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RETIRED: Viggle App - Get paid while you watch tv (iOS and Android)

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Community Wiki

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New Users: Please scroll down to the second wiki or click the link below for the FAQ and begin reading there!
Any Questions not found in the FAQ? Post or PM: Most of us will be happy to help! Smilie

Come join us for live VL Answers/My Guy tips!
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Thursday, 06/26/14  
Reair Time(s) Wiki Editor SoundCloud Volunteer VL Q&A Volunteer
Play Your Heart Out Commercial [] ALT [] +200 FluffyHaze  
+200 bonus will be awarded within 7 days of your check-in    
- - - - 
2014 FIFA World Cup (Group G: United States vs. Germany) - ESPN - 11am-2pm 4X VIGOOOAL! Viggle Live! (+450) Answers 11pm-1am (ESPNC), 2am-4am (ESPN2) DawgFan chatroom [] (will not repeat)
- - - -  
2014 Copa Mundial de FIFA (Grupo G: Estados Unidos contra Alemania) - Univision - 11:30am-2pm 4X? VIGOOOAL!
2014 FIFA World Cup (Group G: Portugal vs. Ghana) - ESPN2 - 11:30am-2pm NO BONUS? VIGOOOAL!
2014 Copa Mundial de FIFA (Grupo G: Portugal contra Ghana) - UniMas - 11:30am-2pm NO BONUS? VIGOOOAL!
- - - -  
2014 FIFA World Cup (Group H: Korea Republic vs. Belgium) - ESPN - 3:30pm-6pm NO BONUS? VIGOOOAL! DawgFan
2014 Copa Mundial de FIFA (Grupo H: Corea del Sur contra Bélgica) - Univision - 3:30pm-6pm NO BONUS? VIGOOOAL! DawgFan
2014 FIFA World Cup (Group H: Algeria vs. Russia) - ESPN2 - 3:30pm-6pm NO BONUS? VIGOOOAL!
2014 Copa Mundial de FIFA (Grupo H: Argelia contra Rusia) - UniMas - 3:30pm-6pm NO BONUS? VIGOOOAL!
- - - -  
Hell's Kitchen (7 Chefs Again) - FOX - 8pm-9pm 3X Viggle Live! (+220) Answers
300: Rise of an Empire [] ALT [] ALT [] - DTV Cinema - 8pm-2am 15X DirecTV Bonus Only (102 min) DawgFan
The Bourne Supremacy [] - USA - 8pm-10:30pm NO BONUS Viggle Live! (+220) Answers drlux DawgFanForLife, drlux
- - - -  
Rookie Blue (Heart Breakers, Money Makers) - ABC - 9pm-10pm 2X Viggle Live! (+220) Answers
Big Brother - CBS - 9:01pm-10pm 2X Viggle Live! (+220) Answers
- - - -  
Last Comic Standing (Challenge 1 - Sketch) - NBC - 10pm-11pm 2X Viggle Live! (+220) Answers DawgFan
- - - -  
Total Possible Points for bonus shows (watch + bonus): XXX    
Total Possible Points for bonus shows DirecTV Users (watch + bonus): XXX    

Wednesday, 06/25/14  
Reair Time(s) Wiki Editor SoundCloud Volunteer VL Q&A Volunteer
Purple Rain by Prince [] ALT [] ALT [] +100 FluffyHaze  
must check in by 12:00AM ET; will receive +100 bonus points within 30 days    
- - - - 
Play Your Heart Out Commercial [] ALT [] +200 FluffyHaze  
+200 bonus will be awarded within 7 days of your check-in    
- - - - 
2014 FIFA World Cup (Group F: Nigeria vs. Argentina) [] - ESPN - 11:30am-2pm 3X VIGOOOAL! 8pm-10pm (ESPNC), 9am-11am (ESPNC) DawgFan
2014 Copa Mundial de FIFA (Grupo F: Nigeria contra Argentina) [] - Univision - 11:30am-2pm NO BONUS VIGOOOAL! DawgFan
2014 FIFA World Cup (Group F: Bosnia & Herzegovina vs. Iran) [] - ALT [] - ESPN2 - 11:30am-2pm 3X VIGOOOAL! FluffyHaze
2014 Copa Mundial de FIFA (Grupo F: Bosnia y Herzegovina contra Irán) [] - UniMas - 11:30am-2pm 3X VIGOOOAL! FluffyHaze
- - - -  
2014 FIFA World Cup (Group E: Ecuador vs. France) [] - ALT [] - ESPN - 3:30pm-6pm 3X VIGOOOAL! 7am-9am (ESPNC) FluffyHaze
2014 Copa Mundial de FIFA (Grupo E: Ecuador contra Francia) [] - Univision - 3:30pm-6pm 3X? VIGOOOAL! FluffyHaze
2014 FIFA World Cup (Group E: Honduras vs. Switzerland) [] - ALT [] - ESPN2 - 3:30pm-6pm 3X VIGOOOAL! FluffyHaze
2014 Copa Mundial de FIFA (Grupo E: Honduras contra Suiza) [] - UniMas - 3:30pm-6pm 3X? VIGOOOAL! FluffyHaze
- - - -  
8:00pm FluffyHaze  
Big Brother [] - CBS - 8pm-9pm 2X Viggle Live! (+220) Answers FluffyHaze MJKrat
Million Dollar Listing New York (Reunion Part 2) [] - Bravo - 8pm-9pm 3X Viggle Live! (+200) Answers 11:31pm, 2:02am FluffyHaze ruda225
So You Think You Can Dance (Pasadena Callbacks) [] - FOX - 8pm-10pm 2X Viggle Live! (+450) Answers FluffyHaze ruda225
- - - -  
9:00pm FluffyHaze  
Restaurant Stakeout (Unlucky In Vegas) [] - Food Network - 9pm-10pm 3X Viggle Live! (+220) Answers 12am FluffyHaze ruda225
- - - -  
10:00pm DawgFan  
House Hunters [] - HGTV - 10pm-10:30pm 3X 1am DawgFan
Restaurant: Impossible (Monkey Business) [] - Food Network - 10pm-11pm 3X 1am DawgFan
Graceland (Tinker Bell) [] - USA - 10:01pm-11:02pm 2X Viggle Live! (+220) Answers 1:03am BestBuds ruda225
- - - -  
Total Possible Points for bonus shows (watch + bonus): XXX    
Total Possible Points for bonus shows DirecTV Users (watch + bonus): XXX    


The Hunt Streak True Blood Streak
06/08 Predator or Prey? 06/22 Jesus Gonna Be Here
06/15 Night Stalker  
06/22 One Shot  

Summer Lovin' Promo (DirecTV Only)
All summer long, DirecTV customers get 15X bonus for select DirecTV programs and Cinema Movie Night titles. Check the 'What's On' section daily and look for the special summer badge. DirecTV customers must be authenticated to receive the 15X bonus for select programs, indicated by the DirecTV Summer Lovin' badge. 15X summer promo ends 8/30/14.

The Hunt Streak (+500)
Look for the Streak badge between June 8-29 & check into 3 out of 4 episodes to earn +500 Viggle Points! You must check into the live airing of 3 episodes of The Hunt indicated by the Streak badge in the "What's On" section of the app between 6/8-6/29. Points will be awarded within 7-10 business days from the end of the Streak.

True Blood Streak (+3,000) (DirecTV Only)
DirecTV customers get +3,000 bonus points for checking into the first 5 episodes from 6/22-7/20! Authenticated DTV customers must check into the original air dates Sundays at 9PM ET on HBO using audio verification to receive the 3,000 bonus points. Manual check-ins are not eligible for bonus points. Points will be awarded within 30 days.

Viggle Music Match + Buy bonus points (+1000 per song purchased, iOS only)
iOS users can now purchase the songs they Match on Viggle. If the song is available for purchase on iTunes, iOS users can get +1,000 Viggle Points for each song purchased. If you purchase an album, it is considered one purchase, so you will only receive 1,000 Viggle points for the album purchase. Please allow up to 14 days for the Viggle points to be credited to your account. As soon as the iTunes purchase is confirmed, we will send an email to your Viggle email address notifying you that the points have been issued to your account. Click Here for More Viggle Music Info & Tips


Perfect Pop Quest (+500) Check into 8 out of 12 featured movies for +500 bonus points! You must use audio verification to check into the live airing of at least 8 out of 12 featured programs indicated by the Quest badge in the "What's On" section of the app between 5/11-6/21. Manual check-ins are not eligible for bonus points. Points will be awarded within 7-10 business days from the end of the Quest.

Mountain Men Streak (+500) Look for the Streak badge between June 1-22 & check into 3 out of 4 episodes to earn +500 Viggle Points! You must check into the live airing of 3 episodes of Mountain Men indicated by the Streak badge in the "What's On" section of the app between 6/1-6/22. Points will be awarded within 7-10 business days from the end of the Streak.

Brother vs. Brother Streak (+500) Look for the Streak badge between June 8-June 22 and check into the first 3 episodes to earn +500 Viggle Points! You must check into the live airing of the first 3 episodes of Brother vs. Brother indicated by the Streak badge in the "What's On" section of the app between 6/8-6/22. Points will be awarded within 7-10 business days from the end of the Streak.


Halt and Catch Fire Streak (+1000) (DirecTV Only) DirecTV customers get +1,000 bonus points for checking into the first 3 episodes from 6/1-6/15! Authenticated DTV customers must check into the original air dates on AMC using audio verification to receive the 1,000 bonus points. Manual check-ins are not eligible for bonus points. Points will be awarded within 30 days. Credited 6/24

Gang Related Streak (+1000) (DirecTV Only) DirecTV customers get +1,000 bonus points for checking into the first 5 episodes from 5/22-6/19! Authenticated DTV customers must check into the original air dates on FOX using audio verification to receive the 1,000 bonus points. Manual check-ins are not eligible for bonus points. Points will be awarded within 30 days. Credited 6/24

Big Ballet Streak (+1000) (DirecTV Only) DirecTV customers get +1,000 bonus points for checking into the first 3 episodes from 5/28-6/11! Authenticated DTV customers must check into the original air dates Wednesdays at 10PM ET on Ovation using audio verification to receive the 1,000 bonus points. Manual check-ins are not eligible for bonus points. Points will be awarded within 30 days. Credited 6/16

Double Feature Bonus (+250) Purchase both Lone Survivor & Non-Stop on Digital HD and Check in for +250 bonus points. Purchase from iTunes, Amazon or Google Play. In order to receive the bonus points, you must wait to check in after the first 10 minutes of each movie from 5/27-6/2. Points will be awarded within 7-10 business days from the end of the Double Feature Bonus. Credited 6/6

24: Live Another Day Streak (+1000) (DirecTV Only) DirecTV Customers get +1,000 bonus points for checking into the first 5 episodes from 5/5-6/2! Authenticated DTV customers must check into the original air dates on FOX using audio verification to receive the 1,000 bonus points. Manual check-ins are not eligible for bonus points. Points will be awarded within 30 days. Credited 6/6

Community Wiki

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PLEASE check here to see if your question has already been answered BEFORE posting it to the thread!

Table of Contents

New Users
Getting Started
Direct TV
General Info
Checking into TV Shows
Checking into Music/Music Matching
The Reset
Error 2045/Banning
My Guy
My Guy Success Guide
The Offer Wall
Viggle Live
Multiple Accounts
The Wiki/The Thread/Reps

This section of the wiki is for new users only!

Q: What is Viggle?

A: Viggle is an app available for iOS and Android which offers you gift cards, coupons, and electronics for simply watching TV and clicking ads in-app! Basically, Viggle can "check-in" to shows by using the microphone on your device to hear what show you're watching. Each check-in gets you a certain amount of points that you can redeem for gift certificates to Best Buy, Starbucks, Sephora, Burger King, iTunes, etc.!

Q: How do I download it?

A: Search for "Viggle" in the iTunes app store or download it for Android here... or scan this QR with your Android bar code scanner. QR Link []

Q: But not all rewards programs are created equal... How long does it take to get a gift card?

A: Ehhh... Viggle definitely isn't the best reward program out there but it isn't the worse either. It takes two weeks of LEISURE viggling to get a $5 gift card. The max you can earn per account per day is $3.00 in points. Viggle gives exclusive bonus points to DirecTV users so if you have DirecTV you may want to check Viggle out!

Q: I saw those HUGE tables above. What are those about?

A: You're looking at our primetime schedules. Viggle gives bonus points to the shows listed above each day. If you miss a show, you can check in up until 8am EST the morning after. So basically, click one of the links to start a video, open up the app and click "Check-in"... Viggle listens and you get gift cards!

Q: That seems like a lot of work. Any other ways to get points?

A: First of all, it is not a lot of work, but there are several other ways! in addition to check-ins you can also get points by clicking on in-game ads. You simply click an ad in-app and get credited for it! It's totally worth it... checking-in to a bonus show gives you 2 cents LMAO

Q: How do you do check-ins? Where are the ads? What other rewards are there? How many points can I get? AAAH! So many questions! Where can I find the answers?

A: Scroll down just a little bit... we have users who add all of those wonderful questions to the FAQ! Download the app and read the FAQ over and begin using the app! If you don't get it, you can always post on this thread or PM me, Peatree2 or any other user! We're happy to answer all of your questions!

Q: Is Viggle worth my time?

A: That you decide. With minimal effort, you can earn ~$1.00 a day by check-ins, ads, trivia, My Guy (see below). On better days you can earn more. Viggle is worth a try! Download it and see if it's an app for you.

-Return to Table of Contents-


So now you've downloaded the app with the info above. Now what?

This 5-minute tutorial will help you get the most out of Viggle!

1. You should see the Viggle start page when you open the app... Register! Make sure you use a valid email! After you register, you have to CONFIRM your email to get rewards!
2. After you're done with that, check the upper right corner of your app. You should have gotten a +200 bonus.
3. Don't click the upper right corner yet... look down. You should see three more buttons at the bottom, What's On, Check-In and Rewards.
4. We'll check out the Rewards Catalog first. Scroll and look at all the wonderful rewards! You can also click "Featured rewards" at the top for a drop down list of other reward categories!
5. Now to What's On! This is the place where all the bonus shows are updated. You should see a bonus with each show... from +50 to +150. Scroll and see all the shows! Don't click yet... we'll go through clicking later on!
6. Now return to the first tile on What's On. Scroll three times... you'll come to the first ad tile. Scroll three more to the second ad tile. Scroll three more to the third ad tile. Sometimes good ads show up in the ad tiles... more about ads later on!
7. Done with What's On for now! Go to Check-Ins. You should see a huge V... the Viggle logo. This is the place where you check into TV shows! Let's try it out...
8. Turn on your TV to one of your favorite channels. Now click the Check-In button and let Viggle listen to your TV! If your check in is successful, congrats! Now press "back" on the upper left corner of the show tile. Check-ins are one of the three main ways to get points.
9. Ads are another major way to earn points! Ads don't appear 24/7, however they do appear at various times throughout the day. Read on for more details Smilie
10. Another major way to earn points is Viggle Live. Viggle Live is basically live trivia for a show. When a show starts with Viggle Live, you can play along and answer trivia questions with the show to win lots of points... usually 400 for a 1-hour show! But I'm not going to go in detail. You now know the basics... scroll down to read more! Again, if you still need help, PM any of the active users you see in the thread! Big Grin

-Return to Table of Contents-


Viggle offers exclusive features if you link your DirectTV account with your Viggle account! These are the DirectTV member exclusives:
  • New shows added with 3X bonus for directv customers
  • Sign up for Direct TV and get +500,000 pts (New customers only;Must stay signed up for at least 90 days)
  • +3X on Direct TV Sunday Ticket Games

To link your account, go to your profile in the upper right corner and click on the gear settings button. Then change your TV provider to DirecTV. Note: you actually need a DirecTV account to gain the exclusive new bonuses and enter your email/pass. It's not that easy... Stick Out Tongue

NOTE THAT TO LINK, you need...iOS 5.0 or greater or Android 2.2 or greater.

There is a maximum of 4 Viggle accounts per DIRECTV account!!!

EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Enter promo code "DirecTV" when you make a new viggle account to get a +4000 bonus IF you have a DirecTV login


Q: Is Viggle available for Android?

A: Yes, it is currently available at the Google Play Store. [] Latest version is 1.6.3 as of 12-20-13.

If for some reason you cannot download from the Play Store due to "incompatible app" or your device does not come with Play Store access (for example, Kindle Fire), you can download the APK file directly HERE []. You do so at your own risk. If Viggle has flagged your device as incompatible, it is highly likely there's an issue with that device (crashing on start, missing check-in functions, etc.).

Instructions to installing the APK file can be found at the following website HERE [] (Note: This works for any Android device, not just the device listed on the website. The instructions are specific to the Kindle Fire but can be easily be figured out for other devices. Google is your friend here.)

Q: Does Viggle have any social networking sites?
A: Yes. They have accounts at Twitter [] and Facebook [], as well as a Blog [].

Q: How can I contact Viggle Support?
A: Your best option is to contact them via e-mail at or call them at 1-800 2-VIGGLE.

Q: Where can I send my ideas or suggestions?
A: Send them via e-mail to!

Q: Can more than one person share a device?
A: Yes - you can have two accounts on the same device, but if Viggle senses any "unusual" activity, you will be flagged for review.

Q: What's the url for creating an account online?

Q: What are the ad tiles?
A: The ad tiles are in the featured show carousel. Click What's On, then swipe three times to go to the first ad tile, three more times to go to the second ad tile, three more to the third ad tile. Ad tiles are where ads show up, especially at the reset.

Q: How can I search for shows?
A: Click the small square at the upper left corner of the app... then click Search for Shows.

Q: Why should I search for shows?
A: Several reasons, including knowing when your favorite programs air. But mostly to get more ads... sometimes ads show up on special shows during the reset (ex. American Idol), and you have to search for them.

Q: There's a "Thanks for using Viggle" bonus in my account. What is it for?
A: This is put out by Customer Service to credit you for bonus points that may not have arrived.
e.g.: You checked into a show of 3X bonus points and they never arrived. Viggle sends out an adjustment of those missed points saying "Thanks for using Viggle" or "Customer Service Adjustment"

Q: How do I like a show?
A: Go to any show's tile, then click the star button in the upper right corner. Then, go to your profile (upper right corner) and then the drop down list. Go to "Likes" to see your liked shows!

