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Post #147413890 added 05-22-2021 5:42 PM by JSaint828 in Hot Deals
Thanks for the excellent review!
Post #147402094 added 05-21-2021 11:14 PM by WEVUDO in Hot Deals
I have 3 of these vacuums and they work great. I think 250 is the regular price. It was on sale for 225ish a few weeks ago.
Post #147402049 added 05-21-2021 11:05 PM by samHD in Hot Deals
I have more than a few posts so perhaps you'll find me more credible. I've found the vac perfectly suited to my 3600 ft2 house. was a bit lacking on day 1 due to inability to split rooms that were...
Post #147402034 added 05-21-2021 11:02 PM by samHD in Hot Deals
Note that jon is including shipping charges. pre-sale was $180 + tax + shipping.
Post #147360301 added 05-19-2021 9:38 PM by JSaint828 in Hot Deals
Anytime there's a product that needs 10 rep shills to praise it, beware. I really can't believe how many 5 year old accounts with 5 posts and 10-15 rep are popping up, hoping to add rep. on most of...
Post #147329776 added 05-18-2021 3:57 PM by geezeefosheezee in Hot Deals
Man, so much rage from people who had bad experiences. If I’m understanding correctly, a product shipped with some significant bugs, but they seem to be sorted out? Replacement parts aren’t...
Post #147310615 added 05-17-2021 4:56 PM by FLSHADOW74 in Hot Deals
I've had mine since January and so far I know I have done 3 updates and most recently last week.
Post #147310588 added 05-17-2021 4:54 PM by FLSHADOW74 in Hot Deals
Love mine as well, got it when it was pre-ordered. I have had zero issues with connectivity nor the app. Works great.
Post #147305806 added 05-17-2021 12:22 PM by Ricerx in Hot Deals
someone answered price question already... deleting...
Post #147301597 added 05-17-2021 9:26 AM by dc5dugg in Hot Deals
It was $227 on amazon just earlier this month. https://slickdeals.net/f/14980004-wyze-robot-vacuum-with-lidar-mapping-technology-227-78-227-78?src=SiteSearchV2Algo1
Post #147296974 added 05-17-2021 3:04 AM by harrekki in Hot Deals
Understand that the wyze system is glitchy, both on app and device side. It's bad enough that it makes investing anything over $100 in any single device a gamble. They've lied about availability...
Post #147293428 added 05-16-2021 7:24 PM by Dwenger5 in Hot Deals
Appreciate knowing this
Post #147293419 added 05-16-2021 7:23 PM by Dwenger5 in Hot Deals
I suppose companies have to adapt just like people do and there will always be nay sayers upset with the cost of doing business going up with increased governmental involvement of some type or...
Post #147293257 added 05-16-2021 7:12 PM by Dwenger5 in Hot Deals
Agreed. Any of my Wyze-wide and internet related issues were solved by changing out my ethernet cables to 8 and upgrading to a WiFi 6 Router/ Modem. I have since bought a second vac for my upstairs....
Post #147288190 added 05-16-2021 12:43 PM by FartMonster in Hot Deals
So good vacuum based on the SD community feedback here, but what about this price? How much cheaper can it be?
Post #147286681 added 05-16-2021 11:14 AM by carolinaboy in Hot Deals
Do you have mesh Wifi? Mine was disconnecting due to that. I ended up using a dedicated 2.4Ghz access point for these devices and no more disconnections.
Post #147286210 added 05-16-2021 10:47 AM by kmill1 in Hot Deals
yipee thanks so much
Post #147285223 added 05-16-2021 9:37 AM by puntoa in Hot Deals
My experience with Wyze is very different. I am very satisfied with them. And customer service is terrific. With technology most of the issues are user error. But if you want to use the exact...
Post #147285106 added 05-16-2021 9:29 AM by harrekki in Hot Deals
$35 camera is very different than a $200 vacuum. And there's a bunch of people who can't get anyone at customer service to return calls. As with all wyze products, they just church out devices,...
Post #147285058 added 05-16-2021 9:24 AM by puntoa in Hot Deals
I would keep the parts until the 1 years warranty. But Wyze customer service is very good. I doubt it that they will ask you to send it back. I had a problem with a camera and they just send me new...
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