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Charter Internet for $39.99 current subscribers who's 1 year $29.99 deal ran out YMMV

Joewee 64 34 April 9, 2013 at 02:32 PM in Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV) (5)

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I just looked at my recent Charter Internet bill and it was $62 just for the internet.
So I hopped on Charter Chat and was able to bring the bill down to $39.99 a month,
no modem fee, upgrade from 15 to 30 Mbps (althougth I think it was already 30)
and free online Epix. It's worth a shot. Give it a try. Here is chat log:

Customer ChatChat TranscriptYou have been connected to Andrew C.Andrew C: Thanks for giving me the opportunity to help you today! My name is Andrew and I'll be taking care of you.

Andrew C: How can I help you today?

Joe : 824xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Joe: that is my account #...I am currently paying..

Joe: over $60 a month for just the internet....can I get that 19.99 a month special..?

Andrew C: We can certainly review your account, however there is no such $19.99 deal for internet.

Andrew C: Thank you, Let me pull that up to see how we can best help you today.

Andrew C: So that I may discuss your account and for security purposes, may I please verify the four digits of your Charter Security Code (Left hand side just above your address) or your Customer Created PIN number?

Joe Sumner: xxxx

Andrew C: Thank you for validating your Security Code, One moment while I review your current account.

Andrew C: I show you are currently receiving old plan pricing standard rate for 15 Mbps internet $52.99 + $7 modem lease = $59.99. comes with 2 free features.

Andrew C: Joe, As we review your account, how is your current service working for you?

Joe: fine...a few hiccups here and there....

Andrew C: I'm glad to hear overall it is working well for you. I do show we can switch you to our new plan pricing and service for 30 Mbps internet. It would be 30 Mbps internet (Double your current speed), modem included (no more lease fee) at $54.99 a month. This would also gain you FREE EPIX movies online as well. Take a moment to review this, I do have one other option as well.

Joe: what is the other option...

Andrew C: Joe, I would like to let you in on an exclusive offer that just started only available for current customers who upgrade. I can provide you with $29.99 per service with bundling. That is our TV Select (Minimum), 30 Mbps internet, modem included , Unlimited phone and with the 3 service plan FREE Wire maintenance plan (Normally $4.99 a month). This limited promotion $89.97 + $5.99 box lease per TV is amazing on it's own, however it also comes with FREE upgrade for 1 year of DVR service (Normally $19.99 a month, valued at over $230 savings). May I ask what you are currently doing for TV service?

Joe: I am in a 2 year agreement with Dishnetwork.... what can I get for a lower price

Joe: for the internet only...

Joe: the current speed is fine

Andrew C: The current internet only would be either your $59.99 for 15 Mbps or $54.99 for 30 Mbps. We would need to swap out the current 2.0 modem lease for the new 3.0 no lease fee equipment. Either tech out $29.99 install or FREE swap at the local office. Shall we switch you to the new plan, lower rate, faster speed and more feature? (If so , would you like a tech out or self install swap?).

Joe: this is still more then I would like to pay...I am paying 29.99 a month on my other

Joe: charter internet account...

Joe: can you do this for me...

Andrew C: I do see that your concerns about pricing are justified. I can certainly understand how it seems unfair that lower prices are only offered to new and upgrading customers. Promotional pricing is Charter's way of letting customers who have never used a particular service try it out at a lower, promotional rate. This way, they can experience the true value of that service before paying the standard price. Once the promotional period expires, Charter hopes that the customer will retain the service at the standard pricing, having been able to sample it and gauge its worth.

Andrew C: Joe, while you would not qualify for the first year pricing at $29.99. What I can do as a one time courtesy is offer you $39.99 discounted rate for 30 Mbps for 12 months, after would go to full standard rate $54.99. We would need to either send a tech out or self install pickup swap.

Andrew C: Which would you prefer?

Joe: I guess I can go with the $39.99 rate ... I can just pick it up myself and swap it out...

Andrew C: Great, let me get that limited offer setup for you.

Joe: Now will this include the no modem lease fee as well as the online

Joe: epix..?

Andrew C: Bear with me a quick second while I get some information for you on that.

Andrew C: Yes, it will include the no modem lease, and you will go to the local office and swap the modem for the new modem.

Joe: ok...what should I tell them at the local office...?

Andrew C: Charter is happy to Introduce Epix, a great channel with a wide variety of movies in all genres! The movies hardly ever repeat. I'm positive you'll find something you enjoy! It was created by Viacom, Paramount, MGM, and Lionsgate. You can watch from anywhere you can get a connection, they show the same content online as they show on air, and you can invite friends to a "Private Screening Room" online complete with chat so you can talk at the same time to watch with movies you even if they aren't Epix subscribers. You can even watch on your phone if it supports flash with more support coming for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry soon.

