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La Crosse Technology BC-700 Alpha Power AA/AAA Battery Charger EXPIRED

freesoul 113 139 July 28, 2013 at 10:10 PM in Tech & Electronics (3) More Amazon Deals
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Promoted 07-29-2013 by DJ3xclusive at 09:07 AM View Original Post
Amazon has La Crosse Technology BC-700 Alpha Power AA/AAA Battery Charger for $29.99. Shipping is free. Thanks freesoul

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Edited July 29, 2013 at 05:11 PM by widgit
Amazon has La Crosse Technology BC-700 Alpha Power Battery Charger for $29.99.
It hasn't hit this price for a while. Last time it was at this price in Feb it went FP.
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Last Edited by MrMasterQ July 31, 2013 at 03:27 PM
Email from La Crosse about the Melt-down.

"Dear <Customer Name>,

Case Number: <Removed>
Please refer to this case in all future correspondence.

Regarding Model Number: BC900

With regard to issues of "melt down", this may be in regard to a recall of a very small number of units that were sold through one vendor over a period of a couple of months in late 2009, early 2010. The recall was for an AC adapter that did not fit certain requirement and was quickly addressed by us as a proactive measure.

While internet discussion forums and the like are a good resource to get others opinions on products, they also are generally marred by rumor and information that is not completely true. The BC-900 and 9009, as well as out other charging units have been in product by our company for nearly 10 years and have been very highly regarded in the industry. As always, if any signs of a flaw or failure occur, While unlikely to occur, we honor our units under the one year product warranty.

For efficient processing when responding to this e-mail please use your email program's "Reply" option to maintain the email thread. Please do not change the subject line of your email.

If you have not already done so, please provide your full name and contact information. This will enable us to serve you better and more efficiently.



Technical Support Representative

La Crosse Technology Ltd.

2817 Losey Boulevard S

La Crosse, WI 54601"
It seem like Thomas Distributing is not honoring their sale price and is canceling everyone's order. Please let me know if you got shipping tracking number instead. Thanks. July 30, 2013 at 9:30 PST. no longer has the deal for BC-900. I can't even find it on their website anymore. (MrMasterQ)
Amazon now $33.30 , 7:22am pst 7-30-13
Amazon now $33.25 , 7:00am pst 7-30-13

I too got the BC-900 from Thomas Distributing.

Here is a 10% discount code: SHOOTSMARTER
Gateway Page Discount 5% discount on orders coming from select gateway pages
Valid from: 1/19/2011 - 2/1/2015
ShootSmarter Discount for Shootsmarter promos
Valid from: 4/24/2012 - 5/1/2015

This drop the price down to $26.97 + S/H.


Subtotal: $29.97
Discount(s): $3.00
Taxes: $0.00
Shipping: $4.97



Quote from Larron View Post :
What are some of the gateway pages?
Hi not sure... I was just googling for the coupon codes and located one code. The other one but be from where I found the code that links it to get the additional 5%. It was strange when I tried different codes it did work. But this last one the sharpshoot code I thought it added both codes in.

Okay I got it I think. I got to

It auto adds one of the code in there. Next I add in "SHOOTSMARTER" this will only give 5% code but when add in the 2nd one "SPCBNE05" this allow me to get an additional 5% for a total of 10%.

Let me know if it works or not, thanks.



1 major concern with this option to buy the BC-900 from Thomas Distributing:

2) the BC-900 has had a history of overheating and fires. This is why I prefer the BC-700 even though it does not have as many features as the BC-900. The BC-700 does everything I need, and I don't have to worry about risk of fire. I've been using mine for 6 years and no issues.

More Info about the melt down:

Alpha Power Battery Charger
Detail Info:
PDF Manual:

BC-700 vs BC-900?

Alternative Brand with similar functions:
POWEREX MH-C9000 WizardOne Charger-Analyzer w/4pcs 2700mAh AA Rechargeable Batteries
Extra savings w/ promo code EMCXNVR99, ends 7/31 (Reduce by $5 off)
Plus $10 Prepaid Rebate Card from
about $40.00 after promo code and rebate card plus free shipping.
PDF Manual for the MH-C9000:


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Ended up canceling my amazon order. Plan to use my giftcard from walmart from the Amex sync deal and buy it from walmart for about the same price.
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Why would one get this instead of a smart charger made by Sony for less than half of the price and with 2 more batteries?

how "smarter" is this Lacrosse to justify the price?
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Quiz question to all you battery nerds out there:

What can a cheap $5 sanyo/duracell charger do that this $30 charger can't do?

