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RETIRED: Target & Super Target Deals Thread. Keep OT to a minimum

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New to the thread? Please read all four wikis before posting and/or asking questions, as the answer may already be there. Thanks!

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Please keep all OT and chit chat to a minimum. For anything that is not deal-related, please join us in the Target Chit Chat thread.

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  • Do not ask (even in a covert way) for any coupon that has been scanned or discuss any coupon that is not used for its intended purpose. This goes for ALL scanned – this is what ALTERED means – this will cause this thread to shut down, per Moderator warning.
  • Do not post directly to Ebay auctions. It is considered self-promotion because the mods don't have a way to verify if you are the seller or not.
  • Do not discuss or promote unethical and/or illegal activities with coupons or GCs (i.e. using expired coupons, using fake coupons, etc). Do not post expired coupons. Do not discuss ways to use expired manufacturer's coupons.
  • Do not discuss ways to misuse the true intent of a manufacturer coupon.
  • has changed to the E-Centives coupon printing system where you have to download special software that keeps track of what you printed, like bricks coupons. The coupons print out directly to your printer and now have a limit of 2 prints per computer.
  • In keeping with SD rules, multiple per pages (MPPs) coupons ARE NO LONGER ALLOWED.
  • No begging for coupons allowed. You may ask where a coupon originated but that is it. Requests for Coupon Trades should be directed here.
  • Finally - Mod Alert any fighting! The mods would rather catch it in the beginning, versus going back 5 pages to see what happened.

How do I let someone know they've posted a no-no?
  • If you feel it would be beneficial and helpful to the thread as a whole, go ahead and post an answer. But if you need to correct someone on an etiquette issue or on coupon use, try PM'ing them first. That avoids embarrassment and negative posts. The mods are watching our thread closely--we want to keep things helpful and pleasant.
Quote from Schooby View Post :
I have a request/new rule that will will need to be implemented in threads such as this from now on.

When you make a post you need to avoid doing a copy and paste of the work of someone else. It is stealing to copy and paste things directly from other sites such as the TT site.

We have been contacted by them and asked nicely to stop doing that.

If you see good coupons or deals just we love to have you share them with us, just be sure to rewrite them before posting.

This thread has been renewed to change the first post to the wiki and add 3 more wikis.

6/28/12 - 10/30/12 Thread HERE

2/17/12 - 6/28/12 Thread HERE
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Community Wiki

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Wiki #4: FAQ's and Other Misc Target Info

Common Abbreviations & Acronyms Throughout the thread, you may find some abbreviations and acronyms that are confusing, as some are very specific to Target. Here are some of the most common you'll see mentioned repeatedly.
  • AC = After Coupon(s) (as in, "I used 4 MQs and 3 TQs, so my total AC was $1.23.")
  • AF = Archer Farms
  • AP = Asset Protection ("Loss Prevention" or LP for many other stores)
  • BC = Before Coupon(s) (as in, "My total BC was $56.78.")
  • BOGO = Buy One, Get One free
  • Blinkie = In store, on aisle coupon dispenser with blinking LED light
  • DPCI = DePt - Class - Item. This is Target's way of identifying products (besides the UPC barcode), can be used to search Target website to locate inventory
  • GSTL = Guest Services Team Leader (Cashier Supervisor)
  • HTH = Hope That Helps
  • INF = Item Not Found. Usually refers to an item that has been on clearance and has been salvaged.
  • LOD = Leader on Duty [like a Manager on Duty (either the store manager or a store asst. manager)
  • MM = Money maker
  • MQ = Manufacturer's Coupon
  • MP = Market Pantry
  • MPP = Multiples Per Page
  • OOP = Out of Pocket
  • OOS = Out of Stock
  • PA = Price Adjustment
  • PM (first meaning) = Private Message
  • PM (second meaning) = Price Match
  • Peelie = Peel away coupon on retail package
  • RP = Redplum
  • Q = Coupon
  • SS = Smart Source
  • TL = Team Lead [a level of Target mgmt. (supervisor, department manager)]
  • TPC = Temporary Price Cut
  • TQ = Target Coupon
  • V = Vendor Coupon
  • YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary (as in, something may or may not work for you)

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I contact Target Guest Relations?
  • (800) 440-0680
  • Guest.Relations@Target.Com
  • Questions, Comments and/or Complaints about Target/Super Target and/or Team Members.
  • When sending a Team Member compliment and/or complaint, keep in mind that ETL's get share-pay bonuses, while Team Members don't. Stores are responsible for store-controlled things like clean restrooms and sales floors, carts and hand baskets available, response time to the jewelry and electronics counters and Guest call buttons, etc. Also, use a different E-mail/name each time, else after 2-3 complaints they just refer you to the Store Team Leader (STL).

What is Target's Price Match Policy?

