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**FREE UNLOCK** For Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2 - ALL GSM

lillazyfats81 511 474 December 1, 2012 at 03:06 AM in Tech & Electronics (2)

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Last Edited by lillazyfats81 December 1, 2012 at 09:52 AM
***Deal belongs here because Galaxy Note 2 unlock code on ebay is >$10 ($24.99)***

=====ALL Credits to Owl74 on XDA-Developers=====

This is confirmed by myself to work on the AT&T Galaxy S3 and AT&T Galaxy Note 2 ....and it is reported to work on ALL VARIANTS of GSM.

I am posting it publicly to give where credit is due, and to KILL the ebay profits, specifically ebay Item: 321033698090

Please do not profit off someone elses' idea and ebay this info like the Joker in the auction above

To unlock your Galaxy S3 OR NOTE 2:

Just dial the following keys *#197328640#

Main Menu > [1] UMTS > [1] Debug Screen > [8] Phone Control > [6] Network Lock > Options [3]Perso SHA256 OFF > (after choosing this option, wait about 30 seconds, then go back one step by pressing the Menu button then select Back, now you are in [6] Network Lock then choose [4] NW Lock NV Data INITIALLIZ ..... wait for a minute then reboot your phone... enjoy!!!

/standard disclaimer: I am not responsible if you don't follow directions and what you do with your phone...

*****Hit the Thanks button, you're welcome Smilie
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Community Wiki

Last Edited by HermitDash April 3, 2014 at 05:55 PM
This will not work for Stock Android 4.3 or Higher and downgrading may cause a brick DONT DO IT.

Unlocking cellphones was recently made illegal because a certain mandate expired. Please take a few minutes to sign this petition so we can ensure consumer rights and our ability to use our phones on different carriers:
Petition to Make Unlocking Cell Phones Legal.


The current way to root and unlock your ATT Galaxy S3 phone (along with others) can be found here:
Works awesomely, so good in fact, I donated to the dev. DYLAN

AT&T Users you can now update to Jelly Bean!!!


And if ATT give you unlock code and if it doesnt work, then you need to go back to 4.1.1 using Odin and then use the above options to unlock and then go back to 4.1.2.


Those who are having trouble.


2) BOOT up the phone with the different sim card, then it will ask for unlock code. CLICK DISMISS

3) Then perform the 6 step process in post #1

4) be sure to WAIT EXACTLY where it says wait 30 sec, and wait 1min then reboot

---I have better success with the foreign sim in FIRST and unlocking with the foreign sim inside the phone.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • What is unlocking/what is its benefit?
Only thing unlocking your phone will do is allow you to pop in a different sim card and use that provider's service with your phone -Blacksoxing
  • Will unlocking my phone void my warranty?
It typically won't void your warranty (since some providers WILL unlock your phone for you if you're traveling internationally....)....and it won't help you get updates faster. -Blacksoxing
  • After unlocking the phone, data isn't working on the foreign network (e.g. if you have a T-Mobile phone, data is not working when you put in your AT&T SIM card), what do I need to do?
To get data to work on your FOREIGN SIM, you must change the APN setting. Google for your carrier's APN setting and change that. This is nothing related to unlocking the phone, rather its because you are literally on a different cell carrier and you need to modify the phone to access the correct data network. -OP - lillazyfats81
  • Will unlocking my phone affect my internet speeds?
It won't affect your internet speeds. -Blacksoxing
  • Which service providers does this work for? Does it work for Verizon/Sprint?
This works ONLY for GSM phones, i.e. phones on AT&T, T-Mobile, or most international carrier. This will NOT work on CDMA/TDMA phones, specifically phones from Verizon or Sprint. Some Verizon phones use SIM cards for 4G data, and it may be possible to use those phones with GSM networks, but I am not sure of that. -hallowmann
  • Does this mean I can use it outside the country without paying any extra service fees?
You have to pay for service no matter where you go, but if you go to another country, rather than being forced to use your AT&T SIM card with international roaming, you can buy a prepaid SIM card from the country you are traveling to. You would have to switch the SIM cards and then you can use your unlocked phone on the international service plan. -hallowmann
  • What does "GSM' mean in the original post?
GSM refers to use "Global System for Mobile communications". This is for mobile devices that use SIM cards for voice, specifically AT&T and T-Mobile devices in the US, and almost all devices every else in the world. -hallowmann
  • Does unlocking the phone mean that I am no longer under my contract? Will I still have to pay my service provider the monthly service fee? What about Early Termination Fee (ETF)?
Unlocking the phone deals ONLY with the phone, not with your service. You will still have the service and you will still either have to pay the monthly fees or pay the early termination fee, whether you have the phone or not. Again, unlocking the phone does NOTHING to the contract. The contract is for service, it has nothing to do with the phone. The phone is yours. You could sell the phone and you'd still have to pay your voice and data service. -hallowmann
  • Does this work on the Samsung Galaxy S2? Other GSM phones?
It doesn't work on the S2, but if bought the phone (or any GSM phone) from AT&T or T-Mobile and you've had your phone for something like 90 days or 6 months (not sure which) with service, you can call them up and say you are going overseas and need to unlock your phone for use there. They should give/email you the SIM unlock code for your phone, which you would need to put in when you insert another network's SIM into your phone. If they give you trouble, just keep pressing that you may go to areas that don't have their coverage and need other options. They should/will give it to you. -hallowmann[LIST]
  • Foreign sim Data plan is not working
Add APN settings as per new foreign sim provider.Prem (thanks to lillazyfats81

