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Rakuten Customers Getting Fraudulent Credit Card Charges

rrmoore 773 221 May 9, 2013 at 11:33 AM in Finance (2) More Rakuten Deals

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Last Edited by rrmoore January 12, 2016 at 01:10 PM

Many posts within SlickDeals have multiple threads about fraudulent credit card account transactions occurring within a few weeks of placing an order at Rakuten If you have been affected, please post your experience here so the magnitude of Rakuten's apparent security breach and the impact on the affected Rakuten customers may be known. (Please save other issues, either regarding Rakuten, or other issues with credit card misuse to other posts.)

If you are one of the affected Rakuten customers, please make a post with (1) first date of the fraud transaction and (2) the most recent order date (if there was one).
The most important thing however is to just be counted, if you're one of the affected customers.

RAKUTEN SHOPPING would like to hear from you directly:
*PHONE: Nick Thompson (Head of Customer Experience) 877-880-1030, ext. 2095.
*E-MAIL QUESTIONNAIRE: -- Dedicated e-mail address
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Newspaper & Other Media Reports on this recent Rakuten/ Apparent Security Breach:

Consumer Reports The Consumerist [Jun-6-2013] -- "Here's Everything We Know About The Rakuten/ Credit Card Breaches" -- post by 'steveliv', updated 'daniel32' --and---

New Jersey Record News [May-28-2013] -- "Bogota Police Warn Website Users of Suspicious Charges" -- posted by 'AnnoyedwithRakuten'

Yahoo! Finance & MoneyTalksNews [Jun-6-2013] -- " Customers Reporting Credit Card Fraud" -- txs 'krazyshopper' and

Gizmodo via [Jun-7-2013] -- "Gizmodo Announces They Will No Longer Post Rakuten Deals" -- txs to ''

StoreFrontBackTalk [Jun-12-2013] -- "Rakuten Breach: Live By The Web, Get Punished By The Web" -- txs to ''

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Summary of the conclusions made by the contributors of this forum:

(1) Identity thieves obtained credit card #'s and SSN #'s from some Rakuten Customers
[Ref: News Story & NJ Police Interview -- 'AnnoyedwithRakuten']
[Ref: Additionally]
[Ref: 'scotthall3411' Post #462, etc.]

(2) Many other users have been affected outside of the SlickDeals community
[Ref: Specialized Site Now Available:]

(3) The apparent security breach is not limited to just customers who placed orders. Several have reported credit card details were taken from their Rakuten My Account screen.
[Ref: 'Cletus81' Post #435, 'missmex1' Post #445]

(4) The apparent security breach was not at the credit card payment processing agent.
[Ref: 'mirai' Post #437]

(5) Customers using credit, debit cards and Gift Cards have been affected.
[Ref: Thread postings and external sites.]

(6) Almost 100% of all fraud reports are from customers who gave Rakuten their credit (or debit) card directly (rather than using payment gateways or other payment methods (gift cards, etc.)
[Ref: Thread postings.]

(7) Many customers were able to uniquely identify Rakuten as the source of the credit card theft.
[Ref: Many thread postings from customers using a one-time Virtual Credit Card Number, a new credit card only used at Rakuten, or a new Gift Card.]

(8) Rakuten denies that any security breach has occurred, though they are "cooperating with police".
[Ref: News Story & NJ Police Interview -- 'AnnoyedwithRakuten']

(9) Using a Virtual Credit Card Number or Gift Cards at Rakuten may not be the best alternative.
[Ref: 'GPz1100' Post #205, Post #447, etc. Several affected customers posted their VCCN's later breach caused the credit card company to reissue a new card.]
[Ref: 'namlook' Post #449, etc. Hacker's later emptied the gift card or sold the balance on eBay.]
[Ref: 'bargainfinder09' Post #449 Must close VCCN out afterwards.]

(10) The apparent security breach still exists at Rakuten today, and a Rakuten customer order is not required to generate the subsequent CC fraud.
[Ref: 'Edxzxz' Post #583]

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[Full Text of the News Story] New Jersey Record News [May-28-2013] -- "Bogota Police Warn Website Users of Suspicious Charges"

BOGOTA – "Local police are asking anyone who has used the website, formerly, to look out for suspicious charges on their credit cards." The police department started investigating three cases in which residents complained of fraudulent charges on their credit cards and has since discovered five additional victims, including one in New York City, Bogota Detective Sgt. Jonathan Misskerg said Tuesday. The single thread between the victims is that they have made purchases on in the past three months, police said. The victims' names, Social Security numbers, dates of birth and credit card information were used to open accounts at online equipment suppliers, police said.

