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Post #147786088 added 06-11-2021 2:24 PM by apostlej2015 in Hot Deals
Deal still live on amzn and ferrari in stock. Just bought 3.
Post #146066581 added 03-17-2021 9:20 AM by SlickDkid in Hot Deals
Thanks for the insights. How do you know they are retiring soon?? Perhaps keep it low key from the flippers
Post #146015290 added 03-15-2021 8:25 AM by FormerAstronut in Hot Deals
No, there is no movement on the doors. The roof/windshield is one piece and pops up super easy if you need to get your figures in and out.
Post #146011603 added 03-15-2021 4:47 AM by GoldBarg in Hot Deals
Does the door swing open on the car?
Post #146005372 added 03-14-2021 5:35 PM by G_G_L in Hot Deals
Just got this one to build with my 4 year old. This series has officially gotten her hooked on LEGOs.
Post #145964647 added 03-12-2021 3:42 PM by FormerAstronut in Hot Deals
Ok picked the Audi up at Walmart online because they also had the Jaguar double set on sale for 20% off, although after I bought it the price reverted to the original 29.95
Post #145963504 added 03-12-2021 2:45 PM by FormerAstronut in Hot Deals
Didn't even notice the Audi one was also $16 (recent edit?) But I dunno that close up on the front of the box is not doing me any favors, the bottom of the bumper just looks like it's going to...
Post #145962706 added 03-12-2021 2:12 PM by azad814 in Hot Deals
I grabbed this one, great deal!
Post #145958920 added 03-12-2021 11:41 AM by tommyjai in Hot Deals
These are great - the McLaren is also on sale at Amazon for $11.99 LEGO Speed Champions McLaren Senna 75892 Building Kit (219 Pieces)
Post #145957513 added 03-12-2021 10:52 AM by Papertrail in Hot Deals
Received mine today from Amazon and it was actually shipped in a box. The last few Lego Skylines I received were in a non padded plastic bag. Must be because it's a Ferrari...
Post #145956535 added 03-12-2021 10:18 AM by walt2810 in Hot Deals
Out for Delivery today & will build with kids this weekend :)
Post #145955602 added 03-12-2021 9:45 AM by newjack in Hot Deals
Release the Kragle !!!
Post #145953838 added 03-12-2021 8:30 AM by ItsAllAboutTheU in Hot Deals
I appreciate the feedback. That’s some good info. I completely agree with you I hope 8-wide will become the standard. Some reason just looks way better. Good move picking up the Porsche and...
Post #145953451 added 03-12-2021 8:16 AM by FormerAstronut in Hot Deals
Just built this with my 5 year old the other day, picked it up at Walmart along with the 911 and McClaren as those are being retired soon, and all were on sale (and this one put it over the $35 mark...
Post #145953379 added 03-12-2021 8:14 AM by Fish12345 in Hot Deals
you prob hear that a lot
Post #145951363 added 03-12-2021 6:49 AM by ElatedMallard252 in Hot Deals
I have the creator / technic series for myself and all of the speed champions for the kids. They like them and are able to build them.
Post #145949554 added 03-12-2021 5:06 AM by farter in Hot Deals
Lego enthusiasts usually mod these sets themselves to make them truly stunning. For what it is, a set aimed at 8+, it’s really great.
Post #145949464 added 03-12-2021 4:58 AM by FearAndLoathing in Hot Deals
That’s one way to put it.
Post #145945420 added 03-11-2021 8:37 PM by leonevar in Hot Deals
As an adult LEGO enthusiast, personally I was disappointed with this set. Realistic look but lots of stickers (as with all the speed champs sets) and even the front headlights are stickers.. c'mon...
Post #145943230 added 03-11-2021 6:35 PM by goldygopher in Hot Deals
Hahahaha. I’m looking at several x-wings that no longer resemble x-wings. And one of my kids keeps ripping apart the figures so who knows where the rest of darth vadar is.
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