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Post #147301537 added 05-17-2021 9:23 AM by SUCHaDEAL in Deal Talk
I once got burned with CC fraud at a drive thru burger place (possibly a skimmer) so since then I limit my cc use at such places where I have to hand over my card to someone for them to swipe it...
Post #147301396 added 05-17-2021 9:17 AM by Lilyly in Deal Talk
maybe i am mistaken with mcdonlads or pizza/fried chicken chains. they do have the cash option. the main question is about using cash. not how the coupon was used.
Post #147300031 added 05-17-2021 8:03 AM by SUCHaDEAL in Deal Talk
No matter what, you have to use the app, either apply the coupon to a mobile order or GIVE THE CODE over the loudspeaker to the order taker by clicking the 'use in restaurant' option. What option...
Post #147299761 added 05-17-2021 7:49 AM by Lilyly in Deal Talk
whats some good excuses? wanted to collect some rare coins from fast food changes? did you know you can pay cash via app selection? theres an option for that.
Post #147274018 added 05-15-2021 12:28 PM by jon_laura5 in Deal Talk
Thanks for the notification OP
Post #147273343 added 05-15-2021 11:28 AM by Lijebaley in Deal Talk
Agree. Can also use coupons off bk site w acct & cash to limit info to Restaurant Brands Int‘l. (BK/Popeyes/TH) instead of app. Read privacy policies.
Post #147273280 added 05-15-2021 11:24 AM by Youateweet in Deal Talk
You can order on app and pay in store You have to order in 15 minutes when you click order normal price is $5
Post #147271636 added 05-15-2021 9:10 AM by Thinker in Deal Talk
Well, Back in days it was small fry and you come out ahead. I do not go there anymore but when on road it was quick SDeal while travelling.
Post #147271147 added 05-15-2021 8:36 AM by SUCHaDEAL in Deal Talk
because not everyone want to use a credit card necessarily to pay, some pay cash.
Post #147271120 added 05-15-2021 8:35 AM by SUCHaDEAL in Deal Talk
Free whopper from survey code requires purchase of med fries and drink I believe, which runs about $4-5
Post #147271042 added 05-15-2021 8:29 AM by Thinker in Deal Talk
I used to go when on road using their coupon survey where you need to call and get free whopper. Not sure if that is still out there. It was couple years ago.
Post #147270961 added 05-15-2021 8:21 AM by Lilyly in Deal Talk
why not order from the app to make sure the right coupon is used. good deal. i used to eat one of these combos at $4 each using their almost everyday coupon. now we can have 2x for the same price
Post #147270904 added 05-15-2021 8:15 AM by lifewillbeok in Deal Talk
i've seen this coupon before, great deal for a meal. If ordering at drive-thru, make sure they know it's the coupon with drinks (I've seen the same coupon for $4 without drinks regularly)
Post #147270868 added 05-15-2021 8:13 AM by SUCHaDEAL in Deal Talk
See the "DAILY DEAL" for today in the Burger King app. Great way to feed a couple of bigger kids lunch/dinner or adults too.

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