-Return to Table of Contents-


Q: When can I check-in to a show?
A: You can check into a show at any time during the program. You do not have to check in when the show first starts. There is no longer a minimum amount of check-in time required to receive credit for a streak/quest.

Q: How/when do I receive points for checking in to a show?
A: Once you are checked into a show, you will receive points for the time you watched the show (1 point/minute). Viggle assumes you watch until the end. Your points credit WHEN the show ends OR when you check into another show.

Q: How long will I receive points for watching?
A: You will continue earning points until: a) the show ends or b) you check in to another show.

Q: After I check in to a show, do I have to leave the app open?
A: No.

Q: After I check in to a show, do I have to watch the whole show to receive credit?
A: No, you actually only need to watch enough to get checked in. You will get credit from the time you check-in until the show goes off or you check-in to a different show, even if you do not continue watching the show. Watch bonus points are awarded only from the first time you check into a show, and the amount is based on how many minutes you are checked in, so don't try to check in again if it shows up in your "my shows" list, as you'll waste the bonus.

Q: What are "Featured Shows"?
A: The shows on the "Featured Shows carousel" are shows worth bonus points. There is no minimum amount of time you must be checked in for to receive the bonus but you may only earn these bonus points for one check in, regardless of whether you watch the show live or recorded. IMPORTANT: You MUST check into shows via audio (live or recorded) to be eligible for any bonus points.

Q: What is manual check-in?
A: Manual check-in is another form of checking in instead of letting Viggle listen to your phone. Simply attempt to check-in, but you don't have to do anything... just let the app listen to silence. After the app notifies you that your check-in fails, do it again... but this time, you can manually enter the show you want to check-in to. This is useful when Viggle doesn't recognize your show, some other event (like pro basketball or golf) goes into Overtime and takes up a part of the show, or you don't have the channel the show is on. Note: this can only be used when your show is CURRENTLY on air. So if you want to check into a show that aired the day before, you can't use manual check-in, unless there's a re-air. You can only manual check-in to shows less than 60 minutes. So if you try to manual check-in to a 90 minute newscast, can't do. However, the one exception to this rule is sporting events... no time limit for those. Also keep in mind that you will not receive any bonus points for manual check-ins into featured shows.

Q: What about DVRed shows?
A: Viggle can recognize recorded content, but may not always be able to do so. Shows that are not live CANNOT be manually checked into. DVRed shows also qualify for "Featured Show" bonus points (but remember, you are only eligible for "Featured Show" bonuses once, regardless of how many times you check in). You must check in by 8am EST the next morning to get the bonus points.

Q: What about shows on channels I don't subscribe to?
A: You can still check into these shows manually or use a soundcloud.

Q: Viggle doesn't seem to be listening to my TV!
A: In order for Viggle to listen to your TV (and check you in to the show), you need a microphone. If using an early generation iPod, you HAVE to have an EXTERNAL MICROPHONE in order for Viggle to HEAR your TV! Newer generation iPods have built in mics.

Q: I don't have a built- in microphone! Where can I purchase an external mic.?
A: You can find inexpensive microphones that plug into the headphone jack on or eBay. Here's an example of one: Menotek Mini iPod Microphone [].

Q: Are there any limits on the amount of shows I can check into?
A: You may only check into and earn points for a MAXIMUM of 12 hours of television programming per day. As of 12-18-13, the "day" resets at 12 AM Pacific each night. After this reset, you may begin watching and earning again. Note: If you check into a 1-hour show halfway in, it'll only count for 30 minutes, not 1 hour.

Q: When will I get the points for a show that runs across the daily reset (e.g. 11pm to 1am PST)?
A: You'd be getting all the points as well as any bonus points for that show on the second next day. You only get points after the show ends or you check into something else, and there is no partial credit for the hour of TV watched on the previous day. If you're looking for the points to credit on the first day, make sure you check into another show at least one minute before the reset (e.g. 11:59 pm).

Q: Can I still check into shows one day after they air and get the 1 pt/minute?
A: Yes and No. You must check into the show by 8am EST to be able to get bonus points as well as the 1pt/minute. After that, they are gone! But you can't use manual check-in... you're going to have to make Viggle think you're actually watching the show... for that use the links in the first wiki.

Q: Will I still get bonus points for featured shows if I use the process above?
A: Maybe... or maybe not. Bonus points are only available until 8am EST after shows first air like the 1 pt/minute.

Q: I didn't get my bonus points for a show I checked into right when it aired. Why?
A: The most likely reason is that Viggle thinks you're checked into last week's episode... make sure the episode name matches the one above in the primetime schedule wiki! If it doesn't, re-check in. Sometimes shows have a problem and it's a technical error on Viggle's side... If that happens, a few bonus points will be added to your account in a few days.[/COLOR]

Q: Why is a certain show giving bonus points, although it's not in the featured show carousel?
A: Sometimes old shows (shows from Feb, March, April) when Viggle first started re-air and sometimes they tend to give bonus points again. Hunt around and check in to any show... you might get a surprise when you check your point history.

Q: I don't want to keep on checking into shows. Are there any shows with long running times to check in to?
A: Yes - see the top post about long running shows.
-Return to Table of Contents-


Q: What is music matching? How do I check into a song?
A: Viggle now allows you to check into music like you can with TV shows. Virtually any commercially recorded song (i.e. ymmv if you use a live performance) will work. This includes songs from the radio, iTunes store, Amazon mp3, Pandora, etc. To check in, select "music" on the tab at the bottom of your check-in screen, then check into the song like you would a tv show. You will receive +25 points per song, up to a max of 20 songs per day (+500 points)more info []

Q: I heard that you can get a 1000 point bonus for each song that I purchase (iOS only for now). What's that about?
A: If the song is available for purchase on iTunes, iOS users can get +1,000 Viggle points for each song purchased. If you purchase an album, it is considered one purchase, so you will only receive 1,000 Viggle points for the album purchase. Please allow up to 14 days for the Viggle points to be credited to your account. As soon as the iTunes purchase is confirmed, they will send an email to your Viggle email address notifying you that the points have been issued to your account.

Q: Do I have to match the song and download the song to get 1k pts/song?
A: To be safe, it is strongly suggested that you match the song first and then download to get the bonus. BUT, some people are able to download the track without matching the song and still get bonus points. YMMV.

Q: Where can I find free songs?
A: iTunes usually offers several free soundtracks/songs/videos weekly on a time-limited base. There is a free app called "Free Song" offered in Apple store that alerts you free tunes in apple music store each week. People also post the songs here on SD so stay tuned!

In addition, there are other apps and websites offering free iTunes song downloads. The Starbucks app will push you free song download every week, so download the app and log into your account on your devices to get code for the free songs. Crate and Barrel [], People magazine [], Broadway [], and Sephora [] also offer lists of free song downloads periodically. To find these downloads, please refer to the previous posts by searching keywords in the thread.

Q: How do I match a free song and get the 1k bonus?
A: Step by step instructions:
  1. Check into the free song in Viggle.
  2. After Viggle recognizes your song, click on the iTunes logo.
  3. iTunes will load up, but the album version will appear. The song will NOT be free, so DO NOT buy the song there.
  4. Tap on Search, and enter the song title. Pick "Songs" to search (instead of All or Albums). Scroll through until you see the version of the song that is FREE, and tap on "Free" to download it.
  5. You're done! Count the days and hope you get credited. If not, well, at least you got a free MP3 out of it.

Q: I saw a playlist and a code. What is that and how can I download the songs?
A: First, when you saw a code for free downloading to songs/apps/videos, note that all codes are unique so they can only be used once (even if you have separate devices). All you need to do is to go to the App Store/iTunes on your devices, scroll down to the end, at your left side there is a "redeem" button, click that button and put your codes in and voila you are all done! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO INPUT THE CODE MULTIPLE TIMES to get all downloads. You ONLY need to input the code ONCE to download a playlist. You will find them in your purchase history once finished. Again remember it is YMMV if you need to match these songs first and then download to get bonus (as Viggle requires) but it is strongly recommended to match first. If you still cannot find an appropriate match, try downloading the song anyway Smilie.

Sometimes, you cannot see the code, in this case, go to the website on your mobile device, and click on the black download in iTunes store/ app store button so you will be guide to get the code or download automatically. Alternatively, try using a different browser.

Q: Where can I find a soundclip to match the song?
A: Go to YouTube by searching the keywords and find the video/soundtrack to your songs, or you can always open your iTunes on your computer or go to the iTunes music store on your device, use the preview functions to match your song, or, go to amazon mp3(not amazon music) to find the correct song. There might be multiple options for you for a single song (mostly, more than one album offer the same song.) so choose any one you like you are still able to get credits.

Q: I have one iTunes account but multiple Viggle accounts in my family can I use one iTunes account for all of them?
A: NO, you cannot. You need to use a separate iTunes account for each Viggle account. To open a new account in apple without a credit card, please Google/ log out your current account, choose any free app in app store to download. You will be guided by apple as to how to open a new apple account on your mobile devices. Alternatively, you can finish the process on your computer.

if you purchased that song previously, you WILL NOT get the bonus again by redownloading.
Please clear all your library and purchase history before downloading the same song on the same device with different V/I account.

Q: Is there any way to tell which songs credited successfully?
A: Unfortunately, no.

Here are some other helpful Links:
iOS Free Music Matching FAQ : Updated often by alevinia
How to redeem the Sephora codes (w/screenshots)
How to get the freebie code when it doesn't show on IOS

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Q: How can I earn Viggle points?
A: You can earn points in the following ways:
  • Checking-in to TV shows (1 point per minute, more if it's a bonus show that has a multiplier, as indicated by a 2X, 3X, etc.)
    If there is a multiplier, the TOTAL number of points you will receive is # watch minutes * multiplier. For the mathematically inclined that's: Total Points = (# watch minutes) + (X-1 times the # of watch minutes).
    For example, if you watch 30 min of a show with a 4X multiplier, you will receive 4 x 30 = 120 points, and it will show up in your history as 30 Watch Minutes + 90 Watch Bonus. Only the watch minutes count towards your daily watch minutes limit.
  • Watching ads or trailers (5-500 points)
  • Answering trivia questions with Viggle Live, TV Genius, and other seasonal activities (point amounts vary by event)

Q: My points appear to be lagging or not crediting.
A: Lag occurs regularly, especially during peak hours (primetime, after reset). Your points will add later on. Occasionally ads might not credit at all, however, but this is not as common as lag. If it's not a server lag, you can click on your points total to go to the profile page which usually updates the total. Or you can logoff and logon again which may also update the total.

Q: What should I do if I know an ad isn't crediting properly?
A: You should report the issue by tweeting to @viggle or sending an e-mail to so that it can be corrected.

Q: Are there any limitations on the amount of points I can earn?
A: You can earn a MAXIMUM of 6,000 points per day. The "day" resets at 12 AM Pacific each night. After this reset, you may begin earning again.
Exception: if you've earned 5999 points and you check-in to a show worth 300 points, you can earn 6299 points. But if you've earned 5999 and watch a 5 pt ad, your max for the day is 6004 points... time your last check-in to be a big one!

Q: MAX OUT? How do you do that?
A: It's very hard to max out unless you are lucky enough to get a huge batch of repeating ads! Normally, you can make about 1500 per day from check-ins, 500 from ads, and if there's VL, ~1,500 from Viggle Live sessions.

Q: Am I notified when I reach the daily point limit?
A: No! Once you reach the daily point limit, your points will stop increasing. You should record how many points you start with each day so you'll know when you've maxed out.

Q: How can I turn off point popup notifications?

A: See how to do so HERE!

Q: Can my points expire?
A: Yes! Your points will expire if your account is inactive for one year, not one year after you earn them.

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Q: What are ads?

A: If you really have that question, seriously? Smilie But Viggle's ads aren't those pop-up ads you find in free apps, but they are ads that you can watch for Viggle points if the points are specified on the tile or white banner. And Viggle points equals money. Ads are THE major way of getting points, besides check-ins.

Q: How do I watch these ads?

A: Ads are on certain Featured shows and other shows that you can search for. Ads are also on the tiles (see below if you don't know what a tile is).

Q: When do ads appear?

A: Random times throughout the day, but usually during the reset (see "the reset" section below)

Q: How many points are ads worth?

A: Between 5 points and 150 points. Remember that a 150-point ad.
Q: How long are the ads?[/B]
A: Usually 15 to 60 seconds, but some trailers are 2-3 minutes. Note that even though an ad is longer, it may not be worth as many points as a shorter ad... Some 5 point ads are 3 minutes long while 75 point ads are 15 seconds long.

Q: How many times can you watch an ad?

A: That is a difficult question to answer. Although this is counter-intuitive, just because an ad repeats multiple times (10, 20, 30 or more) does not mean that Viggle wants users to watch it multiple times. It's thought that a programming error causes this glitch to occasionally occur. Viggle has permanently banned users for watching ads that resulted in earning too many points over a specific period of time, sometimes stating that users should have known there was a problem with the ad and therefore not click on it multiple times. We don't know how many points over what period of time will trigger a ban. You should be fine receiving points for the same ad several times. Each user has to decide if the lure of thousands of points from one ad is worth the risk of being banned.

Q: What is "mashing" ads?

A: Ad Mashing is defined as repeatedly clicking on one ad that repeatedly pops up. Clicking on one ad twice in a row AND receiving points for it twice is not ad mashing. Clicking on an ad multiple times and receiving points for it multiple times in a row (say 10 or 20 times) is ad mashing. Many users have been permanently banned for this activity. Therefore, ad mash at your own risk.

Q: Do the prizes I win from instant wins and sweepstakes count towards the yearly $550 limit?[/B]
A: Yes, they do. For larger prizes, you will be required to submit tax forms to Viggle. But what are the chances you'll win?

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Q: What rewards can I redeem for?

A: Rewards can frequently go in and out of stock, so see the rewards catalog in the app for the most up to date list of prizes.

Q: What is the Reward Spotlight?
The Reward Spotlight is a featured giftcard or item at a discounted price. They go fast and within minutes as many users want the discounted price since the prices increased. They are usually available (along with other desirable non-discounted gift cards) between 4-7pm ET. When available, the "Spotlight" will appear in the main rewards section, while any other gift cards will be in the "Gift Cards" section.

Q: Oh no! My favorite reward went out of stock.
A: Too bad. Just kidding... if you check Viggle's Facebook or Twitter page, Viggle will usually post when/if the reward is coming back. Most likely, it will return but there are no guarantees. Rewards will often go out of stock, be removed from the catalog, and return later on.

Q: What is everyone saving up for?
A: I would say the majority of Viggle users here are saving up for either Best Buy or Amazon, although they have a slightly higher redeem rate than other GC's.

Q: How long does it take you to get to a BB or Amazon card?
A: If you max out every day, a little more than a week, It should take a minimum of 9 days, however it may take 8 if you happen to go over your point limit by a bit.With Viggle's new point limits and lack of ads/bonus shows, it seems more likely that a month is a more realistic number.

Q: Is there a limit on the amount of rewards I can redeem?

A: Yes, you may only redeem a maximum of $550 in rewards per calendar year, UNLESS if you redeem a reward with a value over $550... if you do, Viggle will send you a tax form.

Q: What if I want an award that requires to be shipped?
A: Viggle will ship it to your address... make sure your address is correct! It takes 4-6 weeks for your award to arrive, so don't go crazy when it doesn't arrive in two days like Amazon Prime.

Q: Has anyone ever successfully redeemed one of the big-level prizes like the Kindle or Apple TV?
A: Several people have redeemed it. However, I wouldn't recommend it AT ALL. Prices are usually cheaper on BB/Amazon (Apple TV, iPod Touch) And the Kindle will be reduced once the Kindle 2 comes out...

Q: Why didn't I receive my reward via e-mail?
A: You have to confirm your e-mail address with Viggle before your rewards will be e-mailed to you. You may do so through your profile within the app. If your reward does not come after a week and you've confirmed your email, double check that it's correct.

Q: I redeemed something and my points have been reduced but I haven't gotten my reward. What happened?
A: This happens, rarely, but it happens. In this case, wait a few hours before taking action... sometimes rewards are delayed. If nothing happens, email Viggle with info about your reward... they'll credit you for the points you lost.

Q: How can I view my rewards history?

A: See how HERE!

Q: How can I check the balance on my Best Buy gift card?
A: You can check the balance here []. You will need the gift card number & PIN!

Q: Can I stack gift cards or exchange them for physical gift cards or different gift cards?
A: See more information on your available options HERE or below:

CVS - unlimited stacking in store (not sure if there is a register limitation)?
It is possible to use up to 8 CVS Gift cards or money cards in one transaction. However, CVS is not able to merge multiple e*cards into one card. You also can't use an e-gift to purchase another gift card. Please call 1-800-746-7287 with any further questions or comments.
Barnes and Noble - can stack multiples (some report up to and perhaps more than $200 if phone order), can stack multiples in-store. You can't use an e-gift to purchase another gift card.
Lowes - can not combine, can stack in-store and online to over $100 on single order. You can't use an e-gift to purchase another gift card.
Papa Johns - can stack if choose cash option for payment, otherwise only 1GC per order
Chili's - can stack
1-800-Flowers - 1 GC per order (good at 1-800-Flowers, Fanny May, Harry London, Cheryl's, The Popcorn Factory and
iTunes - Can stack onto account for iTunes and Mac App Store
JC Penny - 2 per order online, maximum 20 per order in store
GAP, Banana Republic, Old Navy - 5 GCs per online order, unlimited in store
Best Buy - can stack in store or online (5 max online). Customer service at most stores will merge smaller denominations onto a single card. Some stores will allow you to purchase prepaid Visa cards and Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Shutterfly and online gaming gift cards. Please follow SlickDeals Rule #1: DO NOT call the store to ask about the policy.
BK - can add on a physical card
Starbucks - can combine to one large card
Foot Locker - Can use up to 5 eGCs online. Can use at least 6 in store.
Q: Do you have to fill out a tax form if the reward you're going to redeem for is more than $550?
A: Yes! So if you don't want to deal with the tax form, here's a hint... don't redeem for anything more than $550. (MacBook Air, Royal Caribbean Cruise) Like you're going to get there anyways...

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Q: What is the reset?
A: The reset is one of the complicated things about Viggle... it's a period of time where Viggle's servers reset and the best ads come in. You can often find the best ads during this time. Pay attention to the thread during this time... users will often post where the best ads are located!