Target stores will now match prices of other stores with a physical ad of the competing store, as well as products from the website. Please refer to their official price match policy at their website for additional details and/or stipulations: Target's Low Price Promise []

When does Target do their markdowns?

Mark Down Schedule - Please note that the list may not be entirely accurate, as some stores have reportedly made changes to this schedule and other stores may be days (or weeks) behind schedule!
  • Monday - Electronics, Kids Clothing and Stationery (Cards, GiftWrap, etc.)
  • Tuesday - Domestics, Women's Clothing, Pets and Market (food items)
  • Wednesday - Men's Clothing, Toys, Health and Beauty, Lawn & Garden items
  • Thursday - House Wares, Lingerie, Shoes, Sporting Goods, Movies, Music, Books, Decor and Luggage
  • Friday - Auto, Cosmetics, Hardware, & Jewelry

Is there a different markdown schedule for the holidays?

Holiday Clearance Schedule Please note that with the last few holidays, stores are not as rigid with this schedule and can be a day or two ahead or behind. Bagged holiday candy is slower to be marked down than other holiday merchandise.
  • 50% off day after holiday for three days
  • 75% off fourth day after holiday for three days
  • 90% off seventh day after holiday for 1-2 days.

Why are some items tagged "as is" instead of clearance?

They are items that were received in to the store but are not stocked in that particular store. It happens occasionally.

What's the "inside scoop" on Target's pricing policies?

Quote from LongTimeLurker7 View Post :
A few things about Target and their pricing policy:

First, Target is split into 2 sections. Hardlines and Softlines.
Softlines: All clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories, and infant items
Hardlines: Everything else

Softlines have set days for mark-downs. Hardlines do not.
At my store, the softline schedule is:
Monday - Boys, Girls, and Infants (the non-clothes infants (aka infant gondolas) may or may not go down on this day, a majority of the items will, but can go down on different days).
Tuesday - Ready To Wear (aka Womens, Juniors, and Plus)
Wednesday - Mens
Thursday - Lingerie, Hosiery, Women's Active Wear, and Shoes
Friday - Jewelry, Purses, Accessories

The way pricing works (this will explain how Hardlines is marked down): The pricing team prints out the labels for the day, these are small price increases and "Price Cuts" (not to be confused with "Temporary Price Cuts" which have an end date).
Then, the pricing team goes to the pricing section of the PDA, and does "todays load". It gives them a section, aisle, and location of the mark-down. If it is a price cut, the PDA will tell them to scan the label, if it is going on mark-down, it will tell them to scan the item to "activate".

It is normal to have a 1,000 price changes in a day for the pricing team to do (which is usually 2-3 people). Many of these price changes you won't ever notice. For example, one time I had to mark nail polish up a penny. That is 20+ labels to scan and put up. I'm pretty sure it cost more for the pricing teams salary than they would make on the item.

There are 3 categories of clearance. First, Further, and Final. First is usually 30%, except HBA (Health & Beauty Aids) and sometimes Grocery, which can start at 15%. Further, is 50% (and 30% for those that started at 15%). Final is 75%.

Mark downs are usually 2 weeks between markdowns, but may go faster toward the end. It is general guideline, not a rule. All mark-downs come from corporate, and the store has no control over when an item is marked down or up. The only exceptions are "Additional Markdowns" (see below) and "Repackage" items. But even those items, the PDA gives the price, we just print out the label.

After 75%, most items are salvaged, though certain items can be salvaged sooner, usually higher end products, such as Dyson and Flip cameras. When an items is salvaged, it is marked out of the system, and taken to Receiving, put in a Salvage box, which the Receiving clerk checks against the salvage report, and most times is sent to GoodWill or a Reverse Logistics company that pays pennies on the pound for the salvaged items.

The Pricing Team Lead may decide to take an "Additional Mark-Down" on some items that were supposed to go salvage. For instance, if there is a lot of an item because it missed mark-down, was mis-stocked, or in the backroom, an additional may be done. An additional will most times be 85%, unless the item was salvaged at 50%, the additional would be 75%. An Additional Mark-Down requires the approval of the Pricing Team Lead or an LOD, or in some instances, both, so not "any" employee can do it for you.

There is also two kinds of Clearance. Ticketed and Non-Ticketed.
Non-Ticketed is clearance that is usually seasonal, and follows an approximately 10-day markdown schedule. Non-ticketed is obviously not ticketed, and will have Red with White Lettering signs that state "mark-down taken at register". Non-ticketed will start at 30%, 50%, 75%, then 90%. Non-ticketed is also done in the computer, so it will be active within a few hours of opening.
Ticketed- obviously has red & white stickers on them, and will have (if any) signs up that are White w/ Red Lettering that states "prices as marked". Ticketed items are marked down throughout the day.
*These signs may be put up in front of the wrong things, the Pricing Team may have new people or people helping that do not know the difference.

