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Using Walmart App on Phone to Find AMMO

doinky 244 340 March 31, 2013 at 02:39 PM in Sporting Goods (6) More Walmart Deals
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Last Edited by doinky April 1, 2013 at 08:30 AM
I've been using the Walmart app on my android phone for a good 3-4 weeks now with excellent results. Aquired good amount of 22lrs, 9mm, 380, 7.62 and 223 rounds during that time. Luckly I have 13 walmarts in my city and was able to hit the walmarts that have the ammo in stock.

You can find the free walmart app on android market or itunes. And these are what I learned so far while using it.

1. When it shows the ammo is in stock, it means several things. As soon as the ammo is scanned at the main warehouse, it shows its in stock. That means the ammo is anywhere from the main warehouse, on a truck and being still transported to your walmart. Or, it's sitting in the back of the stockroom at your walmart (in pallets) and not taken out to the floors yet. Or, shady employees are hiding it so they can buy it later.

2. Walmart is the most efficient and has the most advance inventory management in the world. If the employees are telling you different about the app, then they are misinformed or wrong. There are too many coincidence where I went to the walmarts that showed "in stock" and it was there. And too many times, after I buy the last box, 10-30 mins later, it shows "out of stock".

The other day, I went to one of the walmarts early to pick up some 22lrs that shows in stock early in the morning. Was told by the worker there that they didn't get any shipment in that morning. I stated otherwise...... manager even came to me and stated the same thing. Instead of arguing, I left to hit up other walmarts. Came back 1 hr later (app still showing its in stock), sure enough........ after I left, 20 mins later, they brought out that night's ammo shipment. Same again with walmart #2. Worker and manager there swore there was no shipment. But according to the app, the ammo that shows "in stock". changed to "out of stock" by 10am.

3. When it shows "limited stock", it means there are only 1-3 boxes left.

4. Find out when your walmart start selling their ammo. Usually the ammo shipment arrives in the evening and they wont start selling it until the morning. Mine is usually around 7-8am. Every walmart runs different. Some have 3 box limit, some has 1 box limit, some open at 7am, some sell ammo all night. I usually check the inventories at night and plan which walmart to hit in the mornings. Usually the app gets really busy around 6-8am and might crash.

5. The people I've been telling to about the walmart app been getting really lucky. Sure beats waiting in huge lines at bass pro shop or academy. The lines are usually sparse here since not alot know about the app.


Happen to stumble on a gold mine at forum. Using the Walmart app to scan barcodes off ammo boxes to search certain ammo that is not showing up on the usual search. So naturally they saved the pics of the barcodes. Now I can search for tulammo for 9mm.

Great thanks to the original posters in these threads below.

22 Federal target 325 round brick

223 Rem 55 Grain Full Metal Jacket

Tula 9mm FMJ 115 GR 50 RDS PER BOX

Tula 45 Auto FMJ 230 GR 50 RDS PER BOX

American Eagle 40 SW 165 grain

CCI 22lr Mini-Mag

Federal 5.56 can with 420 rounds M855

Federal 9mm in 50 round box

Federal 525 .22 bulk

Federal Ammunition 223 Rem 55gr Full Metal Jacket

Federal champion .40 S&W 100rd value pack

Federal Champion 9mm FMJ 100 rounds

Federal Champion 230gr. .45 FMJ 50 rounds

Mini mag 36gr HP

Remington 180gr .40 Metal Case 250 Rounds

Tulammo Brass Maxx 223 in 50 round box

UMC 40S&W 100 round JHP

WWB 9MM 100 round box

WWB 100 round bulk 45acp

WWB 165gr .40 FMJ 100 rounds
Has the Walmart app been accurate for you?
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Last Edited by doinky April 1, 2013 at 07:17 AM
Quote from Kegjon View Post :
Looks like when I use the iPhone app it only checks the closes 10 stores. We live in indianapolis and there is a Walmart on every corner. Used the app on iPad and it lets u see store avalibility in a map view. Works better for me. But never tought of this. GREAT POST!!
App for the ipad will give a map view of all the walmarts in your city. Very helpful if you have more than 10 walmart stores. Thanks Kegjon


Added barcodes for unsearchable ammos like tulammo.


