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Welcome to the Kroger Thread on Slick Deals!

The Best Kroger Deals on the Net!!


A few notes:

- This thread is updated and maintained by YOU! Please share your deals and experiences while shopping at Kroger.

- Please read the Wiki's. Feel free to ask any questions after reading. Don't be afraid – we were all new once!

- Please list your Kroger region or Kroger affiliate store when making a post - especially if it deals with manager's special or clearance items. Thank you!

- Please PM ank220 or cawoodkid with any ideas or suggestions.

- Please remember that this thread is made up of real people that have individual opinions as well as people that can and do make real mistakes. If there is something you question in another person's post, please PM the individual/original poster to clarify. If the post is something prohibited by SD standards and the original poster does not alter the post to fix the information after being contacted, then please PM one of the regulars to assist (ank220, cawoodkid, TN_Native). Moderators should be brought in as a last ditch effort to resolve an issue. Hopefully we are civilized enough to not take it that far! Thank you.

- If you are a guest please register (click here) with Slick Deals and join the fun.

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Index of Wiki's with Links

Wiki 1 - General sales and Kroger Information
Wiki 2 - Kroger Store Information - region specific
Wiki 3 - Kroger Deals for previous weeks ad or regions with sales ending on Tues/Weds
Wiki 4 - Kroger Deals – Current Weekly Sales Coupon Match-ups - (Atlanta Region ad)
Wiki 5 - Catalina Offers and Catalina Coupons
Wiki 6 - Ecoupons & Kroger Store Coupons
Wiki 7 - Coupon Policies by Region
Wiki 8 - Coupon Doubles and Limits
Wiki 9 - Thread Tools
Wiki 10 - Community Wiki
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Community Wiki

Kroger Wiki 1
Kroger Savings, Tips, and Navigation

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Index of Wiki's with Links

Wiki 1 - General sales and Kroger Information
Wiki 2 - Kroger Store Information - region specific
Wiki 3 - Kroger Deals for previous weeks ad or regions with sales ending on Tues/Weds
Wiki 4 - Kroger Deals – Current Weekly Sales Coupon Match-ups - (Atlanta Region ad)
Wiki 5 - Catalina Offers and Catalina Coupons
Wiki 6 - Ecoupons & Kroger Store Coupons
Wiki 7 - Coupon Policies by Region
Wiki 8 - Coupon Doubles and Limits
Wiki 9 - Thread Tools
Wiki 10 - Community Wiki


Important Sales Information:

You will need a Kroger card to take advantage of the sales. You can sign up for one at the Customer Service desk. You may also want to register your card online to take advantage of special coupon offers. Wiki 6 lists all the current places to register your card for additional savings. If you do not want potential junk mail in your main email account from signing up, you may want to make a separate email account to sign up your cards.

For most sales items, you can find the end sales date on the shelf tag in the upper right hand corner. Kroger has 1,000's of items on sale and only a small part of these are listed in the weekly ad.

There are typically some regional differences in sales prices and occasionally in items offered. It is best to use the match-ups as a guide and double check with your individual store to ensure that you have the same items on sale.

Most Mega Sales are usually 2 weeks. Mega Sale Tips


Rain Checks:

If an item on sale is out of stock, you may go to customer service and request a rain check. This will effectively allow you to get the item at the sale price when it is back in stock. This is especially helpful if it is the last day of a sale!
Raincheck Facts for Consumers from the Federal Trade Commission in cooperation with the Food Marketing Institute


SlickDeals helpful Threads:

Alphabetical List of Unexpired Newspaper Coupons:
big thanks to thxslic

Printable Manufacturer's Coupon Compilation:
Thank you to: bailey327 & laulea2782
New to couponing? Check out the New Q Shoppers thread for helpful information.


RX Savings Tips:

1. Some Kroger's will take RX competitor coupons - call first
2. Many times Kroger offers $25 when you transfer a RX (no coupon is necessary) ask your pharmacy or see the ad for promotions and the end date.
3. How to Use RX coupon with coupons in your transaction: When you give the cashier your Kroger card to scan tell them you want to use the RX $ coupon after your coupons are scanned. They have an option key on the register to allow the RX $ to be credited after your coupons are scanned. Here are the instructions since many cashiers do not know how to do this.

- Cashier has to enter "NO" at the prompt to give customer RX coupon credit
- at end of transaction cashier scans coupons
- Hit "override" button, then "Yes" for RX coupon credit
- Then "enter" now your RX coupon is applied

4. Convert to Gift Card:You can convert the RX $ on your Kroger card to a gift card by having items in your transaction free/cheap with coupons in the amount up to the total amount of the RX $ coupon.


Did You Know??

Please post items that may be helpful to your fellow couponer's here:

1. That your Kroger area stores can have different prices at different locations in your city for items that are not listed in the store ad.
2. That items can be "on sale" for weeks before they are listed in the ad.
3. Most Catalina offers are National. Check your store for details.
4. Most Kroger Pharmacies accept competitor prescription coupons. Kroger often runs transfer promotions of $25 on your store card with prescription transfer. Check with your pharmacy for details.
5. Coupons can be used on store promoted free items. Example: Buy 3 Coke 12 packs get one free.
6. Mega sale items can be scanned at the price check scanner to see if they are participating. If you see a "+" sign these are part of the Mega sale. This "+" is also is on your receipt next to the participating item.
7. SCO Catalina Penny Trick
8. Sometimes, Mega Sale "left-over items" carry over to next transaction.


Kroger Electronic Payment/Gift Cards - Need copy of receipt?

If you need a copy of your receipt you can contact Kroger at (866) 544-8062. They will need the following to look up your transaction: Name, Purchase amount, Date, Store name, State. If it is a cash payment it can be a little more difficult but possible. They will fax or email your receipt in as little as 15 minutes. This is the also the number to call if you have issues with Kroger Gift cards.


Kroger Team Members:
Dairy/Refrigerated -- tn_native
Frozen -- tn_native
Grocery – DealGrasshopper
Health/Beauty/baby--Daisee99 (for now, we would welcome help here as Daisee and tn have both been super faithful to us)
Household and Pet—Daisee99
Sales lists: cawoodkid
Wiki's: ank220

Community Wiki

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Wiki 2
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KROGER STORE INFORMATION - Regions, Catalina Contact, Coupon Policy, FAQ's, Fuel Savings, etc.

Attachment 492799
The Kroger Co. Family Chain of Stores
Kroger, Ralphs, King Soopers, Fry's, Smith's, Dillons, QFC, Fred Meyer, JayC, Scott's, Baker's, and City Market. Kroger manages about 2,500 grocery stores in 31 states. Map of Kroger Stores and affiliates:LINK

Kroger is the second largest food retailer. LINK []

Attachment 435957

Kroger Store Locator: LINK [] [ []]

Kroger Current Weekly Ad Online
: LINK [] [ []]
Select "Weekly Ads" from top menu

Attachment 435959
Ad Sale Cycle for Kroger Regions
The cities below are not an all-inclusive list, use the Kroger store locator link above.
Links to the ads are listed below.

Atlanta Southeast Region (215 stores) - Knoxville TN, Savanah GA, Huntsville AL, Augusta GA, Columbia SC, Macon GA, Myrtle Beach SC

Mid-Atlantic Region (127 stores) - Raleigh NC, Hampton Roads VA, Durham NC, Huntington WV, Lynchburg VA, Parkersburg WV,Norfolk VA, Richmond VA, Blacksburg VA
, Charlottesville VA, Morgantown WV

Mid-South Louisville Region (165 stores) -
Nashville TN, Lexington KY, Clarksville TN, Owensboro, KY

Cincinnati Region (111 stores) - Dayton OH, [/COLOR]Springfield OH

Great Lakes (125 stores) - Toledo OH, Wheeling WV, Weirton OH, Mansfield, OH, Columbus OH, Wheeling WV

Michigan (134 stores) - Detroit MI, Flint MI, Ann Arbor MI, Lansing MI, Saginaw MI, Monroe MI

Delta Region (109 stores) - Memphis TN, Little Rock AR, Jackson MS, Jackson TN

Southwest Region (209 stores) -
Houston TX, Dallas TX, Fort Worth TX, Lake Charles LA, Shreveport LA

Central Region (149 stores) -
Indianapolis IN, Fort Wayne IN, Peoria IL, Rockford IL, Bloomington IN, Decatur IL, Elkhart IN, Lafayette IN, South Bend IN, Terre Haute IN, Anderson IN, Bloomington IL

Dillon's (91 stores) -

Topeka KS, Witchita KS, Omaha NE, Springfield MO, Columbia MO

Smith's (132 stores) -
Wednesday to Tuesday Provo UT, Las Vegas NV, Salt Lake City UT, Albuquerque NM, Ogden UT

King Soopers (142 stores) - [/COLOR]
[/COLOR] Boulder CO, Fort Collins CO, Grand Junction CO, Greeley CO

[/SIZE] Kroger Coupon Policy[/COLOR]
Kroger's official published coupon policy across all regions can be found here []. Each region has a different coupon policy.

Internet Printable coupon acceptance also varies by store. Contact your store for more details.
This is the Coupon Resource Center used by retailer's to validate a printable coupon is legitimate. LINK [] If a store rejects your printable coupon it is a good idea to email the manufacturer with the details. Manufacturer's want to know if there are redemption issues since they spend a considerable amount of money on coupons.

Many time retailer's like Kroger's apply coupon policies that do not meet the Coupon Redemption Policy they have agreed to with the manufacturer's. An example of this is no free items with coupons. Here is the Manufacturer Coupon Redemption Policies thread you may wish to review.

