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Post #147207601 added 05-11-2021 8:47 PM by hbsjr in Deal Talk
I have similar from Dollar tree 240sheets per roll, 2ply, 4x4in each sheet, Total 106.7sq ft for 4pcs =$1
Post #147203230 added 05-11-2021 4:41 PM by Offers1 in Deal Talk
I love Taco Bell!
Post #147152554 added 05-09-2021 10:20 AM by HappyHeart578 in Deal Talk
There are less expensive alternatives, but the consensus of reviews for them is that they're for RV or outdoor sceptic tanks
Post #147152359 added 05-09-2021 10:12 AM by revieweronline in Deal Talk
My favorite is Walmart's Great Value brand, Ultra STRONG. This one says Soft & Strong. Is this the type that crumbles on the B-hole? Genuinely asking.
Post #147148783 added 05-09-2021 6:44 AM by forzaINTER in Deal Talk
My butt is not a huge fan of this toilet paper after we bought it for less here at Amazon a month or so ago. I do like the feel of the Charmin on sale today lol ...
Post #147147964 added 05-09-2021 5:36 AM by SpEddie in Deal Talk
You’re not eating enough Taco Bell and Chipotle. 😀
Post #147147784 added 05-09-2021 5:22 AM by Ravens2022 in Deal Talk
Too many bugs with this generation.
Post #147147562 added 05-09-2021 4:57 AM by WandaVision in Deal Talk
8x better
Post #147147517 added 05-09-2021 4:53 AM by TinCanFury in Deal Talk
Same. I'm not huge on ultrasoft TP, so this actually is my preferred TP. I just don't have room to store 48 rolls, and it usually takes me a year to get through 24rolls 🤷 ♂️
Post #147146422 added 05-09-2021 12:45 AM by dr_lager in Deal Talk
This isn't comparable to Costco paper because the Kirkland brand has typically used virgin pulp for its paper. If you don't give a crap (intended pun) about the environment, then there's no reason to...
Post #147146173 added 05-08-2021 11:53 PM by brodogg1313 in Deal Talk
Tried before, this paper is like using sandpaper on your rump.
Post #147144241 added 05-08-2021 8:49 PM by crazycool in Deal Talk
It is better than 6th generation, but still have a lot of room for improvement, if you are not hurry, you should wait for next few generations before make your purchase.
Post #147143620 added 05-08-2021 7:52 PM by truelies in Deal Talk
Good price compares to costco, but costco is batter.
Post #147143596 added 05-08-2021 7:50 PM by WiWilly in Deal Talk
Does it clean better than 1st generation?
Post #147141493 added 05-08-2021 5:11 PM by XZS0007 in Deal Talk
They have to pay me to use this on my butt. I’ll stick to charmin.
Post #147140623 added 05-08-2021 4:19 PM by Tazznum1 in Deal Talk
Garbage company and garbage product
Post #147140035 added 05-08-2021 3:30 PM by LEOMHK1.0 in Deal Talk
Yeah... I heard it'll be HDMI 2.1, VRR complaint via update.
Post #147137806 added 05-08-2021 1:18 PM by crazycool in Deal Talk
Lots of bad reviews recently, look like they change the quality of it. “It’s like wiping your ass with sandpaper, until your finger pokes through. Disaster of a product.” “Falls apart even if...
Post #147137632 added 05-08-2021 1:06 PM by geoffkin in Deal Talk
"Better than see-thru public restroom tp" isn't exactly a glowing review. We'll stick with Costco brand, unless this is the same or better..
Post #147136849 added 05-08-2021 12:23 PM by Thenitro in Deal Talk
48 rolls, correct? Item(s) Subtotal:$29.00 Shipping & Handling:$0.00 Subscribe & Save:-$4.35 Your Coupon Savings:-$10.15 -----Total before tax:$14.50 Estimated tax to be collected:$0.00 ...
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