The purchases, made at five online stores, included gas valves and warehouse time clocks and totaled around $10,000, Misskerg said. The buyer was traced to an address in Bogotá, Colombia, Misskerg said. After the items were purchased, they were sent to an Englewood company, which then shipped the items to Colombia, Misskerg said. Police declined to identify the Englewood company, saying that the owner was cooperating with authorities and that it remained unclear whether he was part of the scheme. But since investigators first spoke with the company's owner, someone electronically deposited funds in the company owner's account — enough to cover the cost of shipping the items to Colombia, Misskerg said. "We've seized the packages and additional merchandise," Misskerg said Tuesday. "We are going to try to shut him down at this point.", a Japan-based online retail company completed its purchase of, a California-based online market place, in July 2010. The website was rebranded as this year. A company representative said Tuesday that the company had not been contacted by the local police, but that it would cooperate with authorities. "If there is a police investigation, we are not aware of it, and we have not been contacted," said Mark Kirschner, the company's executive officer for global marketing, adding that the company takes such reports "very seriously."

However, an online message board [] contains several comments from posters claiming to have used the website and complaining about fraudulent charges on their credit cards. Kirschner said the company was aware of the website and had made overtures, "without success," to those claiming to be affected. He urged those affected to contact the company's head of customer experience at 877-880-1030 ext. 2095. Kirschner said he was unaware of any security breach or hacking incident that could have compromised customers' information.

If anyone suspects that he or she may be a victim of identity theft, he or she should fill out an identity theft report at, police advised. After doing so, the individual should take a copy of the report to the local police department and place an initial fraud alert with all three credit bureaus. The investigation was continuing, and as of Tuesday no charges had been filed, police said.
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[Full Text of the News Story] Consumer Reports The Consumerist [Jun-6-2013] -- "Here's Everything We Know About The Rakuten/ Credit Card Breaches"
By Laura Northrup // Link:

Starting about a month ago, rumblings began on the SlickDeals forums among people who had recently made purchases from Rakuten Shopping, the new brand name of the marketplace The purchases made were diverse, ranging from time clocks in Colombia to newspaper subscriptions in Cleveland to plane tickets in Germany. Something is very, very wrong here: hundreds of victims from recent months have come forward on Slickdeals alone.
Rakuten Shopping is a sort of online mall: the site allows other vendors to set up their own "marketplace" stores and sell items. Users have reported fraudulent credit card transactions after purchases from a variety of marketplace vendors.

Rakuten staff reach out to complainers on Facebook and even on the deal forums, asking victims to call in order to straighten things out. If they have a solution in progress, Rakuten has not let customers know, including victims. While talking too much about it publicly might compromise the investigations, victims are unhappy that the only thing they've heard from the company is "call us!" to people whose cards have been breached. Apart from the threads on the subject on shopping sites, victims have started their own site, the appropriately-titled

If having fraudsters make purchases for up to $10,000 on your credit cards isn't scary enough, the Newark Star-Ledger reports that some victims had new accounts opened up using personal information––their birthdates and Social Security numbers––that you don't need to provide to Rakuten as part of a purchase. If you're a victim, what should you do? Contact your credit card company and your local police, of course. You should also contact the merchant where your card was used: after all, they're a victim too.
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Section (0): How to protect your card number:
  • Use PayPal or Google Wallet.
    • When you are viewing Your Shopping Cart, be sure to click on "Proceed to Checkout" first, and THEN select PayPal or Google Wallet.
    • You CAN earn and use Super Points with Google Wallet.
    • You cannot use Super Points with PayPal.
  • Do NOT use Visa Checkout/ or Masterpass:
  • Do NOT use or store your card number on
  • Super Points
    • Can one use Super Points with Yes, but don't use anymore (see above).
    • There have been multiple posts by rrmoore stating: "Many are reporting they did with PayPal and; But you can't use existing points toward the deal." I read that to mean points cannot be used with, which is incorrect. I am sure rrmoore made those posts to help people. I am also sure rrmoore has a strong sense of right and wrong because he so wants to get to the bottom of the problem. Accordingly, I hope he will go back to clarify his posts because Rakuten Super Points CAN be used with

Section (1): Ways to help Rakuten take ownership of the security breach:

Letter to the Editor at Fraud Magazine:
ACFE is the world's largest anti-fraud organization and premier provider of anti-fraud training and education. Together with more than 65,000 members, the ACFE is reducing business fraud worldwide and inspiring public confidence in the integrity and objectivity within the profession.

Message to the Complaints Board: and The most trusted and popular consumer complaints website.