Andrew C: Great! If you give me just a few moments, I will go ahead and set this all up for you. While you are waiting, feel free to check out our new rewards program, Live it with Charter! Free to all Charter subscribers, members earn points for every dollar spent on all Charter products and services. Points can be redeemed for cool prizes and free sweepstakes entries! To get started please visit

Andrew C: Just take your current modem to the local office and they will go ahead and swap out the modem for you, do you need the address to the closest office?

Joe: sure...what is the addy..?

Andrew C: Monday 9:00AM - 7:00PM
Tuesday 9:00AM - 7:00PM
Wednesday 9:00AM - 7:00PM
Thursday 9:00AM - 7:00PM
Friday 9:00AM - 7:00PM
Saturday 9:00AM - 5:00PM
1201 McCann Drive, Altoona, WI 54720

Andrew C: I, on behalf of Charter, congratulate and thank you considerably for your order (As well as for your time and patience)!

Andrew C: Certainly, Thank you for contacting and choosing Charter Communications. Is there anything else I can help you with today?
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Will try, mine just went up to 98 for cable/internet.
used to be at 78 for both.
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Quote from JoseA View Post :
Will try, mine just went up to 98 for cable/internet.
used to be at 78 for both.
I just call the corporate customer service line and they give me a 2 year fixed price contract. 3 years ago it was at $29.99 a month, the current deal I'm half way through with is $34.99. Almost anything they offer on the website can be locked into a long-term deal with them.

God help anyone who tries to get anything done through Charter's regular phone lines. I had a door-to-door guy sell me a package about 6 years ago they screwed up on. I talked to service reps in Malaysia, India, Thailand, Mexico and the Philippines.

The local office doesn't publish a phone line and my only other option than going to the office near my home during the limited hours they are open (which are the same I work) was to try to call a cable sales rep I used to work with. Finally left a message for the VP of Customer service and was given an executive customer team number for real live service reps that work in St. Louis.
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Quote from Letter_K View Post :
I just call the corporate customer service line and they give me a 2 year fixed price contract. .
What is the phone number you call and how do you go about getting a price adjustment? Charter makes me sick. My internet bill went up the same as OP's and I called the regular customer service line three separate times for a price adjustment/new contract to no avail Mad
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I had similar experience after my internet only bill went from $47 to $52, but I was calling to get the free modem and get rid of my older modem. On the phone the CS Rep told me the price would be $49 but when I went to pick up the modem, they said price was $39. I've had an Epix account but forgot all about it so logged in and still have everything as before.

Internet speeds went from close to 30 Mbps to 60 Mbps with the new modem so I'm really happy about paying less and getting more.
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I've been with Charter for 5 years now, off and on with promotions. The best they could give me last time was a whopping $49.99 for 6 months 30Mbps. That just ended and it went up to $54.99 standard rate. Looks like I'm getting ripped a new a-hole. Should I try chatting to get the new $39.99 rate?
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If you live with someone (spouse/roommate/significant other) you can just cancel your account and have them sign up for one under their name. Only negatives are it's a slight ding on your credit that is negligible (same credit pull for any other utility) and you have to pay for installation $29.99. You'd also be down a day while they disconnect and then reconnect your service.
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everytime they charged me $30 (previously, $50) installation fee . even they installed nothing, the cable pole is in my back yard, this company sucks
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same boat as everyone else. new bill just went to $54.99 for 30mb.

and yes, please share the corporate number so we can all call!
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No go for me, we chatted back and forth for 10 minutes. Those guys are stingy a-holes...
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What you will find out about Charter is the inconsistencies of all their chat reps and phone reps. If you threaten to cancel, they'll really just cancel your service instead of negotiating something. Also, don't forget the lack of choices now on Internet. 30mbs and 100mbs???
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shoot down
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Charter in my area has only 2 options available now. 30mbps and 100mbps. I've been on the 100mbps for the past 2 years, and my bill went from $69/m up up up to now $108/m. They keep telling me there are no promotions or contracts for me. That if I cancelled and signed up, I'd have to pay the new $119/m or something along those lines. I loathe Charter... they've gone downhill. They were fine 10 years ago.
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i just wasted 30 minutes of my life speaking with charter via chat. I would greatly appreicate someone msging me the corporate number for retention/ loyalty. I pay 59.99 on 2 yr contract now. Have less than a year left. There is NO way I will pay double what they are offering now. Talk about bad business decisions. I am on autopay as well. The number would be greatly appreciated, once again.

In their defense its 2am EST so i was told that department is closed for the evening. be continued
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Got it $39.99 for 12 mos.

You have been connected to Terrell D.
Terrell D: It's an awesome day at Charter! My name is Terrell D, and I'll be taking care of you today! How can I help you?

