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My Coke Rewards Code Barter & Trade Market thread only - NO OT

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This thread is meant to focus on trading caps, flaps, and codes.
We can list what each member is trading,
we can list the current rates of popular trades
we can develop longer-term trading strategies that may benefit more members.
For example, when a person is one flap short for a large trade, another member could "front" that flap, then be repayed with interest (perhaps a cap?)
We could develop a procedure whereby a trusted regular could act as a mediator and hold the codes "in escrow" until the complete payment had been made to satisfy the trade.

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Quote from kel_be
Attention All Traders! The Rules Page Has Been Updated!

There are some new rules in effect, so please take the time to re-read the rules thread. Here are the cliff notes:
1. You need to be aware that you are trading at your own risk. This means if something happens, the Moderators cannot get involved. You need to work out any problems with the other party.

2. You cannot have "Bad Traders" in your signature. That's a personal attack, and we don't allow that here. Again, you traded at your own risk!

If you have a "Bad Trader" story, name, scenario, etc. in your signature it must be removed ASAP! You cannot portray anyone here in a negative way, no matter what! There is a current grace period, if needed, to remove your signature.

3. You need to list the actually amounts on any gift cards (CGs) or what ever it is that you are trading. There are some people who have tried to get around the $5 rule by not listing amounts or raising the stakes when PM negotiations start. There's a $5 limit for a reason, protection. Do you really want the other party to screw you out of something that cost you $25 or more?? I doubt you do, so that's why we have such a low limit. This is not a trading forum. If you want to trade higher amounts, you need to find another forum to use.

If you have questions about this, PM me or another Moderator. All of the Moderators are aware of these changes, considering we all agreed on them!!

Thank you & be safe!
Link to the trading rules.

June 27, 2008, 2:10 am: System Notice: This thread has been automatically renewed after reaching a post limit. Most of its content has been moved to this thread for reference purposes.

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Last Edited by lraye June 12, 2018 at 05:43 AM
Please keep this list limited to Good Traders only.

There used to be a good traders list, but it has been abandoned. Let's try this again here, but make it a little more useful. The rules are simple:
  1. Check to see if the person you're nominating is already listed here. If they are, simply add your name the the list of their supporters. This is important! Don't leave just because they are already listed; we want to see your support for them, too!
  2. If they are not listed, add their name in alphabetical order and put yourself as their first supporter. (Follow the format of nominee -- supporter, supporter, supporter.)
  3. You may not, under any circumstances, ever nominate yourself or add supporters to your own nomination. We can see who made the wiki edit and we will add you to the bad traders list. Also, don't delete somebody's listing because you had a bad trade with them; add them to the Questionable Traders Alert List instead; that way we can all see the claims both for and against.
Format: Nominee (them) on the left -- satisfied supporters/trade partners (you) on the right.

1we4ty - Platinumland

2112 -- SeaDawg, The Hunter

2travel -- The Hunter, SeaDawg, MichCamper, RallyR32, utahmaddie, wstingtyme

311heaven -- The Hunter

9AU8 -- Tiner

99gtpguy -- Diveborg

A1Saucey (was isteaksauce) -- (also on Questionable Traders List) -- Haiku, HOKIE5

Abe Frohman -- SimplyDABulous,nightowl62, oldgreyguy

A80GL -- szdr0813, Sixxy48, saveyourself, BarelyFriends, JD123, Trashman13, outcast529, iDisneyGirl, lessalesa, Estee, Bomi1, myette39, twcbjr, bhaines23, jill1616

abposse -- fuzzbox, flapboy, spiman

AceViper -- The Hunter

adamboyer -- oldgreyguy, farmerK , nightowl62, spiman

aerelorn -- thesmalldog, eenie91, Trashman13

afexion8 -- cnct_agl, SimplyDABulous

aimjoey2 -- nightowl

ajamc2 -- lisalag4,nightowl62

akm2u -- shakethat, saveyourself, anythingu, liz1114, Fred39, Aldebaran23, rain74

al_val2000 -- mbeta003, SweetestDeals

Aldebaran23 -- BarelyFriends, FunkyTown, rain74

AlidarJarok -- (also on the Questionable Traders list) dana365, ducker, kking74, oboelynn, Peng, RallyR32, skibumintahoe, SweetestDeals

allabout42 -- skibumintahoe

allyn9 -- The Hunter, Diveborg, SimplyDABulous, Peng, oldgreyguy, Thur34

alohasurf -- amdg, ankank, oldgreyguy

alrhea -- The Hunter

AlwayzJ -- FunkyTown, boagman, Sixxy48, Estee, Nightowl62, rain74, billiemorgan, xlnc, dfarleyii, FEVER2006, lessalesa, dhc014, bunsbuns, twcbjr, StormRichards, chicothemonkee, swprlady, Amnestea, eenie91, gocartromance, bbdb

Alyssa295 -- billiemorgan

amdg -- lisalag4, alohasurf, inuyasha92

amorantin -- mbeta003

anaa (formerly qnqana) -- The Hunter,nightowl62

anbowden -- The Hunter

AndrewSellsTampaBay -- nightowl62, The Hunter, Junebug8, SportsFreebies, Dajoro, SimplyDABulo

Andy6mac -- The Hunter, coke1985, SimplyDABulous, junebug8

angelo1oo1 -- MyCokeReward

angsiress -- coonrad78, destroyer333, rain74, saveyourself

ankank -- alohasurf, Dajoro, MichCamper, spiman, whosyourbaba, flapboy

AnimeJunkie -- Estee

annadeal19 - myette39, mdyoung, rain74, twcbjr

anythingu -- akm2u, liz1114, augustina (fast delivery)

APlusIvyLeaguer -- Estee

arghyle -- The Hunter

arkleseizure -- fuzzbox

armyjon99 - jill1616

ArtDeco -- Daisypug

ashb -- ScottyBigGunz, PhucilliJerry, louster0222, flapboy, SSGBottlecaps, junebug8, utahmaddie

asianmeng -- rain74, Bud60

asocasno -- oboelynn, nuuuuj, crsmartdude, donpaco2, lisalag4, oldgreyguy,

atlBraves122 -- dana365, SweetestDeals, The Hunter, utahmaddie

ATPRM aka KROGERSHOPPER -- SuperMatt, bobbysbargains2, tbig19, stutters, janastarr, dana365, seadawg, oboelynn, bigbad, smthgfierce, starrr, jmplionel, kirkoff,Loribear, subzero9001, nightowl62

augustina -- destroyer333, BarelyFriends, rain74, mdyoung

avalon - Platinumland

awshucks -- bfgaskill, coke1985, fritzdis, Melgard39, ScottyBigGunz, SweetestDeals, swpp79, The Hunter, utahmaddie, Thur34, luvchelly222

b3nito303 -- The Hunter, flapboy, opharbour, SeaDawg, Junebug8, coke1985, SimplyDABulous

Baballoo -- The Hunter, bookman708, Melgard39, SeaDawg

babl42 -- Travlinaddict, bookman708, motocx15, SeaDawg, steller7472, farmerK

Bad_Boy -- GregP8551

badboy89120 -- The Hunter, MichCamper, coke1985, Flapboy, Trashman13, nightowl62, rain74

badbrad3492 -- RallyR32, kylerox92, galdos718, SeaDawg

banana49 -- Estee

BarelyFriends -- qc86, saveyourself, jackie227, Fred39, augustina, elwood-56, JD123, slates96, igot2havemore

bdfinder -- blynk, Diveborg, MichCamper, SeaDawg, SimplyDABulous, SweetestDeals, The Hunter

bethandeugene -- Melgard39, opharbour, ankank

Bfgaskill -- awshucks, ScottyBigGunz

bhaines23 -- HeavilyArmed, lovesjersey, twcbjr, noisycricket, elwood-56,

bigbad -- The Hunter, fuzzbox, SeaDawg, Melgard39,catguy25, Shelly, donpaco2, PhucilliJerry,bookman708, MichCamper, flapboy, ducker, UConnDude sd76ggc, UofIgirl2000, gatormarc, flapboy, fritzdis, steller7472, jmplionel, utahmaddie, neyati, SSGBottleCaps, oldgreyguy,

