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Want to Cut Your Food Costs? Start by Understanding Expiration Dates.

When face to face with a carton of expired milk, many of us will opt to just toss it in the trash. It's little wonder the average American ends up throwing away about a quarter of their groceries. What's more, the USDA estimates that 30% to 40% of the U.S. food supply goes to waste. Before writing this article, I was quick to toss anything still in my fridge that had outlived its expiration date. But after doing a ton of research and chatting with a food science expert, I'

Tumbler Comparison Test: Yeti Vs. RTIC and Ozark Trail

We usually see at least one popular or Frontpage deal per month for either RTIC or Ozark tumblers. What many people seem to wonder, however, is how these two brands stack up against each other, as well as how they both compare to the high-end Yeti brand. So we decided to put them to the test. Mainly, we wanted to see if there was actually a difference between the $30 to $40 Yeti tumbler and the more affordable alternatives, which can be bought for $9 to $12 when they're

Meet Nucleus: The 21st-Century Intercom

When my family moved to a new house in 1987, there was one perk we all were blown away by: intercoms in every room. For a solid month, we relayed every message with the push of a button. The novelty eventually wore off though, and my parents resorted back to shouting us to the dinner table every night. Old-school intercom systems have largely become a thing of the past -- until now. Meet Nucleus, an "anywhere intercom" that's being marketed as a modern family communicatio

Costco August 2017 Coupon Book

Costco's August coupon book is out! For your convenience, we've placed below all of the warehouse offers you can get from Costco Wholesale this month. These prices (coupon not necessary) are valid August 3rd through August 27th, 2017. As we previously mentioned, the Costco coupon book is now showcasing "everyday low price" items, indicated this time around with a green price followed by the words "your cost," as opposed to a dollar amount discount. Don't forget that if you

Getting Started With Your New DSLR Camera

So you’ve decided to step up your photography game, drop that cell phone or point-and-shoot, and graduate to a DSLR. While the plethora of buttons, modes and menus may have you tempted to stick with auto mode, you'll get way more out of that expensive camera if you learn how to use it properly. Read on to learn the basics of using your new DSLR so that you can get out and start shooting. >>See All Camera Deals Here Photography 101 If you're completely new to phot

Stop Paying Full Price for Video Games!

Even at full price, video games offer excellent value in terms of cost-per-hour of entertainment. But with the typical asking price of $60 for new games, it can be an expensive hobby if you like to buy a lot of games each year. If you’re not the kind of gamer that needs the latest and greatest game right on launch day, one of the best ways to save is by waiting for retailers to introduce post-launch discounts. But how long do you have to wait, and how much can you save

Amazon Fire TV Edition Features Alexa, 4K Resolution, and Built-in DVR

I may have been too quick to criticize Amazon on a lack of development for their Amazon Fire TV. Today they announced the first 4K TVs running the new Amazon Fire TV system with Alexa. The new 4K TVs will be marketed as the Fire TV Edition, but produced by Element Electronics (Westinghouse in some markets). Powering that 4K display is a 1.1GHz quad-core CPU and multi-core 3D GPU chipset to deliver a 60 Hz refresh rate. The TV specifications list 120 Hz as the "effective" r

Hands-on with Secretlab Gaming Chairs — OMEGA and TITAN

Whether you’re hard at work or fragging some baddies with your friends, being comfortable is a major key to success — you won’t get good results if you’re tired or aching from a poor seating position. Secretlab’s lineup of ergonomic gaming chairs have been making a big splash with their recent debut in the U.S. market, and we reached out to see if we could try out the “ultimate seating experience” for ourselves. You’re probably thinking, “is there really

Is the Motorola Moto G5 Plus a Good Alternative to an $800 Smartphone?

Most cellular providers try and draw you in with low monthly payments, but the total cost for some of the biggest smartphones can now climb beyond $800. While phones like the iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S8 may feature the latest technology, does the premium price deliver a wildly different experience from some of the low-cost competitors? Adding to the lineup of Motorola phones, the new Moto G5 Plus offers customers a modern smartphone for a fraction of the typical cost.

Amazon Just Unveiled the Echo Show — and We Don't Get It

The Amazon Echo Show debuted this week, and this particular writer was left with one major question — why? For $229, or the price of a decent 32" TV, you can now acquire a device that essentially combines a 7-inch screen with an Amazon Echo (now only $149.99). Amazon currently has a 70% majority in the voice-assisted speaker market and seems to be trying anything to innovate further. But will the new Echo Show or recently released Echo Look fall flat? What Does the Ech

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