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File Your Taxes Free Online wih earned income less than 57,000

kktl32 470 January 20, 2013 at 12:13 PM in Finance (5)
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Last Edited by kktl32 January 20, 2013 at 07:52 PM
Filing your own taxes is easy.

To be eligible for free federal and state income tax filing with the Beehive, you need:
Earned income of less than $57,000 in 2012
A valid email address
A valid Social Security Number (or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number)

it's through H&R Block


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thanks OP
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Quote from ultrasoul View Post :
So the 57K requirement is gross not AGI? I know Turbotax Freedom edition is based on AGI not gross ...
It's AGI, and the limit is set by the IRS. There are multiple places to file for free.
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Quote from rjm08 View Post :
Not sure what you mean by the above.
Forget it. is really great, the best though. Has that 57K limitation though as all do.
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We share a copy of Turbotax between few office friends and lower our individual cost. Last year three of us shared a copy of Turbotax.
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Quote from rocker1_ View Post :
isn't 57k a year minimum wage these days? Roll Eyes (Sarcastic) laugh out loud That seems like a burger king or walmart salary.
Quote from Genius4sho View Post :
Minimum wage is something like $7 an hour. A 57k salary a year is about $27.50 an hour (40 hour work week)... more than some teachers make after getting a masters degree....
This, you nimrod^^^

You laugh, presumably because you make more than that but how you can hold a job that nets you more income is a mystery considering you don't have the knowledge of basic mathematics. OMG
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Quote from omegaslast View Post :
Lots of people have already corrected you but it seems like theres plenty more where that came from. Whats with all the romneys on this forum? unfortunately not all of us were able to have our parents pay for college, and then employ us afterwards to run the business they started, or better yet just give us stocks to sell and call it our own money.
Um, I'm pretty sure the person who said $57k a year was a Walmart salary was joking. I least I think so.

Oh well, not everyone who makes a decent middle class wage has their parents to thank and not everyone who makes less is/didn't work hard. Sometimes life happens. Can we stop with the generalizations?
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I selected a paid form when I first got my tax info to get an idea of what my return might be... now I can't find a way to switch forms to the free one or start over.

Anyone know how to do it?

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Schedule C not available on this one - so no go for any "independent contractors"...
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Quote from Jimmdean View Post :
Schedule C not available on this one - so no go for any "independent contractors"...
Did you try "Find a form"? I typed in Schedule C and it came up right away.
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Here's the order of the program for the Federal Return:

Personal Information
Life Changing Events
Filing Status
Taxpayer Information
Dependent Information

Income Overview
Income Checklist
Wages, Salaries, and Tips (W-2)
State and Local Refunds (1099-G)
Unemployment (1099-G)
Interest (1099-INT, 1099-OID)
Retirement Income (1099-R)
Self-Employment (1099-MISC)
Rentals and Royalties (1099-MISC)
Partnership, S corporations, and LLCs (Schedule K-1)
Farm Business and Rentals (Schedule F, Form 4835)
Reconciliation for real estate professionals
Dividends (1099-DIV)
Sales of Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds (1099-B)
Estate and Trust Income (Schedule K-1)
Undistributed Capital Gains (Form 2439)
Foreign Accounts and Trusts
Capital Loss Carryovers
Railroad Retirement (RRB-1099)
Social Security (SSA-1099)
Deferred 2010 Roth Conversion Income
Sale of Home
Sale of Business Property (Form 4797)
Other Income (Form 1099-MISC)
Taxable Coverdell ESA or Section 529
Jury Duty Pay
Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (Form 2555)
Foreign Compensation Not on a W-2
Gambling Winnings (W-2G)
Unreported Tips (Form 4137)
Alimony Received
Alaska Permanent Funds
Gambling Winnings Not on a W-2G
Child's Income (Form 8814)
Exclusion of Cancellation of Debt
Income Not Reported Elsewhere

Adjustments and Deductions
Adjustments and Deductions Overview
Adjustments and Deductions Checklist
Student Loan Interest (1098-E)
Traditional or Roth IRA Information
IRA Conversions (Form 8606)
Mortgage Interest and Points (1098, 1098-MA, or Statement)
Real Estate Tax
Vehicle and Personal Property Taxes
State and Local Income and Sales Taxes
Charitable Donations
K–12 Classroom Expenses for Educators
Moving Expenses (Form 3903)
Alimony Paid
Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)
Medical / Dental Expenses
Job-Related Expenses (Form 2106)
Investment Interest Paid (Form 4952)
Casualty or Theft (Form 4684)
Coverdell ESA Beneficiary Information
Miscellaneous Expenses (for Schedule A)
Miscellaneous Adjustments to Income

Credits Overview
Credits Checklist
Child and Dependent Care (Form 2441)
Child Tax Credit (Schedule 8812)
Education Tax Breaks: Tuition, and Fees (1098-T)
Adoption Expenses (Form 8839)
Earned Income Credit (EIC / Form 8862)
Saver's Credit (Form 8880)
Residential Energy Credits (Form 5695)
Foreign Taxes Not on Form 1099-INT or 1099-DIV
Mortgage Credit Certificate (Form 8396)
TAA or PBGC Health Insurance Premiums (Form 8885)
Prior-Year Minimum Tax Credit (Form 8801)
Elderly or Disabled Credit (Schedule R)

Taxes, Penalties, and Payments Overview
Taxes, Penalties, and Payments Checklist
Retirement / Other Plan Penalties (Form 5329)
Children with Investment Income (Form 8615)
Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT / Form 6251)
Repayment of Homebuyer Credit
2012 Federal Estimated Payments
Federal Extension Payment for 2012 (Form 4868)
COBRA Assistance
Household Employees (Schedule H)
Federal Withholding Not Already Entered
Other Miscellaneous Recapture Taxes

Federal Wrap-Up
Underpayment Penalty (Form 2210)
Apply Refund to 2013 Estimated Tax
Third-Party Designee
Payment Vouchers (1040-ES)
Change of Address (Form 8822)
Refund Due for Deceased Taxpayer (Form 1310)
Installment Payments of Balance Due (Form 9465)
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Joined Jan 2009
L5: Journeyman
470 Reputation
Original Poster
You guys are being awesome about helping people find what they need,kudos
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if u took a year off and didn't work at all, do u still gotta file taxes?

assume no other income etc etc
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Quote from sharky1985 View Post :
Here's the order of the program for the Federal Return: *snip
THANK YOU for posting this list. This should answer almost all of the "If I have XYZ, will this program work for me?" Nice to see a helpful post among all the busy comments.
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Quote from Genius4sho View Post :
more than some teachers make after getting a masters degree....
More than a lot of people make after earning a PhD (or even an MD during residency and fellowship).
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I just entered my information today. In shock that this service is showing my return as $1k higher than Turbo Tax, which I pay to use every year.

Never paying for TT ever again!
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