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Post #148004791 added 06-21-2021 4:58 PM by dznutz in Deal Talk
Mine has been "in transit" for over a week in the same city. Anybody experience the same?
Post #147792259 added 06-11-2021 9:15 PM by WhySoSerious in Deal Talk
Yep, they seem to be running a week behind from original estimated delivery date.
Post #147756577 added 06-10-2021 7:09 AM by g3ck1 in Deal Talk
Thanks for the heads up. I also got a 'shipped' email. They must have finally received a new batch to ship out.
Post #147741589 added 06-09-2021 11:33 AM by WhySoSerious in Deal Talk
It finally shipped out. FedEx updated tracking, getting it Thursday. Walmart app showed it as shipped over a week ago but FedEx showed that they were waiting for shipper. Since you ordered after me...
Post #147741427 added 06-09-2021 11:24 AM by g3ck1 in Deal Talk
Walmart shipped a replacement bar after they lost the first one. Looking at my latest shipping status, looks like I won't be getting the replacement either. wth
Post #147676627 added 06-05-2021 5:20 PM by WhySoSerious in Deal Talk
Having the same problem with the trap/hex bar.
Post #147656461 added 06-04-2021 12:14 PM by g3ck1 in Deal Talk
Anybody received their order yet? It says it's supposed to arrive today but according to the fedex status, it hasn't even been shipped out yet. Edit: walmart lost my order, they are going to ship...
Post #147604504 added 06-02-2021 1:48 AM by CoolFog370 in Deal Talk
Not like this stuff...right? https://blog.cheapism.com/american-products-not-made-in-america-16404/
Post #147572482 added 05-31-2021 12:13 PM by iloqin in Deal Talk
I'm into the power/body building game. Crap bar, but if you're in need, barbell and weights and a power/squat rack with safeties is the best bang for your buck if you want weight to...
Post #147572164 added 05-31-2021 11:48 AM by driven168 in Deal Talk
after using a sears branded bar for many years, I found out it was 37 lbs instead of 45. Bought a rogue ohio bar and still using it. The quality difference is immediately apparent, this is one...
Post #147567082 added 05-31-2021 5:29 AM by Coffeelover696969 in Deal Talk
For chinas low quality produxts, I'd suspect it break upon random usage. Would you want any breakage in a product that can leave you severely injured aka paralyzed?
Post #147566590 added 05-31-2021 4:16 AM by CoolFog370 in Deal Talk
I love the pictures or people use the large weights at 10lb each...makes them look jacked!! 😄
Post #147566563 added 05-31-2021 4:13 AM by CoolFog370 in Deal Talk
Unless you are loading it up with 6 45lb plates on each side...this will work fine for an in home gym for people who can bench around 250 max. The biggest issue may be the grip sections. These...
Post #147562603 added 05-30-2021 7:25 PM by my3cents in Deal Talk
http://cn.prctz.com/ The mystery continues ...
Post #147561376 added 05-30-2021 5:49 PM by hmx in Deal Talk
Thankfully it basically is, with good direction in vaccination, infection and mortality rates. It would be kind of terrifying to think of these restrictions that are being lifted across the globe for...
Post #147560860 added 05-30-2021 5:08 PM by cantstoplooking in Deal Talk
You mean if you use this bar to snatch and jerk and drop it from shoulder height it will bend and warp from excessive impact?
Post #147559024 added 05-30-2021 2:50 PM by Demiurge in Deal Talk
Fine for a beater bar for doing landmines or trashing at the park for walking lunges or something, but do not rely on this for real lifts.
Post #147558985 added 05-30-2021 2:45 PM by unksol in Deal Talk
Deeply confused? Deeply wrong? No one "misguided" you. You saw a picture of one thing then your brain without any guidance made something up. To be misguided someone else would have to...
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