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LG G4 Smartphone ~$20 MM Promo Extended

Kamyl 4,985 473 October 31, 2015 at 09:31 AM in Smartphones (5) More Verizon Wireless Deals
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Deal Details

Last Edited by Kamyl November 11, 2015 at 09:30 PM
Disclaimer: I take no credit (or liability) for this deal. Proper credit should go to DickestSeal. I'm reposting because the promotion has been extended!

Verizon [] has a $300 trade-in promotion for ANY WORKING SMARTPHONE (AWS) when adding a line with device phone payment (DPP).

Verizon [] also has a promotional code that works in-store & on it's website for $100 off the retail cost G4 []- LGG4SAVE or LGG4SAVE100B (in store)

LG [] has a $200 Visa card rebate on the purchase of a any Verizon G4 model from Oct. 30th - November 15th. Submission deadline of 11/27/15.

Read further on this thread. Your questions may have already been answered there.

Steps for getting it in the store -
a. Go online, and add LG G4 into the cart under the device payment plan (DPP)
b. Apply LGG4SAVE code, to get $100 off. If that doesnt work try LGG4SAVE100 or LGG4SAVE100B. The code apparently works in their system.
c. A pop-up will say, trade-in your eligible phone. Enter the IMEI etc. and you'll get $300 added to the cart
d. The $300 will NOT be applied to your final total (which is probably ~$452 at this point without taxes)
e. Choose a phone plan. For a new line the cheapest is $30+$20 (i.e. $50/month)
f. Take a print out of your cart, your trade-in phone, and head to a Verizon store that has LG G4 in stock
g. Ask to replicate this deal
h. Wait...
i. Tell them you want to use your $300 trade-in towards the downpayment. They'll have to manually add this step because if you don't do this your total will be $0 and your trade-in amount will be sent to you as a verizon gift card. You DO NOT want to do that
j. Depending on your state, your final bill will include taxes on the full price of the device or post-discounted price (in CA it's on the full price)
k. Come back home with your shiny device and follow OP's link to register your claim for $200 rebate on LG's site
l. Upload a copy of your invoice, UPC (on the box), and IMEI (on the box)
m. Wait a few weeks for the rebate to show up, go ahead with cancellations if needed.
n. Congratulations on replicating the deal!

Steps for getting it online -
0. Go to a cashback site, and follow its Verizon link (disable ads blocker) and follow steps a, b, c, d and e from above
1. Go ahead with the payment. You will NOT be able to apply $300 from your trade-in towards the device cost during the checkout. (T& C states non-verizon customers receive a Verizon Gift card; if you receive a Verizon Gift Card, you will be able to apply that to your costs- service + price of phone via the Verizon website. T&C indicate that current verizon customers receive a bill credit; sounds like either way you will HAVE TO CALL to get that applied to the cost of the device, instead of the cost of your service. Prepare to deal with the VZW machine!)
2. Mail out your trade-in device
3. Once G4 is received, follow step L from above
4. Wait a few weeks for cashback, trade-in credit, and rebate to show up, go ahead with cancellations (ONLY after 30 days of "usage"- VZW will chargeback for the full price if the phone does not have "usage" for 30 days) if needed.
5. Congratulations on (almost) replicating the deal!
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Community Wiki

Last Edited by HurricaneAlley February 24, 2016 at 03:28 PM
Video from Verizon stating Device Payment Plan have no ETF: . Possibly use this against Verizon if they charge you ETF

NOTICE/BEWARE: Verizon changed trade-in device policy on 11/24/2015. Orders or trade-ins on or before 11/23/2015 does not show this new policy.
Quote :
"If you received promo value when trading in a device and/or instant device savings, you will be charged for that value if you do not maintain active service for three billing cycles, unless you return the device within 14 days."

