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H&R Block At Home Deluxe+State eFile FREE *it's back*, Premium+State Program $19.95

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This post includes an ISO made from H&R Block CD in mail program, it is not pirated or illegal.
In fact both the disc cover and installation states "pass it along to a friend" or "Pass the savings on to friends and family!"
You also do not get any keys with this ISO. What this does it allows you to install and purchase H&R Block At Home at a promotion price.

You do get a personalized KEY in your email from H&R after you purchase.


The original promotion Deluxe for $4.95, Deluxe+State Program for $9.95, Premium for $19.95 is reported to be still working.
$.95 Deluxe+State is reported to be still working.
FREE Deluxe+State efile is reported to be still working
See post 563 for instructions
Note: You may have to disable your LAN during some of the processes, if you keep getting offer expired message. Just reconnect before you click the "Register/Purchase" button.


As originally posted - To get Premium+State Program for $19.95, Deluxe+State Program for $9.95, Deluxe for $4.95
Download the ISO at: http://sdrv.ms/Txu9nT
Unzip it to a folder, mount it, or burn it to a CD
Once you get to the product select screen and where you fill out your order details (name, address, payment, etc.)
Press the X to close out the application.
It will prompt you for a $5 off offer if you accept to buy

To get Deluxe or Deluxe+State Program for $.95
Download the ISO at: http://sdrv.ms/Txu9nT
Unzip it to a folder
Follow steps in post 74

To get Deluxe+State eFile for FREE
Download the ISO at: http://sdrv.ms/Txu9nT
Unzip it to a folder
Follow steps in post 391
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Quote from copierguy View Post :
These people are the ones who made me hesitant to post the original $0.95 instructions. Any deal they can kill, they will kill. Lets say you absolutely did not trust the ISO originally posted, why not just hang out and wait with your code until the deal dies and THEN CALL and ask for a copy of the application. No, call immediately and see how quickly you can kill the deal for others. Of course, while on hold killing the deal, post a question that has been posted 10 times before and you could get an answer to by searching the thread.

The one thing that the callers may have confirmed for us is that registration is being held up somewhere. Yes, you can do the free deal but the code never gets emailed to you and apparently their support folks don't have record of it which makes me think they have put a little hold on fully completing the registration. Not to create a scare but they may have put the brakes on registration so that they can review everything. I would say until you get that email and the "purchase" shows up in their system you can not be assured you have a working key come time to file your taxes.

Nope. $0.95 option is still working. (20:18, 1/4/2013). EXPRIED as of 0600 05JAN13

Deal for the free version is back on again, see post #563. (20:55 EST, 1/4/2013)
Quote :
I hate to do this since I know someone will have to kill it but here goes. Its on again...

The free one still works with a little trick. Change the XML file as detailed (post #391) and then before you actually run TCAUTO.EXE disable your network controller or just remove the cable which gives you internet access. Open a web browser and make sure the connection is gone. Now, run TCAUTO.EXE. When the video comes up about the free app, click on the link for the free one and then enter your details. Before you click the Register link, reconnect to the internet and confirm you are connected by opening a web browser. The H&R Block software will offer to upsell you the higher version, skip that and then continue on to get a confirmation of your free "purchase". Just did this at about 8:40PM EST. Got the email a few minutes after confirming the "purchase".
from Wichard20 in post #627...
Quote :
hey all....do at your own risk but anyone who has ran the software before and can not get the register screen (the install screen comes up instead) to come up to sign up for a free key again....

open up your registry and delete HKCU\Software\GoDirect

Only delete the GoDirect key. Once deleted I got the register screen again. I pulled up process explorer and went through and found all the files/registry keys the tcauto.exe would access. Took some searching but this one was the ticket. You still need to prevent internet access for the screen to come up. Once you signup, you can signup again if you need another key once you delete that registry key.

How to get it free ... detailed instructions
Got HR Deluxe (State+Fed) for FREE. Confirmed working.

Hopefully this helps someone:
1. Download the ISO (Thanks OP, http://sdrv.ms/Txu9nT)
2. Download 7-Zip (thanks to estoyloco)
3. Extract ISO to a folder on your desktop. Name the folder Block (just an example) (thanks to copierguy)
4. Unhide files and folder if needed. (thanks to copierguy)
7. Go to Block folder and open Folder XML
8. Rename "application.xml" to "application_old.xml"
9. Paste the attached file "application.zip" in the folder XML and unzip the file in the XML folder(Thanks to pacohaas in Post 391, https://slickdeals.net/forums/showpost.php?p=56606602&postcount=391)
10. Disconnect Internet (Thanks to copierguy in Post 563)
11. Now run tcauto.exe (Right-Click 'Run as administrator' if Win7)
12. Close the demo video, select the free option, fill in your details (thanks to copierguy)
13. Before you click "Register", connect to Internet and check by opening a webpage (thanks to copierguy)
14. Click register, ignore upsell, and Done! (thanks to copierguy)
15. If you want more than one key, run "regedit", go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\GoDirect and delete "GoDirect" (https://slickdeals.net/forums/showpost.php?p=56634910&postcount=627)
16. Restart from step 10.

I think it might be time to call this one. Confirmation emails are not coming out and the "purchases" are not showing up in support systems on the H&R side. Obviously I cannot confirm time of death here but all signs are pointing in that direction. My last attempt to confirm the free deal worked and got me a code but no email from 21:00EST 1/5/2013.

Emails just started rolling in for orders from ~24/25 hours ago. This may well still be on.


Other alternatives

TaxACT 2012 Ultimate Bundle (included fed+state efile) $11.90 online version

TaxACT 2012 online and offline version FREE (with NO limitation and restriction). Free Fed e-file included.