Hardlines clearance does follow a little of a schedule, but it is not absolute. A majority of Electronics will get marked down on Mondays, HBA on Fridays, ect.. There is a schedule in the Wiki that is pretty close, but Hardlines items can go at any time. The days/schedule is usually when the clearance endcaps are scanned and further and final markdowns are done. There is not a set day the pricing team has for this, it is determined that day if an endcap in a certain area is required to be scanned or not.

As for items not marked or found for salvage. At the end of each Pricing Day the un-found items that are still in the PDA are "activated". That is why you may find an item that is not marked, but scans the clearance price, or a clearance item that scans at a lower price than ticketed. Even if 1 item is found, but there are 2 other in the wrong place, once that first one is scanned, it activates that price for the rest of the items with that DPCI.

Some other things that may help you with shopping with Target.

Have you ever wondered what the location (example) A35(1)3-5-5 means?
A - the section of the store
35 - the aisle
(1) - the start of the location
3 - the section of gondola in the aisle
5 - how many shelves up from the floor it is
5 - the spaces over that the item is

Section of the store- pretty self-explanatory Most aisles will have a letter and a number at the start and end of the aisle.

The aisle - Starts with 1 toward the front of the store in each section, and goes on.

The start of the location, let's take the eye car aisle, for example. The first section of this aisle is pegs with glasses hanging on it. The next 3 gondolas are shelves 5 rows high with contact solution and eye drops. The next 2 gondolas are only 4 shelves high with diabetes health care. For each new kind of gondola, the section numbers will start at 1 again. So the glasses will be on A6(1), the contact solution and eye drops would start at A6(2), and the Diabetes care would be A6(2). This helps understand the next numbers. Other location numbers are (0) - which means it's an endcap, and (99) - which means it's a sidecap. For endcaps, the Odd number is on the main aisle, and the Even number is the "back" endcap (where the clearance endcaps are). A co-worker once told me "It's odd that the even are on the back", a little mnemonics device to help me remember.

The section of the gondola in the aisle. There are usually 6 gondolas in an aisle. You can see the separation of the shelves going down the aisle. The numbers start at 1 from the main aisle. So, A may start at 1 and go <-- and B will start at 1 and go -->

The number of shelves up from the bottom. If the item is hanging, it may have a P1, P2, P3, ect.. or an F1, F2, F3, ect.. Otherwise, it is the standard 1, 2, 3, 4, ect..

The spaces an item is over on that gondola.

If you look at the label picture below, you will see this (from the top-down)
DPCI (DePt Class Item)
Location (the shelf label will only include the last three location numbers, it assumes you already know which aisle you are in).
The number next to the location is how many items will be facing. In the example: *01 means that it will have 1 row, and the * means it has multiple locations at the time the shelf label was made. The * could mean that it is simply below and above (like printer paper is) or it could be on an endcap, or in this case, the front of the store.
The number under that is the last of the UPC. Most times they will match up, but sometimes they do, because the manufacturer may have made a different UPC for a bonus pack, new packaging, ect.. but Target still keeps the same DPCI.
How can I check inventory before heading to the store?

A- To check inventory, input the DPCI in the form of xxx-xx-xxxx in the "Search" box of the Target website. You will then be able to click on "Find In Store" to see the list of available stores.

B- If you see an item showing "not sold in store" and you want to double check:
- Note the online item # number found on the item webpage above the dpci in *other info*
- Open the mobile site (
- Pick an item until you get to the inventory checker
- Replace the xxxxxxxx's (8 #'s)
- Hit enter - you can now check inventory for the "not sold in store" item

or for those with a good memory, just ad the numbers at the end of this URL

How do I know an item is out of stock?

If an item is out of stock (OOS) on both the shelf and the backroom and needs to be ordered from the warehouse, there will be a small gray dot sticker on the shelf price tag of the item. If there is no gray dot on the shelf price tag, enter the DCPI number into an updated price check scanner to check back room stock of the item. If your store has the old style of scanners, ask a team member to check the stock of the item for you.

Does Target give out rainchecks?

If an item you want is out of stock, there should be a little tear off pad with rainchecks on the shelf. You tear one off and take it to the cashier/CS, tell them the quantity you want, and they will print a raincheck. Please note: current rainchecks do not have a barcode and when you go to use a raincheck, the cashier has to manually type it in rather than scanning a barcode.

If the cashier does not know how to process a raincheck, gently guide them through the process below:
Key 9801 + DPCI


Can we get a Raincheck for Temporary price cut items?

The register may or may not be able to print a RC for a TPC item. A team member should NEVER print you one however, as it is against our rules. Most if not all TPCs are initiated to move product at a faster rate than the normal sale. Whether its short dated items at the warehouse, overstock on the ugly yellow towels nobody wants, etc.

