being processed or your new application being processed and accepted, a separate e-mail with user account and login information to access your free software will be sent to the e-mail address on your IEEE record. Please make sure you provide your e-mail address because that is the only way you will receive information about the offer.
- sign up
- wait <8 days
- get an email from MSDNAA

Since people are asking, you get TWO license key for Windows 8 from IEEE (I managed to get one for English and one for French, which can still be used on any language), and ONE license from ACM (only English available). They don't have the 10+ license keys available like last time.
And, YES this is the same exact FULL VERSION of Windows 8 which comes out later this month.
If you purchase something through a post on our site, Slickdeals may get a small share of the sale.

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Last Edited by HammerHad January 13, 2013 at 11:17 AM
Update 01-13-13:
For all the Home Server People Out There Microsoft Server 2012 Essentials is out on IEEE.

Update 12-26-12:
ACM now only have one windows 8 32/64bit combined. But for those who already got 4 keys from ACM can get another key on that combined WINDOWS 8 link.

Update 12-05-12:
WINDOWS 8 is off the IEEE site!!! Just went to get my keys and it's gone. Time to demand a refund!
I've sent four emails with no responses from IEEE.

Update 11-12-12:
People who purchased an IEEE subscription back in October are now receiving access to Dreamspark.

Update 11-10-12:
Hurricane Sandy Update: IEEE has resumed normal operations. We thank our members, customers, and employees for their support and patience.

Update 11-07-12: Email Response from IEEE:
Please accept our apologies for the delay in responding. We appreciate your patience while awaiting our reply.
The emails of those students who joined the IEEE Computer Society or the IEEE are compiled and set up with rights to access the Microsoft software within two weeks from joined date.
You will receive an email directly from Microsoft with a link and password to access this benefit. The email address with this log in information will be coming from "User Import" or "msdnaa_software center". However, due to Hurricane Sandy, this process has been delayed. Once all is restored, we will send you the information you need to access your free software.


Update 11-03-12: It has been two weeks since some of us purchased IEEE membership, and nobody has received their Dreamspark login info yet. Hold off buying membership until we can confirm that we got dreamspark working.

Update 10-27-12: Windows 8 software is available now. Looks like it was temporary unavailability


Update 10-26-12: Windows 8 software shows: "This software is momentarily unavailable please come back later. We apologize for the inconvenience." Dead for the meantime for both ACM and IEEE, do not bother signing up. This might be a repeat of when Win7 came out and they pulled the software completely.


The title is unnecessarily confusing. You only get FOUR keys per membership. Eight keys (4 for each) if you sign up for both IEEE and ACM

People, nobody here is going to donate any, stop asking...even if people genuinely wanted to, they won't because people who get these keys end up selling them and the person who donated these keys will get his account banned forever. Secondly, for IEEE, after signing up, please wait for at least a week. Be patient and you will get your MSDN dreamspark account access in a separate email

for anyone that hasn't gotten their IEEE Dreamspark login info yet, try resetting your password:

go on to the site: and request to reset your password. enter your email address as the username.

$19 ACM deal is dead, now $42 to gain access.

Update 10/3/12: $19 ACM signup now says in red in the form that Dreamspark Premium is not available through this membership.

Half-year dues are still in effect. New members joining between 1 March and 15 August are billed at half off the full year membership dues, and receive membership benefits through 31 December.

NEW applications received between 16 August 2012 and 28 February 2013 will automatically be processed at the full year dues rates. Services begin immediately.

Want the start menu back in Windows 8?

Or just use Classic Shell...