Hint: It is actually some good for you (not bad).
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Quote from mknight1234 View Post :
Are there eneloop 9V batts? Those seem to be the only ones that I'm constantly throwing out to silence the smoke detectors. What is it with the smoke detector industry insisting on keeping the 9V manufacturers in business? Big nine-volt has got their pockets in deep with the smoke detector lobby! I smell smoke in the house building business! Conspiracy!!!
most new installations use house current with a battery only as a backup (if that) so they've broken free of big 9v, unfortunately, they've left you behind it seems.
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Quote from DesertCoyote View Post :
I have the same charger, only for the past 2 months. I have noticed that some new batteries take 3-4 charges to reach their full potential.
This is normal behaviour for NiMH batteries
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Quote from mirai View Post :
Why would one get this instead of a smart charger made by Sony for less than half of the price and with 2 more batteries?

how "smarter" is this Lacrosse to justify the price?
It only charges at 360mA and the BC-700 charges at 700mA. Plus BC-700 has several other modes, such as refresh and capacity check.Read the top top review by NLEE the Engineer. That guys reviews on battery chargers and rechargeable batteries are amazing. definitely read those before purchasing.
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Quote from tomotomo View Post :

3. I'm still learning about all the different kinds of batteries in our every-day lives, ... it's kinda fascinating. Here are a few helpful links that you might find educational / helpful;
Finally, remember that the rechargeable batteries we use in these chargers ("AA" and "AAA"), are completely different "animals" from rechargeable "Lithium batteries". Lithium batteries, (mostly used in our phones, computers, and other devices with "built-in rechargeable batteries" require a different charging-mechanism. Here's a link about "Lithium Batteries";
and this one if you want to add it to your list.
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Quote from tomotomo View Post :
From My Experience / Research / Opinions;

Most of this post is repeating info that has been posted previously, ... so I offer my thanks & reps to those who've taken the time to post this deal for Slickdealers, (and to clarify / share their personal experiences), ...

1. I purchased this charger nearly 9 months ago after studying the Amazon reviews, and other online-resources about battery chargers. I enjoy using the BC-700, and for the most-part it works well for me, (but there's a glitch with mine, in that the 4th battery-compartment doesn't consistently provide accurate-data about a battery in that 4th-slot, ... but it's not troublesome enough for me to return the unit for an exchange. Someone else had posted a similar-problem they encountered with their BC-700, ... so (like all electronic-devices), these La Crosse BC-700s have their pros (and can also have their cons), ... but mostly "PROs".

2. The best things I've noticed about this charger is that it gives you data on the general "health" of each of your rechargeable batteries. This data is helpful, (but if you are "technically challenged", it might seem a bit too complex). The charger works well, and generally will automatically provide a reliable-charge in the shortest amount of time by just "plugging it in" once the batteries are inserted. Another MAJOR upside is that you can choose the option to "renew" your seemingly-dead rechargables, and over a period of time (sometimes requiring 16 hours in my experience), it will charge and then drain the battery several times, until the battery again holds a reliable-charge.
PLEASE NOTE; It's important to also own an additional "basic" battery charger, along with the BC-700, because batteries must contain a small-amount of current before the BC-700 will recognize them. I use an old $3.00 Kodak charger, and I place batteries which the BC-700 doesn't recognize into the Kodak-charger for just a moment, and then transfer them back into the BC-700, ... and then they register, and charge in the BC-700.
... (ANOTHER NOTE; As mentioned by others, please remember that it's best not to "completely drain" rechargeable batteries when you're using them. Also, don't leave them un-charged in a drawer for long-periods, [try to periodically charge them, and either use them, or return to them to the drawer charged], both of these practices will help your rechargeable batteries have a longer lifespan. Maybe you can mark your calendar every 6-months w/ "Charge / Refresh Batteries"). I've only had one "Energizer" 2500mah that wouldn't "revive" in the BC-700 & wouldn't hold a charge, (and when I phoned Energizer, they were very helpful in sending me a replacement coupon for a new pack).

3. My hat's-off to Mr.MasterQ and Daekwan for both their helpful contributions to this thread. From what I've read about the "900" model (which comes with lower-quality batteries included), the "overheating issue" was a short-lived problem that the manufacture corrected several years ago. So anyone choosing the "900" model now, (via links / coupons by MrMasterQ), isn't at risk of the oft-repeated "overheating problem". And if you only have a small-need for rechargeable batteries, then that $30. deal with batteries-included is a nice option.
In the same way, (depending on your battery-needs), the Costco package-deal on Enloops that Daekwan mentioned is an outstanding deal, and will "best meet" some people's needs, (because some people wouldn't even use the BC-700's features, and they prefer the simplicity of Sanyo's easy "plug and play" charger. And if they're content with the small trade-off of possible shorter battery-lifespan, then that Enloop deal is ideal for them).
... on a sidenote; I'm sure glad these forums are structured with "anonymity", because as I was reading some of the intense-replies to Daekwan's shared-thoughts, it seemed some of those respondents would've liked to show-up at Daekwan's home to spank him for having a different viewpoint than theirs! ha ha. Thank goodness for "anonymity"!

