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AT&T Uverse Internet 18 mbps, $28/month for a year

drewman 403 January 30, 2013 at 04:09 PM in Internet & Websites (3)
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Last Edited by zqk October 7, 2015 at 11:00 PM
AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet Max Plus

Download Speed up to 18 Mbps

$28 per month for 12 months (1 year contract)


A few days ago my last 12 month promotion expired, so I was going to be charged $46 for Uverse 6 mbps service (HSI Elite). For the last 12 months I had received $10 off per month.

I called AT&T Customer Service (800-288-2020) to see if there were any new promotions. At first, I was told the only deal they could offer me was $15 off for a year for the current plan with a 1 year contract, which would come out to $31 a month. Not a bad deal, but I can get about the same price with Charter with about 3X the speed.

I decided to press more, so the rep ask her manager to see if there were any other deals. She found a deal for 50% off the HSI Max Plus (18 mbps) for a year, which is normally $56 a month.

Here are the order details from my account:

AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet

SAVE ONLY IPDSL/HSIA NO TV-50% off/12 mo 1yr term Active -$28.00
AT&T U-verse Internet 1 Active $56.00
TOTAL $28.00


Note that there is an early termination fee of $180, which decreases a certain amount with each month of service. There is a cap of 250GB per month, which may not be sufficient for some users. Apparently the cap has been present for a few years, but has never really been enforced at all.

If you're curious, I'm located in the Los Angeles area. BTW, don't bother doing an online chat, those people are out of the country and have limited access to promotions. When I called the number, I got someone who actually is located in the US. Smilie

I only have Uverse for internet service, so it's an unbundled deal.

-- update 10pm PST 1.30.13 -- some more details

I called 800-288-2020 at 11:45 AM PST. When asked for the reason for calling, I said "cancel Internet". I believe I was connected to the Midwest call center. I told the rep I was going to move my service over to Charter, but wanted to see if AT&T could give me some incentive to stay with them. After the initial offer which I mentioned in the post, I hesitated and asked if they had any better deals. She put me on hold for a few minutes while she talked to her manager, and came back with the deal I ended up getting. Total call took about 15-20 min. From my experience in the past, if u don't like your offer, call again until you get a rep willing to put in the extra work to find you the best deal. I have been an AT&T uverse customer since 2009. Have always been able to get some type of promo during this whole time.

--10:25 am 1.31.13 --PLEASE list in the wiki what deal you are able to get, with the cost and terms of it and also the area that you are in. This may be helpful to those trying to get a similar (or better!) deal.

--10:22 am 2.27.13 -- About a month later and looks like this deal is still going strong. Persistence is key here- a few calls may be necessary to finally get a rep who will offer you this deal. The rep may have to talk to a supervisor. May just want to talk to retention first so you don't have to deal with the 1st level reps.

--10:47 am 4.4.13 -- Deal is still active. Just checking in.

--11:08 am 8.12.13 -- Deal still active. 200,000 views!

--10:13 am 3.28.14 -- My year promotion expired. Back to renegotiating a new deal. Will let you know how it goes. Closing on 400k views for this thread. Had no idea it would generate this much interest.

--2:29 pm 5.16.14 -- My current promotion is 24 Mbps for $33/month, 1 year with ETF Existing customer.. Retentions rep had to have supervisor authorize this promotion. Got this promotion on 5.12.14

link for reference []


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i guess there should be extra fees applied, such as $6 high-speed device fee for my 6mbps service
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Uverse is just terrible. I switched to RR, never have issues with service besides one faulty modem (which they replaced).
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I got this deal in December before my contract was up. All I told the rep was that I was gonna drop ATT if they're gonna start charging me $50 for 12MB when I can get 20MB for $30 from Comcast for 6 months. Then she transferred me to retention and the retention lady said she could give me 18MB for $27 for a year.

This is a good deal IF..... IF you've already paid the $100 fee for the 2wire modem from the previous contract.
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These speeds and prices really pi$$ me off (50 plus down, seriously?).
Living in the country has tons of advantages but one disadvantage is internet access.
I pay $40/mo for sometimes 4megs down, usually 1-2 megs down, via wireless.
My choice is that, or dial up, and I dont have a landline.

So, firstworldproblems......
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Quote from lucyjr View Post :
Maybe a dumb (but serious) question...

