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NetTalk Duo vs MagicJack Plus vs Ooma?

ResidentEvil 689 412 March 24, 2013 at 07:42 AM in Compare

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I am considering one of these 3 options:

1. MagicJack Plus ($19.99/yr 5 year commitment) - need to get a new phone number as they charge $10/mo extra for a ported #. - Hardware is $50 (1 year free service)

2. Nettalk Duo ($29.95/year no commitment) $20 to port number (NO MRC) - Hardware is $50 (1 year free service)

3. Ooma ($44.76/year) $40 to port number (NO MRC) - Hardware is $120

I hear OOMA is really good as far as call quality, etc, but then I heard that nettalk duo was equally good, and MagicJack I hear is low end.

Basically what I want is for it to work, I have heard stories about magicjack calls just going to voicemail and such, and their customer service sucks.

Does anyone have experience with these and can provide some insight on which is best? Right now I'm leaning towards nettalk.


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I had experience with Magic Jack - disappointed, frustrated and discontinued. My friends had similar experience.I had switched to Vonage, which is good.
I have heard good report on OOMA.
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I tried MagicJack and hated it.

I was going to try NetTalk DUO, but the reviews on amazon were similar to Magic Jack

So, I just ordered the OOMA (FP Deal) It's the most expensive per month, and the most expensive to port, but I guess you get what you pay for!
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Here are some information about Ooma and also alternative Voip

Additional info for Ooma.
  • People in Ooma forum indicate once the tax/fee is fully implemented, it should closely match your postpaid cellphone/local landline bill in term of fee/taxes. So check your cellphone/landline bill to see eventually how much fee/taxes you will need to pay if your area hasn't implement all the state/county/city fee/taxes yet.
  • Ooma can change their tax/fee without notify the customer. They will just charge your credit card with the new fee. Some Ooma customers were surprise after they check their credit card bill and notice the big increase in monthly fee (changed from $3.xx something to $6.xx after they include the county, city, local taxes/fee.) Again, if you don't pay attention to your credit bill, you may not notice the increase.
  • Q. Aren't those fees mostly federal/state fees/taxes that would be raising any landline by the same amount too?

    A. They include regulatory compliance fees, 911 service fees, the Federal Universal Service Charge (U.S. customers only) and state or province and local taxes, fees and surcharges.
  • And Ooma features/taxes/fee is tie to the device itself. There is no grandfathered plan to the phone number. If you change device, your features/taxes/fee may change in the future.

Some useful information about OBi w/Google Voice
Obi w/Google voice are highly recommended over Ooma and others in SD.
  • Even though Google Voice don't have E911 support, you can signup for E911 yourself
    Link to How to set-up 911 calling on an OBi device
    • Cheapest E911 provider is Anveo (at $0.8/month) (FREE plan and add E911)
    • If you are switching from POTS to Obi or other voip services, in many states the old phone line will remain active for calling 911. You just leave your phone connected and they disabled outgoing calls at the phone company computers.
    • if you do not want to 'dedicate' a SIP slot for E911, you can use - costs $12/year
    • - Smart911 is a free service that allows citizens across the U.S. to create a Safety Profile for their household that includes any information they want 9-1-1 to have in the event of an emergency. Then, when anyone in that household dials 9-1-1 from a phone associated with their Safety Profile, their profile is immediately displayed to the 9-1-1 call taker providing additional information that can be used to facilitate the proper response to the proper location.
      Can check availability under the About page.
  • before you start porting your number to GV, check this first
  • configuring 'single' stage dialing here -
  • cheapest pay-per-minute is by at 0.5 cent/minute to US numbers
  • MagicJack/Nettalk/Ooma can be connected to the POTS line of this obi110 - look at obitalk forum for more info on this. (in theory these are next best to free GV)
  • For people want alternative to GV, here are some good quality and/or low price Voips. Some of those VoIP Services offer phone number in other countries also. Remember this is a standard SIP device so you are not tie to GV and any specific Voip.
  • Some Voip that provide free incoming call. May want to double check and see if this information is out of date or not.
    • For free incoming call, you can also use IpKall. It works with Callcentric to provide free local number in Washington State and free incoming call.
    • Another service offer free incoming phone number
  • Here are some of the Voip that offer very low price International Calls
    • Onesuite and localphone offer a lot of local access number so can use it without Voip device. Those two also offer international local access number which you can use outside US. Check their website for more info. (Onesuite has been around for 10+ years and consistently great quality)
      - offer low price long distance
      - Internet Fax
      - Global Call Forwarding
      - Voip phone service
    • (cheapest pay-per-minute is by at 0.5 cent/minute to US numbers)