Posting to Reseller Ratings:

Anyone affected should consider filing a report: & &
If enough people file a report, Rakuten will not be able ignore this any longer. -- 'DMUE'
California State Attorney General online complaint submission form: -- 'ducky2802'

Post a Message on Rakuten's Facebook Page:

Send a message to the Amex Public Relations Dept: Desiree Fish, Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications /
Send a message to the Discover Public Relations Dept: Jon Drummond, Public Relations,

Send a news tip to: NY Times (, CNet (, CNN (, <add more here please>

Also, please consider adding an additional posting to (after you've posted here, of course). With the dedicated site, you can use a different posting username if you wish and no registration is required.

Section (2): Ways to help police catch the identity thieves:

Get the address where your product from the fraudulent charge was shipped from your CC company and post the city to see if we have any matches: -- 'namlook'
1. North Brunswick New Jersey
(I have a name and the full address but I won't post that here)

Call the defrauded merchant (might need police involvement with some) to obtain the IP Address of the Fraudulent Order -- 'Ids322' & 'Diamonique'

Those affected should contact Rakuten's head of customer experience at 877-880-1030 ext. 2095. -- 'epicd2012'

Section (3): Ways to personally protect yourself after your Rakuten privacy breach:

Sign up for e-mail (or mobile) credit card and bank alerts with all your financial institutions -- 'ubiquitous'

Free Annual Credit Reports (also consider utilizing 1-of-the-3-agencies every 4 months, instead of all 3 once a year)
I picked Experian at random, and its super easy to do, takes 5 min, completely automated, and hopefully give me some piece of mind. I believe you get a free credit report as well.
Equifax 1-800-525-6285 / Experian 1-888-397-3742 / TransUnion 1-800-680-7289

Experian's Credit Sesame and Transunion's Credit Karma provide a level of free credit monitoring.

Fraud Alerts on Credit Reports: For those who are a bit concerned/paranoid about ID theft, here is the FTC website on it.
The first step they show is placing a temporary (90 days), free, fraud alert with 1 of 3 credit card companies:
It that tells the creditor requesting your report to do additional due diligence. I think it's a free service but it automatically expires after 90 days. The creditor however is not required to do any additional verification, but they don't want to get lose money either.

*** I think freezing credit reports is a little different than fraud alerts ***
Information on Freezing Credit Reports: (1) (2) (3)

Visa Verified-by-Visa:
MasterCard SecureCode:]

Response from Rakuten CMO, Bernard Luthi - please call the number to recount your experience to help with the investigation


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Stop this stupid crusade - esp posting in HOT DEALS...which word are you having trouble or deals?

Post in deal talk or the lounge
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Last edited by 1fortheteam May 9, 2013 at 11:38 AM.
Quote from laphroaigh View Post :
Stop this stupid crusade - esp posting in HOT DEALS...which word are you having trouble or deals?

Post in deal talk or the lounge

Wow....SD has really gone down the evolutionary scale
he posted in deal talk
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Quote from tunanjing View Post :
he posted in deal talk

No he posted in hot deals and i alerted mods to move to deal talk
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Quote from laphroaigh View Post :
No he posted in hot deals and i alerted mods to move to deal talk
Extremely sorry about that. I absolutely didn't mean to post it as a hot deal of any kind. I didn't know about the lounge.
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I ordered the Office chairs a few weeks ago, put my CC info in, and then canceled the order.. last week a fraudulent charge for over $800 to buy a Lufthansa Plane ticket in Germany showed up on my card. I was thinking that it must have been from my card which I put in at this company becase it's the only company I've every used my card at which I am not utterly familiar with.
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Quote from MotorolaX:
Well after all the horror stories it finally happened to me over the weekend.

I bought an item from a merchant through rakuten and now I have charges on my card all from Las vegas stores in the thousands.

I almost always use paypal, but totally forgot this time.
Quote from rebutiw:
I have only bought items sold by and have had problems with stolen credit cards . I think it is a problem with their system and not third party sellers. There were no problems when I had been using paypal as a payment option.

Quote from cpeed:
Another fraudulent cc charge here after using Rakuten. Mine was for $180 at some hotel in London.

Quote from jastisatya:
Brought to the notice of google trusted store
Brought to the notice of google trusted store,here is the communication happened.

It is not related to order #xxxxxx .
After i placed Order #yyyyyy a month back fraudulent charges started appearing on my credit card , i immediately cancelled my credit card.
The credit card in question is never used online expect on Rakuten.At that time i did not suspected it is because of my purchase on Rakuten until i came across the below threads


that it is not stray incident and credit card information is going out from Rakuten.

I purchased or trusted Rakuten because it shows Google trusted store authorization.
I don't want Google to give this authorization to websites who does not follow proper security measures.
Please make sure Google trusted store authorization holds its value.


