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The Drug Store / Grocery Store COUPON ONLY TRADING Thread

hawaiiandawn 13,693 9,954 July 24, 2008 at 12:56 PM in Coupon (4) More Slickdeals Deals

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Last Edited by nuffsaid February 16, 2012 at 10:17 PM
This thread is for TRADING COUPONS & REBATES ONLY as they pertain to Drugstore (DS) or Grocery Store shopping.

In other words, no Hertz Rental Car q's because you can't rent a car at the DS or Grocery store. No gift card trading nor stamp trading nor code trading etc... This thread is meant for coupons and rebates (DS and grocery items) only. All trades of DS or Grocery Store coupons will now go here.*

*Please see the official rules -- trades of ANY coupon will still be allowed in the Official Trading Thread in Freebies.

If you want to give your q's away without a trade, please see this thread:

A very special thank you to Slayers and Kel_Be for coordinating things and letting us have this thread in the DS/G Forum. Clap

Let the DS/Grocery trades begin!!




Please politely remind those that want to trade gift cards and/or other things (below $5.00) to use the Official Trading Thread.

Users have the right to trade coupons in either subforum without hassle.


The trading of all other coupons (i.e. xx% off Hertz Rent-a-Car) and gift cards shall be continued to be done at the Official Trading Thread in the Freebies Subforum.

** The Official List of Rules **

1. If there is a problem with your trade, or the person you are trading with you need to work it out on your own and in PRIVATE. Moderators will not be getting involved.

2. You must list the amounts on the coupon and description of the coupon you are trading.

3. Coupons carry a value of only 1/20 of 1 cent. Therefore, they are OK if the Offer amount exceeds $5. (This means if you trade 20 coupons it is counted as $0.01)


5. Keep the chit chat to a very low minimum, so it does not clutter the board!

6. PLEASE edit your original post when what you were offering for trade is gone (just GONE is fine!)

7. Do NOT offer money of any kind! It's a self promotion for personal gain (monetary gain), and it's not allowed! Money cannot exchange hands between SD members. This is includes PMs, posts, or any other forms of communication on SD!

8. You cannot ask for money/Pay Pal in "exchange". That is selling, and is not allowed here. Same for referrals! You cannot have people take part in referrals as part of your "trade".

9. There will be no discussing about bad traders or even the hint of discussing about bad traders. This does nothing more than to cause the threads here to go off topic and cause a lot of drama.

10. You cannot negatively bash a "bad trader" in your signature, or anywhere else on This is considered a personal attack and/or harassment.

11. You can only "bump" your trade list once in a 24hr period.

12. Trading stamps is not allowed!

13. Rite Aid Video Value coupons are NOT allowed to be traded because they have your name on them and thus are non-transferable.

Special thanks to kel_be for helping me out with the rules here and for providing a template for the rules.

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Last Edited by tn_native June 6, 2014 at 11:01 AM
Include the SOURCE of the coupons you request.
Not many folks will go out of their way to find it for you otherwise.


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Anybody wants to trade 2 Proglide $4 Q (100712 RP) with mine 2 $12.99 Silk Hydro Razor Q (its a buy refill get razor upto $12.99 free)? PM me.
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I am looking for method hand soap coupon $1/1, expires 11-30-12.

I can print nexus ip from 3 computers, have method laundry peelies.
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Multiples of Pantene BOGO

Have: (2) CVS 4 OFF 20
(20) 10/7 SS inserts
(13) 9/30 SS inserts
I have a few of the PG inserts.

LMK what you are looking for.

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$2/1 Olay Complete Facial Moisturizer, Daily Facial, or Olay Cleansers (9/30 P&G)
Buy Olay Facial Cleanser, Get $2 off Bath Bar, Body Wash, or Lotion (9/30 P&G)
Dove Men BW $2/1
Nexxus $3/1 IP/TP
CVS $4/20
PF $1/1
PF Eye Serum TMF
Similac $5 checks

Biore $5/1 (ex. 10/15..can send out tomorrow 10/10)
Huggies Little Snugglers $2.50/1
PF UP TO 25 Back
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Last edited by oxymoronx October 10, 2012 at 05:16 PM.
trade completed, thanks
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Last edited by opal258 October 12, 2012 at 09:29 AM.
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this is my user title
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10/7 SS
Mentos $1/2 45pc+ bottles dnd (12/9/12)