Alternative to Ooma (especially if you need Ooma Premier features)
Vonage Basic Talk works out at $15-$16 a month inc fees/taxes when you sign up at similar to the ooma premier but you don't have to buy the box.
- $9.99 a month for life + tax (rate will not change)
- Unlimited call to U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico
- Free number porting
- Free (Vonage Box) device
- Includes Voicemail, Caller ID, 3-way calling, Call waiting, 911 service and many others
- No activation fee - ITP Voip, $9.99/month basic plan include unlimited incoming call and 500 outgoing within US/Canada/Puerto Rico.
- Free Linksys router/phone adapter
- Good international rates
- No annual contract
- include number porting
- Voice to email/Text, Advanced call forwarding (based on Time of Day, etc), Outbound call block, Call recording, advanced white/black list by Time of Day, etc
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is there any offer available right now for this product.
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Ooma is the best, if you want something good, you need to pay good for it... Otherwise it's useless to buy something cheap and then regret buying it Smilie
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The only reason i go NetTalk because they advertised can do Fax. But netTalk Wifi Device suck.. it disconnect every days. Make me have to unplug and plug everytime received or make call. Plus NetTalk customer service horrible. Each call time wait 45-55min. Never respond email or even post msg. I have NetTalk WiFi Device and its pieces of sh!t. I wish I can return to NetTalk wired device.
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I've had Nettalk Duo (direct plugged into my router) for over two years with minimal issues. Occasionally once every few months I'll have to reset the device (unplug/plug back in) when it fails to place or receive calls. I've sent several faxes without any issues. The few times I've had to contact customer support I sent a message online with my problem and they responded within 24 hours or less.
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Thanx ofr all the info ,i will go an dbuy it
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Would the companies charge extra if these were used outside of the US? I need to use this to take my calls whenever I am away from the office. I am planning to buy one with the best deal.
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I've had MagicJack for a few years now with no problems. Even used it overseas while on travel with no problems. I guess I'm one of the lucky few that hasn't had many issues.
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Nettalk is garbage. Bought one to test before msking the plunge and porting a nimber I've had for years. Callerid stopped working and it took 10 weeks and a bbb complaint to have it fixed. My email to cs got an initial response within 48hrs, but took 10 weeks and the bbb for them to address it. Never could get thru to their CS phone number, the batteries in my cordless only last about an hour and the wait times are longer than that, if you believe that someone will eventually pick up. $40 down the toilet, I'm not renewing this garbage when I'm not even certain these guys will be in business a month from now.
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My parents tried MagicJack and only had problems with it. When I came home for a visit I set them up with the ObiHai 110 and GV. I've only heard praise so far.(7 months and running)

I wasn't aware of the 911 services available, but I would say for those prices it's a decent deal.

Never seen a Nettalk in the wild.
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I currently use Nettalk and they have the worst customer support I've ever experienced. If you call get ready to wait 3 hours in a queue which fortunately lets you know how many callers are in front of you. If you submit a ticket through the website they'll respond withing 2 weeks with this message:

"We do apologize for the delay in responding to the ticket: We were experiencing problems with the ticket system and have been working to resolve the issue. If you are still having issues with the net talk device, please respond to the trouble ticket with the current status of the net talk device so that we can assist you with the problem that you are currently having."

And when you do reply to that message get ready to wait another two weeks to receive the same message again. They're assuming the problems are going to work themselves out if they give it enough time.

Anyway, they switched long distance service providers and the list of countries they include in their unlimited long distance plan is not accurate, they dropped many countries.

I used Ooma before which provided great service and excellent customer support but they became a bit pricey.
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I have used Magic Jack for years and with only 1 problem 1 time and it was resolved quickly.(I had to reboot my PC and upgrade the connection). I have had NetTalk Duo. It was ok but the sound quality was crap. I also have Magic Jack on my Iphone for free calls via Wireless. I can't speak on Ooma. I think 19.99 per year beats Ooma and I have done the who Google Phone thing etc. I keep Magic Jack.
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