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Post #147289453 added 05-16-2021 2:18 PM by dshizznit in Deal Talk
Odd - I have a wired one and 2 x battery ones (with the open box Wasserstein solar panel deal on AMZ warehouse for $20 each). They perform flawlessly (except on foggy nights when camera clouds up). ...
Post #147280945 added 05-16-2021 12:22 AM by mrsleepi in Deal Talk
I have a nvr poe that I purchased from Costco. It’s avertx, which is USA based with great software and great customer service. I paid 3 thousand for a 8 camera 4K system. I had other brands like...
Post #147280594 added 05-15-2021 11:09 PM by chching in Deal Talk
Absolutely right .. I think with the uniqueness behind everyone's needs and actual setup and obstacles at home, there truly is no one-size-fits-all solution with home automation. I will though give...
Post #147280369 added 05-15-2021 10:22 PM by AlexMO55537 in Deal Talk
Honestly, notifications from cam are not very important to me. I even turn off it during night to have a good sleep. It was always animal. I used RING system for 1.5 years, and I found that I only...
Post #147280357 added 05-15-2021 10:20 PM by AreWeThereYet in Deal Talk
Thank you ~ appreciate your post! I've been eyeing the systems Costco has - the various NVR w/POE systems they carry (Lorex, Swan, etc). What are thoughts on those vs the Hikvision cameras? And...
Post #147280192 added 05-15-2021 10:02 PM by tenno in Deal Talk
I have the ring system, the reason I do not have the other service free system is to get the home insurance certificate. This reduces my home insurance bill by 30 to 50 dollars a month, depending on...
Post #147280108 added 05-15-2021 9:55 PM by Rent in Deal Talk
The ONLY feature that is behind the monthly service is people only mode and rich notifications So no, there aren’t lots of features behind a paywall.
Post #147280066 added 05-15-2021 9:52 PM by chching in Deal Talk
Well technically it's not a hidden fee if we all know about it. I was a little annoyed with the "hidden fee" for a few minutes and I tried out the eufy cams. Was missing most notifications and going...
Post #147279661 added 05-15-2021 9:08 PM by yus9 in Deal Talk
Agree its OK if you know about the monthly fees before you purchase.. But its easy to see Ring makes an effort to be elusive in their product presentations. Its particularly upsetting to find not...
Post #147279445 added 05-15-2021 8:52 PM by mrsleepi in Deal Talk
Okay, I’m Using an apple not android.
Post #147279436 added 05-15-2021 8:50 PM by sbessire in Deal Talk
Yes but it is a max of $10/mo or $100/ year. I have 15 cams and the security system. $100 per year for all of them and State Farm gives me a $120 discount for having the monitored security system.
Post #147279406 added 05-15-2021 8:47 PM by socrato in Deal Talk
Your user name and post are a good match. The reason you see this is because there is no perfect security camera. If there was we'd all be buying it. Even the premium Axis cameras which are going to...
Post #147279361 added 05-15-2021 8:41 PM by AlexMO55537 in Deal Talk
I also missed the notifications from ring as well. But I think that's not the ring or eufy issue, it is part of Android's issue.
Post #147279274 added 05-15-2021 8:33 PM by mrsleepi in Deal Talk
I had eufy and wasn’t get all the notifications like ring. Loading videos took awhile to load until I added a mesh system and had it closer to my ring products. My rssi is at 40 and now the load...
Post #147279181 added 05-15-2021 8:21 PM by AlexMO55537 in Deal Talk
I am switching from RING system to EUFY system. RING system is good but it has hidden fee for cloud storage. In addition, ring doorbell is too slow to load. Had better run to the front door and...
Post #147279133 added 05-15-2021 8:17 PM by AreWeThereYet in Deal Talk
Every time I see a security cam deal I get excited until I read the comments and realize there's something better, newer, cheaper, with no links provided, and no general consensus on what to...
Post #147279049 added 05-15-2021 8:03 PM by Applejuiced in Deal Talk
Why would I want to remove an internal storage chip to view saved files where I can have ring auto upload and save the videos on the cloud? At least if someone breaks or takes away the camera I...
Post #147279043 added 05-15-2021 8:02 PM by OregonDealz in Deal Talk
too bad all but the elite ring cams only have 2.4ghz wifi...
Post #147278740 added 05-15-2021 7:36 PM by yus9 in Deal Talk
Same deal I got maybe 4 months ago. Its pretty good, but each ring device costs $3 per month if you want even one minute of recorded video. There is zero internal storage potential. Also most of...
Post #147278467 added 05-15-2021 7:05 PM by ChityChityBangBang in Deal Talk
He has unlimited nitpicks tho and those are very valuable on the black market.
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