More about suspend without billing along with the highly anticipated ETF:


If you're signing up for Postpay Service, you're agreeing to subscribe to a line of Service either on a month–to–month basis or for a minimum contract term, as shown on your receipt or order confirmation. (If your Service is suspended without billing, that time doesn't count toward completing your contract term.) Once you've completed your contract term, you'll automatically become a customer on a month–to–month basis for that line of Service. If you cancel a line of Service, or if we cancel it for good cause, during its contract term, you'll have to pay an early termination fee. If your contract term results from your purchase of an advanced device on or after November 14, 2014, your early termination fee will be $350, which will decline by $10 per month upon completion of months 7–17, $20 per month upon completion of months 18–22, $60 upon completion of month 23 and will be $0 upon completion of your contract term. For other contract terms entered into on or after November 14, 2014, your early termination fee will be $175, which will decline by $5 per month upon completion of months 7–17, $10 per month upon completion of months 18–22, $30 upon completion of month 23 and will be $0 upon completion of your contract term. If your contract results from your purchase of an advanced device prior to November 14, 2014, your early termination fee will be $350 minus $10 for each full month of your contract term that you complete. For other contract terms entered into prior to November 14, 2014, your early termination fee will be $175 minus $5 for each full month of your contract term that you complete. Cancellations will become effective on the last day of that month's billing cycle, and you are responsible for all charges incurred until then. Also, if you bought your wireless device from an authorized agent or third–party vendor, you should check whether they charge a separate termination fee.

For anyone concerned about getting this phone to work with T-Mobile, AT&T, and other carriers as it should with the hardware it comes with, I encourage everyone to take a minute and file the already drafted FCC complaint online.
Quote from eltrkbrd View Post :
Verizon & T-Mobile LTE Bands:
APN Settings (doesn't solve Verizon firmware from crippling LTE Access, also unable to send MMS):
Root > Hidden Menu > T-Mobile LTE Band Change (working?):
XDA Verizon / T-Mobile LTE Problem:
FCC Complaint (everyone, please take 5 minutes to let the FCC know your thoughts on Verizon's monopolistic carrier locking practice for this "World Device"):
Quote :
Dear FCC:

I recently purchased a Verizon LG G4 from Verizon that was advertised as a "World Device - Works in over 200 countries... Network LTE Bands 4/13/2". See more specs here:

Verizon has in fact forced their firmware to disable T-Mobile's LTE Band 2 (1900MHz) & Band 4 (1700MHz & 2100MHz).

In short, despite the LTE Radio Frequency hardware capabilities of the LG G4 smartphone being present, the Verizon software prevents the phone from establishing 4G LTE connections thus severely crippling consumer Internet Access & various MMS capabilities. I own this phone but cannot use it on a competing carriers network for Internet Access or MMS messaging.

This is clearly an attempt by Verizon to carrier lock this device thus forcing consumers to use their service or purchase another T-Mobile branded LG G4 smartphone.

Please make Verizon stop this monopolistic and illegal practice.

Please see this forum post for additional details in regards:

Kind Regards,

John Hancock
Disclaimer: The accuracy of the below info is at your sole discretion. Use due diligence for peace of mind.


My account got flagged with a fraud alert. What should I do!?

Call Verizon's fraud department at 888-483-7200 and see if they can remove it.

When should I close the account?

If you decide not to continue your phone services with Verizon, it is advise to wait 30 days (1st billing cycle) to cancel. This may limit the risks of
getting a chargeback for the full price of the phone and/or having the $300 trade-in nullified.

Should I suspend my line w/o billing?

It's not recommended. Suspending a line simply puts a freeze on it. E.g. If it was suspended on day 3, it will resume on day 3. If the line is
under contract, it will extend the contract for the days it was suspended.

What phone should I use as a trade in?

Some posters have traded the Tracfone LG Sunrise and the LG Exceed 2 because it's available for cheap at Walmart or Best Buy. Any smartphone should work. I traded a Kyocera Hydro that I bought a long time ago with no problem. Go to the Verizon website and appraise the trade-in value of your phone. If the phone is on the list, it will more than likely work.

My phone doesn't show the $300 trade-in credit on the website!

You have to make sure you've indicated you want the 'Monthly Payment' under 'Device Options' OR you select the $23.00/month option when selecting the G4. YOU CANNOT PURCHASE THE PHONE FOR THE FULL RETAIL PRICE AND GET THE $300 TRADE-IN CREDIT!. Verizon's website clearly states "New device payment activation req'd", implying you cannot apply it to buying the phone outright.

My phone doesn't show the $300 trade-in credit in the store!
The rep needs to make sure all of the above criteria are matched first. When searching for the phone, the price will not update until the rep applies the trade-in credit.

