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*RETIRED* OFFICIAL Redbox Free Rental Codes for new/existing customers, post other codes here too

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What is redbox?
Redbox are those big red boxy things at many grocery stores these days where you can rent DVD's. Works better than Netflix for me because I don't watch movies often and it is MUCH cheaper than renting a movie from a Blockbuster store. Try it out. DVD's rented from Redbox can be returned to ANY Redbox location. It's $1 per night per rental. New nights start at either 7:00pm or 9:00pm, it has been extended in some areas, it will say the due back time when you check out.

Some advice:
Check the disc to make sure it's not scratched badly before you leave, if it is just rent another copy, then return the first, call customer service and they will credit you without a problem.

As far as I know coupon codes don't work if you rent the DVDs online then pick it up in the store.

Click here [redbox.com] for their main site

Click here [redbox.com] to find a location near you

Click here [redbox.com] to find DVD's titles available to rent

Click here [redbox.com] to join there txt service, they txt you coupon codes and new release information

Click here [redboxcodes.com] to get more redbox coupon codes from redboxcodes.com
If you purchase something through a post on our site, Slickdeals may get a small share of the sale.

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OLD THREAD!!! FIND THE NEW REGENERATED THREAD HERE WHERE THE WIKI IS UP TO DATE==>: https://slickdeals.net/f/6135216-OFFICIAL-Redbox-Free-Rental-Codes-for-new-existing-customers-post-other-codes-here-too?v=1


For MOVIES: - Codes work for DVDs (in most cities it makes them free, but not all due to pricing differences) - In other words it takes $1.20 off of DVDs or Blu-rays

Long Term Codes:
DVDNIGHT - Works 1 x* per CC, @ any Redbox KIOSK - Valid checked 07-02-2013
DVDONME - Works 1 x* per CC, @ any Redbox KIOSK - Valid checked 07-02-2013
DEAD BREAKROOM - Works 1 x* per CC, @ any Redbox KIOSK - DEAD VERIFIED - on 7-02-2013, 7--3-2013, 7-4-2013 - R.I.P.
DEAD DVDATWAG - (Walgreens only) 1 x per CC* - DEAD VERIFIED - R.I.P.
2)How to get them: these are Code words YOU TEXT to 727272 (1st) then Redbox texts you back a code related to Movie or Game Rental
- GAME CODES MUST BE USED @ THE KIOSK at this point in time.
=No Current Game Code/Text Offers - updated 7-5-2013
* HOWEVER - YMMV - (look for specially marked RED stickers on Energizer batteries - Red Sticker for 1 Free Game Code) - Only known Redbox Game offer Currently running. - 7-5-2013 (P.S. It started many months ago so findings are rare in most areas).

Other ways to get game codes:
Similar to the movie monthly + often bonus codes, the Redbox Gamer's Club gives out 1, or more (bonus) codes every month. After you have signed up for the movie club you should receive a prompt asking you to TEXT Y to 727272 if you wish to sign up for the gamers club. If you don't pay for texts you might as well since you can give them to members who do or try & trade them for movie codes etc.

Tracking the Day of the Week that the Free Movie Code is Released:
Jan 2013 - Sunday (1-13-2013) - BONUS 2nd Code 1/ /201
Feb 2013 -
Mar 6th (WED) 2013 -
***NOTE****CHANGE IN CODE USE** - Redbox allows SOME codes (they specify if it can or can't) to be used to RESERVE the movie online first before you go.

Facebook (March Madness Game is Over) - Codes Expired 5-3-2013
Redhead Nation (Redbox Streaming Game Game is Over - Codes Expired 6-30-2013)
EXPIRED - TEXT TO GETCODE #2 Video Game - Posted 6-11-2013 Text: E3 to 727272 the OP thread if I can find it again... Code is good until 6-20-2013
EXPIRED - NOWPLAY is once again dead but may become active in the future 6-3-2013
EXPIRED - Text: TOMB to 727272 (posted 6-1-2013) here is the OP's thread that he shared the code in please rep. Code is good until 6-30-2013 but no word on how long the text to get it will be valid.