Catalina Marketing Contact Information

Catalina offers are in Wiki 5 (click here)
If you have problems with getting Catalina coupons (CATS), you can contact them. Have your receipt handy - the Catalina rep will need information to look up your order: Catalina Marketing 1-888-322-3814 or call 1-888-8COUPONS (1-888-826-8766) press 3 - open from 7AM - 8PM EST Monday thru Friday and 8AM - 5PM EST Saturday and Sunday. You can also use this web form: Catalina Support []

You may choose to Email them with the information below. You do not need to mention the shelf price if it is for example a buy $25 get $5 OYNO. Catalina will mail the OYNO catalina usually in about 7 days.
Contacthere []

Update: Thank you alwenz

When contacting Catalina Marketing via email regarding a catalina you did not receive, please include the following information:

Store Name:KROGER (or your Kroger Affiliate)
Store Address:
Store Telephone Number:
Date and Time of your Purchase
Complete row of numbers next to the date and time
Total amount of transaction:
UPC# on product:
Shopper Card Number:
Store #s after the date and time: ex: 09/10/10 000 0 000 00
Your Name and mailing address:

You may also scan and attach the copy of the receipt to the email request.

Community Wiki

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Wiki 3
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Weekly Atlanta Kroger Ad
Additional In-Store Savings

Kroger Deals - Weekly Sales Coupon Match-ups

Please note! Do NOT copy and paste from other blog sites. You must enter the sale or deal information from the actual ad or your own shopping experience. Thank you!

Coupon Matchups can be copy and pasted from these SD threads:
Coupon Database
Printable Coupon Thread
Unexpired Newspaper Coupons

Black – item for sale and any details
Blue for IP's
Red for other paper coupons - i.e. tearpads, newspaper, etc... since we usually list where they are from anyways - like SS/RP/TP
Purple for eQ's
Green for deals that will be under $1 after $ off or doubled .50 coupon

See Catalina Offers in Wiki 5 (click here)
See eCoupon Offers in Wiki 6 (click here)

See Kroger My Magazine Offers in Wiki 7 (Click here)

Ad March 18-25, 2015

Buy 5 participating items, save $5 mega sale continues ***

Free Friday download: Nestea Liquid Water Enhancers 52 mlhere []

Huggies Jumbo Pack Diabers NB-6, 18-35 ct. 8.99

***Arnold Bread or Sandwich Thins 11.75-24 oz. 1.99
Cinnamon Coffee Cake 16-17 oz. 2/5
Cookies, Traditional 18 ct. 2/6
***Entenmann's Little Bites or Donuts 8.25-21 oz. 1.99
Fruit Pies 8 in. 2.99
King's Hawaiian Rolls 24 ct. 5.49
Kroger Bread 20 oz or Buns 8 ct/ 10/10


***Aquafina Water 24 pk. 16.9 oz bottles 2.99
Arizona Tea Gallon 2.99
Big K 12 pk., 12 oz. can WYB 4, 4/$8
***Capri Sun 10 pk. 6 oz. pouches 1.50
***Coca-Cola, Pepsi or 7UP 6pk. 16.9 oz bottles 1.99
***Coca Cola or Pepsi 8 pk. 7.5 oz. cans 1.99
Gold Peak Tea 18.5 oza. 10/10
Monster Energy Drink 15.5-16 oz. 3/5
***Monster Energy Drink 4 pk, 15.5-16 fl oz cans $4.99 ea
Pepsi or 7UP 12 pk. 12 oz. cans or 8 pk. 12 oz. bottles WYB in 3's, 3/$9
***Powerade or Powerade Zero 8 pk. 20 oz. bottles 3.99
Reed's Soda or Virgil's Soda or Izze Sparkling Juice 4 pk., 12 oz. bottles 3.99
***Snapple Tea 6pk. 16 oz bottles 3.99
Sunny Dee 64 oz 10/10
Vitaminwater 20 oz. .88

Chobani Greek Yogurt -5.3 oz. 10/10
***Heluva Good Dip 12 oz. .99 ea.
Horizon Organic Milk 8 oz. 10/10
***Sargento Cheese Snacks 12 ct. 3.99
***Sargento Natural Slices 6.64-8 oz.2.49
Simple Truth Almondmilk or Coconu8tmilk or Organic Soymilk half gallon 2/5
Simply Juice 59 oz. 2.99
***Yoplait Go-gurt 8 ct. 1.49
Kroger Cheese 12-16 oz. or American Singles 24 ct. 2.99
Kroger Cream Cheese 8 oz. bar 10/10
Kroger Sour Cream or dip or Cottage cheese 16 oz. 4/5
Kroger Yogurt 6 oz. 10/4

Chicken: 8 pc fried, baked or bbq baked—2 breasts, thighs, wings and legs 7.99
Party Platters 26.99
Private Selection Swiss cheese 6.49 lb.
Private Selection Turkey Breast 6.99 lb.
Wholesome@Home Pizza 35-41 oz. 7.99
Kroger Potato Salad or Mac Salad or Cole Slaw 3 lbs 3.99

***Alexia Potatoes 13.5-28 oz. 1.99
***Atkins Entrée 5.5-9.03 oz. 1.99
***Breyers Ice Cream 48 oz. or Ben & Jerry's 16 oz. 2.99
Chili Entrees 10 oz. 1.88
***Evol Bowls 8-9 oz. 2.49
***Evol Burrito 6 oz. .99
***Freschetta Pizza 14.54-30.8 oz. 2.99
***Gordon's Seafood6.3-11.4 oz. 2.49
Gordon Simply Bake Fish 8.2-9 oz. 5.99
***Jose Ole taquitos 16-22 oz. 3.49
***Klondike Frozen Treats 4-6 ct.1.99
Lobster Tail, raw 4-5 oz. 2/10
Marie Callender's Pie 28-46 oz. 4.99
Michelina Entrees 4.5-9.5 oz. .88 ea.
***MorningStar Meatless Entrees5.25-12 oz. 2.99
***Pillsbury toaster strudel 12 ct. 2.99
Quom Meatless Entrees 7.76-12 oz. 3.49
Red Baron Pizza 10.8-23 oz. or Singles 2 ct. 2/10
Sea Bests Tilapia Fillets 2 lb. bag 6.98, 3.49 lb.
Simple Truth Organic Pizza 14.25 -16.25 oz. 4.99
Smart Ones Entrée 4.4-11.6oz. or Boston Market meals 13-16 oz. 1.88
Tyson Boneless chicken Breast, or tenders, frozen 3 lb bag, 7.99
***Kroger Chicken 17.5-26 oz. 4.99
Kroger Chicken Wings 2.5 lb. bag 5.99
Kroger Deluxe Ice Cream or Sherbet 48 oz. $2.79
Kroger Shrimp Platter 9-22 oz. 25% off
Kroger Vegetables 10-12 oz. 10/$10

Annie's Natural Mac & Cheese 5.25-6 oz. 10/10
Cheez it Crackers 9-13.7oz 2/5
Chef Boyardee Pasta 7l.25-15 oz. or Snack Pack Pudding 4 pk.10/10
***Classico Pasta Sauce 8.1-24 oz. 1.49
***Doritos 10.5 oz. 1.99
***Filippo Berio Olive Oil 16.9 oz. 3.99
***Food should taste good tortilla chips 5.5 oz. or Popchips 3.5 oz.1.69
***Go-Go Squeez Applesauce 12 ct. 5.49
Green Giant Vegetables 14.5-15.25 oz. 10/10
***Green Mountain Coffee K-cups 12 ct. 5.99
Hunts Tomatoes or Pasta Sauce 14.5 can . 10/$10
***Kellogg's Cereal 9.1-18.2 oz. or Post 12.5-19.2 1.49
***Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Bars 5-8 ct. 1.99
Knorr Rice or Pasta Sides 4-5.9 oz. 10/10
Kraft Easy mac or Velveeta Sheels and Cheese 1.9-2.39 cup 10/10

***Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip 32-30 oz. 2.49
***Kraft Salad Dressing 15.8 -16 oz. 1.49 ea
Krusteaz Pancake Mix 24-32 oz. 2/5
LaraBar or Pure Protein Bar 1.42-2.12 oz. 10/10
Lays Family Size Potato Chips 10-10.5 oz. or Lays Potato Chips 7.75-8 oz. 2/5
Mi Elote tortilla Chips 8 oz. 2/5
***Maxwell House Coffee 21-31 oz. or Green Mounta9in K cups 12 ct. 5.99
Nabisco Go-Paks 2.25-3.5 oz. 10/10
***Nabisco Snack Crackers 3.5-9.1 oz. or Ritz Crackers 7.5-13.7 oz. 1.77
***Nabisco Snak-Saks 8 oz. . .99
Oreo Cookies 10.7-15.35 oz. 2.77
***Orville Redenbacher's Microwave Popcorn 6.2 – 11.57 oz. .99
***Pace Picante Sauce or Salsa 24 oz. 1.99
Pirate's Booty Puffed Snacks 4.4-5 oz. 2/4
***Planters Dry roasted Peanuts 16oz. 2.49
***Quaker Instant Oatmeal 8-12 oz. 1.69
Quaker Popped chips 3-3.52 10/$10
***Reese's or Hershey's Miniatures 11-12 oz. 2.49
Ronzoni Pasta 16 oz. 10/10
Simple Truth Organic Broth 32 oz. 2/4
***Skippy Peanut Butter 15-16.3 oz.1.99
***Special K Cracker Chips 4-8 oz. 1.99
StarKist Chunk Light tuna 5 oz can 2/1
Tostitos Tortilla chips or. or Simply Tostitos Organic Scoops 8 oz. 2/5
***V8 or V8 V-Fusion 46 oz. 1.69
Kroger Coffee K Cups 12 ct. 5.99
Kroger Pasta Sauce 24 oz. 10/$10
Kroger Peanut Butter 15-16 oz. or Grape Jelly 18 oz. $1.49
Kroger Squeezable Apple Sauce r pk. 3.2 oz. pouches 3/5
Kroger Syrup 24 oz. 1.99