H&R Block At Home Deluxe+State eFile FREE (check out the latest information in Wiki and the thread)

FREE State e-file options for 2012 Tax Return

To Install HR Block on a second computer:

Quote from edog11 View Post :
You can run tcauto then click on help center(upper right of screen). This will give an option to install on 2nd PC. Click on that and enter activation ID and last 4 digits of credit card used to purchase(if it was free enter 0000).
However if you do not have your activation ID you will not be able to do this. I did not get an activation ID in my e-mail and was unable to look it up using last four digits of credit card as 0000. Also, H&R Block won't let you run their installer directly, instead saying "Please use TCAuto.exe to install H&R Block tax software." To bypass this go to the installers directory on the CD and run the following command as administrator:
HRBlock_Deluxe+Efile+State_2012_CD.exe /vRun=/DTS


3 4 5 6 7

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I see little reason to not trust the OP, but I am going to wait to see if I can get the free H&R block + CA anti virus (that I never have used once) for free or one penny.

Thanks though OP!

Also, I don't know what it is like in other states, but in Connecticut, it is pointless to efile with a tax program. The CT state tax form is soooooooo easy. It takes like 5 minutes to transfer a few numbers over from your federal file.
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Quote from YG818 View Post :
My deal is better. I got the disk and it says "Pay anything you want" Smilie
Well thanks for sharing, an ISO would be great.
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Followed the OP's instructions - worked like a charm. Thanks!
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I received a similar box in the mail and got mine out to compare. I see that mine says "$10 Instant Savings Inside" and "Starting at $24.95" instead of "$25 Instant Savings Inside" and "Starting at $9.95" like the OP.

I also found my disc had 251,498KB on it, which is exactly the same number of bytes as OP's disc, but mine has a different MD5 hash.

It looks like I'll be using OP's instead of mine.
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How long does this promotion going to run? Any idea? Thanks.
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Quote from usmalu View Post :
how long does this promotion going to run? Any idea? Thanks.
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Quote from JohnRambo View Post :
I feel sorry for those of you who have to pay state income tax... the fed already wastes every penny they steal from us! Brutal...
It's not bad. We get paid more money because our cost of living is higher. Stick Out Tongue
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Quote from amax View Post :
Virtual Clone Drive is free from SlySoft.com.
Great program for mounting images. Winrar is great for isos. Extract, then run setup
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Quote from itsme13 View Post :
no scanner in the world can catch a lines of code which have been just written. Unless this file is reported to the scanning companies, the whole cycle takes at least 8-10 hours. how would virtual box help, if someone just needs personal information and your SSN .
This is patently false. Scanners work heuristically, generally. Yes, it is possible to write viral code that won't be detected that way (through lots of ingenuity and trial and error), plenty of scanners catch plenty of viruses "just written".
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Quote from nobama View Post :
Why don't you just use the FREE TaxAct [taxact.com] program?
Thanks for the suggestion, repped! I probably will end up using taxact for $15 for the deluxe+state version now that you pointed it out. Its one of the few programs that allows me to file state property taxes through it! I hate manual calculations of any sort....
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does not work with Mac OS X
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Quote from OneandDone View Post :
*smacks forehead*

really? have you heard of printing out the forms and mailing it in? cost is postage and an envelope. enjoy paying $10 this year, you deserve to.
I bet you feel smart for being a pirate, think you're cool and sly. You're not, piracy just shows the pig that you really are. Good luck at life, I'm willing to bet that you barely scrape by with your minimum wage job.

By the way, it's called a face palm.
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You can get this for a lower price of just $0.95. Note, this is an option H&R Block offers, you are just taking advantage of what they are offering:

These instructions worked for me and I successfully completed my purchase transaction and have had the correct amount appear on my credit card. I did create a virtual account number from my card so I could close the number once the transaction was completed.

1. Create a folder on your desktop (or where you like), for these instructions I created the folder "Block".
2. Be sure Hidden Files are visible on the CD or ISO.
3. Copy all files and folders from the ISO or CD you create to the "Block" folder.
4. Open the "Block" folder. Again, you need to be sure Hidden Files are visible.
5. Open the Assets folder contained in the "Block" folder.
6. Rename "LastChance.swf" to "LastChanceOld.swf".
7. Rename "ProductInfoD2NYOP.swf" to "LastChance.swf".
8. Go back to the "Block" folder and run tcauto.exe.
9. Once the application loads, press the X to close the app.
10. When the Name Your Own Price screen appears, click the Name Your Price button.
11. Slide down to $0.95 and click on the Submit My Price button.
12. If the slider windows does not close click the X for that window.
13. Click the X for the Name Your Own Price window.
14. Select either Deluxe or Deluxe + State to purchase and note the new price of $0.95.
15. Complete the transaction and purchase for just $0.95 (plus tax if applicable).
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Quote from guest2011 View Post :
i'll kill myself before i pay for tax software!
Prentice Hall's Federal Taxation 2013 Individuals

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Quote from OneandDone View Post :
*smacks forehead*

really? have you heard of printing out the forms and mailing it in? cost is postage and an envelope. enjoy paying $10 this year, you deserve to.
And then when you are a lawyers office paying $300 an hour explaining to him that you really did mail it in, that it must have got lost... Wink Meanwhile, I get instant confirmation that the IRS received mine.

Don't believe it will happen? The 356 million results on Google says that it can. Okay, so you can do certified mail. Now you are headed to the post office, paying them extra, wasting your time; all of which is worth more than the $10 dollars you could have just paid initially to avoid the headache!
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