I'm not sure what the actual training for printing a RC is, but I teach my trainees to check it with the PDA or in person and if its a TPC politely explain that there are no RCs for those items. They really need to just start printing no RCs on the signs to save us trouble.

This is partially also because a store can initiate its own TPCs, especially on meat and produce in Pfresh. Which are meant for specific dated goods. And are often made and killed before the end of the day. Obviously we wouldn't want you to have a RC for chicken for later when the chicken that was TPCed (and most likely had markdown peelies as well) is all gone.

What does DPCI stand for?

DPCI stands for DePartment, Class, Item. it's Target's proprietary SKU # system for inventory control. the format is xxx xx xxxx and can be found on the shelf tag, on the price scanner when you scan a bar code and on the left side of your receipt.

What is Target's Coupon Acceptance Policy?
Official Target Coupon Policy []
Quote :
Dear Target Guest,

Thanks for asking again about using coupons at Target. Coupons are a great way to save even more when shopping at Target, and we make it easy to use them at our stores. But because of the variety of coupons available to our guests, we do have some guidelines for how coupons can be redeemed at Target:
  • We accept two kinds of coupons: Target-issued coupons and manufacturer-issued coupons.
  • We'll accept one Target coupon and one manufacturer coupon for the same item, unless either coupon prohibits it.
  • We can't give cash back if the face value of a coupon is greater than the purchase value of the item; in that case, we'll adjust the value of the coupon to equal the price of the item.
  • We can't accept coupons from other retailers, or coupons for products not carried in our stores.
  • All valid coupons should be presented to the cashier at the time of sale.
In addition, Target empowers the store to limit the number of items a guest buys with coupons. We reserve the right to limit purchases to reasonable family-size quantities. Have questions or want more information about using coupons at Target? Check with a Guest Services Team Leader at your local store. You can also give us a call at (800) 440-0680, or visit us on Either way, we're here to help!

Thanks for shopping with us. We'll see you again soon at Target.

Target Guest Relations
Quote :
Dear Target Guest,

Thanks for writing back regarding our coupon acceptance at Target. When a coupon states one per purchase, and you have more than one, you can use one coupon per item, as each item is considered a purchase and not a transaction.

We always welcome your questions, so if we can assist you in the future, please contact our Target Guest Relations team at (800) 440-0680. You can also speak with a team member at the Guest Services Desk at your local Target store, or visit us on Either way, we're here to help!

Thanks for shopping with us. I hope we'll see you again soon at Target.


Target Guest Relations
Is there any specific order that I should hand over my coupons in?

Quote from dpags View Post :
  • Target Coupon for $x/$xx purchase
  • Then all manufacturer coupons:
  • B2G1 first
  • BOGOs next
  • Highest value coupons in descending order
  • ie: $5, $4, $3, $2, etc
  • Then remaining Target Coupons with GC generating coupons last.
Why do my coupons beep *item not found (INF)* at Target?

item not found = computer cannot do a match because:
  • coupons coded x xxxxx xxx00 x beep at all stores
  • coupons coded x xxxxx xxx01 x beep at target, but not at kmart
  • short barcode x xxxxxx x
  • mfr code is off by a zero
    ex: aveeno q mfr: 5 08137 xxxxx x, product mfr code: 8137 xxxxxx x. also clean and clear.
  • family code doesn't match ex.most nexxus products

Does Target do Missed Coupons?

Quote from pharmstudent01 View Post :
There's no one answer as to the time frame a missed coupon can be taken off receipt... It depends on the store and the person at customer service. Some stores say till the end of the day. Some stores say 3 days. Some say 1 week. And some say until receipt is valid (90-days) Some don't care (so that would also mean 90-days).
Does Target adjust coupon values?

Target's policy is that they can't give cash back if the face value of a coupon is greater than the purchase value of the item; in that case, they'll adjust the value of the coupon to equal the price of the item. Some cashiers may not catch "overage" if a coupon scans properly; however, as with all things Target, this is YMMV. As the policy states that Target will not give cash back, just accept "FREE after coupon" and move on to the next deal Smilie. It is best to always keep a copy of the Target Coupon Policy with you at all times, just in case.

If a cashier does not know how to manually process a coupon, gently guide them through the steps below:
  1. Select Coupons/Discounts (K4).
  2. Select Coupons.
  3. Select Manufacturer or Store coupon.
  4. Key the adjusted coupon value and press Enter.

What are Target mobile coupons?

Quote from teenbean View Post :
Target Mobile Coupons
Sign up here []

You will then receive texts from Target supplying you a link to go to on your phone. You will need internet on your phone to use that link. Just show the barcode to your cashier and they just need to scan it.