Clairol Natural instincts Hair Color 6.49
***Gillette Flexball or Venus Swirl 1-Up Razor $8.99
Listerine PocketPaks 24 ct. or Reach Floss 55 yd 10/10
Nature's Bounty vitamins or supplements 254-350 ct. or 2-15 oz. BOGO
Revlon or Maybelline Cosmetics 20% off
Right Guard Sport Deodorant 2.6-3 oz. 10/10
***Speed Stick Gear Deodorant 2.7-03 oz. 2.49
***Tresemme Shampoo or Conditioner 28-32 oz. or Styler 9-11 oz. 2.99

angel Soft Bathroom Tissue 4 rolls 10/10
Brawny Paper towels 1 roll, 10/10

Cottonelle Bathroom tissue 12 double rolls or Viva Towels 6 rolls, WYB2, 2/$10
Dial Liquid Hand Soap 7.5 oz. or Bar soap 2 ct. 10/10
Dove Soap 4 bars 4.49
Energizer Eco Advanced or Max Batteries Aa/AAA 6-8 ct., C or D 4 ct. PV 2 ct. 6.47
***Glad Tall Kitchen bags 15-80 ct. 6.99
Match Light or Kingsford Charcoal 2 ct. ll11.5 lb. bag 12.99
Oster Belgium Waffle Maker 19.88
Proctor Silex Electric Griddle or B & D 12 cup Programmable Coffee Maker 19.88
***Solo Plastic Cups or Plates 15-50 ct. 1.99
***Swiffer Refills 6-32 ct. 6.99
***Tide Laundry Detergent 46-50 oz. or Sun 188 oz. Liquid 4.99
***Tide Pods or Gain Flings 16 ct. 3.99
Ziploc Color Food Storage Containers 3-8 ct. 2.99

Beef, Boneless London Broil 5.99 lb.
Beef, Boneless strip Steak family pack 9.99 lb.
Beef, Whole eye of Round 3.99 lb.
***Hillshire Farm Lit'l Smokies 12-14 oz. 2.49
Hillshire Farm Smoked Links 13.5-16 oz. 2.99
***Hormel Natural Choice Lunch Meat 6-8 oz. 2.49
Hormel Pepperoni 5-6 oz. 2/5
Oscar Mayer Beef or Cheese Franks 13.5-16 oz. 2.99
***Oscar Mayer Bacon 12-16 oz. 3.49
***Oscar Mayer Lunchables 8-10.7 oz. 1.99
Perdue Boneless chicken Breasts BOGO
Pork, Boneless Pork Loin Moist & Tender, half loin 1.99 lb.
Tyson Bacon 16 oz. 3.99
Kroger Breakfast Sausage 12-16 oz. 2/5
Kroger Ground Turkey 93% Lean, 16 oz. 3.49
Kroger Lunch Meat 7-9 oz. 2/6

***Iams Dog Food 9.3-15 lb. bag or Pedigree 30 lb. bag 16.99
Old Yeller dog food 50 lb. bag 17.99

Apples, Pinata or Pacific Rose .99 lb.
Asparagus 2.49 lb.
Avocado .99 ea. medium
Blackberries or red Raspberries 6 oz. 2/5
***Black Forest Fruit Snacks 10 ct. .99
Bolthouse Farm Juicaes 32 oz. 2/7
Fresh Selections Grape Tomatoes 10 oz. or Mini Sweet peppers 16 oz. 1.99
Fresh Selections or Dole Salad Blends 5-12 oz. 2/5
Kiwi l lb. clamshell 1,.99
Mandarins, 3 lb. bag California Seedless 3.99
Organic Green Bell Peppers 4/5
Organic Yellow Onions 1.29 lb.
Simple Truth Organic Salads 16 oz. 4.99
Spice World Garlic 4.5 oz. 10/10

Atlantic Salmon Fillets, fresh, farm-raised 6.99
Catfish fillets, fresh, farm raised 5.99 lb.
Cod, wild caught, prev. frozen 5.99
Mahi mahi fillets, wild caught, prev. frozen 5.99 lb.
Shrimp, cooked cocktail ex. Large 26-30 ct. prev. froz. 9.99 lb.
Snow Crab clusters, wild caught, pref. frozen 4-8 oz. 5.99 lb.


Cadbury Mini Eggs Candy 31 oz Bag $9.99
Easter Décor 20% off
Easter Dinnerware 1.49 and up
Reese's Peanut Butter Egg Pouches 33.6 oz, $9.99
Wilton Easter Baking 25% off

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Weekly Atlanta Kroger Ad
Additional In-Store Savings

Kroger Deals - Weekly Sales Coupon Match-ups

Please note! Do NOT copy and paste from other blog sites. You must enter the sale or deal information from the actual ad or your own shopping experience. Thank you!

Coupon Matchups can be copy and pasted from these SD threads:
Coupon Database
Printable Coupon Thread
Unexpired Newspaper Coupons

Black – item for sale and any details
Blue for IP's
Red for other paper coupons - i.e. tearpads, newspaper, etc... since we usually list where they are from anyways - like SS/RP/TP
Purple for eQ's
Green for deals that will be under $1 after $ off or doubled .50 coupon

See Catalina Offers in Wiki 5 (click here)
See eCoupon Offers in Wiki 6 (click here)

See Kroger My Magazine Offers in Wiki 7 (Click here

Ad March 25-March 31, 2015

4X Fuel Points: March 22-April 5. Download digital Couponhere []

Buy 10 Participating Items & Save $5 Instantly Sale***Reflects Discount

Free Friday Download: One Free Sparkling Ice Tea 17 oz. bottle here []

***Gerber Graduates Tray Sides 4.5-6 oz. .99
***Gerber Yogurt 4 pk., 3.5 oz. or 14 oz. 1.99
Huggies Diapers Sizes 1-6, 42-84 ct. Big Pack 18.49

Coconut Cake, double layer 9.99
Cupcakes, decorated 12 ct. 7.99
Goldminer Sourdough squares 24 oz. 2/5
***Hostess Snack cakes 8-15.3 oz. 2.49
Muffins 4 ct. 2.99
Private Selection Bread 16-24 oz. 2/4
Private Selection cheesecake 40oz. 9.99
***Sara Lee Honey Wheat Bread or Whole Grain White 20-24 oz. 1.49
Strawberry crunch Cake, single layer 7.99

Coca-Cola, Pepsi or 7UP 2 Liter, WYB5, Get 2 Free, final cost $1 ea.
Deer Park Spring Water 24 pk. 16.9 oz. bottles 3.49
Gold Peak Tea 18.5 oz. 10/10
***Mountain Dew KickStart, 12-16 fl oz $0.79 ea
***Pepsi or 7 Up 6pk., 16.9 oz. bottles or Pepsi 8pk. 7.5 oz. cans 2.49
SoBe Lifewater 20oz. 10/10
Vita Coco coconut Water 16.9 oz. 2/4

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze half gallon 2.99
Chobani Greek Yogurt 5.3 oz. 10/10
***Coffee-Mate Coffee Creamer 32 oz. 2.29
Fage Greek Yogurt 5.3-7 oz. 10/10
***Land O'Lakes butter 15-16 oz. or I can't believe it's not butter, 8-16 oz. 1.99
***Noosa Yoghurt 8 oz. 1.50
***Philadelphia Cream Cheese 8 oz. bar 1.49
Sargento Balanced breaks 3 pk. 1.5 oz. 2.99
Simply Juice 59 oz. 2.99
***Simply Potatoes 20 oz. 1.99
Simple Truth Cage FreeEggs brown or white 12 ct. 2/5
Kroger Cheese 8 oz. or Natural Slices 6 oz. 1.99
Kroger Large Eggs 12 ct. 4/5
Kroger Milk Gallon, ex. Buttermilk and chocolate 2.59
***Kroger Orange Juice half gallon, from Concentrate .88 ea.
***Kroger Sour Cream or dip or Cottage Cheese 16 oz. .79

Boar's Head Honey Maple Ham 9,.69 lb.
Fresh Foods Market soup 22-24oz. 3.99
Wholesome@Home Roasted Chicken Savory, 2 lbs. 5.99

Cadbury Creme Eggs 12 ct. 2/7
Easter Baskets ready to fill (empty,lol) 20% off
Easter Lily 6 in. pot 6.99
Easter Plush Giant Playville animal 19.99 ea
Hershey'sKisses or Cadbury Mini Eggs 16.9-18.5 oz.bag 2/10
Holiday Home Easter Plush 20% off
Lindt Gold Bunny 3.5 oz. 2/7
M& M Candy 9.9-11.4 oz bag 2/6
Pansy Flats 9.99
Reese's or Cadburg Egg .95-1.55 oz. B2G1
Russell Stover's Chocolate Bunny or Palmer 1.5 ox. 10/10

