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Post #147740851 added 06-09-2021 10:50 AM by osclib2 in Hot Deals
One comment on Etymotic's deep canal/flange ear tips. If they are not uncomfortable to you, they have got to be the best passive "noise cancellation" earphones you can get. In an office/plane/crowd...
Post #147691549 added 06-06-2021 7:01 PM by mark5hs in Hot Deals
Ordered the ER4XR and just got it few days ago. If you're on the fence, just do it. Amazing headphones. I've had the ER2XR for a while now and read posts saying the 4 isnt an upgrade from the 2,...
Post #147667747 added 06-05-2021 6:03 AM by wquiles in Hot Deals
+1 Same here. The best upgrade/change I made was to use the memory foam tips :)
Post #147667174 added 06-05-2021 4:41 AM by newhunter in Hot Deals
I bought ER4XR and returned it. The tuning for this IEM is very flat and neutral. I'm not a bass head person but found the bass is little lacking on this. I like to have more punches and sub rambles....
Post #147665200 added 06-04-2021 10:05 PM by plasbo in Hot Deals
These pairs only worth $50, IMO. Extremely overrated product.
Post #147664882 added 06-04-2021 9:40 PM by Sir.Applepie in Hot Deals
Hmmm... I see. What'd be a good in ear gaming headphones? I see streamers use in ears all the time but I don't know what they're using or if they are giving up the gaming sound quality of it 🤔
Post #147664840 added 06-04-2021 9:36 PM by Suncatcher in Hot Deals
Yeh not good for gaming. For 3D sound they need to have more space like over the ear to have sound come from dofferent direction, engineering that into the ear canal it's perhaps very difficult or...
Post #147664792 added 06-04-2021 9:33 PM by Suncatcher in Hot Deals
I use mine with memory foam tips, not the ones that come with these, but the regular ones like those from comfy, it's the same level sealing, but way more comfortable and no issues woth getting them...
Post #147664192 added 06-04-2021 8:28 PM by kookie00 in Hot Deals
Sound-wise these are really neutral. I enjoyed them for rock and techno. If you are a bass-head or used to beats, you will probably be disappointed. I used to be pretty loyal to ER, but have...
Post #147663961 added 06-04-2021 8:04 PM by srikvp in Hot Deals
These will not be good for gaming. These are 2D sounding and it will not give you the 3D sound you're looking for. The use case for these earphones is listening to music and these are recommended if...
Post #147661297 added 06-04-2021 5:02 PM by Sir.Applepie in Hot Deals
I dont need lots of bass but a 7.1 surround sounds would be good for footsteps lol 😆
Post #147660892 added 06-04-2021 4:36 PM by rytang84 in Hot Deals
The best in ear headphone for me, very flat and some base but not a lot. I love it!
Post #147658747 added 06-04-2021 2:20 PM by Sir.Applepie in Hot Deals
No worries. Yeah it'd be mostly a fps game but I have a over the ear headphones but don't want the dorky look since I already have a yeti mic. Was looking for a decent in ear ones. Would you...
Post #147655156 added 06-04-2021 11:10 AM by Suncatcher in Hot Deals
https://www.adorama.com/etyer3xr.html?sdtid=14991325&emailprice=t&sterm=zDm2Glz3IxyLRMqwUx0Mo36HUkBwxazQNzWszE0&utm_source=rflaid62905 Sorry for the big ugly link, my mobile browser doesn't let me...
Post #147653626 added 06-04-2021 10:02 AM by Sir.Applepie in Hot Deals
Is is er3 or this deal better to grab? Gonna use it for gaming. Also where do you see the link for $69?
Post #147616918 added 06-02-2021 1:54 PM by Suncatcher in Hot Deals
That's been the price for more than a month. Same for the ER3 series for 69.99.
Post #147662818 added 06-02-2021 12:52 PM by SaltyOne in Hot Deals
Adorama has select Etymotic Research Earphones on sale for $129 each (price will show in cart). Shipping is free. Thanks to Deal Editor iconian for finding this deal. Available: Etymotic...
Post #147615697 added 06-02-2021 12:52 PM by iconian in Hot Deals
Etymotic Research Earphones: ER4SR Reference ER4XR Extended Response $129 each + free s/h (price drops in cart if you do see sale price on the product page)

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