Coupon is unique per phone# and can only be used once per item.

Don't have internet on your phone? That's fine- sign up any way and then on your computer go here []. Enter your phone number and print out the barcode.

Can I access the Target mobile coupons on a computer instead?

Quote from MasterCPT View Post :
I don't know if this will help anyone. But for the Target Cell Phone coupons to access on computer without first clicking link in phone try this.
(This is if you already accepted the text message but do not have data on your phone)
Your text message link should be in the form

Use the link below filling in the missing info.
Quote from Nikayla View Post :
When that does not work you can always just type the whole long link exactly like they sent to your phone and it will bring up your coupon page. Doing it that way has always worked for me.
What are some good tips for a successful coupon trip to Target?

Quote from whatalotofstuff View Post :
Here's an important couple of tips.. Smilie

1) Target puts out their own coupons on their website. You can combine Target coupons and use them with manufacturer's coupons. So if you have a Target coupon for Heinz Ketchup for $1.00, and a manufacturer's coupon for Heinz Ketchup for $1.00 - you are allowed to use them both together and get $2.00 off your ketchup purchase. Smilie So check Target's website, I think they put up new coupons every other weekend.

2) You can also find Target coupons in the newspaper. If they aren't in your newspaper, check e*bay and coupon clipper sites - do a search for "Target coupons" and see what comes up. You can also combine these with manufacturer's coupons. Right now there are Target insert/newspaper coupons for $2.00 off Kotex items and there are manufacturer's coupons for $1.00 or $.50 off Kotex items. This makes some of the Kotex items FREE.

3) Check your coupons and make sure that they don't say "excludes trial items" on them. If they don't, you should be able to use them on trial items, potentially getting them FREE. (This varies from store to store, some stores will refuse you.) Not long ago, there were $1.00 Tide detergent coupons, and you could use them on the Tide trial sizes which were $1.00 = FREE Tide.

4) Keep your eyes open for coupons in the actual store. Sometimes Target will have tearpads, peelies, hangtags, etc, that are Target coupons. Again, you can combine them with your manufacturer coupons. Right now there are $1.00 Target Ziplock coupons attached to some Ziplock items in the store + $1.00 Ziplock manufacterer coupons = some pretty cheap darn Ziplock stuff..

5) Watch the Target ads for gift card deals. These are AWESOME. Combined with coupons, sometimes Target will pay YOU to take items off their hands. The last major one I remember was the Venus or Fusion razors.. it was buy two, get a $5 or $10 gift card, I can't remember which. And there were $4 coupons available to use on the razors. Buy two razors, use two $4 coupons and get handed a gift card back.. good deal. woot There's also a Sobe gift card deal coming up, making the Sobe free using coupons.

6) Keep your eyes open for coupons that say "buy x product, get y product free." Then combine those with other coupons. Example: I had coupons for $1.00 off Chinet plates. I also had coupons for FREE Heinz ketchup when you buy Chinet plates. I ALSO had $3 off $15 partyware purchase Target coupon. Combine all those, and I now live in a Chinet fort and take baths in ketchup. Big Grin My skin has never looked so smooth (and tomatoey) and my utility bills have never been so high. (I'm kidding, I'm kidding.. laugh out loud)

Hope that helps out a little bit. We were all new once. Feel free to PM someone when you have a question about something they post here.. if they don't answer, at least you tried, right? And a bunch of people will answer.

Debit Card Cash Back
Q: just a quick question, I used my target debit card to buy something then a few days later went to return it. The lady said I couldn't get cash back, I have gotten cash back before! I told her that its a debit card and I should be able to get my cash back. She said she couldn't do it and that it had to go back on my card which sucks because target is slow and its going to take forever to show that $ back in my bank account. So is this something new?

A: While there's a miniscule chance it is something being tested, this likely (i.e. 99% chance) happened because in the initial screen to choose the form of payment to return it as, the only options are the card or a gift card for the Target Check Card. There's an easy workaround that most will know (choosing the check card option then choose that "card not here" option), but some do not.

What happens to Target salvage and food?

A- Our Merchandise Salvage program sends unsold product to organizations for resale: although we maintain a business relationship with both nonprofit and for-profit partners, more than 900 of our stores enjoy partnerships with Goodwill Industries affiliates, which provides services like job training along with low-cost goods.
2009 Corporate Responsibility Report, p.30

(this section of the corporate responsibility report has constantly shrunk in wording from 2004 to non-existent in the current 2011 report. however, the wording in the 2004, 2007 and 2009 reports was essentially the same, therefore i do not believe there have been any major changes to the merchandise salvage program. there may be some language on the subject in the current annual report. -slowtech 1/11/13)

Target sells to salvage companies such as-

B- Food Donations

Since 2001, we've partnered with Feeding America in its fight to end hunger in the United States. We donate millions of pounds of food each year, providing millions of meals to families in need. We've also teamed up with Feeding America to launch Meals For Minds, a program to provide kids from lower-income communities with access to foods they need to learn and grow right in their own schools.