BigTaco5555 -- SeaDawg, marble2976, oldgreyguy, Sixxy48

billiemorgan -- FEVER2006, rain74, KlicKlac, thesmalldog

birdsw -- The Hunter

BJewels79 -- SeaDawg

blablabla -- SeaDawg

Blackraven -- Estee, Trashman13

BlackRob183 -- skibumintahoe

bleys66 -- The Hunter, nightowl62, donpaco2, dartboard

blueberry05 -- Platinumland

BluesCluesMama -- nightowl62

blueteam2004 -- Trashman13

blynk -- oboelynn, bookman708, skibumintahoe, dana365, pavementlicker, nuuuuj, pmhesse, Diveborg, RallyR32, utahmaddie, SimplyDABulous, RGIS222, MichCamper

bmisaqi009 -- The Hunter

bobbysbargains2 -- Just_a_Bill, nightowl62, dartboard, ATPRM, Peng, ducker, spiman, CardinalEmpire, opharbour, neyati, lisalag4, oldgreyguy, xzempt

bobs184 -- BarelyFriends

bookman708 -- Baballoo, babl42, Bfgaskill, Blynk, CardinalEmpire, Dajoro, Dana365, Dartboard, Diveborg, Donpaco2, Flapboy, Fly4rabbi, Fuzzbox, General Kenobi, goliathpj, humdeeeengre, Kobe0007, Hurdler4eva, Jp1979, Kirkoff, MichCamper, missk66, Morad, Nightowl62, Peng, PhucilliJerry, Pogenwurst, Racefan6, Ragfield, SeaDawg, SimplyDABulous, Skibumintahoe, Smmiller, Spiman, Steller7472, SweetestDeals, The Hunter, utahmaddie, Wstingtyme

boone292929 -- lisalag4

Boxapizza -- nyquilusa

BradleyTank -- Diveborg,nightowl62

_Brandon_ -- lisalag4, SimplyDABulous

brandondht -- bhaines23

BrgnHntr -- devilot, spiman, SimplyDABulous,nightowl62, oldgreyguy,

breakingdawn -- The Hunter

bre10281 -- jmplionel

Brice -- SimplyDABulous, MichCamper

bridgetbrannon -- fuzzbox

buddahman -- fuzzbox, dana365, nightowl62, Peng, The Hunter, MichCamper, Flapboy, SeaDawg, dartboard, spiman, SimplyDABulous, Melgard39, steller7472, Dajoro, Eeyore61172, inuyasha92, opharbour, talija81, oboelynn, donpaco2, bookman708, packdmail, loach33,bigbad, Scottybiggunz, coke1985, cdman, drpepperfan12, bookman708, Toby518, fly4rabbi, swpp79, farmerK, bigbad, utahmaddie, oldgreyguy, luvchelly222 (daily great trades)

buddy72192 -- egavacsaw, The Hunter, MichCamper, oboelynn, Diveborg, steller7472

buick66 -- BarelyFriends, rain74

bunna2 -- coonrad78

bunsbuns -- myette39, AlwayzJ

Burbaq -- The Hunter

butterfly719 -- kking74, SSGBottleCaps, Trashman13

c2nah777 -- dealhunter64, drumnj, luuniem

CaptLongDong -- c2nah777

CardinalEmpire -- bookman708, gatormarc, PayItForward, Shelly, SweetestDeals, UConnDude

CarphenS -- dfarleyii

CassieS0001 -- rain74

catchxxx -- gatormarc

catguy25(is now catsanova) -- Robynicious,Dartboard,Chef Parm,The Hunter,Diveborg,Flapboy,SeaDawg,Kbmmc,Jp1979, Melgard39, fly4rabbi, coke1985, spiman, RGIS222, whosyourbaba, steller7472, babl42, SSG BottleCaps, oldgreyguy, ScottyBigGunz, luvchelly222, SmRtShoppR

catram -- Estee, bhaines23

Catsanova -- Estee, mrredskin

caydensmom -- oboelynn, oldgreyguy, nightowl62, cnct_agl, lisalag4, Peng, nightowl62, spiman, donpaco2, Diveborg, Knut, utahmaddie, SimplyDABulous, Peng, unome

cbear33 -- Junebug8, donpaco2, flapboy, fly4rabbi, spiman

cdman -- Just_a_Bill, oboelynn, farmerK, bookman708, skibumintahoe, The Hunter, coke1985, oldgreyguy, cnct_agl, Peng, pavementlicker, goliathpj, FEVER2006, lilrehm25, allyn9, ducker, egavacsaw, gatormarc, CindyB, kking74, Knut, utahmaddie, jmplionel, qkrisq, catguy25, steller7472, opharbour, vforvendetta, loach33, mnky4jesus, unome, zbear11, usr

celjla212 -- The Hunter, oldgreyguy

cfnnb9 -- knitten2000, Buckswife, JWB1850

chaegele -- Just_a_Bill

Chase75 -- Estee

cheapoX2 -- zbear11, SeaDawg

Chopsuey11 – Platinumland

Chef Parm -- The Hunter, lilrehm25, donpaco2, steller7472, gatormarc, SimplyDABulous, qkrisq, catguy25, opharbour, egavacsaw

chicothemonkee - jill1616

chintc -- thestreetlight

Chip3Bag -- The Hunter, skylar658, flapboy

chris1152 -- SimplyDABulous

ChrisB65 -- thesmalldog

Chynna Princess -- The Hunter, spiman

CindyB -- Monocerus, Peng, cdman, Diveborg, wstingtyme, imi26dude

cliffhanger247 -- luvchelly222

cloudsrealm -- rain74

clrock -- lisalag4

cmonical -- fenway

cnct_agl -- The Hunter, dana365, Peng, lilrehm25, Diveborg, dartboard, SimplyDABulous

cobalt60 -- wstingtyme

codelover -- General Kenobi, goliathpj, h438dlk34

coke<3 -- PhucilliJerry, skinsfan05, steller7472,jro4997

coke07 -- bigbad, fly4rabbi, pogenwurst, SweetestDeals, swpp79

coke1985 -- Peng, goliathpj, oldgreyguy , nightowl62, Sialis, gatormarc, FEVER2006, UofIgirl2000, pavementlicker, The Hunter, HeavilyArmed, lisalag4, wecotah, packdmail, Junebug8, Knut, utahmaddie, SimplyDABulous, catguy25, donpaco2, Melgard39, qkrisq,drpepperfan12, loach33, awshucks, mnky4jesus, smmiller, SeaDawg, jmplionel, TMCole, PhucilliJerry, skinsfan05

cokecrazy -- cnct_agl, dana365, dartboard, HalAshton, nightowl62, oboelynn, SeaDawg, spiman, SweetestDeals, The Hunter

colagal -- MyCokeReward

collinst70 -- jmplionel

ColleenLovesYou -- fly4rabbi

Compradora -- The Hunter

Conneticut -- flapboy, SeaDawg, SweetestDeals, swpp79, coke1985

cookiecutter588 -- The Hunter, MichCamper

coonrad78 -- WingedWheel (x2), deal_panda, Skyhigh7, Denveridiot, Liz1114, augustina, ldyxmecca, without_end, (great trader)augustina, Fred39, BarelyFriends, Trashman13, dunkinbear

core78 -- Melgard39,bigbad, steller7472, swpp79

Crabald -- Estee

crazyblondebev -- billiemorgan

CrazyinLA -- SimplyDABulous, fritzdis, SeaDawg

crazymama -- bhaines23

CrazyNorton -- Estee, distinct101

creinbold -- wstingtyme, The Hunter

crsmartdude -- The Hunter, donpaco2, SeaDawg, Nickehyz,SSGBottleCaps,

CycloneBD -- TMCole

d206 -- General Kenobi, buddahman

Daisypug - jill1616

dajoro -- steller7472, ducker, Peng, bookman708

dallain22 -- Voldermort800, Loach33, Buddahman, FEVER2006, Scampsters, Peng, oboelynn, pavementlicker, MichCamper, Wecotah

dana365 -- atlBraves122, blynk, buddahman, cnct_agl, donpaco2, ducker, egavacsaw, farmerK, FEVER2006, goliathpj, hcow33, MichCamper, oboelynn, oldgreyguy, opharbour, Peng, pmhesse, skibumintahoe, supermatt, SweetestDeals, utahmaddie, xeal

danb22 -- donpaco2, SimplyDABulous

dantjr1284 -- rain74, JD123

darkstar169 -- SSGBottleCaps, nuuuuj, catguy25, skylar658, bigbad, steller7472, junebug8

dartboard -- bookman708, buddahman, catguy25, chintc, cnct_agl, ducker, Eeyore61172, elnoyl, esutrack, FEVER2006, HalAshton, kking74, lisapdreamer, loach33, macwiff, MrMoJoe, nuuuuj, opharbour, Peng, pvdfan, qkrisq, SimplyDABulous, steller7472, supermatt, SVS, SweetestDeals, The Hunter, Utahmaddie, vforvendetta, xeal, junebug8

Dave038 -- The Hunter

DaveFL -- skibumintahoe, MichCamper, lilrehm25, Flapboy, SeaDawg, Diveborg, SimplyDABulous, mommaof2, oldgreyguy, loach33

