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Meijer Discounts, Deals and Coupon Codes

Official Meijer Grocery Store Thread (deals & discussion)

g33kychick 1,516 2,042 July 20, 2008 at 10:49 PM in Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV) (9) More Meijer Deals

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Meijer stores can be found in:

Ads run:
Sunday to Saturday

Indianapolis Area - Thursday - Wednesday

Ads run:
Dayton Area - Sunday to Saturday

Ads run: Lexington-Sunday to Saturday


Ads run: Thursday to Wednesday

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Current Catalina Deals - Information!
In expiration date order..
11/20 - 12/10 Meijer Laundry products: bleach, liquid/powder laundry deterget, fabric softener, starch, stain removal,prewash. B$5 G $1; B$10 G $3 oyn total laundry care purchase. Signage
11/21 - 12/19 Uncle Ben's Flavored Grains Rice. B2 G .75; B3 F $1 oyno. Printout
10/30 - 12/24 Norelco/Sonicare B $50 G $5 oyno. Printout
10/31 - 12/25 Iams Canned Dog Food. B2 G .50; B3 G .75; B4 G $1 oyno. Printout
11/28 - 12/25 Glade products, exc solid air freshener and 8 oz room spray. B2 G $1; B3 G $2; B+ G $3 oyno. Printout
11/28 - 12/25 Windex B 2+ G $1.50 oyno. Exc. t s. Printout.
11/28 - 12/25 Pledge B1 G .75; B2 G $2 oyno Printout
11/28 - 12/25 SB toilet cleaning products B1 G .75; B2 G $1.75; B3 G $3 oyno. Printout.
11/28 - 12/25 McCafe ground coffee or k-cups pods 4 oz.+ B2 G $2; B3 G $3; B4+ G $4 oyno. Printout
11/28 - 12/25 Pepcid, Immodium, Lactaid Fast Act. B1 G $1; B2 G $4; B3 G $8 oyno. Printout
11/28 - 12/25 Nestea Ice Tas 1/2 liter 12 pk. B 1 G .25; B2 G $1.25; B3 G $2.25 oyno. Printout
12/4 - 12/31 Spice Islands spices/herbs B2 G $2; B3 G $3.50; B4 G $5 oyno. Printout.


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Quote from BSmoronDetector View Post :
I forgot to check out the Visa gift cards today, but I don't believe they require registration unless you want to use it online. If the back of the card says it's activated upon purchase, or a few hours after purchase, then you probably don't have to register it. I think it starts to deduct a $2.50 fee after 6-7 months though.

Bestlife was fully stocked today with the 0.99 sign. Cashier had a bad attitude since the coupon beeps for "coupon exceeds item price" but she put it through.

Ronzoni Healthy Harvest was completely, entirely cleaned out. (sigh)

Reps to anyone who can answer the question below: I went to the Pharmacy with a prescription and told them, I know it's a free antibiotic, but since the free meds don't qualify for the $10 offer, I want to pay for it through my insurance. Well after I got all my groceries together, the pharmacist (not a pharm tech) came at me with a very nasty tone and said I can't use the $10 coupon with a free med. I said it is not free, I am paying part of it, and the insurance is paying the rest. She practically screamed at me that they are not getting paid for it. I calmly explained, that I understand I am only paying 1.xx, but the insurance is paying 11.xx, so they are getting paid around $13 in the end, whereas they get paid NOTHING through the free program. Meijer has to eat the cost for the free meds, as opposed to a net $3 gain if she lets me pay for it. And she came at me with the same nasty tone saying "WE ARE NOT GETTING PAID FOR IT". Then she claimed it was corporate policy, that any med that is available free, MUST be processed under the Meijer free med program. Is anyone able to verify this one way or another? I don't see anything written on the Meijer site.
Ouch. I feel for u regarding the pharmacist treating you this way. I recommend you calling or writing Meijer Corporate (put it in writing) and state the poor reception, exactly the store, date, & approximate hour you visited the store, this way the Rx top person can locate who treated you poorly. Wow, now thats not Customer Service, even if they refused to "let you pay" for the drug (which I believe is their policy ***they can't charge some customers, and then charge you, for a FREE drug on the LIST, i do know that*** Another idea is only contact the Store Manager/Director of the place you shopped at, & tell her/him the way you were disrespected, you may get a Gift Card for just explaining how poorly you were treated.
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7/4 -
Hidden Valley Ranch 16oz bottle - Sale $2.50