*A company-wide program of food donation has been undertaken to reduce food waste and donate this food to people in need. Target donated over 1,328,000 pounds of food through the Second Harvest Food Network in 2004, diverting it from the waste stream.*

*Food Donation Policy

Target identifies certain perishable and non-perishable food items that do not meet our
merchandising standards, but are still edible. These items are donated to a Feeding America Food Bank. This policy applies to price change salvage product and defective/damaged red label product. It does not apply to vendor serviced product.

View a list of approved Food Donations.

Due to FDA regulations Target does not salvage food. This includes food from all categories: red label damaged/returned, price change seasonal salvage and price change clearance salvage.*
see the complete pdf including policy and procedure here-

*Merchandise Donation List
Use this as a guide for donation or red label customer return or in store damage items.
Do not donate product that has been recalled.

Approved Donation Items
Household Cleaning Products
Laundry Products
Paper Products
Health and Beauty Products*
see complete list here-

2012 Reference Dates
Summer Toy Clearance 70% off began 7/26, ended approx 7/29

2013 Reference Dates
Xmas 90% off- 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6
Xmas INF- All stores 1/10

Who is the Target Wiki Team?

Your Wiki Team
  • tsarina- wiki bee
  • clipandshare- wiki cleaner
  • slowtech- wiki FAQ's

This post can be edited by most users to provide up-to-date information about developments of this thread based on user responses, and user findings. Feel free to add, change or remove information shown here as it becomes available. This includes new coupons, rebates, ideas, thread summary, and similar items.

Once a Thread Wiki is added to a thread, "Create Wiki" button will disappear. If you would like to learn more about Thread Wiki feature, click here.


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Does the Target coupon printer not work with Windows 8? I couldn't get it to install it kept giving errors. And my windows 7 laptop has decided it doesn't like my printer anymore and has been refusing to print over wifi or directly plugged in. So annoying that I have to get all these laptops out to print.

Quote from BusyGuy View Post :
Definitely at Guest Service. I got a pretty darn good deal last night on the Sonicare FlexCare toothbrush. Shelf price at Target is $129.99, but they matched Amazon's price of $86 - and I used a $20 MQ - so paid a total of $66. If you haven't used a Sonicare, you'll love it.

I paid full price at the register using my Target Visa. When I went to GS to get the match, she was only able to refund the full amount to a gift card - the Visa transaction hadn't been posted yet.

(PS: if anyone can spare ~4 of the new Thanksgiving/Christmas TQ books they're passing out in stores today, I'd be more than happy to cover shipping and/or offer a trade. Thanks!)
Did you just print the page off of Amazon to PM? I have a feeling my store will no nothing about the new policy. But we've been really wanting to get a sonicare.

Quote from geetavee View Post :
Been out of the loop fr a while , not sure if its a repost.

Buy 2 pediasure get $5 gc.. deal until 11/24 .

And theres a coupon out there for Buy 1 get $5 of Ped clear kind.. and both kinds were 9.99 each hth Smilie

ANd did a search , and so this year no TOY coupon books right?? Frown
No toy book in store, but I got one in the mail.
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Quote from JSWilde View Post :
Yes, you do have to bring in the ad. Also, at my T you have to get the exact flavor and size shown in the ad. For instance, you can't get diet Dr. Pepper if regular Dr. Pepper is all that is shown. It's also a pain when you want to get something like yogurt. We all know all flavors of yogurt are the same price per brand, but my T will only allow me to get the flavor that is shown in the ad.

Thanks, I am going to try this tomorrow. I hope it goes well. I am really just looking for a flavor or two that my S&S does not carry, so its not the end of the world if they won't price match. Will see what happens. Reps!
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Quote from chipilota View Post :
One last question. Price match at CS or at Register??
Quote from slowtech View Post :
depends on the store. some stores only do at CS. some stores will do it at the register. if they insist on doing it at customer service, i don't pay for it at the register. i don't see the point of paying for it and then getting a refund for the difference. also what happens if they refuse to do it? then they have to return it. and if it's food, then they have to salvage it.
From the technical standpoint - it's done only at Guest Service because the people up there have [supposedly] been trained in the price matching (at least relative to the cashiers), plus, when changing the price, the regular non-GS registers don't have the option of choosing "price match" as the reasoning for changing the price.

Quote from jenjunum View Post :
Did you just print the page off of Amazon to PM? I have a feeling my store will no nothing about the new policy. But we've been really wanting to get a sonicare.