Amy's Light & Lean Entrée 8 oz. 3.49
Cool Whip 8 oz. 10/10

diGiorno Pizza or California Pizza Kitchen 13.4-34.2 oz. 4.99
Edy's Ice Cream 48oz. or Nestle or Outshine Frozen Treats 4-12 ct. 2.99
*** Jimmy Dean Entrée 8-9 oz or Sandwiches, 4.6-6.1 oz $1.78 ea
Marie Callender's Entrée 12-19 oz. or Healthy choice 9-12.5 oz. 1.49
***Mrs. Paul's Seafood 18-24.6oz. 3.49
Private Selection Ice Cream or Turkey Hill All Natural 48oz. 3.99
Sea Cuisine Fish Fillets, 9-16oz. BOGO
Simple Truth Organic Mangoes 10 oz. frozen 2/5
Simple Truth Organic Quinoa 10 oz. frozen 3.49
Sister Schubert's Rolls 11-15 oz. 2.99
Shrimp, Large 31-40 ct., raw, 2# bag 15.98, 7.99lb.
Van's Waffles 8-12.4 oz 2/5
Kroger Shrimp Platters 20-80 ct. 9-22 oz. 25% off
Kroger Vegetables 14.5-15.25 oz. 10/10

***Aunt Jemima Syrup 24 oz. 1.99
***Barilla Pasta 12-16 oz. .88
Betty Crocker Cake Mix 15.25-16.25 oz. 10/10
Betty Crocker Potatoes 3.7-5 oz. 10/10

***Blue diamond Nut Thins 4.25 gluten free 1.99
Campbell's Cream of Mushroom or Cream of chicken Soup 10.5 oz. 10/10
Cheetos 8-9 oz. or Fritos 9.75 oz. 1.49
Clif Bars 5-6 ct. 5.49
Dole Pineapple 20 oz. can or Mandarin Oranges 15oz. can 10/10
***Duncan Hines Brownie Mix, 16.7-17.6 oz
$1.99 ea
***Folgers Coffee 23-33.9 oz. 7.99
***French's French Fried Onions 6 oz. 2.49
Garden of Eatin' Tortilla chips 13-16oz. 2/7
Green Giant Vegetables 14.5-15.25 oz. 10/10
Hellmann's Mayonnaise 30 oz. 2.99
***Hidden valley ranch dressing 16 oz. 2.49
Jello Pudding or Gelatin Mix 6.6-6 oz. 10/$10
***Kashi GoLean Cereal 13.1-14 oz. or Snack Bars 6-12 fct. 2.49
Keebler Town House Crackers or club Crackers 9.2-138 oz. 2/4
***Kellogg's Cereal 9.3-15.5 oz. 1.99
***Kelloggs Special K Bars 5-8 ct. 1.99
***Kettle Brand Potato Chips 8-8.5 oz. 1.99
***Krusteaz Muffin Mix 15.8-21 oz $1.99 ea
***Lay's Stax 5.5-5.75 oz $0.79 ea
***Nabisco Snack Crackers 3.5-9.l or Ritz 6-13.7 oz. 1.79
Ocean Spray Craisins 5 oz. BOGO (1.45 ea.)
Oreo Cookies 10.7-15.35 oz. 2.77***Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers 6
.6-8 oz. .99
Private Selection spices .14-4.05 oz. 33% off
***Prego Pasta Sauce 14.5-24 oz. 1.49
***Quaker Baked Protein Bars 5 ct. or Quinoa Bars 5 ct. 2.49
***Que Pasa tortilla chips 16 oz. 3.49
***Red Gold tomatoes 14.5-15 oz. can .49 ea.
Snickers or M&M Candy, King Size 1.94-3.63 oz. 3/3
Starbucks coffee, 10-12 oz. or K Cups 10 ct. 6.99
Tostitos Tortilla chips 9-14 oz. or Salsa 15.5 oz. 2/5
Trident or Stride Gum 3 pk. 1.99
***Kroger Broth 14 oz. can .29
Kroger Cooking Oil 48 oz. 2.49
Kroger Powdered Sugar or Brown Sugar 2 lbs. 2/3

Body Fortress Whey Protein 2 lbs. 15.99
***Gillette Venus Swirl Razor $8.49 ea
Nature Made or Nature's bounty Vitamins or Sundown, 12-350 ct. or 2-16 oz. BOGO
***Olay Body Wash 15.2-23.6oz. or Bar Soap 4-6 ct. 4.49
***PediaSure Nutrition Shakes 6 pk, 8 fl oz Bottles $10.49 ea
***Playtex Sport or Gentle Glide Tampons, 32-48 ct 6.49 ea.
***Playtex Tampons with Pads or Liners 32-48 ct $6.49 ea
***Puffs Facial tissue 3 pk. 4.49

Arm & Hammer Laundry detergent Liquid 45-75 oz. 2.99
Bounty Paper Towels 6 big or 8 reg. rolls 5.99
Charmin bathroom Tissue 6 mega or 12 double rolls 5.99
Everyday Living Kitchen Gadgets 20% off
GE Halogen Light bulbs 4 pk., 29, 43, 53 or 72 watt 4.99
Good Cook Non-stick Bakeware 25% off
Handi-Fil Foilware 1-10 ct. 2
***Hefty Trash Bags 16-45 ct. $6.99 ea
Hobbit: Battle of five armies 16.99 dvd or Blue Ray Combo pack 24.99
Kingsford Original Charcoal 2 ct. 12.9 lb. bags, 12.99
Net10 LG Optimus Fuel Android 4.4 OS 19.99
***Palmolive Dishwashing detergent 25 oz. 1.99
***Reynolds Wrap35-75 ft. or Finish Dishwashing Detergent 12-20 ct.2.99
Snuggle Fabric softener 20-32 uses 2.99
Swiffer Refills 6-32 ct. 7.99

Beef, T Bone Steaks, bone in, Family Pk. 9.99 lb.
Butterball Natural Inspirations Lunch Meat 8 oz. 2.99
Cook's Ham Portions, Fresh, Bone in, Limit 2, 1.29 lb.
***Hormel Black Label or Natural Choice Bacon 12-16 oz. 3.49
Land O'Frost Premium Lunch Meat 16 oz. 3.99
Nathan's Beef Franks 10.5-14 oz. 2/7
***Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs 14-16 oz. 1.49
Pork, Assorted chops moist 7 tender bone in, family pack 1.99 lb.
Pork, Center Cut Pork Chops, moist & tender, bone in 3.49 lb.
Private Selection Spiral Sliced Ham, bone in, half, Limit 2 1.79 lb.
Simple Truth Natural chicken, Fresh or Ground turkey 16 oz. 25% off
Smithfield Bacon 12-16oz. 2.99
Smithfield Whole Ham, bone in 1.99lb.
Tyson chicken drumsticks or thighs, fresh, .99lb.
Kroger Brats or Italian Sausage or Ground Pork or Meatballs 16-18 oz. 2.99
Kroger Breakfast Sausage 12-16oz. 2/5

Avocados ,.99 ea.
Cantaloupe or Personal Watermelons 2/4
Fresh Selections Mini Carrots 16 oz. bag or Eggplant .99
Gala Apples or Mixed Fruit 5 lb. bag 4.99
Grapes, Red or White Seedless 1.28 lb.
Lettuce, Romaine, Red or Green Leaf .99
Oranges, navel or Red Grapefruit .79 ea.
Organic kale, bunch .99

Organic Red Hot House Tomatoes 1.69 lb. or Organic Broccoli, Bunch 1.69
Organic Strawberries 16 oz. 2.99
Simple Truth Pecans, Almonds or Walnuts 12-16 oz. 6.49
Kroger Idaho Potatoes 5 lb. bag 2/5

Atlantic Salmon Fillets, fresh, farm rised 6.99
Catfish Fillets, fresh, farm raised 5.99 lb.
Cod Fillets, Wild caught, prev. frozen 5.99 lb.
King Crab Legs, wild caught, prev. frozen 9.99
Tilapia Fillets, Fresh, farm raised 4.99 lb.

there are more Easter items on the last page of the online ad. I had those typed and ready to save when posting and lost all that work. Just too time consuming to retype.Mad

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Current Catalina Promotions

Catalinas are the coupons that print at the register good on your next purchase. You can buy multiple offers but they need to be in separate transactions. Catalinas do roll meaning you can use them on the same promotion in a separate transaction. These may vary by region. These usually are tagged with the details please check your store shelves on the details before buying. Catalinas with a dollar amount requirements usually are off shelf price. YMMV. If you have issues see the Catalina Contact information in Wiki 2. You may use multiple earned catalinas in a transaction, see details on your catalina offer.

If Catalina offer is "Buy 4 or more get $1 OYNO" you have to do separate transactions for each OYNO reward.
(the key here is "or more")
Example: McCormick spices and extracts Buy 2 get $1.50, buy 3 or more get $3.00 OYNO

If the Catalina offer is "Buy 4 get $1" you will usually be able to buy multiple items (i.e. 8 items) in one transaction and get multiple OYNO's.
Idahoan Flavored Mashed Potatoes Buy 4 get $1 OYNO

OYNO = off your next order. "+" sign by number = or more.
RED = Insert Coupons

Please PM changes or additions to ank220

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Kroger Digital Coupons and Kroger Coupons
eCoupons: Kroger []
, Cellfire [], Shortcuts [], Savings Star []and Upromise []Ecoupons

This Section will be used to list all eCoupons for the Kroger Thread.

To assist you in finding information in the Wiki, use "Control" + F to search this page.

Combining manufacturer coupon with eCoupons varies by store - scan Kroger Plus card first before e-coupon items are scanned to receive discount. For issues click on the link for help on these sites. Kroger states on their eCoupon site: Limit of one coupon per item. Digital coupons and paper coupons may not be combined on the purchase of a single item. For regions where this is enforced you will have to decide to load the eCoupon to use or use the manufacturer's coupon since the registers are programmed to accept only one coupon. If you load the eCoupon but intend to use the manufacturer's coupon, you may not be able to at the store because they do not have any way to remove the eCoupon at the store level. You could try having them void then rescan the item – many times this does remove the eCoupon. Many Kroger eCoupons may be removed from your store card after being loaded. Check the eCoupon site for details.