Q: Nice! When is the reset?
A: The reset time changes everyday so no one really knows "when" it is! Several times the reset has been are 5:00 PM ET, 7:00 PM ET, 7:15 PM ET, 7:45 PM ET, 8:00 PM ET, 12:00 PM ET, 4:00 AM ET, and more.
Q: How many points can you earn during each reset?
A: Again, it depends, but each reset will probably get you around 500 points. Sometimes you'll only get 100.

Q: How long does the reset last?
A: The reset usually lasts 15 minutes beginning the time listed above, but sometimes more or less.

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Q: I received an "Error 2045" when trying to redeem. What does that mean?
A: This means that your account has been flagged for suspicious activity. If you're 2045'ed, you can't redeem for rewards. To get your account reinstated, either email WITH RESPECT (They are humans too!) OR tweet @Viggle on Twitter. You can also try to call Viggle at 1-800-2-viggle (1-800-284-4453).

Q: If I received an Error 2045, what will happen to my points?
A: Your points are lost forever, UNLESS you are reinstated (most accounts are reinstated). If you do get reinstated, all of your points remain in your account.

Q: How can I get banned?
A: Suspicious activity. For example, earning too many points at once, "cheating", etc. Remember, most Viggle stuff on this thread is AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!

UPDATE 7-12-12 One more precaution. If you get the any of the quizzes(see below), do NOT click any of the answers multiple times. Be careful and only touch the screen once per question. You WILL be banned if your finger moves accidentally and hits any of the answers a second time! Why? Because every time you hit a correct answer, you get the amount of points. If you hit it twice, you get double the amount of points... just don't do it!

Q: What does Error 2045 look like?
A: You asked for it, not me. laugh out loud

Q: What are the symptoms of getting banned?
A: No symptoms. Your points will credit fine, but when you redeem, it gets laid on you.

Q: How can I find out if I'm banned?
A: Redeem something in the rewards catalog. If you're just checking if you're banned, try to redeem something small. If you get Error 2045, you're banned. If you don't, you aren't. Easy as that.

Q: Viggle won't reinstate my account. Frown What do I do now?
A: Email them again if you lost a lot of points. Then again. Several users have reported getting their account reinstated on their 3rd try... if they really won't, get a new email and make a new account.

Q: Viggle isn't replying to my email/tweet!!!
A: Be patient! If a reply doesn't come in a day or two, try again. There's a chance it got lost. If there's still no reply, try redeeming again. Sometimes Viggle will reinstate your account and not even tell you... shhhh!

Q: I got banned but I have unused rewards in my account. Will Viggle take my rewards away?
A: No, your rewards are safe if you redeemed before you got 2045.

Q: What is Viggle's phone number?
A: 1-800-2-viggle (1-800-284-4453).

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My Guy

Q: What is My Guy and how does it work?
A: My Guy is a sports orientated game that's sort of like Viggle Live! You pick (10 PLAYERS) if one of your players does well (scores a touchdown, tackles a player in football, scores a basket, gets a turnover in basketbal) you gain points! However, if the player fails (fumbles the ball, incomplete pass, etc.) you lose points! You can switch players throughout the game.

Points Awarded:
10 Players
* 1st Place: +1000
* 2nd Place: +500
* 3rd Place: +300
* 4th Place: +200

8-9 Players
* 1st Place: +1000
* 2nd Place: +500
* 3rd Place: +200

5-7 Players
* 1st Place: +800
* 2nd Place: +400

2-4 Players
* 1st Place: +500

Q: Where do I find the game?
A: My Guy is available for some college games and most NFL games and certain NBA games! To find which games have My Guy, read the thread or check the schedule above!

Q: How do I play?
A: Easy! Simply pick a player from either team! You can switch players during the game.

Q: HELP! I don't know anything about football!
A: Frown If you go to our chatroom (link at the very top of the page) we can help you with plays! Or you can try the set it and forget it method. Pick a good player (quarterback says below not to pick a quarterback, etc.) and leave it their the whole game and go off and enjoy your day! Hopefully you'll come back and get a bonus!

Q: How does it work?
A: When your selected player does something good your score goes up. When your chosen player does three positive things in a row, you're on a streak! The Streak Bonus will double all scores for as long as it lasts! It ends when you player makes a mistake.The Streak Bonus carries over from one player to another and keeps going as your chosen player doesn't break the streak.

Q: Can you exit out of the game and do check-ins?
A: Yes, points will still keep on going in the background as long as you pick a player. You can even exit out of the app... points will still keep on going.

Check the "How to Play" instructions in game for more information or the guide below!

Basic Success Guide for MyGuy(football)

First you need to decide which type of style you wish to play. The two types are "set it and forget it" and "watch and play." Before you get into any myguy game, take into account the amount of time you actually have to commit to watching the game. If you have to leave for work or have something to do during game time, then the set and forget method is for you. If it is a game you plan to watch in entirety anyways, then by all means play the watch and play style. The choice is up to you and I will cover some success tactics for both.

"Set it and forget it"

Set it and forget it is just like it sounds. You pick a player after you have activated MyGuy and then you go off about your business and pray when you return that you have won some points. This can be very profitable for those that have time constraints. Here are the ways that I personally maximize this type of style.

1. Do some quick research. Check yahoo sports and see who the hot player is. Look at the game tab on yahoo sports and select play by play. See who has scored well individually during the part of the game that took place before you joined.

2. NEVER EVER join MyGuy before the initial kickoff if playing set it and forget it. You will seldom win by doing so, as most people who plan to use the watch and play style check in then so your chances are slim of catching the 2-4k points they will get during the game.

3. Pick a time to join AFTER someone has scored a field goal or touchdown. This stops you from being a victim of the lag monster and losing valuable early points to someone who got in before the extra point with a super fast connection, allowing them to pick the player who just scored.

4. NEVER choose any defense when using set and forget style of play. Defenses get penalties. Penalties stop your streak. Ended streaks cost you double point possibilities and basically destroy any chances of coming in first or second.

5. Never pick a quarterback. Same reasons as above with the added destruction of points that come from incomplete passes or sacks.

6. The best time to start a set it and forget MyGuy game is about 3 minutes before the third quarter ends. As long as you start the game with at least ten players you will be awarded full points for the win. Starting a game with any less than 10 players will award a reduced point value.

7. Find out who the field goal kicker is. They do not get penalties except on extremely rare instances. A field goal is worth 60 points, 120 if streaking(3 correct plays in a row). Extra points are worth 20, 40 if streaking. If a team is losing badly but has had 5 field goals made already going into the fourth quarter, then its a good chance they will be forced to kick more of them. You may even get lucky to have picked a kicker who does the kicking trifecta as I call it. This is a player who is responsible for field goals, kickoffs and punts. This player will make you a ton of points. I have always had the BEST experiences with choosing the most used kicker when playing set it and forget it.

8. If multiple games are being played, as during the playoffs or on any bowl week, enter the MyGuy for each one and make your picks. Playing multiple games at once is very easy using set it and forget it and also usually very profitable.

"Watch And Play"

This style is best for those who wish to have constant control of the outcome of points playing MyGuy. this is also for those whom wish to enjoy watching along the entire game. These few tips will help you place in the rankings each and every time.

1. Join time: It is ideal to join a watch and play MyGuy session about 5 minutes into the game. This helps you weed out all of the would be attackers that join on game start. Joining at the very beginning of the game can be done but takes full concentration and the competition is more fierce.Dont do it.

2. Pay attention to the initial kick off at start of the game. I say this so that you will remember to write down who kicked off and who got the ball first. This also usually helps you get some extra points at the start of the second half because you will already know which player is kicking off and which player or team will be receiving. This is valuable information points wise and many times gives you that one play needed edge to overtake that guy in first place who has been ahead of you all game by 20 points.

3. The Lag Monster: Lets face it, it is going to happen. Adrian Peterson just scored a big 65 yard run while you had the Green Bay defense picked as your player. You quickly rush and mash to switch to Peterson. You arent fast enough or your net connection isnt fast enough, or, and this is most common, the game server isnt as fast as you are. Be careful with this because if the game awards for Petersons run and THEN it switches your player, you will basically become 2 plays behind while trying to judge the time of the game server. This can be extremely costly, especially in close knit games between you and the other players. Use the previous speed of the game server to decide if you should or shouldnt switch to Peterson real quick. remember you dont need all of the big plays to win at MyGuy. You just need the right plays. Huge difference.

4. Quarterbacks: The only advice I can give about picking quarterbacks is be very careful. They have hot and cold streaks during every game. It wouldnt make sense to see Aaron Rodgers complete 4 passes in a row and it happens alot. Picking him now though would be a huge mistake. Having completed his last 4 attempts now makes the odds greater that he will throw an incomplete pass. Play probable odds when choosing quarterbacks. they arent always the best choice as if they get sacked, get a delay of game, throw an incomplete pass, your streak ends and you lose valuable double point streak status immediately.

5: Defenses: Pretty much the same rules as quarterbacks. Dont leave it on a defense for too long. Penalties WILL happen and cost you streaks. See tip 7 below to learn how to combat a penalty or any play that will suddenly end your streak.

6: Running backs: Some of the best points can be attained by having running backs picked. If you have a streak going and a running back picked, let us assume that most runs from scrimage will be at least three yards. 3 yards pays you 12 points(3 yards at 2 points per yard and doubled). These 12 points just gave you a slight edge on your opponent who is getting 10 points for every defensive tackle. Be aware that anytime a RB is stopped behind the line of scrimage, you will lose points as well as ending any streak you have going. Learn how to prevent this in step 7 below.

7: Being sneaky, keeping the streak alive: After you have chosen a player for any particular play, que up another player and have it ready so all you have to do is push accept. If you have the defense picked and they get a sudden penalty, using this tactic will allow you to quickly take it off the defense before the penalty hits and ends your streak. You should ALWAYS have a player qued up and ready to go in. this works well with quarterbacks, defenses, and running backs.

8: Think on your FEET: Kickers can provide what I consider the best possible and most reliable points during any MyGuy session. Learn right away which kicker is responsible for what duty. Be it field goals, punting, extra points, or kick offs. Know them for both teams. Have them qued up and ready to go immediately after any touch down is scored. This way you will have hopefully caught the points for the touchdown and also for the extra points. Most people playing are only able to get one or the other. I use my que tactic like a religion and it almost always works well. If you do happen to miss the extra point score after you have picked the kicker, do not be upset. Leave him in, you will still get the points for the insuing kickoff he is usually about to do.

9 Kick offs: Here you have only two options for what to pick. the actual kicker or the opposing defense. I have watched numerous people select the guy on defense that is returning the ball. This is pointless and awards zero points even if he gets crazy and does a 70 yard return. You must pick the defense in order to get credit for that play this way. Unless you have witnessed a Deion Sanders type punt or kick off returner just going crazy all day, choosing the kicker is the best option on kickoffs. Special teams or defenses as they are listed are prone to many penalties on kick offs and punt returns. These penalties will again end any streak you may have going. However if you have the kicker picked and his team commits a penalty on the kick off, you are not penalized unless it was actually the kicker who caused the penalty, which almost never happens. Kick offs and punt returns are where the real money is. Playing these correctly and smart will usually mean the difference between a first and a second place finish.

10 Keep your cool: Never panic if you choose wrong or do not catch a player in time to get the points for any play. Getting into a panic will almost always set you back a few plays and many needed points as you try and play catch up. Keep your wits and shrug it off and move on to the next play. Nothing worse than trying to catch up with the server on the next three plays, failing to do so, and watching the guy above you pull away even further. Never try and second guess your own choice.

11. Ads: If you are lucky enough to see them during MyGuy, you have an important choice to make now. Ok great they are guaranteed points. BUT they can cause you to lose out on a play because you were busy watching the ad. Whenever I am close in points to the next player above me, I will usually skip the ad or get it from the scrolling game bar up top. I NEVER watch any ad during MyGuy by using the one that pops up in the middle of your screen. I always use the one on the scroll bar and only do so after I have my next player picked. The only time this does not apply is if the ad is followed by a TV time out or commercial.

12 Down to the wire, the end game: You have played like a true NFL coach for the entire game. There are 4 minutes left on the clock. You are so close to that 1k points that you can taste it. You are sitting in first place and the second place guy has been closing in on you for the last 2 minutes. Now is the time for discipline and poise. Slow down. Take your time and let the other guy play your game for you. what we mean by this is stop making your own choices at this point. Instead now your main goal becomes picking the players that the guy below you has. Remember you arent awarded points based on how badly you beat the other guy, but only that you did in fact beat him. Picking a mirror to his picks means he cannot gain any additonal points on you that you will not also get yourself. I cannot stress this enough. I have watched people in second place not use this trick and try to catch the first place guy. More times than not, they end up over playing and will mostly fall to third due to a stupid mistake.

13. "You mad?", smacktalk feature: Simply put, stay off of smacktalk. End of story. All it does is upset you, It will usually cost you a few plays as you are trying to out trash talk the other guy. So you have accomplished nothing. I cannot be more blunt about this.



Q: What is the offer wall?
A: Ever download an app that wants you to do an "offer" (sign up for a visa credit card) to earn free cash? Whether you like it or not, Viggle has implemented it in their app.

Q: Where can I find the offer wall?
A: Try looking through Featured shows. The Offer Wall shows up just like ads and the 3-point game.

Q: How many points do you get from an offer?
A: According to Viggle, up to 30,000. But most offers are around the 3,000 category.

Q: Do you have to pay to complete the offers?
A: Some yes, some no.

Q: I did an offer but I didn't get my points. What should I do?
A: Post on this thread to inform everyone then email Viggle about it.

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Q: What's is Viggle Live?
A: Viggle Live is Viggle's version of playing along during a show. When a show airs with Viggle Live, open up that show from the featured carousel and click "Play along with Viggle Live." You'll be given trivia questions to answer (usually +10 for correct, +1 for incorrect), polls to answer, and predictions to make (who will win the super bowl). Sometimes Viggle Live also includes questions from commercials, so you have to pay attention!

Q: What time zone do you have to be in?
A: Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern (continental US) When you first start up Viggle Live, you'll get to select your time zone.

Q: How long does Viggle Live last?
A: Throughout the entire length of the show you're watching. However, sometimes Viggle Live will start a little after the show starts (15 minute delay). Don't worry if it does!

Q: What shows have Viggle Live?
A: It depends. Usually sporting events and awards ceremonies (Super Bowl, Grammys, etc.) But also lots of regular shows, including Whale Wars and American Idol.

Q: How much is a question worth?
A: Usually +10 for a correct answer, +1 for incorrect. For some major events, like the MTV Movie Awards, correct answer point values are doubled or even sometimes tripled.

Q: How many points can you get from Viggle Live?
A: It depends on how generous Viggle is and the amount of points a question is worth. Usually, for an 1 Hour Show, If you get all the questions correct and with no polls up to +150; For some TV events points range from about +500 to +3000.

Q: What if I don't know an answer?
Join us in the chatroom [] or check the wiki to see if anyone has signed up to record the answers for use in a later time zone.

Q: What? Viggle Live chat?
A: Oh yes. This thread does a chat every time there's Viggle Live to post answers. We post all answers there! Listen in and chat with us to gain points! The chat is fun, come along!

Q: How do I find out what shows have Viggle Live?
A: Either go above to the primetime schedules above to check what shows have Viggle Live or scroll through the Featured carousel... if you see anything with "Play along with Viggle Live", go ahead!

Q: How many times can I play Viggle Live each day?
A: You can play Viggle Live once for each show that has it available. Sometimes shows will overlap, which makes it hard. You have up to four opportunities to play, one in each time zone.

Q: What if I missed the show time but still want to play Viggle Live?
A: If you missed it when it was live for a show in your time zone, you can play along in another time zone. Same goes if you want to play it early... play along in a different time zone. You may not play Viggle Live when a show reruns.

Q: What was the first Viggle Live?
A: If you're curious for history, the first Viggle Live was the Super Bowl. This Viggle Live (actually called the "Viggle Bowl") was super... the max was around 25,000-50,000 points and Amazon and BB GC's were offered for 4,000 points as a promotion. Don't you wish you were around during this time?

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Q: What are quizzes?
A: Viggle has several +5 and +15 quizzes or polls. They appear like ads in different shows and have the Viggle logo on them. Click one to answer 1-5 questions... and you'll get easy bonus points! Quizzes are sort of like Viggle Live... simple questions!

*There are no active quizzes yet*

Q: What is TV Genius?
A: Scroll down or click here for the the third wiki!

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Q: Power users?
A: Yeah, couldn't think of a better name. Basically households who have multiple accounts.

Q: Why SHOULDN'T I have multiple accounts?
A: Multiple accounts is NOT for everyone. According to the Viggle TOS, you can only have one account per person and you MAY get banned in the process. Multiple accounts is a good if your household only has one phone and you have multiple people who want to Viggle.

Q: How can you have multiple accounts?
A: Get another email address in addition to your first email and join here... []
So now you have two Viggle accounts, for each member in your household.

Q: Is there a way to combine points from two accounts?
A: You really thought it would be that easy? Nope, you can't.

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Bluestacks is a program that will allow you to run Android apps on your PC or Mac. Viggle considers the program to be an emulator, which is not allowed per the TOS. Not only have people been permanently banned for using Bluestacks, every account in their household was permanently banned as well (even those that did not use Bluestacks). It's up to each user to decide if the risk is worth the points earned by using the program.


The following questions are not about Viggle, but about our awesome wiki/thread!

Q: What if I want to see past primetime schedules?
A: Easy, click "revisions" at the upper left corner of the first wiki, under "link to this wiki" and "edit contents."

Q: What if I don't see revisions?
A: If you're a new user, you might not see revisions... But just contribute a little and you'll be able to see the link soon enough.

Q: What if I don't think a wiki question is correct or I have something to add?
A: Add/change it! The majority of the FAQ was written by one person and mistakes do happen... there are several controversial topics about Viggle right now and/or questions can get outdated. If you don't want to change the wiki, post on the thread and someone will change it for you.

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A: If you know the answer, add it! If you don't, you can post it in the thread or PM me, Peatree2, or any other user! We'll be happy to answer all of your questions! If you want to learn more about a certain subject, ask for it or PM me, and soon you'll see a new section in the wiki. Smilie

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A: Click here to find an archive of sections of this FAQ that are either expired or temporarily inactive.