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Quote from tapakip View Post :
Where do you live that you have 13 Wal-Marts?
Where do you live that you DON'T have 13 or more Wal-Marts?
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I find that the non-24x7 Walmarts are the best for finding ammo. There are two 7AM-10PM Walmarts in my area (along with the many 24x7 supercenters) and they put up their ammo consistently at 7AM the morning after the shipments arrive. The app is a good reference tool that I check at night (before going to bed) in order to see which Walmart *should* have ammo out the next morning when they open up. Also, I talk to the guys that work the sporting goods ammo at the stores and they typically get new shipments every two days. I checked the app last night and it reported that 50 pack of .223 Remington and 555 pack of .22LR Winchester were in stock. When I got there are 7:30 this morning, they only had one box of .223 left. I picked it up, but was hoping to get the .22LR boxes since they seem to be the hardest to find in my area (New England). I asked the clerk if they just put out their shipment this morning and he reported that they did, but that there was a line of 10 guys at 7AM waiting for the store to open up. While leaving the store, their app still reported that both were in stock and about 8:30, both items were now listed as "out of stock".

The bottom line is that the app is a good tool for pinpointing a store, but you need to talk to the guys that work there to find the best times to pick them up since they may put them out at various times (especially the 24x7 shops).
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Quote from KingVizio View Post :
Wrong forum genius wave
I downloaded this app cause of his post. He is a genius for sharing.

You, on the other hand are a [fill in the blank] for being a s-dickdeals member wave
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This is a great find OP! Downloaded yesterday and have hit 3 walmarts, 2 are big successes. Can't argue with those percentages in this climate.

Thanks so much, will be waking up early for a few weeks I'm sure Smilie
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*bumped* only because I added more useful info. Please read the beginning post.
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Good info. Half the bar codes don't work on my phone, HTC EVO LTE. It will detect a few and show me stock but the ones I am looking for only 1 of 4 worked. I even tried to save a copy of the pic to my computer and open it and it still doesn't work.
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Where is the scanner in the app? I have the ipad Walmart app. Just don't see it.
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One of my local stores showed limited stock of some Federal 223 last night. I called, and they said they had a box labeled "ammo" in the back and it wouldn't be opened until after 10pm (when the sporting goods section closes). The kid told me that my best bet would be to show up at 7am when they start selling ammo again. I woke up at 6am and checked the inventory again to make sure before driving over. Low and behold it now shows out of stock. I'm convinced that someone that works there bought it all seeing as how my store doesn't sell ammo between 10pm-7am.
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Quote from fishyflush View Post :
Where is the scanner in the app? I have the ipad Walmart app. Just don't see it.
over here
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I ahve that search feild...but not that scan icon...weird.

Quote from doinky View Post :
over here
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If you arrive in the morning and there is no ammo on the shelf be sure to ask an employee. Some Wal-Marts are keeping essentially everything but shotgun shells in a cabinet behind the counter that can't be seen.
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Maybe I am missing something, but how do you get an alert, if you are able to. Seems I can go in and look for an item, just like online, but how do I get it to show me or alert me when something goes back in stock? I have even tried the "email me when in stock" option, but have never gotten an email using that option.

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Do you guys just scan the barcodes everytime you try to look or can you set up notifications in-app for when the item is in stock?
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Thanks and kudos to the OP, but my problem is still the Walmart employees and managers engaged in reselling and keeping stock back for friends.

Countless occasions of being stonewalled by Walmart managers and employees from buying ammo that's sitting in the back has often led to anger... which has led to hate... and inevitably suffering...
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Quote from miller26 View Post :
I downloaded this app cause of his post. He is a genius for sharing.

You, on the other hand are a [fill in the blank] for being a s-dickdeals member wave
The fact is I really don't care what you think but at least the mods moved this out of hot deals to where it belonged
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