Also, remember that coupons sometimes have regional variations. You may not have a specific coupon listed in your particular inserts or on your Cellfire, Shortcuts, or Kroger/Dillon's site.

Some coupons can only be loaded once, even if you see them listed for all 3 sites. Most people have had success in having multiple coupons load to their card by visiting the Kroger site first, then Cellfire and/or Shortcuts. Multiple eCoupons for the same product do not stack.

There are times that an electronic coupon does not deduct properly. You may submit a message for help here [].

Kroger eCoupon

Kroger Affiliate stores eCoupon sites []]

Cellfire eCoupons

Shortcuts eCoupons

Shortcuts Terms of Service


Enfamil Reguline, large size powder 20.4 oz, $2/1, x8/15
Enfamil or Enfagrow, large powder 19.8 oz+, $2/1, x7/31
Gerber 2nd Foods 2-pk tubs 7oz, $1/4, x8/19
Gerber or Graduates yogurt blends, $1/2, x8/15
Gerber Good Start Gentle for Supplementing formula 22.2 oz, $3/1, x8/31
Gerber Graduates, any, $1/3, x8/15
Gerber Graduates, Lil' Whoos or Lil Twists, $1/2, x8/15
Gerber Graduates, meal sides or items, $1/3, x8/15
Gerber Graduates, Puffs, Lil' Crunchies or Yogurt Melt items, $1/3, x815
Luvs diapers ETS, 0.50/1, x7/26
Pampers diapers, Cruisers, Extra Protection or Baby Dry, ETS, $3/1, x7/26
Pampers diapers, Easy Ups training pants or underwear ETS, $3/1, x7/26
Pampers dapers, Swaddlers, Swaddlers Sensitive ETS, $3/1, x7/26
Pampers wipes, 56 ct+, 0.50/1, x7/26
Pull Ups training pants, $2/1, x8/2
Triple Paste medicated ointment, 1.50/1, x7/30

Beer, Wine & Spirits (Fry's [])

American Harvest organic spirit 750 mL+, $5/1, x9/5 -Fry's
Black Box 3L bottle, $3/1, x8/31 -Fry's
Butterfly Kiss, The Great American Wine Company, or Once Upon a Vine, 750 mL, $3/2, x7/21 -Fry's
El Jimador Tequila 750 mL+, $2/1, x8/31 -Fry's
Familia Camarena 750 mL+ bottle, $3/1, x9/2 -Fry's
Franciscan Estates wine, $1/1, x8/31 -Fry's
Frei Bros or Ghost Pines, 750 mL bottle, $2/1, x7/22 -Fry's
Jagermeister liqueur or Spice 750 mL+, $2/1, x8/16 -Fry's
New Amsterdam gin or vodka 750 mL bottle, $2/1, x8/31 -Fry's
New Amsterdam gin or vodka 1.75 L bottle, $3/1, x9/2 -Fry's
Robert Mondavi Private Selection wine, $1/1, x8/31 -Fry's
Shellback Rum, 750 mL, 1L or 1.75L bottle, $3/1, x9/2 -Fry's
Strongbow Family 6 pk bottles, $2/1, x7/19 -Fry's
Svedka 750 mL, $1/1, x8/31 -Fry's
The Naked Grape 750 mL bottle, $1/1, x7/22 -Fry's


Arrowhead spring water 0.5L 24-pk, $1/1, x7/20 --5x/trans-- -Fred Meyer []
Deer Park 100% Natural Spring Water .5L 24-pack, $1/1, x7/20 --5x/trans--
Fruit Shoot 10.1 oz, $1/3, x7/31 -Smiths [] -Bakers []
Gevalia coffee, 12 oz bag or 6-12 ct single serve cup, $2/1, x7/20 --5x/trans-- -Fred Meyer [] (under breakfast)
Boost nutritional drink or mix, multipack or canister, $2/1, x9/25
International Delight creamer, pints quarts or singles, $1/2, x8/14
International Delight creamer singles 24 ct+, $1/1, x9/15
International Delight Iced Coffee half gallon, $1/1, x9/15
Margaritaville Liquid Water Enhancer, $1/1, x8/30
Minute Maid Light 59 oz bottle, any, 0.75/1, x8/31
Ocean Spray 64 oz cranberry or blueberry juice cocktail, 0.50/1, x7/20 --5x/trans-- -Fred Meyer []
Ocean Spray 64 oz grapefruit juice, 0.50/1, x7/20 --5x/trans-- -Fred Meyer []
Ozarka 100% Natural Spring Water .5L 24-pack, $1/1, x7/20 --5x/trans-- -Dillons []
Pepsi, 8-pk 7.5oz cans, $2/2, x7/31
Pepsi or Dr. Pepper multipack (Pepsi 16.9oz 6/8-pk, 24oz 6-pk, Dr. Pepper 0.5L 6-pk), $2/2, x7/20 --5x/trans-- -Fred Meyer []
Sambazon superfood juice or smoothie, $2/1, x9/13
Starbucks 48 oz chilled item, $1/1, x9/20
Starbucks 50.7 oz chilled item, $1/1, x7/12
Sunkist liquid drink mix, $2/1, x8/31
Tropicana Farmstand 46 oz chilled item, $1/1, x7/12
Vitaminwater energy 11.5 oz cans, $2/3, x8/19 -Fred Meyer []

Bread & Bakery:

Bakery Fresh Goodness Brownies 8X8, $1/1, x7/20 --5x/trans-- -Fred Meyer [] (under deli)
Delizza Patisserie, $1/1, x7/30
Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Toaster Scrambles, or Pillsbury Pancakes, (excludes Pillsbury Heat n Go mini pancakes), 0.50/2, x 815

Breakfast & Cereal:

Bear Naked Nut Energy bars, 5 ct+, 0.70/1, x8/4
Cheerios cereal (Frosted, Apple Cinnamon, Banana Nut, Fruity, Chocolate, Cinnamon Burst or Dulce de Leche), 0.75/1, x8/15
Fiber One cereal (Original, Honey Clusters, Raisin Bran Clusters, 80 Calories Chocolate, 80 Calories, Nutty Clusters & Almonds, Protein Maple Brown Sugar, Protein Cranberry Almond), 0.75/1, x8/15
Frosted Mini-Wheats Touch of Fruit Raisin cereal [Kelloggs], 15 oz+, 0.70/1, x7/27
Golden Grahams cereal, 0.75/1, x8/15
JIF cereal [Kelloggs], 9.1 oz+, 0.70/1, x7/27
Quaker cereals, Life or Cap'n Crunch 10.3-14 oz, $1/2, x7/20 --5x/trans-- -Fred Meyer []
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory cereal [Kelloggs], 11.5 oz+, 0.70/1, x7/27
Reese's Puffs cereal, 0.50/1, x8/15

Canned goods & Soup:

Chicken of the Sea tuna, chunk light 12 oz, 0.50/2, x8/15
Progresso soup 18.5-19 oz, $1/3, x7.20 --5x/trans

Condiments, Spices, & Baking:

Betty Crocker premium cupcake, cookie bar mix or frosting, Hershey's, Health, Almond Joy or Reeses, 0.50/1, x8/15
Florida Crystals Sugar, 0.50/1, x9/30
Heinz 57 sauce, 10 oz+, $1/2, x8/8
Litehouse, 0.55/1, x9/28
Monk Fruit in the Raw, 40 ct box, $1/1, x8/15
Moore's Marinade, $1/1, x7/12
Nectresse sweetener, $1/1, x8/26
Truvia, natural sweetener or baking blend with sugar, 0.55/1, x10/7
Weber seasonings or BBQ sauce, 0.55/1, x7/28

Cookies, Snacks & Candies:

Black Forest gummy bears or worms, 36 oz, $1.25/1, x7/31
Cascadian Farm, any, 0.75/1, x8/15
Chex Mix, 4.5 oz+ Muddy Buddies, Popped, Xtreme or regular, 0.50/2, x8/15
Doritos 10-11 oz, $1/1, x7/20 --5x/trans-- -Fred Meyer []
Fiber One Chewy bars, (Protein Chewy, Streusel, Meal, or 90 Calorie [bars, brownies, cakes]), 0.50/1, x8/15
Fiber One soft baked cookies, 6 ct+, 0.50/1, x8/15
Food Should Taste Good chips, 4 oz+ tortilla, kettle, brown rice crackers or pita puffs, 0.75/1, x8/15
General Mills fruit snacks (Betty Crocker Fruit by the Foot, Gushers Fruit Roll Ups), 0.50/2, x8/15
General Mills fruit snacks (Betty Crocker Fruit Shapes, Fruit by the Foot, Gushers, Fruit Roll Ups, Ocean Spray, Motts, Sunkist, Fiber One), 0.75/1, x8/15 -Ralphs []
Goldfish [Pepperidge Farm] Bags 6.6-8oz, $1/3, x7/20 --5x/trans-- -Ralphs []
Green Giant Veggie snack chips, baked veggie puffs or sweet potato fries, 4 oz+, 0.50/1, x8/15
Horizon Horizon® Snack Crackers, Grahams, or Sandwich Crackers, 0.55/1, x9/30
Larabar Renola bar, 0.50/1, x8/15
Mrs. Fields Nibblers cookies, $1/1, x8/1 -Smiths []
Nature Valley granola bars 5 ct+, Granola thins, Soft baked oatmeal squares, or Breakfast biscuits, $1/1, x8/15 -Ralphs []
Nestle Stand-Up bag 10-12 oz (Butterfinger, Crunch, Raisinets), $1/1, x8/31
Nestle or Wonka fun size bags, 10-12.5 oz, 1.50/2, x7/30
Nestle Wonka Stand-Up bags, 10-12.5 oz, 0.75/1 x8/31
Peeps Minis, $1/2, x8/1 -Smiths [] -QFC []
Pepperidge Farm 5-8.6 oz bag cookies, $1/2, x7/20 --5x/trans--
Planters NUTrition, 7.5 oz+, $1/1, x9/28
Planters Nuts or peanut butter, 6 oz+, $1/2, x8/12
Popchips, 3-4 oz, 0.55/1, x8/22
Pop Secret popcorn, $1/1, x8/15
PowerBar Energy Blends, $1/2, x7/31
PowerBar Protein Plus 20g single bars, $1/2, x7/31
Quaker Chewy bars 5-8 ct, $1/2, x7/20 --5x/trans-- -Fred Meyer []
Ritz crackers, Fresh Stacks or Ritz Bits, 8.8-13.7 oz, 0.50/1, x7/20 --5x/trans-- -Fred Meyer []
Tree Top apple sauce pouches 4 ct carton, 0.75/1, x8/9 -Smiths [] -King Scoopers []
Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers, 4-5 oz, $1/2, x7/31
Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers, 30.4 oz, $1.25/1, x7/31
Twix/Snickers/Milky Way/3 Musketeers bites 6-8 oz, 7/20 --5x/trans-- -Fred Meyer []
ZonePerfect 5 ct box, 2.50/2, x9/30 (under produce)