I'm an existing Verizon customer, can I do this?

It may not be available to all plans, but you should be able to do this by adding a new line to your account.

Trouble applying promotional codes in-store???

TRY A DIFFERENT REP! It's not rocket science. Those who are successful with the deal in-store have reps who know how to apply promotional codes AND know how to apply the trade-in credit as a down payment. This is always YMMV, as some reps are always willing to make a sale, others are too concerned with making sales with too many promotions applied.

Can I pay the full retail price for the phone?

No. It only works for Monthly Device Payment. You can buyout the contract later.

Can I cancel Verizon service before the rebate is approved??

If you ordered online & have cancelled your account already, the $300 trade-in acct e-gift card balance can still be used to pay off the device. This works even if the eGC balance is less than the acct balance.
Written as if your acct has already been cancelled. Skip to next set of directions after Step#8 if acct is still active.
1-Call Gift card balance #800-876-4141
2-Press 1-Gift card balance
3-Enter gift card #
4-Press 4-Apply to bill
5-Enter phone number, even though it won't work as your # is disconnected. Press 1 for # being correct.
6-Press 4-Make payment on disconnected line
7-Enter ENTIRE account number including 0000s
8-Follow prompts to apply entire gift card or partial gift card amount.
9-System will give you confirmation# & remaining balance after gift card has been applied to account.

How to cancel a device purchased online and apply the $300 gift card.
1. Call *611
2. Enter account info/your SSN
3. Select option 2- Pay Bill through the automated system, No need to alert any reps.****Then, select option 3 - VZ's GC
4. Even with $0 Balance you can apply the $300 Gift card and you will end up with a Balance of -$300
5. Cancel Account and wait for final bill.

If your account is already canceled and want to check your balance go to -->

Rebate info
1. It has been confirmed that you can upload pictures of the UPC/IMEI along with pictures of the Verizon Invoice that came with the G4.
2. Avoid PDFs , use .jpeg No basis for this, PDF's work for multi page receipt - have 5 in paid status using PDF for that - I did JPG for IMEI.

The rebate language says 1 per household per person PER DEVICE. Long story short, buy them online 1 at a time, submit 1 trade in with each order, and submit the rebates one at a time. It's not a problem that they are on separate receipts. I know that's what it says, but it's nonsense. I speak from experience, and having actually read this entire thread...not just theorizing. Get to work.

First waivers from Oct have already been set to paid status with multiples of the same phone model. Granted they havent actually cut the check as its a very slow process.

[B] The Rebate From the extension period 10/30 - 11/15 Have some reports of being approved. This a YMMV depending on date of submission etc. One of ours was marked incomplete on Friday 11/20 and no email notification until Sunday 11/22 due to Upc and IMEI pic and was requested to be resubmitted by December,10th 2015
This was corrected with a quick phone call and Having them look into the documents that were originally submitted and overlooked and Instantly approved. Still waiting on the Email assuming it will take 24-48 hours like the original notification

Some $50 promotional codes to try are: <-- These codes do not work anymore on cheaper phones like Windows Lancet, may work on higher priced phones though

The LGG4SAVE promo code will work for online orders only. If you do this deal in-store, you may get a sales rep that is a stickler for rules and refuse to apply the code.
Use LGG4SAVE100B instead to get $100 OFF instantly on the LG G4 phone if you do this deal at a store.

I used these codes for iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, Lancet Windows (NOT android) and Galaxy Core Prime.
Please add other successful codes and phones to the list.

Because I got $400 applied instantly in the Verizon store, I was tempted to cancel service right away. I now have the recommendation to carry service for a minimum of 1 month to reduce the chance of Verizon claw backs on some of the credits they are giving out. The report was some people got an unexpected invoice. Total rumors, no invoices have been seen, final bills were just for service - from an in store order. Online orders show 1 month contract with up to $350 ETF - YMMV on that one, run @ your own risk

What is the $200 FIOS Discount and how can I apply it to my order?

"For existing Fios customers only. Limited-time offer. New Verizon Wireless account, 4G LTE smartphone activation with monthly device payment req'd. Only on smartphones $225 or more. $200 smartphone offer valid for up to 5 lines per account on same order."