3. I'm still learning about all the different kinds of batteries in our every-day lives, ... it's kinda fascinating. Here are a few helpful links that you might find educational / helpful;
Finally, remember that the rechargeable batteries we use in these chargers ("AA" and "AAA"), are completely different "animals" from rechargeable "Lithium batteries". Lithium batteries, (mostly used in our phones, computers, and other devices with "built-in rechargeable batteries" require a different charging-mechanism. Here's a link about "Lithium Batteries";
Excellent post and lots of good info.

Thank you for having a unbiased view and understanding that while this advanced charger provide LOTS of features, there are some basic users like myself weighing some very realistic reasons if its something we should pick up now or later. Chances are my inner nerd will pick this charger up sooner or later, afterall its been on my Amazon wish list for over 2 years.

Unfortunately the anonymous nature of the internet, has given some individuals a platform where behavior like name calling & insults have become much more popular than actual intellectual debate. As far as showing up to my home to spank me. That would be an entertaining, but short lived event. I'm not just a fan of rechargeable batteries. I'm also a fan of the NRA & 2nd amendment rights. Smilie
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Quote from ArthurSpooner View Post :
I'm saving up my pennies for this one.. Sony:
(similar functions, plus looks nicer, lol)

some1.. convince me to buy the laCrosse when I have all the pennies together.. yummy
I'll take a shot, The sony appears to be a nice charger and for a travel charger i might be tempted but for my main charge? No. The reason why? The amount of functions the BC700/900 have make it the much better option.

example 1 matching
When I have 4 cells (or really any more than 1 cell) that i will use in a device i want to make sure they have a matched capacity, if they don't the total output will be affected, with 1 battery going to <1.0v before the rest rendering the whole group "dead"
to avoid this, when I charge I rarely just recharge. some the LSD batteries I have can be as old as 7 years. So I need to know how they are holding up. I will likely never get to 500 charges (let alone 1000 or 1500) on any battery so I always run a discharge and recharge or a discharge and refresh (cycling the battery full and discharging until no more capacity is reached) so I can match them by capacity and ensure they will all fall to <1.0v together.

Example 2 capacity
when the sony charges you get a full light when it reaches the cut off point, but this is only a measure of the battery reaching a voltage that means it can take no more charge. This is not a measure of it's capacity. I had some cells that were in a remote location, the only charger i had there was a duracell 15 minute charger, which is quite possibly the most destructive charger to batteries that I've ever used. After a couple of years of intermittant use I brought some of them home to test. these cells would hit the termination voltage but their capacity was ~700 mah compared to their rated 2100 and 2600. even repeatedly refreshing didn't help so I tossed them and later the 15 minute destroyer. But without an actual measure of the capacity I likely would continue to use them, assuming they were still providing the full amount of power.

these are two examples of what the bc700/900 can do that the sony cannot. the display itself is worth a lot to me. for a battery that will not charge for instance, i can tell if it is due to discharge below .75v. I can also see exactly what rate I'm charging each cell at. Some I might charge at 1000MAH, others 700 or 500, and I can see if they make it float charge (~20-50ma) Or if the cell has missed termination I can see it with a capacity that way exceeds it's rating. And if you think it can't mis-term in the sony, think again, NLee recorded temps up to 144° (62°C) so it's thermal cutoff is also much higher than the BC700/900.
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There are a lot of technical details on these chargers if you really need that information. These BC-700 LaCrosse chargers are popular because they perform very well. They tend to extend the life of rechargable batteries that otherwise would have a short life span on a typical Walmart,Target, Whater store shelf charger. There are more functions on this charger than I really need for myself. Everyone does not need one of these. Just people who seriously use rechargable batteries on a regular basis. I liked mine so much in combination with enloop batteries that I ended up buying the charger and batteries for my family members. (They are electricians so they understand the features on these).
I have old 8-10 year old rechargable batteries that still work fairly well with this charger. Granted they are not performing like the newer enloop LSD batteries.

This charger varies in price I've seen it as cheap as $24 and high as $40. $29 is not a bad price.
If you like better quality things then get this. If you are technical get this. If you charge a lot of toy rechargable batteries get this. If your happy with the freebie chargers that come with batteries then stick with those and save your money. I would be more concerned with the freebie chargers catching fire than this BC-700.
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Last edited by cheapee July 30, 2013 at 06:34 AM.
Okay this deal is dead for Thomas Distribution for the BC-900.

They now have the BC-700 for about $35.97.

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Thomas Distributing *special* is not on anymore, but I checked out using the one that was in my cart already from yesterday...., got the confirmation, hopefully it ships. Even if it doesn't, I just have a new MAHA C-9000, no big deal.... Big Grin

Thanks to Garritos who mentioned this deal, repped him...
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My order for the LaCrosse BC-900 was cancelled just now from Thomas Distributing.
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I also had it in my cart and it went through !

Got cancelled within 5 minutes : (
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I too got the email.
"Order Cancelled
<Customer Name>,

This email is a notification that your order has been cancelled. Please contact us if you have any questions about your order.

Thanks for using Thomas Distributing."

I will not ever buy from this online store again. They should have honor their sale price.
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