* - After a long deal of time try the card again 1-2 years later... for another go around. Or check cards that get re-issued to you either because the account was cancelled due to a lost card or stolen for example; or cards that are re-issued as they expire. - Nothing to lose by trying them again, but a few seconds time.
Also, use prepaid gift cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover) as long as you have at least a $1.20 DVD + Tax, $1.50 + Tax Blu-rays, $2.00 + Tax Games balance (or if you happen to be in a test market whatever the applicable prices are in your area).

The promo code does NOT work if you reserve it online. - However, when you sign up create an account your first reservation nets you a $1.20 off your next rental.

Click here [redbox.com] to find the location nearest you.

HOW TO USE A CODE AT THE KIOSK - Most CODES ARE AT THE KIOSK. IT used to be ALL of them but... (They have begun a limited number of ONLINE codes but they are USUALLY marked CLEARLY for ONLINE RESERVATION ONLY)

To use a promo code, visit a Redbox. Touch "Rent with Promo Code" and enter a valid promo code.
Select the movie you want. Touch "add to cart". The price will come up as $1.20 minus $1.20 for a total of $0 -- Free Rental! (PRICES UPDATED to reflect DVD now cost $1.20
or $1.50 for Blu-ray - $1.20 = $0.30 + tax on that amount.
Touch "Check out" and you will be prompted to slide your credit card through.
Enter in your e-mail when prompted or touch "no thanks".
Enter in your zip code that appears on your credit card's statement.

You have until 9pm the next day to return your movie for no charge. Additional days are $1.20/day plus tax. After 25 days ($24 with code), (IS THAT PRICING CURRENT) the movie is considered yours to keep.
Some machines allow movie purchases for $6 + tax (prices may vary). DVD's can be returned to ANY Redbox, not just the one you got it from.

Promo codes are valid once per credit card. You can enter in your email address at the machine to be added to a mailing list where more free codes will come as well as your receipt. Prepaid credit cards - have been shut down.

RedBox warning on card skimmers [redbox.com] - Old data just be observant. Redbox has added safety pegs to help stop this.

One jerk guy posted these on a website & uses / refuses to correct & delete the bogus and long expired codes bc it generates add revenue.
A Little Bit about the New Redbox Streaming Plan's Credits:[/B]
Redbox Instant Streaming package $8 - Includes Qty.4 DVD Credits that you can use at the Kiosks (bring the CC you signed up for the streaming service with you) or use Redbox.com or Redbox Apps signing in with your same account info as the streaming site and your can use your credits to reserve a movie & then pick it up (also requires you to have the CC you used to sign up for the instant streaming account).

The $9 with let you do 4 DVDs or Blu-rays at the kiosk
New Redbox Code may come ANY DAY* of the month from Redbox text 727272 - * this has changed from the Redbox literature still on their site (not first monday, although it could be, it's any day of the month they choose).

FAQs About Monthly Codes

What's the Redbox text club?
The Redbox text club is a group of customers who want to get great deals on their phones. If you're a member, you'll get special Redbox deals & freebies texted straight to your phone – including a free promo code every month!
How do I sign up for the Redbox text club?
All you have to do is text the word SIGNUP to 727272. (Up to 2 messages a week, only available on participating carriers, message and data rates may apply, and you can always text HELP for help & STOP to quit.)
Why aren't you sending promo codes on the first Monday of the month anymore?
Text club members told Redbox that they wanted free promo codes on more days than just Mondays, and Redbox listened! Now, instead of Movie Mondays, you can expect your free promo codes to be texted to you on days of the week that aren't just Mondays. You'll still be sent one free promo code per month.
If I've already signed up for Free Movie Mondays, do I have to register again?
Nope! As long as your phone number & carrier haven't changed, you won't need to re-register for the text club.
Can the free monthly promo code be used to rent Blu-ray™ movies or video games?
Yes! Using your promo code for a Blu-ray movie or video game will take $1 off the price of your first day's rental.
Will I be charged for the promo codes I receive from the text club?
Redbox will never charge you for the promo codes you receive from the text club. You might see some message & data rate charges from your mobile provider, though, so be sure to check your plan.
I got a promo code thru the text club, but it didn't work. What should I do?
The promo code will only work on the day you receive it. If you tried to use your code on the day you received it but it still didn't work, please contact the Redbox Customer Care team.
I didn't get my free monthly promo code texted to me until the nighttime, so I didn't have a chance to use it. What should I do?
Redbox always sends out the free promo code texts between 8 am and 10 am, local time (based on the area code of your cell phone). If your promo code comes later than that, it might be an issue with your phone. Please call your mobile provider to find out what's going on.

