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Oral-B Pro 5000 Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth by Braun $97 - $15 instant coupon = $82 + FS @amazon

wookv25 247 334 September 13, 2016 at 07:15 AM in Toothpaste & Toothbrushes (10) More Amazon Deals
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Amazon has the Oral-B Pro 5000 SmartSeries Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth Connectivity Powered by Braun []

The white is available for $97.50, there is a link to clip an instant $15 coupon bringing it to $82.50 with free shipping.
$97.50 is the lowest price amazon ever sold it for according to the camel price tracker.
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Seems this still has the same Ni-Cd battery as the old ones. Same complaints. My oral-B needed a solder job to remove and replace a failing 1-2 day battery.

Am I a conspiracy theorist in that they don't use Lithium Ion for fear of losing sales or does that just make me a skeptic?
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I think we've gotten to the point of going full retard on this whole "Internet of things" deal. What's next to get bluetooth connectivity? Tampons? Tic-tacs?
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I hate how this stuff is not world compatible anymore. Have to buy a 220v charger.
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I think I read somewhere that these had lithium at first or one model did but they went back to ni-mh(because lithium can overdischarge which will kill the battery life cycles and its risky cause lithium batteries can catch fire and explode and a device like this where its next to your cheeks thats super risky notice Samsung(I love Samsung I want them to destroy Apple unless Wozniak was put in charge once again he was totally right about headphone jack cause wired audiophile iem is the future)galaxy note 7 had to recall over 2 million devices and its actually hurting their stock by double digit percentages) they are metal hydride not nickel cadmium which is newer than ni-cd.

You can solder this yourself there are tons of teardown videos online and they show you what to do step by step plus you can buy the panasonic, who bought them from sanyo who makes eneloops(the pinnacle brand in terms of performance in the nimh market) now branded panasonic, these are self discharge nickel metal hydride commercial grade batteries for manufacturers which are sold in bulk and cheaper(generic industrial green sleeve often with black bars on it be careful there are many fakes of panasonic industrial nimh cause they are one of the best nimh on the market) and often without the plus and minus charging tabs on the ends often they just weld a flat wire lead onto the terminals and you can buy them on amazon with this tab already welded on so all you have to do is solder it in( it is very hard to solder onto the end of a battery without the + or - cap because the battery has too much liquid mass connected to the metal and you will just damage the liquid chemicals inside the battery before you get the surface hot enough to solder; so the caps have to be microwelded(or the new thing is ultrasonic weld that would work on batteries too) on which is higher heat and faster and often doesnt involve any filler metal you just micro spot weld the cap or tab to the battery end metal).

My Oral-B 4000 same as 5000, just minus the brush timer to tell u when to switch mouth sections, the baterry died down some so I have to always leave it on the charger now but it still works as long as it continuously charges. Low Self Discharge(LSD nimh) batteries like eneloops hold their charge cause they feed the discharge into recharging the battery so the charge will hold for years these regular nickel metal hydrides without this feature often will charge to higher voltages with more capacity(more mah) but they discharge within a day or 2 if not sittng on the charger.

Still these are the best toothbrushes on the market they will polish your teeth its not like regular brushing if all you have ever had is a regular tooth brush its far beyond that level of clean, faster, and you only have to use like half a pea of toothpaste even if your a big guy like me(I have big teeth too). It is 2016 if you dont have an electric toothbrush you are in the stone age or your parents are cheap and abusive. Of course I got 2 of these 1 I haven even used for 15 bucks off the deals 5-6 years ago and those never came back around a few years ago these were on deal for 40 bucks but the deals on these get far and fewer between also the brush heads are not cheap and you dont want to use the generic "compatibles" you want the official braun ones and the floss action are the best ones the round floss actions not the bighead ones dont get the other ones the floss action is by far the best one the others dont get the penetration between the teeth that the floss actions do and the brush heads are on deal regularly.

Ok things to realize incase u didnt read that cause your lazy its self discharge regular nickel metal hydride battery nimh if you leave it off the charger for 2 days the battery will fully discharge this is the normal operation of this battery you have to keep the brush on the charger at all times. It is best to store nimh batteries in a fully charged state this is the healthiest state for long life thats why you want to buy Low Self Discharge batteries like Eneloops if you buy nimh batteries and keep them topped up when stored and retopped every year or so, also if you have a device with a small led light running off multiple nimh AAs then you might want to charge it before it fully discharges if that led light will run on those AAAs for years so they spend most of their life near a full charge state and last longer.