Dairy, Eggs & Cheese:

Dannon Oikos, Light & Fit, Activia greek yogurt 5.3 oz cups, $1/10, x7/20
Frigo cheese heads snack cheese, $1/1, x7/15 -Ralphs []
Liberte mediterranee or greek yogurt, 0.20/1, x8/15
Mama Francesca 8 oz shelf stable grated parmessan cheese, $1/1, x7/31
Tillamook 12 oz cheese slices, $1/1, x7/19 -Smiths [] -King Scoopers [] -Ralphs []
Yopa! yogurt single cups, $1/10, x7/20
Yoplait greek/greek 100 cups, $1/5, x8/15
Yoplait Kids yogurt (Go-gurt, Kids, Trix, Despicable Me Minion Made, Hello Kitty, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), 0.35/1, x8/15
Yoplait Kids yogurt (Go-gurt, Kids cup, Trix, excludes go-gurt protein), $1/2, x8/15 -Ralphs []
Yoplait original or light cups, $1/6, x8/15 -Ralphs []


Chicken sandwich and Coke 20 oz, $1/2, x9/13 --unlimited use--

Frozen Foods:

Digiorno Design-a-Pizza Kit, 1.50/1, x8/11
Dr. Oetker Ristorante pizza, $1/2, x9/13
Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom ice cream or novelty, 0.75/1, x9/13 -Smiths []
Bubba Burger original or sweet onion, $1/1, x9/8
Dannon Oikos frozen yogurt pint, $1/1, x7/31 -King Scoopers [] (under dairy)
Digiorno Design-a-Pizza Kit, 1.50/1, x8/11
Dr. Oetker Ristorante pizza, $1/2, x9/13
Edy's/Dreyer's 1.5 qt or Nestle Novelties, 4-9 ct, $2/2, x7/20 --5x/trans-- -Fry's []
Enlighted ice cream, $1/1, x9/12 -Smiths []
Good Food Made Simple Frozen Pasta, $1/1, x8/2
Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream Bars 3 ct+, $1/1, x8/29
Healthy Choice 9-12.5 oz items or Marie Callender's 7-19 oz items, $1/2, x7/20 --5x/trans--
Stouffer's family size entree 25-40 oz, 1.50/1, x7/20 --5x/trans-- -Fred Meyer []
Tombstone original 19.6-22.6oz or Digiorno Thin & Crispy 10.6-12.5oz Pizzas, $1/2, x7/20 --5x/trans-- -Fred Meyer []
Totino's Rolls or Bold Rolls, $1/1, x8/15 -Ralphs []
Tyson Any'tizers, $1/1, x8/18 (under baby) -Smiths []
Tyson Day Starts sausage, $1/1, x9/21 -Bakers []
Yasso froezn greek yogurt bars 4 pk, $1/1, x8/15

Fruits, Vegetables & Produce

California Avocados, 0.50/2, x8/16 -Ralphs []
Dole salad (Garden Plus, salad blend, chopped, or kit 5-14.4 oz), $1/1, x7/20, --5x/trans-- -Fred Meyer []
Freschetta Gluten Free pizza, $2/1, x8/31 -King Scoopers []
Pictsweet frozen vegetables (steamables or all natural, 8-16 oz), 0.50/1, x7/20, --5x/trans-- -Fred Meyer []
Spice World garlic 32 oz jar, $1/1, x7/30 -Smiths [] -Bakers []


Aeropostale gift card, $25, $10/2, x8/2
Bravo i-wireless handset, $20/1, x7/20, --5x/trans-- -Fred Meyer []
Children's Place gift card, $50, $10/1, x8/2
Chipotle multipack gift card, $45, $5/1, x8/2
GAP Options gift card, $25, $15/2, x8/2
Guess gift card, $50, $10/1, x8/2
Old Navy gift card, $25, $5/1, x8/2
Select Previous Book Release from bestselling author Heather Gudenkauf, $1/1, x7/20
2x Fuel Point Weekends, Fri-Sun, x7/27 --unlimited use--
4x fuel Points on [participating] Gift Cards, Fri-Sun, x7/13 --unlimited use--

Grains & Pastas:

Barilla PLUS pasta, $1/2, x9/6
Horizon Mac & Cheese, 0.55/1, x7/30
Kraft mac & cheese or Velveeta shells & cheese dinner cups, 1.9-2.44 oz, $1/4, x7/20, --5x/trans-- -Fred Meyer []
Kraft Deluxe mac & cheese or Velveeta shells & cheese dinner, 14 oz, $1/1, x7/20, --5x/trans-- -Fred Meyer []

International Cuisine & Kosher

Azteca refrigerated tortillas, 0.50/1, x9/28

Meat & Seafood

Ball Park's Finest hot dogs 14 oz, $1/1, x7/20, --5x/trans-- -Fred Meyer []
Farmland bacon, $1/1, x9/16 -Food4Less []
Hamburger or Ultimate Helper, 0.50/1, x8/15
HIllshire Farm American Craft smoked sausage links 14.5 oz, x7/20, --5x/trans-- -Fred Meyer []
Honeysuckle white frozen turkey burgers, $1/1, x8/19
Hormel pepperoni 4-7 oz, $1/1, x7/20, --5x/trans-- -Fred Meyer []
Lunchables lunch combinations, 2.25-4.5 oz, x7/26 -King Scoopers []
Oscar Meyer Deli Fresh lunch meat 7-9 oz, 0.50/1, x7/20, --5x/trans-- -Fred Meyer []
Oscar Meyer fully cooked bacon, family size 6.3 oz, 1.50/1, x7/20, --5x/trans-- -Fred Meyer []


Paper, Cleaning, & Home:

All laundry detergent, $2/2, x9/23
All laundry detergrent 32-50 loads or Mighty Pacs 24 ct, $1/1, x7/20, --5x/trans-- -Fred Meyer []
All liquid fabric softener or dryer sheets, $1/1, x9/23
Angel Soft facial tissue soft pack, 0.50/1, x7/12
Bounce ETS, 0.50/1, x7/26
Bounty ETS, 0.25/1, x7/26
Cascade ActionPacs ETS, 0.25/1, x7/26
Cascade Rinse Aid ETS, 0.50/1, x7/26
Charmin ETS, 0.25/1, x7/26
Dawn ETS, 0.25/1, x7/26
Downy ETS, 0.50/1, x7/26
Duracell coppertop, quantum, ultra photo lithium, specialty, rechargeable, charger or 6-pk+ hearing aid batteries ETS, 0.50/1, x7/26
Febreze ETS, $1/1, x7/26
Finish (Autodish All In One Gelpac, Powerball, Quantum, 12 ct-20 ct Finish Powder 75oz or Finish Gel 75oz), $1/1, x7/20, --5x/trans-- -Fred Meyer []
Glade Automatic Spray starter kit, $2/1, x9/3
Glade Automatic Spray refill, 0.75/1, x9/3
Glade jar candle, 0.55/1, x9/3
Glade premium room spray, 9.7 oz, 0.55/1, x9/3
Glade product (excluding 8 oz room spray), 0.70/1, x8/10
Glade Plugins oil Customizables starter kit $2/1 or 0.75/1, x9/3
Glade Plugins oil twin refill or (2) single refills, 0.75/2 or 0.75/1, x9/3
Glade Wax Melts, excludes warmer, 0.55/1, x9/3
Hefty Slider bags, $1/2, x9/28
Kingsford charcoal, original, Match Light, or Smokehouse style briquets, 11 lbs+, 1.50/1, x7/19
Method dish or cleaning product, 0.75/1, x7/19
Mr. Clean liquid muscle, liquid or spray ETS, 0.50/1, x7/26
Puffs tissue, 3-pk+ ETS, 0.25/1, x7/26
Renuzit air freshener cones, $2/6, x7/20
Resolve laundry stain remover or refill, 0.75/1, x8/30
Rug Doctor carpet cleaner, 48 oz+, $3/1, x7/31
Rug Doctor machne rental, $7/1, x7/31
Rubbermaid bottle, 1.50/1, x8/3
Rubbermaid pitcher, 1.25/1, x8/3
Snuggle 32 loads liquid, 70-80 sheets, or Scent Boosters 14.1 oz, $1/1, x7/20, --5x/trans-- -Fred Meyer []
Sparkle 8 large roll, $1/1, x7/31 -Smiths []
Spot Shot, $1/1, x9/28
Swiffer, refill, solution or Dust & Shine ETS, 0.40/1, x7/26
Swiffer Sweep & Trap starter kit ETS, $3/1, x7/26
Swiffer WetJet starter kit ETS, $2/1, x7/26
Tide detergent ETS, 0.50/1, x7/26
Tide PODs, Gain Flings, Downy Unstopables, Bounce Bursts or Gain Fireworks ETS, $2/2, x7/26
Tide to Go, Boost or washing machine cleaner ETS, 0.50/1, x7/26
Wet Ones wipes, canister or singles excluding 15 ct and 20 ct travel, $1/2, x10/2
Windex Wipes, x9/1

