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ALT NHL Tonight, about 35 min in :-)

Quote from NickleZ View Post :
thanks it's also airing tonight at 10pm eastern for 3 hours if somebody wants a longer check-in overnight
Just MAYBE it may work so you get both, since the tonight one goes into Monday...
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Quote from drlux View Post :
ALT NHL Tonight, about 35 min in :-)

Just MAYBE it may work so you get both, since the tonight one goes into Monday...
worth a shot and if there's no bonus attached to the one tonight after checking in this morning then at least we'll get the minutes watched which usually exceeds a little over 4 hours if i check-in around the beginning
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Quote from NickleZ View Post :
  • Kawhi Leonard (Spurs) is another option
  • Stephen Curry (Warriors) is questionable, will probably play, but probably be limited
As always, thank you , thank you, thank you!! Smilie
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On the carousel - Check into "Oreo Wonderfilled - Watch for the commercial on TV & check in using your mobile device or tablet to get +200 bonus points - Available May 12-26, 2013"
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1st song worked for me
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Quote from TREYSON17 View Post :

1st song worked for me
Sweet!!! Worked for me also. Thanks!!
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Quote from TREYSON17 View Post :

1st song worked for me
Thanks! Just played the video and checked into that. Worked for me!
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Awesome!!! Thank you. :-)
Quote from TREYSON17 View Post :

1st song worked for me
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Survivor VL +300

Four +75 McDonalds ads!

Cochran is a ___. Law student
Cochran's mother's name is ___. Arlene
Cochran was originally on which season of "Survivor"? South Pacific
Dawn is a ___. Professor
During last week's Immunity Challenge, contestants had to lean over ___. Water
During last week's Reward Challenge, Brenda's dad ___. Fell down
Eddie has been on the outs since Day ___. 1
How many times has Dawn won Immunity this season? 1
In 2001, Jeff Probst was named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People by ___ Magazine. People (not word for word)
Jeff Probst has showed off his smarts on ___. Celebrity Jeopardy
Last week, Brenda said she tried to remain ___ throughout the game. Humble
Last week, which contestant said he'd been a fan of the show since he was 13? Cochran
Last week's Immunity Challenge came down to Dawn and ___. Brenda
Last week's Tree Mail arrived in a ___. Phone
Off the island, Erik is a ___. Comic book artist
Reynold, Eddie and Malcolm went by the Alliance name ___. The 3 Amigos
Sherri is a Fast Food Franchisee in ___. Boise, Idaho
Sherri was originally recruited by ___ to flip. Phillip
Sherri's son is named ___. Parker
The first person out of the Immunity Challenge last week was ___. Cochran
The reunion between ___ and her dad made Jeff cry last week. Brenda
The sign on the Reward Dock last week read ___. Home Sweet Home
The tribe blindsided ___ last week. Brenda
Who became upset about the Reward Challenge last week? Dawn
Who climbed a tree for coconuts last week at camp? Erik
Who has yet to receive any votes at Tribal Council this season? Cochran
Who was the "obvious" target at Tribal Council last week, according to Jeff? Eddie
Who won the Reward Challenge last week? Brenda

Done Smilie
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Bob's Burgers VL (+80)

Last week, Bob agreed to chaperone the kid's trip to
What was Henry drawing in his notebook last week? Robots
Bob is voiced by H. Jon Benjamin, who also voices a super spy on the animated hit... Archer
Who is the oldest kiddo on Bob's Burgers? Tina
Last week, Linda joined the museum worker's ...Picket Line
Where did Louise sneak away to at the Museum last week? Amazon room
Jimmy Pesto runs a ___ restaurant. pizza
Kristen Schaal, who provides the voice of Louise on Bob's Burgers, has also worked as a coorespondent on ...The Daily Show
(McD +75 after 1st Q., another after 6th Q)
done Smilie
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Once Upon a Time VL - 15 questions (+150)

four +75 McDonalds ads

Ginnifer Goodwin, who plays Mary Margaret, has been dating ___ since 2011. Josh Dallas
What is Baelfire's alias in the Land Without Magic? Cassidy
Colin O'Donoghue, who plays Hook, is in a band called.. The Enemies
Sonequa Martin-Green, who plays Tamara, who played Sasha on.. The Walking Dead
Last week, Emma searched the beach after she found ___ in Tamara's closet. Sand
Last week, Regina admitted to Greg that she killed his.. Father
Where did Bae and Wendy first meet in last week's episode? In her parlor
In last week's episode, Tamara used a magic bean to open a.. Portal
Before he played Greg, Ethan Embry played Preston in the '90s teen flick.. Can't Hardly Wait
Last week, Neal admitted that a day hadn't gone by when he didn't regret leaving.. Emma
Before Michael Raymond-James played Neal, he was Rene on.. True Blood
Last week, Wendy said ___ got its name because once children go there, they never come home. Neverland
While she was channeling Regina, Mary Margaret smelled ___ last week. Sardines
Last week, Mr. Gold gave Mary Margaret and David ___ to help them find Regina last week. Eye drops
[I missed this question, something about Ginnifer Goodwin previously starring in..] Ed

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Revenge VL - 30 questions (+300)

Jack and ___ got engaged in Season 2. Amanda
In 2010, "Revenge" star ___ appeared in the big screen revamp of "The A-Team." Henry Czerny
Who returned in the last episode with a visit to Grayson Global? Takeda
In the last episode, we learned that ___ was taken in for questioning regarding Padma's death. Nolan
"Revenge" star ___ appeared in the movies "The Ring Two" and "Carriers." Emily VanCamp
In the last episode, Ashley and Jack met up to discuss their plan to take down.. Conrad
The Fa1c0n was the reason that Nolan was in police custody in the last episode. What the heck is the Fa1c0n? A hacker
Where did Nolan and the Fa1c0n meet up during the last episode? An arcade
Back in the day, Victoria abandoned her son Patrick to.. Study art
Back in Season 1, Emily shared a kiss with ___ while she was still engaged to Daniel. Jack
During the last episode, Charlotte had her mind on attending.. Harvard
Former "Revenge" star Margarita Levieva was named one of the Most Beautiful New Yorkers in 2005 by.. New York Magazine
Before taking over Grayson Global this season, it was revealed that Daniel had an interest in studying.. Poetry
In the last episode, Daniel presented Emily with a.. Ring
True or False: In Season 1, Emily destroyed the career of psychologist Dr. Michelle Banks. TRUE
Which "Revenge" regular was nominated for a Golden Globe for her work on the show? Madeleine Stowe
Earlier this season, Amanda gave birth to her and Jack's son. What did they name him? Carl David Porter
Jack's beloved yellow Labrador retriever was named.. Sammy
Who was Emily's mentor? Satoshi Takeda
Before starring in "Revenge," Emily VanCamp was cast in the hit drama.. Brothers & Sisters
What is carved on the railing of Emily's home in the Hamptons? A double infinity symbol
Last season, we met Daniel's unstable college roommate, Tyler
Where does "Revenge" take place? The Hamptons
Earlier this season, Trey and Declan stole a baseball signed by.. Babe Ruth
Conrad Grayson framed Amanda's father by helping to bring down Flight.. 197
Earlier this season, Conrad Grayson was wrongly accused of murdering.. Gordon Murphy
At the beginning of the series. Daniel returned home after a semester at.. Harvard Business School
Who plays Nolan Ross? Gabriel Mann
Last season, we learned that Emily and ___ are actually half-sisters. Charlotte
Jack's bar is named.. The Stowaway

All done!
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