Terrell D: Thanks mich. In order to access your account, may I please have the security code (4 digit code found on upper left corner of your statement) or the PIN (4 or 5 digit code that you chose as a personal identifier when starting your services)?

mich: 5xxx, i can see my promotion already ends and am paying $58 dollars for 30mbps internet

Terrell D: Thank you

Terrell D: I can see that you have our internet Plus 30 Mbps for 57.99 a month before tax.

Terrell D: Yes

Terrell D: I can place you into our new pricing for internet Plus which is 54.99 a month and also includes a free modem lease 0.00 a month.

mich: over $57 a month for just the internet. can I get that 29.99 a month special?

Terrell D: We do not have a 29.99 a month special

mich: what is the other option?

Terrell D: Our Triple Play Select which is 29.99 for each service (TV, Internet, Phone) and includes free wire maintenance as well.

Terrell D: With that you could also get Free DVR service for a year also.

mich: am in 2 year agreement with direct tv and i don't need phone service...

Terrell D: Well I can understand contracts... which is something we actually do not have at all... and although we do have the best bundle pricing with all three services, we do not require you to plug in a telephone at all.

mich: i would love bundle but am still under contract with direct tv. so is there any lowest internet service you can offer me right now?

Terrell D: I can take off the plus and it would be 52.99 a month.

Terrell D: That would be 15 Mbps though

mich: so whats the speed for the $52.99?

Terrell D: That would be 15 Mbps

mich: so less $5 for half the internet speed?

Terrell D: Basically

mich: right now i dont have any contract with you guys right?

Terrell D: correct

Terrell D: No contract

mich: so if cancel i can do it anytime?

Terrell D: Yes

mich: am just searching the best internet service right before i decide if i will continue with your service or go the other way

mich: thanks by the way

Terrell D: Understandable

Terrell D: Perhaps I can use a better way though

mich: like what?

Terrell D: I do have this promotional offer for 39.99 a month for internet Plus 30 Mbps which is in our new pricing for 12 months... Now I am going to require that you use a modem that we lease you which will be a free lease each month so 0.00 and just comes with the service.

Terrell D: I know you have your own modem but it is an older modem and will not work with the service in the system.

Terrell D: and with tax included in the price you really can't go wrong

Terrell D: if you want to know the price after the promotion it is 54.99

Terrell D: and there is no contract at all

Terrell D: we do not have any contracts at all.

Terrell D: what do you say?

mich: so that would be $39.99 for 12 mod. but u need to lease modem for free same for 12 mod?

mich: mos.?

Terrell D: No... the modem just comes free with service no matter what

Terrell D: It is not for the promotion it just comes free with service.

mich: what kind of modem do u guys have? i dont think i need a new modem because i got motorola sb6141

Terrell D: The modem is a DOCSIS 3.0 Motorola... yours is a 2.0 which is not compatible with this system upgrade.

mich: i got motorola SB6141 which is docsis 3.0

Terrell D: Ok

mich: so just to make clear $39.99 for internet plus 30Mbps for 12mos?

Terrell D: Yes

mich: so can i get that service without modem lease?

Terrell D: I would love to say yes... However I continue to get an error stating the D2 Modem Purchase on the account is not compatible.

Terrell D: Otherwise I would side grade this from here with no problem as we speak.

mich: i dont know what your saying because i when i bought the modem i actually called you guys to activate my new modem...

mich: can we just go ahead and proceed for that $39.99 internet plus 30Mbs?

Terrell D: I'm going to have to get you a new modem of ours is that ok?

mich: no thanks because i just bought this modem a month ago..

Terrell D: So why not just store it while we just ship you another one... what's wrong with that?

Terrell D: Or just register that one with us after I place the order.

mich: so i dont have to pay any additional fees or any service fee?

Terrell D: Additional fee for what exactly?

Terrell D: I thought the 39.99 with free modem lease was all you were paying?

mich: am just asking if there is additional fee...

Terrell D: No just 39.99 a month tax included. 0.00 for modem.

mich: lets go ahead do $39.99 internet plus 30Mbps and 0.00 for modem for 12mos.

Terrell D: sounds like a plan

Terrell D: Now would you like to pick up the modem... -or- have the modem shipped to you... both are free.

mich: just shipped it

Terrell D: ok

mich: thanks.. so are we all set?

Terrell D: Ok your all set

Terrell D: your new monthly will be 39.99 a month no tax/fee

mich: so do you know when they will ship the modem?

Terrell D: 8xxxxxx this is the tracking code for Fed ex ground shipping and it should
start if not now then tomorrow

Terrell D: Will there be anything else for today?

mich: ok thanks again

Terrell D: No problem at all

Terrell D: Thanks so much for chatting in! For general self help please visit
I would like to invite you to check out our new rewards program, Live it with Charter! Free to all Charter subscribers, members earn points for every dollar spent on all Charter products and services. Points can be redeemed for cool prizes and free sweepstakes entries! To get started please visit
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