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34" LG 34UM95C-P Ultrawide WQHD IPS 3440x1440 LED Monitor EXPIRED

iconian 49,209 68,883 October 23, 2015 at 11:57 AM in Monitors (4) More Adorama Deals
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Promoted 10-24-2015 by RevOne at 10:30 AM View Original Post
Adorama has 34" LG 34UM95C-P IPS 3440x1440 LED Monitor (US Model) on Sale for $570. Shipping is free. Thanks iconian

  • Resolution: 3440x1440
  • Panel Type: IPS
  • Screen-Splitter: Yes
  • Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 5,000,000:1
  • Viewing Angles: 178° H / 178° V
  • Connectors:
    • 2x HDMI
    • 2x Thunderbolt
    • 1x Display Port
No longer available:

BuyDig has 34" LG 34UM95-C IPS 3440x1440 LED Monitor on Sale for $699 - $110 off with promotion code PROSCREEN = $580. Shipping is free. Thanks iconian [discuss]

Editor's Notes & Price Research

Written by RevOne

Great price for this monitor, now less than the prior Frontpage deal. -johnny_miller


Original Post

Edited November 11, 2015 at 03:17 PM by BostonGirl
Price has dropped to $570

deal []

$615 + free shipping

  • Resolution: 3440x1440 (Ultrawide QHD)
  • Response Time (GTG): 5ms
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • SRGB 99% / 4-Screen Split
  • Viewing Angle: 178/178
  • VESA Size: 100x100mm
  • Inputs
    • 2x HDMI
    • 2x USB 3.0
    • 1x USB Up 3.0
    • 1x Display Port
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If I wasn't holding out for getting one of these for $500, I'd be all over this. Good post!
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Joined May 2004
Are Ya Feelin Lucky PUnk?
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I'm expecting 500s for black Friday so going to wait as well
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Joined Oct 2009
Deals McGillicuddy
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so tempted but gonna wait for a local retail store to have this for less. the light bleed on these models pushed me away but the immersive gaming experience keeps calling to me.
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Seems like a good deal. Thanks for posting.
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Joined Nov 2011
I will be ur guide to SD
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gonna wait for cruved one for $550!!
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Joined Jul 2005
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Waiting for curve one for $250 (BF 2016)
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Joined Nov 2008
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Quote from milko View Post :
Waiting for curve one for $250 (BF 2016)
Haven't used one. Guessing you'd want curved for gaming and maybe watching videos? Flat screen for browsing, photography editing, etc...?
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Why are these more expensive than tvs? I'm not trying to be snotty or anything. Im ignorant when it comes to monitors and genuinely want to know. Thank you.
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Black Friday is so close...
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No curve no go
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Are you on the fence about 21:9 vs 4k? Let me help you.

1080p vs. 21:9 vs. 4K: What Delivers the Best Gaming Experience? [Corsair Link] [] - [Techspot Link] []
Quote :
"First, experientially, it's basically a draw between 21:9 and 4K. My 21:9 experience is colored tremendously by the fact that we used a Samsung S34E790C, a 34" curved bear of a monitor that nonetheless offers almost all of the benefits of triple-monitor gaming with none of the drawbacks. My bottom line is if you want something immersive, one of the curved 34" displays running at 3440x1440 is going to give you the right mix of detail, picture quality, and overall field of view.

Internally, we have people split between these two standards. A large 4K display offers something 21:9 displays currently can't: substantially improved pixel density resulting in a much more detailed image. If raw detail is what you want and you'd rather stick with the conventional 16:9 aspect (and avoid any potential compatibility issues with wider aspects), then you should be shopping for a 4K panel.

There is, however, another reason why 21:9 is picking up a bit of a following over 4K: 21:9 displays simply require less horsepower than 4K does."
Quote :
Personally, I find the Samsung monitor infinitely more appealing than a TN-based 4K or any of the larger 4K displays, as it offers more immersion without going into the weeds the way triple-monitor surround can.
4K vs. 21:9 monitors [] -- HardOCP
Quote :
"You got to take into account can your rig handle 4k gaming? Mine cannot imo. So I went with 34 ultrawide. I really enjoy gaming on it. Batman Arkham Knight looks great on it(when it works). To me its what eyefinity/surround should've been like (without the bezels)."
4K vs 21:9 monitors [] --
Quote :
"Some games will just not work right on 21:9 no matter what. Some will work windowed. But for the games that do work fine, I don't think 21:9 can be beat. I won't be going back to 16:9."
This dude went for the shitty 29", 34" 21:9 is where it's at.
Quote :
"I'll definitely go 21:9 if i were you. I got a 29" 21:9 monitor when it was first released, and my experience on that was still better than my experience on 4K. 21:9 monitors definitely have a wow factor to them, much better than the "wow" i got when i first saw what 4K looked like.

Too bad my pc is currently eating all my spare money lol. I'm definitely going to get one Lg 34um95 when i'm done, they now go for 750$ on Newegg"
Quote :
If you own a 21:9, you find yourself checking forums to make sure you have 21:9 support before buying a game.