Dblack720 -- saveyourself

DCBlogger now Tlmmky -- chekers, saveyourself

dcinbama -- General Kenobi

DCZimmer -- gatormarc

deal12seeker -- kiki3, angelo1oo1

dealhunter64 -- c2nah777

Dealmein4saving -- drpepperfan12, Racefan6, swpp79, Nightowl62

deal_panda -- coonrad78, Estee

deals_r_us -- General Kenobi, donpaco2

DeathCab -- nightowl62

Decadance -- The Hunter

Dennugsmello15 -- The Hunter, bookman708, SeaDawg, Diveborg, Spiman

denveridiot -- coonrad78

DeputyStankus -- fuzzbox, SeaDawg, silliejo

destroyer333 -- lessalesa, mckiney.t.j, JD123, augustina , Nottrollin, iDisneyGirl, billiemorgan

devilot -- BrgnHntr, galdos718, MichCamper, donpaco2, spiman,nightowl62

dfarleyii -- rain74, FunkyTown, user1636, xlnc, CarphenS, dfwtrucker, Ragfield, JD123 midcitybeth, twcbjr

dfwtrucker -- dfarleyii, Platinumland

dimshady81 -- JVplants, oboelynn

dirtluvingal -- steller7472, SeaDawg, silliejo, louster0222, junebug8

distinct101 -- CRAZYNORTON

diveborg -- farmerK, spiman, oldgreyguy, lilrehm25, ducker, HalAshton, daveFL, FEVER2006, b3nito303, utahmaddie, SimplyDABulous, jmplionel, snavem, catguy25, The Hunter, Melgard39, RGIS222, mommaof2, blynk

DNC -- The Hunter, cnct_agl, donpaco2, SimplyDABulous

donpaco2 -- skibumintahoe, The Hunter, dana365, Peng, nuuuuj, crsmartdude, General Kenobi, bookman708, gatormarc, farmerK, SeaDawg, FEVER2006, skinsfan05,hcow33, smmiller, utahmaddie, lisalag4, oboelynn, wecotah, esutrack, devilot, SimplyDABulous, coke1985, skylar658, seven7seven, opharbour, qkrisq, Melgard39, steller7472,nightowl62

DougRich -- PhucilliJerry

dreamyweaver -- steller7472

dreemedayze -- steller

driver4um -- nuuuuj, fly4rabbi, fritzdis

drpepperfan12 -- opharbour, coke1985, dealmein4saving

DR_DIGH -- rain74, twcbjr

DrPrimo -- farmerK

ducker -- The Hunter, flapboy, SeaDawg, Diveborg,Junebug8, dartboard, donpaco2, rallyr32, Dajoro, fuzzbox, Melgard39, CardinalEmpire, nightowl62, louster0222, ScottyBigGunz, babl42, Zcetaa, silliejo, oldgreyguy, loach33, luvchelly222]

drumnj -- Dunkinbear, c2nah777, mzielkow

Dunkinbear Estee, coonrad78, Sixxy48, UNIVBFan, imacheapass, drumnj, Rain74, Chromepez

dvd8man -- saveyourself

Dwhawkman - Platinumland, rain74

Eagles89 -- Oilman1

eaglezzz -- The Hunter, nightowl62, Peng, General Kenobi, HalAshton, SeaDawg, FEVER2006, Thur34, spiman, coke1985

eenie91 -- aerelorn

eeyore61172 -- The Hunter, MichCamper, steller7472, Thur34, catguy25, spiman

Egaas -- The Hunter

egavacsaw -- BarelyFriends, The Hunter, MichCamper, Melgard39, SeaDawg , billiemorgan, FEVER2006

ein011 -- nightowl62

elenarus -- SeaDawg

elmocrazy- nl0013

elnoyl -- whosyourbaba, Racefan6, junebug8

elwood-56 -- saveyourself, BarelyFriends, Platinumland, bhaines23

emdog -- donpaco2

Emmaonline -- farmerK, oldgreyguy

Empanada22 -- iDisneyGirl

EstatePlanner -- mdyoung

Estee -- fritzdis, Etroupas, saveyourself, mckiney.t.j, sandbeach, Trashman13, Fullthrottle, JD123, JLJ925, dunkinbear, rmdk17

esutrack -- SeaDawg, utahmaddie, dartboard, donpaco2, Melgard39, spiman, swpp79, ScottyBigGunz, junebug8, Thur34

Etroupas -- Estee

evanmav -- The Hunter, steller7472,nightowl62

evilgal2000 -- drpepperfan12

evilimp56 --General Kenobi, oldgreyguy

f0r71fy -- goliathpj


faeryxdecay -- nightowl62

farmerK -- The Hunter, b3nito303, blynk, Diveborg, donpaco2, Haiku, MichCamper, mommaof2, SeaDawg, SimplyDABulous, utahmaddie, Morad, louster0222, oldgreyguy, emmaoline

fatddrfreak -- Just_a_Bill, skibumintahoe

Faye Valentine -- The Hunter

fenway -- The Hunter, awshucks, nightowl62, Sixxy48

FEVER2006 -- Just_a_Bill, oboelynn, skibumintahoe, JLB, coke1985, dana365, oldgreyguy, nightowl62, nuuuuj, The Hunter, spiman, ducker, buddahman, mescubatoo, jerryxmas, donpaco2, SeaDawg, flapboy, utahmaddie, SimplyDABulous, RGIS222, rain74, billiemorgan

figarotigger -- Trashman13

flapboy -- opharbour, yatez112, nuuuuj, daveFL, b3nito303, bookman708, MichCamper, xeal, oldgreyguy, silly_girl06, steller7472, The Hunter, catguy25, Peng, loach33, seven7seven, skylar658, gatormarc, bigbad,smmiller, laderadude, qisgod, Racefan6, sd76ggc, neyati,SSGBottleCaps,

FlapFather -- MichCamper, utahmaddie, SimplyDABulous, Peng, nightowl62,oldgreyguy,

flevius -- fuzzbox

Flong -- General Kenobi, snavem

fly4rabbi -- skylar658, steller7472. ColleenLovesYou,catguy25, SimplyDABulous, ducker, opharbour, STLUCIELADY, gatormarc, bookman708

fountainhead -- General Kenobi, MeScubaToo, b3nito303

FoxfireKid -- MichCamper, coke1985, Diveborg, rain74, sandbeach

FP55 -- flapboy, coke1985, SimplyDABulous, oldgreyguy, donpaco2, Daisypug

Fred39 -- coonrad78, BarelyFriends, akm2u, ThEliteOne, Trashman13 , Nightowl62, rain74

fredflinstoned -- The Hunter, coke1985

Freebie4Me1 -- bunsbuns

freebiefan21 -- The Hunter

freefun4every1 -- The Hunter

fritzdis -- awshucks, Knut, junebug8, h438dlk34, Zcetaa

frostedfires -- CardinalEmpire

fruchtose -- awshucks

Fullthrottle -- Estee, rain74

FunkyTown--lala3369, Aldebaran23

fuzzbox -- Just_a_Bill, bookman708, Peng, nuuuuj, opharbour, nl0013, pmhesse, buddahman, oboelynn, Eeyore61172, steller7472, gatormarc, ducker, jmplionel, qkrisq, skylar658, deputystankus, SimplyDABulous, lisalag4, usr, goliathpj, PhucilliJerry, neyati, nightowl62, mommaof2

GalaxyGirl -- MichCamper

galdos718 -- Badbrad3492, devilot, ducker, gatormarc, goliathpj, HalAshton, jmplionel, Morad. opharbour, qkrisq, steller7472, STLUCIELADY, SweetestDeals

Garvin -- Denveridiot 9/2/11. figarotigger

gatormarc -- CardinalEmpire, coke1985, donpaco2, flapboy, fly4rabbi, fuzzbox, junebug8, MichCamper, motocx15, oldgreyguy, rallyr32, ScottyBigGunz, SeaDawg, skylar658, spiman, SweetestDeals, Zcetaa

gc1992 -- The Hunter

General Kenobi -- The Hunter, opharbour, bookman708, coke1985, donpaco2, jmplionel, SimplyDABulous, ldyxmecca

gilmoregirlz -- swpp79, ScottyBigGunz

gimme -- igot2havemore

gizmo28244 -- taxmet, dmfrontline, figarotigger, JWB1850, RedStripeE90, warrencenter, TStorms, Etroupas, kutevietjen, Estee, FunkyTown, saveyourself, BarelyFriends, anythingu, liz1114, sandbeach, nottrollin, lessalesa, UNIVBFan, Bruno137, Sixxy48 ,Nightowl62, JD123, FEVER2006, xlnc, MPython, outcast529, Trashman13, madgejr, KlicKlac, ozzyozzie, slates96, user1636, MyCokeReward, mdyoung, rain74, TheCarsForever, twcbjr, igot2havemore, Joanb3, thesmalldog, Finzz2dlft, eenie91

gman1247 -- has been permanently banned -- farmerK, skibumintahoe, dana365, not!!!, General Kenobi, donpaco2, lisalag4

goksu -- opharbour, motocx15

goldenbb -- Estee, augustina, buick66, sqwirl

goliathpj -- The Hunter, MichCamper, General Kenobi, coke1985, donpaco2, SeaDawg, Seatbelt99, b3nito303, spiman, Melgard39, louster0222,nightowl62, bookman708, oldgreyguy, fuzzbox, luvchelly222, h438dlk34

googlekid -- donpaco2

goosiepiano -- aSpecialistSon, nightowl62, The Hunter, luvchelly222

gotkwah -- nightowl62

gr1mee -- lisalag4

GreatOne2k8 -- The Hunter

GreenP4779 -- Estee

greenpa1 -- rain74

GreenTwinkie -- SweetestDeals

GreyedOut -- whosyourbaba



guyosu -- kdogg01

gypsy dancer -- Daisypug

h20lily -- The Hunter

h438dlk34 -- Peng, TheOldinOut, Sialis, Estee, HeavilyArmed, steller7472, fritzdis, goliathpj, codelover