9/30 RP
POND'S $1/1 cream, towelettes or cleansing product (10/28/12)
Robitussin $3/1 exp 11/14

9/30 PG
Vicks ZZZquil, $1/1 (10/31/12)

Chinet plates or napkins $1/1,
Coke 2L .50/1 hangtags x12/31/12
Crystal Light $1/1 tearpad or Facebook
IAMS wet dog food can 12.3 oz+, $1.50/1, package insert, (x6/30/13)
Ortega $1/2,
Pop Secret $1/2
Puffs, .75/1 from Target notebooks
Rice Dream $1/1
SOBE, Vitamin Water or Fuze, B1G1, x 12/31/12

Target coupons:
$x/xx anything
Pharmacy gift card coupons
C9 sports apparel or shoes $3/1 (excludes accessories and socks)
Iams $3/1

Bayer Advanced @ CVS .99 or anything similiar

9 Lives dry cat food, $1/1, 3.15 lb+, x12/2/12
Allegra, $4/1, 30 ct+ / Allegra-D 24 hr 10ct+ or 12 hr 20ct+, x10/31/12 IP
Allegra, $2/1, 5, 12 or 15ct / Children's Allegra-D 24 hr 5ct or 12 hr 10ct, x10/31/12 IP
Avent multi-pack BPA-free baby bottles, $3/1, x12/10/12 IP
Avent pacifier pack, $1/1, x12/10/12 IP
Buitoni Frozen All Natural Pasta, $1/1, x10/29/12 IP
Butterball Sweet Onion or Original Seasoned Frozen Turkey Burgers, $1.50/1, x10/31/12 IP
Centrum Silver multivitamin, $1.75/1, x12/10/12 IP
Chock full o'Nuts package, .75/1, x10/15/12
Desitin, $1/1 ets, x10/16/12 IP
Dial for Men speed foam body wash, $1/1, 11/12/12 IP
Duncan Hines simple mornings muffins, .75/1, x10/31/12 IP
Equal classic, .50/1 115ct+, x11/12/12 IP
Folgers Gourmet Selections coffee, $1/1, x11/12/12 IP
Gerber Organic Pouches, .85/6, x11/12/12 IP
Gevalia Coffee, $1/2, 12 oz, x11/12/12 IP
Haagen-Dazs frozen yogurt flavors, $1.10/4 14oz only, x11/12/12 IP
Haagen-Dazs sorbet flavors, $1.10/4 14oz only, x11/12/12 IP
(2) Hallmark $2/3 cards, min $2 purchase, x11/1/12 IP
Johnson's Baby powder, $1/1, 15 oz+ x10/16/12 IP
Kellogg's Apple Jacks, Corn Pops and/or Froot Loops, $1/3, x10/16/12 IP
Kellogg's cereal, 2 pkgs, any 10 oz+, AND $2 gallons of milk, $2 x3/31/13
Kellogg's cereal, buy 3 pkgs and save $1 on fresh eggs, x3/31/12
Kellogg's Crunchy Nut cereals, 10 oz+, $1/2 x3/31/12
Kellogg's Fiber Plus cereals, 11.5 oz+, $1/2 x3/31/12
Kikkoman sauces and marinades, $1.25/3, x11/12/12 IP
MIO liquid water enhancer, $1/2, x11/12/12
Mitchum, $1.50/2, x10/21/12
Monistat, $2/1, any, x3/31/13 IP
Nestle Coffee-Mate liquid flavored, or original creamers, 16 oz+ excl natural bliss, $1/4 x11/12/12 IP
Philips Norelco SensoTouch Raxor 3D, $20/1, x12/10/12 IP
Philips Norelco shaving replacement head, $5/1, x12/10/12 IP
(15+) Post It flags or tabs, $1 off $3 x12/31/12
Pure Via, .50/1, any size, x11/12/12 IP
(2) Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight, $1.50/1, 3.15 lb+, x12/31/12
Purina cat canned food, .80/3 3oz, any variety, x11/12/12 IP
Purina Chef Michael's wet dog food, $1/6, 3 oz, x11/12/12 IP
Purina Chef Michael's dry dog food, $1/1, 4.5 lb+ x11/12/12 IP
Purina kitten chow or cat chow, $1/2 3 lb+, x11/12/12 IP
Purina Dog Chow, $1/1, 8 lb+, x11/12/12 IP
(2) Scotch magic tape one-handed tape dispenser, $1/1 x10/31/12
(15+) Scotch pop-up refillable deskgrip dispenser, $1/1, x12/31/12
(2) Scotch pop up tape product $1/1 x10/31/12
(15+) Scotch precision scissors $1/1, x12/31/12
(15+) Scotch restickable product, $1/1, x12/31/12
Skittles or Starburst Jellybeans Grab & Go 24ct packs, $1.50/2 x11/12/12 IP
Soothing Care, $2/1, x3/31/13 IP
Suavitel Fabric Conditioner .50/1, 56 oz+, x12/31/12
(2) Suavitel Ultra Concentrated Fabric Conditioner .50/1, 44 oz+, x12/31/12
Systane family, $2/1 any, x1/31/13 IP
Velveeta loaf, $1/2 1-2 lbs, x11/12/12 IP
Velveeta shells & cheese dinner, $1/2 9.4-12oz, x11/12/12 IP

