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Post #148790914 added 07-29-2021 6:11 PM by rastatech in Hot Deals
It depends if you just "attend" zoom meetings (download) or actually present during meetings or webinars. If you start sharing your screen in decent resolution and want to pair this with say a 1080p...
Post #148790827 added 07-29-2021 6:05 PM by rastatech in Hot Deals
That's always a decision everyone needs to do for themselves. I never really had a modem die on me in 25 years now. That said, I also have a plan B in place if something is not working, e.g. tether...
Post #148781566 added 07-29-2021 10:09 AM by dplane in Hot Deals
Yikes. OK ty. Should probably see where im at these days with use then before making that jump.
Post #148781452 added 07-29-2021 10:04 AM by Shade00 in Hot Deals
Neither, they charge you for data used over the cap.
Post #148781395 added 07-29-2021 10:02 AM by dplane in Hot Deals
Haven't been with Xfinity since they implemented the data cap. Is it a hard cap or do they just throttle once exceeding the limit?
Post #148781116 added 07-29-2021 9:51 AM by weever in Hot Deals
80 here, no lucky
Post #148777855 added 07-29-2021 7:55 AM by SiennaDeer8270 in Hot Deals
You should never advise people to buy their own modem because some people are technologically challenged and rely on support. If you can configure your own modem, go ahead and buy it yourself. But if...
Post #148776277 added 07-29-2021 7:01 AM by opti1 in Hot Deals
So here's the nightmare I fear. While the Comcast modems\gateways have always been very pedestrian I have never had any issues with them in 25 years of service. So, say I buy my own replacement modem...
Post #148772839 added 07-28-2021 10:52 PM by haoniukun in Hot Deals
what type of zoom meeting is that? I am just curious. My kids and I had 30/3 comcast plan and we do not have problem to have 3 meetings at the same time.
Post #148770169 added 07-28-2021 7:14 PM by rastatech in Hot Deals
Buy your own modem. Costco has the Netgear CM1100 and the Motorola was on sale here on SD recently. Pays for itself within a year. Also, if in SF/Bay Area, it seems Sonic is finally expanding...
Post #148765471 added 07-28-2021 2:48 PM by kharma99 in Hot Deals
That's what I was quoted as well in Bay Area. Although it was $60 for the first year and then $74 in year 2 (to cover modem cost). Everyone else seeing the same?
Post #148765459 added 07-28-2021 2:48 PM by kharma99 in Hot Deals
Delete. Double post
Post #148702519 added 07-25-2021 12:08 PM by rastatech in Hot Deals
Keep the Fiber. I pay premium with Comcast simply for the upload speed, I don't need half or 2/3 of the download speed. But when you present online and share your screen with a good camera and you...
Post #148688434 added 07-24-2021 6:23 PM by geost in Hot Deals
Keep ATT Fiber. Comcast upload speeds are complete trash compared to fiber. No comparison.
Post #148685713 added 07-24-2021 4:19 PM by noemail1 in Hot Deals
Very helpful! To contrast.. I've ATT Fiber Giga line today and over a wireless connection, speed test shows 500+ mbps of download and 200+ mbps of upload speeds. Have had that for an year for...
Post #148685173 added 07-24-2021 3:38 PM by rastatech in Hot Deals
Yes, these are the upload speeds. Comcast hides them, you only see them after purchase. I had some of these plans before and found some info on some forums as well. Anything below Blast Pro has 5...
Post #148668937 added 07-23-2021 9:07 PM by noemail1 in Hot Deals
What's 10, 15, 35? upload speeds? Where do you see that?
Post #148660042 added 07-23-2021 2:21 PM by rastatech in Hot Deals
San Francisco, CA 400/10 = $50 800/15 = $60 1200/35 = $70
Post #148635769 added 07-22-2021 5:55 PM by Gdog2004 in Hot Deals
In my area it is 65.00 for 50 mbps ...lol
Post #148635721 added 07-22-2021 5:53 PM by will403536 in Hot Deals
No taxes/fees if you do internet only. I'm Sac area, only see 100mbps for $45, bummer :(
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