Haiku -- Bookman708, Diveborg, FarmerK, MichCamper, Morad, Neyati, Nightowl62, Oboelynn, Skibumintahoe, Spiman

HalAshton -- The Hunter, xgeek , nightowl62, SeaDawg, Diveborg, wstingtyme, Eeyore61172

Halo3OnlineFTW -- Racefan6,nightowl62, PhucilliJerry, steller

hannah1433 -- bookman708

Hardpretzel -- lessalesa, Estee, rain74, bhaines23

hcow33 -- The Hunter, nightowl62, General Kenobi, spiman, junebug8, donpaco2, coke1985, Diveborg, jp1979, MichCamper, wstingtyme, flapboy, CardinalEmpire

HeatherL1503 -- JD123

HeavilyArmed -- MichCamper, The Hunter, coke1985, Melgard39, utahmaddie, Spiman, flapboy. travlinaddict, bfgaskill, humdeeeengre, luvchelly222, h438dlk34, billiemorgan, Estee, bhaines23, myette39,buick66, rain74, rmdk17

Henderson55 -- Estee

hiway967 -- The Hunter, Peng, Haiku, Diveborg, SimplyDABulous

hlsawdust -- MichCamper

Hoe -- dealmein4saving, flapboy, humdeeeengre, loach33, nightowl62, oldgreyguy, pvdfan, ScottyBigGunz, The Hunter, SweetestDeals

HOKIES5 -- SimplyDABulous, RGIS222, mommaof2, blynk, mnky4jesus

homeslicer -- The Hunter, nightowl62, flapboy, donpaco2, Diveborg, utahmaddie, wstingtyme

HotCorner -- nightowl62

humdeeeengre -- awshucks, luvchelly222

hurdler4eva -- The Hunter, Peng, Wstingtyme, Knut, murphy_boo, bookman708, nuuuuj, MichCamper, oboelynn

HurricaneDavid -- The Hunter, Zcetaa

HWL08 -- SweetestDeals

IceGirl2u -- gatormarc, skylar658

igot2havemore -- Trashman13

imacheapass -- dunkinbear

Ihateec -- Trashman13

Imerson -- skylar658

imi26dude -- The Hunter, b3nito303, bookman708, steller7472

infpunn -- The Hunter

InstantWinnder -- billiemorgan, KlicKlac, mdyoung

inuyasha92 -- (previously kylerox92, now VoltronLover)Would only trade if he goes first!], has multiple bad/incomplete trades listed in the Questionable trader section as well. -- RallyR32, steller7472, devilot, wecotah, lisalag4, amdg, Buddahman

ITWIZARD2014 -- billiemorgan

IvIelacia -- lisalag4, awshucks

JackBurton -- The Hunter, oldgreyguy, HalAshton, kking74, oboelynn, snavem, catguy25, supermatt, Imerson

jackie227 -- BarelyFriends, myette39

jadedshix -- steller7472

JaM1337 -- Sixxy48

jamaicabronze -- SeaDawg

jamers546 -- loach33, motocx15, jmplionel

janretz -- mattraven

JARS517- Platinumland

jasefanz -- FEVER2006, MPython, jwb1850, lraye

jayjayala -- Estee

jbbiggers -- The Hunter, SeaDawg, saveyourself

jbrowns22 -- The Hunter, steller7472

jcsrfun -- donpaco2, The Hunter, farmerK, oldgreyguy

jdadou -- The Hunter

JD123 -- destroyer333, Estee, Sixxy48, Platinumland

JeffGeorge -- Estee, Warrencenter, MPython, bhaines23

jen1972 -- donpaco2

JennJenn -- The Hunter, steller7472

jerryxmas -- jp1979, oldgreyguy, Peng (140 trades), pavementlicker, FEVER2006, lilrehm25, allyn9, silly_girl06, sh776, racefan6, Diveborg, Smiles11

jill1616 -- chicothemonkee, Daisypug

jillyq -- SweetestDeals, Zcetaa

jjbones21 -- billiemorgan, bhaines23, thesmalldog, rapidfire94 x2

JLB -- Just_a_Bill, nightowl62

JLD0223 -- gatormarc, Diveborg

JLJ925 -- saveyourself, Estee

JMAUI -- skipdeal

jmichael888 -- BarelyFriends

jmplionel -- General Kenobi, spiman, SeaDawg, fuzzbox, SimplyDABulous, Diveborg, oboelynn, bookman708, swpp79, bre102081, coke1985, steller7472, SSGBottleCaps, oldgreyguy, silliejo, utahmaddie, luvchelly222, junebug8, TMCole, dfarleyii

JO_EY70 -- pavementlicker, lilrehm25, utahmaddie, SimplyDABulous, SweetestDeals

johnnyb2525 -- thesmalldog, Trashman13

johnnyd55 -- The Hunter

Joker_here -- farmerK

jonbigarlo -- Melgard39

johnfoe -- ducker

Jonsri -- coke1985, dana365, donpaco2, General Kenobi, nightowl62, PhucilliJerry, RugratsGalore, silliejo, SweetestDeals, The Hunter, utahmaddie, Zcetaa

joshb -- donpaco2

joylyn7769 -- donpaco2, SeaDawg, Spiman

jp1979 -- pmhesse, jerryxmas, SeaDawg, lisalag4, qkrisq, skylar658, catguy25, bookman708

jro4997 -- MichCamper, oldgreyguy, junebug8, swpp79

jtroye32 -- racefan6


Judy3 -- SeaDawg, The Hunter,nightowl62

junebug8 -- skinsfan05, Sialis, kking74, b3nito303, ducker,hcow33, coke1985, SuzieBee20, gatormarc, utahmaddie, steller7472, opharbour, nightowl62, The Hunter, jro4997, fritzdis

juryrigger -- ldyxmecca

Just_a_Bill -- fuzzbox, skibumintahoe, JLB, xeal, bookman708, Peng, FEVER2006, crsmartdude, coke1985, SeaDawg, b3nito303, SimplyDABulous, oldgreyguy

JVPlants -- cnct_agl, SeaDawg, spiman, silliejo, nightowl62

[B]JWB1850 [B]- gizmo28244

Kalanchoe -- marble2976

kathicake1 -- The Hunter, coke1985, allyn9, Diveborg, SimplyDABulous

Katierysz -- MichCamper, coke1985,elnoyl, steller7472, PhucilliJerry, nightowl62

katiek77 -- Ragfield

Katlynnmil -- SweetestDeals

Kaylee3173 -- usr

kbmmc -- SeaDawg, catguy25

kboyts -- donpaco2, SimplyDABulous, amdg, SeaDawg

kdka421 -- SweetestDeals

kdogg01 -- bookman708, Melgard39, saveyourself, FunkyTown, rain74, user1636

KellieN -- ttlmmky

Kenpachiexodia -- The Hunter,nightowl62

KennyS2006 -- oldgreyguy, SimplyDABulous, blynk, farmerK

kimmi78 -- mattraven

kirkoff -- SeaDawg

kking74 -- The Hunter, junebug8, SeaDawg, wstingtyme

KlicKlac -- lessalesa, billiemorgan, thesmalldog

knitten2000 -- RedStripeE90, BarelyFriends

knut -- Just_a_Bill, skibumintahoe, dana365, oldgreyguy, bookman708, The Hunter, coke1985, MichCamper, SeaDawg, b3nito303, m4jesus39, fritzdis, flapboy, SSGBottleCaps, silliejo

kobe0007 -- steller7472

kokaps - rapidfire94 x3

kraymond67 -- techy2, TweetTweet7


kutty -- SeaDawg

kwhit14 -- supermatt

kylerox92 -- (was inuyasha92, now VoltronLover)Would only trade if he goes first!, has multiple bad/incomplete trades listed in the Questionable trader section as well. -- RallyR32, steller7472, devilot, wecotah

