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Post #148196149 added 06-29-2021 4:27 PM by rkdus in Deal Talk
if you already have other accessories, Micro Center is selling the 8gb version for $75 everyday.
Post #148133155 added 06-26-2021 10:39 AM by BillyMays in Deal Talk
thats sound awesome just make wondering what real extras that i get from ds218+ sinology vs this mostly i share video to multiples device with their ds video app
Post #148106410 added 06-25-2021 12:41 AM by walletLess in Deal Talk
If you're using Pi-Hole and happy with a network-wide DNS, look at Adguard Home as well. It works similar to Pi-Hole but has far better user interface in my opinion.
Post #147905644 added 06-17-2021 11:41 PM by JeremiB in Deal Talk
Thank you All. Grabbed one for building a Plex client (TBD on Kodi or RasPlex) / PiHole and maybe other apps.
Post #147904036 added 06-17-2021 9:04 PM by Md3456 in Deal Talk
Is it Haiku now
Post #147781447 added 06-11-2021 10:10 AM by Vanquished in Deal Talk
So you put a MUCH worse computer at twice the price and think thats a win? Not sure I follow the train of thought lol
Post #147759004 added 06-10-2021 8:55 AM by painkillah in Deal Talk
The 8GB model is $10-$15 more. Might be worth ir but grabbed this one since the case seems a bit better. Good deal.
Post #147744007 added 06-09-2021 1:32 PM by robstalobsta in Deal Talk
A few days later... https://slickdeals.net/f/15081856-lenovo-v14-laptop-athlon-gold-3150u-cpu-4gb-ram-128gb-nvme-ssd-199-99-microcenter-b-m?src=frontpage
It only happens occasionally to me overnight when the chip gets idle. You can verify the chip’s current power saving mode by: journalctl | grep brcmfmac
pi-hole installation enables pi zero W's WiFi chip's power saving mode. When it sleeps, you lose connectivity. Disable it again after the install.
Post #147737677 added 06-09-2021 8:03 AM by raz0r699 in Deal Talk
I have not encountered that issue. Set mine up weeks ago and it has been solid.
For some reason the pi-hole install enables pi zero W's WIFI chip's power saving mode. When it sleeps, it kills your internet connection. Need to disable.
Post #147734341 added 06-09-2021 2:19 AM by chrmnxpnoy in Deal Talk
Yes it works perfectly fine. I have it also running Home Assistant for my internet-of-things (e.g. smart plugs, smart thermostats, etc).
Post #147726952 added 06-08-2021 3:18 PM by comphakr in Deal Talk
The only 20% off that I see is for the 2 pack of HDMI cables.
Post #147726061 added 06-08-2021 2:21 PM by comphakr in Deal Talk
This is so true. :applause: If you do not mind the power consumption and footprint, with Business Desktops being so cheap, I would go this route.
Post #147721786 added 06-08-2021 10:48 AM by DonkeyHat in Deal Talk
I’ve been using the pi400 for wiring closet hosted projects. The keyboard may get in the way in some settings but so far I just throw it on top of something else.
Post #147706927 added 06-07-2021 3:23 PM by OrangeBelieve222 in Deal Talk
very good equipment for beginners!
Post #147706918 added 06-07-2021 3:22 PM by SeriousDeals in Deal Talk
The raspberry board is really very small, I said the size of a card, but it is good, I notice that the protective case heats up, but I imagine it is because it dissipates heat passively without a...
Post #147700144 added 06-07-2021 9:38 AM by tmcb82 in Deal Talk
These are great for NAS as long as you configure it properly. I have my Pi 4 (4 GB) booting from a Kingston A400 120GB SSD (cheap and fast) on USB 3 port 1 and a WD Red 4TB (very reliable) on USB 3...
Post #147700126 added 06-07-2021 9:38 AM by A_Bran_Muffin in Deal Talk
Blokada is another solution to this problem
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