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A: You gotta love abbreviations. Here are some of the most common ones used on this thread:

AGT: America's Got Talent (TV show where ads are common)
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HRD: Home Run Derby (game)
PLL: Pretty Little Liars (TV)
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SYTYCD: So You Think You Can Dance (TV Show)
VL: Viggle Live (See section above)
YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary (some people may get a certain ad while others won't)

GAWI: JetBlue Get Away With It (now expired)
JB: JetBlue (Either the trivia or the Get Away with It game)


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IOS: Press the Home button twice and a menu at the bottom should appear, find the Viggle icon and hold it down. A red - symbol should appear. Tap that and Viggle will shut down until you restart it.
Android: Install a 'task killer' app

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Community Wiki

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SHOWS Viggle Live

Olympics Trivia
Thanks: MJKrat, RlphM04, cookiemomma, 12thWoman, Savinggreen123, BNDO, ruda225, acesmuzic, DawgFanForLife, iHollered

29-year-old skier Christof Innerhofer calls ____ home. Italy
A ____ is credited as the founder of modern figure skating. Man
A few days ago, mogul athletes were complaining about __. The course
A pair of __took home medals in the 500m speed-skating earlier in the Games. Identical twins
A popular move in Pairs Figure Skating is the ____. Death Spiral
A short track rink is about the size of a ______. Ice Hockey rink
A Sochi native was the first Soviet man to win a ___. Olympic Swimming Medal
A yard sale in snowboarding refers to when someone's __ is all over the place. Gear
About ___ people reportedly watch the Vancouver Opening Ceremonies. A billion
After every lap, each Speed skater must change ___. Lanes
Alex Bilodeau of __ won the Gold in Men's Moguls last night. Canada
Aliona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy from Germany skated to __ last night. The Pink Panther
All Speed Skaters must wear a __. Timing Device
All speed skaters wear which accessory? Goggles
American Biathlete Lanny Barnes received her spot in tea, USA when her ___ gave up her spot. Twin sister
American figure skater Ashley Wagner is a ____-time US National Champion. 2
American figure skater Jeremy Abbott is a __-time US National Champion. 4
American Hannah Kearney won ____ at the 2010 Vancouver Games. Gold
American ice dancers Meryl Davis and Charlie White are former Olympic ___ medalists. Silver
American Julia Mancuso won the Bronze in Super Combined last night! Her coaches used to call her what name? Princess
American Luger Erin Hamlin made her Olympic debut in ___. Turin
American skiers Sadie and Erik Bjornsen are ____. Siblings
American snowboarder Hannah Teter won Halfpipe Gold in __. 2006
American snowboarder Kaitlyn Farrington has been shredding since the 5th grade, She's the first woman to ever perform a __. Backside 900
American snowboarder Kaitlyn Farrington has had how many wrist surgeries? 5
American snowboarder Kelly Clark shares her California home with a cardboard cutout of __. Justin Bieber
Americans Marissa Castelli and Simon Shnapir are skating to __. Skyfall
Americans Marissa Castelli and Simon Shnapir have skated together since ____. 2006
Anna Netrebko is belting out the Olympic Anthem. As you can probably tell, she is a ____. Soprano
Another sporting event is slated for Sochi in 2018. What is it? FIFA World Cup
Anton Kushnir won Gold in last night's freestyle men's __ competition. Aerial
Anton Kushnir won Gold in last night's freestyle men's skiing aerials event. Where is he from? Belarus
Apolo Anton Ohno is the most decorated American winter athlete ever. How much is he worth? 9 million
Apolo Ohno holds the US record for ___ at the Winter Olympics. Most Medals
Artificial __ was first used in the 1980 Lake Placid games. Snow
As a kid, David used to jump off a __with an umbrella. Roof
As of 2004, female figure skaters could wear __ in competition. Pants
Ashley Wagner is coming off a ____-place finish at the 2014 US Figure Skating Championships. 4th
At the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Julia Mancuso won gold in which of the following events? Giant Slalom
At the past Winter X Games, Gus Kentworthy became the 1st person to ever nail a __ in a Slopestyle event. Cork-screw
Awesome skating bros Michel and Ronald Mulder took home the Gold and Bronze on the 500m earlier in the Games. Where are they from? The Netherlands
Ayumu Hirano is riding for Japan. The gnarly snowboarder turned __ in 2013. 15
Baba Yaga is a ___ in classic Russian folklore. Witch
Back in 2011, Patrick Chan was named Canada's top ____. Athlete
Bandy was once a featured sport. Bandy is similar to __. Hockey
Barbara Ann Scott is the only ___ to win Women's Figure Skating Gold at the Olympics. Canadian
Before American Heather McPhie took up skiing, she was a ____. Gymnast
Before she was a Bobsledder, Lolo Jones was a world-class athlete in ___. Track
Before she was a Bobsledder, US Olympian Lolo Jones was a world-class athlete in ____. Track
Before the Games started, a strange photo of some double __ in Sochi went viral. Toilets
Before the Winter Games began in Sochi, Tara Lipinski was the ____ Winter Games gold medalist ever. Youngest
Ben & Jerry's created a special flavor in honor of American Snowboarder Hannah Teter. What was it called? Maple Blondie
Ben & Jerry's created a special flavor in honor of Hannah Teter. What was it called? Maple Blondie
Bob Costas frequently appears as a special guest on the late night talk show __. Late Night with David Letterman
Bob Costas has hosted ___ Olympics. 9
Bob Costas' left eye has been looking a little wonky because ____. He has an infection
Bode Miller grew up in a ____. Log Cabin
Bode Miller has looked awesome so far. He's won __ downhill training sessions in the last few days. 2 of 3
Bode Miller recently lost his ___. Brother
Bode Miller's wife is a professional ____. Volleyball player
Bode once tried his hand at what sport? Tennis
Bode's autobiography is called "Bode: Go __ Be Good, Have Fun." Fast
Borchst is a type of ___. Soup
Canadian Mark McMorris is competing with a broken ___. Rib
Canadian Sebastian Toutant recently compared the Slopestyle course to "Jumping out of a ____." Building
Canadian Snowboarder Maxence Parrot tweeted that Shaun White pulled out of Slopestyle because he's ___. Scared
Canadians Meghan Duhamel and Eric Radford recently won __ at the Canadian Nationals. Gold
Charles Hamelin walked away with 2 _____ medals in Vancouver. Gold
China's Quin Pang and Jian Tong have been skating together for __ years. 20
Congrats David Wise! David is the 1st person to ever land a __ 1260 in competition. Double corked
Congrats Kaitlyn! She has been shedding since the 5th grade, and she's the first woman to ever perform a __. Backside 900
Congrats Tina Maze! She isn't just a skier - she's also a famous __. Singer
Congrats to the medal winners! This course is __ long. 1,250 meters
Congratulations, Sage! He is the ____ gold medalist of the 2014 Winter Games First
Congratulations! Luger Erin Hamlin just won the U.S. its ___ luge medal. First
Curler Brad Jacobs yelled, "That shouldn't have __" during yesterday's event. Happened
Curling player Paul Goswell once had a ____ delivered to the rink. Pizza
Curling was originally a ___ sport. Scottish
Daniela Iraschko-Stolz won the Ski Jumping silver medal earlier in the Games. She is from __. Austria
Dara Howell is representing Canada tonight. How many Winter X Games medals does she have? 3
David has won Winter X Games Gold in SuperPipe for the last __ years. 3
David Wise started skiing when he was 3 years old because his parents didn't want to __. Babysit him
Did Shaun White repeat in Snowboard Halfpipe and get the Gold earlier in the Games? No
Disappointing run from Bode. Not the finish he was looking for in his __ Olympics. 5th
Discussing cash is so uncouth so excuse our manners, but how much is Shaun White worth? $40 million
During a Slopestyle event earlier in the Games, Sarka Pancochova took a hard fall and cracked her __. Helmet
During last night's Parade of Nations, the counties all came our according to the host nation's _____. Alphabet
During the Opening Ceremonies at the 1994 Lillehammer Games, art thieves stole ___ painting from a museum in Oslo, Norway. The Scream
During the Opening Ceremony, Team Russia was the __ team to march in Parade of Nations. Last
Earlier in the ceremony, a snowflake refused to open into an Olympic ____. Ring
Earlier in the Games, a bobsleigh hit a __. Track worker
Earlier in the Games, Alex Bilodeau dedicated his Gold in Moguls to his ___. Brother
Earlier in the Games, Bob Costas and Mary Castillo downed some ___. Vodka
Earlier in the Games, bobsledder Johnny Quinn busted his way out after being locked in ____. A Bathroom
Earlier in the games, Bode Miller brought home a ___ medal. Bronze
Earlier in the Games, Bode Miller finished in a disappointing 8th place. Not the outcome he was hoping for in his __ Olympics. 5th
Earlier in the Games, Elena Iliynkh and Nikita Katsalapov helped __ win Gold in the Team Skate event.Russia
Earlier in the Games, Evgeni Plushenko skated in a sparkly __ jumpsuit with a slash down the center. Black
Earlier in the Games, figure skater Ashley Wagner was not impressed by her score of __. 63.1
Earlier in the Games, Jamie Anderson won Gold in _____. Slopestyle
Earlier in the Games, Jason Brown from Team USA skated a ___-inspired routine. Riverdance
Earlier in the games, Justine and Chloe Dufour-Lapointe earned gold and silver medals in the same event. Their sister __ also competes. Maxime
Earlier in the Games, Kaitlyn Farrington won the Gold in Women's Snowboard ____. Halfpipe
Earlier in the Games, Kamil Stoch won Gold in Ski Jumping. He represents ____. Poland
Earlier in the Games, Russia won __ in the first ever Team Skate event. Gold
Earlier in the Games, snowboarder Sarka Pancochova took a hard fall and cracked her _____. Helmet
Earlier in the Games, speed skaer Michel Mulder won ___ in the 500m. Gold
Earlier in the Games, Super-G skiers battled brutal __ conditions. Ice
Earlier in the Games, US skier Andrew Weibrecht took __ in the men's Super G. Silver
Earlier in the Games, we found out that Meryl Davis and Charlie White's moms are referred to as __. The Moms
Earlier in the Games, we learned Canadian skaters Meghan Duhamel and Eric Radford have a height difference of __. 13 inches
Earlier in the Games, we learned that snowboarder Jamie likes to __ before she snowboards. Hug a tree
Earlier in the week, Charlie White and Meryl Davis skated to music from ___. My Fair Lady
Earlier this week, President Putin was photographed petting baby ____ in Sochi. Leopards
Earlier this week, US bobsledder Johnny Quinn got locked in his ____ and had to punch a hole in the door to escape. Bathroom
Earlier we saw a replica of a famous cathedral on Red Square in Moscow. What is it called? St Basil's Cathedral
Eddie Eagan is the only American to medal in ___? Summer and Winter events
Erin Hamlin looks up to which Olympic athlete? Mia Hamm
Everyone had a bit of a scare earlier today after a passenger on a plane to ____ attempted to hijack it and divert it to Sochi. Turkey
Evgeni Plushenko has won the __ National Championship 10 times. Russian
Evgeni Plushenko recently had __ surgery. Back
Evgeni Plushenko retired earlier in the Games, citing complications from his recent ___. Back surgery
Felicia Zhang and Nathan Bartholomay are skating to "Les Miserables" tonight, but they skated to ___ last night. Carousel Waltz
Figure skater Maryl Davis' Twitter profile says, "Go confidently in the direction of your __." Dreams
Figure Skating first appeared in the 1908 __ Olympics. Summer
For every target that a biathlete misses, he or she must ski ____. 150 feet
Freestyle skiing has ____ disciplines. 7
Freestyle skiing was once known as ____. Hot Dogging
German pairs skaters Maylin and Daniel Wende are __. Married
Germany's Aliona Savchenko donned a skin-tight __ outfit last night. Pink
Germany's Maria Hoefl-Riesch tore it up in the Women's Super Combined last night. She used to be a competitive __ player. Tennis
Gold, Silver and ____ medals are awarded for each event. Bronze
Gracie Gold earned a ___-place finish at her first-ever World Championship appearance in 2013. 6th
Gracie Gold has a __ who is also a figure skater. Twin sister
Gracie Gold learned to skate after she attended one of her friend's ___. Birthday parties
Gracie Gold named her dog after which popular video game character? Yoshi
Gus Kentworthy has been busy saving ___ in Sochi. Stray puppies
Gus Kentworthy is representing Team USA but was born in ___. Great Britain
Hannah Kearney just killed it! The skier is ____ years old. 27
Hannah Teter won Halfpipe Gold in __. 2006
Henrik Harlaut was carrying a __ on his person during his earlier run. Egg
Here goes Matthias Mayer, who is skiing for __ in these Winter Games. Austria
Hockey player Alex Ovechkin is from Russia. He plays for which NHL team? Washington Capitals
How big is course's vertical drop? 210 meters
How big is the slopestyle course in Sochi's Extreme Park? 2,083 feet
How did Kaitlyn Farrington support her early snowboarding career? She sold cows
How did Mathilde-Amivi Petitjean earn her spot on the Togolese Cross Country Ski Team? Via Facebook
How long are ski jumping skis? 108 inches
How long are two-person bobsleds? 8.9 feet
How long have Meryl and Charlie been skating together? 17 years
How long were the first Winter Olympics? 11 days
How many American women competed in last night's Speed Skating Women's 1000m event? 4
How many American women competed in Ski Jumping? 3
How many Americans made it to the Women's Ski Slopestyle final last night? 3
How many athletes walked in last night's Parade of Nations? 2,800
How many calories does Lolo Jones eat a day while training? 9,000 calories
How many countries advance after the short program? 5
How many countries are competing in the Team Event? 10
How many countries are making their Winter Games debut in 2014? 7
How many countries are making their Winter Games debut this year? 7
How many countries walked in last night's Parade of Nations? 88
How many gold medals does Switzerland's Simon Ammann have? 4
How many kids does Bode Miller have? 2
How many kids does David have? 1
How many lanes does a standard Speed Skating rink have? 2
How many medals did the United States earn at the 2010 Winter Olympics? 37
How many medals were awarded on the first night of competition? 0
How many members of Team USA are also military personnel? 6
How many nations are expected to participate in this year's Winter Olympics? 88
How many of the Dufour-Lapointe sisters earned their place at the women's moguls finals during prelims? 3
How many Olympic gold medals does Ted Ligety have? 1
How many Olympic medals does Bode Miller have, as of the start of the Olympics? 5
How many Olympic medals does Evgeni Plushenko have? 3
How many pairs of siblings are on Team USA? 7
How many people are carrying the Olympic flag? 8
How many people are expected to watch the Opening Ceremony worldwide? 3 Billion
How many people judge the skiers? 5
How many snowboard cross Winter X Games gold medals does Lindsay Jacobellis have? 8
How many snowboarders were eliminated on the first night of competition? 0
How many teams competed in Pairs Figure Skating last night? 20
How many US Men's Figure Skaters qualified for individual events at Sochi? 2
How many Winter Olympic sports are held indoors? 4
How many Winter X Games medals does Jamie Anderson have? 8
How many women made the US Ski Jumping team this year? 3
How many X-Games gold medals does Shaun White have? 15
How much has hosting the Olympics cost Russia? $50 billion
How old is Nick Goepper? 19 years old
How old is Sage Kotsenburg 20
How old is Yunzuru Hanyu? 19 years old
How old was Mikaela Shiffrin when she received her 1st sponsor? 12
How old was Ted Ligety when he started competing? 10 years old
How tall is Bob Costas? 5'7"
How tall is the last jump in the Slopestyle course? 22 Meters
Huge congrats to Alex Bilodeau! He and Mikael Kingsbury are the Top 2 Moguls Skiers in the world. Where are they from? Canada
Huge congrats to Charles Hamelin! He is a ___-time World Champion. 8
Huge congrats to Julia Mancuso!! Her ____ career Olympic Skiing medals are more than any other American woman. 4
Huge congrats to Meryl and Charlie on a great routine! How long have Meryl and Charlie been skating together? 17 years
Huge congrats to Michel Mulder! Where are the Mulder bros from? The Netherlands
Huge congrats to Team USA! In skiing, "piste" is a French word for __. Trail
Huge congrats to Team USA! This is the ___ podium sweep in US Winter Games history. 3rd
HUGE run by Matthias Mayer! His best finish ever in a World Cup downhill race was __ place. 5th
Ice dancers have shorter __ than other skaters. Blades
Ice Dancing does not allow lifts above the __. Shoulder
If a hockey player scores 3 goals in a game, it's called a ____. Hat Trick
In 1936, Ski ____ were banned from competing in Alpine Skiing. Instructors
In 1968, the Winter Olympics were first broadcast ___. In color
In 1988, skating fans followed "The Battle of the __." Brians
In 1988, speed skating was held __ for the first time. Indoors
In 1996, Barack Obama was elected to the __. Illinois State Senate
In 2002, Olympic skating judges were accused of what? Vote swapping
In 2008, an official __election was held. Mascot
In 2010, the United States won their first medal in __. Nordic Combined
In 2012, Jamie Anderson won a __ Award for the Best Female Action Sports Athlete. ESPY
In addition to her obvious skills on the skating rink, Gracie Gold is also an accomplished __. Juggler
In Bobsleigh, one teammate brakes while the other ____. Steers
In ice dance, skaters must stay within __ of each other at all times. 2 arms' length
In Slalom, skiers zigzag down a course marked by __. Flags or poles
In snowboarding, "pow" is short for what? Powder
In the last Olympics, Steve Holcomb piloted a __ to Gold. 4-man team
Iouri Podladchikov totally nailed it tonight. What's his nickname? IPod
It's an Ice Dancing War! Meryl and Charlie have a longstanding feud with a duo from __. Canada
J.R. Celski won ____ at the 2010 Games. Bronze
Jamie Anderson is __ years old. 23
Jamie Anderson just killed it! She made her hometown of __ very proud. Lake Tahoe
Jason Brown managed to make the US Figure skating team as only a teen. How old is he? 19
Jason Brown polled figure skating judges about whether he should cut his hair. What was the verdict? Split down the middle
Jason Brown rocketed to national fame when his ___ themed free skate at the 2014 national went viral. Riverdance
Jason is good friends with late night talk show host __. Arsenio Hall
Jeremy Abbott made his Olympic Figure Skating debut in ____. 2010
Joss Christensen is skiing today in honor of his ___. Father
Joss Christensen says that Olympic Village cafeteria is the best place to ___. Pick up ladies
Julia Mancuso grew up near the former Olympic host site in Squaw Valley. Where is Squaw Valley? California
Kaitlyn Farrington has had how many wrist surgeries? 5
Kaitlyn Farrington won the Gold in Women's Snowboard __ last night. Halfpipe
Kaitlyn Weaver dances for Canada, but she also has __ citizenship. American
Kate is a huge fan of which 2013 Super Bowl half-time performer? Beyonce
Katie Uhlaender is battling back from a ____. Concussion
Katie Uhlaender is racing in honor of her ____. Father
Kelly Clark shares her California home with a cardboard cutout of __. Justin Bieber
Kim Lamarre is from ____. Canada
Kim Lamarre won the Bronze in Women's Ski Slopestyle last night. She is from __. Canada
Last night, skater Ashley Wagner was not impressed by her score of __. 63.1
Last night, we learned that American skater Simon Shnapir is studying __ in college. Marketing
Last night's 500m event took place in the __ Skating Center. Adler Arena
Last night's ceremony featured a ballet tribute to Tolstoy's ____. War and Peace
Last night's ceremony featured amazing projections from the ___ of the stadium. Floor
Last night's events included figure skating and __. Slopestyle
Last night's Opening Ceremony featured Valetina Tereshokova as a flag bearer. She was the 1st woman to ____. Go to space
Last night's Opening Ceremony was held at ___. Fisht Olympic Stadium
Last night's ski slopestyle event happened in ____ Extreme Park. Rosa Khutor
Later this weekend, We'll see snowboarder Jamie Anderson compete in slopestyle. Last night, we learned that she likes to ____ before she snowboards. Hug a tree
Let's try that again! Bode Miller won his __ Olympic medal. 6th
Lindsey Jacobellis had to undergo surgery on her __ in 2012. Knee
Lindsey Jacobellis loves to collect __. Shoes
Lindsey Jacobellis picked up a __ medal in snowboard cross in 2006. Silver
Lolo Jones once went on a date with one of her _____ followers. Twitter
Lots of tonight's bobsledders started out in different sports. What did Elana Meyer's play in college? Softball
Madison Chock is famous for preferring to __. Design her own dresses
Maia Shibutani and Alex Shibutani are __. Siblings
Maia Shibutani and Alex Shibutani are also stars on which social media platform? YouTube
Male figure skaters are restricted from wearing what? Tights
Many countries pay athletes that bring home medals. How much does the US pay gold medalists? $25,000
Maria Hoefl-Riesch is also a competitive _____ player. Tennis
Maria Sharapova defeated which tennis player to win her 1st Grand Slam? Serena Williams
Meryl Davis and Charlie White are both students at __. University of Michigan
Meryl Davis and Charlie White won Gold in last night's ice dancing competition. What was their score? 116.53
Meryl Davis said that when she first started skating with Charlie, she was too nervous to __. Look at him
Meryl Davis' Twitter profile says, "Go confidently in the direction of your __. Dreams
Mexican Alpine Skier Hubertus von Hohenlohe is the oldest competitor in these games. How old is he? 55
Mikaela Shiffrin is a native of __. Colorado
Mogul is derived from a ____ world. Austrian
Nick Goepper attended which award show in January? The Golden Globes
Nick Goepper picked up Winter X Games ___ in slopestyle a few weeks ago. Gold
Noelle Pikus-Pace __ after the last Olympics. Retired
Noelle Pikus-Pace from Team USA took ____ in skeleton last night. Silver
Norway's Torstein Horgmo was a favorite to medal in slopestyle but he had to drop out because of a ___. Broken collarbone
Olympic athletes are being gifted with the traditional Russian treat of Churchkela, which are nuts dipped into what? Grape juice
Olympic bobsleds are made of which material? Fiberglass
Olympic Figure Skating was first televised in ___ in 1968. Color
Olympic officials have tapped a special __ reserve to supply the rest of the Games. Snow
On the first night of competition, the top qualifier in men's slopestyle was ___. Canadian
One of Jamie Anderson's favorite Olympic sports is ____. Gymnastics
One of the torchbearers is rumored to be "Canoodling" with ____. Vladimir Putin
Opening ceremony's protagonist was a little girl. What did she represent? Love
Ouch! Poor Jeremy Abbott. Where is he from? Colorado
Patrick Chan is from which Canadian province? Ontario
Patrick Chan's family emigrated from __. Hong Kong
Plushenko has won the ____ National Championship 10 times. Russian
Polina Edmunds is coming off a ___ medal finish at January's US Championships. Silver
Pow is short for what? Powder
President Obama is the __ President of the United States. 44th
Prior to last night's bronze medal, an American duo had not medaled in the Two-Man Bobsled event since ___. 1952
Remember when Tara Lipinski won the gold in figure skating? That was __ years ago. 16
Reportedly, snowboarders say "steezy," which is a combo of the words "style" and ___. Easy
Right now we're watching "large hill." Ski jumping has ____ types of hills. 3
Right now we're watching "normal hill" ski jumping. Normal hills are anywhere from 260 to __ ft. 330
Roni the __ served as the 1980 Lake Placid mascot. Raccoon
Russia and __ had 2 teams in the top 10 during last night's ice dancing event. Canada
Russia had __ teams in the Top 3 after last night's Short Program. 2
Russia has 9 million more ____ than men. Women
Russia has a population of ____ people. 143.6
Russia has a President and a ____. Prime Minister