Laderadude -- Flapboy, Melgard39, louster0222, steller7472, silliejo, ScottyBigGun

ladyclaire -- nightowl62

lala3369 -- FunkyTown, gullickw, rain74 , Nightowl62, slates96

lastlydreaming -- coke1985, donpaco2, flapboy, fuzzbox, nightowl62, oldgreyguy, spiman, SSGBottleCaps, SweetestDeals, The Hunter

ldyxmecca -- General Kenobi, juryrigger, coonrad78, loralee6678

LeighJ3787 -- saveyourself, liz1114

Liftedpsd -- Buddahman

liz1114 -- coonrad78, dfarleyii

Lessa3173 -- The Hunter, coke1985, oldgreyguy, cnct_agl, nuuuuj, HalAshton

lessalesa -- destroyer333, KlicKlac, Trashman13 , Nightowl62, MPython, rain74

lightdark (also on the Questionable Traders list) -- The Hunter, RallyR32, flapboy, RGIS222

lilmotto -- myette39

lilrehm25 -- pavementlicker, Diveborg, SimplyDABulous

lindamn -- oilman1, BarelyFriends, boagman, dfwtrucker

lisalag4 -- fuzzbox, nightowl62, donpaco2, SeaDawg, coke1985, amdg, The Hunter

lisapdreamer -- The Hunter, SeaDawg, dartboard, donpaco2, flapboy

loach33 -- coke1985, flapboy, fuzzbox, jro4997, junebug8, Just_a_Bill, luvchelly222, nightowl62, opharbour, pepsi4cokejunky, SeaDawg, seven7seven, skibumintahoe, SweetestDeals, The Hunter, usr

lobrex -- lisalag,nightowl62

loppyfoot -- fuzzbox, The Hunter

lorianna -- Estee

louster0222 -- ducker, goliathpj, SweetestDeals, zbear11

lovesjersey Estee, bhaines23

LS1286 -- igot2havemore

lucky star -- The Hunter

Lucky2007 -- billiemorgan, twcbjr, avalon

luke04191991 -- spiman, SweetestDeals

luuniem -- c2nah777

Luvchelly222 -- jmplionel, smmiller, SweetestDeals, usr, neyati, goliathpj, unome, skinsfan05, pavementlicker, awshucks ,nightowl62, nl0013, gatormarc, kobe0007, qkrisq, esutrack,jro4997, fritzdis, DeputyStankus, steller

LuvDeals14 -- Estee

Made2Act -- MichCamper

madgejr -- BarelyFriends, oilman1, sportsfan2010, nottrollin, lilmotto, gizmo28244

magician300 -- The Hunter

MaiMaiMai -- saveyourself, Estee, slickdeeds

Manganello -- PhucilliJerry

mangaza -- Estee, billiemorgan, Alyssa295

Marble2976 -- opharbour, skinsfan05, VERYLATE, Kalanchoe

Mark2276 -- nightowl62

markcol -- The Hunter, bookman708

Mark D -- SimplyDABulous

markwut -- The Hunter

matt_annie -- The Hunter, Diveborg, SimplyDABulous

mattraven -- neyati, kimmi78, janretz

mc316 -- The Hunter, MichCamper

mccpu -- Estee, thesmalldog

mckiney.t.j -- KingdomKeepers, Teh_ROFFLES, OmenX, smmiller, BarelyFriends, FunkyTown, destroyer333, Estee

MCRcrasher -- RGIS222

MCRWinner -- darkstar169, fritzdis, MDlover, MDRunner, Orinix, SeaDawg, silliejo, SSGBottleCaps, SweetestDeals

MDlover -- ankank, awshucks, catguy25, coke1985, dirtluvingal, egavacsaw, Hoe, JSGoCats, kobe0007, lisalag4, MCRWinner, motocx15, oldgreyguy, pepsi4cokejunky, PhucilliJerry, Racefan6, SweetestDeals, steller7472, fenway

mdyoung -- mrredskin, saveyourself, Oilman1, myette39, thesmalldog

meadowglen -- rain74

melgard39 -- awshucks, bigbad, buddahman, catguy25, coke1985, Diveborg, donpaco2, ducker, egavacsaw, goliathpj, HeavilyArmed, louster0222, MichCamper, mnky4jesus, mommaof2, nightowl62, opharbour, Peng, qkrisq, ScottyBigGunz, sd76ggc, SeaDawg, seven7seven, skylar658, smthgfierce, steller7472, STLUCIELADY, SVS, SweetestDeals, yatez112

melovecookies -- wstingtyme, blynk

Mg-KyoeK -- UNIVBFan, rain74, twcbjr

MichCamper -- 2travel, ankank, atprm, babl42, blynk, bookman708, catguy25, daveFL, devilot, donpaco2, drpepperfan12, Eeyore61172, egavacsaw, farmerK, FEVER2006, flapboy, fritzdis, gatormarc, General Kenobi, goliathpj, HeavilyArmed, hlsawdust, Hurdler4eva, JLB, jro4997, katierysz, loach33, Melgard39, oboelynn, oldgreyguy, Peng, pogenwurst, qkrisq, Racefan6, RallyR32, Sialis, silly_girl06, skibumintahoe, skinsfan05, snavem, spiman, steller7472, supermatt, SuzieBee20, SweetestDeals, The Hunter, UofIgirl2000, utahmaddie, junebug8,nightowl62

midcitybeth -- rain74

midnight_sky -- SweetestDeals

missbeana - Myette39

mjfulgham -- The Hunter

mkb36 -- BarelyFriends, bhaines23

MMSherrill -- The Hunter, coke1985,nightowl62

mnky4jesus -- The Hunter, Melgard39

moline7 -- The Hunter, flapboy,nightowl62, awshucks

mommaof2 -- skibumintahoe, oldgreyguy, farmerK, Diveborg, SimplyDABulous, Melgard39, blynk, fuzzbox

mommy2princess -- rain74

monkeman -- goliathpj

MONOCERUS -- skibumintahoe, cnct_agl, MichCamper, b3nito303, SimplyDABulous, oldgreyguy

Morad -- swpp79, steller7472, ScottyBigGunz, Haiku, coke1985

MPython -- Sixxy48, lessalesa, rain74, TheCarsForever

MrMoJoe -- MichCamper, SeaDawg

mrmoney -- The Hunter

mrredskin -- mdyoung, Trashman13

murg2318 -- fuzzbox,

Murphy_boo -- RugratsGalore, Hurdler4eva, utahmaddie

musicmark -- The Hunter, bookman708

MyCokeReward -- colagal, angelo1oo1

mydecember -- The Hunter

myette39 -- bunsbuns midcitybeth

myp888 -- rain74

myuzername -- steller7472, katierysz

mzielkow -- drumnj

n1stunnor -- Estee , Nightowl62

nasdaq87 -- SeaDawg, flapboy, S. Rabbit, utahmaddie

Nat E Gann -- The Hunter

neyati-- Bigbad, swpp79, SeaDawg, flapboy, SSGBottleCaps, fuzzbox, mattraven

Nickehyz -- bigbad, crsmartdude, humdeeeengre, SweetestDeals

nightowl62 -- oboelynn, JLB,Peng, nuuuuj, opharbour, Penguinlover, FEVER2006, wizard13, General Kenobi, HalAshton, bookman708, coke1985, mbeta003, donpaco2, hcow33, lisalag4, SimplyDABulous, BrgnHntr, smthgfierce, RGIS222, goliathpj, qisgod, smmiller, fuzzbox, KROGERSHOPPER, junebug8, gotkwah, luvchelly222, mark2276, lessalesa, rain74, UNIVBFan, MPython, dfarleyii

NightVessel -- General Kenobi

NintendoPower -- steller, RGIS222

njf -- rain74, Trashman13

nl0013 -- fuzzbox, oldgreyguy, SeaDawg, SSGBottleCaps, SweetestDeals, swpp79, utahmaddie, uwkid

nohooiam -- The Hunter

noisycricket -- bhaines23, twcbjr, jill1616

northeastgal -- rain74

nosepingirl -- rain74

nothingnew -- Just_a_Bill

nottrollin -- rain74, Sixxy48, Trashman13 , Nightowl62, Bruno137, FunkyTown, madgejr, MPython, bunsbuns, myette39

ntelli -- Trashman13

nuuuuj -- oldgreyguy, nightowl62, fuzzbox, flapboy, donpaco2, SeaDawg, Diveborg, Hurdler4eva, utahmaddie, The Hunter, SimplyDABulous, spiman, blynk, ScottyBigGunz, coke1985, Zcetaa, steller

nWo -- SeaDawg,nightowl62

nottrollin -- destroyer333

NutritionNut -- dfarleyii

oilman1 -- Lindamn, mdyoung, JD123, FunkyTown, Fred39, madgejr

oboelynn -- fuzzbox, skibumintahoe, jp1979, dana365, utahmaddie, nightowl62, FEVER2006, spiman, The Hunter, donpaco2, SeaDawg, Diveborg, b3nito303, Thur34, SimplyDABulous, jmplionel, opharbour, blynk, racefan6, bre102081, flapboy, oldgreyguy, silliejo, TMCole