Existing FIOS customers who have never activated a Verizon wireless account can receive a $200 discount ($1000 max on 5 lines). This discount can be applied on a maximum of 5 new lines only and the lines must be opened on the same day store visit. To qualify neither you nor any household members at the address have an active Verizon wireless account. Discount is applied by an in store representative after they enter your home address.

These work on Straight Talk ATT Sim at HSPA+ speed(5-8mb down 1-3mb up), LTE is YYMV based on a root, reflash, ROM load and bands available for service ect...
Global setting
Name: straighttalk
APN: tfdata
Proxy: not set
MMS proxy:
MMS Port: 80
Auth type: PAP
APN type: default,mms,supl,hipri,fota

For those that want more proof of rebate here is the link

Prepaid phones that can be used for trade-in:
$9.99 w/ free EXPEDITED shipping at Best Buy (system error is charging for expedited shipping, calling in the order allows them to remove the shipping charge):

How to match the empty recycling box to the correct trade-in phone
Go to and enter the submission ID from the email confirming your trade-in request submission and click 'Check Status' button. This will list the Make/Model of the trade-in phone. It will also show the order number. Match that order number from the website to the one listed on the paper Customer Receipt contained in the empty recycling box. You now have a match between the trade-in phone and the recycling box.

Port-out options, if one wants to port instead of cancel
Ringplus - free plan no cc required, will need esn to port out to, sprint phones others may work
Tmobile - Sim card no phone required, follow the activation process on the Sim package, select Pay As You Go plan $3/mo, stop when asking to fund the account because the porting process is now completed. - Requires SIM to be active to receive verification text or call

I ported nineteen lines from Verizon to Ring.To and Ring.To has suspended my account and now wants me to "prove where the numbers came from" before they will "consider reactivating the account." This occurred with ZERO prior notice to me. I tried signing in one day and it just said "user inactive." is the online submission site and mail pdf is attached.
Purchase by 11.15.2015 submit by 11.27.2015

Post multiple eGCs to account

Several methods are YMMV

1. Dial #GIFT from your VZ phone
2. Do it via the in store kiosk
3. Do it via online chat
4. I think you can also do it via the 800 # on the GC

Add eGC to account:
  • 1. Call *611 from your verizon phone <----------------- works as on 11/19/2015
  • 2. Enter account info
  • 3. Select Pay Bill through the automated system
  • 4. Even with $0 Balance you can apply the $300 Gift card and you will end up with a Balance of -$300

  • 1. Dial #gift from your verizon phone 《-------------------------- works as on 11/19/2015
  • 2. Select gift card balance.
  • 3. Enter gift card information
  • 4. After it reads you your balance it will ask if you want to apply balance to account. YES
  • 5. Should be added.
Telesales DO NOT process trade ins..They will send you a promo code via text to do your trade in since they have no way to process it over the phone.

If you are getting either of these messages (during credit card entry) while trying to place an online order then you probably have an existing account and all your lines are suspended. Un-suspend a line; wait an hour and then your order should go through
Oh no, something's wrong, try again in a few minutes. Or you can call us at (800) 755-8098.
We cannot process your credit card information as entered, please re-enter.

Trade In Department# (800) 416-8894

Fix for 4G LTE dropping to 3G ===>

Arbitration Verizon

There's only one sure way to hit Verizon where it hurts them the most.

Submit your dispute to: on this form or even without the form.

Select Arbitration. Wait 30 days. If you don't get a response, file arbitration at and ask for in-person arbitration.
Verizon is required to pay the cost of arbitration including the filing fee, if you ask for it in writing. Their cost is $3700 per case.
Be sure to ask for some type of "equitable relief" such as you want them to perform the remainder of the contract,
otherwise they'll transfer the case to small claims to avoid paying the arbitration fees.

