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Costco BM Kirkland Signature 20 year Single Malt scotch whisky for $44.99

tcpoob 98 100 November 30, 2012 at 04:58 PM in Grocery More Costco Wholesale Deals

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Last Edited by tcpoob December 3, 2012 at 10:55 PM
This years edition of Costco KS private label single malt is available in some stores in MA. Price $44.99 per 750ml bottle. It is aged 20 years and sherry cask finished. Seems like a great deal for the age for fellow SDers. If you've tried it, please share some tasting notes here.
  • Costco Item Number 650728
  • You usually don't need Costco membership if you are only buying liquor. At least where I am, no surcharge either, you pay the same as us members.
  • Due to state liquor regulations etc, some Costco liquor stores are operated by independent liquor/wine shops that may/can not carry Costco KS private label products
  • Call your stores ahead to verify availability if in doubt

Macallan was shown as the distillery in last year's version but the price was about twice as much. This year they might have gotten this from a different Speyside source.

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Membership Requirements
State Unknown - No Costco membership card is required.You must go to customer service and tell them you need a pass to buy Alcohol. You are allowed 2 bottles per person.
MA - No membership card required. At least in Waltham, just go in the exit. If anybody asks, tell them you're going to the liquor store.
CT (Enfield at least) - No Costco brand liquor on-site, liquor store is an independent business.
CA - No membership card required. You must go to customer service and tell them you need a pass to buy Alcohol.

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SKU 650728 $44.99

Kansas City, MO - 12/16. Still had about 60 bottles left.
Las Vegas has a pallet of three high as of 12/9.

San Leandro, CA to receive shipment 12/4

San Diego, CA Morena Blvd had 4 pallets on 12/17.

Cypress, CA has >300 bottles 12/7

Brookfield, CT has lots of bottles. I was able to buy 6 bottles.

Vancouver, WA - Both stores have 132 o order as of 12/5/12 and expect to receive them by Christmas

Mountain View, CA - Two pallet high stacks available as of 12/7 as of 12/11 300 "units"

San Francisco, CA -at least one full case of them and a few loose ones mixed in with the 15 year Kirkland bottles- on 12-11-12

sunnyvale, CA didn't see any, only 15year old

Foster City store has 15 and 20 yr in stock.

Not available in any Michigan Costco stores

Not available in any Iowa Costco locations (stupid state import laws)

20 yr Avail in Maplewood, MN as of 12/4/2012 but running low
Maplewood has at least 3 cases as of 12/17/2012

Sold out Waltham, MA, as of 12/6

Sold out Danvers, MA , as of 12/11 night

Available in AVON, MA AS OF THIS MORNING 12/8, 128 BOTTLES

Marina Del Rey, CA (Culver City Store) In Stock for 20 year and 15 year

Available in multiple Phoenix locations (reported 12/6-12/7)

Mission Valley San Diego, only 15yo now, mgr expecting 500 units of 20yr by 12/14

San Jose, CA (Coleman Ave) - Had 3 pallets or so stacked near the baked goods section as of 10AM (12/8)
San Jose, CA (Automation Parkway) had a lot today 12/12
San Jose, CA (Almaden Expressway & Blossom Hill) had a few pallets today 12/12

As of noon today, the new Washington DC store has a pallet about chest high, and the manager of the wine & spirits section told me she was expecting more throughout the season (12/8) - Just picked up 2 bottles at this store they had 3 pallets on the end cap (12/12)

Burbank, CA - 20yr in stock as of 12/7

Oxnard, Ca. ~15 bottles left. 207 bottles delivered on 12/9

Vallejo, CA- 8-10 Cases as of 12/9

Southwest Denver, CO - More than 150 bottles remaining

Sun Prairie (Madison), WI - as of 12/12, more than 150 bottles

Edison, NJ - 8-10 cases as of 12/12

Is there anyone who knows the normal/regular price for this bottle please?

Azuza, CA : 300+ bottles available as of 12/15

Brookfield CT : 12 cases at 3pm 12/15

Livermore , CA has 400+ bottles still in stock 12/15 4.30 pm PST

Seattle, WA 4th Ave has 2 pallets left 12/16

Montebello, CA has 2 pallets of 20yrs scotch and about 50 bottles of Maccallen 12/16

Rancho Cordova (Sacramento Area) has plenty. At least 12 cases worth. 12/17 2pm

Burlington, WA had a dozen bottles left on 12/19 11am


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Oban (and Glenkinchie, I believe) are on instant rebate sale right now in California.
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Quote from pezdukie View Post :
So the Middleton Costco did have it in stock? Might just have to head out after football today.
It was alive and well in Sun Prairie as of about an hour ago (at least 20 bottles left). I would assume Middleton would have it as well, though it might sell out faster there, you know those west siders and their refined tastes Stick Out Tongue

