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Post #147079288 added 05-05-2021 7:30 PM by czyz in Deal Talk
You've probably already tried this -- but the sweet spot isn't just a question of left-right alignment. Be sure to try moving the Quest up and down relative to your eyes. You may be surprised to find...
Post #146959376 added 04-29-2021 8:18 PM by tireshark in Deal Talk
I'm going to order the Koss headphones. I feel like I would prefer on ear headphones over in ear, for VR, plus I already have earbuds that I can use. Also, if sharing the headset with others, on...
Post #146950241 added 04-29-2021 11:57 AM by RocknRolz in Deal Talk
I just got mine today. With regards to the different size tips it comes with, did everyone else get 6 little black tips instead two-tiered blue ones (like the one installed on it)?
Post #146932715 added 04-28-2021 5:16 PM by Coolguysa in Deal Talk
Agreed, I've tried several different brands tht i've bought through slickdeal post and they all had lag.
Post #146932673 added 04-28-2021 5:15 PM by Coolguysa in Deal Talk
Yea, I found out last night that the code didn't work because my wife had already surprised bought them for me when she saw the push notification. Totally beat me to it, she's awesome. :)
Post #146917577 added 04-28-2021 2:59 AM by zyg0te in Deal Talk
Thanks for the due diligence. What did u end up going with?
Post #146914916 added 04-27-2021 9:03 PM by tireshark in Deal Talk
I wouldn't necessarily call it a gimmick, as the short cord serves a meaningful purpose to some... but yes, in terms of sound quality, unless there is some special Oculus related performance tweaks...
Post #146913230 added 04-27-2021 7:32 PM by JamaalJohnson in Deal Talk
Quest 2 is one of the worst when it comes to multiplayer. The microphone picks up all the sounds from the speakers. Having earbuds prevents your teammates from hearing every sound from your...
Post #146913137 added 04-27-2021 7:26 PM by tireshark in Deal Talk
It comes with a spacer. It is tiny, and snaps onto the headset before the facial interface. It provides a few more mm's of clearance. You can get prescription inserts through several places. ...
Post #146911049 added 04-27-2021 5:34 PM by Tekerugburn in Deal Talk
seems like a very big gimmick...even with cable lengths being different.
Post #146909900 added 04-27-2021 4:51 PM by nstarz in Deal Talk
I never uses a headset with oculus 2. So going to buy one and try.
Post #146907611 added 04-27-2021 3:47 PM by ryocho in Deal Talk
Bluetooth headphone support is there but the lag is pretty bad since the headset doesn't support aptx.
Post #146907362 added 04-27-2021 3:36 PM by silentsoundguy in Deal Talk
I stand corrected. It's an experimental feature. I'll have to give it a shot. Thanks for the info.
Post #146907305 added 04-27-2021 3:32 PM by DoctorTim in Deal Talk
Yes, Bluetooth headphones work. I have AirPods set up though I rarely use them. I think they added BT support a while after launch.
Post #146907245 added 04-27-2021 3:28 PM by silentsoundguy in Deal Talk
No native support. You have to use a dongle and some of those are too laggy. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong of course.
Post #146906432 added 04-27-2021 2:42 PM by PhillyChad in Deal Talk
One other question to throw out there... BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES... Work on no? I see some are saying to much lag... others saying they work flawlessly with better wireless units like Samsung buds...
Post #146906366 added 04-27-2021 2:38 PM by PhillyChad in Deal Talk
Yes, that's the thing.. admittedly my eyes aren't great so I should be starting there of course. Was just a bit worried because some seem to be having similar issues as above. Also couldn't...
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