No toy book in store, but I got one in the mail.
You actually don't even need the page. Just go into the store, bring the item to GS, and ask to price match to They will look it up via their iPad to verify, and do the price match right there Smilie

Also, as people quoted me as saying, there are no toy books in store this year, but you can always ask to use any of the coupons when at the register, as they should have a scan sheet for them.
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Quote from shuriken View Post :
thanks for the reply. i wasn't looking for anything in particular, but i'm working on coding an inventory tracker. so far, i've gotten it as far as taking dpci and finding the item on the site, but i guess i'll add a field for the catalog id and zip code so it should be able to link directly to the item store inventory page. Big Grin
ok, update. you can actually do an inventory check with just item # (what shows after A- on item pages) and zip code. i thought you needed dpci, item #, zip, and catalog entry id, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Quote :
Quote :
inventory tracker url would be:

online only item
Quote :
sold instore item
Quote :
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wave Forgot to add, when doing my ST trip, I forgot to give the cashier the $2 TQ and $1 MQ for my Tidy Cat (no, I didn't get the stinkin' holiday scent--stunk to high heaven!!) The cashier was able to do missed coupons right at the register after I finished my multiple transactions--did the glade deal several times Wink I've always been sent to CS to do a missed q, was kinda nice that she just did it there, no hassle at all!!
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ISO: Purina Cat/Kitten Chow weight circles, free or high value Purina or Friskies cat food coupons, people food frees, hot, new insert Qs or tearpads, winetags with NAPR good in NE
Have BoxTops for Education/Campbells Labels for Education to trade!!
Recap for Saturday, November 10


Quote from muffieskids View Post :
Buy One, Get One50% off Kids accessories.

$1 off Superstay 24hr Lipstick.

50¢ off 3-pk or larger Puffs.

20% off 1oz Purrell Jelly Wrap.

$1 off 9-pk or larger Charmin.

$5 off Baby Nursery items or - Layette or - Feeding accessories or - Bedding or - Infant toys or - Nursery accessories or - Furniture or - Baby gear.

$3 off Home holiday entertaining purchase of $15 or more.

FREE 20 5x7 Greeting cards With purchase of 40 5 x 7 Greeting cards.

$5 off Women's plus apparel purchase of $20 or more.

Buy Two, Get OneFREE Quaker Real Medleys.

$1 off Premium wrapping paper.

$1 off Aveeno item - Facial care or - Hand lotion or - Body lotion.

Buy One, Get OneFREE Starbucks hand-crafted hot espresso beverage - Americano or - Cappuccino or - Espresso or - Latte or - Macchiato or - Mocha Offer only valid at Target stores.
Quote from muffieskids View Post :
$2 off Sandra Boynton board book.

50¢ off Happy Tot meal bowl or Plus pouch.

$2 off 1- or 2-ct. Similac SimplySmart baby bottle.

Buy Four, Get OneFREE Gerber Graduates or Graduates 2+ baby food item Maximum retail value $2.99 for free item.

$2 off 400-ct. Kandoo toddler wipes.

$1 off Luvs boxed diapers Excludes trial/travel size. .
Quote from sugraray99 View Post :
My Target insert that comes in my local paper on Saturday had a wrap around half sheet for Call of Duty event and on the back was $10 off an Electronics purchase of $100 or more. Includes video game accessories, video game hardware, video game software, TV accessories and TVs. Only valid starting at 10 pm 11/12- 11/13

Halloween Stick Out Tongue:
Quote from muffieskids View Post :
For those of you still looking for these, the Edgewood store still has about 20 packages in all 3 patterns left as of last night (no larges left however, I grabbed the last 2 packs of them) Plenty of small, med, and XLs left though. They rang up INF but with all the new little cashiers, it was no problem to input $1.19. They are all back in the men's dept. on the regular rack.

On the Merona rack, there were about 15 packages of the woven Halloween boxers still left. I didn't check to see what sizes on those (the Mr. isn't real enthused about shopping with me on crutches so it was a quick in and out visit if you know what I mean.Wink)

Hope this helps someone in the CR area Smilie

Quote :
Quote from greenbelt View Post :
Found the sonia Kashak hair items at 70% and TQ attached. Going back to see if the TQ works on the sonia kashak nail polish small gift sets at 70% (nice stocking stuffers)
Quote from greenbelt View Post :
052 110 503 large clip with ties
052 110 573 silver head band with ties
Quote from Tsarina View Post :
Forgot to mention earlier, all of the double packs of the women's Secret Clinical deodorant were marked down 30%, from $7.xx to $5.xx and the bonus packs of the Olay body wash were marked down 15% to $4.xx. There was a lot of the Dove Men body washes marked down 30% too, didn't look too close since my DH only uses Dove bar soap.