I've got a glass in hand right now (neat). I'm really more of an Islay gal, the more aggressive the better. This is mild and very very smooth, not what I usually buy but it's good stuff. A steal for the price.
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Quote from ageedoy View Post :
more specifically San Jose. Let us know if you have better luck in SF.
Quote from Deucer View Post :
Thanks for the reply! I'll check SF and maybe South San Francisco tomorrow.
Quote from tekillah View Post :
Any finds in the SF Bay Area. This is the best time to stock up on booze from Costco.
Quote from timmy8151 View Post :
Anyone have any luck in Northern California? No luck for me at a few stores on the peninsula
It wasn't on the shelves in Richmond. I asked a manager if they were going to get any stock of that product number and she couldn't find evidence of the product existing in the computer for the entire "Bay Area Region".

It looks like we're out of luck, at least for the time being. It sounds like they're getting it in SoCal, and it's hard to imagine that they would leave us dry like that. That just wouldn't be fair.
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Quote from StickyFeet View Post :
It does taste like Grey Goose and I heard Kirkland actually purchased the distillery.
To me, that is not a point in its favor.

Quote from ikisat View Post :
You've now successfully linked to another article from 2008 about 5 random vodkas and 3 random people found in bars... and an article from 2007 about an article from 2005 about 6 random vodkas and 6 random people...

So now in the sum of 3 random articles you've managed a total test panel of 15-16 random people with no qualifications judging roughly the same number of random vodkas...

Let's try this in another category, can the average person tell the difference between a quality set of headphones and their crappy skull candies? No, no they can't. Am I still always going to suggest that people buy the quality set that is the same price or cheaper than their crappy set? Yes, yes I am. Can the average person tell the difference between 720p and 1080p or the difference between a quality TV and a crappy one? Nope, not in the least it's the main reason consumer laptops have such shitty resolutions and bad models of TVs sell at the same volume as good models. Am I always going to suggest people buy the best quality picture TV available in their price range? Yes, yes I am.

See my point? I'm not in anyway attempting to argue that the average person can tell the difference between smirnoff and monopolowa I'm simply saying why would I suggest the crap tier smirnoff that's $10-15 a bottle when I can suggest the gold tier monopolowa that has ranked 92-96 out of 100 for the past 5 years in a row and is $10-15 a bottle... I don't get why you would even argue that people should just buy smirnoff when they can actually buy great vodka for the same price as smirnoff just because the average person can't tell the difference between the two doesn't mean they're never going to lend their headphones to someone with better than average hearing or have someone with discerning eyes watch their tv or someone with a discerning palate drink their vodka. I will always suggest the best quality for the lowest price.
Thanks for taking the time to summarize this better than I could. Smilie
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Quote from meganks View Post :
I was told by a wine specialist at Costco that this is Macallan but since Costco is not using their name this time, this is cheaper than previous years version of Kirklands for Macallan
I'm not saying it is impossible, but this is highly suspicious. Macallan 18 year old sells for $150+ a bottle. Macallan is also one of the most popular single malt whiskeys. If they had a whole bunch of excess 20 year old laying around, why would they dump it at costco for pennies on the dollar? Even if it didn't meet their quality metrics they could still do a lot of different things with it and get a better return.

I'd love to be proven wrong and take advantage of it.
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Quote from pezdukie View Post :
So the Middleton Costco did have it in stock? Might just have to head out after football today.

The Kirkland American Vodka is pretty darn good in my opinion. Comparable to a Svedka or similar Vodka. Obviously not as good as their Grey Goose knockoff but definitely worth the ~$15
Costco cashier said he heard the American Vodka came from Tito's.
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DAM, this intrigues me
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Ugh, Stupid NYS and their liquor laws requiring Costco to team with an independent liquor store. Stupid NJ too.
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Is this good?
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I was in the store in Edison, NJ this afternoon and asked an associate that was working the department about the 20 year scotch. They did not have it but he said there were 2 others in today also asking about it. Must have been slickdealers.
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damn... I wish costco had the liqour stores in Dallas.
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Quote from president69 View Post :
picked up a case in Atlanta Perimeter location. thanks

duuuudddeeeeee.. OMG I hope you left some..
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No go at my local Costco...the only Kirkland non-wine they have is the Vodka
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Quote from galewskj View Post :
To me, that is not a point in its favor.

Thanks for taking the time to summarize this better than I could. Smilie

I am not saying that Grey Goose is the best vodka out there, but what I am saying is that for the amount of vodka Kirkland provides per bottle for the price they sell it for compared to the price Grey Goose charges per bottle its a very good value. If you dont like Grey Goose obviously dont drink the Kirkland brand then.
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Last edited by StickyFeet December 2, 2012 at 08:19 PM.
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Can you guys stop talking about Vodka in here? kthxbai
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