It doesn't work with custom rom, at least for CM10 rom. you must restore the original rom to use the code.

No go on unused VZW GS3 (I know it's not GSM, still gave it a shot); Code didn't work (Stock ICS)
VZW GSM always works overseas, you don't even have to unlock it -

To check if your phone is unlocked, press *#7465625#

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Unlocking becomes illegal on Saturday in US

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Why do I get this on my tmobile s3? "SHA256_ENABLE_FLAG[0]
SHA256_OFF => Not Change
Please help me out.
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Is this a permanent unlock? Or if I flash my phone with a custom ROM or completely reset my phone the phone will be locked again?
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It's only becoming illegal for phones purchased Jan 26th and onwards
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Quote from bradfordrr View Post :
I need to unlock my Samsung Galaxy S3 on Sprint so I can use it on AT&T. Help, please. Thanks.
Even if you unlock it, it will NOT work on AT&T because AT&T is GSM while Sprint is CDMA.
Basically, if the phone works on Sprint, it won't work on AT&T and vice versa.

GSM (AT&T, T-Mobile)

CDMA (Verizon, Sprint) it will work with Verizon if you unlock though.
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Quote from mrkiki911 View Post :
Unlocking becomes illegal on Saturday in US

So how can i use phones when travel now?
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Quote from microkelvin View Post :
So how can i use phones when travel now?
I believe these articles leave out important info. The law states that 3rd parties cannot unlock phones for you except for the carriers. The end consumer (you) can unlock the phone yourself such as using this method described here, but you cannot use those other services online websites or buy codes from ebay.

But I'm pretty sure many 3rd party websites will move their business overseas to bypass this law.
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Quote from nyknicks8 View Post :
I believe these articles leave out important info. The law states that 3rd parties cannot unlock phones for you except for the carriers. The end consumer (you) can unlock the phone yourself such as using this method described here, but you cannot use those other services online websites or buy codes from ebay.

But I'm pretty sure many 3rd party websites will move their business overseas to bypass this law.
i dont understand this statement:

Quote :
If you do buy a new phone and want to unlock it before the deadline, you must first ask your carrier if the company will unlock your phone for you. The DMCA only permits you to unlock your phone yourself once you've asked your carrier first.
so if you want to unlock the phone yourself, you just have to ask your carrier now? just ask and then it's legal to unlock by yourself after the deadline or before the deadline? this sounds like you can't use any unlocked phone (ever) if you dont ask them before this deadline.
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good deal,thanks op for sharing this with us
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Quote from calibuon View Post :
Why do I get this on my tmobile s3? "SHA256_ENABLE_FLAG[0]
SHA256_OFF => Not Change
Please help me out.
I got the same message on Tmobile Note2. Now what do we do? I read whole thread, still confused.
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Saw this very late - and followed EXACT (timed 30secs and 1min by a watch) steps as OP listed and 100% success. Verified with T-Mobile (foreign SIM). I have a AT&T - SG3. I did this with my AT&T SIM (home SIM) in the phone, worked like a charm.

Thanks & Repped!

Few ques which i see a lot of people have:-
Question1 - After selecting Options [3]Perso SHA256 OFF you get two more options
SHA256_OFF :> Not Change
What to do?
Answer: Do nothing, I simply waited 30 secs as told by OP. Then hit Menu-> Back and went back to [6] Network Lock.

Question2 - After completing all steps tried *#7465625# and got "Connection problem or invalid MMI code" What does this mean.
Answer: I got it to. No idea what it means, but inserted a T-Mobile SIM and made a call - went through.

Question3 - How to verify its unlocked?
Answer: Your best shot is to get a foreign SIM somehow, thats the only thing which can certify you made it.
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Anyone can advise if this also works for Tmobile Samsung S2 model as well? Thanks
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i did it but it didnt work thanks anyways
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Will this method work if I am rooted. I have the stock ROM but am rooted. Do I need to unroot first or not?
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The Kev Master tried doing this with his AT&T sim and it looked ok.

Today, he got the free T-Mobile SIM and put it in and found that it wasn't unlocked so he tried doing this again and easily unlocked it.
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