OldGreyGuy -- skibumintahoe, dana365, Utahmaddie, Evilimp56, nuuuuj, vforvendetta, spiman, xgeek, bookman708, coke1985, flapboy, fp55, gatormarc, nl0013, farmerK, STLUCIELADY, smmiller, egavacsaw, SeaDawg, opharbour, Racefan6, jmplionel, alohasurf, Kristin, gilmoregirlz, skinsfan05, Connecticut

OmenX -- mckiney.t.j

opharbour -- The Hunter, nightowl62, General Kenobi, skibumintahoe, flapboy, b3nito303, Seatbelt99, fuzzbox, Melgard39, spiman, fly4rabbi,buddahman, oboelynn, smmiller, donpaco2, bookman708, Thur34 x2, spiman, whosyourbaba,drpepperfan12, ScottyBigGunz, steller7472, pepsi4cokejunky, Zcetaa, loach33, SeaDawg, oldgreyguy, swpp79, junebug8, marble2976

Orinix -- SweetestDeals

oshiekosh -- MichCamper, SweetestDeals

osi -- farmerK, SeaDawg, SSGBottleCaps, silliejo

ou885 -- The Hunter

OwlsAreAwesome -- c2nah777

packdmail -- atlBraves122, b3nito303, Baballoo, bookman708, coke1985, crsmartdude, ducker, Eeyore61172, flapboy, hcow33, Hurdler4eva, jmplionel, kking74, markcol, MichCamper, nuuuuj, oboelynn, opharbour, RallyR32, Ramhawk, retsbar, sialis, SimplyDABulous, smmiller, SSGBottleCaps, SweetestDeals, The Hunter, wecotah, skinsfan05, fritzdis,nightowl62

pacz805 JD123, ttlmmky, Trashman13

past199 -- The Hunter

pathfinder35 -- BarelyFriends, JD123

pavementlicker -- farmerK, luvchelly222

PayItForward -- Just_a_Bill, farmerK, skibumintahoe, The Hunter, cnct_agl, Peng, FEVER2006, goliathpj, allyn9, lilrehm25, bookman708, CindyB, donpaco2, Diveborg, b3nito303, coke1985, Hurdler4eva, 2travel, utahmaddie, steller7472, lisalag4, oboelynn, Cindy Wheeler, SimplyDABulous, catguy25, jmplionel, seven7seven, CardinalEmpire, mnky4jesus, oldgreyguy,

Peng -- bookman708, CindyB, cnct_agl, coke1985, Dajoro, dana365, dartboard, Diveborg, donpaco2, Eeyore61172, FEVER2006, flapboy, Fuzzbox, General Kenobi, goliathpj, h438dlk34, HalAshton, Hurdler4eva, jerryxmas, jp1979, luvchelly222, Melgard39, nightowl62, oldgreyguy, opharbour, pepsi4cokejunky, Racefan6, SeaDawg, Seatbelt99, SimplyDABulous, spiman, SweetestDeals, The Hunter, Thur34, utahmaddie, whosyourbaba, xgeek

penguinlover -- The Hunter, nightowl62, MichCamper

pepsi4cokejunky -- laderadude, nl0013, opharbour

PhucilliJerry -- SeaDawg, Caity, ScottyBigGunz, bookman708, Travlinaddict, The Hunter, Ziggyzach, fuzzbox, coke1985

pinstheone -- farmerK, Peng, fuzzbox, spiman, lisalag4

pitt23fan -- gatormarc

Platinumland -- rain74, JD123, UNIVBFan, blueberry05, dfwtrucker, twcbjr, avalon, elwood-56, JARS517, Chopsuey11

Plinkogold--oldgreyguy,nightowl62, awshucks, luvchelly222, junebug8, coke1985

Plus37 -- ozzyozzie

pmhesse -- fuzzbox, The Hunter, jp1979

pogenwurst -- MichCamper, SeaDawg, Melgard39,nightowl62, babl42

pointvu -- SeaDawg

Postman245 -- lisalag4

Potato4848 -- UNIVBFan

Puff -- SweetestDeals

pvdfan -- dartboard, skylar658,nightowl62

qc86 -- BarelyFriends, The Hunter

qdarkness -- Zcetaa

qkrisq -- jp1979, dartboard, Melgard39, donpaco2, luvchelly222

qnguyen17 -- bhaines23

qtc (formerly qisgod) -- nightowl62, flapboy, silliejo

quebe -- buick66

r1yan -- SweetestDeals

racefan6 -- Jerryxmas, Elnoyl, dealmein4saving, utahmaddie, ScottyBigGunz, swpp79, bookman708, flapboy, oldgreyguy, zbakes

rain74 -- sandbeach, Trashman13 , Nightowl62, FEVER2006, augustina, nosepingirl, billiemorgan, nottrolllin, buick66, dfarleyii, wacokid19, kdogg01, sqwirl, saveyourself, smmiller, Fred39, MPython, Cloudsrealm, DR_DIGH, rmdk17, CassieS001, lessalesa, slates96, Platinumland Midcitybeth, HeavilyArmed

Rally -- farmerK

RallyR32 -- The Hunter, dana365, oldgreyguy, spiman, HalAshton, FEVER2006, Utahmaddie, Diveborg, kylerox92, gatormarc, 2travel, pogenwurst, steller7472, Badbrad3492, supermatt, catguy25, Melgard39, drpepperfan12, blynk

ramhawk -- The Hunter, dana365, utahmaddie, donpaco2, SimplyDABulous, MichCamper, blynk

raynepoe -- MeScubaToo, SeaDawg

rmdk17 -- Estee, twcbjr

redsoxfan808 -- ScottyBigGunz, S. Rabbit, utahmaddie, The Hunter, PhucilliJerry, twcbjr

RedStripeE90 -- steelkillr, Sixxy48, vipforamn, SweetestDeals, gizmo28244, knitten2000, Skyhigh7

RelientFan -- PhucilliJerry

Relyt -- farmerK

RETSBAR -- General Kenobi, coke1985, snavem

reverity -- The Hunter

revfife -- silliejo

Rhroo -- The Hunter

RGIS222 -- catguy25, blynk ,nightowl62, JTCARDSFAN

rmdk17 -- rain74, HeavilyArmed

robynicious -- steller7472, PhucilliJerry


rodr5008 -- rain74

rouma -- SeaDawg, SimplyDABulous, oldgreyguy,

RugratsGalore -- Murphy_boo

RVD12 -- Just_a_Bill

SabrinaC -- TDMVP73

Sandbeach Estee, rain74, saveyourself

SaveYourself -- Estee, iDisneyGirl, BarelyFriends, lindamn, mdyoung, skipdeal, Trashman13, Jackie227, JLJ925, tejacl, Ragfield, lessalesa, Sixxy48, rain74, jwb1850, Nightowl62, elwood-56, ozzyozzie, sqwirl, dfarleyii

sbagdon -- Just_a_Bill, skibumintahoe, FEVER2006, buddahman, HalAshton, SeaDawg, LukeHowt, crsmartdude, opharbour, hcow33, SVS, smmiller, oboelynn, gatormarc, fp55, loach33

Scampsters -- blynk, Diveborg, flapboy, mommaof2, SSGBottleCaps, SweetestDeals, The Hunter, marble2976,nightowl62

ScottyBigGunz -- Melgard39, AceViper, qkrisq, savethelinoleum, SimplyDABulous, coke1985, skylar658, catguy25, awshucks, seven7seven, jmplionel, gatormarc, egavacsaw, smmiller, opharbour, goliathpj, PhucilliJerry, Racefan6, unome, Connecticut, oldgreyguy, usr, gilmoregirlz

sctg_x316 -- The Hunter

sd76ggc -- Melgard39, flapboy, junebug8, silliejo, JaM1337, Pirin, knitten2000, Buckswife

sdlife -- rain74, Fred39, Jackie227, FunkyTown

Seatbelt99 -- goliathpj, opharbour, farmerK, jp1979, gatormarc

SeaDawg -- Just_a_Bill, oboelynn, farmerK, skibumintahoe, bookman708, Peng, nuuuuj, goliathpj, FEVER2006, crsmartdude, spiman, buddahman, HalAshton, ducker, mbeta003, daveFL, donpaco2, kking74, b3nito303, jp1979, JVPlants, smmiller, Badbrad3492, lisalag4, pogenwurst, utahmaddie, jmplionel, SimplyDABulous, catguy25, deputystankus, Melgard39, steller7472, loach33, gatormarc, UConnDude, PhucilliJerry, Baballoo, ESUTRACK, Connecticut, egavacsaw,travlinaddict, steller7472, neyati, babl42, nl0013,usr, oldgreyguy, JVPlants, magician300,nightowl62