Russia is so big that the country has ____ time zones. 11
Russia sent the first dog to space. What was her name? Laika
Russia uses the __ alphabet. Cyrillic
Russia's first Gold of these Olympics was won in ____. Team Skate
Russia's Ksenia Stolbova and Fedor Klimov performed to __ in figure skating pairs last night. The Addams Family
Russia's national anthem is "State Anthem of the Russian ___." Federation
Russian currency is called the ____. Ruble
Russian delicacy Caspian Sea Beluga is a kind of ____. Caviar
Russian goalie Segei Bobrovsky currently plays in the NHL for the ____. Columbus Blue Jackets
Russian is the official Russian language, obviously, but they also have __ official co-languages throughout the country and territories. 26
Russians have been making ____ since the 14th century. Vodka
Sage Kotsenburg grew up in ___. Park city, Utah
Sandro Viletta of ____ took the Gold in Super Combined last night. Switzerland
Senator Charles Schumer has been battling to get a shipment of ____ sent over to Team USA. Chobani Yogurt
Shani Davis made his Olympic debut in __. 2006
Shaun White has been sponsored by Burton since he was ____. 7 years old
Shaun White isn't only a professional snowboarder. He's also a professional __. Skateboarder
Shaun White's an extreme sports vet at this point. He first became buddies with Tony Hawk when he was __ years old. 9 years old
Simon Shnapir was born in ____. Russia
Skaters Marissa Castelli and Simon Shnapir danced to songs by __ last night. Carlos Santana
Skating legend Sonja Henie won ___ consecutive gold medals. 3
"Skating with the __" was a 2010 reality series. Stars
Skeleton athletes ride ____-first. Face
Skeleton races are also called ____. Sliders
Ski jumping has __ types of hills. 3
Ski jumping originated as a sport in which country? Norway
Ski jumping was first played in __. 1808
Skier Gus Kentworthy is representing Team USA but was born in ___. Great Britain
Skier Tina Maze has been awarded Best Female Athlete of the year in __ 4 times.Slovenia
Skiers are required to perform how many jumps during a Moguls competition? 2
Slopestyle jumps range from as small as 20 feet to as big as ____ feet. 80
Snowboard cross first appeared at the Winter Games in ___. 2006
Snowboarders call skiers ___. Gaffers
Snowboarders can spot a gaper from a mile away. What's a gaper? A tourist
Snowboarders do a taco when they __. Wipe out
Snowboarders say the craziest things. What does "shredding the gnar" mean? Shredding the mountain
Snowboards are also called wishbones and __. Planks
So far, the 2014 games are off to a pretty stunning start! Where were the last Winter Olympics? Vancouver
Sochi is Russia's largest what? Resort City
Sochi is situated near the ____ Mountains. Caucasus
Sochi will be the ____ city to ever host the Winter games? Warmest
Some people refer to short track speed skating as "__ on Ice." NASCAR
Someone once dubbed Mikaela Shiffrin "the ___ of Skiing." Mozart
Sonja Henie held which Olympic record for 74 years? Youngest Medalist
Sonja Henie made her Olympic debut at what age? 11
Speed skater Apollo Ohno once won which reality competition? Dancing With the Stars
Speed skater Cathy Turner once left the sport to become a ____. Lounge Singer
Speed skater Denny Morrison is skating for ___. Canada
Speed Skater Guido Caroli was in charge of lighting the cauldron at the 1956 Opening Ceremonies. What happened? He Tripped
Speed skaters in the outer lane always wear a red ___. Armband
Steve Holcomb is racing with a sled made by __. BMW
Steve Holcomb is the __ on his sled. Pilot
Summer Britcher is on USA's Women's Luge Team. Where is she originally from? Pennsylvania
Summer Olympics sweetheart Lolo Jones is also competing in these games. What's her winter sport? Bobsleigh
Superstar Russian figure skater Evgeni Plushenko had to drop out of the men's competition at the last second. Why? Back injury
Sweden's got some swanky outfits tonight. Who designed them? H&M
Switzerland's Dominique Gisin is hitting the slopes hard tonight. How many of her siblings are also alpine skiers? 2
T.J. __ scored USA's winning goal in Men's Hockey yesterday. Oshie
T.J. Oshie came up HUGE today! he was a star hockey player for his high school in ____. Minnesota
T.J. Oshie currently plays in the NHL for the ____. St. Louis Blues
T.J. Oshie is ____ years old. 27
Tara Lipinski is the ____ winter games gold medalist ever. Youngest
Tchaikovsky debuted the ballet "Swan Lake" in 1875. How many ballets did he compose throughout his career? 3
Team Austria had a total of 1038.4 meters in last night's Ski Jumping event. They took home a __ medal. Silver
Team Canada took home the ___ in the Team Skate event. Silver
Team Russia is walking out to some funky beats. It's actually a remix by ____. Daft Punk
Team Switzerland didn't send a Women's Ice Hockey to the Olympics until __. 2006
Team USA's Devin Logan has a tattoo of a mountain on her what? Forearm
Technically, Russia is still fighting ____. World War II
Ted Ligety has been skiing since he was ____ years old. 2
Ted Ligety's favorite TV show is ___. 30 Rock
Tennis player, Maria Sharapova is from Sochi. She recently started her own ____. Candy Line
Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are skating for Canada tonight. They have been dancing together since __. 1997
The "combined" in Nordic Combined is 2 kinds of _____. Skiing
The "Miracle on Ice" happened at the ____ Winter Games. 1980
The 1988 games featured "The Battle of the __." Carmens
The 1st Lake Placid Games occurred during which event? The Great Depression
The 2006 Winter Olympics were held in ___. Italy
The 2010 Winter Olympics took place in __. Vancouver
The 2012 Summer Olympics took place in ____. London
The 2014 games are the __ Winter Olympics. 22nd
The Axel is named after a ___. Former skater
The Biathlon incorporates which weapon? A Rifle
The famous "Miracle On Ice" happened in ___ during the 1980 Winter Olympics. Men's Hockey
The fastest luge run ever was ____ mph. 95.89
The first ice skate blades were made of what? Bone
The first Russian ballet school was formed in the ____. 1740s
The first time Bob Costas covered the Olympics was in ____. 1992
The first Winter Olympics were held in ____. France
The first-ever Winter Olympic Games were held in ____. 1924
The Games were once held in Squaw Valley. Where is Squaw Valley? California
The last Olympics in Russia were held in ____. 1980
The last real gold medals were awarded in which year? 1912
The luge is steered by an athlete's what? Feet
The mechanism that attaches the boot to the ski is called the __. Binding
The new Sochi Adler Arena will be used for which event? Speed Skating
The Norwegian curlers have made headlines this week with their crazy ___. Pants
The Olympic motto is "Swifter, Higher, __." Stronger
The Olympic Torch was designed to look like a ____. Firebird
The Russian flag includes red, white and ____. Blue
The Salchow is named after __. A skater
The sharp edges on the front of an ice skate are known as ____. Toe Picks
The short-lived "Katarina Rule" regulated __. Costumes
The Snowboard Cross course is __ long. 1,250 meter
The snowboard was invented on which holiday? Christmas
The Sochi Games are the ____ Olympic Games in history. Most Expensive
The Sochi Games include 98 ____. Events
The United States has earned a ____ at every Winter Games. Gold Medal
The US bought Alaska off of Russia in 1867. How much did it cost? $7.2 Million
The US hockey team is coached by ____. Dan Bylsma
The US Women's Hockey Team prepared for the Olympics by playing against ____. High school boys
The Winter Games have never been held in the ____. Southern Hemisphere
The Winter Games were cancelled during which war? World War II
There are ____ Alpine Skiing disciplines. 5
These games are the ____ Winter Olympics. 22nd
These three horses is a traditional Russian image called a troika. What is the troika pulling? Sun
This is Lolo Jones' ___ Olympic appearance. 3rd
This is Shani Davis' __ Winter Games. 4th
This is so exciting! When were the last Olympics in held in Russia? 1980
This is Torah Bright's 2nd Winter Games. She won __ in the Women's Snowboard Halfpipe in 2010. Gold
This is US skier Mikaela Shriffrin's ___ Winter Games. 1st
This section celebrates the reign of Peter the Great, who created the country's first ____. Navy
This section celebrates Tolstoy's "War and Peace," which is the ____ longest novel written in a Latin or Cyrillic based alphabet. 7th
This section is a tribute to the lives lost in World War II, which was known as the ____ in Russia. Great Patriotic War
This section is a tribute to the Russian Revolution of ____. 1917
This year Michael Martinez will be the 1st _____ competitor in Olympic figure skating history. Filipino
This year, Gracie Gold's program is set to music from __. Sleeping Beauty
This year's Opening and Closing Ceremonies are being held at ____. Fisht Olympic Stadium
Tina Maze has 8 sponsors and one of them is a __ company. Chocolate
Tina Maze was super fast tonight. She has been awarded Best Female Athlete of the year in __ 4 times. Slovenia
Tonight's 500m event is taking place in the __ Skating Center. Adler Arena
Tonight's Opening Ceremony is being held at __. Fisht Olympic Stadium
Tonight's protagonist is a little girl. What does she represent? Love
Torah Bright married American snowboarder __ in 2010. Jake Welch
True or False: Bode Miller won a Gold earlier in these games. False
True or False: A skating ski is shorter than a classic ski. True
True or False: American Shani Davis won the 500m earlier in the Games? False
True or False: American Skier Bode Miller failed to pick up a medal at the 2006 Turin Games. True
True or False: American Skier Bode Miller failed to pick up a medal at the 2006 Turin Olympics. True
True or False: Before hitting the snow, Julia Mancuso was a water skier. True
True or False: Bob Costas expects to miss the rest of the Olympics. False
True or False: Bode Miller won a Gold earlier in these games. False
True or False: Canada has never won a Gold in men's figure skating. True
True or False: Cross Country has been in every single Winter Olympics. True
True or False: David joined his 1st freestyle ski team when he was 11 years old. True
True or False: During the Team Skate event, all of the top 3 Ice Dancing teams skated to a Russian composer. True
True or False: Elana Meyers picked up a Gold in Vancouver. False
True or False: Evan Bates, Charlie White, and Alex Shibutani were all roommates in college. True
True or False: Gracie Gold is a stage name. False
True or False: Hannah Teter posed for "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue" in 2010. True
True or False: In Pairs Figure Skating, Men are not allowed to do a lift and perform more than 3.5 revolutions. True
True or False: In snowboarding lingo, "spoice" can be used to reference anything or anyone. True
True or False: It is currently colder in Tennessee than it is in Sochi. True
True or False: Jason won Silver at the 2014 US National Championships. True
True or False: Meryl Davis and Charlie White's mothers have never missed a competition. True
True or False: Michel and Ronald Mulder are identical twins. True
True or False: Nick Fairall won the US Ski Jumping trials. True
True or False: Patrick Chan won Olympic Gold at the 2010 Vancouver Games. False
True or False: Russia and the United States are only 2.4 miles apart. True
True or False: Russia has a larger landmass than any other country in the world. True
True or False: Russia is bigger than Neptune. False
True or False: Russia's very first Gold ever was in figure skating. True
True or False: Sarah Hendrickson was the 1st woman to ever ski jump in the Olympics. True
True or False: Scientists have uncovered evidence of prehistoric people cross-country skiing. True
True or False: Shaun's mom dry-cleaned his first Olympic gold medal. True
True or False: Skaters will be able to perform to music with lyrics next year. True
True or False: Ski jumping has been a part of the Winter Olympics since 1924. True
True or False: Snowboard cross was in the 2013 Winter X Games. False
True or False: The lead skater always has the right-of-way. True
True or False: The men's individual figure skating medal is being awarded tomorrow. True
True or False: The Olympic Torch went to space. True
True or False: The Russian team arrived to the 1908 Olympic games 12 days too late. True
True or False: The Sochi track is slower than the one used in the Vancouver Games. True
True or False: The Super Combined course was designed by the father of one of the competitors. True
True or False: The United States and Russia are only 2.4 miles apart. True
True or False: There's a cartoon character modeled after Shani Davis. True
True or False: These games are Jeremy Abbott's first time at the Olympics? False
True or False: This is the 1st time that someone has shared a gold medal at the Olympics! False
True or False: This is the first Winter Games to include a Ski Slopestyle event? True
True or False: US Vice President Joe Biden will attend the Opening Ceremony? False
True or False: USA picked up its first ice dancing gold medal ever last night. True
True or False: Women also compete in a 4-women Bobsled competition. False
Under the ice, bobsled tracks are made out of ___. Concrete
US bobsledder Lolo Jones once went on a date with one of her _____ followers. Twitter
US Figure skater Maryl Davis' Twitter profile says, "Go confidently in the direction of your __." Dreams
US hockey coach Dan Bylsma is currently the coach which NHL team? Pittsburgh Penguins
US skier Joss Christensen says that the best place to "spit game" in Sochi is the ___. Cafeteria
US snowboarder and gold medalist Sage Kotsenburg is __ years old. 20
UW skier Gus Kentworthy has been busy saving ___ in Sochi. Stray puppies
Valentina Tereshkova carried the flag tonight. She's the first woman to go to ____. Space
Victor An skated in the 1500m for Russia earlier this week but he used to skate for ___. South Korea
Vladislac Tretiak has been given the honor of lighting the cauldron tonight. He used to play what position for the Soviet Union's Ice Hockey Team? Goalie
We love quirky Olympians. Our new fave Tina Maze isn't just a downhill skier, she's also a model and pop star in Slovenia. What's her first chart-topping single? My Way is My Decision
We're listening to the gorgeous Rite of Spring by Russian composer ____. Stravinsky
We've been following the most important story of the games - the yogurt stuck in customs. Do the athletes have their Chobani? No
What are the Slopestyle trails called? Jib Parks
What did Charles Hemlin do after winning his medal in 1500m earlier in the Games? Kiss his lady
What did Japanese skater Yuzuru Hanyu score in last night's Short Program? 101.45
What did Javier Fernandez do at the Opening Ceremony? Carried the flag
What did Nick Goepper do when he was 13? Build a park
What does American snowboarder Kaitlyn Farrington collect on her trips? Fridge magnets
What does Julia Mancuso design? Underwear
What does Kaitlyn Farrington collect on her trips? Fridge magnets
What does Kelly Clark do when she's not performing insane tricks on snow? Make furniture
What does the J.R. in J.R. Celski stand for? John Robert
What happened to the Olympic flag during the Opening Ceremonies in 1984? It was raised upside down
What interrupted the 1998 Nagano games? Snow
What is a Lutz? A jump
What is a salchow? A Jump
What is an Olympic hockey puck made of? Rubber
What is considered to be the birthplace of modern skiing? Norway
What is Lolo's real name? Lori
What is Shani Davis' Hometown? Chicago, IL
What is Shaun White's old nickname? The Flying Tomato
What is the capital of Russia? Moscow
What is the name of of the machine used to clean the ice? Zamboni
What is the official rifle that all Biathletes use? .22-caliber
What is the only American city to host the Winter Olympians twice? Lake Placid
What is US skier Mikaela Shiffrin's nickname? Mika
What speed skating event has Shani Davis dominated over the past 8 years? 1000 meters
What wandered onto the Cross Country course earlier this week? Stray dogs
What was Surya Bonaly's specialty skating trick? A back flip
What was the snowboard originally called? The Snurfer
When did Alpine Skiing first appear in the Olympics? 1936
When did Olympic Figure Skating first appear on television? 1960
When did Snowboarding debut at the Winter Games? 1998
When did the Winter Olympic torch debut? 1952
When he's not flipping around on boards, Shaun White likes to __. Play in his band
When Kate Hansen isn't speeding down an icy surface, she likes kicking back and watching which teen comedy? Mean Girls
When Meredith Vieira hosted last night, it was the first time that a ____ was the solo host of NBC's Olympic coverage. Woman
When she's not dominating for Team USA, Alex Carpenter plays college hockey at ___. Boston College
When someone lands a sick move or has a pretty cool outfit, in snowboarding lingo it can be referred to as __. Crispy
When was Sochi chosen as the host city? 2007
When was the last time 2 Russian pairs made it onto the podium in the same Olympics? 1998
When was the last time the US Men's Curling Team took home an Olympic medal? 2006
Where did the 2014 torch begin its journey? Greece
Where do Felicia and Nathan train? Florida
Where is Henrik Harlaut from? Sweden
Where is Nick Goepper from? Indiana
Where is Sochi? Russia
Where is speed skater Stefan Groothius from? The Netherlands
Where is the Hockey Hall of Fame located? Canada
Where was the 1st World Figure Skating Championship? Russia
Which American announced she wasn't going to compete in Sochi last month? Lindsey Vonn
Which American recently pulled out of the Men's Slopestyle event? Shaun White
Which brand recently showed their support for Ted Ligety by remaking Blackstreet's song "No Diggity?" JC Penney
Which country competed for the first time at the 1988 Winter Olympics? Jamaica
Which country had the most women qualify in the top 10 in Thursday's Freestyle Moguls event? Canada
Which country has hosted the Winter Games the most? United States
Which country has the largest team at the Games? The United States
Which country has the most bobsled medals? Germany
Which country has the most Olympic Luge medals? Germany
Which country nabbed the Silver and Bronze in Snowboard Halfpipe last night? Japan
Which country swept Men's Ski Slopestyle earlier in the Games? USA
Which country took the first ever gold medal in Team Skate earlier in the Games? Russia
Which country took the medal in Team Skate earlier in the Games? Russia
Which country was on top of the team figure skating standings after Thursday night's events? Russia
Which country won all of the medals in the 500m speed-skating event earlier in the Games? Netherlands
Which country won all of the medals in the men's 500m earlier in the Games? The Netherlands
Which country won both the first ever Golds in slopestyle earlier in the games? United States
Which country won the bronze medal in the Team Skate event? USA
Which country's athletes are not able to wear their country's flag at the games? India
Which duo scored the most points for their country in the Team Skate event? Meryl Davis & Charlie White
Which event first appeared at the 1976 Winter Olympics? Ice Dancing
Which event made its Olympic debut earlier in the Games? Slopestyle
Which figure skater recently retired? Johnny Weir
Which folk songstress performed at the 2010 Vancouver games? Joni Mitchell
Which former skater had his own reality series? Johnny Weir
Which historical figure was a passionate skater? Marie Antoinette
Which ice dancing duo set a new record earlier in the Games? Meryl Davis & Charlie White
Which legendary skater lit this year's Olympic torch? Irina Rodnina
Which member of the US delegation is missing the Opening Ceremony this year? Billie Jean King
Which member of the US Women's Curling Team was named the USA's Female Curler of the Year in 2013? Erika Brown
Which nation has won the most total medals in the history of the Winter Olympics? Norway
Which nation managed to qualify the most athletes for the Sochi Olympics? United States
Which of the following is a real figure skating move? Twizzle
Which of the following is NOT part of the Olympic Alpine Skiing program? Super 8
Which of the following is required in competitive figure skating? Spins
Which of the following sports will make its debut at the Sochi Winter Olympics? Women's Ski Jumping
Which of these fun words is also a snowboarding stance? Goofy
Which of these is a real figure skating term? A Flying Camel
Which of these is an actual Alpine Skiing event? Super G
Which of these is an official skating spin? Doughnut spin
Which of these is forbidden in speed skating? Drifting
Which of these is NOT an Olympic ring color? Purple
Which of these sports was NOT in the first modern Winter Games? Snowboarding
Which of these sports was NOT in the original games? Snowboarding
Which Olympic star does Taylor Swift love? Figure skater Gracie Gold
Which players were banned from Olympic Ice Hockey until 1998? NHL
Which Russian pair won the Gold in Figure Skating Pairs earlier in the Games? Tatiana Volosozhar/Maxim Trankov
Which skater had a rumored affair with Liberace? Sonja Henie
Which skater retired earlier in the short program? Evgeni Plushenko
Which snowboarder called Sochi's halfpipe "dangerous because it's crappy?" Hannah Teter
Which specialized skate do speed skaters use? A clap skate
Which sport featured "The Miracle On Ice" team? Ice Hockey
Which sport features "moguls"? Freestyle Skiing
Which star skater never won an Olympic gold medal? Michelle Kwan
Which tennis superstar carried the torch at the Opening Ceremony? Maria Sharapova
Which winter sport debuted at the Summer Olympics? Figure Skating
Which women's skiing event made its Olympic debut this year? Ski jumping
Who became the 1st woman to win a Ski Jumping gold medal earlier in the Games? Carina Vogt
Who carried the American flag during the Opening Ceremony? Todd Lodwick
Who coached Michelle Kwan to a silver medal in 1998? Frank Carroll
Who coaches Japan's phenomenal teen skater Yuzuru Hanyu? Brian Orser
Who designed Team USA's uniforms this year? Ralph Lauren
Who does NOT currently compete in Nordic Combined? Women
Who has won the most Olympic Figure Skating medals? The United States
Who has won the most Winter Olympic medals? Norway
Who hosted last night's primetime events? Bob Costas
Who is competing in ski jumping for the first time ever this year? Women
Who is the most decorated American athlete in the history of the Winter Games? Apolo Ohno
Who is the most decorated American winter athlete in the history of the Winter Olympics? Apolo Ohno
Who is the most decorated skier in US history? Bode Miller
Who is the official Mayor of the Olympic Village? Pole Vaulter Elena Isinbayeva
Who is the youngest figure skater to qualify for the US Olympic Team since Tara Lipinski? Polina Edmunds
Who made "The Wedge" a famous haircut? Dorothy Hamill
Who made headlines for attacking Nancy Kerrigan in 1994? Tonya Harding
Who picked up the Gold in Men's Halfpipe earlier in the Games? Iouri Podladtchikov
Who picked up the Gold in Women's Ski Slopestyle earlier in the Games? Dara Howell
Who was the 1st woman to ever ski jump in the Olympics last night? Sarah Hendrickson
Who was the last skater to place in the Top 5 in singles AND pairs competition at a World Championship? Kristi Yamaguchi
Who was the oldest skier competing in Super Combined earlier this week? Bode Miller
Who won Gold in ice dancing at the last Olympics? Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir
Who won the Bronze in the Women's Alpine Skiing Downhill event earlier in the Games? Lara Gut
Who won the bronze in Women's Ski Jumping? Coline Mattel
Who won the first gold medal in Women's Hockey? The United States
Why did Mikaela Shiffrin like Skiing when she was little? The food
Why did Mikaela Shiffrin start skiing? The food
With Russia's Team Skate medal, Yulia Lipnitskaya became the youngest person ever to win gold at the Winter Games. The previous record was held by ___. Tara Lipinski
Women did not compete in the bobsled until ___. 2002
Women's Skeleton first appeared in the ____ games. 2002
Young short track speed skaters are called what? Ponies
Young snowboarders are called what? Grommets
Yulia Lipnitskaya just nailed it. Hard to believe she's only __ years old. 15
Yuzuru Hanyu is skating beautifully for Japan. His coach is former skater __.Brian Orser
Yuzuru Hanyu took Gold in men's figure skating earlier in the Games. How old is he? 19 years old