TARGET coupons:
Arm & Hammer carpet deodorizer, 30oz+, .50/1 x12/31/12
Arm & Hammer pet care item (dog/puppy floor pads or clumping cat litter) $1/1, x12/31/12
Coricidin, 16-20ct, $2/1, x12/31/12
Ensure, 4-16pk, $2/1, x12/31/12
Iams wet cat food, 3 oz, buy 3 get 1 free, x10/29/12
Starbucks Pumpkin Spice latte, B1G1 free, x10/29/12

Also have insert Qs, just ask!
plus others, just let me know what you want, including printables!

Certifect for Dogs MIR up to $12
(3) Eclos MIR save up to $12.50
Frontline Plus or Top Spot MIR
Iams proof of purchase
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Last edited by clipandshare October 11, 2012 at 10:47 AM. Reason: updated wants
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IDSO: Smithfield $2 pork coupon from 10/7 SS insert.

HAVE: MANY copies of each insert - please let me know what you are wanting. THANKS!
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I may not publicly thank someone, but I rep instead!

Smilieheart SLickCate made me BOLD!!! heartSmilie

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ISO as many $3/1 Nexxus IP as i can
please let me know what do you need. TIA
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Last edited by save4sure October 10, 2012 at 11:06 PM.
idso the digiorno b2g1f printable that i somehow missed!

can print 2 other ip's or lmk what you are looking for!
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Last edited by nikhi October 11, 2012 at 12:11 PM. Reason: Traded.
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Looking for (2) Advil Rebate forms from this upcoming Sunday's insert. Please

Let me know what you need. I can print from 8 computers.
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Some people need a sympathetic pat on the head ... with a hammer.
(4) $5/1 any Enfagrow product IP X 10/21/12
$6/2 Schick disposables IP X 10/26/12
$4 gillette fusion proglide X 11/30/12
"Buy Schick refill, get razor up to $12.99 free"
Can print 5 sets from
Can print 2 sets from every other location

Looking for (most are NLA):
**$6/1 Schick hydro silk refill from facebook**
$3/1 Nexxus various sources
$4/1 schick quattro for her (
$1/1 hormel compleats ( NLA
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Looking for 9 x $2 L'Oreal Everpure/evercream.... from RP 9/9.

I have $1/1 SBUX Refresher TP and $1/1 POM juice TP(exp 12/31/12.)
Let me know what else you are looking for.
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Have: Lot of Qs, just ask
Want: Any Sport drink coupons (Gatorade, Powerade...) $1 Cracker : Wheat Thin/Ritz/Premium...; Box tops for education Campbell labels for education UPCs from soups, gold fish, crackers,

traded. thanks!
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Last edited by comp199 October 11, 2012 at 03:53 PM.
IVDSO: Formula checks, MCR codes and receipts with P&G.

PM me for trade!

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iso: target gc with NEW rx

have: too much to list.. inserts.. non
just tell me what you are iso
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always looking for Amazon.. coke cards .. Frees..Staples 25 /75..E bay codes .. best buy rz
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