Most newer titles support it just fine though. It's really amazing when they do. Many titles that support 21:9 only have 16:9 cutscenes and menus sometimes... and even a game that fully supports 21:9 might have minor visual problems that don't really affect anything, just aren't very flattering... menus in 16:9, cutscenes with added letterbox....

So yeah, sometimes *any particular game* may not work as intended. So there is a sizable list of cons. But once you get that ultra wide gaming experience, it really makes the slight fuss worthwhile.
LG's 34-inch 21:9 monitor has convinced me that ultrawide is better than 4K [] -- from 2014 but still relevant quotes

Quote :
Having spent a long time using 4K monitors I've become a bit jaded about next-gen gaming resolutions. They don't tangibly deliver anything above what you can get from a beautiful 27-inch IPS 1440p screen. The problem is, while 4K does deliver a huge upgrade in terms of pixel count, it doesn't make a huge difference in games where the texture resolution hasn't changed. All you're really doing is shanking your frame rate in return for the possibility of being able to knock your anti-aliasing settings down a notch. If you want a dramatic upgrade of your gaming monitor you should have a good think about the new ultrawide 34-inch 21:9 screens trickling out of all good monitor manufacturers' factories at the moment.

4K enthusiasts might talk up the benefits of increased desktop real estate, and that would be a valid stance if it weren't for the fact the affordable 4K screens are all 28-inch and at 100% scaling it's real hard to read anything without your nose touching the panel. Advances in desktop and browser scaling mean you can increase the size of fonts, icons and web pages, but then you've got to say bye-bye to that extra space.

The extra width of a 21:9 screen provides an extra dimension to your games that 4K simply can't. The impact is dramatic, and something that really does need to be experienced to get the full effect.

I've had 4K panels on my desk in the office and that barely raised a flicker of interest, but as soon as I fired up the LG 34UM95, a crowd swarmed the testing desk—not seen since we last had the Oculus Rift out. Mac Format and Imagine FX watched enraptured as we blazed through asteroid fields in Elite: Dangerous, swapped hot lead with internet people in Battlefield 4 and sat slack-jawed at the superwide HD trailer for Chris Nolan's Interstellar.
You may not spend much time, if any, looking at the far edges of the ultrawide display, but the extra visual cues you get from the extra peripheral vision makes a huge difference in-game. We have seen 21:9 panels before, but the 29-inch 2560x1080 screens just felt too cramped in the vertical space to use on a Windows desktop. This 3440x1440 resolution however looks fantastic even when you're not in-game.
[60fps] Ultrawide 21:9 Aspect Ratio PC Gaming: Better Than 4K [] -- DigitalFoundry

- Is this even close anymore, do I have to keep going boys? Please continue on about 4k Smilie
- TO EVERYONE ON THE FENCE ABOUT 21:9 take the plunge! Please look at one in-person, you owe it to your individual tastes to take a peek.
- Ignore the 4k haters. They mad cause they have to buy overpriced hardware to drive 4k. Sacrificing WOW-experience for a tiny bit of detail they might never see
- 21:9 Example shots: [1] [] [2] [] [3] [] [4] [] [5] [] [6] []
- Just an example, don't buy this one, it's the 29 inch model [] - get the 34in model
- Google any 21:9 thread, 4k-lovers hating on 21:9 in every thread getting their asses handed to them or they talk out of their asses and some gullible readers fall for it
- If anyone wants reccomendations from someone that doesn't talk out of his ass, please message me.
- Ask yourself, do you want a more immersive gaming experience, or you want a tad more detail that doesn't really wow you?
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Joined Nov 2008
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Quote from AkumaX View Post :
No curve no go
Haven't used one. Guessing you'd want curved for gaming and maybe watching videos? Flat screen for browsing, photography editing, etc...?
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Quote from 575rider View Post :
Haven't used one. Guessing you'd want curved for gaming and maybe watching videos? Flat screen for browsing, photography editing, etc...?
I've used the flat version. Basically it got annoying while multitasking. Movies were great! Especially full 21:9 movies, so immersive!!! 21:9 video games were great!
When watching movies/playing games, you center yourself to the monitor. That was fine.

But the issue is this: say you have 2 websites, side-by-side. You are 'typically' in front of 1 website, so the position of your chair/body is in front of say, the left-website -- you would *not* be centered on the monitor, you would actually be a little to the left of one. If you want to view the right-website, you can't just turn your head; you have to *physically shift your entire body to the right, so now the right-side website is centered. You can't view it from an angle because it looks awkward. So you're constantly shifting your body left and right. It was not comfortable...

It's kind of like having dual-monitors, but they're flat against each other, in a line (like this stock image ( People do not typically keep this orientation. Most people angle the monitors in, like real-world experience -- So you could have one monitor facing you, and another to the side, where if you turn your head, now the monitor is flat in front of your perspective.

However, with curved, it is much better. With the side-by-side example, you can now just turn your head, since the monitor is curved enough so that the website is viewable at an angle.

You are right about photography or video editing. The curved perspective might be a little off if doing true 1:1 reproduction. I guess it's 'fine' for me haha.
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