Viggle Birthday Questions

All of Viggle HQ's conference rooms are named after ___. TV shows
At 2 p.m. every afternoon, one group of dedicated Viggle staffers do ___ for their New Year's resolution. Push ups
Election season was huge on Viggle. In November, Vigglers voted their favorite TV president. Pres. Bartlett
Every Friday, a platter of ___ is served for breakfast in the office. Bagels and bacon
Every Thursday is ___ on Viggle. DIRECTV CINEMA Movie Night
How many nationalities are represented on the Viggle staff? 7
If Vigglers could pick any TV character to be President, they'd vote for____. Sheldon from "Big Bang Theory"
In the last year, Vigglers have checked in ___ times. 142,830,295
In the last year, Vigglers have watched ___ hours of TV. 168,341,094
In the Rewards Catalog right now there is a sweepstake to win ___. 1 million Viggle points
On election night, most Viggle LIVE players decided ___ would win in a fight. Paul Ryan
The first-ever Viggle LIVE was for the ______. The Superbowl
The main conference room in the Viggle office is called ___. Entourage
The most popular flavored coffee in the Viggle office is ___. French Vanilla
The most popular Viggle rewards is ___. $5 Starbucks card
The Viggle deal in October was for a donation to____. National Breast Cancer Foundation
There are ___ Nerf toys floating around the Viggle office. 8
There are _____ TVs in the viggle office. 10
There's a pretty sweet ___ in the Viggle office. Karaoke machine
This year Vigglers picked ___ as their favorite classic '90s sitcom. Friends
Viggle has offices in NYC, Los Angeles, & ___. San Francisco
Viggle staffers often bring their _____to work. Dogs
Viggle teams dominated the ___ courts. Kickball
Vigglers can play along with every pro basketball game this season with __. MyGuy
Vigglers had Olympics fever last summer. Which athlete was their pick for greatest Olympian ever? Michael Phelps
Vigglers have made ___ donations to charities from the Viggle Rewards Catalog. 10,403
Vigglers have redeemed ___ rewards in the last year. 1,246,469
Vigglers recently voted __ as their favorite TV lawyer? Harvey from "Suits"
What team did Viggle partner with to give away a signed jersey? New York Jets
Which of these movies was part of the Viggle Holiday Quest in December? Elf
Who is the MyGuy Commissioner? Dan Marino


Political Trivia

According to Mitt, he likes to relax with a classic PB&J and a cold glass of ___. Chocolate milk
After last week's debate, Tagg Romney said he wanted to ___ Obama. Punch
Ann and Mitt Romney met when they were in ___. Elementary School
Ann Romney has been diagnosed with ___. Multiple Sclerosis
Ann Romney plays a fierce game of ___. Tennis
As a kid, Barack Obama went by ___. Barry
As a Senator, Joe Biden was a longtime member of the Committee on ___. Foreign Relations
Barack Obama's mother, Ann Dunham, got her PhD in ____. Anthropology
Before becoming President, Barack Obama delivered the keynote address at the ___ Democratic Convention. 2004
Before becoming President, Barack Obama elected to ___. The Senate
Before Bill Clinton was the President, he served as a ___. Governor
Before Chris Christie was elected Governor of New Jersey, he served as ___ for the state. District Attorney
Before Joe Biden was the Vice President, he served as a Senator from ___. Delaware
Before Paul Ryan was elected the Congress, he worked as a political aide and a ___. Speechwriter
Between the ages of six and ten, Barack Obama lived in ___. Indonesia
Bill Clinton was the ___ President of the United States. 42nd
Candy Crowley hosts the CNN show ___. State of the Union
Candy Crowley is the first woman to moderate a Presidential debate since ___. 1992
Chris Christie has battled the cast of the hit reality show ___. Jersey Shore
Chris Christie is proud to be a ___ fan. Mets
Condoleezza Rice has played the ___ since she was a young (what?). Piano (Viggle typo)
Condoleezza Rice served as ___ in the Bush administration. Secretary of State
Condoleezza Rice was a ___ until she became a Republican in 1982. Democrat
Condoleezza Rice was one of the first women ever allowed in to the ___. Augusta National Golf Club
During Barack Obama's time as a Senator, he famously opposed ___. The Iraq War
Earlier this year, Joe Biden caused a controversy after declaring his support for ___. Marriage equality
Elizabeth Warren has written 2 books and several articles with her ___. Daughter
Elizabeth Warren is from the great state of ___. Oklahoma
Elizabeth Warren is running for Senate in Massachusetts against the incumbent ___. Scott Brown
Elizabeth Warren's first best-selling book was called ___. The Two-Income Trap
Every year, President Obama partners with ESPN to present his predication for the NCAA ___ Tournament. Basketball
Governor Susana Martinez is married to a ___. Policeman
Governor Susana Martinez is the first ___ governor in the US. Female and hispanic
Governor Susana Martinez spent 12 years serving as a ___. District attorney
How many US Presidents have appeared on "The Daily Show" so far? Four
How many US Presidents have appeared on "The Daily Show" so far? Four
How old is Paul Ryan? 42
How old was Joe Biden when he became a Senator? 30 years old
In 1984, Mitt Romney cofounded an investment firm called ___. Bain Capital
In 1986, Mitt Romney moved to ___ for a two-year stint as a missionary. France
In 1996, Barack Obama was elected to the ___. Illinois State Senate
In 2005, Paul Ryan gave a speech professing his love for ___. Ayn Rand
In 2009, the "Boston Globe" named Elizabeth Warren the ___. Bostonian of the Year
In high school, Paul Ryan was voted Prom King and ___. Biggest Brown Noser
In his first political campaign, Mitt Romney was defeated by incumbent Massachusetts Senator ___. Ted Kennedy
Inauguration Day takes place on January ___. 20th
Joe Biden ran for President in 2008 and in ___. 1988
Julian Castro is the DNC's first ___ keynote speaker. Latino
Julian Castro is the Major [Mayor] of ___. San Antonio
Julian Castro was the youngest ___ in San Antonio history. City councilman
Julian Castro's twin brother Joaquin is a ___. Politician
Last week, the White House released President Obama's ___. Beer recipe
Last week's RNC was held in ___. Tampa
Michelle and Barack met at ___. Work
Michelle Obama has been criticized for showing her ___. Arms
Michelle Obama is a ___. Lawyer
Michelle Obama's brother Craig is a ___. Basketball Coach
Michelle Obama's fitness incentive is called ___. Let's Move
Mitt and Ann Romney have ___ children. 5
Mitt Romney comes from a family of powerful ladies. His ___ran for Senate. Mother
Mitt Romney earned his undergraduate degree from ___. Brigham Young University
Mitt Romney graduated from Harvard Graduate School with a joint degree in Business Administration and ___. Law
Mitt Romney once fought with a member of ___ on a flight. LMFAO
Mitt Romney once rescued a family who had been stranded when their ___. Boat sank
Mitt Romney served as the governor of ___. Massachusetts
Mitt Romney was born in ___. Michigan
Mitt Romney was once arrested for disorderly conduct during a ___. Boating trip
Mitt Romney was the head of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the ___ Winter Olympics. 2002
Mitt Romney's ___ ran for Senate. Mother
Mitt Romney's cousin was once ___ in Mexico. Kidnapped
Mitt Romney's father George ran for the Republican presidential nomination in ___. 1968
Mitt Romney's father was born in ___. Mexico
Mitt Romney's oldest son is named ___. Taggart
Mitt Romney's wife Ann is known for owning ___. Horses
Obama promised Michelle that before he ran for President, he would quit ___. Smoking
Obama received his undergraduate degree from ___. Columbia University
Obama won a Grammy for a ___. Audiobook
On Barack and Michelle's first date, they saw the movie ___. Do the Right Thing
Paul Ryan enjoys "catfish noodling," which is a way to ___. Catch catfish
Paul Ryan first won election to the House of Representatives in ___. 1998
Paul Ryan is currently the ___ of the House Budget Committee. Chairman
Paul Ryan is currently the chairman of the ___. House Budget Committee
Paul Ryan was born and raised in ___. Wisconsin
Paul Ryan's favorite band is ___. Rage Against the Machine
Paul Ryan's favorite football team is ___. The Green Bay Packers
Paul Ryan's fitness routine includes ___ training. P90X
Politics run in Julian Castro's family. His brother is a politician and his mom is a ___. Activist
Pres. Bill Clinton met Hillary at ___. Yale Law School
Pres. Garfield could write Latin with one hand and ___ with the other. Greek
President Andrew Jackson served with ___ bullets in his body. 2
President Clinton was the first Democratic President since ___ to be elected to a 2nd term. Franklin D. Roosevelt
President Obama's first book was published in ___. 1995
President Thomas Jefferson invented the ___. Swivel chair
Reince Priebus is the current ___ of the Republican National Convention. Chairman
The first Democratic National Convention was held in ___. Maryland
The first First Lady to speak at the Republican National Convention was ___. Pat Nixon
The first Republican Convention was held in ___. Pennsylvania
The first Republican President was ___. Abraham Lincoln
The last Presidential debate that Bob Schieffer moderated was a battle between Barack Obama and ___. John McCain
The modern Democratic Party was created by followers of ___. Andrew Jackson
The Onion famously spoofed Joe Biden by reporting that he washed a ___ in the White House driveway. Trans Am
The President's theme song is "Hail to the Chief." What's the VP song? Hail Columbia
This year's Republican National Convention will host over ___ delegates. 2000
Today, the DNC announced that President Obama's speech has been ___. Moved
Tonight's debate host Martha Raddatz wrote a best-selling book about her time spent covering ___. Iraq
Tonight's debate is the ___ presidential candidate debate that Jim Lehrer has moderated. 12th
Vice President Biden was first elected to the Senate in ___. 1972
What is Bob Schieffer's secret talent? Songwriting
What is Joe Biden's nickname? Amtrak Joe
What is Mitt Romney's favorite movie? O Brother, Where Art Thou?
What is Mitt Romney's first name? Willard
What was Mitt Romney's salary during his term as Governor of Massachusetts? Nothing
What was President Reagan's Secret Service Nickname? Rawhide
What's Joe Biden's favorite cocktail? Old-Fashioned
When asked if she preferred her husband in boxers or briefs, Michelle Obama picked ___. Neither
When Chris Christie was sworn in as the governor of New Jersey? 2010
When did Barack Obama graduate from Harvard Law School? 1991
When did Paul Ryan give the Republican response to the State of the Union address? 2011
When Elizabeth Warren was in high school, she was called named Oklahoma's ___. Top high-school debater
When is Election Day? November 6th
When Obama lived in Indonesia, he kept a ___ as a pet. Ape
When Obama lived in Indonesia, his schoolmates called him ___. Curly Eyelashes
When Paul Ryan was a college student, he worked as a(n) ___. Oscar Meyer driver
When was Mitt Romney sworn in as the 70th governor of Massachusetts? 2003
Which Amendment sets a 2-term limit on the US Presidency? 22nd
Which candidate is the 9th cousin of Brad Pitt? Obama
Which President brewed beer in the White House? Barack Obama
Which President claimed to have seen a UFO? Jimmy Carter
Which President had a dog named Checkers? President Nixon
Which President installed an Oval Office buzzer system to keep his girlfriends away from his wife? Lyndon Johnson
Which President lost the White House china in a poker game? Warren Harding
Which President puked on the Japanese Prime Minister? George H.W. Bush
Which President was a licensed bartender? Abraham Lincoln
Which trade agreement did President Clinton sign into law? NAFTA
Which Vice President hosted a TV show? Alben Barkley
Which Vice President was tipsy at his inauguration? Andrew Johnson
While Barack Obama was studying at Harvard, he was the president of ___. Harvard Law Review
While Obama was at Harvard, he tried to appear in a ___. Beefcake calendar
While serving as the Vice President, Joe Biden was instrumental in ending a ___ crisis between Republicans and Democrats. Budget
Who delivered the keynote speech at this year's Democratic National Convention? Julian Castro
Who delivered the keynote speech at this year's Republican National Convention? Chris Christie
Who gave the keynote speech last night at the DNC? Julian Castro
Who is allowed to vote in the Senate in the event of a tie? Vice President
Who is Obama's favorite character from "The Wire?" Omar
Who plays Obama on SNL? Jay Pharoah
Who plays Romney on SNL? Taran Killam
Who said, "Corporations are people, my friend"? Romney
Who said, "I've now been in 57 states - I think one left to go"? Obama
Who said, "You didn't build that"? Obama
Who was the first President to be born in a hospital? Jimmy Carter
Who was the keynote speaker at last week's RNC? Chris Christie
Who was the shortest President? James Madison