SeanB6145 -- Trashman13

SeekerRex -- skibumintahoe, nightowl62, FEVER2006, General Kenobi, coke1985, SimplyDABulous

seven7seven -- The Hunter, nightowl62, coke1985, ducker, flapboy, donpaco2, Melgard39, loach33, ScottyBigGunz, swpp79, steller7472, babl42, SSGBottleCaps

sggrant323 -- steller7472

sgwirl -- rain74


shamoo -- The Hunter

shania99 -- xlnc

shanwin -- Bomi1, rapidfire94, chicothemonkee

shayniferd -- lisalag4

shelly -- MichCamper, Diveborg,catguy25, CardinalEmpire, Melgard39

Shopper21087 -- ChrisB65

shystalips -- Estee

sialis -- coke1985, junebug8, oldgreyguy, SweetestDeals, The Hunter

Silenoz -- SimplyDABulous

silliejo -- DeputyStankus, jmplionel, opharbour, usr , nl0013, jp1979, gatormarc, chintc, smmiller, Connecticut, egavacsaw, steller7472, PhucilliJerry, STLUCIELADY, qtc, gilmoregirlz,jro4997, JVPlants, awshucks, loach33

silly_girl06 -- MichCamper, jerryxmas, flapboy, humdeeeengre

SilveradoXD -- thesmalldog

Silverball -- mdyoung

simont4990 -- rain74

SimplyDABulous -- oldgreyguy, nightowl62, cnct_agl, Peng, Penguinlover, FEVER2006, farmerK, General Kenobi, lilrehm25, nuuuuj, Utahmaddie, HalAshton, bookman708, The Hunter, daveFL, Diveborg, donpaco2, inuyasha92, jmplionel, BrgnHntr, coke1985, fly4rabbi, ATPRM, fp55, SeaDawg, katierysz, devilot,catguy25,Thur34, mommaof2, blynk, ScottyBigGunz, PhucilliJerry,bigbad, steller7472, Morad, Connecticut, awshucks

SithScorch -- SimplyDABulous, silliejo, SeaDawg

Sixxy48 -- Thur34, JaM1337, szdr0813, RedStripeE90, JD123, dunkinbear, MPython, TheCarsForever

SJGUY99 -- BarelyFriends

ski-mom -- thesmalldog

skibumintahoe -- b3nito303, blynk, bookman708, cnct_agl, coke1985, Diveborg, donpaco2, Eeyore61172, farmerK, FEVER2006, flapboy, HalAshton, Just_a_Bill, kking74, loach33, Melgard39, MichCamper, mommaof2, nightowl62, oboelynn, oldgreyguy, opharbour, pogenwurst, SeaDawg, spiman, SweetestDeals, The Hunter, thirdbasekid24, Utahmaddie, xgeek

skinsboy -- nightowl62

skinsfan05 -- The Hunter, donpaco2, Junebug8, marble2976, Zcetaa, coke1985

skipadedodah -- blynk, SweetestDeals

Skyhigh7 -- RedStripeE90, Estee, coonrad78 x5, oilman1

skylar658 -- b3nito303, bookman708, dirtluvingal, donpaco2, flapboy, fly4rabbi, fuzzbox, gatormarc, imerson, jp1979, Melgard39, oldgreyguy, SimplyDABulous, smmiller, spiman, steller7472, SweetestDeals, The Hunter

slick99338 -- The Hunter

slothsd -- The Hunter,nightowl62

smamma3 -- The Hunter

smashthesymbols -- gatormarc

Smiles11 -- BarelyFriends, MPython, dfarleyii

smmiller -- The Hunter, spiman, donpaco2, SeaDawg, wstingtyme, fly4rabbi, opharbour, CardinalEmpire, ScottyBigGunz, flapboy, bookman708, uwkid, steller7472,
Nightowl62, SSGBottleCaps, oldgreyguy, luvchelly222, Thur34, swpp79, whimseys, mckiney.t.j, rain74

smrtshppr42 -- skibumintahoe, MichCamper

SmRtShoppR-- catguy25
smthgfierce -- Melgard39 , nightowl62

snapfish man -- Melgard39, Diveborg

snavem -- Diveborg

sobrien82 -- The Hunter, lisalag4

Socceric9 -- The Hunter

SouthernBelle5 -- rain74

Spartacuss -- MichCamper

SpecialistSon -- SweetestDeals

spiman -- oboelynn, bookman708, skibumintahoe, jp1979, Peng, FEVER2006, ducker, SeaDawg, RallyR32, mbeta003, smmiller, steller7472, Eeyore61172, xeal, BrgnHntr, jmplionel, fp55, esutrack, devilot, opharbour, catguy25, skylar658, stutters, RGIS222, MichCamper, donpaco2, awshucks, thirdbasekid24,bigbad, qisgod, HeavilyArmed, oldgreyguy, alohasurf,nightowl62

SportsFreebies -- The Hunter, coke1985

sproutrocksit -- Trashman13

spyder16 -- SeaDawg

sqwirl -- xlnc, rain74

SSGBottleCaps -- 4theboys, catguy25, crsmartdude, darkstar169, DeputyStankus, flapboy, gotkwah, HeavilyArmed, jmplionel, Knut, laderadude, neyati, nl0013, Racefan6, skylar658, smmiller, SpecialistSon, SweetestDeals

Staceym17 -- Estee, lala3369, Trashman13, bhaines23

StarNova -- The Hunter, donpaco2

starrr -- The Hunter, rain74

steelkillr -- egavacsaw, SeaDawg, nightowl62, Racefan6, PhucilliJerry, The Hunter, myuzername, RedStripeE90

steller7472 -- bookman708, Dajoro, Eeyore61172, Flapboy, Fly4rabbi, Fuzzbox, Inuyasha92, jmplionel, Jp1979, kobe0007, Melgard39, MichCamper, Morad, oldgreyguy, ScottyBigGunz, SeaDawg, Skylar658, Spiman, swantz1984, SweetestDeals, The Hunter, Utahmaddie, Wstingtyme, TessRC

stephanies_82 -- nightowl62

stevedz -- SweetestDeals

stinastina -- The Hunter

STLUCIELADY -- fuzzbox, farmerK, nightowl62, skibumintahoe, mbeta003, Melgard39, fly4rabbi, steller7472, babl42, oldgreyguy,

StonecutterJeff -- The Hunter, flapboy

StormRichards -- AlwayzJ, twcbjr, xlnc

stutters -- The Hunter, spiman, whosyourbaba

su1979 -- MichCamper, Dajoro, SeaDawg , nightowl62

Sublime1987 -- The Hunter, Melgard39

subzero9001 -- bookman708

sunnee -- The Hunter, oldgreyguy, skibumintahoe, SimplyDABulous

sunny05 -- The Hunter, SimplyDABulous

super1221 -- fly4rabbi, donpaco2, steller7472, Melgard39

SuperMatt -- formally known as matt82191 -- RallyR32, utahmaddie, MichCamper, kwhit14, dartboard, ATPRM, blynk

suziebee20 -- The Hunter, junebug8,nightowl62

SVS -- Melgard39

swagbucksaecool -- FEVER2006

swantz1984 -- SpecialistSon, steller7472, SweetestDeals, The Hunter

sweepboss -- saveyourself

SweetestDeals -- 9AU8, al_val2000, AlidarJarok, atlBraves122, awshucks, bdfinder, bookman708, CardinalEmpire, coke07, cokecrazy, Connecticut, dana365, dartboard, galdos718, gatormarc, GreenTwinkie, Hoe, HWL08, jillyq, JO_EY70, Jonsri, Katlynnmil, kdka421, lastlydreaming, loach33, louster0222, luke04191991, Luvchelly222, MCRWinner, MDlover, melgard39, MichCamper, midnight_sky, Nickehyz, nl0013, Orinix, oshiekosh, packdmail, pangirl, Peng, puff, r1yan, RedStripeE90, Scampsters, sialis, skibumintahoe, skipadedodah, skylar658, SpecialistSon, SSGBottleCaps, steller7472, stevedz, swantz1984, The Hunter, the1one, Toby16custom, utahdaddie, Zcetaa, FunkyTown

swpp79 -- jmplionel, Connecticut, dealmein4saving, kobe0007, steller7472, awshucks, Racefan6, Morad, nl0013, gilmoregirlz, unome, neyati, babl42, gatormarc, opharbour, usr,jro4997, Sixxy48

t0mmyr -- JD123

takoma97-- fly4rabbi, Melgard39, jp1979, skylar658 , nightowl62, louster0222

talija81 -- qkrisq, steller7472, bookman708, jmplionel, awshucks, travlinaddict, ducker, zbear11, oldgreyguy