They'll try to offer you $500 to go away - if that's close to the amount of lost gift cards, accept it; if not, reject and proceed to a hearing. -my2

Verizon Order via Xfinity to apply multiple GCs

Here is my write up on paying off your DPP through Xfinity.... Please feel free to point out if I missed something Big Grin

Go to
Select 'Buy Now' and ignore the promo listed as it has expired (but don't worry, more to come about this).
From this point on, make sure every time you make a selection and a new page loads that you see the 'Xfinity/Verizon Wireless' logo is at the top of the page (more on this later). Clicking that 'Buy Now' button should bring you to a log-in page. Enter your Verizon account info and sign in.
Now, select 'Device with Service'. This should bring you to a page showing all of your lines, devices attached and upgrade eligibility.
This is where it might get a little tricky depending on number of DPP's you have and if you have been moving SIM cards around between devices but in any case choose the line you believe the DPP you want to pay off by checking the Upgrade/Upgrade available box below the device and then select the red 'Continue' button.
You should now be on the page offering you the opportunity to 'Own your device and upgrade'. It will show the remaining amount owed for the DPP on that line. If the amount matches what you were expecting to pay then check off the box to select the payoff option and then select the red ' Continue' button.
You will now be sent to a page to select your new device. We have been selecting the 'Droid Mini' as it is the cheapest smartphone available this way ($108 or $4.50/mo for 24 months. You should do the same and then once again 'Continue'
Unless you want a different color than white (red and black are available) simply 'Add to Cart'
Now, just keep 'Continuing' through the various options presented to you such as protection plans. accessories, etc. you will eventually get to the 'Review you Order page' which will show lots of things but the important part is showing 'Device Buyout Pmt' which should be the amount of the DPP you are getting rid of and then the 'Total Due Today' which should be the DPP payout plus the tax due on the new Droid Mini. *** You can attempt to add the 'UPGRADE' promo code on this page. It will accept it but for many it does not reduce the amount for the phone*** If that is correct select the red 'Continue' button.
You now will be agreeing to your new DPP contract, it will show the terms for the mini at $108 spread over 24 months which works out to $4.50/mo. unless the UPGRADE code worked for you then terms will be $8 spread over 24 months which equals $0.33/mo. Check off the ' I have read and agree' box accepting their terms and then the red 'Continue' button.
You are finally at the payment page, look for 'Select payment type' and change to 'Gift Card'. If the amount you are paying off is more than $300 you have to change the payment amount field to $300 (amount available on your gift card) then add the card number and PIN info, check the box agreeing to their terms and then click the red 'Submit' button. You should get a popup saying 'partial payment accepted'.
Now, you should be seeing the same payment page again but with a $300 lesser amount due. Follow the same steps as above, if the amount due is less than $300 then simply enter your second gift cards info. Before you select 'Submit' ***Important*** please make sure you still have the same Xfinity/Verizon Wireless' logo at top of screen. Once you select 'Submit' you are finalizing your order. Reason for watching the logo is that if present you have done the transaction thru Xfinity and qualify for their rebate program. Current terms say you will receive a $50 visa card for an upgrade (which you are doing) though some have received more, even up to $200 back which more than covers the price of the droid mini. You can check status of the rebate process via this link Be patient with checking this as it is not even close to being updated regularly, it is showing 'no order found' for me on orders placed 4 days ago and on another they have shipped the card even though I haven't had the phone long enough for it to get to that stage (they wait 14 days before progressing as that is the window for returning the device).
Check your order conformation email, if it lists the 'Location Code' as E184001 then you went through the proper procedure to qualify for the Xfinity gift card. Anything else means the proper referral code was not sent when you placed your order, Xfinity gets nothing and you get nothing Frown
Once you get new phone you need to activate it to complete the rebate process. Seems like a lot of work but now you can pay off the new DPP directly thru the Verizon website without buying a new phone though you will be probably be limited to paying them off one per day per gift card (just got to this point so not positive).

