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RETIRED Printable Manufacturer's Coupon Listing - *PLEASE DO NOT EDIT THE WIKIS*

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Please DO NOT edit the wikis!!

Angel Not The wikis are updated by our team of wikibees:Angel Not
bailey327 & whatsthedealyo

- Please post any new printable coupons or any changes to those already listed to this thread, and we'll add them to the wikis.
- Making changes to the wikis can cause the wiki to crash or a loss of data!! It's happened, that's why we ask only the wikibees do the updates.
- Wiki #10 houses our separate listing of coupons as those change frequently!

Jump to: Wiki #1 (A, B) / Wiki #2 (C, D) / Wiki #3 (E,F,G) / Wiki #4 (H - K) / Wiki #5 (L,M,N)
Wiki #6 (O, P) / Wiki #7 (Q, R) / Wiki #8 (S,T) / Wiki #9 (U - Z) / Wiki #10 (Coupons.Com Coupons)


Printable Thread Special Posting Format!!

FORMAT ~~ To help decrease the time it takes to keep up this thread -- when posting a new printable coupon, please use our standard format:

Advil Children's, $1/1 Print [] 77477
Martha White, 55¢/2, Print (dir)
Nexcare, $1/2, Print (FB)
Scotch Tape, 50¢ Print PDF exp 11/31/14

*Include zip used for smartsource, redplum, etc, to make searching for that coupons easier.*

** No link is necessary for the coupons **
Planters Peanuts, any, $1, 77477

-To make a link only appear as one word like "Print", in the Edit box, type your description. Then type the word, "Print", doubleclick on the word "Print" to highlight it only, and then click on the Attachment 1912578 icon (Insert Link). Then in that pop-up box, paste in the actual URL address and click OK.

Direct (dir)
E-Centives (E)
Smartsource (S)
Facebook (FB)

-Leave out unnecessary words such as "Product" as it takes up extra character space in our packed wikis.
-Some IPs will be posted in the thread, but won't be added to the wiki. These include very limited Qs only accepted at certain stores or Qs with super-short expiration dates. links with a &p= field longer than 9 characters should not be posted as they are limited to 2 prints/1 user, and can't be shared.
-NO affiliate codes are allowed in the printable coupon thread!
-No PDFs/JPGs/Scans of mfr Qs allowed per SD rules
-No requests for mfr Qs that are no longer hosted on their website

Quote from serra View Post :
if the mfr cpn is no longer hosted on their website but once was, then it stays that way. sending a pdf format of this coupon falls in with our "no pdf/scans/jpg/copies of mfr cpns allowed" rule.

so no, one may not ask in an sd thread for a pdf of this coupon privately/individually via private message.

-Chat thread for discussing printable coupons, visit slowtech's thread Printable Manufacturer's Q Chat.
-Chat thread for discussing common printing problems like printing from iPads, iPods or problems with couponsDOT and redplum here by MsGal
-New to coupon shopping, see thisthread by hawaiiandawn
-Coupon Barcode Basics thread hereby mahgobbi

There are 10 active wikis and 4 inactive. If a wiki disappears for you, change your settings to display more than 15 posts per page by:

2. Scroll down to "Thread Display Options"
3. Scroll down to "Number of Posts to Show Per Page"
4. Change Box so that at least 20 posts per page is displayed
5. Scroll Down and Save Changes


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and the last thread 4/2/2013
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Thanks to both of you!
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Quote from sdca View Post :
Thanks for the help, but I really need it barney style. How do you highlight a word?
Quote from rydergal View Post :
Two ways:
hold your cursor over it and double click on it with the left button on your mouse


move your cursor to either the beginning or end of the word. Hold down the left button on your mouse and drag to the other end. When you release the putton, whatever you dragged it over will be highlighted.

Way one works fine for just one word...if you ever need to highlight more than that, you'll have to use method two
Or if you are mouse challenged you can use the keyboard. Put your cursor at either the beginning or end of the word, hold the shift key and use the arrow keys to highlight the word.
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Quote from MsGal View Post :
Thanks, got one. Tried from another computer but nadda.
I was able to print 3 on the same computer by using chrome, explorer, and mozilla with different facebook accounts.
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Clean up time. Wiki workin'

Renu Multipurpose Solution, 2 x 12oz+ Print []