Official Redbox thread - please ask the mods to regenerate it so it will show up on searches (originally made in 2007 - doesn't show up on searches)

==OR== MOVE this to the appropriate Forum as a COUPON/CODE Sticky Thread


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Quote from bpevans View Post :
SMS spam. It's clear at the link that it's a sign-up for SMS alerts.
So in other words, you're paying for the "free" rental in SMS charges. I think I'll pass on this one.
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just sign up and every Monday you get the code in you'r email.
DVDONME worked for me today.
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getting movies on monday frees up space in the system for the new releases that night.
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Don't sign up for anything (you'll just be wasting time and possible SMS charges), just bookmark the site that others have posted here:
Or the thread that's been running here.

FYI - most codes are once per credit/debit card. The Monday ones are good on Monday only, and not all codes are good at all machines. There's nothing to "pass" on here - either you want a free movie or you don't. There's no need to sign up for SMS alerts.
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Cool, I'm on my way
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I gave them my cell number back in december and they only send me 1 message every monday with a free code. So I dont think you need to worry about sms spam running up your phone bill.
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They only ever send out one text a week with the free code. It is worth the 10 cent text if you dont have a text plan.
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Tonight's (2/4/08) code is HD36MJ.

Remember to use one of the "new customer" codes like REDBOX the first time you use a credit card at the Redbox. (Otherwise you won't be able to use that code for that card). The ones that aren't for "new customers" can be used for existing cards. Keep in mind that they don't track by e-mail address, only by credit card number. I'm sure you have a bunch of debit and credit cards.... Smilie (and prepaid Visa gift cards work, too...)
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Last edited by amaiman February 4, 2008 at 05:20 PM. Reason: Adding more info
Thanks! Repped.

In regards to the SMS texting, most younger people have UNLIMITED texting. I personally send/receive 2600 per month, including texts from clubs/restaurants occasionally. Its a generation thing. Its not for everybody.

If its not for you then don't complain. Some people, like me, prefer it!
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Getting codes for redbox from redbox is always nice because the codes are current. Alot of the codes on the website above are expired. Most phone companies have free texting now, so it's not a waste.
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Hey everyone! I have a code for a FREE Redbox movie that's good MONDAY ONLY and it must be used by midnight. At the end of your transaction, click on the button that says "Enter Promo Code" (or whatever it says) and enter this code: HD36MJ Here are some tips and/or rules for the code though:

1. You can use the code as many times as you want BUT you MUST use a DIFFERENT debit/credit card EACH TIME you rent a movie in order for the code to work.
*Example- I rent "Shattered" and use my Visa Debit card, enter code, checkout. I start over and rent "Underdog", use my Visa Credit card (again, different numbers/card), enter SAME promo code, checkout.

2. You can rent more than one movie at a time during the same transaction but only ONE movie will be free. To get multiple free movies with this code, you must complete SEPARATE transactions for EACH movie you rent.

3. When you get to the screen at the end where it asks for your email address, you DO NOT have to enter it in. Look in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen & there's a button where you can hit NO, THANKS and continue with your transaction. It's a pain to enter in your email address sometimes b/c it's a touch-screen menu and it doesn't always pick up what buttons you press.

4. The movie(s) MUST be returned by 7pm the FOLLOWING night (Tuesday) or else you will be charged $1.00 + tax for the rental. I know on some signs and on the Redbox vending machine it says 9pm but I've called and fought with them previously. They keep saying it's 7pm-no exceptions.
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Go to www.insideredbox.com [insideredbox.com] for more free codes that can be used different days of the week.......say Tuesday when the new movies come out. You can also keep track of the codes you use and see what codes are working and at which locations around the US.

Click near the top of the web page where is asks if you are looking for Redbox codes.......to see the current codes

It's a cool site. worship
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Last edited by 400SC-Man February 4, 2008 at 08:19 PM.
thanks for the info
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Thanks tommyg4 and 400 sc n slick. Very nice post. Very helpful website. Repped X 2
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APOLLO14 good until 2/11/08
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