Hope this helps and good luck! -MachVii

Check status of your Comcast gift card


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Quote from Kamyl View Post :
The LG G4 $200 rebate October promotion ended 10/29, but there may be another one coming up soon. The excess value of the gift card can be applied to the 2nd phone. It's easier at the store with the right rep because you do it then and there and get the phones and the gift cards. Doing it online, you have to send the trade-in phones and wait for the gift cards. That can take a week or more. Also wait for the G4 phones to be shipped to you (usually 2 days delivery).
What I meant was I can go to the store get the codes right then and there while trading the phones in the store. Come home and through one of the cash back websites purchase the phone online and use the gift card Codes I received in store. Is this possible?
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Can anyone tell me how to port to prepaid Tmobile online instead of calling?
I think this is a question a lot of us want to know. Thanks
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Hinata rocks!!
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Quote from AlyJ View Post :
What I meant was I can go to the store get the codes right then and there while trading the phones in the store. Come home and through one of the cash back websites purchase the phone online and use the gift card Codes I received in store. Is this possible?
Not possible. The trade in is for opening a new line. You'll need to buy the phone at the store to get the $300 trade in credit.
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Plus thousands for a Verizon contract
Reply Helpful Comment? 3 1
the other thread had lots more info. no need to start another one for the same exact deal
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Wow this got extended.amazing.also number 4 is not real about 30 day usage
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Quote from bdunni View Post :
Plus thousands for a Verizon contract
Read first maybe? This is not a subsidized phone and there is no contract.
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Quote from Wesociety View Post :
Has anyone successfully performed the following, with or without issues? Do tell!

1) Purchased new LG G4 on a new line, applied $100 promo code, applied $300 trade in credit as down payment on DPP.
2) Submitted $200 rebate, waited a few days for rebate to be approved and then...
3) Cancelled the new line of service. Swapped SIM card from another line of service into the LG G4 and started using it on the other line.
Sorry went ahead and read through responses before replying. I have done almost exactly that. Purchased, applied coupon and DPP. Submitted rebate, paid off DPP and canceled in meantime. Rebate was still approved. Spoke with Verizon rep, no etf no obilgation past DPP. Once fufilled free and clear. Traded phone for a Note 4 with someone ina corporate store, employee again reiterated phone was free and clear, person popped out the sim, threw his in and was good to go. Hope that helps people.

Edit: First CSR was via phone during cancellation, second was in-store, also store where phone was purchased two days earlier.
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Quote from Kamyl View Post :
Not possible. The trade in is for opening a new line. You'll need to buy the phone at the store to get the $300 trade in credit.
I understand. The problem which I am facing is that I am new in the USA. Not a citizen and don't have credit history went to verizon yesterday they refused my credit line and can't open a account with them. I can only get pre paid which doesn't have the option of $300 gc. Hate my self and this stupid verizon system
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Last edited by AlyJ October 31, 2015 at 09:56 AM.
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Hinata rocks!!
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Quote from smachine View Post :
the other thread had lots more info. no need to start another one for the same exact deal
Yes, i know.. but BY THE POWERS THAT BE THIS ONE WAS CREATED. Teehee Crylol Wink
This one was updated with the new info.
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Last edited by Kamyl October 31, 2015 at 09:56 AM.
Quote from gocint View Post :
Thank you ! Were you able to pay the balance off using the gift card ?
I didn't try yet! But I think I can't pay off using just the 300$ because my balance will be > 450$; I might have to cancel the connection and pay using the GC and credit card!
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Quote from carbz23 View Post :
ended up receiving the trade in credit as credit to my account instead of off the DPP. Will the credit be taken off my final bill after I cancel?
I purchased the G4 and an iPhone 6s on 10/28. They had to ship the G4 and I just activated it yesterday. All of this was done on a new account. Here's what's happened to me so far:

The iPhone was activated on 10/28 and I got the eGift card via email within 24 hours

Took the G4 in and activated it last night. Still waiting on the eGift card.

Funny thing is, I also noticed a $300 bill credit when I logged into my online account for the first time and my current balance is -$206. WTF!?! I never entered the code from the email anywhere. Where does VZW get off just applying my gift card as they see fit. I don't think it's from the G4 I just activated yesterday as it specifically states 'trade in credit for (iPhone line #) on 10/28. I haven't tried using the gift card code yet as I'm waiting for the 2nd code to buyout both devices. Anyone else had this issue?
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Can someone comment on this:

1) Go to verizon store
2) open account and tell them NOT to run my credit score
3) trade in a working shitty phone worth less than $5
4) Tell them to apply the code: LGG4SAVE or LGG4SAVE100
5) Choose the cheapest plan ($50)
6) tell them to apply the $300 credit to the LG G4 phone
7) Pay the total bill ($200 after everything like activation and taxes, first month etc)
8) go home apply for the $200 rebate visa card
9) call up verizon saying I want to cancel the account
10) pay up the remaining balance on the phone (??? how much?)
11) get rebate visa card

Can anyone tell me the true full monetary cost of this?
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