Armour Meatballs, $1/2 Print [] 30033
Blue Bunny Premium Ice Cream 1.75QT, $1/1 Print [] 02904
Cacique or Ranchero Cheese or Cream, $,50/1 Print [] 30033
Campbell's Healthy Request Soups $1/3 Print [] 80004
Chef Michael's Dry Dog Food, any size, $1 Print []
Cookie Crisp Cereal, box, $.50/1 Print [] 30033
Degree Women Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant ETS, $2/1 Print 30033
Eco-Me Pet Line of Natural Cleaners $.70/1 Print 80004
Endust $1/1, Print [] zip 33072 and $2/2 Print [] 02904
Goody's Extra Strength Caplets or Powder 16 ct+, $1/1 Print [] 02904
Go Veggie! Dairy Free or Lactose Free Cheese Alternative $1/25/1 Print []
Go Veggie! Lactose Free or Dairy Free Slice $1.25/1 Print []
GoodBelly Family Sized Quarts $2/2 Print []
Hormel Rev Wrap or Value Pack $1/1 Print [] 80004
Imagine Soup, Broth, Stock or Gravy $.55/1 Print 80123
Immaculate Baking Refrigerated Doughs, $1/2 Print [] 30033
Keebler Cookies $1/2 Print [] 80004 (Redeemable at Dollar General)
Kern's 6 pk of 5.5 oz cans, $.50/1 Print 30033 (available at Walmart)
Kettle Brand Chips 13oz+, $1/1 Print [] 02904 (Redeem at Stop & Shop)
McCann's Artisan Collection Instant Oatmeals $1/1 Print [] 30033
McCann's Irish Oatmeal, any $1/1 Print [] 30033
Oreo Grab & Go Cookies 10-10.64 oz, $1/1 Print [] 77477
PediaSure, any, $2.25/2, Print []
Rembrandt 2-Hr KIT or Intense Stain Dissolving Strips $5/1 Print [] 30033 (Available at Walmart)
Similac Prenatal, $2.85 Print []
Similac Simply Smart Bottles, $2.85 Print []
Sonicare Flexcare, Flexcare+ or DiamondClean Rechargeable Toothbrush $10/1 Print []
Swanson Flavor Boost Concentrated Broth $.50/1 Print 02904
Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches $1.60/2 Print []

Eeek, that was messier than I thought. EEK!

Wiki updates complete.
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Last edited by bailey327 April 23, 2013 at 03:56 PM.
Hug2 Love to the PEEPS! Hug2
Excedrin 24 ct+, $1/1 Print [] 77477

Excedrin 100 ct+, $2/1, Print [] 77477

Rubbermaid All Access Medium Organizer, $3/1, Print []77477 Redeemable at Walmart
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Last edited by evolvearoundme April 24, 2013 at 04:26 AM. Reason: I cannot spell Excedrin to save my own life.. thanks, tn :)
I still see
Immaculate Baking Refrigerated Doughs, $1/2 Print []
at 90210 and 77477
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Quote from xanthophyll View Post :
I still see
Immaculate Baking Refrigerated Doughs, $1/2 Print []
at 90210 and 77477
Thanks. Focused link isn't working. I'll go get a new one.
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Quote from shopllama View Post :
I think this is dead. Unless anybody has a working zip for Mardi Gras?
Mardi Gras Napkins, $1/2 Print [] 12345

Thanks Steph!
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Wikis updated.
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Birds Eye Voila! $1.75/1, Print [] (dir) - out of prints
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Boycott Houston Kroger []
Bringbackdoubles to Kroger Houston []

It is just as easy to be polite anonymously as it is to be a prick anonymouslybulb

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"No one with a choice should ever have to be a girl!" Bart Simpson
Gone I think.

Kashi Berry Fruitful or Blackberry Hills Cereal, $1/1 Print [] 77477
Kashi Crackers and/or Pita Crisps $1/2 Print [] 77477
Kashi Soft Baked Squares $1/1 Print []
Kashi Steam Meal $1/1 Print [] (FB) and 1/1 Print [] 12345
Kellogg's Cinnamon Jacks, Frosted Mini-Wheats Crunch, Scooby-Doo and/or Special K Chocolately Strawberry 10.7oz+, $1/2 Print []
Kentucky Legend Whole, Half, or Quarter Ham or Turkey Breast, $2/1 Print [] 77477 and Print [] (dir)
Kikkoman Soy Sauce $.75/1 Print [] 94707
Kiwi, any, $.50/1 Print []
Kix • Berry Berry Kix • Honey Kix $.75/1 Print [] 77477
KY Premium; Date Night, Yours+Mine Couples Lubricants or Yours Plus Mine Kissable Sensations, exc. jelly, $5/1 Print [] (dir)
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Kikkoman, any, $2/3 Print [] 77477
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Barramundi 12oz Frozen Pk. $1/1 Print [] 77477

French's Flavor Infuser Injectable Marinade $.75/1 Print [] 77477 (Reedemable at Walmart)

Zulka Pure Cane Sugar 4lb Bag $.50/1 Print [] 77477 (Redeemable at Walmart)
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Lever 2000 Bar or Body Wash $1/1 Print [] (dir) and $1/1 Print [] (dir)

second link gone
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I'M BACK!!! and i've graduated Smilie 22 years old and have been here for about 7 years now which puts me at starting to coupon at the fine age of 15.!!
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Glade any (excluding 8oz Room Spray or Solid Air Freshener) $2/2 Print [] submit info

This offer is expired. Here's their new one:

Glade Tropical Collection (excluding 8oz Room Spray or Solid Air Freshener) $2/2 Print [] submit info
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