Personal Care, Health & Pharmacy:

Align ETS, $3/1, x7/26
Alteril all natural sleep aid, $3/1, x8/15
Always pantiliner, maxi or ultra pad 30 ct+ ETS, $1/1, x7/26
Always Radiant or Infinity pads ETS, $2/1, x7/26
Australian Gol Product (3oz+, excluding lip balm), $1/1, x9/8
AZO Bladder Control 54 ct, $2/1, x8/21
Braun series 3 340s ETS, $10/1, x7/26 -Fred Meyer []
Clairol Age Defy hair color ETS, $3/1, x7/26
Clear [Scalp & Hair] product ETS, 1.50/1, x8/1
Clear Scalp & Hair product ETS, 2.50/1, x7/20
ColourB4 kit, $3/1, x9/4
Coppertone Clearly Sheer 2 oz+, $2/1, x8/15
CoverGirl LastBlast mascara ETS, $3/1, x7/26
Covergirl+Olay product ETS, $3/1, x7/26
Crest 3D White Whitening Duo by Crest and Oral B, ETS, $2/1, x7/26
Crest rinse 237 mL+ ETS, 0.50/1, x7/26
Crest toothpaste 3 oz+ ETS, 0.50/1, x7/26
Crest Whitestrips (3D White 1 Hr Express 4ct Professional Effects 20 ct, Professional Effect+1 Hr Express 22 ct, Supreme FLEXIT 14 ct) ETS, $7/1, x7/26
Depend underwear 28-32 ct, $2/1, x8/30
Dial Complete Foaming Hand Soaps, $1/2, x8/31
EAS Complete Protein powder 2 lb, $3/1, x8/16
Excedrin, $1/1, x9/10
Florastor probiotic, $3/1, x9/29
GasX softgels, excludes 10 ct, $2/2, x8/31
Gillette Fusion shave prep ETS, $1/1, x7/26
Gillette twin or Clinical antiperspirant/deodorant ETS, $1/1, x7/26
Head & Shoulders full size products ETS, $5/2, x7/26
INU-Slim Triple Action Weight Loss 5 ct, $4/1, x8/16
IronMan Proform gel insert, 0.50/1, x7/26 -Smiths []
Kotex Natural Balance products (ETS and liners 14-22 ct), $2/2, x8/14
L'Oreal Paris Advanced hair care, $4/2, x7/31
L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche lip product, $2/1, x8/31
L'Oreal Paris Excellence hair color, $3/1, x9/29
L'Oreal Paris moisturizer, $3/1, x7/31
L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Butterfly mascara, $2/1, x9/2
Lotrimin, $2/2, x8,28
Mega-T, $5/1, x7/23
Metamucil ETS, $1/1, x7/26
Mitchum ETS, $1/1, x8/1
Nexium 24HR, $1/1, x9/27
Nexium 24HR, 42 ct, $2/1, x8/14
Nicorette or Nicoderm CQ, excludes 20 ct gum, $10/1, x7/19
Okamoto condoms, $1/1, x9/8 -Fred Meyer []
Olay (wash bar 4 ct+, in-shower body lotion) ETS, $1/1, x7/26
Olay facial moisturizer or cleanser, ETS and ProX, Regenerist, Total Effects, Age Defying, $1/1, x726
Olay, ProX or Regenerist facial moisturizer or hair removal, ETS, $3/1, x726
Olay Total Effects or Age Defying moisturizer ETS, $2/1, x726
Old Spice product ETS, 0.75/1, x7/26
Oral B floss (Glide 35M+, floss picks 30 ct+) ETS, 0.50/1, x7/26
Oral B toothbrush (Pulsar, 3D White, Pro-Health or Complete), 0,75/1, x7/26
Osteo Bi-Flex Edge supplements, $3/1, x8/25
Pantene Expert ETS, $2/1, x7/26
PeroxiClear 3 oz+, 1.50/1, x7/12
Poise Ultimate long pads, $2/1, x8/14
Preparation H, $1/1, x8/2
Prilosec OTC, ETS, $1/1, x7/26
Secret (Outlast, Destinations, Scent Expressions, body sprays) ETS and 0.5 oz, $2/2, x7/26
Secret Clinical ETS and 0.5 oz, $2/1, x7/26
Sheer Blonde product ETS, $1/1, x7/13
Simple cleanser or moisturizer ETS and wipes, $2/1, x8/13
Sundown Naturals supplements, $2/2, x7/19
Tampax cardboard tampon 20 ct+ ETS, $1/1, x7/26
Tampax Pearl or Radiant tampon 16 ct+ ETS, $2/2, x7/26
Tena Serenity item, exlcudes ultra thin slender and light absorbency 30 ct, $2/1, x7/8 -Smiths [] -Fred Meyer []
U By Kotex ETS and 14-22 ct liners, $2/2, x8/14
Vidal Sassoon hair color ETS, $3/1, x7/26
Vidal Sassoon shampoo or conditioner ETS, $1/1, x7/26
Vidal Sassoon stylers ETS, $1/1, x7/26
Wellesse Calcium and Vit D 16 oz, $2/1, x8/8
ZzzQuil ETS, $1/1, x7/26

Pet Care:

Fancy Feast broths, $1/4, x9/30
Hartz Tasty Rewards dog treats, $1/1, x8/31
Jonny Cat litter, 0.75/1, x8/2
Mighty Dog single cans, $2.50/12, x8/15
Pedigree dog treats, $1/2, x9/14
Waggin Train chicken jerky tenders dog treats 11 oz, $2/1, x8/9
Waggin Train Smoky jerky or Jerky Duos dog treats 3 oz, $1/1, x8/9


2x Fuel Point Weekends, Fri-Sun, x7/27 --unlimited use--
4x fuel Points on [participating] Gift Cards, Fri-Sun, x7/13 --unlimited use--

Community Wiki

Wiki 7

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Wiki 8
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Coupon redemption policies vary for each Kroger and Kroger affiliate store. You should ask your store at the customer service desk about their coupon policy. The following information is a base start to get this information accurate and updated by our Kroger thread members.

Kroger's store weekly ad usually indicates if the coupons double and up to what amount. Some stores B1G1 free products ring the first item as a dollar amount and the free item as $.00 - these stores will accept only one coupon.

[B]Coupons redeemed at face value.
Limits: Five (but not documented anywhere)
B1G1F: you can use two coupons on two products

Double coupons: up to $.50 coupons $.51 and over redeemed at face value.

Colorado King Soopers
Double coupons: up to $.50 coupons from $.51 to $.99 are rounded up to $1.00, coupons over $1.00 deducted at face value. Not all stores double coupons

Kroger Central Division
Link to Coupon Policies

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1. Open a message window (the box you type a reply in)
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3. The same box will reappear with more options and buttons
4. Find the paper clip in the tool bar at the top of the message box
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Rep Info 101

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A rep aka "Reputation Point" is a way to say "thank you" or "I appreciate you" to a fellow peep on SD. You may have read a post that was helpful; Or that person alerted you to a deal or a coupon that you were not aware of or answered a question for you.

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How many reps do I get to give? Are they unlimited?
No, they are not unlimited. However, how many peeps you get to rep in a day is a mystery. Perhaps it is one of the great SD secrets!!. It appears you get to rep 10 peeps in a 24 hour cycle. There are some limitations as to how often you can rep the same person. No need to figure that out as the SD system will let you know if you can rep a peep again or if it has been too soon. Sometimes those reps go fast and you wish you had more that day and other days they seem always available.

You get the privilege to rep right after you become a SD member. BUT, your reps do not "count" until you have 50 posts accumulated. I assume this is to stop people from creating accounts just to rep themselves. Your "newbie" reputation points do show up in the user's rep box, so they can read your comments, but they do not count towards their Reputation Total. When the box is green they count. When the box is purple, they are below the 50 post count.

When do I get reps?
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What is the value of my reps?
Each peep starts out with their reps counting as "1" rep point.

*You get an additional rep point for every calendar year you are a SD member.
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*You get an additional rep point once you make 10,000 posts.

The maximum number of rep point value you can have is "4". It will not increase despite new plateaus they reach. You can not determine how many rep points you want to assign to a person. When you "rep" a peep, the computer will decide for you based on your status and longevity.

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You can view the last 5 people who "repped" you and their comments by clicking the "User CP" button in the tool bar on the upper left hand corner of your screen. If you want to view all of the reps you have given and received go to "Quick Links" in the black tool bar – Then "Your Profile". Scroll down to the third section and you will see a tab to the right of "Deals I Like" that says "Reps" and "Reps Given". You can view everything here. Only you can see your own rep points. This information is not available to other peeps.

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Green for deals that will be under $1 after $ off or doubled .50 coupon

Please note! Do NOT copy and paste from other blog sites. You must enter the sale or deal information from the actual ad or your own shopping experience. Thank you!

