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Post #148596223 added 07-20-2021 8:42 PM by tennisproha in Hot Deals
The QP6650, which seems Europe specific, also comes with multiple blades, body combs, adjustable guard, and the hard case. Much better kit than what’s offered here in the US imo.
Post #147778504 added 06-11-2021 7:49 AM by hamster_13 in Hot Deals
Maybe I am just not very smart, but I can't figure out how to use this thing with the guard on it. I feel like it wants me to push away from what feels natural. I only tried twice, but I like the...
Post #147661459 added 06-04-2021 5:14 PM by nismos14 in Hot Deals
Went to the only local store that had one left and they exchanged it no problem. Now I have 3 pro’s and a couple of basic models.
Post #147661249 added 06-04-2021 4:59 PM by AbedO in Hot Deals
Based on my own independent research, this appears to be the newest model. Elsewhere in the world exists a QP6650, but as far as I can tell, the only difference is an included hard shell case instead...
Post #147659404 added 06-04-2021 2:57 PM by jayqdallas in Hot Deals
Is this the newest model?
Post #147658933 added 06-04-2021 2:30 PM by nismos14 in Hot Deals
Thanks. Been plugged in for over an hour, no change.
Post #147658510 added 06-04-2021 2:08 PM by AbedO in Hot Deals
Mine arrived with zero charge but displayed the battery level periodically while plugged in and reached 100 in about an hour. Used it for a full shave and finished at 90%
Post #147658372 added 06-04-2021 2:01 PM by nismos14 in Hot Deals
Thanks. Mine seems DOA. Leaving on vacation tomorrow so I’ll have to deal with it when I get back.
Post #147657985 added 06-04-2021 1:42 PM by arnmsctt in Hot Deals
I got mine earlier, plugged in the charging base, then put the razor into the base and the numbers lit up immediately as it started charging from zero. Now that it's fully charged, the numbers don't...
Post #147657868 added 06-04-2021 1:35 PM by nismos14 in Hot Deals
Anybody get theirs yet mine has zero charge and didn’t turn on so I have it plugged in but if i remember correctly my old ones turned on right away.
Post #147657403 added 06-04-2021 1:06 PM by Erie2014 in Hot Deals
These blades break really fast... unless you store them well in a good case after use. I broke too many to learn this lesson.
Post #147657202 added 06-04-2021 12:53 PM by abadan in Hot Deals
Yep, I bought and returned for the same reason.
Post #147657046 added 06-04-2021 12:43 PM by kevgret in Hot Deals
I bought the old version when it was on sale for $40 at best buy. Absolutely love it... one charge lasts forever... but the blades definitely do not last 4 months... I also feel like it doesnt get...
Post #147656713 added 06-04-2021 12:26 PM by doom12 in Hot Deals
I actually prefer my non-pro OneBlade.
Post #147655372 added 06-04-2021 11:19 AM by thespacecowboy in Hot Deals
Technically it wouldn't actually run out - the edges of the blade are plastic. It's the flat piece that goes against the face that wears down.
Post #147649726 added 06-04-2021 6:05 AM by FearAndLoathing in Hot Deals
I’ve never seen a beard trimmer that you need to replace blades on, so this is probably not the best choice for beard trimming.
Post #147649501 added 06-04-2021 5:51 AM by jswanstr in Hot Deals
I've been waiting for a deal on a trimmer for my beard. This was a little more than I planned on spending, but it looks like it might be worth it.
Post #147649420 added 06-04-2021 5:45 AM by FearAndLoathing in Hot Deals
THE BLADES LAST A MONTH! I’m sick of people saying these blades last multiple months. It even says right in the description, four months...BASED ON TWO SHAVES A WEEK. If you shave daily,...
Post #147648592 added 06-04-2021 4:03 AM by wendal in Hot Deals
Slightly different design (new one is slightly smaller, less tapered, and the power button has been moved toward the blade), 120 minute battery vs 90. Both use the same blades and can be operated...
Post #147648541 added 06-04-2021 3:53 AM by AbedO in Hot Deals
The QP6550 takes the same blades as all the other oneblades. Specifically, it's compatible with the QP210, QP220, QP230, QP610, and QP620, the former 3 being a 1/2/3 pack respectively, and the latter...
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