Taz4me6 -- The Hunter

tbig19 -- AceViper, skinsfan05, lisalag4, fly4rabbi, ATPRM, steller7472, babl42, oldgreyguy, coke1985, utahmaddie, luvchelly222 (daily good trades)

teaserX -- steller7472, catguy25

techy2 -- Estee, Trashman13, MPython, KlicKlac, bunsbuns, twcbjr, bhaines23

Teh_ROFFLES -mckiney.t.j

tejacl -- rain74

tengo -- ankank

TessRC -- fuzzbox, steller7472

The Hunter -- 2travel, AceViper, atlBraves122, awshucks, b3nito303, Baballoo, bookman708, buddahman, catguy25, cnct_agl, coke1985, dartboard, Diveborg, donpaco2, ducker, Eeyore61172, egavacsaw, farmerK, FEVER2006, flapboy, General Kenobi, goliathpj, HalAshton, HeavilyArmed, Hurdler4eva, HurricaneDavid, loach33, MichCamper, mnky4jesus, oboelynn, opharbour, Peng, Penguinlover, PhucilliJerry, pmhesse, sctg_x316, seven7seven, Sialis, SimplyDABulous, skinsfan05, smmiller, SportsFreebies, steller7472, stutters, SuzieBee20, SweetestDeals, tinatark, unity311unity, Utahmaddie, wecotah, wizard13, Xeal, yatez112, magician300

the1one -- SweetestDeals

thebullpicker -- General Kenobi

TheCarsForever - MPython, Sixxy48, gizmo28244

thedevilman -- Trashman13

thelahaiesfamil -- CardinalEmpire, flapboy

ThEliteOne -- Fred39, rain74, KlicKlac

TheOldinOut -- The Hunter,nightowl62, unome, junebug8, h438dlk34, Racefan6, saveyourself, destroyer333

THEpiGUY -- The Hunter

thershey - Platinumland

thesmalldog -- billiemorgan, KlicKlac

thestreetlight -- chintc, awshucks

thicktaz -- rain74

Thirdbasekid24 -- whosyourbaba, loach33

thomas2542 -- steller7472, PhucilliJerry

Thur34 -- Utahmaddie, oboelynn, Eeyore61172, Peng, SimplyDABulous, Thirdbasekid24, opharbour, awshucks, allyn9, smmiller, Sixxy48

tighed1 -- skylar658

tinatark -- The Hunter

tipsy -- smmiller, bookman708, Diveborg, whosyourbaba, The Hunter, SeaDawg, Oldgreyguy, louster0222, S. Rabbit

TJmurray -- Eeyore61172

TMCole -- esutrack, b3nito303, junebug8, Racefan6, coke1985

tmsmith -- sbagdon (100's)

Toby16custom -- MichCamper, Rally, SweetestDeals, The Hunter

Toby518 -- The Hunter, buddahman

todo -- The Hunter

tofu123 -- The Hunter

toolsmack -- skibumintahoe

tooskinneejs -- saveyourself, rain74

trademe -- farmerK, Just_a_Bill

Trashman13 -- Estee, rain74, lessalesa, saveyourself, igot2havemore

travlinaddict -- PhucilliJerry, SeaDawg, HeavilyArmed

trey33 -- The Hunter

TritontroN -- fuzzbox, farmerK, skibumintahoe, bookman708, Peng, FEVER2006, General Kenobi, spiman, HalAshton, mbeta003, donpaco2, lisalag4

Trixi -- The Hunter

TRoosevelt -- The Hunter, cnct_agl, spiman, Diveborg, SimplyDABulous

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tumbenhaur -- MPython

twcbjr - MPython, bhaines23, Trashman13, StormRichards, Daisypug

TweetTweet7 -- thesmalldog

ubiquitous -- drumnj

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UofIgirl2000 -- MichCamper, coke1985, oldgreyguy

UNIVBFAN -- gizmo28244, nightowl62, dunkinbear, Platinumland, lessalesa

unity311unity -- The Hunter, steller7472. travlinaddict,nightowl62, flapboy, awshucks

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Usercar007 -- flapboy

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vforvendetta -- oldgreyguy

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WheelInDeal -- MichCamper, neyati

whimseys -- smmiller

whitesoxwc -- The Hunter, spiman, (took 2 weeks to send codes to lisalag4, claimed internet not working, yet was still logging in to SD?) nightowl62

whosyourbaba -- Thirdbasekid24,Elnoyl, ankank, opharbour, GreyedOut,catguy25

WiggyWoo -- SimplyDABulous

williebwalking -- The Hunter, nightowl62, flapboy

WingedWheel -- coonrad78 x2

without_end -- coonrad x2, tejacl, chicothemonkee

wizard13 -- The Hunter, nightowl62

wjp35 -- lisalag4, PhucilliJerry

wolverine30 -- billiemorgan, eenie91

xalmondjoyx -- Daisypug

xdarkcupidx -- rain74

xeal -- Just_a_Bill, The Hunter, dartboard, flapboy

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yankeefan234686 -- MichCamper, SeaDawg

yatez112 -- MichCamper, The Hunter, flapboy, donpaco2, FEVER2006, coke1985, SimplyDABulous, Melgard39, opharbour, blynk, aSpecialistSon, fritzdis, SeaDawg, oldgreyguy

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zero999 -- donpaco2

Ziggyzach -- PhucilliJerry

Zipshift2 -- bhaines23

zjts -- Tiner, Trashman13 . Nightowl62

zscore -- daveFL

zygote -- ankank

why trade caps for flaps and vice versa?

Some people can only enter in a few codes a day (some even less), so it makes sense for them to trade away their flaps so that they'll maximize their... umm... pointage (15 points in caps is better than a single 10-point flap).

For the other people, who have caps to spare and can enter in 10 caps a day every day, it makes sense to them to, again, maximize their pointage, by entering in 10-point flaps instead of 3-point caps.

If the trade ratio isn't too one-sided, both parties benefit greatly from trading this way. {The Hunter}


103 104 105 106 107

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Joined Aug 2011
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I now have 2x one month of a Spotify Premium Account code (expires April 15, 2013) from coke. Still have a $50 live nation code (expires 12/31).

Looking for MCR codes and/or DMR codes (would love a Cinderella code).
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Joined Mar 2010
Permanently Banned
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Have 10 $1/1 any Style Marlboro coupons. Looking for MCR Codes.
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Joined Mar 2010
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Need MCR points. Have $5 Amazon for trade. Please PM me with your going trade rate.
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Joined Oct 2012
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Last edited by esha_1 December 11, 2012 at 03:26 PM.
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Joined Jun 2009
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I'm not sure about what the going rate is, but I have MCR caps to trade for DEW XP caps.

I'd also like Amazon or Hollywood Movie Money.
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Joined Mar 2010
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I have abut 15 40 point bonus codes from Mcdonalds Monopoly. thats 600 points you can enter into 1 account !!!

Looking for several gift cards or Hollywood Movie Money from Marlboro.

Movie tickets in NYC are more ygM $12, so I can't use Hollywoood Movie Money $12 or lower.

Also have:

Southwest 60 point codes to trade for 40 MCR points.

MCR Account with 200 points in it to trade for $5 Gift Card. No points were added this week so you can enter another 120.
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Last edited by pingoblin November 21, 2012 at 10:04 AM.
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Joined Jan 2009
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i have southwest codes 60 point bonus codes willing to trade for 80 mcr points a piece
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Joined Oct 2012
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I have $5 domino or $5 amazon code to trade for 240 points each.
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Joined Nov 2010
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Last edited by awillquik November 21, 2012 at 10:22 PM. Reason: Traded.
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Joined Mar 2010
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I have another 4 Dew XP caps. Will trade for 4 MCR caps that will double, or 8 MCR caps that won't double.

And I still need flaps by Sunday don't have enough to max out my account this week. Anybody with flaps to trade PM me what you want for some. Thanks.
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Joined Aug 2007
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Just won a $10 Domino's pizza E-Gift Card code, would like to trade it for MCR or Amazon.
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Joined Jun 2011
L5: Journeyman
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I have a Shutterfly Wall Calendar code that I won from the Merry Minutes game. Would like to trade it for 250 MCR points or make me a gift card offer. It retails for $21.99.
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Joined Feb 2009
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(+12) Free Coke Zero 12- Pack (up to $4.50) Expires: 6/15/13
Damages Season 1 DVD (New)

Amazon, Dominos or Starbucks gift cards, MCR, Fandango, AMC, Hollywood Movie Money
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Joined Mar 2010
L7: Teacher
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Currently have 9 Mountain Dew XP caps. Want to trade for MCR points, please make offer.

Still looking for flaps. If anybody has extra flaps to trade let me know what you would like in exchange.
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Joined Dec 2008
The pursuit of cappiness.
2,859 Posts
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Have: five unused Mountain Dew XP caps or unused five red MCR caps -- your choice.

Looking for: one unused MCR cap from either Coke Zero, Powerade, or Powerade Zero. Minute Maid would be nice too.

Trade offer good until 11:30 p.m. EST today. (I'll be out of computer range until six this evening, so won't be able to respond to any trade requests until then.)
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