If it wont hold charge even when on the charger for hours then you need to replace the battery watch teardown videos order a panasonic industrial nimh(I dont know what happens if you put an eneloop or lsd nimh in there I may try it when mine dies so it will hold charge but the voltage or capacity may be too low for optimal operation plus the one already in there is a specific non commercial size I forget what this is guides or teardown videos will tell you which one it is or you can find the amazon pages and look up battery sizes and figure it out), and solder it in yourself soldering on parts that have never been soldered is about having a good soldering iron like the hakko fx-888 deal(from frys every few months for 70$) plus the hakko tip cleaner(get a used one on ebay rotating brass brushes) and the hakko tip polish paste tin(do not cheap out here and get another brand if this is hard to find I went to frys of course they didnt have it and the sales associate was a clueless kid and I got another one and it ate through the copper tip of of an 80w soldering iron I had burned a chunk clean out of it also the hakko soldering tip is high performance because it is a highly engineered sandwhich of specialized metal alloys thats why the tip reheats so fast and the soldering iron functions so well never use that cheap tip polish on your hakko)(watch those product videos to see how to use) and some good silver solder on parts that have never been soldered slather the part u want soldered in preferably liquid flux(electronic rosin flux get a thicker one and then some needle squeeze bottles off ebay(they are also of the plastic that holds acetone) if you need it more precise than the brush) get solder on the tip of your clean soldering iron tip and then the solder once you hold it to the 2 pieces to be soldered once they heat the SOLDER WILL FLOW AND REPLACE THE FLUX. The secrets to soldering are cleaned tip with tip cleaner and tip polish no black oxidation from the air on your soldering iron, solder avoids oxidation like water and teflon, and clean new parts slathered in flux and the solder will flow to where the flux was and replace it once the iron heats everything up(hold the iron and the tip and or the solder blob on the tip so it has maximum surface area contact on the part to be heated and soldered or it will heat slowly which can cause damage cause heated too long or it wont get hot enough for the solder to flow liquid). Soldering is a pain because often for most things you need 3 or 4 hands and you only have 2 you can get a cheap table vise off ebay made of aluminum for 10 or 15 bucks or you can google a device called a third hand but I like the vise better. If you have never soldered or seen it done there are tons of videos on youtube so you can watch basic soldering techniques but often they never say that solder replaces flux or that if the soldering iron is hot it is continually building black oxidation on the tip from water or other particles in the air and once anything becomes oxidized the soldering iron and its tip become completely useless until you clean it off and the best way is with hakko tip polish and slow turning brass brushes you can buy dremel brass brushes(off ebay from china but that will take 2 weeks to get here as well) and use a power drill if you are super cheap but if you have to do this inbetween every solder joint you will find the hakko tip cleaner faster easier and indispensable.

Oral B Teardown guide video Notice how dirty and oxidized his soldering iron is dude needs tip cleaner...... like his jazz track tho.....

The size to get is close to old single A 17x50mm or sub c 22x42 I think the battery size is 17mmx42mm or 17x50mm and 2000mah or 2700mah respectively Nickel MetalHydride(nimh) make sure you get one with tabs already welded on figuring out a welding solution is not easy.
The battery the video guy is selling but its not the official panasonic but has the tabs pre welded see its not a regular commercial size it might be a sanyo but I doubt it those are probably all gone unless he stocked up
These will give you idea not gonna tell you which one cause I dont have time to check for fakes make sure you check the pic for fake and that the one you receive matches the pic or check it for fake as well
Looks like panasonic may have changed to an orange sleeve on their industrial batteries since last time I checked

Hakko FX-888

Hakko FT-700 Tip Cleaner good deal right now.... plus tip cleaning paste plus replacement brass brushes

Solder Flux liquid MG and GC are good There is gel(paste) flux that can be useful also if you need it to stick but its a little pricier than liquid + needle bottle.

Try to find some 3% 4% silver solder on discount doesnt matter how old it is if its old u might get a good deal just make sure its not plumbing solder..... electronics solder. 60/40 lead solder or anything I'm sure is fine too but silver I think has a litle higher performance which probably means little for THIS project....

Needle bottles ones like these I know the yellow needle ones can even hold acetone must be hdpe(high density poly ethylene) or something similar

Im sure you can find packs of multiples too for cheap

Vise I like this one bomb proof ive tightened it down hard and the aluminum clamp never broke been using it like 8 years
there is also one with a suction cup base that others like but I like mine anchored to the edge of the table better for clamping wires when you twist them into cable with drill chuck.....
these small cheap ones will do in a pinch too but not articulating
soft jaws look interesting too jaws on that vise are 3" these are 4.5 but you could just cut them with some diamond cutoff wheels and a dremel the rubber jaws arent stiff enough for some jobs and warp over time aluminum soft jaws look interesting too or you could probably just peel the rubber off these(you will need that aluminum backed rubber for gripping clear coat painted audio connectors) of course these being magnetic arent going to work on a aluminum vise but they have the right shape.... too bad... maybe you could drill into the vise head and install a cylindrical neodymium magnet but that may weaken it too much probably best just to look for different softjaws but i dont have time right now

Diamond Cutoff Wheels(not real diamond they would melt probably HSS but still long life whatever it is) 40mm size is best bang for buck

5 second fix good where u need to install electrical insultation to stop eletrical contact probably wont be needed on this project but good advice for any soldering job same as bondic at fraction of the price but 2 weeks chinese shipping many of these ebay items are probably from china so 2 week shipping you can look for ones stocked in the us from china but most likely price is higher.
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