Holiday Movie Trivia Answers

A __ is attached to the side of Frosty's hat in "Frosty the Snowman." Flower
According to legend, Home Alone features a cameo from deceased star __. Elvis Presley
Amanda, one of the heroines of "The Holiday," was a workaholic in LA. What did she do for a living? Produced movie trailers
At the beginning of "The Santa Clause," Scott reads ___ to Charlie. The Night Before Christmas
At the National Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation , the President _____ a turkey. Pardons
Aunt Clara gave Ralphie a pair of _____ in "A Christmas Story." Pink bunny pajamas
Bad Santa director Terry Zwigoff was nominated for an Oscar for his previous film _____. Ghost World
Billy Bob Thornton was nominated for a _____ for his role in "Bad Santa." Golden Globe
Both VH1 and E! ranked "Home Alone" star Macaulay Culkin the #2 Child Star ever
Chevy Chase starred in "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" as Clark Griswold. There's also a town called Chevy Chase in _____. Maryland
During the early years of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, the balloons were___ after they were used. Released
Early in Home Alone, Kevin wishes his family would __. Disappear
Fill in the classic Home Alone quote: Buzz, your girlfriend, __! Woof
Fill in the epic Home Alone quote: Keep the change, __! Ya filthy animal
Frank Capra III was an assistant director on "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation." His grandfather was director of another iconic holiday film ___. It's a Wonderful Life
From 2002 to 2010, Home Alone star Macauley Culkin famously dated actress __. Mila Kunis
Frosty carries a __ in Frosty the Snowman. Broom
Frosty the Snowman artist Paul Coker was also an illustrator for __ magazine. Mad
Frosty the Snowman spawned __ sequels. 4
Frosty the Snowman was narrated by Jimmy Durante
Frosty the Snowman was produced by Rankin/Bass, the team behind __. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Frosty the Snowman writer Romeo Muller also wrote comedy material for Jack Benny
Home Alone is the _____ever. Highest Grossing Comedy
Home Alone received one Academy Award. What was it for? Best Original Score
Home Alone star Joe Pesci is best known for his role as the maniacal Tommy DeVito in __. Goodfellas
Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin first hosted SNL when he was __ years old. 11
Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin married actor Rachel Miner when he was __ years old. 17
How many Home Alone movies have been made? 5
How many people watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade last year? 22.4 million
How many twinkle lights did Clark use on the house in "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation?" 25,000
How much did the average Black Friday shopper spend last year? $398.62
In "A Christmas Story," the Parker family's car was a _____. Oldsmobile
In "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation," Clark had trouble reading "People" in bed because ___. His fingers were covered in sap
In "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation," Clark wanted to buy ___ with his Christmas bonus. Swimming pool
In "The Santa Clause," an elf named Judy knows how to make the perfect ___. Hot Chocolate
In "The Santa Clause," Bernard is the ___ elf. Head
In "The Santa Clause," Neil always wanted an Oscar Mayer ___ for Christmas. Whistle
In "The Santa Clause," Scott's diet eventually consists of ___. Milk and cookies
In 2008, Coke created an ad featuring the balloon versions of Stewie from "Family Guy" and ___ chasing a Coke through the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Underdog
In 2011, a Black Friday shopper used ____ on her fellow deal-seekers. Pepper spray
In 2011, approximately __ pounds of cranberries were consumed on Thanksgiving. 225 million
In Bad Santa, the Kid wanted a _____ for Christmas. Pink elephant
In Frosty the Snowman, a ticket to the North Pole costs $3,000.04 (including tax)
In Frosty the Snowman, Frosty has a ___ for a nose. Button
In Frosty the Snowman, Frosty is made out of Christmas snow.
In Frosty the Snowman, the actor who voiced Frosty was best known as __. A comedian
In Home Alone, Kevin gets left behind when his family leaves on a trip to Paris.
In Home Alone, Kevin is obsessed with a gangster movie called __, Angels with Filthy Souls
In Home Alone, Kevin McCallister accidentally trashes Buzz's __. Bedroom
In Home Alone, Kevin McCallister has __ brothers and sisters. 4
In Home Alone, Kevin's oldest (and meanest) brother is named __. Buzz
In Home Alone, Macauley Culkin's younger brother ____ appears as one of Kevin McCallister's cousins. Kieran
In Home Alone, the McAllisters live in Chicago
In Home Alone, the McCallisters almost miss their flight because they __. Oversleep
In Home Alone, what do the two robbers call themselves? The Wet Bandits
In Home Alone, which of the following characters is NOT a member of the gang that tries to break into Kevin's house? Larry Balzak
In Home Alone, which part of Kevin's house comes to life and starts groaning his name? The furnace
In recent years, activists have protested Black Friday with the countermovement Buy Nothing Day.
In the 19th century, Black Friday referred to a Financial crisis
In The Holiday, Iris and Amanda exchange ____ over the holidays. Homes
In The Holiday, Jude Law's sister is named Iris. In real life, Jude Law has a __ named Iris. Daughter
It's driedel time! A player gets everything in the pot if the dreidel lands on ___. Gimel
Karen is always wearing __ in Frosty the Snowman. Earmuffs
Kiddies often receive money during Hanukkah, called _____. Gelt
Linus recites a chapter from the Gospel of _____ in "A Charlie Brown Christmas." Luke
Nancy Meyers is the writer and director of The Holiday and many other rom-coms, including the 2009 movie __. It's Complicated
On Thanksgiving day, the ____ traditionally host NFL games. Cowboys and Lions
Other than Snoopy, all the voices in "A Charlie Brown Christmas" were performed by _____. Children
Pop artist Lady Gaga had a Thanksgiving special in 2011.
President ___ established Thanksgiving as a national holiday. Franklin D Roosevelt
President ____ proclaimed that Thanksgiving would be observed on the same day in all US states. Abraham Lincoln
Since 2005, Black Friday has been the ____ most popular shopping day of the year. 1st
The __ took place the same year Frosty the Snowman was first shown. First moon landing
The director of "A Charlie Brown Christmas" was also the voice of _____. Snoopy
The first Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade was held in __. 1924
The first television broadcast of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade was in 1948.
The first Thanksgiving feast was purported to be held in 1621.
The Holiday stars Cameron Diaz and __ as 2 heartbroken ladies searching for love a the most magical time of the year. Kate Winslet
The Home Alone house was put on the market in 2011. What was the asking price? $2.4 million
The last attraction in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is always Santa.
The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade was suspended during _____ to save helium and rubber. WWII
The McCallister family flies out of __ on their way to Paris. O'Hare International
The National Turkey Federation says that ______ turkeys were consumed in the U.S. in 2011. 219 million
The only actor to appear in "A Christmas Story" and its first sequel was _____. Tedde Moore
The original version of Frosty the Snowman was sung by Gene Autry
The state of Wisconsin produces the most cranberries
The Traffic cop accidentally swallowed his ___ in "Frosty the Snowman". whistle
The voice of __ was replaced in recent airing of Frosty the Snowman. Karen
What actor was the voice of Professor Hinkle in Frosty the Snowman? Billy De Wolfe
What are the first words Frosty says in "Frosty the Snowman?" Happy birthday!
What beverage company was the original sponsor of "A Charlie Brown Christmas?" Coca-Cola
What breed won Best of Show in the 2011 National Dog Show on Thanksgiving? Wire Fox Terrier
What brought Frosty to life in "Frosty the Snowman"? A magic hat
What city was the first to use the term "Black Friday" to describe after Thanksgiving shopping? Philadelphia
What does the Old Man call the Chicago Bears in "A Christmas Story?" Chicago Chipmunks
What is beloved actor John Candy's role in Home Alone? A band member
What is the name of Kevin's spooky neighbor in Home Alone Old Man Marley
What kind of dog harasses the Old Man in "A Christmas Story?" Bloodhounds
What kind of flowers were in the greenhouse in "Frosty the Snowman?" Poinsettias
What part of the turkey is considered to have good luck when snapped? Wishbone
What was Ellen's nickname for Clark in "National Lampoon's Christmas Vaction?" Sparky
What was the name of the rabbit in Frosty the Snowman? Hocus Pocus
Where was Home Alone filmed? Chicago
Which actor wanted to be the bad Santa in "Bad Santa"? [b]Jack Nicholson]/b]
Which Home Alone villain ends up with some seriously messed up feet? Marv Merchants
Which of these balloons appeared in the 1927 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade? Felix the Cat.
Who built the fire for Karen in Frosty the Snowman? Forest Creatures
Who is the diminutive leader of the Wet Bandits in Home Alone? Harry Lime
Who played Clark's cousin Eddie in the "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation?" Randy Quaid
Who played the Old Man in "A Christmas Story?" Darren McGavin
Who was the magician in Frosty the Snowman? Professor Hinkle
Zot Hanukkah is the ___ night of Hanukkah. 8th


Sports Trivia Answers

Questions first appeared 31 Oct 2012

Running back Marcus Lattimore was having a great 2011 before tearing his ACL. Who was he playing for? South Carolina
The FSB record for most total yards in a single half belongs to Andre Ware
Former Wisconsin QB Russell Wilson completed a FBS record 379 passes without a Interception
Women's Division I golf champ Vicki Goetze attended the University of Georgia
West Virginia, Cincinnati and were named co-champions of the Big East football conference in 2011.Louisville
Fans of Kentucky basketball can often spot actress and school alum among the sea of blue. Ashley Judd
How many of the 27 colleges that compete in Division I fencing have women's-only teams? 5
How many Division I softball teams advance after the double elimination round? 16
Who was the oldest person ever to win the Heisman Trophy at age 28? Chris Weinke
In 1993, Chis Webber cost Michigan the national basketball champion shit when he accidentally Called Timeout
Texas A&M was a member of the Big 12 until? 2012
In 2002, Bethune-Cookman player Rashean Mathis intercepted a record passes. 14
In an NCAA bowling match, the pattern distance must not be shorter than feet. 34
Collegiate rules state that baseball bats must be made of Wood
Which BYU player took the basketball world by storm with his 3-pointers in the 2010-11 season? Jimmer Fredette
The first intercollegiate lacrosse game in the United States was played in 1877
The NCAA women's tournament is known as March Madness and The Big Dance
Who the Southern Conference basketball tournament in 2011-12 Davidson
The NCAA career record for the most 3-point shots made belongs to JJ Redick
The head coach of the South Carolina Gamecocks football team is Steve Spurrier.
Which recent Oklahoma graduate holds the all-time FSB record for Career Receptions? Ryan Broyles
The current head coach of the Kentucky basketball team is Rick Pitino
Duke's mascot is the Blue Devil
In 2011-12 the Mountain West conference basketball tournament champion was New Mexico
Who won the Big Ten conference basketball tournament in 2011-12 Michigan State
The FBS record for most career sacks belongs to Terrell Suggs
Who became the first FCS school to defeat an FBS nationally ranked team in 2007? Appalachian State
How many players make up a Division I field Hockey team? 16
Which university holds the record for most NCAA men's cross-country titles? Michigan State University
Women's Division I softball has held Championships. 27
The 2013 NCAA skiing championship will be held in Vermont
Which current NFL QB set the FCS record for highest career efficiency rating while at San Diego University? Josh Johnson


Baseball/Football Trivia FAQ and Answers

A regulation baseball bat is no more than ___ inches long. 42
Allen Craig led the Cardinals with ___ RBIs during the regular season. 97
Cardinal's pitcher Edward Mujica saved ____ games during the regular season. 37
Earlier this season, Texas Rangers ace ___ fell one out short of a perfect game. Yu Darvish
For ____ years, there were two All-Star games per year ___4
Gerrit Cole was drafted first overall by Pittsburgh in 2011. Who was the first overall pick they year___ Bryce Harper
Pirates pitcher Jason Grilli saved ___ games during the regular season. 33
Roger Marris broke BabeRuth's single season home run record in ___1961
The Arizona Diamondbacks and the Tampa Bay Rays played their first seasons as expansion teams in ____ 1998
The Cardinals won the NL Central this season. Which team finished last in that division? Chicago Cubs
The first All-Star game was played in ____ Chicago
The first Cy Young award was given in ___ 1956
The New York Yankees did not win a World Series in the ____ 1980s
True or false, Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright won 20 games during the regular season – False
True or false, Yadier Molina has been a Cardinal his entire career. True
Where was the All-Star game played this season? Citi Field
Which Cardinals led the team in batting average during the regular season? Yadler Molina
Which Cardinal led the team in home runs during the regular season? Carlos Beltran
Which Pirate led the team in batting average during the regular season? Andrew McCutchen.
Which pitcher had the lowest ERA in the National league this season? Clayton Kershaw
Which pitcher led the National League in saves in the 2013 season? Craig Kimbrel
Which player won the 2013 Home Run Derby? Yoenis Cespedes
Which team won the NL West this season? LA Dodgers
Which Rockies player led the NL with a .331 batting average this season? Carlos Gonzalez
Who are the only 2 pitchers with more regular season wins than Lance Lynn over the last 2 years? Max Scherzer and R.A. Dickey
Who won World Series MVP the last time the Pirates won the Fall Classic? Willie Stargell

Baseball Trivia - 10/7/13
Which player led the American League batting average during regular season? Cabrera
Detroit Tigers play their home games where? Comerica Park
In September, the Tigers won their ___ consecutive AL Central Division title. 3rd
The last time the Athletics won the World Series was in ___. 1989
The Athletics play their home games in the ____. Coliseum
True or False: The movie "Moneyball" was inspired by the Athletics. True
When was Justin Verlander named AL Rookie of the Year? 2006
What position does Miguel Cabrera currently play? Third base
True or False: No MLB team won 100 games this season. True
Last Wednesday, the Tampa Bay Rays beat the ___ to reach the ALDS. Cleveland Indians
Which team won the AL Central this season? Tigers (3rd year in row)
Before he joined the Philadelphia Phillies, closer Jonathan Papelbon was a key part of the ___ bullpen. Boston Red Sox
The current manager of the San Francisco Giants is___. Bruce Bochy
In 2013, brothers Justin and BJ Upton became members of the NL's ___. Atlanta Braves
Before joining the Detroit Tigers, Miguel Cabrera played for the ___. Florida Marlins
A designated hitter was allowed in the All-Star game for the 1st time in ____. 1989
Chicago Cubs pitcher Jeff Samardzija was once a football star at ___. Notre Dame
Which American League pitcher had the most wins during the regular season? Max Scherzer
Which team did the Tigers beat to advance to the 2012 World Series? The Yankees
True or False: The Tigers' pitchers struck out a record breaking 1,428 batters during the 2013 regular season. True (record previously held by Cubs)
Last season the A's lost to the ___ in the ALDS. Tigers
In September, the Athletics won their ___ straight AL West Championship. 2nd
The Tigers have won ___ World Series Championships. 4
Who pitched the first no-hitter at Comerica Park? Justin Verlander
Which player led the American League in RBIs during the regular season? Chris Davis
True or False: Mariano Rivera was a Yankee his entire career. True (19 years)
Which team won the AL East this season? Red Sox (first time since 2007)
Strikeout master AJ Burnett currently pitches for the ___. Pittsburgh Pirates
The 2012 American League MVP was ___. Miguel Cabrera (Triple Crown)
Which of the following teams is NOT a member of the AL West? Kansas City Royals
In 2013, Dodgers rookie ___ exploded onto the scene with home runs in his first three games. Yasiel Puig
Which Major League star has the nickname "Kung Fu Panda" Pablo Sandoval
Which League…Buster Posey