How to turn Aero Glass back on:

Observation (10/8) by getdealsonline

Even though they highlight and say PLEASE NOTE: This level of membership does not include the Microsoft DreamSpark Premium Package, right above that they also say

Quote :
Student Membership Benefits
  • Free access to 100+ software packages from the Microsoft DreamSpark Premium Package
  • Access to online courses, ebooks and training videos,
  • Electronic subscription to CACM magazine
  • Access to ACM's highly targeted Career & Job Center
  • Free e-mentoring services from MentorNet ®
  • Electronic subscription to XRDS magazine
  • ACM CareerNews (twice monthly)
  • ACM e-news digest TechNews (triweekly)
  • ACM monthly online newsletter MemberNet
  • Free "" email forwarding address plus filtering through Postini
  • Options to subscribe to the full ACM Digital Library
I have posted the Click image for larger version

Name:	acmmembershipbenefits.jpg
Views:	638
Size:	136.7 KB
ID:	1472792 for our reference! seeing this conflicting information I decided to actually pull the trigger too through ACM instead of paying $32 to ieee. If they don't give me Win 8, I'll just ask for refund as per their satisfaction guarantee Click image for larger version

Name:	acmsatisfactionguaranteed.jpg
Views:	576
Size:	79.0 KB
ID:	1472800

WARNING: I jumped on this deal when it was free MSDNAA membership from IEEE to get W7 Ultimate (x64), I probably will again. However, at some point MSDNAA changed their entire offerings, dropped ALL of the Product Keys that I had mooched off of them. When I needed my W7 key, they could offer NO help at all, and they had stopped offering free W7, and the extra copy that I was allowed was forever lost. Backup your product keys and abuse the system early and often
-- arenaninja

Just a heads up If you do not need windows 8 and just want access to the developer stuff like visual studio, windows server 2012, sql and etc you can get alot of it for free @ without paying membership fees to these organizations. All you have to have is an active .edu email address.


35 36 37 38 39

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Quote from BigChiefTaco View Post :
I think it still works with IEEE membership but the cheapest option is like $32.
The ACM site says it doesn't include DreamSpark Premium anymore.
ah too bad my school does not provide access to dreamspark premium!
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Quote from sahil80 View Post :
ah too bad my school does not provide access to dreamspark premium!
Yeah, mine doesn't either. Luckily I talked to my cousin that goes to a bigger school and got his college credentials and ended up getting access to dreamspark premium. The weird part is that he is a business major and I'm in IT lol.
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Quote from kuduku View Post :
How did you get 4 , IEEE two and one of ACM , makes it 3 . How 4 licenses ?
With ACM you can get 2 license: 1 English and and an extra French license using the URL posted by BigFoot123 in an earlier thread
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I wasn't paying attention and accidentally downloaded the "English - Great Brittan" version of Win 8 from ACM Frown

Does anyone have the download link for the "English" version? It will not let me download it because I already ordered it. (I have the key, I am just asking for the software)
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So dead right?
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Quote from travfar View Post :
So dead right?
Dead for the ACM not sure about IEEE
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Just bit on the French version too. Oh well. I hope it doesn't come back to haunt me.

2 keys for $19. Not bad!
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So after everyone getting this, how is Windows 8 from your perspective?
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Quote from Cyberdan3 View Post :
So after everyone getting this, how is Windows 8 from your perspective?
It's really great.

I like the features listed in this blog post.
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I signed up yesterday night for ACM. Dream Sparks is listed in my services, however it says New ACM members must wait until payment is processed for access. Am I good at this point or should I worry?
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Quote from DerekN View Post :
I signed up yesterday night for ACM. Dream Sparks is listed in my services, however it says New ACM members must wait until payment is processed for access. Am I good at this point or should I worry?
What subscription did you choose?

I just talked to the chat operator and they said the $19 package doesn't include dreamspark and I need to upgrade to the $42 package. I asked for a refund and they told me to call the member services phone. I'll do that later.
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Last edited by petard October 5, 2012 at 11:08 AM.
Can anyone post a sha1 checksum of windows 8 iso image? Just want to make sure the image I got is correct. Here is ming 1ce53ad5f60419cf04a715cf3233f247e48beec4 .
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Last edited by wolverine88 October 5, 2012 at 12:23 PM.
I just renewed my memebership with IEEE monday, finally got my new account created today, and downloaded the keys and isos
anyone in the same boat as me should be getting theirs soon
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Quote from HorribleTeal View Post :
I just renewed my memebership with IEEE monday, finally got my new account created today, and downloaded the keys and isos
anyone in the same boat as me should be getting theirs soon
Just got mine, works great.
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Any way to upload this .iso for back up online?
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