*$1 off 1 printable here [] (hidden valley ranch site)
*MBQ $1 off 3
Kc Masterpiece Original Bbq Sauce 18 Oz. - Sale $1.25
*May 9 SS coupon - $1 off 1
*MBQ $1 off 2
Motts Applesauce Cup 6-4 Oz or 64 Oz. Bottles - Sale $1.67
*$1 off 2 MBQ
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The kikkoman site has a Q for Free Ponzu sauce wyb any kikkoman sauce. Has anyone tried to see if it will work to buy 1 teriyaki, 1 ponzu, then use the $1 off teriyaki and the free ponzu Q, and still get a $1 cat for next time? That would make it a MM wyb 2 bottles.
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I would suggesting printing or saving as PDF the KC Masterpiece MBQ as the last time they ran this offer, they yanked that Q on Monday.
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Quote from angeloeyes View Post :
7/4 -
Hidden Valley Ranch 16oz bottle - Sale $2.50

*$1 off 1 printable here [] (hidden valley ranch site)
*MBQ $1 off 3
I registered at hiddenvalley but don't see a coupon.
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Quote from splath View Post :
I registered at hiddenvalley but don't see a coupon.
It's been a long time since I registered, but I thought they e-mailed it to you.
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Nope, nothing in my email either. Just a welcome to hidden valley email.
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I've noticed lately that on this forum, very minimal feedback &/or replies. I went to Meijer store yesterday, used very few coupons for food items, bought a few items that generated CATS (Betty Crocker Buy 5 Fruit Roll-ups & Get $3.50 CAT. The casher running the self-scanners, she came over and told me I couldn't use my $3.50 CATS off my separate non-food items. I was furious to say the least! What's happening with Meijer customer service? Please HELP here, should I complain to whom, Store Manager? I've had always positive interactions with the same Cashier, but maybe she was told that ppl that 'earn' CATS must leave the store and return to use the CATS? The scanner was working very poorly, & it took me twice the time to scan each item & I had a cart full of food & non-food items. I am thinking about shopping at other grocery stores more often, and just foregoing buy items that generate Catalinas! Any comments would be appreciated. Has others had this kind of experience at Meijers? The store accross the street accepts my coupons, and their scanners work marvelous~ !!! Might be shopping at one of their competitors.
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I have never had problems before at Meijer but I know a lot of people that do. As far as not being able to use the Catalinas on the next order...some managers allow this and some don't. Some of them say they're to be used on the next trip.

If I were you, I'd start with the store manager and see where you get. I don't really think going to corporate is the thing to do right off the bat, unless the management in that store is just unreasonable. My guess is that the manager has no clue what happened to you. Give them a call, and keep us posted!
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Cat usage is ALWAYS YMMV. It depends on the cashier, the alignment of the stars (or so it seems sometimes!!), and a million other factors.

Just take note of what cashiers give you a hassle and avoid their checkout lanes. Sometimes trying to do lots of multiple orders it what gets their attention. I know it's a pain, but sometimes you have to do half, or a third of your shopping, then take you items to the car. Then go back in for the rest of it.

If you are trying to shop a certain Meijer, maybe you can PM others that shop in your area and ask them if they have the same troubles.
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Quote from HollyGolightly View Post :
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I have not been to Meijer in over two of my last visits I had to send a a reply and said they would send it to the store manager....that is as far as it went. Keep checking my email and no response. I don't care for that kind of CS.
I have taken my business to Walmart. They are right across the street. They have blue bunny ice cream at 2.50 and there is a 1.00 coupon on-line. That makes for some cheap ice cream.
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Last edited by sullivan1918 July 5, 2010 at 10:33 AM.

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To clarify, I only completed two transactions: one food transaction that generated CATS (two $3.50), and one non-food transactions. I used a self-scanner that was working poorly & the Cashier had to come over & help it work (a few times). I used very few coupons on this trip. At the end of my food order, she said, aren't you going to scan the other items in, & I said, "no"; separate transactions. Then, when I scanned my non-food items in, my CATS were not deducting correctly, thats when the horrible Cashier came over and began to berate me for using CATS. I DO plan to call the Meijer Store I shop at frequently, explain what occurred, & tell them I may just switch to their competitors due to their self-scanners not working properly (slow & malfunctioning), to their nazi cashier...telling me i can't use PROPERLY earned Catalina's. Even my very few coupons, she gazed at (these came off the COMBO's bags, $1.00 off/2 bags....I bought 6 bags, so I had 3 cpns). I am going to make my complaint known today !
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