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Post #147332791 added 05-18-2021 7:08 PM by holycrap in Deal Talk
I got my delivery of one today and checked my order confirmation email and Amazon's website, and they both reflect just one was ordered. I know that I ordered two and confirmed the price when adding...
Post #147267403 added 05-14-2021 10:49 PM by farhaddad in Deal Talk
Of course it is tasty. Mix 35 grams of sugar with 60 grams of any kind of fat and your brain will lit up!
Post #147255481 added 05-14-2021 9:02 AM by SharpCrayon380 in Deal Talk
Thanks OP! Got two for $3.49 after coupon and S&S.
Post #147255145 added 05-14-2021 8:49 AM by ScrewDriver1965 in Deal Talk
Got my delivery but they only shipped one. Chatted with CS and got a refund of full price so 1 bag free > 2 for 1.
Post #147253687 added 05-14-2021 7:32 AM by itaintrite in Deal Talk
This is pretty tasty btw.
Post #147253108 added 05-14-2021 6:58 AM by MsMay in Deal Talk
Thanks op. Got 2 for June 7th delivery.
Post #147251587 added 05-14-2021 4:37 AM by testitnow in Deal Talk
Rebate question - it says 5 submissions per consumer. Has anyone had success submitting rebate if someone else at the same address already completed 5 rebates? Thanks.
Post #147249829 added 05-13-2021 11:18 PM by freefun4every1 in Deal Talk
When I do rebates I read descriptions instead of taking the risk. And your post may mislead people since it sounds like the rebate works for this deal, which may not be the case.
Post #147249568 added 05-13-2021 10:42 PM by Sprimlite in Deal Talk
The way the deal works on this is stacked in your favor, especially if you get the 15% from 5 items. It takes the S&S discount off of both of them, then deducts a flat $4.99 for the free one after...
Post #147249244 added 05-13-2021 10:15 PM by ouloat in Deal Talk
Why don't you find out for us.
Post #147247672 added 05-13-2021 8:09 PM by freefun4every1 in Deal Talk
Isn’t the rebate for cans only? Do these qualify?
Post #147246613 added 05-13-2021 7:04 PM by ouloat in Deal Talk
Take advantage of the Blue Diamond rebate until 5/31/2021. Easy and fast. Per rebate submission: Buy 2, get $1. Buy 4, get $5. Buy 6, get $10. Max total rebate per person, $50. Fastest...
Post #147246385 added 05-13-2021 6:54 PM by GreenCorn2885 in Deal Talk
$.45 per ounce is a very good price for almonds. Side note: I've been doing Keto for nearly a year now, so unfortunately, these don't fit within my dietary restrictions. Still a good deal!
Post #147245650 added 05-13-2021 6:13 PM by pingd in Deal Talk
Got 8 for $13.97 (8x5oz=40 oz = 2.5 lbs) $5.59/lb decent
Post #147245320 added 05-13-2021 5:52 PM by BigBrothyr in Deal Talk
Seems like some of the reviews are about the high calorie. Yeah, almonds are a high-fat-content food. Fats are 9 calories per gram and nuts in general have a high caloric density compared to other...
Post #147244981 added 05-13-2021 5:31 PM by ercxar in Deal Talk
Does anyone know where can I find the dried blueberries in this pack? I tried many dried blueberries but none of them come close to the taste of these in this pack ...
Post #147244078 added 05-13-2021 4:34 PM by 11062014 in Deal Talk
Still expensive for 10 oz.
Post #147243646 added 05-13-2021 4:07 PM by TomTerrific in Deal Talk
Good deal, but check your local Grocery Outlet, picked up a few at 99 cents a couple of months ago.
Post #147243808 added 05-12-2021 11:58 AM by johnny_miller in Deal Talk
Amazon.com has 5-Oz Blue Diamond Almonds & Fruit Bag (Sea Salt Almonds & Whole Blueberry) on sale 2 for $4.49 when you follow the steps below. Shipping is free with Prime or on orders $25+. Thanks...
Post #147218929 added 05-12-2021 11:58 AM by NightHound in Deal Talk
Amazon has 5-Oz Blue Diamond Almonds & Fruit Bag (Sea Salt Almonds & Whole Blueberry) on sale 2 for 4.49 when you change the quantity to 2 and check out via Subscribe & Save. Shipping is free w/...

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