Hello xxx,
Thank you for the prompt response. We will bring this information to and continue to update you on the status of this credit card issue as we try to resolve it. Thank you again for bringing this to our attention.
Best Regards,
The Google Trusted Stores Team
Let us see what Rakuten comes up with.

Quote from rbcrewser:
Those in this thread thinking they're isolated from fraudulent charges if they use PayPal instead of a listed credit card are living in a bubble. I'd be willing to bet that despite constant warnings to never do so, many have the same password on their rakuten account as their PayPal account simply because people are lazy. And if rakuten's system is obviously already so compromised as to get these unexplained charges on people's accounts, what on earth makes people think that passwords aren't compromised too?

Fwiw I had issues when rakuten was with cc fraud. Seems like they've continued to ignore their security loopholes.
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Last edited by rrmoore May 9, 2013 at 04:24 PM.
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Quote from avishah:
I was wondering why so many fraudulent charges on my and my wife's card. Just realized we both made purchases from rakuten. The merchants were datavis and eforcity.
Quote from koyhbae:
Recently I also stolen 2 CC after using RAKUTEN.
Quote from avatar13:

Quote from sakdeals:
Never again Purchase from (buy)
First i made a purchase with Amex, after 2-3 week had a fraud charge.
So next time i used Discover Secure card, after 2-3 week again Fraud charge. - It even didn't posted due to Discover secure card is valid for buyer only. But discover replaced and received new card.

IMO, SD should stop posting such Rakuten / deals...

Quote from Udis:
Funny I see this now. I got in on a bluray burner for $44 back in March from rakuten. Towards the end of March I had fraud purchases on my boa credit card, got a new card etc. After seeing this thread I checked my statements and it was less than 10 days after the purchase from Rakuten when the fraud occured. F them, I've used forever and never had an issue.
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twice...2 credit cards from 2 bank got fraudulent charges
especially the 2nd one, which I just received the card as new and it was my first time using it, so I'm pretty sure it was Rakuten
they still offer good deals from time to time. will use Paypal next time.
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I use PP whenever possible. Unfortunately with ratpukem <--no typo, they do not allow you to use rewards earned with PP.
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Quote from kbenson View Post :
I use PP whenever possible. Unfortunately with ratpukem <--no typo, they do not allow you to use rewards earned with PP.
that's where I use my rebate prepaid cards for!
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Ah so this is where that fraudulent charge for a $1000 plane ticket I got 2 weeks ago came from…… was fairly reputable, never had a problem. Rakuten is a great online retailer from Japan, which I've also never had to worry about. It's a shame.
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Quote from Amaylin:
WOW, I have a $8.44 accounting service charge immediately after my purchase
Quote from jbiz:
I had a 1600 fraudulent charge on my cc after buying from here. Buyers beware. I bought from datavis and adorama (via this site)
Quote from fatt1974:
I ordered on the last coupon deal through Rakuten from Tiger Direct which I know is a reliable vendor. This thread made me check my credit card and there is a pending transaction from that I did not place. I have an card so I would never use the card that I used at Rakuten for such a purchase. I have used this card at a lot of merchants, so I can't single it out to Rakuten but it's very suspicious.

Quote from Friend of Sonic:
My CC had fraudlent charges on it, so I'm waiting for my new card to come in the mail, so at the moment I'm down to my debit card. On the off chance that the conspiracy about people's CC's being stolen from Rakuten, I'm gonnna hold off because I really don't want my debit card compromised.

Quote from missiethegal:
My CC had fraudulent charges a few days after my purchase from rakuten last month Frown ugh, I see I'm not the only one either.

Quote from bonkman:
I already had one instance of fraudulent charges on my discover a few months ago

Quote from Marekv:
My CC was also used for fradulent purchases one week after my first rakuten order. Rakuten is the only new site that I had ordered from or used my CC on.


Quote from chote:
I had a compromised CC too and it was pretty sophisticated. Who spends $5.6 at Bedford Inn which does not exist? Make sure you sign up with or your card provides alert services before you shop with Rakuten.

Quote from guyver2077:
i can also vouch for having fraudulent activity on a card after shopping from rakuten/beachaudio.

Quote from rarmortn:
OMG! Now I see how I got the fraud charges in my card... Time to use Citi VPN only.
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Last edited by rrmoore May 9, 2013 at 04:22 PM.
WOW! I ordered a new macbook pro on the 23rd, and on the 26th I had fraudulent charges on my credit card! My phone was pick-pocketed that weekend as well - so I just assumed someone swiped my card number when I was pick-pocketed (though it wouldn't make sense to put my wallet back with cash still in it)!

That's amazing... Now I have to use the $317 rakuten dollars I earned from my MBP judiciously so that I don't have to use my card again!
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