In the baby section, all of the Graco Turbo booster seats and covers were marked down 30%, along with the Pampers Newborn starter boxes (they have the diapers, wipes, etc inside). That's about all I remember now, will update if I think of anything else Smilie
I saw all these as well. I bought the Dove Body Wash. It is $3.48. Used $1/1 TQ (NLA) and $2.50/1 MQ from couponsdotcom (membership) to get them free. Now I have to do some research for available coupons for the bars (pack of 4) and for the Olay.

Quote from lachie View Post :
Didn't buy much exciting-MP pasta sauce is $1 used the $1/2 TQ to make it .50 a jar-on TPC until 11/24, I use it as a base and doctor it up to make it fit my needs. Got more men's Clear shampoo with the $3 MQs and GC deal for my brother. Found more of the Nestle Halloween cookies for hubby and bought more of the Glade Decor Scents and the TQ beeps on them too, but that doesn't bother me.

Found $1 TP for Tribe products, WM sells the small hummus for 1.98, $1/1 Buitoni pasta or sauce peelies at on the product at WM and saw a few $5 Coty peelies on perfume. There was a stack of WM photo flyers next to the Febreze with a $1 Febreze Holiday Collection MQ on it. Also saw a large peelie on those throw away aluminum roasting pans that have a $1/1 Reynolds foil 35 sq ft or larger and .35 Oven bags along with a mail in if you buy a Butterball turkey you will 5-$1 MQs in the mail.

Quote from hollyhousewife View Post :
Searched but didn't see this posted. My 11/11 RP has a $2/1 Jimmy Dean Delights product x12/9 in it, and the turkey sausage JD Delights bowls are 2.24 reg price at my Target..that makes them .24 each!
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which products are included in the unilever foods deal?
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I wanted to check this week's ad online. I saw that there is one for "Black Friday Preview" but the dates are Nov 12- 22.
Plus there is a weekly ad.
So the stuff in the BFP ad is on sale now, right?
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Quote from chipilota View Post :
One last question. Price match at CS or at Register??
I always go through the register - ring all your items and take all your coupons off - and if they can't price match there, ask them to suspend the transaction so you can go to GS to price match. Then when you get to GS they can do the PM but not have to deal with everything else in your basket (i.e. produce, etc.) and then you pay at GS. If something doesn't work out with the PM, you can always have them remove the item(s) before paying.

Quote from BusyGuy View Post :
Definitely at Guest Service. I got a pretty darn good deal last night on the Sonicare FlexCare toothbrush. Shelf price at Target is $129.99, but they matched Amazon's price of $86 - and I used a $20 MQ - so paid a total of $66. If you haven't used a Sonicare, you'll love it.

I paid full price at the register using my Target Visa. When I went to GS to get the match, she was only able to refund the full amount to a gift card - the Visa transaction hadn't been posted yet.
Oh, don't pay at the register! See above...
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Quote from hollyhousewife View Post :
Searched but didn't see this posted. My 11/11 RP has a $2/1 Jimmy Dean Delights product x12/9 in it, and the turkey sausage JD Delights bowls are 2.24 reg price at my Target..that makes them .24 each!
thanks! Big Grin we got them here too. bounce

if anyone cares item # is 13393476. you can do inventory search for your store with aforementioned trick.
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Green Dot is 70%

Not marked clearance at my store -- of course.

Got cups, tissue packs, spiral bound family cookbooks.
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Drop! Take Cover! Hold On! Are you ready? Be prepared, have a plan, have 3 kits (work, car & home).
Found several J. A. Henckels 18/10 stainless steel kitchen utensils 70% off:

Silicone Spatula $3.88 DPCI: 070 05 2982

Silicone Serving Spoon $4.48 DPCI: 070 05 2984

9" Silicone Tongs $4.48 DPCI: 070 05 2988

12" Silicone Tongs $5.98 DPCI: 070 05 2993

Pizza Cutter $4.48 DPCI: 070 05 2983
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If you're using any mobile Qs, be sure to double check that it's deducting. Mine scanned at $0.00. GSTL said it had been doing that all day and manually put in amount.
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Out of power for a week and out of internet for 2 weeks and POOF, I missed 50 pages of clearance talk. Hope I didn't miss anything good...
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Quote from jenjunum View Post :
Did you just print the page off of Amazon to PM? I have a feeling my store will no nothing about the new policy. But we've been really wanting to get a sonicare.
I just pulled it up on my iPhone. As niko24 said, the GS cashier will use an iPad to confirm online prices. (Must be nice, huh?)

But the policy [] states that you can bring a printout.

We'll match the price if you buy a qualifying item at a Target store between Nov. 1 and Dec. 16 and find the identical item for less at,,, or Simply show us the current online price using your mobile device, or bring in a printed page showing the current online price by Dec. 16. The online price and availability will be validated by a Target team member at the Guest Service desk.
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