Coupon Matchups can be copy and pasted from these SD threads:
Printable Coupon Thread
Unexpired Newspaper Coupons


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travel promos
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Last edited by serra July 2, 2014 at 11:32 PM.
here's a quick link to recent travel deals. and then there's the travel deals and discussion forum. if you don't follow me, at least click and see what you missed.

casually cruel in the name of being honest
Quote from JohnnyHot
That's called a Serra smack down! I've had me some of that before. Stings don't it??!
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Blue Diamond Almond Breeze, SV, Half gallon, $2.99
$.55/1 Blue Diamond Refrigerated Almond Breeze, any 64 oz. Blinkie
Blue Diamond Almond Breeze, Save $1.00 on Any One (1) Chilled Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Almondmilk (Redeemable at Walmart), Print []
Blue Diamond Almond Breeze, Save $1.00 Click For Savings on Almond Breeze Almondmilk, Print [] 21215

*** Coffee-mate Coffee Ceamer, Refrigerated, SV 32 fl. Oz. $2.29
$.75/1 Nestle Coffee-Mate Liquid Coffee Creamer 32 fl oz Or Larger, Any (Excluding Natural Bliss) - All You Magazine, May 2014
$1/2 Nestle Coffee-Mate Liquid Creamers, Any (Not Valid On Bliss) Blinkie

*** Country Crock Spread Select Varieties, 45 oz $1.99 EA.
$1/3 Country Crock Products, Any (2) WYB (1) THIS Bag Of Potatoes (Maximum 2 Identical Coupons Per Shopping Trip, DND) - Hangtag found On Bag Of Potatoes
*** Daisy Sour Cream Select Varieties, 16 oz $1.49 EA.
*** Dannon Oikos, Activia or Light & Fit Greek Yogurt Select Varieties, 4 ct $3.29 EA.
$1/1 Dannon Activia Yogurt, Any 4-Pack Or Larger (DND 5) Tearpad
$1.50/2 Dannon Light & Fit Greek Yogurt Strawberry, Any 4-Pack Single Page Flyer

Dannon Light & Fit Greek Yogurt, (3) 5.3oz Single Serve Cups OR (1) Four-Pack, $1 Print [] (login to print Q)
*** Kraft Cheese Select Varieties, 5-8 oz $2.29 EA.
$1/2 Kraft Cheese Items, any (DND) - Peelie found on product
$1/2 Kraft Natural or Cracker Barrel Sliced Cheese, any WYB Kraft Natural Shredded Cheese, any - Peelie found on Kraft Cheese
$1/1 Kraft Natural Shredded Cheese, Any (DND) - All You Magazine, July 2014

*** Kraft Singles 12 oz $1.99 EA.
$1/2 Kraft Cheese Items, any (DND) - Peelie found on product
Müller Corner Yogurt, Private Selection Greek Yogurt, Select Varieties, 5.3 oz 10 FOR $10
$1/3 Muller Yogurt, any cups, Peelie found on product
*** Pillsbury Grands Biscuits Select Varieties, 8 ct $1.09 EA.
$.30/2 or $1/3 Pillsbury Refrigerated Grands! Biscuits, any - 04-13-14 SS exp 7/5/14
$.30/2 or $.40/3 Pillsbury Refrigerated Grands! Or Grands! Jr. Biscuits, Any - 04-13-14 SS exp 7/5/14
Kroger Cheese Select Varieties, 12-16 oz $2.99
$.55/1 Kroger Cheese, Any 16 Oz. Bar Or Shred (Smith's Store Coupon) - Smith's Taste of Mexico flyer
Kroger Sour Cream or Dip 16 oz. Select Varieties, 10 FOR $10
$.40/1 Kroger Sour Cream, Any Size, Any Variety (Smith's Store Coupon) - Springtime Savings Picked for You Home Mailer, exp 7/20/14
$.40/1 Kroger Sour Cream, Any Size, Any Variety (Smith's Store Coupon) - Fresh Summer Savings Home Mailer

Amy's Bowls Frozen, Select Varieties, 9-10 oz $3.49
$.75/1 Amy's Entree, any, Home Mailer
*** Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Select Varieties, 16 fl oz $2.99 EA.
$.75/1 Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Or Frozen Yogurt, Any Pint (Maximum 2 Identical Coupons Per Shopping Trip) Tearpad
$1/1 or $1/2 Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt, Any Pint (Maximum 2 Identical Coupons Per Shopping Trip) - 06-29-14 RP
exp 7/27/14
*** Breyers Ice Cream Select Varieties, 48 fl oz or Klondike Frozen Treats, 4-6 ct $2.49 EA
Cool Whip Frozen, Select Varieties, 8 oz 10/$10
*** Farm Rich Appetizers or El Monterey Taquitos, Select Varieties, 18-27.6 oz $3.99 EA.
Farm Rich Club Coupons Print [] login or register to print
Farm Rich, Save $0.50 Any Farm Rich Signature Stick or Sweet Snack, Print []
El Monterey, Save $1.00 Off Any El Monterey Taquitos or Mini Chimis, Print [] 85032
*** Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers Frozen, Select Varieties, 11.8-12 oz $1.49 EA.
*** Hot or Lean Pockets Select Varieties, 2 ct or Pillsbury Frozen Breakfast, 6 ct $1.49
Pillsbury, Save 50¢ on Two When You Buy Two Any Flavor/Variety Pillsbury Toaster Strudel or Toaster Scrambles Pastries or Pillsbury Pancakes..., Print []
*** Hungry-Man Dinners Select Varieties, 13.1-17 oz $1.68 EA.
Hungry-Man Spicy Classic Fried Chicken or Pulled Pork, $1/2 Print [] 77477
*** Klondike Frozen Treats Select Varieties, 4-6 ct $2.49 EA.
$1/1 Klondike Kandy Bars, Any New (DND; Maximum 2 Identical Coupons Per Shopping Trip) Blinkie exp 7/15/14
$.75/1 Klondike Bar, Any (Maximum of 2 Identical Coupons Allowed In Same Shopping Trip; DND) Tearpad
Marie Callender's Pie Select Varieties, 28-46 oz $5.99
$.50/1 Marie Callender's Product, Any - 06-08-14 SS exp 7/13/14
Mayfield Classic or Select Ice Cream, 48-56 fl oz 2 FOR $5
$1/1 Mayfield Ice Cream of Frozen Yogurt, 5/18/14 SS
*** Ore-Ida Potatoes Frozen, Select Varieties, 19-32 oz $ $2.49 EA.
Popsicle Treats Frozen, Select Varieties, 8 ct or Cool Whip, 8 oz 10 FOR $10
Shrimp, Large, Frozen, Raw, 31-40 ct, Sold in a 2 lb Bag for $17.98, $8.99 LB
Simple Truth Organic Pizza Frozen, Select Varieties, 14.25-16.25 oz $4.99
Smart Ones Entrée SV, 4.4-11.64 oz or Boston Market Meal, 13-16 oz $1.88
$2/5 Weight Watchers Smart Ones Frozen Products, Any (Maximum of 4 Coupons Of Any Kind In Same Shopping Trip) - Weight Watchers, May/June 2014
$1/2 Weight Watchers Smart Ones Smart Creations Frozen Products, Any (Maximum of 4 Coupons Of Any Kind In Same Shopping Trip) - Weight Watchers, May/June 2014

Weight Watchers $2 off $5 Print [] (dir) ad after Q
Weight Watchers Smart Ones $2/7 Print [] (dir)
Weight Watchers Smart Ones, any, $4/10 Print [] and $4/12 Print []
Weight Watchers Smart Ones Satisfying Selections Dinners, 11.7oz bag, $1/2 Print [] register/login

*** Tyson Chicken Frozen, Select Varieties, 16-28.05 oz $5.99 EA.
$1/1 Tyson Whole Grain, Lightly Breaded Or Gluten Free Product, Any - 05-11-14 SS
$.75/1 or $1.25/1 Tyson Any'tizers Snacks, Any - 05-18-14 SS
$.75/1 Tyson Chicken Strips, Any - 06-29-14 SS

Tyson, various Print []
Kroger Chicken Wings Frozen, Sold in 4 lb Bag for $7.96, $1.99 LB.
Kroger Deluxe Ice Cream Sherbet, SV, 48 fl oz 2 FOR $5
Kroger Shrimp Platter Frozen, 20 ct $8.99
Kroger Tuna or Mahi Mahi Fillets Frozen, Select Varieties, 12 oz Bag $6.99
$.85/1 Kroger Frozen Fish Fillets, Any 12 Oz. Bag, Any Variety (Smith's Store Coupon) - Fresh Picks Home Mailer

I will be in wiki 4 posting dairy/frozen matchups. Will post when out.
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Found a good deal on pepperoni, something we eat a lot of in my house. In one of the cases in the deli section, near the prepackaged Private Selection deli meats, I saw big packages of salami and pepperoni, Private Selection brand. These were 14-ounce packages on sale for $2.99, normally $6.99.
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Will trade nearly anything for coupons good for A&W Diet Root Beer. Come on, you know you wanna feed my addiction...
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Quote from tn_native
In my experience unless you load the freebie and run to the store, you won't find them the rest of the weeks the eQ is valid.
Out of all the freebies I've loaded, I've only ever once found an item, so I just shrug it off now.

My store did have the Bear Naked Bars up front on a display near the service desk *but I didn't load that one.
That's a shame.. I always find them, but I usually do avoid going the 1st weekend. I think they do write rainchecks for the freebies. I definitely waited like toward the last few days for the free tea 12 pk, knew it'd be a fight the 1st wk.
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