Baseball Trivia - 7/26/13

A Grand Slam occurs when the bases are ___. Loaded
Babe Ruth stated his career with the ___. Boston Red Sox
Babe Ruth was nicknamed the ___. Bambino
Hank Aaron won ___Golden Glove awards. 3
How many players are tied for the most Stolen Bases in one game? 2
Jackie Robinson played in ___ World Series. 6
Pitcher Roger Clemens has won ___ Cy Young awards. 7
The Brooklyn/LA Dodger have won __ Cy Young awards. 10
The first African American modern-era MLB player was ___. Jackie Robinson
The first Cy Young award was given in __. 1956
The first modern world series was played in __. 1903
The first scheduled night World Series game was __. 1971
The Hank Aaron award was first given in ___. 1999
The latest Triple Crown Member is ___. Miguel Cabrera
There have been __ ties in All-Star game history. 2
Who holds the record for most stolen bases? Rickey Henderson
Willie Mays finished his career with what the __. New York Mets
Willie Mays is the only MLB player to hit a home run in each of __ innings. 16
Who holds 23 career grand slams? Alex Rodriguez
Who holds the record for 17 consecutive seasons with 150 or more hits? Hank Aaron
Who won the first Hank Aaron award? Manny Ramirez

Baseball Trivia - 7/8/13

Who offers baseball tips in the comedy film "The Benchwarmers"? Reggie Jackson
The American League adopted the Designated Hitter rule in ____ ? 1973
Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz is known as _____? Big Papi
The first stadium to use artificial turf was in ____? Houston
The current manager of the New Your Yankees is ____? Joe Girardi
The newest MLB ballpark is in ____? Miami
How many players broke Roger Maris's record in 1998? 2
Which of the following is NOT a member of AL East? Washington Nationals
The Chicago White Sox play at ____? US Cellular Field
Who is the current manager of the Cleveland Indians? Terry Francona
Derek Jeter made a cameo in the cop film ____. The Other Guys
Toronto Blue Jays ace R A Dickey is known for incredible ____. Knuckleball
Which state does NOT have a MLB team? Oregon
Roger Maris broke Babe Ruth's home run record in ____. 1961
A regulation bat is not more than ____ inches long. 42
Before joining the Toronto Blue Jays R A Dickey pitched for the ____. New York Mets
Sparky Anderson was the first _____ to win a World Series in both leagues. Manager
President ____ was the first to throw out the ceremonial first pitch. Taft
Who made a cameo on "Castle"? Joe Torre

Baseball Trivia - 6/23/13

In 1994, each league was restructured into ___ divisions. 3
Which team holds the most World Series wins? New York Yankees
In the classic baseball film "The Sandlot," Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez grows up to play for the ... Los Angeles Dodgers
Kevin Cosner plays "Crash" Davis in ... Bull Durham
The film "61*" is about ... Roger Maris
"The Rookie" is about the career of player ... Jim Morris
How many teams have never won or played in a World Series? 2
The old Yankee stadium is featured in the film ... Anger Management
In 1992, the World Series was played in ___ for the first time. Canada
Which National League catcher has won the last five consecutive Gold Glove awards at his position? Yadier Molina
Hank Aaron makes a cameo in the rom-com baseball film ... Summer Catch
Hank Aaron won ____ Golden Glove Awards. 3
Pitcher Robert Clemens has won _____ CY Young awards. 7
Sammy Sosa played himself in the movie ... Hardball
The American League has won __ of 108 World Series games to date. 62
The ___ winner of the All-Star game got home field advantage in the World Series. 2003
The first African American modern-era MLB player was. Jackie Robinson
The first modern World Series was played in ____. 1903
The New York Yankees did not win a World Series in the ... 80s
The Milwaukee Brewers were prominently featured in the 2004 baseball film ... Mr. 3000
The Washington Nationals used to be known as the ... Montreal Expos
The Chicago Cubs ballpark is called ... Wrigley Field
The baseball strike affected the ___ season. 94-95
Who holds the record for 17 consecutive seasons with 150 or more hits?. Hank Aaron
Who plays "Nuke" LaLoosh in "Bull Durham?" Tim Robbins

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Arizona Cardinals running back Chris Wells is also known as ___. Beanie
As a franchise, the San Francisco 49ers have won a total of ___ Super Bowls. 5
As of 2012, the San Diego Chargers have won ___ Super Bowls. 0
Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White was a ___ round draft selection. First
Before becoming an announcer, Chris Collinsworth was a wide receiver for the ___. Cincinnati Bengals
Before becoming head coach of the Bengals, Marvin Lewis was the defensive coordinator of the ___. Baltimore Ravens
Before becoming head coach of the Cardinals, Ken Whisenhunt served as ____ coordinator for the Steelers. Offensive
Before enrolling at Oklahoma State, Cleveland Browns QB Brandon Weeden played minor league baseball for the ___. New York Yankees
Before Matt Cassel signed with the Chiefs, he was the starting quarterback for ___. New England Patriots
Before moving to Indianapolis, the Colts played in ___ for 30 years. Baltimore
Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick played college football at ___. Harvard
Carolina Panthers starting quarterback Cam Newton won college football's Heisman Trophy in ___. 2010
Cincinnati Bengals star receiver A.J. Green was drafted in the ___ round of the 2011 NFL Draft. First
Current New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow began his career as a member of the ___. Denver Broncos
Dallas Cowboys star receiver Miles Austin joined the team as a ___. Undrafted Free Agent
Drew Brees is the fastest QB to reach the 40,000 career passing yards mark. What is his team? New Orleans Saints
During the 2011 offseason, the 49ers bolstered their running game by signing former Giants RB ___. Brandon Jacobs
During the 2012 off season, the Chicago Bears acquired ___ from the Miami Dolphins. Brandon Marshall
During the 2012 off season, the New York Jets traded for Broncos QB. Tim Tebow
Former Green Bay Packer Brett Favre holds the NFL record for most consecutive games. How many did he start? 297
Former Indianapolis Colt receiver Marvin Harrison wore number ___ during his prolific playing career. 88
Former Jets star receiver Keyshawn Johnson played college football at ___. USC
From 1982 to 1994, the Oakland Raiders played in ___. Los Angeles
Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was the ___ pick in the 2005 NFL draft. 24th
Hall of Fame running back Barry Sanders spent his entire football career as a member of the ___. Detroit Lions
How many championships have the Cincinnati Bengals won as a franchise? 0
How many Super Bowls did John Elway win with the Denver Broncos? Two
How many Super Bowls have the New York Giants won since drafting quarterback Eli Manning? 2
In 2003, Randy Moss set the single-season record for the ___ by recording 1,632 receiving yards. Minnesota Vikings
In 2011, Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones led all rookies with ___ TD receptions. 8
In 2011, Denver Broncos rookie linebacker ___ recorded an impressive 11.5 sacks. Von Miller
In 2011, Detroit Lions quarterback ___ became the 4th QB in NFL history to pass for over 5,000 yards in a season. Matt Stafford
In 2011, Detroit Lions star defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh received a two-game suspension for ___ another player. Stomping
In 2011, the New York Giants won their ___ super bowl in franchise history. 4
In Super Bowl XLIV, a 74-yard interception return by ___ helped the Saints defeat the Colts. Tracy Porter
In the 2001 AFC playoffs, the New England Patriots defeated the ___ in the infamous Tuck Rule Game. Oakland Raiders
Indianapolis Colts star Dwight Freeney has played for the Colts since ___. 2002
Kansas City Chiefs legend Priest Holmes originally signed with the ___ as an undrafted free agent. Baltimore Ravens
Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert is entering his ___ season as the team's starter. Second
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady got his chance after an injury to ___. Drew Bledsoe
New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton will miss the entire 2012 season because of the ___. Bounty Gate scandal
New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees holds the NFL record for most consecutive games ___. With a TD pass
New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz likes to ___ after every touchdown he scores. Salsa Dance
New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow led the Denver Broncos to a 2011 playoff victory over the ___. Pittsburgh Steelers
New York Saints head coach Sean Payton will miss the entire 2012 season because of the ___. BountyGate scandal
Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick started his career with the ___. Atlanta Falcons
Philadelphia Eagles running back Lesean McCoy played college football at ___ Pittsburgh
Popular football analyst Ron Jaworski was the quarterback of the ___. Philadelphia Eagles
San Diego Chargers head coach Norv Turner has led the team since ___. 2007
San Diego Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers played college football for ___. NC State
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith was the first overall pick in the ___ NFL draft. 2005
Star 49ers tight end Vernon Davis attended the University of ___. Maryland
Star Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson is nicknamed ___. Megatron
The Atlanta Falcons are famous for their _____ touchdown celebration.lDirty Bird
The Buffalo Bills' franchise record for career sacks belongs to ___. Bruce Smith
The Carolina Panthers appeared in their only Super Bowl during the tenure of head coach ___. John Fox
The Carolina Panthers entered the NFL as an expansion team in ___. 1995
The Chicago Bears won their only Super Bowl in ___. 1985
The Cleveland Browns selected former ___ running back Trent Richardson in the 1st round of the 2012 Draft. Alabama
The Green Bay Packers play at the famous ___. Lambeau Field
The Indianapolis Colts last appeared in the Super Bowl in ___. 2006
The Jacksonville Jaguars all-time interceptions record belongs to ___. Rashean Mathis
The Jacksonville Jaguars have made a total of ___ playoff appearances. 6
The Miami Dolphins selected quarterback ___ in the first round of the 2012 draft. Ryan Tannehill
The Minnesota Vikings were led to the 2009 NFC Championship by quarterback ___. Brett Favre
The New England Patriots have appeared in ___ Super Bowls during Bill Belichick's tenure as head coach. 5
The NFL record for most franchise Super Bowl appearances belongs to the Pittsburgh Steelers and the ___. Dallas Cowboys
The NFL's original Cleveland Browns franchise moved to a new city and became the ___. Baltimore Ravens
The Oakland Raiders acquired quarterback Carson Palmer in a 2011 trade with the ___. Cincinnati Bengals
The Oakland Raiders acquired star defensive lineman Richard Seymour in a trade with the ___. New England Patriots
The Philadelphia Eagles franchise record for career sacks belongs to ___. Reggie White
The starting running back for the Denver Broncos is named______ Willis McGahee
The starting running back for the New York Jets is ____ Shonn Greene
What do Green Bay Packer players do when they score a touchdown? Lambeau Leap
What is longtime Raiders owner Al Davis' famous catchphrase? Just win, baby
When the Cleveland Browns returned to the NFL in 1999, their first overall draft pick was ___. Tim Couch
Where did Arizona Cardinals star wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald play college football? Pittsburgh
Where did Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler play college football?lVanderbilt
Where did Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew play college football? UCLA
Where did Kansas City Chiefs star safety Eric Berry play college football? Tennessee
Where did New Orleans Saints wide receiver Marques Colston play college football? Hofstra
Which 49er legend won a record 4 Super Bowl as the team's quarterback? Joe Montana
Which former Chicago Bears running back was nicknamed "Sweetness?" Walter Payton
Which former Dallas Cowboys running back holds the NFL record for career rushing yards? Emmitt Smith
Which future Hall of Famer is entering his first season as a member of the Denver Broncos? Peyton Manning
Which Giants defensive end attended the University of Notre Dame? Justin Tuck
Which Kansas City Chiefs running back missed almost the entire 2011 season after tearing his ACL in the season opener?lJamaal Charles
Which linebacker did the Carolina Panthers select in the first round of the 2012 NFL draft? Luke Kuechly
Which Miami Dolphins running back was awarded the Heisman Trophy in 2005? Reggie Bush
Which Minnesota Vikings star threw 39 TD passes to record the franchise's single-season record in 2004?lDaunte Culpepper
Which quarterback led Dallas Cowboys to 3 Super Bowl victories in the 1990s? Troy Aikman
Which quarterback led the Miami Dolphins from 1983 to 1999? Dan Marino
Which star Philadelphia Eagles defensive end was third in the NFL with 18 sacks in 2011? Jason Babin
Which team created the popular rap video for the "Super Bowl Shuffle" in 1985? Chicago Bears
Which team did QB rich Gannon lead to an appearance in Super Bowl XXXVII? Oakland Raiders
Which team is the only franchise in NFL history to record an undefeated season? Miami Dolphins
Which team was the subject of HBO's 2012 "Hard Knocks" edition? Miami Dolphins
Which team won 4 consecutive AFC Championships from 1990 to 1993? Buffalo Bills
Who coached the Arizona Cardinals to Super Bowl XLIII in 2009? Ken Whisenhunt
Who defeated the Baltimore Colts in one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history in 1968? New York Jets
Who did the Arizona Cardinals play in their only Super Bowl appearance? Pittsburgh Steelers
Who hold the San Diego Chargers' career passing touchdowns record? Dan Fouts ("hold" is viggle error not mine)
Who holds the Minnesota Vikings' single-season record for rushing TDs in a season? Adrian Peterson
Who is the all-time leader in receptions and receiving yards for the Kansas City Chiefs? Tony Gonzalez
Who is the all-time leading rusher for the San Diego Chargers? LaDainian Tomlinson
Who is the Carolina Panthers' all-time leader in career receiving yards? Steve Smith
Who is the current head coach of the Cleveland Browns? Pat Shurmur
Who is the current head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars? Mike Mularkey
Who is the current starting quarterback of the Cincinnati Bengals? Andy Dalton
Who is the founder and current owner of the Buffalo Bills? Ralph Wilson
Who is the longtime owner of the Dallas Cowboys? Jerry Jones
Who is the only buffalo bills player to have his number retired, as of 2012. Jim Kelly
Who is the starting running back for the Atlanta Falcons?lMichael Turner
Who is the starting tight end for the Detroit Lions? Brandon Pettigrew
Who made the incredible reception known as the "Helmet Catch" during the Super Bowl XLII? David Tyree
Who was the Atlanta Falcons' quarterback during the team's 1998 Super Bowl run? Chris Chandler
Who was the Indianapolis Colts' first overall pick in the 1998 draft? Peyton Manning
Who was the MVP of Super Bowl XXXIX, when the Patriots defeated the Eagles 24-21? Deion Branch


DirecTV Quiz

About _____ people follow DTV on Twitter. 92,000
About _____ people "Like" DTV on Facebook. 2,600,000
Did you know you can Tweet customer service questions to ____ @directvservice
DTV is _____million customers strong. 30
Follow your favorite NBA team no matter where you live with DTV & ______.NBA League Pass
Hockey fan? Watch up to 40 out-of-market games a week with DTV & _____. NHL "Center Ice"
In 2012, DTV earned the Excellence Award for Energy Efficient Products from the Energy Star for the ______in a row. 3rd
Press the ______ button on the remote for local weather, horoscope, latest promotions, lottery numbers & more. Active
Press the ______ button on your remote for a one-line TV guide that shows 1 channel at a time. Blue
Refer a friend to sign up for qualifying DTV service & you can get ______ in bill credits. $100.00
See every history-making MLB moment & watch up to 80 out-of-market games a week on DTV with _____ MLB Extra Innings
The DTV Genie upgrade connects up to ______rooms with one HD DVR. 4
The exclusive AUDIENCE documentary series ______ is on DTV for no extra charge. Something to Talk About
The FREE DTV phone app is available for _____. Both
The Showtime Unlimited Package on DTV offers _____ channels. 13
Whenever you try to tune in to a sporting event that's blacked out DTV innovative _______ technology automatically finds it for you on alternate channel GameSearch
With HBO on DTV package you can get _____ premium channels. 10
With DTV ____ you can start watching in on e room & finish in another. Whole-Home DVR
With DTV, you can now enjoy _____ internet radio right through your TV. Pandora
With DTV's _____ feature, you never have to worry about missing another important announcement. TVmail
With the Starz Super Pack subscription on DTV, you can get ______ Starz & Encore theme channels. 15
You can record up to _____ shows at once with the Genie HD DVR. 5
You can watch AUDIENCE HD exclusively on DTV for no extra charge on channel ____. 239
You can watch every out-of-market NFL game every Sunday with DTV's _____ package. NFL Sunday Ticket
You can watch only one game at a time, but you can stay on top of all the scores with DTV's _____ Score Guide
You can watch over 185 channels in your car, minivan or SUV with the DTV _____ package. Choice-Mobile
You can watch your favorite movies & shows anytime, anywhere on you tablet or cell phone with _____ Directv Everywhere


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last thread can be found here for reference.
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Awesome new thread Big Grin
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Quote from serra View Post :
last thread can be found here for reference.

Thanks, that wasn't as hard and confusing as I thought it might bebounce
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Thank you to all who contributes here! It is very much appreciated
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Wow! It's so nice and new!
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Here's the clip for the movie on Wednesday - "Deadfall" for direct tv bonus
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Quote from damdx View Post :
Thanks, that wasn't as hard and confusing as I thought it might bebounce
you're welcome.

viggle regulars can choose to make this thread their personal sticky by going to thread tools (top of this thread) and click on "stick this thread". it will always show up as the first thread for you, in this forum.
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Great job. I recently figured out how to rep but my POS phone isnt letting me do it now. As soon as I does i'll get you for a job well done.
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i could not get either Go On clip to work either. but its late so off to bed. Thanks for everyone that helped.
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Quote from starbucksfan4ever View Post :
i could not get either Go On clip to work either. but its late so off to bed. Thanks for everyone that helped.
That's the only bonus show I couldn't check in to either. I tweeted them, but got no reply.
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