How do you know how many gb you are using per month? Is there a way to check or are you sort of guessing?
You can check in ur att account, but I'm not sure if there's a problem with my account or it happened to everyone. It's saying it's not available to display and I never get warming about overage.
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Quote from Foreveryours View Post :
It is actually ridiculously easy to put it into a bridge mode. And I have a N router behind it, works fine.
No, the uVerse Gateways are VDSL and not DSL, so they cannot ever be put into a true bridge mode. Yes, you can hang a second router off of the Gateway in DMZ Plus mode, but port forwarding is not going to work. If you need port forwarding, and many people do, then it's an incredible pain in the ass to get it working correctly.

Quote from adsl0703 View Post :
You can check in ur att account, but I'm not sure if there's a problem with my account or it happened to everyone. It's saying it's not available to display and I never get warming about overage.
Officially? It's 250GB per month. I'm not sure if they're sending out nastygram's yet, and maybe only to those who consistently break that barrier, but I've yet to get one and I'm a pretty heavy downloader/uploader.
Last edited by wineaux January 31, 2013 at 01:19 AM
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Quote from nebody00 View Post :
Huh? I used a wireless router fine with the Uverse Gateway. I just disabled all the wireless capabilities on the gateway (making it just a modem) and connected it to my wireless router which had much better WIFI signals.
Again, for simple functions this will work, but it's far from ideal because you WILL be double NAT'd. If you need to enable port forwarding for specific applications and/or devices, then having a double NAT will make that impossible, and the ONLY way to make it work with uVerse is to turn your own router into a wireless access point, or buy one of those instead of a router to begin with.

Again, I was very specific as to whom this was directed at, and that would be people who need to be able to make port forwarding work in order for specific applications, games, or hardware to function correctly/fully.
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250gb per month?? haha that wouldn't last me 10 days
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My U-verse contract ended a few months ago and it went up from 30 to 40.xx. I'll give it a shot tomorrow..AT&T internet sucks so bad, but its the only one offered in my area
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Quote from XeoNoX View Post :
im on DSL right now, i like how i can change my IP address by power cycling the modem. It comes in handy when downloading from rapidshare and other sites like that. can u change IP addresses on Uverse?
I have had Uverse since 2009 and can change my IP address. That was one of the features that sold me on it.

I would be interested in this deal but I don't have any contracts with price has remained the same for years.
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Quote from debteb View Post :
Little nitpicky's actually 31 hours approximatelyBig Grin
If your connection was maxed out:

30 hours, 51 minutes, 51 1/9 seconds

to reach 250GB. And that's not counting upstream use! D:
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Quote from iBoo View Post :
what do you mean by "throttling?"

Well the first two months that I had uverse internet I could view 1080p videos on youtube fine with no problems, and as time progressed, it just stopped working and I could only view 360p, not sure if more people were getting uverse that was making it slower or what was happening but many people had the same issue as me.
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Quote from Starrx05 View Post :
Do they really charge overage if you go over 250GB? If you watch hi def streaming video or do any regular downloading, it will hit that limit fast.
I guess it depends on where you are. The OP said they never enforce it, but I work with a guy who was charged last summer when his kid was home from college and streaming Netflix every day all day.
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There's no way these prices are valid in the east region, right? I have UVerse already, and am getting murdered on my bill in Atlanta.
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My personal experience:

I never do any personal business with AT&T, whether it's for UVERSE or mobile service.

I deal with their business side circuit provisioning at my job. They can install a T1 incredibly fast, but they never can get the bill right (billing $15,000/month instead of $160.00 for example).

Instead of just billing what the quote or contract says that you sign, they have all these weird codes that are required on the order because of their antiquated billing systems.

The process to get it corrected makes you want to eat a gun. You have to send in a spreadsheet that contains countless fields that need to be filled in. The spreadsheet actually has two separate tabs explaining what the fields are.

They have a handful of different billing systems, and as I've said, all are antiquated. Their internal departments don't work together to resolve customer complaints so you end up having their collections department demanding money while the billing department is still working to correct erroneous charges.

Oh - and some of the people I work with belong to the union so they are not in a hurry to do any work except deny claims in order to make sure their queues are empty.

The only real benefit is that, on a rare occasion, the apathy and incompetence leads to under-billing or duplicate credits.

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