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Post #148148491 added 06-27-2021 10:38 AM by Airjago in Deal Talk
Order arrived. Connected power and HDMI cables... Pressed the Power button and...nothing. Absolutely nothing. Dead on arrival? Or did I miss the PSU switch somewhere?
Post #148055470 added 06-22-2021 8:25 PM by Airjago in Deal Talk
Just checked and got the same email today as well.
Post #148051294 added 06-22-2021 6:10 PM by engnrmerc in Deal Talk
On Monday 6/22 HP sent an email rescheduling the delivery to 7/1. Today Tuesday 6/23 another email from HP informed that the computer is shipped with tracking from FEDEX, and scheduled for delivery...
Post #147956932 added 06-20-2021 5:25 PM by Airjago in Deal Talk
I did contact HP via chat and they claimed the new expected ship date is June 24th which just happens to be the expected delivery date so I'm not hopefully at all. She likely just misinterpreted...
Post #147954811 added 06-20-2021 3:42 PM by EagerPiranha4046 in Deal Talk
I am in the same boat with you. Same ship date and no update as to when they will even be building it.
Post #147929935 added 06-19-2021 8:34 AM by Airjago in Deal Talk
My expected ship date of 6/18 came and went, but no update from HP. Anyone else in the same boat?
Post #147809113 added 06-13-2021 12:54 AM by dydlee in Deal Talk
Also, anyone know if HP fails to deliver by the date you can request cancelation without restocking fee?
Post #147783988 added 06-11-2021 12:22 PM by dydlee in Deal Talk
Can anyone confirm if the HP deal has an LHR 3060?
Post #147561685 added 05-30-2021 6:13 PM by coastalconn in Deal Talk
Unfortunately 3060 will be released with the new LHR also. https://amp.hothardware.com/news/nvidia-geforce-rtx-3060-lhr-ethereum-mining-performance-revealed
Post #147560287 added 05-30-2021 4:19 PM by Max_CreditCards in Deal Talk
That article doesn't say anything about a new 3060. It only references about the current 3060s and how the LHR identifier was bypassed. Don't think there's any plans for a fix or new 3060s with the...
Post #147560212 added 05-30-2021 4:13 PM by aznanimality in Deal Talk
I'm one of the few that is hoping this is the case cuz I have a spare 8gb on hand. What makes you think that they'll be single channel?
Post #147558619 added 05-30-2021 2:17 PM by FuschiaSoda421 in Deal Talk
Price went up $90. And I also want to reiterate that even though they say the RAM is 2x4GB, you will most likely get one 8GB stick of RAM forcing your system in to single channel mode. don't trust...
Post #147558472 added 05-30-2021 2:03 PM by FuschiaSoda421 in Deal Talk
They most likely will give you single channel memory. AMD doesn't like Single Channel memory. Also, expect the cheapest of all parts.
Post #147556561 added 05-30-2021 11:41 AM by safe_space in Deal Talk
The 4700G is essentially the same as a 3700X with less L3 cache. Gonna eBay the 3060, get most of my money back and throw the 4700G into my other system and upgrade from a 2700X + GTX1050, throw that...
Post #147553612 added 05-30-2021 8:31 AM by Suryasis in Deal Talk
This got expired but posted another deal, slightly costlier than this but super feature packed....
Post #147553012 added 05-30-2021 7:50 AM by Suryasis in Deal Talk
Yes, this Erica5 motherboard is used by HP Envy and Pavilion non-gaming desktops with Ryzen 4000 series APU. Plenty of those deals have been posted here from Best buy, Office Depot and HP store.
Post #147552205 added 05-30-2021 6:52 AM by nvpcfix in Deal Talk
Agreed. I have yet to see a motherboard where the graphics ports were intentionally blocked by the manufacturer. On the other hand, this very board is also used in other HP computers without gaming...
Post #147551992 added 05-30-2021 6:34 AM by Suryasis in Deal Talk
Dude, no need to talk BS anymore. Your knowledge is extremely lacking but your ego is exact opposite. I mean even an idiot can understand that if this is a Proprietary board designed by HP, why the...
Post #147551641 added 05-30-2021 6:01 AM by JohnJ2996 in Deal Talk
More than ok, but if you're keeping, upgrade to the ryzen 7 for another $100. Definitely upgrade the power supply to 400w
Post #147551587 added 05-30-2021 5:55 AM by mundia in Deal Talk
just because it has ports that does not mean they are enabled since this is a custom / proprietary motherboard. OEMs are notorious for gimping features.
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